Dress Codes : Meanings and Messages in American Culture.

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Main Author: Rubinstein, Ruth
Format: eBook
Published: Boulder : Routledge, 2018.
Edition:2nd ed.


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100 1 |a Rubinstein, Ruth. 
245 1 0 |a Dress Codes :  |b Meanings and Messages in American Culture. 
250 |a 2nd ed. 
260 |a Boulder :  |b Routledge,  |c 2018. 
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505 0 |a Cover; Half Title; Title; Dedication; Copyright; Contents; List of Tables and Illustrations; Acknowledgments; Part 1: Introduction; 1 Dress in Societal Discourse; The Notion of Public Memory; Clothing Semiotics; Individual Speech; Publicspeak; Fashion; Notes; 2 Nineteenth-Century Theories of Clothing; The Modesty Theory; The Protection Theory; Modern Protective Garb; The Adornment Theory; Notes; Part 2: Characteristics of Modern social Discourse; 3 New Institutional Patterns of Discourse; Spirituality and the Denial of the Body; Renaissance Individualism and Economic Success. 
505 8 |a Modern RationalityNotes; 4 Dressing the Public Self; Sociocultural Background; The Demise of Male Fashion; Goal-Directed Behavior; The Norm of Self-Restraint; Presentation of the Public Self; Stability of Appearance; Stigma Symbols; Clothing Signs in the Public Place; Challenges to Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Work Orientation; Challenging the Norm of Self-Restraint; Casual Wear; Notes; Part 3: Clothing Signs and Social Imperatives; 5 The Image of Power; Charismatic Dictatorship; Monarchy; Power in the American Presidency; Origins of the Image of Power; Images of Power in Christian Art. 
505 8 |a Power and VictimhoodNotes; 6 The Image of Authority; Uniforms; Nonuniform Uniforms in the Corporate World; The Executive Role; Origins of the Image of Authority; The Sociocultural Background of Uniforms; Notes; 7 Gender Images; Theories of Gender Distinction; Socialization to Gender; Female Gender; Male Gender; Notes; 8 Seductive Images; Female Seductive Images; Male Seductive Images; Notes; Part 4: Clothing Symbols and Cultural Values; 9 Wealth and Beauty in the Middle Ages; Wealth; Beauty; The Book of Hours and the Diffusion of the Beauty Ideal; Notes; 10 Leisure and Political Hierarchy. 
505 8 |a LeisurePolitical Hierarchy; Court Style, Decorum, and Manners; Notes; 11 Commerce and Fashion; Commerce; The Emergence of Fashion; Fashion As an Economic Good; Fashion and the Individual; Notes; 12 Beauty As Perfection of Physical Form; The Novel; The Beautiful; The History of Beauty As a Cultural Value; Learning to Recognize Beauty; Beauty Through Surgery and Cosmetics; The Utility of Beauty; Notes; 13 The Youth Ideal; Creatine a Social Identity; Age Stratification; Sociocultural Background; Mass Marketing; Demographic Changes; Personal Response to Aging; Notes; 14 The Health Ideal. 
505 8 |a Sanitation and CleanlinessDiet; Utopian Writers; Reducing Risk; Preventing Tuberculosis; Adult Height and Weight Tables; The Well-Child Clinic; Prevention of Illness As the Physician's Domain; The Visual Conjoining of Values; The Suntan; The Lean and Muscular Male Bodv; Notes; Part 5: Publicspeak; 15 Clothing Tie-Signs; Individuals Who Dissent; Individuals Who Resist Sociocultural Change; Individuals Who Protest an Inferior Identity; Notes; 16 Clothing Tie-Symbols; Claiming a Divergent Identity; Trendy Attire; Seeking Self-Definition; Anticipatory Socialization; College Groups. 
500 |a Ethnic Identity. 
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650 0 |a Human body  |x Social aspects  |z United States. 
650 0 |a Clothing and dress  |x Social aspects  |z United States. 
650 0 |a Clothing and dress  |z United States  |x History. 
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776 0 8 |i Print version:  |a Rubinstein, Ruth.  |t Dress Codes : Meanings and Messages in American Culture.  |d Boulder : Routledge, ©2018  |z 9780813367958. 
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