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Corporate Author: National Conference of State Legislatures
Other title:NCSL legisbrief.
National Conference of State Legislatures legisbrief.
Lowering auto insurance rates : the continuing saga
Rental car taxes
Setting priorities for bills
Enterprise zones
Confidentiality of child protective services records
Enforcement of environmental crimes
Can nature eat pollution?
New era for the World Trade Organization
Who may sponsor legislation?
Problem of uninsured motorists
Business incubators hatch home-grown jobs
Using DNA to fight crime
Interstate licensing of nurses
New hire reporting to collect child support
Concealed weapons
Beginning farmer programs
Limits on contributions to candidates
State legislatures drive workforce development reform
Teacher pay for performance
Partisan caucus staff
State overseas trade offices
Tier 2 tailpipe emissions standards
Children exposed to violence
Safety of elderly drivers
National Health Service Corps
Reviewing child support guidelines
Tax incentives for caregivers
State funding for tourism
Preventing rail fatalities
Newborn screening
Protecting genetic information
Fighting Alzheimer's disease
State public records privacy
HIV testing of pregnant women and babies
Mental health needs of juvenile offenders
Prompt insurance payments
ATM fees
Business tax credits for child care
Ground transportation for the 21st century
Telemarketing regulation in the states
Immigrant women and domestic violence
Tax and landowner revenues from wind power
Psychotropic medication and children
Nuclear medicine
Obesity in America
Medical errors
Streamlined sales tax for the new economy
Funding childhood immunizations
Language services under SCHIP
NARAB and the future of insurance regulation
Internet coverage of legislative proceedings
State recognition of American Indian tribes
Comprehensive cancer control
Fate of School-to-Work
Integrating, improving criminal justice information
Protecting people against severe weather
Urban revitalization and sprawl
Testing violent sex offenders for HIV
High-tech court room
Invasion of exotic species
Medicaid's home- and community-based waiver
Adult business regulations
Electoral college
Insurance information privacy
Religious land use : state and federal legislation
Funding school-based violence prevention programs
Funding for low income home energy assistance
State funding for the arts
Violence at home : people and pets
Women's health : coverage of services
Electric industry restructuring and air quality
States face new federal .08 BAC penalties
State laws affecting lesbians and gays
ADA at work
Retaining viable HMOs for Medicaid
Eco-terrorism : a new kind of sabotage
Domestic violence and welfare reform
State programs for the working uninsured
Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st century
Disproportionate minority representation in the juvenile justice system
Healthy beach is good for the economy
States grapple with nurse shortages
International trade of new agricultural products from biotechnology
School attendance policies
HIV testing of inmates
Wetlands protection
Understanding state business climate
Paternity, marriage and DNA
Dental care for children in Medicaid
Driver history records : diversion and deferral programs
Revolving door laws
Promise of genetic discovery
State income taxes : conforming to the Federal Code
Pipeline safety
Flavored cigarettes (bidis) popular among youth
Earned income tax credites
To hire (or not to hire) a relative
Problem with methyl teriary butyl ether
Food stamps : serving the working poor
2001 state election reform
Insurance regulation modernization
Prescription discounts for health centers
Affordable housing and growth management
State conformity to the Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act
Tax increment financing : friend or foe?
Reforming the initiative process
Influenza vaccine
Abusing sports officials
Cancer prevention and control initiatives
Payday lending
Sex education
Time-limited TANF recipients
Future of Amtrak and rail passenger service
Program evaluation in the states
K-16 education systems
Agricultural terrorism, a threat to food security
For the record : legislative Internet broadcasts
State regulation of fireworks
Gift restrictions : it's not a physics lesson
Genetic screening of populations
Public access to defibrillators
SUTA dumping : state unemployment tax avoidance
New member orientation
Stealing another's identity
Do states give more than they receive?
