Call Number (LC) Title Results
T 1999 .G256 A new real-time weather monitoring and flood warning approach / 1
T 1999 .G271 Self-predication in Plato : the 'formal' explanation / 1
T 1999 .G281 El discurso de la incertidumbre : cultura visual y la subjetividad posmoderna en la narrativa de Javier Marías / 1
T 1999 .G341 Reliability and redundancy of structural systems with application to highway bridges / 1
T 1999 .G344 A reusable framework for Web-based teleoperation of robotic devices / 1
T 1999 .G413 Modes of interpretation : reading the Denver Art Museum's Northwest Coast Indians and Alaskan Eskimo exhibit / 1
T 1999 .G416 Zine fans, zine fiction, zine fandom : exchanging the mundane for a woman-centered world / 1
T 1999 .G417 Centrifuge modeling of surface foundations subject to dynamic loads / 1
T 1999 .G422 A study of optimization of reservoir operations of the Colorado River / 1
T 1999 .G462 Security / 1
T 1999 .G47 The belligerent West and the inactive protagonist in the fiction of Murakami Ryû / 1
T 1999 .G478 Peace has its victories, no less renowned than war : a local interaction approach to regional conflict, integration, and democratization / 1
T 1999 .G565 Photochemical systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment (PhotoSELEX) employing the 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine chromophore for the basic Fibroblast Growth Factor target / 1
T 1999 .G588 Soil fauna, microbes and plant litter decomposition in tropical and subalpine forests / 1
T 1999 .G589 Tree regeneration responses to mass flowering and death of the bamboo Chusquea quila in south-central Chile / 1
T 1999 .G623 Plasma etching of silicon : surface chemistry and the plasma environment / 1
T 1999 .G716 The effects of cycling cadence on running kinematics and running performance / 1
T 1999 .G743 Stability and dynamics of stretched fluid shear layers / 1
T 1999 .G775 Disturbances and tree species diversity along the elevational gradient of a subtropical montane forest of NW Argentina. / 1
T 1999 .G783 Older adults are less steady with submaximal anisometric contractions of the elbow flexors / 1