Call Number (LC) Title Results
RA440.85 .I58 2020 Introduction to qualitative methods for public health research. 1
RA440.85 .I58 2021 Introduction to measuring stakeholder engagement with research engagement survey tool (REST). 1
RA440.85 .I585 2014 An introduction to health services research / 1
RA440.85 .K67 2011eb Action research in healthcare / 1
RA440.85 .K895 2020eb Skewed studies : exploring the limits and flaws of health and psychology research / 2
RA440.85 .L86 2017 Community-based participatory research with African American men in faith-based populations : an opportunity to design innovative and impactful qualitative public health communication research studies / 1
RA440.85 .M36 2020 Blockchain for medical research : accelerating trust in healthcare / 1
RA440.85 .M37 2020 From protocol to practice : the journey of primary care provider and practice survey data collection with linkage to administrative data from the MAAP-Nova Scotia study / 1
RA440.85 .M38 2009eb Service-user research in health and social care 1
RA440.85 .M43 2021 Measurement error : the elephant in the room?. 1
RA440.85 .M45 2020 Drawing as a data collection method in school-based health research / 1
RA440.85 .M48 2014eb Methods for community public health research : integrated and engaged approaches / 1
RA440.85 .M67 2000eb Action research in health care / 1
RA440.85 .M693 2000eb Difference equations with public health applications / 1
RA440.85 .M87 2017 Represented speech in qualitative health research / 1
RA440.85 .N49 2004eb New qualitative methodologies in health and social care research / 2
RA440.85 .P335 2012 Qualitative and mixed methods in public health 1
RA440.85 .P37 2015eb Participatory qualitative research methodologies in health / 1
RA440.85 .P37 2018 Participatory health research : voices from around the world / 1
RA440.85 .P37 2020 From theory to practice : unveiling the research process using an applied cardiovascular exercise science paradigm / 1