Eminent economists II : their life and work philosophies / edited by Michael Szenberg, Touro College and University System, Lall B. Ramrattan, University of California, Berkeley Extension.

The sequel to Eminent Economists, this book presents the ideas of some of the most outstanding economists of the past half century. The contributors, representing divergent points of the ideological compass, present their life philosophies and reflect on their conceptions of human nature, society, j...

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Other Authors: Szenberg, Michael (Editor), Ramrattan, Lall, 1951- (Editor)
Other title:Eminent economists two
Eminent economists 2
Format: Electronic eBook
Published: New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
Table of Contents:
  • Foreword / by Robert Solow
  • Introduction / Michael Szenberg and Lall B. Ramrattan
  • Being there: an intellectual journey / Alan S. Blinder
  • Social norms in economics and in the economics profession / Clair Brown
  • Personal reflections on my professional life / John Y. Campbell
  • Gray eminence? / Vincent P. Crawford
  • Biochemist to economist / Paul Davidson
  • Puzzles and paradoxes: a life in applied economics / Angus Deaton
  • Succeeding in economics / Harold Demsetz
  • My research strategy / Peter Diamond
  • My philosophy of economics, life, and everything (not!) / Avinash Dixit
  • Finding a niche / Barry Eichengreen
  • Become an economist
  • see the world / Jeffrey Frankel
  • Practitioner of the dismal science? Who, me? Couldn't be!! / Richard B. Freeman
  • One job, four careers / Benjamin M. Friedman
  • My life and research strategy / John Hull
  • How I ended up being a multifaceted economist and the mentors I have had / Michael D. Intriligator
  • Searching for my personal philosophy / Peter B. Kenen
  • Learning about the evolving international economy / Anne O. Krueger
  • Confessions of a Wellesley FEM / Helen F. Ladd
  • God, ants, and Thomas Bayes / Harry M. Markowitz
  • The path of a monetary economist / Frederic S. Mishkin
  • Learning from the field / Elinor Ostrom
  • Order in and through disorder: the invisible hand as a turbulent regulator / Anwar Shaikh
  • The education of an economist / Jeremy J. Siegel
  • Faith, science, and religion / Vernon L. Smith
  • My studies in international economics / Robert M. Stern
  • Sailing into the wind / Myra H. Strober
  • My life and work philosophy / Hal R. Varian
  • Scaling fortress economics / Michelle J. White
  • The accidental economist / Marina v. N. Whitman.