Call Number (LC) Title Results
T 1982 .B156 Design considerations for networking office systems / 1
T 1982 .B174 Longitudinal stability of cognitive ability in the Colorado Adoption Project / 1
T 1982 .B249 Relationships between maximal oxygen consumption, onset of blood lactate accumulation, and maximal bicycle ergometer endurance performance / 1
T 1982 .B282 Food supply, distribution, and marketing in Davao City, Philippines / 1
T 1982 .B291 A two-process theory of visual attention in 4-month-old infants / 1
T 1982 .B294 The temples of ancient Egypt, Nubia, and Mesopotamia : a comparative study / 1
T 1982 .B371 A study of the favorable reader of All my friends are going to be strangers / 1
T 1982 .B388 Studies on the mechanism of intracellular transport in erythrophores / 1
T 1982 B39 The dynamics of atmospheric and industrial vortices / 1
T 1982 .B413 Imitation, freedom, and the triadic model in the early dramatic and narrative works of W. B. Yeats /
Forecasting economic time series /
T 1982 .B439 The effect of low intensity pulsed current on proprioceptive function following joint immobilization / 1
T 1982 .B442 Dimensions of psychological differences among abusive and neglectful parents / 1
T 1982 .B458 Development of a multidimensional measure of belief in personal control / 1
T 1982 .B541 The effects of selected school and non-school variables on school attendance as assessed by students with three types of school attendance patterns : good, average and poor / 1
T 1982 .B581 Viscous buckling of thin fluid layers undergoing end compression / 1
T 1982 .B61 An ethnomethodological study of community involvement in the bilingual program of Central Elementary / 1
T 1982 .B615 The relationship between self-esteem, life event stress, and adaptation in myocardial infarction patients / 1
T 1982 .B638 Chemiluminescent measurements of the oxides of nitrogen in the clean troposphere and atmospheric chemistry implications / 1
T 1982 .B644 The therapeutic effects of a school-based intervention program for children of the divorced / 1
T 1982 .B684 Occurrence of foreshocks in the central Aleutian Island Arc / / 1