Call Number (LC) Title Results
QA76.53 .N57 1990 MVS/TSO : mastering CLISTs / 1
QA76.53 .R54 1992 TSO/E CLIST : the complete tutorial and desk reference / 1
QA76.53 .W54 1975 Time-sharing computer systems / 1
QA76.53 .X8 2015eb Quality-aware scheduling for key-value data stores / 1
QA76.54 SignalR real-time application cookbook : use SignalR to create real-time, bidirectional, and asynchronous applications based on standard web technologies /
Real time analytics at Uber : bring SQL into everything /
Advanced ESP32
BUILDING REAL-TIME ANALYTICS SYSTEMS from events to insights with Apache Kafka and Apache Pinot /
Data superstream.
Computing and communications engineering in real-time application development /
Math toolkit for real-time programming /
Real-time systems scheduling /
Storm Blueprints : Patterns for Distributed Real-time Computation.
Real-time modelling and processing for communication systems : applications and practices /
Real Time Programming : Languages, Specification And Verification.
Stream processing beyond streaming data /
Creating an extensible 100+ PB real-time big data platform by unifying storage and serving /
Fast data with the KISSS stack /
Time-predictable architectures /
Data science on the Google Cloud Platform : implementing end-to-end real-time data pipelines : from ingest to machine learning /
Panel : real-time discussions on real-time data processing.
Data, information, and time : the DIT model /
Real-time analytics with Storm and Cassandra : solve real-time analytics problems effectively using Storm and Cassandra /
Storm applied : strategies for real-time event processing /
Introduction to Apache Kafka /
Ultimate Swift programming /
Unlocking the value of real-time analytics : how to architect a real-time data infrastructure /
Multiprocessor scheduling for real-time systems /
AI and analytics in production : how to make it work /
Server-side Swift : a quick start to using Swift and Kitura to build a versatile back end for your application /
Learning Apache Storm for big data processing /
Real-time analytics : techniques to analyze and visualize streaming data /
Fast data processing with Spark 2 : learn how to use Spark to process big data at speed and scale for sharper analytics : put the principles into practice for faster, slicker big data projects /
The connected car : an example of streaming real-time analytics /
Kafka : the definitive guide : real-time data and stream processing at scale /
Handbook of real-time computing.
Real-Time Systems : Formal Specification and Automatic Verification.
The AI organization : learn from real companies and Microsoft's journey how to redefine your organization with AI /
Getting your data ready for AI : governing principles for fast self-service data preparation /
Real-time data analytics for large scale sensor data /
AI-driven analytics : how artificial intelligence is creating a new era of analytics for everyone /
Rebuilding reliable data pipelines through modern tools /
Modeling time in computing
Formal Techniques in Real-Time and Fault-Tolerant Systems : 4th International Symposium Uppsala, Sweden, September 9-13, 1996 Proceedings /
Real-time embedded multithreading using ThreadX /
Heron streaming fundamentals, applications, operations, and insights /
Building real-time data pipelines : unifying applications and analytics with in-memory architectures /
Large-scale real-time stream processing and analytics : how to gain insight from fast data /
QA76.54 .A38 2012 Advances in real-time systems 1
QA76.54 .A43 2015 Storm applied strategies for real-time event processing / 1
QA76.54 .A44 1981 Introduction to real-time software design / 1
QA76.54 .A44 1984 Introduction to real-time software design / 1
QA76.54 .A75 1993 Data rearrangement and real-time computation / 1
QA76.54. A88 2000 Real-time and multi-agent systems / 1
QA76.54 .A97 2002 Control software for mechanical systems : object-oriented design in a real-time world / 2
QA76.54 .B55 The design of real time applications / 1
QA76.54 .B73 1993 Engineering real-time systems : an object-oriented methodology using SDL / 1
QA76.54 .B75 1999 Meeting deadlines in hard real-time systems : the rate monotonic approach / 1
QA76.54 .B85 2007eb Real-time object uniform design methodology with UML 1
QA76.54 .B87 1990 Real-time systems and their programming languages / 1
QA76.54 .B87 1996 Real-time systems and programming languages / 1
QA76.54 .B87 2001 Real-time systems and programming languages : Ada 95, real-time Java, and real-time POSIX / 1
QA76.54 .B88 1997 Hard real-time computing systems : predictable scheduling algorithms and applications / 1