Call Number (LC) Title Results
Ondine ODE 704-2 Thomas opera in three acts / 1
Ondine ODE 710-2 Works for piano 1
Ondine ODE 713-2 String quartets 4 & 5 1
One Hundred Years 1796-1896 International Typographical Union collection, 1
Online Our own heroes a thrilling narrative.
Lectures on amenability /
The cabin and parlor, or, Slaves and masters
The Circassian slave, or, The sultan's favorite a story of Constantinople and the Caucasus /
The down-trodden, or, Black blood and white
MicroNeuro'99 : proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Microelectronics for Neural, Fuzzy and Bio-inspired Systems : April 7-9, 1999, Granada, Spain /
Proceedings /
Proceedings : First International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing : February 1-3, 1999, Tokyo, Japan /
Hatchie, the guardian slave, or, The heiress of Bellevue a tale of the Mississippi and the South-West /
Statistical bulletin
AEnone a tale of slave life in Rome.
The Honolulu advertiser.
Oceans 81 : the ocean ... an international workplace conference record, Boston, Massachusetts, September 16-18, 1981.
Lattice-gas cellular automata and lattice Boltzmann models : an introduction /
Tit for tat
Link the enlisted professional bulletin of the United States Navy.
The financial connection on the Internet
Swarming on the battlefield : past, present, and future /
Proceedings : DARPA Information Survivability Conference & Exposition : DISCEX'00 : 25-27 January 2000, Hilton Head, South Carolina /
Workload characterization : methodology and case studies : based on the First Workshop on Workload Characterization, Dallas, Texas, November 29, 1998 /
First Australasian User Interface Conference (AUIC 2000) : proceedings, 31 January-3 February 2000, Canberra, Australia /
Modeling and simulation in manufacturing and defense systems acquisition : pathways to success /
Future R&D environments : a report for the National Institute of Standards and Technology /
Fluid resuscitation : state of the science for treating combat casualties and civilian injuries /
Autobiography of a female slave
Preservation of library & archival materials : a manual /
Harmonic functions on groups and fourier algebras /
Morphology of condensed matter : physics and geometry of spatial complex systems /
Strategic sourcing : measuring and managing performance /
Oceans 82 : conference record : industry, government, education--partners in progress : conference, Washington, D.C., September 20-22, 1982 /
Tales and sketches for the fireside which is most respectfully dedicated to every Southern home circle / by Mrs. R.M. Ruffin.
The husband in Utah, or, Sights and scenes among the Mormons with remarks on their moral and social economy /
The Morrisons a story of domestic life /
The new Timothy
Jeanie Morrison, or, The discipline of life
Reducing gun violence : results from an intervention in East Los Angeles /
Workshops on Electronic Commerce and Web-based Applications ; Middleware : 19th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems : proceedings : May 31-June 4, 1999, Austin, Texas /
The faithful slave
Jack Harold, or, The criminal's career
Condensed novels and other papers /
From night to light
The veteran of the Grand Army a novel:in eight parts /
Salem a tale of the seventeenth century /
The poor white, or, The rebel conscript
Bread to my children
Olivia Trevett, or, The patriot cruiser a story of the American Revolution /
The border ruffian, or, Kansas and Missouri an historical western story of the present time with interesting conversations between Jeff and Abe on the subject of slavery /
As by fire
The life and adventures of Joaquin Murieta, the celebrated California bandit
Stories for the American Freemason's fireside
Up-country letters
Real-world applications of evolutionary computing : EvoWorkshops 2000 : EvoIASP, EvoSCONDI, EvoTel, EvoSTIM, EvoRob, and EvoFlight, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, April 17, 2000 : proceedings /
European Convention for the Protection of Animals During International Transport = Convention européenne sur la protection des animaux en transport international.
Convention on the elaboration of a European pharmacopoeia = Convention relative à l'élaboration d'une Pharmacopée européenne.
Convention on reduction of cases of multiple nationality and military obligations in cases of multiple nationality = Convention sur la réduction des cas de pluralité de nationalités et sur les obligations militaires en cas de pluralité de nationalités ; Protocol amending the convention on the reduction of cases of multiple nationality and military obligations in cases of multiple nationality = Protocole portant modification a la convention sur la réduction des cas de pluralité de nationalités et sur les obligations militaires en cas de pluralité de nationalités ; Additional protocol to the convention on the reduction of cases of multiple nationality and military obligations in cases of multiple nationality = Protocole additionnel a la convention sur la réduction des cas de pluralité de nationalités et sur les obligations militaires en cas de pluralité de nationalités.
Transportation planning and management for special events /
The global threat of new and reemerging infectious diseases : reconciling U.S. national security and public health policy /
Proceedings, International Symposium on Multimedia Software Engineering : Taipei, Taiwan, 11-13 December 2000 /
Transition metal and rare earth compounds /
Second Australasian User Interface Conference : AUIC 2001 : proceedings : 29 January-1 February, 2001, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia /
The lamplighter
Swarming & the future of conflict /
Database technologies : proceedings of the 11th Australasian Database Conference, ADC 2000, Canberra, Australia, January 31-February 3, 2000 /
The fatalist
Trifles for the Christmas holidays
Honor, or, The slave-dealer's daughter
Artificial immune systems : second international conference, ICARIS 2003, Edinburgh, UK, September 1-3, 2003 : proceedings /
IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing : 28 November-1 December 2000, Chemnitz, Germany : Cluster2000 : proceedings.
Incidents in the life of a slave girl
Component-based software quality : methods and techniques /
Implementing high school JROTC career academies /
The earth below : purchasing science data and the role of public-private partnerships /
Divers views, opinions, and prophecies of yoors trooly Petroleum V. Nasby
Saxe Holm's stories
The Flemmings a true story /
The orphan sisters ; or, The problem solved
A wonderful woman
Short stories for spare moments selected from Lippincott's Magazine.
Mustang Gray a romance /
Bernard Lile an historical romance embracing the periods of the Texas Revolution and the Mexican War.
Mapleton, or, More work for the Maine law
Nonlinear optics : materials, fundamentals, and applications : technical digest, August 6-10, 2000, Kauai Marriott, Kauai-Lihue, Hawaii /
Josh Billingssayings, with comic illustrations
Driven from the path a novel /
Hits and dashes, or, A medley of sketches and scraps, touching people and thingswhilom published in divers news-prints of the day
Woman's wrongs a history of Mary and Fidelia /
Wanted--a pedigree
The armless sleeve
Nellie Brown, or, The jealous wife with other sketches /
Rising young men and other tales /
A prophetic abstract from the proceedings of the Trojan Society for the retardation of science for the year of our Lord 1870
The Allen house, or, Twenty years ago and now
Siege of Washington, D.C
Father Drummond and his orphans, or, The children of Mary
Under the surface
Ambient intelligence : first European symposium, EUSAI 2003, Veldhoven, The Netherlands, November 3-4, 2003 : proceedings /
Digest of technical papers.
Summer drift-wood for the winter fire
Agnes Graham
The martyrs and the fugitive, or, A narrative of the captivity, sufferings and death of an African family, and the slavery and escape of their son
Emma Bartlett, or, Prejudice and fanaticism
Formal methods at the crossroads : from panacea to foundational support : 10th anniversary colloquium of UNU/IIST, the International Institute for Software Technology of the United Nations University, Lisbon, Portugal, March 18-20, 2002 : revised papers /
State level changes in energy intensity and their national implications /
The wanderer a tale of life's vicissitudes.
The way to prosper, or, In union there is strength and other tales /
How will it end? a romance /
Wild Nell, the White Mountain girl
Leaves from the book of human life
WLA war, literature & the arts.
The haunted student a romance of the fourteenth century /
The City of Sin and its capture by Immanuel's army an allegory /
The pirate's son a sea novel of great interest.
