Call Number (LC) Title Results
RC480 .W63 Psychobehavioral counseling and therapy : integrating behavioral and insight techniques. 1
RC480 .Y35 2002 The gift of therapy : an open letter to a new generation of therapists and their patients / 1
RC480 .Z8 Problems of psychotherapy / 1
RC480 ebook Diario clínico : cuadernos de un psicoterapeuta /
La coleta del barón de Münchhausen : psicoterapia y realidad /
El arte del cambio : trastornos fóbicos y obsesivos /
Psicosoluciones : cómo resolver rápidamente problemas humanos complicados /
La psicoterapia frente al bienestar y al malestar /
Psicoterapia y problemas actuales : debates y alternativas /
Psicoterapia contemporánea : dilemas y perspectivas /
Manual autoaplicado de la terapia de compasión basada en los estilos de apego para la promoción del bienestar /
Terapia sistémica breve : fundamentos y aplicaciones /
Actualización en modelos y técnicas de intervención psicoterapéutica /
Formulación de caso evolucionista : un lenguaje común en psicoterapia /
Psicoterapia, asesoramiento y consejería.
Estrategias creativas en psicoterapia breve.
RC480.5 Learning solution-focused therapy : an illustrated guide /
Supervising individual psychotherapy : the guide to "good enough" /
The developing practitioner : growth and stagnation of therapists and counselors /
True & false experience the human element in psychotherapy /
Social therapeutic coaching : a practical guide to group and couples work /
Mindfulness-informed relational psychotherapy and psychoanalysis : inquiring deeply /
Stories from child & adolescent psychotherapy a curious space /
Inner strengths : contemporary psychotherapy and hypnosis for ego-strengthening /
Being empathic a companion for counsellors and therapists /
When therapists cry : reflections on therapists' tears in therapy /
Introduction to neuropsychotherapy : guidelines for rehabilitation of neurological and neuropsychiatric patients throughout the lifespan /
The Search for a Relational Home : an intersubjective view of therapeutic action.
A study of brief psychotherapy /
How therapists act : combining major approaches to psychotherapy and the adaptive counselling and therapy model /
The handbook of systemic family therapy.
On Becoming a Psychotherapist
Effortless mindfulness : genuine mental health through awakened presence /
Psychotherapy, anthropology and the work of culture /
Creative therapy in challenging situations : unusual interventions to help clients /
The Analytic Situation : How Patient and Therapist Communicate.
Ancient Egypt and modern psychotherapy : sacred science and the search for soul /
Non-suicidal self-injury : wellness perspectives on behaviors, symptoms, and diagnosis /
Supervising the counsellor and psychotherapist : a cyclical model /
The one and the many relational approaches to group psychotherapy /
Stories from child & adolescent psychotherapy : a curious space /
Celebrating the wounded healer psychotherapist : pain, post-traumatic growth and self-disclosure /
Trauma and countertrauma, resilience and counterresilience : insights from psychoanalysts and trauma experts /
Working with interpreters in psychological therapy : the right to be understood /
Social justice and counseling : discourse in practice /
Group therapy : a group analytic approach /
The unobtrusive relational analyst : explorations in psychoanalytic companioning /
Men, women, passion, and power : gender issues in psychotherapy /
The search for meaning in psychotherapy : spiritual practice, the apophatic way and Bion /
Strengths-based therapy : distinctive features /
Systems theories for psychotherapists : from theory to practice /
The art of creating a magical session : key elements for transformative psychotherapy /
Process-focused therapy : a guide for creating effective clinical outcomes /
Mental and emotional healing through yoga : a guiding framework for therapists and their clients /
Uncovering the resilient core : a workbook on the treatment of narcissistic defenses, shame, and emerging authenticity /
Psicoanálisis y existencialismo : de la psicoterapia a la logoterapia /
Psychoanalytic thinking in mental health settings /
Trauma, abandonment, and privilege : a guide to therapeutic work with boarding school survivors /
Psychoanalytic treatment in adults : a longitudinal study of change /
Psychotherapy under the influence of Georges Bataille : from social theory to clinical practice /
The quick theory reference guide : a resource for expert and novice mental health professionals /
The therapy industry : the irresistible rise of the talking cure, and why it doesn't work /
The complete adult psychotherapy treatment planner /
The adult psychotherapy progress notes planner /
On being a master therapist : practicing what you preach /
Brain2Brain : enacting client change through the persuasive power of neuroscience /
Respect-Focused Therapy : Honoring Clients through the Therapeutic Relationship and Process /
Client Assessment.
Dialogical Meetings in Social Networks.
A Question of Time : Essentials of Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy.
Terapia individual sistémica con la participación de familiares significativos : cuando vuelan los cormoranes /
Revolutionary Connections : Psychotherapy and Neuroscience.
The Theory and Practice of Democratic Therapeutic Community Treatment.
