Call Number (LC) Title Results
Q157 The mathematical and philosophical works of the Right Rev. John Wilkins.
Pensées sur l'interprétation de la nature.
Q157 .B24 2001 Science or pseudoscience : magnetic healing, psychic phenomena, and other heterodoxies / 2
Q157 .D57 2002 Discussing chemistry and steam : the minutes of a coffee house philosophical society, 1780-1787 / 1
Q157 .E57 2000 Encyclopedia of pseudoscience / 1
Q157 .E57 2000eb Encyclopedia of pseudoscience / 1
Q157 .F38 1771 Tables and tracts, relative to several arts and sciences / 1
Q157 .F4 Ferguson's lectures on select subjects in mechanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, pneumatics, optics, geography, astronomy, and dialing 1
Q157 .F67 2011 Observations made during a voyage round the world : on physical geography, natural history, and ethnic philosophy / 1
Q157 .F9 1968 Correspondance mathématique et physique de quelques célèbres géomètres du XVIIIeme siècle : précédé d'une notice sur les travaux de Léonard Euler, tant imprimés qu'inédits et publiée sous les auspices de l'Académie impériale des sciences de Saint-Pétersbourg / 1
Q157 .H65 1969 The posthumous works of Robert Hooke / 1
Q157 .H66 2019 The posthumous works of Robert Hooke / 1
Q157.H79 .R833 2014eb A best-selling Hebrew book of the modern era : the book of the covenant of Pinhas Hurwitz and its remarkable legacy / 1
Q157 .L25 Le philosophe sans prétention, ou, L'homme rare ouvrage physique, chymique, politique et moral, dédié aux savans / 1
Q157 .L48 1674 Mathematical recreations, or, A collection of many problems extracted out of the ancient and modern philosophers as secrets and experiments in arithmetick, geometry, cosmography, horologiography, astronomy, navigation, musick, opticks, architecture, statick, mechanicks, chymistry, water-works, fire-works & c. : not vulgarly manifest till now / 2
Q157 .M22 1968 Telliamed, or, Conversations between an Indian philosopher and a French missionary on the diminution of the sea / 1
Q157 .S9 1846a The principia, or, The first principles of natural things, being new attempts toward a philosophical explanation of the elementary world / 1
Q158 Cosmology and the scientific self in the nineteenth century astronomic emotions / 1
Q158 .A8 From atoms to stars : an introduction to the physical sciences. 1
Q158 .A8 1967 The physical sciences from atoms to stars. 1
Q158 .B72 2009eb Continuous creation : a biological concept of the nature of matter / 1