America's legislators back to school week
Spotlight on oral health
Emergency management for people with disabilities
Curing a crisis in medical malpractice
Energy efficiency in schools : state incentive options
Problem of spam : unsolicited commercial e-mail
Disabled parents and TANF
Fighting crime with DNA
Recycling cmputers and electronic waste
Capitol restoration and rehabilitation
Helping welfare recipients keep jobs
Medicaid buy-in programs for workers with eisabilities
Curbing the costs of tobacco use
Recycling fly ash
Cybercrime : securing technology
Fighting poverty with individual development accounts
Safe storage of guns
Skin cancer prevention and control
Options for prenatal care under Medicaid and SCHIP
Protecting the privacy of newborns
Driving drunk with kids in the car
TEFRA Medicaid option for children with mental illness
Insurance mandates for childhood immunizations
Legislative term limits
Financing brownfields cleanup and redevelopment
Protecting personal information
Vending machines and competitive foods in schools
Hunters down, opportunities up
Balancing acts : state and local revenue systems
Children and terrorism
California Workforce Inclusion Act
Assisted living
Mastering the rules
Family support : strategies to strengthen families
Funding crime information improvements
Addressing truancy, preventing delinquency
Long-term care waivers and the Independence Plus Initiative
Effect of retiring dentists
Current state of the arts ... and culture
Personal assistance services on the job
Institutional controls as brownfields cleanup tools
Epilepsy programs across the states
When children witness domestic violence
Identity security
Funding before- and after-school programs
Birth defects registries : a resource for research
Financing child support : why you can't afford not to
Gasoline prices
Methamphetamine menace
State experiences with crowd-out under SCHIP
Life insurance regulation compact
New approaches to non-emergency Medicaid transportation
Tax and landowner revenue from wind projects
Faith-based initiatives in social services
Liability reform for brownfields
Preventing cancer : using health dollars wisely
Forest health and "Healthy Forests"
Welfare to what?
Social Security numbers
Older drivers
Keeping child passengers safe
Get out and stay out : aiding offender re-entry
Microenterprise development
State suicide prevention plans
Supermajority requirements for tax increases
Real cost of unreliable child support data
Children's behavioral health screening
Connecting citizens with legislators
Security of spent nuclear fuel stored in place
High-risk insurance pools : safety net or tightrope?
Financial disclosure
Energy security
Physical activity and community design
Minority-owned business development
Environmental tobacco smoke
Mental health services in rural areas
Late budgets
Indian Child Welfare Act and the states
"United we ride" : coordinating human services transportation
New recommendation for childhood influenza vaccine
Positive youth development : making the connections
Conflict of interest : what is it? can you avoid it?
Community health centers : an update
Capping support for college presidents
Refusing drunk driving tests
State-tribal partnerships on child support
Property tax : key local revenue
State arts endowments
Health savings accounts
Revolving loan funds for small business development
Animal identification
Physical education activity for children and teens
Prescription drug monitoring programs
Workforce development staff competencies
Engaging young people in legislatures
Eminent domain and economic development
Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Initiative
Solving traffic congestion
Environmental covenant laws
New efforts to finance prekindergarten
Child psychiatrist shortage looms
Dental workforce
Predictive genetic testing of minors
Professional science master's degree
Medicaid and community services for developmental disabilities
Day laborers
State ethics commissions
Nursing home transition
Biomass, a many-splendored thing
Health epidemics on tribal lands
Cybercrime : adapting to new attacks
Safety belts
Radio frequency identification
Exemptions for childhood immunizations
Maze of lobbying
Collecting from the uninsured : hospital billing practices
Military base realignment and closure
New ways to address truancy
Connecting America with broadband
State aid to local governments
Extending foster care beyond age 18
One bite and Fido's out
Supporting parents who move from welfare to work
Importance of decorum
Diabetes, rising rates, disability and death
Electronic legislatures, the paperless committee
Accurate high school graduation rates
Preventing cervical cancer
Civic education commissions
State cancer suvivorship policies
School wellness policies
Avian flu's effect on agriculture
Tough calls, states tailor ethics oversight
Big future for tiny technology
State lodging taxes
Money can follow the person in long-term care
Motorcycle safety
Medicaid services across a woman's lifespan
Immigration reform in 2006
Extreme drunk driving
State funding for community health centers
Teen pregnancy
Adapting to term limits
Minimum wage
Investing in higher education
State year-end balances
Keeping teen drivers safe
State funding for education technology
Propery tax relief for veterans
States tackle climate change
Organized retail crime
Universal health care
Real ID
Evaluation and regulation of cable television
Postpartum depression
Coal future
State workplace wellness initiatives
Helping grandparents caregivers
Preparing high school students for college and work
Security freezes
Special transportation needs crisis
Coping with the costs of retiree health benefits
Trimming trans fats
Idling across the country
State funding for expanded learning opportunities
States restrict lobbying activities
Children's oral health
Traffic congestion, a never-ending problem?
