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Corporate Authors: Colorado State Library. Library Research Program, Colorado. Library Research Service
Other title:Recent statistics from the Library Research Program.
Recent statistics from the Library Research Service.
Latchkey children in the library
Re: "Verses" [Colorado/U.S. censorship in 1989, referencing the response to Salman Rushie's Satanic verses]
1988 Survey of salaries for trainers
Video lending, a mainstream service?
Impact of inflation on academic libraries, 1987-88
Public library cooperation with local government, 1989
Academic librarian salaries, 1987-88
Colorado schools tied for most censored in U.S., 1987-88
High school dropouts and unemployment
Top lenders and borrowers of photocopies, 1988
Information & referral services in 18 colorado public libraries serving as community information centers
Faxing for democracy
Roles suggested by output measures for public libraries
1987-88 Expenditures increase for Colorado's public libraries falls short of national trend
Sights, bytes, and sounds join the printed words in Colorado's public libraries [audio and video materials and software]
Colorado public library directors salaries far below national norms, farther below western states norms
Selected salaries for librarians and library assistants in Colorado, January 1989
Indicators of public library development in the 12 western states
Library workers in the Colorado labor market, 1988
Staffing of technical & public services by selected public libraries in Colorado, 1988
Applicants for positions requiring the MLS degree at larger & academic libraries in Colorado. 1989
Indicators of public library development in the 12 western states
41 states adn the district of columbia ranked by statewide public library operating expenditures per capita, 1988
Mileage rates paid in reimbursing business travel of staff by major Colorado public libraries, 1990
Salaries for library staff at community colleges in Colorado
Learning information literacy in Colorado's public schools
Factors impacting public library expenditures in Colorado, 1950-88
Per capita expenditures for reading compared with per capita expenditures for public libraries in the west, 1988
Library contributions toward employee's life insurance
Librarians=engineers [comparable worth]
Sunday hours among Colorado's "Top 20" public libraries, 1990
Who are we? : the demography of public librarians
Multiple versus single sites for county library service
Some facts about fax
Employment outlook for librarians in Colorado, 1990-1995
Repetitive strain injuries among personnel in large-staff public libraries in Colorado, 1990
Overdue fine rates charged by public libraries in metro Denver area, 1991
Colorado college & university libraries : economies of scale or mediocrity?
Library media expenditures fail to keep pace with inflation
Children's librarian & children's department head salaries in Colorado, 1991
Hourly wage rates for Colorado public support staff in regional & national perspective, 1989
Monthly salary statistics for librarians & library assistants reported by the Colorado municipal league, 1991
"Nearby" questions. Self-censorhip, equal access, & staff burden
Public supports local dial acccess to libraries & other on-line information services, 1990
Inflation factors recommended for 1992 library budgets
Over half century, CLA dues remain constant at $1 per $1,000 in salary
More Colorado libraries have friends groups, raise more dollars per member than libraries nationwide
Salaries of many public library directors in western states fail to keep pace with inflation
Factors related to staff expenditures per capita by U.S. public libaries, 1989
Hourly wages for public library support staff in regional and national perspective, 1990
Colorado school library media centers underfunded compared to regional and national peers, 1990
Nationwide, cost of living rises in 1991...
Public libraries make quantum leaps in serving Coloradans, 1984-90
Public libraries in Denver metor area lead the national pack, 1987-90
Regulation of registration in Colorado's public libraries
Better library media programs linked to higher levels of student achievement
1992 salaries for children's librarians in Colorado.
Recreational reading, academic achievement, and libraries
Public library spending tops $4 billion in 1990, but fails to keep pace with inflation
Inflation factors for 1993 & 1994 library budgets.
Quiz [library salaries]
Increases in library materials costs
Censorship challenges in Colorado public libraries
Publication, workshop available on library media impact
Interlibrary loan
Regional library system & Colorado resource center funding fail to keeo pace witih library inflation, 1989-93
1992 increases in library material costs
Staffing of state library agencies, 1992
Cultural diversity at selected Colorado public libraries
Inflation factors for 1994 & 1995 budgets
Understaffed libraries rely on regional systems
Functional illiteracy in Colorado, 1992
Censorship in Colorado public libraries, 1992
Are libraries losing the game?
"Other shoe" dropping [Amendment 1 (TABOR) limiting growth in taxes]
Library "slice" of the academic budget "pie"
For every reading dollar, five cents spent on public materials
Give academic libraries a (spring) break
1993 library materials costs
Collection development policies & collection management practices in Colorado public libraries, 1994
Forecasting "Tabor" amendment caps on public library spending
Sizing up the public library as information marketplace
Diversity among Colorado library personnel, 1990
Celling libraries [cell phones]
Back to school [library statistics]
Baseball & libraries : Cracker Jacks & peanuts [operating expenditures for libraries vs. baseball players' salareis]
Job growth for librarians trailing allied occupations 1992-2005
1994 statistics on school library media centers in Colorado : a first look
Censorship in Colorado public libraries 1993
Average pay for Colorado librarians is less than national averages
Librarian salaries at Colorado community colleges
Criteria for allocating the library materials budget
Public library staffing in Colorado, 1993
School library media centers in Colorado 1994
Circulation statistics : what's included & what's excluded
U.S. population unserved & under-served by public libraries, 1992
Do you "give a lick" for public libraries? [expenditures on postage vs. public library expenditures]
Public library use popular among generation X
Average book prices are down
Databases currently available in Colorado academic libraries
Inflation factors for 1996 budgets
1/4 of public libraries lose total of $350,000 in local income, 1993-94
Half of Colorado schools lack adequate library media staffing
School library media centers are leaders in providing electronic access to information & teaching information literacy
State and local governments putting lower priorities on education & libraries
1995 statistics on school library media centeres in Colorado : a first look
Costs of illiteracy to Colorado
Cultural diversity in Colorado public libraries, 1994
Materials challenges in Colorado public libraries 1994
School library media centers in Colorado : a 1994-95 status report
What difference does a school library media specialist make?