Ora, the lost wife
The Tinker spy a romance of the Revolution /
Thrice through the furnace A tale of the times of the iron hoof.
Carlotina and the Sanfedesti, or, A night with the Jesuits at Rome
The shady side, or, Life in a country parsonage
The sea-witch, or, The African quadroon a story of the slave coast /
Miss Tamar Allen's narrative of the Tientsin massacre in China, during which so many Christians and foreigners were ruthlessly butchered by the Chinese ... and her own miraculous escape
Anna Clayton, or, The inquirer after truth
Smith's saloon, or, The Grays and the Grants
Miriam Rivers, the lady soldier, or, General Grant's spy
The ideal attained being the story of two steadfast souls, and how they won their happiness and lost it not /
The old doctor, or, Stray leaves from my journal being ... reminiscences of a retired physician.
Mary Lyndon, or, Revelations of a life an autobiography.
Life and its aims in two parts.
The Bel Isabel ; or, The conspirators of Cuba A story of the green land and the blue sea. /
Florence, or, The fatal vow
Ambrose fecit, or, The peer and the printer
Philly and Kit, or, Life and raiment
The gilded age a tale of to-day /
The swordmaster of the Santee, or, Hirl, the hunchback
Ida May a story of things actual and possible /
A woman in armor
Jane Clark, or, Scenes in metropolitan life a tale descriptive of New York scenes /
A casebook of alternative governance structures and organizational forms /
Nelly Bracken a tale of forty years ago /
Ellen, or, The chained mother and pictures of Kentucky slavery:drawn from real life /
A long look ahead, or, The first stroke and the last
Ten old maids, and five of them were wise and five of them were foolish
Twisted threads
Frontier life, or, Scenes and adventures in the South West
The bridal eve
Undercurrents of Wall-Street a romance of business /
Silver and pewter A tale of high life and low life in New York. /
The spectre lover
The unknowable /
Radiation and the International Space Station : recommendations to reduce risk /
Neighbor Jackwood
Macaria, or, Altars of sacrifice
Modern pilgrims showing the improvements in travel, and the newest methods of reaching the Celestial City ... /
Bessie Wilmerton, or, Money, and what came of it
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency fiscal year ... annual performance report
Mathematical proficiency for all students : toward a strategic research and development program in mathematics education /
Ising-type antiferromagnets : model systems in statistical physics and in the magnetism of exchange bias /
Maud of the Mississippi a companion to Pauline of the Potomac /
Anna, Louisa, and Nannie, or, The three victims with full and correct statements of the intrigue, deception, conspiracy, and murder committed by Daniel Longrave, the accomplished accomplice of Mother Higgins.
The commotion in Moontown unique assault on the newspapers ; a rare discussion /
Lord of himself
Freight capacity for the 21st century /
Handbook for digital projects : a management tool for preservation and access /
First International Conference on 3G Mobile Communication Technologies : 27-29 March 2000 ; venue, Hilton London Metropole Hotel, London, UK /
Oceans 2000 MTS/IEEE : where marine science and technology meet /
Algorithmic aspects of wireless sensor networks : first international workshop, ALGOSENSORS 2004, Turku, Finland, July 16, 2004 : proceedings /
Galaxies and chaos /
Means of Hilbert space operators /
American sociology and the construction of gender, 1890-1920 /
Algorithms for synthetic aperture radar imagery XI 12-15 April 2004, Orlando, Florida, USA /
The forsaken daughter
Faye Mar of Storm-Cliff
Woven of many threads
Fifteen minutes around New York
Betsey Jane Ward (better-half to Artemus) hur book of goaks with a hull akkownt of the coartship and maridge to A4said Artemus, and Mister Ward's cutting-up with the Mormon fare secks /
Probabilistic and statistical methods in cryptology : an introduction by selected topics /
Astronomical adaptive optics systems and applications 3-4 August 2003, San Diego, California, USA /
Non-heart-beating organ transplantation : practice and protocols /
One summer ...
The crimson star, or, The midnight vision a romance founded on facts /
A poverty of riches : new challenges and opportunities in PLA reresearch /
Student financial aid handbook.
Eli Perkins (at large) his sayings and doings /
Proceedings, International Conference on Software Methods and Tools : SMT 2000 : Wollongong, Australia, 6-9 November 2000 /
Dolores A tale of Maine and Italy /
Remarks before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States /
Handbook of mathematical functions : with formulas, graphs, and mathematical tables /
Sowing the wind and other stories
The marble faun, or, The romance of Monte Beni
Tom Blinn's Temperance Society, and other tales
Approximation algorithms for combinatorial optimization : third international workshop, APPROX 2000, Saarbrücken, Germany, September 5-8, 2000 : proceedings /
Reclaiming cognition : the primacy of action, intention and emotion /
How to solve the mind-body problem /
Proceedings, Second International Conference on WEB Delivering of Music : WEDELMUSIC 2002 : Darmstadt, Germany, 9-11 December 2002 /
Quantum thermodynamics : emergence of thermodynamic behavior within composite quantum systems /
1999 International Symposium on Database Applications in Non-Traditional Environments (DANTE '99) : proceedings : November 28-30, 1999, Kyoto, Japan /
Cachet, or, The secret sorrow
Twin roses a narrative /
Rougegorge and other short stories /
Flights of fancy
The unfortunate mountain girl
Ah-meek, the beaver ; or, The copper-hunters of Lake Superior
Robert Severne, his friends and his enemies
Righted at last a novel /
The black phantom, or, Woman's endurance a narrative connected with the early history of Canada and the American Revolution /
Our boys the personal experiences of a soldier in the Army of the Potomac /
The romance of the green seal
Say and seal
Mexican's bride, or, The ranger's revenge
Phemie's temptation
Inez a tale of the Alamo.
Sunshine at home, and other stories
Uplands and lowlands, or, Three chapters in a life
A book without a title, or, Thrilling events in the life of Mira Dana
Building better homes : government strategies for promoting innovation in housing /
George Seten, or, The chip boy of the dry dock a tale of city life /
Protecting public education from tax giveaways to corporations : property tax abatements, tax increment financing, and funding for schools.
