Call Number (LC) Title Results
T 1982 .Sch43 Comprehension of a technical text as a function of expertise / 1
T 1982 .Sch57 Estimating the Q of low angular order split free oscillations of the earth / 1
T 1982 .Scu23 Mechanisms mediating the sequential aspects of rattlesnake predatory behavior / 1
T 1982 T137 Investigation of stratigraphic and paleostructural controls on hydrocarbon migration and entrapment in Cretaceous D and J sandstones of the Denver Basin / 1
T 1982 .T191 Generally applicable stress concentration finite elements / 1
T 1982 .T24 [Altered environments] : thesis statement / 1
T 1982 .T326 Kinetic theory, classical and statistical thermodynamic aspects of surface transport within porous materials / 1
T 1982 .T337 A relational communication analysis of language disordered children's dyadic discourse : dominance and directives / 1
T 1982 .T361 Paragraph and discourse structures in El cuadrante de la soledad / 1
T 1982 .T364 An investigation of the influence of realtime ultrasound on primigravida's attitude toward pregnancy / 1
T 1982 .T366 An identification of volumetric loading system variables and a study of their effect on the accuracy of coal loaded into rail cars / 1
T 1982 .T425 The evolution of behavioral objectives, 1900-1980 / 1
T 1982 .T499 The organization of spindle microtubules in diatoms and Ochromonas / 1
T 1982 .T685 The effects of exercise on blood lipids and lipoproteins : a meta-analysis of studies / 1
T 1982 .T696 Captain Edward Marrett, a gentleman tailor / 1
T 1982 .T697 The effects of the Colorado Outward Bound Teachers' Practicum as perceived by participants / 1
T 1982 .Ur1 Pilot-in-command : a sociological analysis of general aviation accidents / 1
T 1982 .V617 The perceived degree of the effect, worth and enjoyment of selected leisure lifestyle development techniques : a case study / 1
T 1982 .V869 The synthesis of dinuclear molybdenum complexes and catalytic reactions of molybdenum sulfido complexes with hydrogen / 1
T 1982 .V895 Foraminifera of the Storm King Mountain Shale Member, Mancos Shale, western Colorado / 1