Mindfulness-based intervention research : characteristics, approaches, and developments /
Group therapy for psychoses /
A behavior analyst's guide to supervising fieldwork /
The mystified fortune-teller and other tales from psychotherapy /
Conundrums and predicaments in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis : the clinical moments project /
Psychotherapy, literature and the visual and performing arts.
The virtues in psychiatric practice
The Wiley international handbook of clinical supervision /
Experiments in Behaviour Therapy : Readings in Modern Methods of Treatment of Mental Disorders Derived from Learning Theory.
The Psyche in the Modern World : Psychotherapy and Society /
Alternative psychotherapies : evaluating unconventional mental health treatments /
How psychotherapists live : the personal self and private life of professional healers /
The power of specificity in psychotherapy : when therapy works and when it doesn't /
Breakthrough moments in arts-based psychotherapy : a personal quest to understand moments of transformation in psychotherapy /
Psychodynamic-interpersonal therapy : a conversational model /
The medicalization of psychotherapy : practicing under the influence /
Japanese Psychotherapies : Silence and Body-Mind Interconnectedness in Morita, Naikan and Dohsa-hou /
The distance cure : a history of teletherapy /
Soulfulness : the marriage of shamanic and contemporary psychology /
Psychoneuroplasticity protocols for addictions : a clinical companion for the big book /
Psicoterapia psicoanalitica investigacion, evaluacion y practica clinica.
The schema therapy clinician's guide : a complete resource for building and delivering individual, group and integrated schema mode treatment programs /
Projective Identification and Psychotherapeutic Technique.
EMOTION, THOUGHT AND THERAPY a study of hume and spinoza and the relationship of philosophical... theories of emotion to psychological theories of t.
Unrepressed Unconscious, Implicit Memory, and Clinical Work /
Psychotherapy for immigrant youth /
The Recovered Voice : Tales of Practical Psychotherapy /
Advanced principles of counseling and psychotherapy : learning, integrating, and consolidating the nonlinear thinking of master practitioners /
Psychodynamic formulation : an expanded approach /
The Invisible Matrix : an Exploration of Professional Relationships in the Service of Psychotherapy /
Pandemic providers : psychologists respond to Covid /
Advances in contemplative psychotherapy : accelerating personal and social transformation /
Positive psychiatry : a casebook /
Clinical Psychology in the Mental Health Inpatient Setting : International Perspectives.
Therapy and counseling : your questions answered /
The Art Activity Book for Relational Work : 100 illustrated therapeutic worksheets to use with individuals, couples and families.
Mentalizing and Epistemic Trust : the Work of Peter Fonagy and Colleagues at the Anna Freud Centre /
Loving kindness in psychotherapy /
Revision guide for MRCPsych paper B /
Adult Psychotherapy Homework Planner.
The Klein-Lacan dialogues /
The Klein-Lacan dialogues
Advances in contemplative psychotherapy : accelerating healing and transformation /
Trauma and grief component therapy for adolescents : a modular approach to treating traumatized and bereaved youth /
The performance therapist and authentic therapeutic identity : coming into being /
Handbook of mentalizing in mental health practice /
Psychotherapy, society, and politics from theory to practice /
Changing substance abuse and criminal behavior through therapeutic relationships /
The use of coercive measures in forensic psychiatric care : legal, ethical and practical challenges /
Psychiatric neurotherapeutics : contemporary surgical and device-based treatments /
RC480.5* Strengths-based therapy : distinctive features / 1
RC480.5 .A33 2020 Therapy in the age of neuroscience : a guide for counsellors and therapists / 1
RC480.5 .A455 2011eb The functional dialectic system approach to therapy for individuals, couples, and families / 1
RC480.5 .A46 2006 The psychology of demonization : promoting acceptance and reducing conflict / 1
RC480.5 .A46 2006eb The psychology of demonization : promoting acceptance and reducing conflict / 1
RC480.5 .A6 Comparative psycholinguistic analysis of two psychotherapeutic interviews / 1
RC480.5 .A62 The evaluation of psychiatric treatment : the proceedings of the Fifty-second Annual Meeting of the American Psychopathological Association held in New York City, February, 1962 / 1
RC480.5 .A633 2007 Psychotherapy for neuropsychological challenges / 1
RC480.5 .A633 2013 Psychotherapy for Neuropsychological Challenges. 1
RC480.5 .A67 2021 Applying Islamic principles to clinical mental health care : introducing traditional Islamically integrated psychotherapy / 1
RC480.5 .A68 Applied supervision in psychotherapy / 1
RC480.5 .A88 1983 The Assessment of psychotherapy outcome / 1
RC480.5 .A88 2014eb Attachment theory in adult mental health : a guide to clinical practice / 1
RC480.5 .B275 2003 Caring for ourselves : a therapist's guide to personal and professional well-being / 1
RC480.5 .B29 1984 Becoming a psychotherapist : a clinical primer / 1