Pay for parapros in Colorado public libraries lags behind national average
User fees & charges for resort libraries in Colorado 1996
Academic librarians salaries in Colorado 1995-96
MLS degree worth $8,000 to $28,000 more a year in public libraries
Public information officers in selected public libraries, 1996
Wages of Colorado librarians & library assistants in context 1994
Location, location, location
Materials challenges 1995 for Colorado public libraries
School library media centers in Colorado: A 1995-96 status report
Libraries nationwide report circulation policies
Give yourself a little credit, get a library card
Colorado ranks 6th in nation public library use, 1996
Librarian Internet use survey results
Status of school library media centers in Colorado, neighboring states, and the United States 1993-94
Electronic services in academic libraries, Colorado & U.S., fall 1996
Information: that's entertainment! [consumer spending on electronic information]
Technology in school library media centers in Colordo 1997
Selected policies and practices of school library media programs in Colorado, 1997
ACLIN & Internet services in Colorado public libraries, 1997
Public libraries, education, technology and Colorado kids
Status of school library media programs in Colorado, 1994-97
After school and weekend hours of library media centers in Colorado public schools, 1997
School library media programs in Colorado typical of nation, 1995-96
Coloradans and Colorado public libraries top national Internet norms
Only three out of five American communites have public library outlets [governments/libraries ratio]
Role of academic and public libraries in distance education
"De-Brucing" Colorado public library income & expenditures [Amendment 1, the TABOR amendment]
After school operations in Colorado library media centers
Library media specialists & technology linked to higher CSAP test scores
Creating change in challenging times : marketing skills for school library media specialists
Technology trends for Colorado school library media programs, 1994-98
Public library salary spending compares unfavorably with average teacher pay
Almost 7 million Americans "unserved" by public libraries
How Colorado ranks on public library statistics
Smaller secondary schools less likely to meet North Central Association staffing requirements for library media programs
Colorado library card a resource sharing success story
Student use of library media programs key to NAEP success
Well-managed library media programs that cooperate with local public libraries linked to higher CSAP test scores
World wide web access via library media centers in Colorado public schools, 1998
Better-funded public libraries provide more service to individual users
State and national data link circulation of children's materials from public libraries & reading test scores
Teens credit librarians with influencing their book purchases
Colorado library media programs mirror nation's schools on Internet access for students
Library districts are best-funded type of public libraries
It pays to belong : small public libraries benefit from membership in systems, federations, and cooperatives
Planning for results : how to find community analysis information on the WWW
Librarians, teachers, & librarian/teacher ratio in U.S. public schools : state variations & trends, 1989-95
Improved reporting identifies 7.4 million "unserved" by public libraries
Salary comparison of library agencies [public, academic, school and special librarians]
Circulation is up in Colorado public libraries
Internet services more likely to boost than suppress public library circulation
Proof of the power, a first look at the results of the Colorado study and more! [statewide studies of the impact of school library media centers on academic achievement]
Trends in library paraprofessional employment
Public library statistics : how Colorado ranks
State of intellectual freedom in Colorado public libraries and school library media centers
Service to seniors : meeting the needs of a growing segment
Status of library media center support of student achievement
Larger municipalities fund public an option for smaller municipalities
Availability of public access internet computers in U.S. public libraries by state and size of jurisdiction, 1999
Future trends in pricing for library materials
Library media center collections suffer as print spending drops
Status of library media center staffing and its effect on student achievement
Status of salaries for school media specialists & aides in Colorado, 1999
GUI grants make a dent in digital divide [Graphical User Interface, LSTA grants]
Growth in school librarian positions fails to keep pace with growth in teacher positions, 1993-98
Librarians, teachers & principals agree
Job outlook for library paraprofessionals in Colorado
Stronger high school libraries - especially those with more extensive networks and licensed databases - linked to higher CSAP scores
Managers' salaries for Colorado's largest public libraries fail to keep pace with regional, national trends
Earning of library staff in the mountain west low compared to workers in similar jobs
Colorado public libraries outpace national trend on circulation per capita, 1988-2000
Book displays increase fiction circulation over 90%, non-fiction circulation 25%
Half of Colorado school library books more than 15 yeas old
One out of four Colorado public schools has no librarian
Kids & computers
Public libraries and adult literacy
Older patrons rely on Internet access & technology assistance provided by Colorado public libraries
No increase in number of school librarians in Colorado
Courier services by regional systems saves libraries millions of dollars annually over alternative delivery methods
School library budgets down in Colorado : print collections suffer
Colorado library districts thrive while other public library types face big cuts
Projected job openings in Colorado libraries
Colorado has a variety of legal bases for public libraries : state shows more diversity than regional and national averages
Circulation per capita for Colorado public libaries continues to climb while libraries nationwide stagnate, 1991-2001
Impact of state & local budget cuts felt by public library users
Colorado public libraries historical data
Internet access high in Colorado's public libraries
Colorado's public libraries offer literacy activities despite economic difficulties
Top ten Fast facts [most requested, used issues]
Challenged materials in Colorado public libraries, 2002 [objections to library materials on the basis that they're sexually explicit, unsuited to age group, contain offensive language, violence or nudity, or are insensitive]
Budget cuts severely reduce library services for Coloradans
Format: Government Document Serial
Published: Denver, Colo. : Library Research Program, Colorado State Library, 1989-


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