Interracialism : black-white intermarriage in American history, literature, and law / edited by Werner Sollors.

Interracialism, or marriage between members of different races, has formed, torn apart, defined and divided our nation since its earliest history. This collection explores the primary texts of interracialism as a means of addressing core issues in our racial identity. Ranging from Hannah Arendt to G...

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Other Authors: Sollors, Werner
Format: eBook
Published: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2000.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • The Virginia "Act to preserve racial integrity" of 1924
  • "Marriage and divorce" in 1913 Arizona
  • Pace v. State of Alabama, 1883
  • Loving v. Commonwealth of Virginia, 1967
  • What is a white man? / Charles W. Chesnutt
  • The beginnings of miscegenation of the whites and blacks / Carter G. Woodson
  • Interracial marriage and the law / William D. Zabel
  • Representing miscegenation law / Eva Saks
  • Racial purity and interracial sex in the law of colonial and antebellum Virginia / A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr., Barbara K. Kopytoff
  • The enforcement of anti-miscegenation laws / Randall Kennedy
  • Reading race, rhetoric, and the female body in the Rhinelander case / Jamie L. Wacks
  • Miscegenation law, court cases, and ideologies of "race" in twentieth-century America / Peggy Pascoe
  • Terms from the Oxford English dictionary
  • The miscegenation issue in the election of 1864 / Sidney Kaplan
  • American literary tradition and the Negro / Alain Locke
  • From "Negro character as seen by white authors" / Sterling A. Brown
  • The mulatto in American fiction / Penelope Bullock
  • The "tragic octoroon" in pre-Civil War fiction / Jules Zanger
  • The serpent of lust in the southern garden / William Bedford Clark
  • Miscegenation in the late nineteenth-century American novel / William L. Andrews
  • The tragic mulatto theme in six works of Langston Hughes / Arthur P. Davis
  • Mark Twain's Pudd'nhead Wilson / Langston Hughes
  • Of African queens and Afro-American princes and princesses: miscegenation in Old Hepsy / Simone Vauthier
  • Othello in America: the drama of racial intermarriage / Tilden G. Edelstein
  • Jean Toomer and American racial discourse / George Hutchinson
  • Victims of likeness: quadroons and octoroons in southern fiction / Glenn Cannon Arbery
  • Bodily bonds: the intersecting rhetorics of feminism and abolition / Karen Sánchez-Eppler
  • American theriomorphia: the presence of Mulatez in Cirilo Villaverde and beyond / Eduardo González
  • Statistics of black-white intermarriage rates in the United States
  • Miscegenation / W.E.B. Du Bois
  • Intermarriage and the social structure: fact and theory / Robert K. Merton
  • Reflections on Little Rock / Hannah Arendt
  • Black men, white women: a philosophical view / William H. Turner
  • Reflecting the changing face of America: multiracials, racial classification, and American intermarriage / Joel Perlmann.