William Yates

William, Bill, or Billy Yates may refer to:

*William Yates (died 1558 or 1559) (1505–1558/1559), Member of Parliament for Lincoln *William Yates (college president) (1720–1764), College of William & Mary's fifth president (1761–1764) *William Yates (cartographer) (1738–1802), British cartographer *William Yates (missionary) (1792–1845), Baptist missionary to India *William Yates (athlete) (1880–1967), British Olympic racewalker *William Yates (footballer) (1883–?), English footballer *William Yates (politician) (1921–2010), British and Australian politician *William H. Yates (died 1868), American abolitionist and writer *Bill Yates (footballer) (1903–1978), English footballer and cricketer *Bill Yates (1921–2001), American cartoonist *Billy Yates (American football) (born 1980), professional offensive lineman *Billy Yates (singer) (born 1963), American country singer **''Billy Yates'' (album), his self-titled debut album Provided by Wikipedia
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