Border security on tribal lands
Fighting hospital acquired infections
Watching and restricting dangerous sex offenders
Trends in early learning
Fueling the economy
Juggling or balancing, the dilemma of dual office-holding
Protecting critical energy infrastructure
Keeping teens in high school
State policies to support adolescents
Complete streets
State primary election systems
State foreclosure solutions
Analog blackout
Smoke-free laws
Online learning
Driving while texting
Community health workers
State surface transportation funding crisis
Mayoral-appointed school boards
Dual employment
Regulating telecommunication tower siting
Electronic commerce
Competing for water
Dual enrollment, opportunities and risksfv.16 no.14 Mar. 2008.
Ethics committee, internal oversight of ethics laws
Primary seat belt laws
Legislative youth advisory councils
Immigration enforcement in the workplace
Preparing high quality school leaders
Ignition interlock laws
Osteoporosis breaks bones and budgets
Solar energy heats up
Reduce, re-use and recycle
State rainy day funds
Real ID, final regulations
Energy efficiency, the first fuel
Ensuring child product safety
Finding relatives for children
Health insurance coverage for young adults
Supreme Court upholds Indiana voter photo ID law
State farm-to-school policies
State of emergency : public health laboratories and terrorism preparedness
What's up with SCHIP?
New welfare rules : fiscal penalities for states?
Technology meets ethics training
Increasing the health care workforce
Farm bill
Helping principals use data to improve student achievement
Biofuels drive rural development
Unemployment insurance
Transportation mobility management
Can cafeteria plan expand health insurance coverage?
Same sex marriage
Bringing broadband to rural and low-income families
State radon programs
Body mass index screening for students
Same-day voter registration
Economic hardships of losing a driver's license
Crisis in state unemployment trust funds
Move-over laws
Preventable injuries burden state budgets
National energy labs
Community health centers
Lowering the minimum legal drinking age
Disparities in cardiovascular health
National school administration manager project
Costs of climate change
Transportation funding outlook, 2009
Physical activity guidelines
State approaches to emergency communications
Investing in healthy babies
Testing while driving could spell d a n g e r
Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools
Absentee voting for the military and overseas citizens
Tracking cancer screening progress
Maintenance of effort and higher education spending
State act to prevent meningitis deaths
High school career and technical education
State policies on sex education in schools
Protecting children online
Felon voting rights
Retail store health clinics
Substituting generic drugs
Teaching leaders
Healthy communities, reducing cancer risks
Pay-to-play, state reforms
Safety for motor-carriers of hazardous materials
States address health disparities
Alcohol excise taxes
Financing renewable energy and energy efficiency
Gift laws, the devil is in the details
Detection as a cure, colorectal cancer screening
P-16/20 councils
Food safety
States take on Alzheimer's disease
Economic gardening
Connecting student-teacher data
General aviation
Taking DNA samples from arrestees
Curbing teen tobacco use
Learning beyond the school day
Immigration and state law enforcement
Unintentional childhood injuries
Companion animals and consumers' rights
American recovery and reinvestment act
Reducing skin cancer risks
Addressing distracted driving
Economic benefits of breastfeeding
Reducing excessive and underage alcohol consumption
Ignition interlock devices
Medication therapy management
Community health centers in the economic downturn
Credit card reforms for students
Recovery act funding for workforce training for adults
Improving child nutrition
Redistricting, making the census count
Rough road to real ID
Recovery act funding for dislocated workers
Reducing sodium to improve health
Older drivers
Paper, plastic, reusables, what is your bag?
