Richard Munson

Richard (Dick) Munson is an American author and clean energy advocate. His latest book, "Tech to Table: 25 Innovators Reimagining Food," was released by Island Press in September 2021. His previous book, ''Tesla: Inventor of the Modern,'' was published by W.W. Norton in May 2018. Author of five other books with topics that range from U.S. government energy policy to profiles of tycoon George Fabyan and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, and a lobbyist for clean energy initiatives in Illinois and Ohio. Provided by Wikipedia
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    Aesthetic Education and the Third Domain Synaesthetics / by Munson, Richard S.

    Published 1971
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    Cousteau, the captain and his world / by Munson, Richard

    Published 1989
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    From Edison to Enron : the business of power and what it means for the future of electricity / by Munson, Richard

    Published 2005
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    Tesla : inventor of the modern / by Munson, Richard

    Published 2018
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    Cousteau, the captain and his world / by Munson, Richard

    Published 1989
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    The cardinals of Capitol Hill : the men and women who control government spending / by Munson, Richard

    Published 1993
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    Reforming natural resource subsidies : saving money and the environment /

    Published 1995
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    The End of the road : a citizen's guide to transportation problemsolving.

    Published 1977
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