Public health systems and emerging infections : assessing the capabilities of the public and private sectors : workshop summary /
Reconstruction of small inhomogeneities from boundary measurements /
Copyright issues relevant to digital preservation and dissemination of pre-1972 commercial sound recordings by libraries and archives
Expanding access to mental health counselors : evaluation of the TRICARE demonstration /
High altitude airships for the future force Army /
An evaluation of California's permanent disability rating system /
Strategies to leverage research funding : guiding DOD's peer reviewed medical research programs /
Cooperative control : a post-workshop volume : 2003 Block Island workshop on cooperative control /
Convertible roadways and lanes : a synthesis of highway practice /
Information networking : networking technologies for broadband and mobile networks : international conference ICOIN 2004, Busan, Korea, February 18-20, 2004 : revised selected papers /
Photon echo and coherent spectroscopy 2005 18-25 September 2005, Kaliningrad, Russia /
Remote sensing and modeling of ecosystems for sustainability 2-4 August 2004, Denver, Colorado, USA /
John and Mary, or, The fugitive slaves a tale of South-Eastern Pennsylvania /
Healthcare cost-effectiveness analysis for older patients : using cataract surgery and breast cancer treatment data /
Human-computer interaction with mobile devices and services : 5th international symposium, Mobile HCI 2003, Udine, Italy, September 8-11, 2003 : proceedings /
Financial audit. report to the Congress /
Sixth International Workshop on Groupware : CRIWG 2000 : October 18-20, 2000, Madeira, Portugal : proceedings /
2000 IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Behavioral Modeling and Simulation : Orlando, Florida, 19-20 October 2000 : proceedings /
Marie de Berniere a tale of the Crescent City, etc., etc., etc. /
The haps and mishaps of the three jolly students a veritable history /
The maid of the Ranche, or, The regulators and moderators a story of life on the Texan border /
My satchel and I, or, Literature on foot
Life in the saddle, or, The cavalry scout
Jack Junk, or, The tar for all weathers
Rivingstone, or, The young ranger hussar a romance of the Revolution /
The curse of gold
Our homes their cares and duties, joys and sorrows /
The mustee, or, Love and liberty
Among the pines or, South in secession-time /
The grains, or, Passages in the life of Ruth Rover with occasional pictures of Oregon, natural and moral /
The Blemmertons, or, Dottings by the wayside
The Brownings a tale of the Great Rebellion /
The stranger's stratagem, or, The double deceit and other stories /
The Greek slave a story /
Norman Brill's life-work
Strife a romance of Germany and Italy /
Morton House
The Hemlock Swamp, and, a season at the White Sulphur Springs
Evaluating five proposed price and credit policies for the Army /
Travels by sea and land of Alethitheras
Manolia, or, The vale of Tallulah
Limit theorems for Markov chains and stochastic properties of dynamical systems by quasi-compactness /
People in control : the second International Conference on Human Interfaces in Control Rooms, Cockpits and Command Centres, 19-21 June 2001 ; venue, UMIST, Manchester, UK /
Naval mine warfare : operational and technical challenges for naval forces /
I'm White? Understanding one's racial identity
Lectures on symplectic geometry /
Funding Smithsonian scientific research /
The Oil Spill Recovery Institute : past, present, and future directions /
The bank holding company study
Geometric and topological methods for quantum field theory /
The roles of the transcriptional coactivator CBP-1 and the nuclear receptor NHR-25 in C. elegans vulval development /
Classifying drinking water contaminants for regulatory consideration /
Evaluating the performance of latent semantic indexing
Natural gas ... issues and trends
Cherry production
How deployments affect service members /
Marine protected areas and fishery closures in British Columbia /
Embodied artificial intelligence : international seminar, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, July 7-11, 2003 ; revised selected papers /
Art and the brain II : investigations into the science of art /
Children and their 4-H animal projects : how children use science in agricultural activity /
Environmental health indicators : bridging the chasm of public health and the environment : workshop summary /
Querying databases privately : a new approach to private information retrieval /
Semantics of a networked world : semantics for grid databases : First International IFIP Conference, ICSNW 2004, Paris, France, June 17-19, 2004 : revised selected papers /
Assessment of the national patient safety initiative : context and baseline, evaluation report I /
Readers, reading and librarians /
Emergency response procedures for natural gas transit vehicles /
Saving women's lives : strategies for improving breast cancer detection and diagnosis : A Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Institute of Medicine Symposium /
Juan, the white slave, and the rebel planter's daughter a stirring story of slavery, secession, suffering, and revenge, revealing the deep treachery of the Southern rebellion /
Military airframe costs : the effects of advanced materials and manufacturing processes /
The new magazine of knowledge concerning heaven and hell, and the universal world of nature; or, Grand museum of intellectual, rational, and scientific truths ... By a society of gentlemen.
H [infinity symbol] control and estimation of state-multiplicative linear systems /
ADAS : International Conference on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, 17-18 September 2001, venue, Austin Court, Birmingham, UK /
Improving the Army's management of reparable spare parts /
Proceedings : Second International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing : December 11-15, 2001, Tokyo, Japan /
Ocean 75 : record : Ocean 75 is the combined meeting of 1975 IEEE Conference on Engineering in the Ocean Environment and Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Marine Technology Society, San Diego, California, September 22-25, 1975.
Reducing the barriers to international trade in accounting services /
Academic health centers : leading change in the 21st century /
Contrast agents.
Insurance in the General Agreement on Trade in Services /
Studies on knowledge spillovers, trade, and foreign direct investment : theory and empirics /
Enrollment in higher education
Adolescent endocrinology /
Progress in improving project management at the Department of Energy : 2001 assessment /
Linear delay-differential systems with commensurate delays : an algebraic approach /
Geometry of the plane Cremona maps /
Laser generated thermoelastic waves in an anisotropic infinite plate /
To love and to be loved a story /
The heart's secret, or, The fortunes of a soldier a story of love and the low latitudes /
The global technology revolution : bio/nano/materials trends and their synergies with information technology by 2015 /
The physics of the Early Universe /
Second International Conference on 3G Mobile Communication Technologies : 26-28 March 2001 ; venue, IEE, Savoy Place, London, UK /
Document analysis systems VI : 6th international workshop, DAS 2004, Florence, Italy, September 8-10, 2004 : proceedings /
The thinking bayonet
Geometry of Müntz spaces and related questions /
Small farm digest
18th International Conference on Photoelectronics and Night Vision Devices 25-28 May, 2004, Moscow, Russia /
Lidar technologies, techniques, and measurements for atmospheric remote sensing 19-20 September 2005, Bruges, Belgium /
Quantum degeneracy and interactions in the ⁸⁷Rb - ⁴⁰40K Bose-Fermi mixture /
Linking climate to multi-purpose reservoir management : adaptive capacity and needs for climate information in the Gunnison Basin, Colorado /
Astrometry in the age of the next generation of large telescopes : proceedings of a meeting held at Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, 18-20 October 2004 /
Secrets of a young girl in words and pictures
Two pictures, or, What we think of ourselves, and what the world thinks of us
Life cycle evaluation criteria for design-build highway pavement projects /
The ISO handbook.
Liberty or death, or, Heaven's infraction of the Fugitive slave law
Painlevé equations in the differential geometry of surfaces /
Grothendieck duality and base change /
Phase behavior of polymer blends /
Convection in ice I with non-Newtonian rheology : application to the icy Galilean satellites /
Aviation safety statistical handbook ... annual report
Soil respiration at a Colorado subalpine forest
Nonclassroom-based charter schools in California and the impact of SB 740 /
Proceedings : Second International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design : 25-29 June, 2001, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK /
American housing survey selected metropolitan areas.
State highway letting program management /
Seventh International Workshop on Groupware : CRIWG 2001 : proceedings : September 6-8, 2001, Darmstadt, Germany /
The Royal Greens, or, The scout of the Susquehanna a tale of the Valley of Wyoming /
Microscopy and spectroscopy of water uptake in polymer photoresists /
Luona Prescott, or, The curse fulfilled
International Symposium on Principles of Software Evolution : proceedings : Kanazawa, Japan, November 1-2, 2000 /
Geographic information science : third international conference, GIScience 2004, Adelphi, MD, USA, October 20-23, 2004 : proceedings /
Toxic release inventory.
Tame geometry with application in smooth analysis /
Smart growth and transportation : issues and lessons learned : report of a conference, September 8-10, 2002, Baltimore, Maryland /
Integrated roadside vegetation management /
Walking on a fence : Brazil's public-sector debt /
Maintenance productivity practices /
DISCEX'01 : DARPA Information Survivability Conference & Exposition II : proceedings : 12-14 June, 2001, Anaheim, California /
Policy issues and challenges for interagency space system acquisition /
Opportunities in biotechnology for future Army applications /
Spin electronics /
Essays on regionalism in standards, international trade, and multinationals /
Second European Conference on Smart Structures and Materials held at the Glasgow Hilton, Glasgow, Scotland, 12-14 October 1994 /
Madelon Hawley, or, The Jesuit and his victim a revelation of Romanism /
Matrimonial infelicities with an occasional felicity, by way of contrast /
Natural convection loops providing overheat protection in flat-plate collector and integral-collector storage solar water heating systems /
Figurative language /
Comptroller General's annual report
Strange matters : undiscovered ideas at the frontiers of space and time /
Innovations in applied artificial intelligence : 17th International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, IEA/AIE 2004, Ottawa, Canada, May 17-20, 2004 : proceedings /
The scientific basis for estimating air emissions from animal feeding operations /
Research on Women's Issues in Transportation, report of a conference.
