Call Number (LC) Title Results
T 1976 .M668 The risk and the reward : a study of the reader's involvement in the fiction of Joseph Conrad. 1
T 1976 .M692 Amaeru : the expression of reciprocal dependency needs in Japanese politics / 1
T 1976 .M696 A study of the relationships between Denver School District voter participation and selected school district demographic measures / 1
T 1976 .M726 A public relations program for the Colorado Chapter of the Nature Conservancy / 1
T 1976 .M742 Effects of non-linear connections in steel frames / 1
T 1976 .M762 An expanded theory of structural determination : an empirical investigation of the impact of managerial discretion on organization structure / 1
T 1976 .M782 The effects of a large group versus a small group vocational exploration group experience on the vocational knowledge, attitudes, and job search behaviors of high school females / 1
T 1976 .M787 Assessment of oral, nonverbal gestures in normal and selected brain-injured adults / 1
T 1976 .M834 The effects of response position and item simplicity on the factorial structure of teacher evaluation forms / 1
T 1976 .M835 D orbital importance in ground and excited states of some cyclic organosulphur compounds / 1
T 1976 .M876 Getting burned : a study in the socialization of correctional workers / 1
T 1976 .M912 Electron collision dissociation and ionization processes in molecular hydrogen / 1
T 1976 .M92 Linking environmental models with models of human judgment : an example of a new role for the psychologist in social policy making / 1
T 1976 .N13 A Christian labor leader : Kagawa Toyohiko, (1888-1960) / 1
T 1976 .N131 The polarizabilities of nucleons / 1
T 1976 .N331 Mixed varible cluster analysis / 1
T 1976 .N551 Arthur Redman Wilfley : inventor and entrepreneur / 1
T 1976 .N599 A characterization of urban stormwater runoff in Boulder, Colorado / 1
T 1976 .N72 Enthalpy determination of hemoglobin-carbon monoxide reaction and hemoglobin-oxygen reaction / 1
T 1976 .N867 Genesis of manganese-iron oxides in stream sediments of Maine / 1