Common core state standars initiative
Oral health care for children and pregnant women
Recovery Act funding for youth employment
Move Act, states confront military and overseas balloting requirements
State wellness initiatives
High-speed rail
Preventing falls among older Americans
Growing groceries in food deserts
Chronic health conditions and minority youth
Recovery act funding for green jobs training
Preventing teen suicide
Guidelines for staff political activities
Climate change and public health
Next generation 911
Taking medications as prescribed
Vote-by-mail gets a second look
State energy efficiency resource standards
Healthy communities, new opportunities for promoting health
Evaluating school principals
Planning for end-of-life care
Redistricting technology
Fighting colorectal cancer
Hydrogen fuel cells, on-site energy generation
Primary health care in the age of reform
Cordinating transportation services
Health disparities and affordable care act
States identify lobbyists
Health costs, a new look at payment reform options
National emergency grants for on-the-job training
Employee Misclassification
Second Chance, Offender Reentry Policy
How States Can Improve College Readiness
Dhildhood Immunizations
State Ombudsman Offices Improve Agency Responsiveness
Measuring Chemicals in Humans, State Biomonitoring Policies
Tobacco Cessation in State Medicaid and Employee Programs
Primary Seat Belt Laws
Expanding HIV/AIDS Prevention Efforts
National Board Certification for Principals
Vexing Problem of Sexting
Early Childhood Advisory Councils
Community Health Centers
Helping Working Families Build Financial Security
Motorcycle Safety
International Disease Classification - ICD-10
Carbon Capture and Storage
Children and Disasters: Is Your State Prepared?
Caring for a Loved One With Alzheimer's
Ethics Commissions: Gathering Momentum or Under Fire?
Injury Prevention
Public-Private Partnerships for Transportation
Personal staff in State Legislatures
Photo voter ID
Judicial selection
Immunizations and Afforable Care Act
Domestic chlld sex trafficking
Preventing pregnancy among older teens
Cogeneration, moving toward a sustainable future
Tapping school facilities for community health
Community Health Workers can help improve cancer care
Re-Examining the death penalty
Healthy People 2020, a Road Map for Health
National civics report card
Not just a drop in the bucket, drinking water for schoolsfv.19 no.29 June/July 2011.
Managing arthritis, improving lives
State approaches to prevent and control diabetes
Privatization, an option for state government agencies
Diverting costly emergency room visits to health centers
Pre-election day voting
Transforming health care through technology
Anatomy of an ethics complain
Justice reinvestment
Protecting children with allergies
Starting healthy
Discrimination against the Unemployed
Vote centers offer options on Election Days
Improving primary health care with preventive services
Child health screenings uner Medicaid
Health impact assessments growing in use
Are state-owned banks a viable option?