Non-semisimple topological quantum field theories for 3-manifolds with corners /
Crusoe's island a ramble in the footsteps of Alexander Selkirk ; with sketches of adventure in California and Washoe /
Encyclopedia of database technologies and applications /
Challenges in virtual collaboration : videoconferencing, audioconferencing, and computer-mediated communications /
The prehistoric archaeology of Norfolk Island, southwest Pacific /
Revision of the Australian stomatopod Crustacea /
Conflict and reconstruction in multiethnic societies : proceedings of a Russian-American workshop /
A review of the EPA water security research and technical support action plan /
Objects, agents, and features : international seminar, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, February 16-21, 2003 ; revised and invited papers /
Analytic and geometric study of stratified spaces /
Holomorphic Q classes /
Hybrid estimation of complex systems /
Supporting expeditionary aerospace forces : engine maintenance systems evaluation (EnMasse) : a user's guide /
Analyse conjointe SP/RP du choix du mode de transport de marchandise dans la Région Nord-Pas-de-Calais = A simultaneous SP/RP analysis of mode of choice in freight transport in the Region Nord-Pas-de-Calais /
TEN telecom guidelines status review /
Terrorism & development : using social and economic development to inhibit a resurgence of terrorism /
Aft and fore : a retrospective and prospective analysis of Navy officer management /
Kirk-Othmer encyclopedia of chemical technology
Rural poverty report 2001 the challenge of ending rural poverty.
Regulation of weights, lengths, and widths of commercial motor vehicles /
Distributed computing and Internet technology second international conference, ICDCIT 2005, Bhubaneswar, India, December 22-24, 2005 : proceedings /
Seven wives and seven prisons, or, Experiences in the life of a matrimonial monomaniac a true story /
Laicus, or, the experiences of a layman in a country parish
The trials of the soldier's wife a tale of the Second American Revolution /
Leaves from an invalid's journal and poems /
Isabel Carollton a personal retrospect /
The victim of the mysterious mark, or, The magic mirror a tale for the times /
The ocean-born a tale of the Southern seas /
Vala a mythological tale /
Lily White a romance /
Christmas at Under-Tor an American Christmas story /
Ekkoes from Kentucky
As it is
The rival volunteers ; or, The black plume rifles
Legends of New England
Among the guerillas
Down in Tennessee and Back by way of Richmond /
Autumn leaves original pieces in prose and verse.
Leah Mordecai
Effective treatment of logistics resource issues in the Air Force planning, programming, and budgeting system (PPBS) process /
Sunshine in Korea : the South Korean debate over policies toward North Korea /
Phase transition in Korea-U.S. science and technology relations /
The effects of workforce-shaping incentives on civil service retirements : evidence from the Department of Defense /
Enabling the information society by stimulating the creation of a broadband environment in Europe : analyses of evolution scenarios for future networking technologies and networks in Europe /
Challenges in program evaluation of health interventions in developing countries /
The Rev. J.W. Loguen, as a slave and as a freeman a narrative of real life.
Statistical issues in allocating funds by formula /
The polygraph and lie detection /
Government-sponsored enterprises : mercantilist companies in the modern world /
Liberalizing global trade in energy services /
The English orphans, or, A home in the new world
Ethelyn's mistake, or, The home in the West
The guardian angel
The rebel cousins, or, Life and love in Secessia the autobiography of the beautiful Bertha Stephens, the accomplished niece of the Hon. Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Vice-President of the Southern Confederacy ... /
The prophets, or, Mormonism unveiled
The American family Robinson, or, The adventures of a family lost in the great desert of the West
Garangula, the Ongua-Honwa chief a tale of Indian life among the Mohawks and Onondagas two hundred years ago /
The beautiful Jewess, Rachel Mendoza her lamentable connection with the dark and eventful career of Charles Bernard, otherwise called "Prince Charles" ... revealing the secrets of the life of Queen Isabella.
Clarimonde a tale of New Orleans life, and of the present war /
Downward and upward
Rose Mather a tale of the war /
Elsie Venner a romance of destiny /
Mount Hope ; or Philip, king of the Wampanoags an historical romance /
The youth of the Old Dominion
Diamond leaves from the lives of the Dimond family
Strange visitors a series of original papers, embracing philosophy, science, government, religion, poetry, art, fiction, satire, humor, narrative, and prophecy /
Papers from Overlook-House
Behind the curtain a tale of Elville.
Arthur Bonnicastle an American novel /
Miss Gilbert's career an American story /
Zoe, or, The quadroon's triumph A tale for the times /
Greenwood leaves a collection of sketches and letters /
"Drifting about," or, What "Jeems Pipes, of Pipesville" Saw-and-Did
The match-girl, or, Life scenes as they are
Walter Ashwood a love story /
Lily Huson, or, Early struggles 'midst continual hope a tale of humble life jotted down from the pages of Lily's diary /
Bianca a tale of Erin and Italy /
Ernest Grey, or, The sins of society a story of New York life /
Elmwood, or, Helen and Emma
Never again
Romance dust from the historic placer
The confessors of Connaught, or, The tenants of a Lord Bishop a tale of our times /
Elinor Johnston, founded on facts, and Maurice and Genevieve, or, The orphan twins of Beauce Catholic tales /
Grace Morton, or, The inheritance a Catholic tale /
Life and adventures of Capt. Jacob D. Armstrong
Redstick, or, Scenes in the South
In six months, or, The two friends
The Montarges legacy a tale /
The confidence-man his masquerade /
Israel Potter his fifty years of exile /
Moby-Dick, or, The Whale
The Piazza tales
The governess, or, The effects of good example an original tale.
Loretto, or, The choice a story written for the old and for the young in four parts /
The truce of God a tale of the eleventh century /
Olie, or, The old west room the weary at work and the weary at rest /
The myrtle wreath, or, Stray leaves recalled
Unwritten history life amongst the Modocs /
Uncle Sam's farm fence
Glenelvan, or, The morning draweth nigh
Miss Annie Coleson's own narrative of her captivity among the Sioux Indians an interesting and remarkable account of the terrible sufferings and providential escape of this beautiful young lady /
Miss Jane Clark, the buried alive, or, The confessions of a suicide
Mr. Winkfield a novel.
Doctor Johns being a narrative of certain events in the life of an orthodox minister of Connecticut /
Fudge doings being Tony Fudge's record of the same in forty chapters /
Seven stories, with basement and attic
Rachel kell
Bryan Maurice, or, The seeker
The modern Niobe, or, Leoni Loudon a tale of suffering loyalty in the heart of rebeldom.
The modern story-teller, or, The best stories of the best authors, now first collected
Going and son
The monk of the mountains, or, A description of the joys of Paradise being the life and wonderful experience of an aged hermit, who was taken by his deceased friend to the First Heaven /
Eventide a series of tales and poems /
The Montgomerys a tale drawn from real life.
The age of progress, or, A panorama of time in four visions /
A lost life
Anna Clayton, or, The mother's trial a tale of real life.
The golden legacy a story of life's phases /
Carrie Harrington a sequel to Hannah, or, A Glimpse of Paradise /
Hannah, or, A glimpse of Paradise a tale in four parts /
The coward a novel of society and the field in 1863 /
The days of Shoddy a novel of the Great Rebellion in 1861 /
John Jasper's secret a sequel to Charles Dickens' unfinished novel "The mystery of Edwin Drood."
