Queer / edited by David J. Getsy.

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Other Authors: Getsy, David (Editor)
Other title:Queer (M.I.T. Press)
Format: Book
Published: London : Cambridge, Massachusetts : Whitechapel Gallery ; The MIT Press, 2016.
Series:Documents of contemporary art series.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: Queer intolerability and its attachments / David J. Getsy
  • Recognizing backward. The unknown woman / Natalie Clifford Barney; The white book / Jean Cocteau; You see, I am a homosexual: in conversation with Thomas H. Wirth / Richard Bruce Nugent; Our lady of the flowers / Jean Genet; Statements, ravings and epigrams / Jack Smith; Mario Montez, tropicamp / Hélio Oiticica; Meena Kumari an all that was lost with her / Nithin Manayath; Manifesto: Ridiculous theatre, scourge of human folly / Charles Ludlam; Spontaneity against integration: In conversation with Toni Puig / Ocaña; Preface to Renaud Camus, Tricks / Roland Barthes; Class notes / Harmony Hammond; Traces of ecstasy / Rotimi Fani-Kayode; At your own risk / Derek Jarman; The AIDS crisis is ridiculous / Gregg Bordowitz; Mirror / Isaac Julien; AbEx and disco balls: In defence of abstract expressionism, II / Amy Sillman.
  • Public rage. Sex pot / Hudson; The obscene death/Peru / Sergio Zevallos; So that sex under the bridges doesn't die / Las Yeguas del Apocalipsis; Black macho revisited: Reflections of a snap! queen / Marlon T. Riggs; Picture a coalition / Gregg Bordowitz; Close to knives / David Wojnarowicz; Lesbian avenger handbook / Lesbian Avengers; No more metaphors / Assotto Saint; I have AIDS / Roberto Jacoby; Public and private: Spheres of influence / Felix Gonzalez-Torres; In conversation with Douglas Crimp / Gran Fury; Do you love the dyke in your face?: Lesbian street representation / Carrie Moyer and Dyke Action Machine!; Statement / Hahn Thi Pham; Their memory is playing tricks on her: Notes toward a calligraphy of rage / Catherine Lord; The advantages of being a lesbian artist / Ridykeulous (Nicole Eisenman & A.L. Steiner); Gay bombs: User's manual / Zach Blas/Queer Technologies; Isilumo siyaluma (Period pains) / Zanele Muholi.
  • Queer worlding, defiant flourishing. I want a dyke for president/ Zoe Leonard; On sexual art / Tee Corinne; Audience: In conversation with Richard Torry / Leigh Bowery; Fen-Ma Liuming / Ma Liuming; Curating 'In a different light' / Nayland Blake; In conversation with Neville Wakefield / Wolfgang Tillmans; Breaking the fourth wall / Holly Hughes; Mr Knife and Mrs Fork / Henrik Olesen; There is a spider living between us / Tejal Shah; Welcome to Hotel Munber / Simon Fujiwara; The Mamaist manifesto / Toxic Titties; Guide for a DIY queer matriarchy/ María Llopis; In conversation with Slava Mogutin / Gilbert & George; Performative constructions: In conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist / Elmgreen & Dragset; In conversation with Henrik Olesen / Kaucyila Brooke; Drag
  • Radical, transtemporal, abstract / Renate Lorenz; Documenta sex / AA Bronson; Is a bicentennial possible without sex? / Giuseppe Campuzano; Ssspread.com: The hot bods of queer porn / Barbara DeGenevieve; Community action center: In conversation with Lauren Cornell / A.K. Burns and A.L. Steiner; amifesto / K8 Hardy; Bulletin / Ulrike Müller; Columns for Today, Delhi / Sunil Gupta; Queer love / Emily Roysdon; Revolutionary love: I am your worst fear / Sharon Hayes; Deep lez / Allyson Mitchell; On queer reenactment / Alexandro Segade; The libidinal archive: In conversation with Chad Elias / Akram Zaatari; The non-located space: In conversation with Omar Kholeif / Mahmoud Khaled; In conversation with Travis Jeppesen / Yan Xing; To make queer art now / Prem Sahib; New space education and how it works / Gordon Hall; We who feel differently: A manifesto / Carlos Motta.
  • Against Homonormativity. Transgender history, homonormativity and disciplinarity / Susan Stryker; Split personality, or so many men / Ron Athey; In conversation with Douglas Crimp / Catherine Opie; Thoughts (on blues) / niv Acosta
  • In order to fall apart as complex beings, we need first to be able to live / Wu Tsang; To push young people in Warsaw to just do it themselves / Karol Radziszewski; Videopenetration / Paul B. Preciado; A defence of the marriage act: Notes on the social performance of queer ambivalence / Malik Gaines; In conversation with Adam Carr / Danh Vo; Does this bother you? Well, it bother us ... / Ryan Conrad and Braden Scott; Twee & sympathy: A manifesto / Vaginal Davis; Interview / fierce pussy; Beyond domestication / Richard Fung.