Call Number (LC) Title Results
RD763 .C73 2022 Craniofacial microsomia and Treacher Collins syndrome : comprehensive treatment of associated facial deformities / 1
RD763 .F7313 2002 Relax your neck, liberate your shoulders : the ultimate exercise program for tension relief / 1
RD763 .F86 2021 Fundamentals of craniofacial malformations. 1
RD763 .G37 Der Kleeblattsch├Ądel : ein Beitrag zur Morphogenese / 1
RD763 .H38 2021 A face for Picasso : coming of age with Crouzon syndrome / 1
RD763 .K34 2000 Craniofacial anomalies : a beginner's guide for speech-language pathologists / 1
RD763 .L66 1986 Long-term results of craniofacial surgery : a selection of papers from an international symposium held at the American Cleft Palate Association/American Cleft Palate Educational Foundation Anniversary Meeting, held in New York City, May 17, 1986 / 1
RD763 .N43 2011 Neck and arm pain syndromes evidence-informed screening, diagnosis and management / 1
RD763 .S47 2020 Stranger faces / 2
RD763 .S64 2007eb Soft-tissue surgery of the craniofacial region 1
RD763 .T73 2016e Translational Craniofacial Conference 2016 (TCC 2016) : proceedings of the 1st Translational Craniofacial Conference 2016 : conference date, 9-11 August 2016 : location, Pinang, Malaysia / 1
RD763 .U53 2002 Understanding craniofacial anomalies the etiopathogenesis of craniosynostoses and facial clefting / 1
RD766 Chest wall deformities and corrective procedures /
Chest wall deformities /
RD768 Vertebral augmentation techniques /
Do you really need back surgery? : a surgeon's guide to neck and back pain and how to choose your treatment /
Early onset scoliosis : guidelines for management in resource-limited settings /
Vertebral augmentation the comprehensive guide to vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, and implant augmentation
Interventional Spine Procedures A Case-Based Approach.
The pediatric spine : principles and practice /
Spinal imaging and image analysis /
Quality spine care : healthcare systems, quality reporting, and risk adjustment /
Spine phenotypes
Robotic and navigated spine surgery : surgical techniques and advancements /
Surgical anatomy of the lateral transpsoas approach to the lumbar spine /
Computational methods and clinical applications for spine imaging : 6th International Workshop and Challenge, CSI 2019, Shenzhen, China, October 17, 2019, proceedings /
Spondylolisthesis : diagnosis, non-surgical management, and surgical techniques /
Minimally invasive thoracic spine surgery /
Transforaminal full-endoscopic lumbar surgery under the local anesthesia state of the art /
Atlas of spinal imaging : phenotypes, measurements and classification systems /
Spine imaging : a case-based guide to imaging and management /
Disc and degenerative disc disease remove or regenerate? /
The growing spine : management of spinal disorders in young children /
The resident's guide to spine surgery
Manual of spine surgery
AOSpine masters series.
Imaging of spinal infection /
MRI of the spine a guide for orthopedic surgeons /
Spine surgery basics /
Interventional neuroradiology of the spine clinical features, diagnosis, and therapy /
Surgery of the spine and spinal cord : a neurosurgical approach /
Sagittal balance of the spine : from normal to pathology : a key for treatment strategy /
MRI of rheumatic spine : a case-based atlas /
MRI for spine surgeons and specialists /
Radiology illustrated : Spine /
Non-operative treatment of the lumbar spine /
Spine /
New trends in craniovertebral junction surgery : experimental and clinical updates for a new state of art /
Advanced techniques of endoscopic lumbar spine surgery
Failed Spine.
Computational nethods and clinical applications for spine imaging : proceedings of the workshop held at the 16th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention, September 22-26, 2013, Nagoya, Japan /
Essentials of spine surgery
The spine medical & surgical conditions /
Spinal disorders & treatments : the NYU-HJD comprehensive textbook /
Research into Spinal Deformities 7.
Synopsis of spine surgery /
Radiofrequency treatments on the spine /
Anatomy atlas and interpretation of spine surgery /
Imaging spine after treatment : a case-based atlas /
Value-based approaches to spine care sustainable practices in an era of over-utilization /
Spinal osteotomy orthopaedics deformity correction /
Spinal deformity : a case-based approach to managing and avoiding complications /
Laser spine surgery
Multidisciplinary spine care
Computational methods and clinical applications for spine imaging : third International Workshop and Challenge, CSI 2015, held in conjunction with MICCAI 2015, Munich, Germany, October 5, 2015, Proceedings /
Image guided interventions of the spine principles and clinical applications /
Controversies in spine surgery, MIS versus open : best evidence recommendations /
Advanced robotic spine surgery : a case-based approach /
Spine surgery /
Cervical spine deformity surgery /
Minimally invasive spine surgery techniques /
Minimally invasive spinal deformity surgery : an evolution of modern techniques /
MRI of degenerative disease of the spine : a case-based atlas /
Spinal epidural balloon decompression and adhesiolysis
Atlas of image-guided spinal procedures /
Balloon kyphoplasty
Minimally invasive spine surgery /
Lumbar interbody fusions
Surgical procedures of the spine for intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring providers
Towards ultrasound-guided spinal fusion surgery /
Back injury prevention handbook
50 studies every spine surgeon should know /
AOSpine masters series. /
Radiology illustrated : spine /
Indian spine journal
Spine surgery and related research
The Egyptian spine journal
Asian spine journal
Seminars in spine surgery
RD768 .A22 2010eb  
RD768 .A32 2004 Adult and Pediatric Spine. 1
RD768 .A325 2004 Advances in spinal fusion : molecular science, biomechanics, and clinical management / 1
RD768 .A36 2005eb The aging spine 1
RD768 .B28 1997 Back and neck disorders sourcebook : basic information about disorders and injuries of the spinal cord and vertebrae, including facts on chiropractic treatment, surgical interventions, paralysis, and rehabilitation, along with advice for preventing back trouble / 2
RD768 .B37 2009eb Spine disorders : medical and surgical management / 1