Shoulder-straps a novel of New York and the Army, 1862 /
Sprees ad splashes, or, Droll recollections of town and country a book for railroad rides and odd half-hours /
George Cardwell, or, A month in a country parish
K. N. Pepper, and other condiments put up for general use
Life in the triangle, or, Freemasonry at the present time
The lights and shadows of Freemasonry consisting of Masonic tales, songs, and sketches ... /
The lights and shadows of Freemasonry: consisting of Masonic tales, songs, and sketches ...
Tales of Masonic life
Marrying by lot a tale of the primitive Moravians /
The mother rewarded and the son reclaimed a temperance narrative.
This, that, and the other
Juno Clifford a tale /
My third book a collection of tales /
Some women's hearts
Thorpe, a quiet English town, and human life therein
Love on the wing
The Dutch dominie of the Catskills, or, The times of the "Bloody Brandt"
Destiny, or, Life as it is
Adventures in the wilderness, or, Camp-life in the Adirondacks
My confession the story of a woman's life, and other tales.
Bell Brandon ; and the withered fig tree a prize novel.
The emigrant squire
The miser's heir, or, The young millionaire
The prisoner of the border a tale of 1838 /
Myself a romance of New England life.
Mysteries of crime as shown in remarkable capital trials
Neighborly love ; and Margaret Lawrence
Edith Allen, or, Sketches of life in Virginia
The new farms a story for farmers.
The cloven foot being an adaptation of the English novel "The mystery of Edwin Drood," (by Charles Dickens), to American scenes, characters, customs, and nomenclature /
Lin, or, Jewels of the third plantation
The sanctuary a story of the Civil War /
Father Larkin's mission in Jonesville a tale of the times /
The night watch, or, Social life in the South
The Byrnes of Glengoulah a true tale /
The boy who was trained up to be a clergyman
Full proof of the ministry a sequel to The boy who was trained up to be a clergyman /
Rockford Parish, or, The fortunes of Mr. Mason's successors
Not pretty, but precious and other short stories /
Notes of hospital life from November, 1861 to August, 1863
The shadow on the pillow and other stories /
The Dalys of Dalystown
Dead broke a Western tale /
The ocean queen, or, The seaman's bride
The heroine of the Confederacy, or, Truth and justice
Harrington, a story of true love
Who did it? a novel.
Isora's child
The torchlight, or, Through the wood
Old Haun, the pawnbroker, or, The orphan's legacy a tale of New York founded on facts.
The Old Pine Farm, or, The Southern side comprising loose sketches from the experience of a Southern country minister /
The Olive-Branch, or, White Oak Farm
One link in the chain of apostolic succession, or, The crimes of Alexander Borgia
Lionel Ainsworth, or, The young partisan's doom a story of the American Revolution /
Camp fires of the red men, or, A hundred years ago
The Barclays of Boston
Our novel
Adventures of Lena Rouden, a "Southern Letter Carrier," or, Rebel spy, a story of the late war
Aden Power, or, The cost of a scheme
The Leech Club, or, The mysteries of the Catskills
Beyond the breakers a story of the present day /
Uncle Robin in his cabin in Virginia and Tom without one in Boston
Roses and thornes, or, Recollections of an artist a tale of truth, for the grave and the gay /
Wait and see
Agnes Wentworth
Herman, or, Young knighthood
Constance Aylmer a story of the seventeenth century /
Sunrise and sunset a true tale /
Barley Wood, or, Building on the rock
Fern leaves from Fanny's port-folio
Ruth Hall a domestic tale of the present time /
Charles Hopewell, or, Society as it is and as it should be
Election times, or, Social and domestic influence
The new age of gold, or, The life and adventures of Robert Dexter Romaine
The Paradox papers a medley of original humorous articles ... /
Gutenberg, and the art of printing
Roy's search, or, Lost in the cars
The golden key, or, Mysteries beyond the veil
Ecce femina
Ecce femina, or, The woman Zoe
Adventures of one Terence McGrant ...
The Confederate flag on the ocean a tale of the cruises of the Sumter and Alabama /
The M'Donalds, or, The ashes of Southern homes a tale of Sherman's march /
The conspirators of New Orleans, or, The night of the battle
Renaissance and early modern philosophy /
Malaria control during mass population movements and natural disasters /
Bio 2010 : transforming undergraduate education for future research biologists /
Review procedures for water resources project planning /
Etna Vandemir a romance of Kentucky and "The Great Uprising" /
Dakota land, or, The beauty of St. Paul an original, illustrated, historic, and romantic work ... to which is added: "A round of pleasure," with interesting notes of travel ... forming a comprehensive guide to the great North-West /
Reality, or, A history of human life
Women of New York
Withered leaves, from memory's garland
The orange girl of Venice, or, The Secret Council of Ten
The swamp steed, or, The days of Marion and his merry men a romance of the American Revolution.
The free flag of Cuba, or, The martyrdom of Lopez a tale of the liberating expedition of 1851 /
The life and adventures, songs, services, and speeches of Private Miles O'Reilly
Annie Wallace ; or, The exile of Penang a tale /
Something to wear and some other things /
Aytoun a romance.
Chris Spangler ; or, The scout's revenge a serial story written early after the War /
Piney Woods tavern, or, Sam Slick in Texas
The wonderful adventures of Captain Priest a tale of but few incidents, and no plot in particular:with other legends.
Josephine Eloise
Country margins and rambles of a journalist
Apelles and his contemporaries
Ernest Carroll ; or, Artist-life in Italy a novel, in three parts.
In extremis a novelette /
Tactics, or, Cupid in shoulder-straps a West Point love story /
Dreams within dreams a plagiarism of the seventeenth century ; being like most visions of the night, a medley of old things and new /
The bishop and Nanette
Elm tree tales
Nina, or, Life's caprices a story founded upon fact /
Hugo Blanc, the artist a tale of practical and ideal life /
The merman and the figure-head a Christmas story /
Lady Betty's governess, or, The Corbet chronicles
Lady Rosamond's book being the second part of the Stanton-Corbet chronicles /
Winifred, or, "After many days"
The Sisters of Soleure a tale of the sixteenth century /
Can the old love?
The silver lining, or, Fair-hope prospect
The Spanglers and Tingles, or, The rival belles a tale, unveiling some of the mysteries of society and politics as they exist at the present time in the United States /
Wild western scenes. a narrative of adventures in the wilderness:with minute details of the captivity of sundry persons, amusing and perilous incidents during their abode in the wild woods, fearful battles with the Indians, ceremony of adoption into an Indian family, encounters with wild beasts and rattlesnakes, etc. /
Wild western scenes, or, The white spirit of the wilderness being a narrative of adventures, embracing the same characters portrayed in the original "Wild Western scenes." /
The Winkles, or, The merry monomaniacs an American picture with portraits of the natives /
The dominie's son
The brigand, or, The mountain chief
The doomed ship, or, The wreck of the Arctic regions
The flying artillerist, or, The child of the battle-field a tale of Mexican treachery /
The flying Dutchman, or, The wedding guest of Amsterdam a mysterious tale of the sea /
The flying Yankee, or, The cruise of the clippers
Gallant Tom, or, The perils of the ocean an interesting sea-tale /
The gold seekers, or, The cruise of the Lively Sally
Harry Helm, or, The cruise of the Bloodhound
Harry Tempest, or, The pirate's protege an American nautical romance /
Jack Waid, the cobbler of Gotham
Resolution, or, The soul of power
The star and the cloud, or, A daughter's love
Time and tide, or, Strive and win
To love and to be loved ; and, The minister's story
True to the last, or, Alone on a wide, wide sea
Woman our angel
Barriers burned away
Gentle woman roused a story of the temperance movement in the West /
Opening a chestnut burr
What can she do?
