Call Number (LC) Title Results
T 1982 .AL53 A systems approach to the bimodal, interactive nature of human consciousness and the reintegration of the bicameral mind through education / 1
T 1982 .Al54 Structural analysis of integrally stiffened tank barrels / 1
T 1982 .AL59 Studies of structure and bonding of small phosphorus nitrogen molecules / 1
T 1982 .AL78 Perceived social distance : a re-examination of an attitudinal factor in an EFL setting / 1
T 1982 .AL86 Cognitive effects of teaching poetry to moderately confused nursing home residents / 1
T 1982 .Am35 High-pressure liquid chromatographic determination of the dissolution rate of triamterenehydrochlorothiazide capsules, amitriptyline hydrochlorideperphenazine tablets and aspirin-acetaminophen-caffeine tablets / 1
T 1982 .As47 Development and application of infinite elements to ground freezing problems / 1
T 1982 .As71 The growth of non-oil industrial exports of Iran, 1953-1978 / 1
T 1982 .At29 Development of a multiaxis low mass goniometer / 1
T 1982 .At54 Analog simulation and verification of a non-linear distortion model for loudspeaker drivers / 1
T 1982 A123 Trace volatile organics removal from water and wastewater by air stripping / 1
T 1982 .B146 United States aggregate demand : structural vs. reduced form approaches / 1
T 1982 .B156 Design considerations for networking office systems / 1
T 1982 .B174 Longitudinal stability of cognitive ability in the Colorado Adoption Project / 1
T 1982 .B249 Relationships between maximal oxygen consumption, onset of blood lactate accumulation, and maximal bicycle ergometer endurance performance / 1
T 1982 .B282 Food supply, distribution, and marketing in Davao City, Philippines / 1
T 1982 .B291 A two-process theory of visual attention in 4-month-old infants / 1
T 1982 .B294 The temples of ancient Egypt, Nubia, and Mesopotamia : a comparative study / 1
T 1982 .B371 A study of the favorable reader of All my friends are going to be strangers / 1
T 1982 .B388 Studies on the mechanism of intracellular transport in erythrophores / 1