Call Number (LC) Title Results
T 1981 .M941 Social relationships of woolly monkeys at the Denver Zoo and at the Los Angeles Zoo / 1
T 1981 .M955 An investigation of the 'C' programming language on a microcomputer, and its application in a learning environment / 1
T 1981 .M985 Perceptions of competency resulting from continuing education for registered nurses / 1
T 1981 M992 A depth-first search characterization of K-connectivity and its application to connectivity testing / by Eugene Wimberly Myers, Jr. 1
T 1981 M993 Local distribution systems for rural areas : an examination of emerging technologies / 1
T 1981 .N23 Multijunction solar cells and tunnel diode interconnects / 1
T 1981 .N317 Children's cognitive and affective self-conceptions : an exploratory, development[al] study / 1
T 1981 .N33 First time parents' perception of their parenting ability in relation to their past experiences / 1
T 1981 .N331 Organizational climate and externally imposed innovation : a case study of management system and communication processes associated with implementation of affirmative action / 1
T 1981 N335 Psychiatric nursing staff members' congruence and cohesiveness. 1
T 1981 N336 Effects of channel roughness and permeability of hydraulic jump characteristics / 1
T 1981 .N382 Investigation of threshold voltage variations of ion implanted depletion and enhancement mode MOSFET devices / 1
T 1981 .N424 High altitude neonatal hyperbilirubinemia / 1
T 1981 .N514 Parameters of scarp form in the Land of Standing Rocks, Canyonlands National Park, Utah / 1
T 1981 .Oc4 An assessment of maternal influence on play : a Vygotskian approach / 1
T 1981 .Oc5 The effectiveness of a managerial communication group / 1
T 1981 .Oc6 Directors' of nursing and head nurses' perceptions of the head nurse role / 1
T 1981 .OL1 The University of Colorado data communications networks / 1
T 1981 .Or6 Signal pirating / 1
T 1981 .Or7 Transfer RNA genes of the chloroplast DNA of Euglena gracilis / 1