Regina of Gazeran Castle, or, The countess and the gamekeeper a stirring tale of France /
Aunt Leanna, or, Early scenes in Kentucky
Roland Trevor, or, The pilot of human life being an autobiography of the author, showing how to make and lose a fortune, and then to make another.
The romance of an Irish girl, or, Life in two worlds an autobiography, with an introduction /
Five acres too much a truthful elucidation of the attractions of the country, and a careful consideration of the question of profit and loss as involved in amateur farming, with much valuable advice and instruction to those about purchasing large or small places in the rural districts /
A man in search of a wife, or, The adventures of a bachelor in New York
Married or single?
A New England tale and miscellanies /
Walter Thornley, or, A peep at the past
Dangerfield's rest, or, Before the storm a novel of American life and manners.
Marian Rooke, or, The quest for fortune a tale of the younger world /
Nora Wilmot a tale of temperance and woman's rights /
Rose Milton a romance.
Christus Judex a traveller's tale /
Rubina ...
Bachelor Ben
Anticipations of the future, to serve as lessons for the present time in the form of extracts of letters from an English resident in the United States, to the London Times, from 1864 to 1870:with an appendix on the causes and consequences of the independence of the South.
Edna Browning, or, The Leighton homestead
The homestead on the hillside and other tales /
Hugh Worthington ... of a novel /
'Lena Rivers
Meadow Brook
Millbank, or, Roger Irving's ward
Tempest and sunshine, or, Life in Kentucky
West Lawn and the rector of St. Mark's /
Abraham Page, Esq a novel.
What I know about Ben Eccles
Kate Sinclair, or, Home is home a domestic tale of cottage life.
Home on a furlough a sketch of real life.
A home on the deep, or, The mariner's trials on the dark blue sea
A Home scene, or, Mr. Aston's first evening with Grover & Baker's celebrated family sewing machine directions for using.
Carrie Harrington, or, Scenes in New Orleans
The lost model a romance /
Seabury Castle
Hope's anchor
His prison bars and The way of escape /
Ella Lincoln, or, Western prairie life an autobiography /
"The Julia"
Nellie of Truro
Vara, or, The child of adoption
Horrible and awful developments from the confession of William Morrison, the Rocky Mountain trapper:giving a true and faithful account of his murders and depredations on the plains and his escape from the Indians ... : to which is attached the narrative of his wife.
Wontus, or, The corps of observation
Running a time table a brakeman's story.
Irish fireside tales
Legends of the wars in Ireland
Look within for fact and fiction consisting of instructing sketches and thrilling narratives /
Margaret a tale of the real and ideal, blight and bloom ; including sketches of a place not before described, called Mons Christi ... /
Agnes, or, The beautiful milliner
The battle of hate, or, Hearts are trumps
The beautiful nun
Charley Bray, or, The fireman's mission the story of a New-York fireman /
Clarence Rhett, or, The cruise of a privateer an American sea story /
The convict, or, The conspirators' victim a novel written in prison /
Elfrida, the Red Rover's daughter
Ella Adams, or, The demon of fire
English Tom, or, The smuggler's secret a tale of ship and shore /
Hilliare Henderson, or, The secret revealed an antecedent to "The death mystery" /
Miriam, or, The Jew's daughter a tale of city life.
The last of the buccaneers a yarn of the eighteenth century /
Magdalena, the outcast, or, The millionaire's daughter a story of life in the Empire City /
The man-o'-war's-man's grudge a romance of the Revolution /
Isolina, or, The actor's daughter
Charette a tale "of lovers' sorrows and their tangled sin"
Corry, O'Lanus his views and experiences /
Six days in the metropolis, or, Phases of life in town
The merchant-mechanic a tale of "New England Athens"
Mermet Ben, or, The astrologer king a story of magic and wonderful illusions.
Eustatia, or, The sybil's prophecy a tale of England, France and Spain.
The soldier's daughter, or, The conspirators of La Vendee a romance of Napoleon's times.
The woodman's rifle ; and, The forest maiden
The Pasha papers epistles of Mohammed Pasha, Rear Admiral of the Turkish Navy, written from New York to his friend Abel Ben Hassen /
The romance of the table in three parts:I. Breakfast, II. Dinner, III Tea /
Rose Seymour, or, The ballet girl's revenge a tale of the New-York drama.
Sadia a heroine of the Rebellion /
Saul Sabberday, or, The idiot spy
Seawaif, or, The terror of the coast a tale of privateering in 1776 /
The shell-hunter, or, An ocean love-chase
Stella Delorme, or, The Comanche's dream
Thayendanegea, the scourge, or, The Wareagle of the Mohawks
The wheel of misfortune, or, The victims of lottery and policy dealers
The white cruiser, or, The fate of the unheard-of
Life and sayings of Mrs. Partington and others of the family
Partingtonian patchwork humorous, eccentric, rhythmical /
Drayton a story of American life.
Violet, or, The times we live in
The heiress of Toulon, or, A sailor's fortune a descriptive romance of the land and the ocean.
The Clifford family, or, A tale of the Old Dominion
Mark Gildersleeve
Lieutenant Colborn ; or, The disinherited
Hearts unveiled ; or, "I knew you would like him"
The female skeptic, or, Faith triumphant
Good company for every day in the year
Casella, or, The children of the valleys
Lilian, or, Did she do right?
A spinster's story
Katharine Walton, or, The rebel of Dorchester
The Five fiends, or, The Bender Hotel horror in Kansas this family of fiends have for a number of years been systematically murdering travellers.
A good investment a story of the Upper Ohio /
Sea-spray, a Long Island village
Alban a tale of the new world /
Blonde and brunette, or, The Gothamite Arcady
The forest
Rosemary, or, Life and death
I was lean, and I became stout humbly presenting some ideas that are really true, though they read like fiction.
Forest and shore, or, Legends of the Pine-tree state
Madeline, or, Love, treachery and revenge a romance /
Jack in the forecastle, or, Incidents in the early life of Hawser Martingale
Mark Rowland
Salt water bubbles, or, Life on the wave
The Methodist, or, Incidents and characters from life in the Baltimore Conference
Florence Erwin's three homes a tale of North and South.
The Nereid
Lucy Boston, or, Woman's rights and spiritualism illustrating the follies and delusions of the nineteenth century /
Madelaine Darth
Mortimer, or, The bankrupt's heiress a home romance /
The pirate chief, or, The cutter of the ocean
The throne of David from the consecration of the Shepherd of Bethlehem to the Rebellion of Prince Absalom ... in a series of letters addressed by an Assyrian ambassador ... to his lord and king on the throne of Nineveh ... /
An interesting love story found in a Rebel camp ground
Irene a tale of Southern life ; and, Hathaway Strange.
Boaz his tribulations.
In the rapids a romance /
Ivy Fennhaven, or, Womanhood in Christ a story of processes.
Jack Cade, or, The bondsman's struggle a tale of feudal oppression.
Adrian, or, The clouds of the mind a romance /
A crown from the spear
Ropes of sand, and other stories
Masonry exposed
Why and what am I? The confessions of an inquirer:in three parts : Part I. Heart-experience ; or, The education of the emotions
My new home in northern Michigan, and other tales
East and West
Half-past ten
Jenny Ambrose, or, Life in the Eastern states a charming domestic story /
Helen Courtenay's promise a romance /
Vernon Grove, or, Hearts as they are
From fourteen to fourscore
The old corner cupboard, or, The every-day life of every-day people ...
The homeless heir, or, Life in Bedford Street a mystery of Philadelphia /
John Norton's conflict a story of life in New York city.
The newsboy
Brazen gatesand preface by the author of "Widow Goldsmith's daughter"
Shiftless folks
What the world made them
The siege of Vicksburg
Sophie de Brentz, or, The sword of truth a story of Italy and Switzerland /
The great empress A portrait. /
Belle Scott, or, Liberty overthrown a tale for the crisis.
