Immanuel Ness

Immanuel Ness in Kuala Lumpur Immanuel Ness (born June 17, 1958) is an American academic, and Professor of Political Science at the City University of New York (CUNY), Brooklyn, School of Humanities and Social Sciences. His academic focus is on worker's organization, migration, mobilization and politics. He is also a labour activist.

Ness is known for his contributions regarding worker's movements and party formation in the Global South, and has worked with leading activists in India, Southern Africa, East and Southeast Asia. In 1990, he founded the New York Unemployed Committee. He is author and editor of numerous articles and academic and popular books on labour, worker insurgencies and trade unions. Most notably, he worked with Mexican workers, unions, and community organizations in New York City to establish a Code of Conduct for migrant laborers in 2001 who were paid below minimum wage. Provided by Wikipedia
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    Encyclopedia of interest groups and lobbyists in the United States / by Ness, Immanuel

    Published 2000
  3. 3

    The encyclopedia of global population and demographics / by Ness, Immanuel

    Published 1999
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    Trade unions and the betrayal of the unemployed : labor conflicts during the 1990s / by Ness, Immanuel

    Published 1998
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    Encyclopedia of world cities / by Ness, Immanuel

    Published 2016
    Full Text (via Taylor & Francis)
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    Immigrants, unions, and the new U.S. labor market / by Ness, Immanuel

    Published 2005
  10. 10

    Encyclopedia of American Social Movements. by Ness, Immanuel

    Published 2004
    Full Text (via ProQuest)
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    Guest workers and resistance to U.S. corporate despotism / by Ness, Immanuel

    Published 2011
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    Immigrants, unions, and the new U.S. labor market / by Ness, Immanuel

    Published 2005
    Full Text (via ProQuest)
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