Call Number (LC) Title Results
T 1982 .Sq23 Design and implementation of a translator for the computer hardware description language ERES / 1
T 1982 .St17 An augmenting paths algorithm for the matroid party problem on binary matroids / 1
T 1982 .St18 Comparison of shear wall analysis methods / 1
T 1982 .St27 Strength tests of timber piling / 1
T 1982 .St28 STAIR, a simple text analyzer with inquiry response / 1
T 1982 .St32 Porphyry mineralization in the Elkhorn District, Montana / 1
T 1982 .St33 Corporate taxation, investment, and the theory of the firm / 1
T 1982 .St39 Analytical and experimental response of flexibly-connected steel frames / 1
T 1982 .St44 An anthropological analysis of the discriminatory impact of consumer fraud in American society / 1
T 1982 .St45 The strategic nuclear arms race : deterrence or defense? / 1
T 1982 .St52 Location of protein coding loci on the Euglena chloroplast genome, cloning of chloroplast DNA restriction fragments, and preliminary dideoxy sequence analysis of the large subunit of ribulose-1, 5-bisphosphate carboxylase / 1
T 1982 .St62 Ceramics / 1
T 1982 .St82 The development of a viable model for evaluating the effects of training / 1
T 1982 .St91 Formal structures as signs / 1
T 1982 .St93 Mammalian fauna and biostratigraphy of the upper part of the Wind River Formation (early to middle Eocene), Natrona County, Wyoming, and the Wasatchian-Bridgerian boundary / 1
T 1982 .St96 Poetry and translations in progress, 1980-1982 / 1
T 1982 .Su22 The Indonesian government's oil and gas policy as related to economic development / 1
T 1982 .Su64 The role of the gonad in controlling the reproductive refractory period in male lizards, Anolis carolinensis / 1
T 1982 .Sw35 A genetic and biochemical characterization of the rIIB promoter / 1
T 1982 .Sw67 Government aided revitalization of deteriorating residential areas : egalitarian planning or regressive redistribution? / 1