The Routledge handbook of the bioarchaeology of climate and environmental change / edited by Gwen Robbins Schug.

"This handbook examines human responses to climatic and environmental changes in the past, their impacts on disease patterns, nutritional status, migration, and interpersonal violence. Bioarchaeology-the study of archaeological human skeletons-provides direct evidence of the human experience of...

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Other Authors: Schug, Gwen Robbins (Editor)
Other title:Handbook of the bioarchaeology of climate and environmental change.
Format: eBook
Published: Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2021.
Table of Contents:
  • A bioarchaeology of climate and environmental change / Gwen Robbins Schug
  • Exploring the third epidemiological transition : palaeopathology's contribution to understanding health and well-being today and for the future / Charlotte A. Roberts
  • Disease in the context of environmental change / Molly K. Zuckerman & Ashley C. Dafoe
  • Living on the edge : climate-induced micronutrient famines in the ancient Atacama Desert? / Annie Marie E. Snoddy, Charlotte L. King, Siân E. Halcrow, Andrew R. Millard, Hallie R. Buckley, Vivien G. Standen & Bernardo T. Arriaza
  • Climate change and adaptive systems in Bronze Age Gansu, China / Elizabeth Berger & Hui Wang
  • Resources, stress, and response in Viking Age Iceland / Guðný Zoëga & Kimmarie A. Murphy
  • Respiratory disease in the Middle Nile Valley : the impact of environment and aridification / Anna M. Davies-Barrett, Daniel Antoine & Charlotte A. Roberts
  • Health and disease at the marshes : deciphering human-environmental interactions at Roman Aventicum, Switzerland (1st-3rd century AD) / Chryssa Bourbou
  • A bioarchaeology of social inequality and environmental change / Kenneth C. Nystrom & Gwen Robbins Schug
  • Urban environments : demography, epidemiology, and the role of climate change in determining health outcomes / Sharon N. DeWitte
  • Social variation in an urban environment and its impacts on stress : preliminary results from ancient Greek Himera (Sicily) / Britney Kyle & Laurie Reitsema
  • Biocultural aspects of culture contact, exchange, and population movements in Cyprus / Anna J. Osterholtz
  • Resilience and change : a biocultural view of a Bedouin population in the emerging modern Middle East / Megan A. Perry & Emily Edwards
  • A bioarchaeology of madness : modernity, pellagra, and the rise of the manicomio system in the Veneto region of Italy / Megan Miller, Gwen Robbins Schug, Luca Pagani & Nicola Carrara
  • Making sense of violence and environmental change in Europe / Rebecca Redfern
  • The climate change-witch execution connection : living with environmental uncertainty on the Colorado Plateau (AD 800-1350) / Debra L. Martin & Ryan P. Harrod.
  • Biological and cultural adaptations to climate change in prehistoric central California / Marin A. Pilloud, Al W. Schwitalla & Kristen A. Broehl
  • Environmental, behavioral, and bodily change : violence in the late intermediate period (AD 1000-1450), North Chile / Christina Torres-Rouff
  • A diachronic view of violent relations and environmental change in the Titicaca Basin, Bolivia / Sara L. Juengst
  • Violence and climate change in the Jōmon period, Japan / Hisashi Nakao, Tomomi Nakagawa, Kohei Tamura, Yuji Yamaguchi, Naoko Matsumoto & Takehiko Matsugi
  • Slouching toward the Neolithic : complexity, simplification, and resilience in the Japanese archipelago / Mark James Hudson
  • A bioarchaeological perspective on trauma incidence in high altitude environments, Nepal / Jacqueline T. Eng & Mark Aldenderfer
  • Climate and activity in Middle Holocene Siberia / Angela R. Lieverse
  • Aridity and adaptation among Arabian Bronze Age communities : investigating mobility and climate change using isotope analysis / Lesley A. Gregoricka
  • Stable carbon and oxygen isotope evidence for late third millennium BCE environmental and social change at Titriş Höyük, an Early Bronze Age urban center in the Lower Turkish Euphrates watershed / Adam W. Schneider, Andrew Somerville, O. Dilek Erdal, Yilmaz S. Erdal & Guillermo Algaze
  • Environmental dynamics and stable isotopic signatures in early Inner Asian Steppe communities / Michelle Hrivnyak & Jacqueline T. Eng
  • Human-animal entanglement and climate change : multi-species approaches in remote Oceania / Judith Littleton, Gina McFarlane & Melinda S. Allen.