Call Number (LC) Title Results
T 1983 .P863 Natural convection in a triangular enclosure filled with Newtonian fluid or fluid-saturated porous medium / 1
T 1983 .P966 PLA partitioning placement and wiring estimation / 1
T 1983 .P968 The corpse of the Freudian corpus / 1
T 1983 .Q44 Exponential L² and uniform convergence of a class of infinite dimensional diffusion and jump processes / 1
T 1983 .R112 A design algorithm and computer program for optimizing single-node, long distance networks / 1
T 1983 .R114 Syntactic strategies in text composition / 1
T 1983 .R213 Interfacial instabilities arising from excess intermolecular potential gradients : application to asymetric membrane morphology / 1
T 1983 R22 A software debugging aid for the Finite Element Machine / 1
T 1983 .R267 A survey of the attitudes of Saudi men and women toward Saudi female participation in Saudi Arabian development / 1
T 1983 .R448 Relationships and abortion / 1
T 1983 .R475 Super spring : a new type of low-frequency vibration isolator / 1
T 1983 .R534 The effect of input chunk size on the ability to learn from multimedia instructions / 1
T 1983 R537 The telling difference : Chaucer's Canterbury tales and patristic textual theory / 1
T 1983 .R541 Coalition dynamics in sociopolitical revolutions / 1
T 1983 .R542 Measurements of atmospheric hydrocarbons at a remote rural site / 1
T 1983 .R543 Profiles of administrator stress in Colorado public metropolitan schools / 1
T 1983 .R564 Comparison of phenotypic, genetic, and environmental cognitive factor structures in two ethnic groups / by Laure A. Robinson. 1
T 1983 .R568 An analysis of and alternative approach to the taxation of United States multinational corporations / 1
T 1983 .R638 Digital switching networks / 1
T 1983 .R662 The relationship of conflict management style to the leadership style of secondary school principals in their role as middle managers / 1