Call Number (LC) Title Results
RC552.C65 P76 2018 Processed food addiction : foundations, assessment, and recovery / 1
RC552.C65 S74 2012 New ideas about eating disorders : human emotions and the hunger drive / 1
RC552.C65 S74 2012eb New ideas about eating disorders : human emotions and the hunger drive / 1
RC552.E1 Plenty: A Memoir of Food and Family. 1
RC552 .E18 Running on Empty : a Novel about Eating Disorders for Teenage Girls.
Food junkies : the truth about food addiction /
Understanding Your Eating : How to Eat and Not Worry About It.
RC552.E18 Neuroendocrinology of appetite /
Eating disorders: the basics /
Embodiment and eating disorders : theory, research, prevention, and treatment /
What you need to know about eating disorders /
Schema therapy for eating disorders : theory and practice for individual and group settings /
Counselling for eating disorders in men : person-centred dialogues /
Incorporating science, body, and yoga in nutrition-based eating disorder treatment and recovery : the integrated eating approach /
Eating, sleeping, and sex /
Annual review of eating disorders.
Family Based Treatment for Restrictive Eating Disorders : a Guide for Supervision and Advanced Clinical Practice /
Re-thinking eating disorders : language, emotion, and the brain /
Eating disorders and marriage : the couple in focus /
Psychoanalytic Treatment of Eating Disorders : When Words Fail and Bodies Speak.
Loving someone with an eating disorder : understanding, supporting, and connecting with ... your partner /
The spirituality of anorexia : a goddess feminist thealogy /
Counselling for eating disorders in women : person-centered dialogues /
Parents with eating disorders : an intervention guide /
Taking a detailed eating disorder history : a comprehensive guide for clinicians /
Foreign bodies : eating disorders, childhood sexual abuse and trauma-informed treatment /
Creating bodies : eating disorders as self-destructive survival /
Brief group psychotherapy for eating disorders : inpatient protocols /
Eating disorders : causes, diagnosis and treatments /
The inside scoop on eating disorder recovery : advice from two therapists who have been there /
Prison of Food : Research and Treatment of Eating Disorders.
Medical crises in eating disorders /
Multidisciplinary management of eating disorders /
Treating athletes with eating disorders : bridging the gap between sport and clinical worlds /
The Oxford handbook of eating disorders /
The Wiley handbook of eating disorders /
Eating disorders in boys and men /
Food for thought : perspectives on eating disorders /
Hidden and lesser-known disordered eating behaviors in medical and psychiatric conditions /
The food addiction recovery workbook : how to manage cravings, reduce stress, and stop hating your body /
Eating disorders : a guide to medical care and complications /
Digital technology, eating behaviors, and eating disorders /
Eating disorders : your questions answered /
Eating disorders : a patient-centered approach /
Recovery from eating disorders : a guide for clinicians and their clients /
Healing Eating Disorders with Psychodrama and Other Action Methods Beyond the Silence and the Fury.
Pica in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities /
Eating disorders, addictions and substance use disorders : research, clinical and treatment perspectives /
Queering nutrition and dietetics : lgbtq+ reflections on food through art /
Hunger : mentalization-based treatments for eating disorders /
Family therapy for adolescent eating and weight disorders : new applications /
Life without Ed : how one woman declared independence from her eating disorder and how you can too /
Eating Disorders
Eating disorders /
Body Image in Eating Disorders : Clinical Diagnosis and Integrative Approach to Psychological Treatment.
Healing Eating Disorders with Psychodrama and Other Action Methods : Beyond the Silence and the Fury.
Hedonic eating : how the pleasure of food affects our brains and behavior / edited by Nicole M. Avena.
Handbook of Assessment and Treatment of Eating Disorders.
Psychological and neurobiological aspects of eating disorders : a taste-fMRI study in patients suffering from anorexia nervosa /
Pocket guide for the assessment and treatment of eating disorders /
Famished : eating disorders and failed care in America /
Bio-psycho-social contributions to understanding eating disorders /
Nutrition Counseling in the Treatment of Eating Disorders.
The American Psychiatric Association practice guideline for the treatment of patients with eating disorders /
Pica in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Journal of eating disorders
RC552.E18 A27 1992 Eating disorders : the facts / 1
RC552.E18 A27 1997 Eating disorders : the facts / 1
RC552.E18 A27 2016 Eating disorders / 1
RC552.E18 A33 2021 Adapting evidence-based eating disorder treatments for novel populations and settings : a practical guide / 1
RC552.E18 A54 2001 Animal models--disorders of eating behaviour and body composition / 1
RC552.E18 A544 2013 Animal models of eating disorders 2
RC552.E18 A78 1995 Arts therapies and clients with eating disorders : fragile board / 1
RC552.E18 A83 2005eb Assessment of eating disorders / 1
RC552.E18 A88 2022 Attachment, relationships and food : from cradle to kitchen / 1
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RC552.E18 .B384 2015 Body-states interpersonal and relational perspectives on the treatment of eating disorders / 2
RC552.E18 B43 2004 Disordered eating among athletes : a comprehensive guide for health professionals / 1
RC552.E18 B44 2010eb Beating your eating disorder : a cognitive-behavioral self-help guide for adult sufferers and their carers / 1
RC552.E18 B45 2020 Exposure therapy for eating disorders / 1