Chris and Otho the pansies and orangeblossoms they found in Roaring River and Rosenbloom:a sequel to "Widow Goldsmith's daughter."
The married belle, or, Our red cottage at Merry Bank
The widow Goldsmith's daughter
The widower also, A true account of some brave frolics at Craigenfels /
Kick him down hill, or, Ups and downs in business
Legends of the South
The miscellaneous works of the late Richard Penn Smith
My thirty years out of the Senate
Way down East, or, Portraitures of Yankee life
Romance and humor of the road a book for railway men and travellers /
The bridle on the heart, or, Pictures from life
Life at the South, or, "Uncle Tom's cabin" as it is being narratives, scenes, and incidents in the real "Life of the lowly" /
Ethel Somers, or, The fate of the Union
Comic lectures on every thing in general and nothing in particular
Malmiztic the Toltec and the Cavaliers of the Cross
New York naked
Pink and white tyranny a society novel /
The two altars, or, Two pictures in one
Uncle Sam's emancipation earthly care, a heavenly discipline: and other sketches /
Uncle Tom's cabin, or, Life among the lowly
The philosophers of Foufouville
The Chester family, or, The curse of the drunkard's appetite
The gem of the mines a thrilling narrative of California life, composed of scenes and incidents which passed under the immediate observation of the author during five years residence in that state in the early days /
Border wars of the West comprising the frontier wars of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee and Wisconsin ... /
The convent's doom a tale of Charlestown in 1834 ; also, the haunted convent ... /
Six hours in a convent, or, The stolen nuns! a tale of Charlestown in 1834 /
Zoe ; or, The Martel papers a manuscript of the Conciergerie.
Bending willow a tale of missionary life in the Northwest /
Mistaken, or, The seeming and the real
A brown stone front a story of New York and Saratoga /
Florence, the parish orphan ; and, A sketch of the village in the last century
Parthenia ; or, The last days of paganism
False shame
Seven stories of the river counties
Stories of the Hudson River counties
Dr. Wilmer's love, or, A question of conscience
Autumn hours, and fireside reading
Americans in Rome
The grey-bay mare, and other humorous American sketches
The confessions of a minister being leaves from the diary of the Rev. Josephus Leonhardt.
The wild rose of the beaver
The Dennings and their beaux, and Alina Derlay...
The Know nothing?
An American girl abroad
Katherine Earle
The life and adventures of Ebo Jube.
The life and adventures of Miss Emma Howard a model of female virtue.
Life and alone
The life, confession, and execution of the Jew and Jewess Gustav Linderhoff and Fanny Victoria Talzingler, who were hung in Asheville, North Carolina, Oct.27, 1855, for the triple murder of ... three orphan children.
The life of Anson Bunker "The bloody hand," the perpetrator of no less than fifteen cold-blooded murders, amongst which were the great Nathan murder of New York City.
Saratoga in 1901: illustrated with 200 photo-etchings by Arthur Lumley
The midnight queen, or, Leaves from New York life
A forest tragedy and other tales /
The Reveille, or, Our music at dawn
Mary Lee
Pen pictures, or, Sketches from domestic life
Eastern fruit on western dishes ; The morals of Abou Ben Adhem
Inflation at the cross roads being a history of the rise and fall of the Onlimited Trust and Confidence Company of Confedrit X roads, in a series of five letters /
Nasby on inflation a new comic book /
The struggles (social, financial and political) of Petroleum V. Nasby
The poetical and prose writings of Dr. John Lofland, the Milford bard...
Chateau Frissac, or, Home scenes in France
The good Mr. Bagglethorpe
Magdalen, the enchantress founded on fact /
Olive Logans's new Christmas story John Morris's money.
The island of life an allegory /
Olive Logan's new Christmas story John Morris's money.
The life and death of Sam, in Virginia
They met by chance a society novel /
Tested, or, Hope's fruition a story of woman's constancy /
Extracts from the diary of a country pastor
History of Timothy Tugg Mutton a novellette /
Glimpses of our lake region in 1863 and other papers /
Harry Todd, the deserter, or, The soldier's wife
Mehetabel a story of the Revolution /
Rosedale a story of self-denial /
Remy St. Remy, or the boy in blue
Two college friends
"The forgiving kiss," or, Our destiny
Our prospects A tale of real life /
Lotos leaves original stories, essays, and poems /
Gabriel Vane his fortune and his friends /
Love, suicide, and murder!! the true history of the unfortunate loves of Mary Caroline Austin and Edgar Worthington, with the full particulars of their awful suicide.
Antony Brade
The new priest in Conception Bay
The Hasheesh eater being passages from the life of a Pythagorean.
Gertrude Morgan, or, Life and adventures among the Indians of the far West
Sketches of Jewish life and history
Gerard Carlton
Full and true report after the manner of the Abbé Rabelais:of the suit recently promoted in the Superlative Court of Gotham
General Sheridan's squaw spy, and Mrs. Clara Blynn's captivity among the wild Indians of the prairies a thrilling narrative of the daring exploits and hair-breadth escapes of Viroqua.
Races of mankind with Travels in Grubland /
Out of the streets a story of New York life /
The school for politics a dramatic novel /
Fernando de Lemos truth and fiction ; a novel /
The pastor's story and other pieces, or, Prose and poetry
Little brother and other genre-pictures /
Lunarius a visitor from the moon.
Durham Village a temperance tale /
Mariamne, or, The queen's fate a tale of the days of Herod /
Hester Somerset
Miranda Elliot, or, The voice of the spirit
Gleanings from fireside fancies
The Glenns a family history /
The duke's chase, or, The diamond ring vs. the gold ring
The Irish widow's son, or, The Pikemen of ninety-eight a story of the Irish Rebellion... /
The lost rosary, or, Our Irish girls their trials, temptations, and triumphs /
Mount Benedict, or, The violated tomb a tale of the Charlestown Convent /
Exeter Hall a theological romance.
Heathens of the heath a romance, instructive, absorbing, thrilling /
Annie Reilly, or, the fortunes of an Irish girl in New York a tale founded on fact /
Only a woman's heart
John Ward's governess
The professor's wife, or, It might have been
Evenings at Donaldson Manor, or, The Christmas guest
Violet, or, The cross and the crown
The life and trials of a Hoosier girl
Theodora a home story /
Edith's ministry
The house on the heights
Maude and Miriam, or, The fair Crusader
Silver threads
Twice crowned a story of the days of Queen Mary /
Westbrook parsonage
Aureola, or, The black sheep a story of German social life /
Married against reason
Bits of blarney
Tressilian and his friends
Old Fort Duquesne, or, Captain Jack, the scout an historical novel, with copious notes /
Daisy Ward's work
Lifting the veil
Sea drifts
Sunbeams and shadows, and Buds and blossoms, or, Leaves from Aunt Minnie's portfolio
The Bloodstone
Our Lady of Litanies
Pynnshurst his wanderings and ways of thinking /
Time, or, The incidents of a life
Willitoft, or, The days of James I a tale.
Nautilus, or, Cruising under canvas
Maga stories
Maggie and her lovers
The Holcombes a story of Virginia home-life /
Women, or, Chronicles of the late war
The cabin boy's story a semi-nautical romance founded on fact /
The cousins, or, The captain's ward
The diary of an old doctor being sketches of the most interesting reminiscences of an old physician /
The lawyer's story, or, The orphan's wrongs
The old patroon, or, The great Van Broek property
The pirate doctor, or, The extraordinary career of a New-York physician
Sartaroe a tale of Norway /
The Watchman
A faithful and authentic narrative of the abduction, captivity, sufferings, and heartrending misfortunes of Payneta Mandeville, wife of Augustus H. Mandeville, of Baltimore, Maryland, who was abducted by the Spanish bandits of New Granada ...
