Call Number (LC) Title Results
T 1996 .B148 Soft PBX, the hardware to software transformation / 1
T 1996 .B275 Institutional corruption, the public sector, and economic development : institutional corruption and Paraguayan economic development : corruption in a simple endogenous growth model : endogenous corruption, income inequality, and growth--econometric evidence / 1
T 1996 .B283 Internet development : five Latin American experiences / 1
T 1996 .B287 The effect of coherence of disconfirmers on the subtyping process / 1
T 1996 .B375 Implementing optical amplifiers in multiple wavelength applications of long distance networks / 1
T 1996 .B388 Going to court : shareholder litigation under Securities Exchange Commission rule 10b-5 / 1
T 1996 .B391 Residential broadband multimedia services : an evolutionary analysis / 1
T 1996 .B395 Wireless multimedia broadcast service / 1
T 1996 .B396 Life cycle analysis : a necessary tool in telecommunications systems design / 1
T 1996 .B439 Lexical access and phonological encoding in stuttering and nonstuttering adults / 1
T 1996 .B454 Diurnal variations of cloud cover : their relationship to climatological conditions and role in the time-mean energy budget / 1
T 1996 .B4556 Optical characterization of H₂O/HNO₃ films representative of polar stratospheric clouds and the mechanisms for heterogeneous chlorine activation on these surfaces / 1
T 1996 .B456 Remote stereocontrol in the ionic Diels-Alder reaction : asymmetric cycloadditions of acyclic and cyclic α,β-unsaturated oxocarbenium ions and application of these methods to the total synthesis of (-)-5ʹ-epidihydrocompactin / 1
T 1996 .B4646 Environmental controls on magnetic mineralogy and geochemistry of late quaternary lacustrine sediments from Grass Lake and Tule Lake, Northern California / 1
T 1996 .B468 Mythologies at the end of the millennium : a digital tarot deck / 1
T 1996 .B476 Photoreceptor isolation in early infancy : evidence for the functioning of M- and L-cones by 4-weeks of age / 1
T 1996 .B478 Optical sampling and defect recognition / 1
T 1996 .B5134 The effects of DC and ELF AC magnetic fields on the division rate of mastocytoma cells / 1
T 1996 .B643 Nonparametric selection of input variables for connectionist learning / 1
T 1996 .B644 Register window allocation / 1