Call Number (LC) Title Results
RA395.A3 U515 1994 Health care reform : proposals have potential to reduce administrative costs : report to the Chairman, Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives / 1
RA395.A3 U515 1994b Medicare : technology assessment and medical coverage decisions : fact sheet for the Subcommittee on Technology, Environment, and Aviation, Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, House of Representatives / 1
RA395.A3 U516b Budget and legislative program. 1
RA395.A3 U518a Annual report - National Council on Health Planning and Development. 1
RA395.A3 U53 2016 Understanding health inequalities and justice : new conversations across the disciplines / 1
RA395.A3 U54 1972 Scientific and educational basis for improving health : report. 1
RA395.A3 U54 2018 Unequal coverage : the experience of health care reform in the United States / 1
RA395.A3 U552 1990 Quality assurance : a comprehensive national strategy for health care is needed : briefing report to the chairman, United States Bipartisan Commission on Comprehensive Health Care / 1
RA395.A3 U5537 1990 A call for action : the Pepper Commission : final report / 1
RA395.A3 U57 Report of the Task Force on Medicaid and Related Programs. 1
RA395.A3.U85 1996eb Using performance monitoring to improve community health : conceptual. 1
RA395.A3 V47 2006eb Managing care a shared responsibility / 1
RA395.A3 W327 2019eb Politics, hierarchy, and public health : voting patterns in the 2016 US presidential election / 1
RA395.A3 W36 2007 Wanting it all : the challenge of reforming the U.S. health care system / 1
RA395.A3 W38 1992 What has government done to our health care? / 3
RA395.A3 W425 2021 The healthcare mandate : how to leverage disruptive innovation to heal America's biggest industry / 2
RA395.A3 W447 2017 Where Medicine Fails. 1
RA395.A3 W45 2006 Governing health : the politics of health policy / 1
RA395.A3 W45 2006eb Governing health : the politics of health policy / 1
RA395.A3 W45 2019 Governing health : the politics of health policy / 1