Examining state business climates
Bringing farmers' markets to underserved communities
State statutes go mobile
Burden of prescription drug overdoses on Medicaid
Lawmakers hammer against metal theft
Asset limits in public programs
Tracking networks: linking health and the environment
Fighting against chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Saving money and improving care by integrating health care
Impaired driving and ignition interlock laws
Making the most of your ethics training
Drugged driving
Reducing strokes by streamlining care
How data play a role in early childhood fducation
Nuclear waste dilemma
Airport security screenings
State lodging taxes
Health information technology and privacy
Voter rolls, ensuring accuracy
No child left behind
Taxing oil and gas production
Chemotherapy tretment options and policies
Right-to-work laws
Improving babies; health and reducing Medicare costs
Shackling juveniles duirng court appearances
Overseeing capitol restorations
Teens and distracted driving: learning to drive in the Digital Age
Transit-oriented development
State-tribal relations: a balance of authority
National prevention strategy
Primary care and public health working together
Performance-based funding for higher education
Managing transportation demand: HOV and HOT lanes
Securing the nation's energy future
Medical home model of care
Helping military veterans with their transportation needs
Community development financial institutions
States renewing attention to prostate cancer
Dealing with chemicals of concern
Children's oral health
Public-private partnerships in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Disproportionate minority contact
State innovations in school nutrition
Building energy codes
End stage renal disease
Healthy housing
Broken trust, elder financial exploitation legislation
Mapping out new solutions
Newborn health screenings
Private school choice
Mental health professionals' duty to warn
Individual development accounts
Regulating ownership of exotic animals
Using hotspotting to control health care costs
Keeping bicyclists and pedestrians safe
Voter ID in the courts
Medicaid program integrity: fighting fraud, waste and abuse
Using land around military installations
Oral health workshop
Reducing correctional health care spending
Private school choice for students with disabilities
Costs of voter ID
Facilitating veterans's employment health care
Buckling up in front and back seats
Voter verification without ID documents
K-12 online learning options
Legislative webcasts: technology trends and policy issues
Using the Internet to assist voting
Community transformation grants
Microenterprise development
Cornucopia of food chice incentives
National preventio strategy to promote environmental health
State land use policies and military facilities
Coordinating Medicaid and health insurance exchanges
Reauthorization of violence against women act
Navigating health insurance exchanges
Reachibng renewable energy targets
Natural disasters and environmental health
Work-share programs, alternative to layoffs
Driver's licenses for immigrants
Preventing food-gorne illnesses
Epa air qualtiy regulations, updates and uncertainly
Alcohol sales and distribution, 2013 state legislation
Justice reinvestment
Preregistering youth voters
Electronic access and financial disclosure
Rise of career academies
Public health department accreditation
Women's legislative caucuses
Revolving door laws, avoiding the appearance of conflict of interest
Solving the transportation funding crisis
Teen pregnancy among youths in foster care
Addressing child safety in disasters
Healthy women health babies
Preventing smoking during pregnancy
Giving veterans hiring preference
Treating the whole person by integrating care
Role of fiscal notes in the legislative process
Cockfighting laws
Improving children's mental health
Immigration reform and state trends
Transforming transportation with electricity
Autonomous vehicles
State and federal minimum wages
Community based Medicaid funding for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Improving access to Medicaid dental benefits
Individual development accounts for foster youth
On-bill financing: cost-free energy efficiency
Is financial assistance during a court case a lawsuit loan?
Sentinel landscapes,a novel approach to land conservation
Transforming health in tribal communities
Does punishment fit the crime?
Providing health care coverage for former inmates
Social media privacy laws
Online casino gambling
Obesity, progress and challenges
Growing use of transportation public-private partnerships
Citizen engagement and legislators
Gifts of hospitality
Will small modular reactors transform the nuclear industry?
Arts in education
Helping smokers quit improves health and budgets
Shifting gears, private solutions for senior transportation
Electronic cigarettes and alternative nicotone products
Navigating the challenge of IT procurement
District offices of the state legislatures
Emergence of bitcoin
Chlldren and food allergies
Capital financing after the Great Recessionfv.31 no.31 Aug. 2014.
Electronic poll books
WIC supporting the health and nutrition of pregnant women ...
