Call Number (LC) Title Results
TD 8.63:313 National evaluation of graduated driver licensing programs 1
TD 8.63:314 Citizen reporting of DUI extra eyes to identify impaired driving. 1
TD 8.63:315 Unconscious motivators and situational safety belt use 1
TD 8.63:316 Pilot test of "Heed the Speed", a program to reduce speeds in residential neighborhoods 1
TD 8.63:317 Primary enforcement saves lives the case for upgrading secondary seat belt laws. 1
TD 8.63:318 Teen unsafe driving behaviors focus group. 1
TD 8.63:319 Final report of polypharmacy and older drivers identifying strategies to study drug usage and driver functioning among older drivers. 1
TD 8.63:323 Estimated minimum savings to a state's Medicaid budget by implementing a primary seat belt law Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, and Missouri. 1
TD 8.63:324 Connecticut tests NHTSA's high visibility enforcement impaired driving campaign in 2003 1
TD 8.63:326 Feaibility for an EMS workforce safety and health surveillance system 1
TD 8.63:331 Preliminary data indicate that booster seat laws increase child safety seat use 1
TD 8.63:352 Update of vehicle sanction laws and their application 1
TD 8.63:353 Evaluation of the 2006 Click it or Ticket campaign 1
TD 8.63:354 Buckle up in your truck and click it or ticket programs increase seat belt use in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas 1
TD 8.63:356 Innovative seat belt demonstration programs in Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Wyoming 1
TD 8.63:357 Testing multiple medication usage and driving functioning 1
TD 8.63:358 Evaluation of NHTSA region 3's Checkpoint Strikeforce Program 1
TD 8.63:359 Identifying strategies to improve the effectiveness of booster seat laws 1
TD 8.63:360 Technology applications for traffic safety programs a primer. 1
TD 8.63:361 Evaluation of the Miami-Dade pedestrian safety demonstration project 1