Call Number (LC) Title Results
T 1981 .Z64 An experiment in ground stone use-wear analysis / 1
T 1981 .Z643 A functional analysis of late classical period Maya settlements in the Zapotitán Valley, El Salvador / 1
T 1981 .Z65 The use of verbal protocol analysis to investigate the basis for contextural interference effects in the learning of a motor task / 1
T 1981 .Z66 The predictive validity of the Michigan Test of Aural Comprehension and the Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency for recent Asian and Southeast Asian immigrants in higher education / 1
T 1981 .Z67 Magnetoencephalographic investigations of cortical excitation and inhibition prior to voluntary movement : a test of Levy and Reid's ipsilateral motor control hypothesis / 1
T 1981 .Z765 [This is what my work is about] : thesis statement / 1
T 1981 Z85 A portable apparatus for absolute measurements of the earth's gravity / 1
T 1981 Z97 Nascent product vibrational state distributions in gas-phase ion-molecule reactions / 1
T 1981 Ab32 Offshore soil-structure interaction analysis / 1
T 1981 AL12 The response of induction motors and television sets to voltage harmonics of power systems / 1
T 1981 Am62 A critical study of Marcel Proust's concept of involuntary memory and its practical applications for the Stanislavski-trained theatre performer / 1
T 1981 Ap16 The role of the advisor in the inservice education of elementary school teachers : a case study / 1
T 1981 Ar47 Efficient structures and algorithms for digital signal processing / 1
T 1981 En25 Topological Boolean algebras / by Neil Hamilton Endsley II. 1
T 1981 Se42 Spectroscopic investigation of the ammonia-nitric oxide-oxygen reaction in post flame gases / 1
T 1981 Se87 A simplified design methodology for direct gain passive solar structures utilizing variable amounts of thermal mass and collector areas / 1
T 1981 Sn21 A microcomputer shell / 1
T 1981 Sp18 The development of a vendor strategy for marketing office automation products in a changing communications industry environment / 1
T 1981 St12 The convergence of data communication and computer technologies : future trends / 1
T 1981 St16 Quantitative and qualitative sex-related language differences in children : a sociolinguistic study of male and female communication / 1