Energy development near military operations
All mail elections
Preventing pregnancy in older teens
STEM learning in afterschool programs
Treating hepatitis C
Reducing state employee health insurance costs
Improving voter turnout
Dental sealants can improve children's oral health
Specialty licenses plates, big revenue or big controversy
Ensuring quality in health insurance marketplaces
Surface transportation funding, 2014 update
Methadone and prescription drug overdose
Workforce strategies to improve children's oral health
Preserving passenger rail service
Reducing lies in elections
State efforts to address child abuse and neglect
States explore energy banks as a financing tool
States address diabetes in minority populations,
Catching unlawful school bus passers with cameras
Supermajority vote requirements to pass the budget
To accept or not to accept, the proprietry of honorariums
Voting system standards, testing and certification
State policy options for employing people with disabilities
Automated license plate readers
Prize-linked saving accounts, offering incentives to save
Supporting family caregivers
State sales tax holidays
Using prescription drug monitoring programs to address drug abuse
Reducing the prevalence and costs of heart disease
Next generation 911
Helping utilities invest in energy efficiency
Rental car taxes
Religious freedom restoration acts
Reducing methane emissions
Choice act and veterans' education
Separation of powers and legislative immunity
Tackling student loan debt
Standards and assessments for college and career
Regulating compounding pharmacies
Keeping recreational water facilities safe
Regulating payroll cards
Dental benefits for adults with Medicaid
Addressing pregnancy among rural teens
State tax reliance
Authorizing higher education across state lines
Grappling with sexual assaults on campus
Addressing mental health in the justice system
Provisional ballots
Legality of fantasy sports
Sexual orientation in employment discrimination laws
EPA greenhouse gas emission limits
State definitions of college and career readiness
Regulating marijuana a year and a half in
Recent reductions in public pensions COLAs
Raising the age of juvenile court jurisdiction
Curernt state of equal pay laws
Facial recognition and biometrics
Making college affordable
Regulating marijuana, taxes, banking and federal laws
Preventing prescription drug abuse
Legislative continuity of government
Registering voters automaticallyfv.23 no.46 Dec. 2015.
State policies on service dogs for military veterans
Addressing depression
States shut out light pollution
New state approaches to student discipline
Role of forests in carbon sequestration and storage
Covering and reimbursing telehealth services
Expanding choices with education saving accounts
Benefits and limits of abuse-deterrent painkillers
Allowing voters to register online
State eyes tax havens
Unclaimed U.S. savings bonds
Using peers to improve mental health treatment
Physician orders for life-sustaining treatment
Revenue estimating in the States
State efforts to collect taxes from remote sellers
Increasing access to epinephrine
States continue to turn to ethics commissions
Evidence-based policies to prevent teen pregnancy
Preventing elderly falls
U.S. disability services and spending
Income tax checkoff programs
Rethinking solitary confinement for juveniles
Should school buses have seat belts?
Healthy foods in schools
Civility, does it matter?
Adult adoptee access to original birth certificates
Telehealth and licensing interstate providers
School bathroom access for transgender students
Automatically sealing or expunging juvenile records
Updating life insurance reserve formulas
Tutoring young students in rading and math
Traffic safety on tribal lands
Electricity use in marijuana production
Funding social programs with social impact bonds
Addressing homelessness
Access to diabetes prescription drug coverage
Performance-bases budgeting in the States
Saving for college: 529 plans
Assisting veterans with employment
Who's observing the polls?
State recognition of American Indian Tribes
Competency-based higher education
Assessing health impacts across sectors
Regulating compounding pharmacies
Private use of mobile tracking devices
Retirement security legislation in the States
Addressing early childhood education in the States
Red-light camera traffic enforcement
Growth of shared renewable energy
Oral health care and coverage during pregnancy
State efforts to protect and pay for clean drinking water
Reclassifying English learners into mainstram classrooms
State highway patrol funding and the state highway fund
Legislative sessions: a primer
Funding the next generation of elections technology
Energy effeciency and renewables in lower-income homes
Promoting digital literacy and citizenship in school
Refinancing student loans
Tackling the American civis education crisis
New era of school choice
Supporting higher education for people with disabilities
Legislative action on redistricting commissions
Regulating autonomous vehicles
State newborn health screening policies
Improving the supplemental nutritional assistance program
Helping consumers navigate vehicle recalls
Federal and state efforts to promote manufacturing
10 tips for using a task force to modernize elections
Improving access to care with school-based health care
Protecting pipelines fro excavation damage
Tackling rural hospital closures
Late state budgets
Limiting bill introductions
Ranked-choice voting
Closing the opportunity cap in early childhood education
Sexual harassment ploicies and training in state legislatures
Tackling solar energy's soft costs
Relaxing school sunscreen restrictions
Police community safety and trust
Amending the Constitution
Paid family leave in the States
Primary runoff elections
Financing clean energy projects
Redistricting criteria
Keeping state lottery revenue alive
Connecting workers with jobs through appenticeships
Regulating hemp and cannabis products
Oral health care in rural America
Recalibrating the motor fuel tax
Tackling teacher and principal shortages in rural areas
Boosting social and emotional development in and out of school
What you need toknow about the 2020 census
Taking aim at data breaches and cyberattacks
Blockchain technology
State efforts to help immigrants intergrate
Fighting food waste
Offshore wind on the horizon
Vaccination policies
Tackling daily fantasy sports in the States
Improving early learning through "The Every student succeeds Act"
Public support for peolple with intellectual and developmental disabilities
State of the Earned Income tax Credit
Evolving civil asset forfeiture laws
Legislative intenships
Unregulated drinking water systems
Legislative children's caucuses
Filling gaps in broadband deployment
Federal criminal justice reform in 2018
Election costs, who pays and with which funds?
