Call Number (LC) Title Results
S494.5.I5 I58 2023eb Agriculture digitalization and organic production : proceedings of the third International Conference on Agriculture Digitalization and Organic Production (ADOP 2023), St. Petersburg, Russia, June 05-07 2023 / 1
S494.5.I5 I59 2018 Proceedings of the International Symposium on Agricultual Innovation for Family Farmers : unlocking the potential of agricultural innovation to achieve the sustainable development goals / 1
S494.5.I5 J68 Journal of agrarian change 1
S494.5.I5 K55 2019 The green revolution : narratives of politics, technology and gender / 1
S494.5.I5 K65 2001 Knowledge generation and technical change : institutional innovation in agriculture / 1
S494.5.I5 K74 2016 Push button agriculture : robotics, drones, satellite-guided soil and crop management / 1
S494.5.I5 K75 2021 Aerial robotics in agriculture : parafoils, blimps, aerostats, and kites / 2
S494.5.I5 L67 1996 Lost crops of Africa / 1
S494.5.I5.M36 1996eb Manual de consulta para el promotor de grupo. Una guía práctica para la formación de grupos rurales / 1
S494.5.I5 M365 2000 Food's frontier : the next green revolution / 1
S494.5.I5 M55 2010eb Million dollar farms in the new century / 1
S494.5.I5 M63 2019 Modern development paths of agricultural production : trends and innovations / 1
S494.5.I5 M88 2023 The tropical turn : agricultural innovation in the ancient Middle East and the Mediterranean / 1
S494.5.I5 N3445 2023 Nanotechnology in agriculture and environmental science / 1
S494.5.I5 .N366 2017 Nanotechnology in Agriculture and Food Science. 1
S494.5.I5 N65 1993 Non-governmental organizations and the state in Africa rethinking roles in sustainable agricultural development / 1
S494.5.I5 N68 2023eb Milk and honey : technologies of plenty in the making of a Holy Land / 1
S494.5.I5 O46 2008 Creating abundance : biological innovation and American agricultural development / 1
S494.5.I5 P22 2000 The agricultural revolution of the 20th century : Don Paarlberg and Philip Paarlberg.
The agricultural revolution of the 20th century
S494.5.I5 P22 2000eb The agricultural revolution of the 20th century : Don Paarlberg and Philip Paarlberg. 1