Encyclopedia of American social movements / edited by Immanuel Ness ; foreword by Stephen Eric Bronner and Frances Fox Piven.

This four-volume set examines every social movement in American history - from the great struggles for abolition, civil rights, and women's equality to the more specific quests for prohibition, consumer safety, unemployment insurance, and global justice.

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Other Authors: Ness, Immanuel (Editor), Bronner, Stephen Eric (writer of foreword.), Piven, Frances Fox (writer of foreword.)
Format: eBook
Published: London : Routledge, 2015.
Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Half Title; Title; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; Contributors; Foreword; Acknowledgments; Introduction; 1. Antislavery Movement; Introduction; Antislavery Movement, 1700s-1830s; Antislavery Movement, 1830s-1840s; Antislavery Movement, 1840s-1850s; Antislavery Movement, 1860-1865; Abolition: Humanitarian and Revolutionary Ideas; Moderate, Radical, and Militant Abolition; Frederick Douglass and Antislavery; Free Blacks: Foundations of Polities; Antislavery Resistance: An Overview; North-South Reactions to Antislavery; 2. Civil Rights Movement; Introduction.
  • Civil Rights Movement, 1865-1910Movement to Abolish Convict Labor; Anti-Lynching Movement; Civil Rights Movement, 1910-1930; Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association Movement; Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters; Civil Rights Movement, 1930-1953; Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1970; Nonviolent Direct Action; Congress of Racial Equality; Civil Rights Movement, 1970-1990; Racial Violence and the Civil Rights Movement; Black Nationalism and the Civil Rights Movement; Anti-Apartheid Movement; Civil Rights Movement, 1990-2000; Civil Rights Movement, Twenty-First Century; 3. Women's Movement.
  • IntroductionWomen's Social Movement, 1800-1869; Moral and Dress Reform Movement, 1800-1869; Matilda Joslyn Gage and Woman Suffrage History; Popular Health Movement; Women's Cooperative Housekeeping Movement; Woman Suffrage Movement, 1848-1920; Women's Movement and Social Activism, 1865-1920; African-American Women's Movement, 1865-1920s; Women and the Progressive Movement; Women and the Anti-Imperialist Movement; Working Women's Movement, Early Twentieth Century; Birth Control Movement; Women's Movement, 1920-1960; Equal Rights Amendment; Abortion Rights Movement.
  • African-American Women's Movement, 1930s-1940sAfrican-American Women's Movement, 1950-Present; Women's Movement, 1960-1990; Women's Studies Movement; Women's Liberation Movement, 1965-1975; Women's Movement, 1990-Present; Feminist/Lesbian Separatism Movement; Anti-Rape Movement; 4. Labor Movement; Introduction; Labor Movement, 1600-1790; Labor Movement, 1790-1860; Labor Movement, 1861-1877; Knights of Labor; Miners' Movement in the West; Anarchism and the Labor Movement; Labor Movement. 1877-1919; Eight-Hour Day Movement; Syndicalism and the Industrial Workers of the World.
  • Railroad Workers MovementSteelworkers Movement; Garment Workers Movement; Labor Movement, 1920-1934; Communist Movement; Sacco and Vanzetti; Unemployment Movement; Unemployed Councils; Strikes of 1934; Brookwood Labor College; Labor Movement, 1935-1947; Labor Law; Cannery Workers Movement; Labor Movement, 1948-1981; Public Workers Movement; Labor Movement and the Vietnam War; Black Lung Movement; Labor Movement. 1981-Present; PATCO and Replacement Workers; United Parcel Service Strike; Hotel and Restaurant Workers Movement; Wildcat Strikes; Organized Labor, Consumption, and Boycotts.