Learning on the job for people with disabilities
Examining scope of pracitce for health care workers
Human trafficking and the health care system
Jump-starting rural economies
Debate over net neutrality
Addressing sexual harassment in the workplace
Understanding and assisting English language learners in school
Complexities of sex offender registries
Combatting elder financial exploitation
Look at third-grade reading retention policies
5G, the future of wirelass technology
State and federal efforts to reduce distracted driving
State health insurance innocations through section 1332 waivers
Improving occupational licensing with sunrise and sunset reviews
2020 census, everybody should be counted, but how?
Securing voter registration systems
Electric vehicle incentives and fees
State remedies for costly prescription drugs
Look at competency based education in K-12 schools
Home visiting, improving children's and families' well being
State safe bicycle passing laws
Women's legislative caucuses
Putting the brakes on idling vehicles
More states taking action on short-term rentals
Growing interest in urban agriculture
Quality afterschool programs maximize positive outcomes
Improving early learning, state legislative actions in 2018
Addressing children's mental health
Debate over suspending licenses for student loan defaulters
State actions on tobacco prevention and cessation
Preparing for Alzheimer's in America's 'age wave'
States look to drug donations to improve access to medication
Big data revolution
Responses to child migrants and family separation at the border
States look to reinsurance to lower health insurance costs
States consider cameras and seat belts to increase school bus safety
States seek to improve school safety
Preventing conflicts of interests with blind trusts
Decorum in debate, a short primer
Legislative staff play key role in redistricting
States' increasing renewable energy ambitions
States look to telebehavioral health to expand treatment options
A higher profile for data privacy
States promote sun safety for children
States help peoplw with disabilities get to work
Deploying next generation 911
State work to counteract surprise medical billing
Reauthorized Juvenile Justice Act strengthens core protections
Tax forms check all the right boxes
States take on discipline in preschool through third grade
Fresh approaches to addressing high drug costs
Maximizing federal criminal justice funding
States help mental health licenses go further
More states leaning into child care
Strategies to save and create manufacturing jobs
Enhancing victims' rights after conviction
Partnering to end youth homelessness
Boosting America's rural workforce
Addressing environmental concerns at child care facilities
Family first: implementing the landmark child welfare law
Meeting energy needs with demand response
Checking the election: risk-limiting audits
Policies drive public pension divestments
Shoring up the long-term care workforce
Fighting revenge porn and "sextortion"
Reinforcing government ethics with layered oversight
Pure marketing: state tourism office budgets
Rural populations growing, slowly
Public input into redistricting
State efforts to support the census
Adding third parties to legislative sexual harassment policies
Preventing and mitigating the flu
Early and middle colleges offer high school alternatives
States elevate early learning
Boosting maternity care in rural America
State and federal efforts to enhance cybersecurity
States modernizing certificate of need laws
State and federal investments in afterschool programs
Expanding earned income tax credits for childless workers
Format: Journal
Published: Denver, Colo. : National Conference of State Legislatures, [1993-]


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