Call Number (LC) Title Results
T 1981 .B264 Egon Schiele and Franz Kafka : a comparison of their thought and work / 1
T 1981 .B268 An approach to the partial synthesis of conessine : Reactivity of the dimers of the 3,5,5-Trimethyl-2-morpholinon-3-yl radical with adriamycin and daunomycin / 1
T 1981 .B281 Interpretations of Colorado landscape / 1
T 1981 .B295 The relationship between sex-role characteristics and psychological health in new mothers / 1
T 1981 .B373 Response of concrete to cyclic biaxial compressive loads / 1
T 1981 .B392 Occupational choice of college accounting seniors as related to self-descriptions, accounting stereotypes, and interest levels / 1
T 1981 .B396 Correspondances / 1
T 1981 .B448 Five modern races of maize from northwestern Mexico : archaeological implications / 1
T 1981 .B457 An examination of the effects of family climate, developmental level, and presence at the birth on siblings of the newborn / 1
T 1981 .B481 Two fictions / 1
T 1981 .B49 A method of object code generation from an abstract syntax tree / 1
T 1981 .B539 [Movement away from realism] : a written statement / 1
T 1981 .B641 Performance differences between stuttering and non-stuttering subjects on a sound fusion task / 1
T 1981 .B644 An investigation of relationships between the materials of instruction and the assessment components of two major reading programs / 1
T 1981 .B652 The formation of cognitive images of the world : an analysis of sketch maps / 1
T 1981 .B657 The overall organization of macronuclear genes in micronuclear chromosomes of the ciliate oxytricha / 1
T 1981 .B679 A study of the body image and self concept alterations which occur after intrusive abdominal procedures. 1
T 1981 .B684 Women in educational administration as role models : toward empirical understanding / 1
T 1981 .B731 Sex-typed versus androgynous marriages : a comparative study of internal sex-role differentiation / 1
T 1981 .B745 The effects of suppressor transfer RNAs on the stringent response of Escherichia coli / 1