Saint Cecilia a modern tale from real life. Part first: Adversity.
Margaret, or, Prejudice at home and its victims an autobiography.
Marlby Villa
The refugees of the Revolution, or, The cow boys of Plumstead a thrilling history of local events in Bucks County /
Cathara Clyde
Toiling and hoping the story of a little hunchback /
Second love
The story of Muff a contribution to the Fair of the Second Parish, for the Payson Memorial Church.
The martyr of the catacombs a tale of ancient Rome.
Rape of the Gamp
Marie's mistake a woman's history /
Elizabeth Masters, the doubly affianced being the life of a southern belle, or, the terrible consequences of being betrothed to two lovers at once.
Censoria lictoria of facts and folks from the notes and minutes of Miss Betsey Trotwood's official tour under the Frank Pierce dynasty /
Myrtle leaves in spring time, or, Early friends and friendships
Three generations
Esperanza my journey thither and what I found there.
The Hoosier school-master
The mystery of Metropolisville
Kate Kilborn, or, Sowing and reaping
Gloverson and his silent partners
Estelle Grant, or, The lost wife
Zara, or, The girl of the period
The Oak shade, or, Records of a village literary association
Workingmen's homes essays and stories /
Struggle for life
Liberia, or, Mr. Peyton's experiments
Northwood, or, Life North and South showing the true character of both /
Old Whitey's Christmas trot a story for the holidays /
Twice taken an historical romance of the maritime British provinces /
The sheaves of love a fireside story.
Natalie, or, A gem among the sea-weeds
Hartley Norman a tale of the times /
The fatal secret
John Doe and Richard Roe, or, Episodes of life in New York
Golden feather ; or, The buccaneer of King's Bridge a warlike romance of the rivers and the bay of New York; being a tale of love and glory of the War of 1812-'15 /
The Great "Trunk Mystery" of New York City murder of the beautiful Miss Alice A. Bowlsby, of Patterson, N.J., her body placed in a trunk and labelled for Chicago. Many strange incidents made public.
The partisan's oath, or, The trooper's revenge a tale of the Revolution /
Treason at home
Violet, the child of the city a story of New York life /
Athaliah a novel / by Joseph H. Greene, Jr.
American nights' entertainments
Standish a story of our day.
Overing, or, The heir of Wycherly a historical romance /
Josephine, or, The Romish poison a romance of the present.
Between the crusts, or, "Ticket 1939"
Southern sketches Cecil Gray, or, The soldier's revenge ; Rosa Sherwood, or, The avenger /
The private journal and diary of John H. Surratt, the conspirator
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Ten Christmas stories /
In His name a Christmas story /
Ten times one is ten the possible reformation, a story in nine chapters /
Linden Hill, or, The vanquished life-dream
A perfect Adonis
St. Philip's
The Sutherlands
Out of her sphere
Theophilus Walton, or, The majesty of truth a reply to Theodosia Ernest /
Harry Grantham, or, The robbers of Saint Louis a tale designed to show the superior power and efficacy of mild and persuasive treatment over that of harsh, tyranical and debasing.
Mrs. Skaggs's husbands and other sketches /
Tales of the Argonauts and other sketches /
Charity Green, or, The varieties of love
The Russel family
Under the cedars, or, What the years brought
Christopher Crooked a Christmas story /
My grandfather's old coat a political allegory /
The Haunted school-house at Newburyport, Mass
The Coopers, or, Getting under way
Home stories
Idolatry A romance /
Carrie Emerson, or, Life at Cliftonville
Early engagements and Florence:a sequel /
The Huntingdons, or, Glimpses of inner life
Emma Stanley, or, The orphans
Five years before the mast, or, Life in the forecastle aboard of a whaler and man-of-war
The cloud with a golden border
Glennair, or, Life in Scotland
The heights of Eidelberg
Heads and hearts, or, My brother the colonel
The recorded will, or, Truth and not fiction remarkably illustrating the care of Divine Providence /
The Heart of Mabel Ware a romance.
Erring, yet noble a tale of and for women.
Beyond the snow being a history of Trim's adventures in Nordlichtschein /
Currer Lyle, or, The stage in romance and the stage in reality
The heart of the West an American story, time: 1860, scene: on the Mississippi /
Sea drift
Wearithorne, or, In the light of to-day
Agnes Stanhope a tale of English life /
In bonds
Millicent Halford a tale of the dark days of Kentucky in the year 1861 /
Leah's confessions an autobiography.
Richard Ireton a legend of the early settlement of New England /
Reveries of an old maid embracing important hints to young men, illustrative of the notable arrangements of that celebrated establishment, "Capsicum House" /
Records of the Bubbleton Parish, or, Papers from the experience of an American minister
The Tangletown letters being the reminiscences, observations, and opinions of Timotheus Trap, Esq., including a report of the great mammothic reform convention /
Peter Gott, the Cape Ann fisherman
Miss Martha Brownlow, or, The heroine of Tennessee a truthful and graphic account of the many perils and privations endured by Miss Martha Brownlow ... daughter of the celebrated Parson Brownlow, during her residence with her father in Knoxville /
Mabel, or, Heart histories a tale of truth /
Zilla Fitz James, the female bandit of the South-West, or, The horrible, mysterious and awful disclosures in the life of the Creole murderess, Zilla Fitz James ... an autobiographical narrative /
Memories of a grandmother
John Guilderstring's sin
Aspiration an autobiography of girlhood /
Elisiner, or, The mysteries of an old stone mansion a historical story founded upon facts /
Life in Israel, or, Portraitures of Hebrew character
The Year of Jubilee, or, Familiar phases of Hebrew life
The romance of American landscape
Will it come? a story of instinct, intuition metaphysics, love and worship /
Tallulah and Jocassee, or, Romances of Southern landscape and other tales
The Harwoods , or, The secret of happiness
The adventures of Jefferson Plum and his daughter Nancy, in the great city, the first time
Lizzie West, the printer's daughter a tale of filial heroism /
Helen Leeson a peep at New York society.
Helen Mulgrave, or, Jesuit executorship being passages in the life of a seceder from Romanism, an autobiography.
Helen and Arthur, or, Miss Thusa's spinning wheel
The lost daughter and other stories of the heart /
The mob cap and other tales /
The planter's Northern bride
Rena, or, The snow bird a nouvellette /
Ugly Effie, or, The neglected one and the pet beauty and other tales /
The lottery ticket, or, The forlorn hope a tale of the present times /
Alice Brand a romance of the capital /
Bart Ridgeley a story of northern Ohio.
The victim of excitement the bosom serpent, etc... /
The banished son and other stories of the heart /
Puddleford and its people
The Puddleford papers, or, Humors of the West
The cavaliers of England, or, The times of the Revolutions of 1642 and 1688
The chevaliers of France from the Crusaders to the marechals of Louis XIV /
The knights of England, France and Scotland
Persons and pictures from the histories of France and England from the Norman Conquest to the fall of the Stuarts /
The Quorndon hounds, or, A Virginian at Melton Mowbray
Wager of battle a tale of Saxon slavery in Sherwood Forest /
Trust, or, A peep at Eaton parsonage
Herbert Tracy, or, The trials of mercantile life, and the morality of trade
The Hermit of the Chesapeake, or, Lessons of a lifetime
Louise Elton, or, Things seen and heard
Perils and pleasures of a hunter's life, or, The romance of hunting
The captain's bride a tale of the war /
Fairy fingers
The deserter's daughter
Mimic life, or, Before and behind the curtain a series of narratives /
The mute singer
The great original and entrancing romance, the fireman's bride, or, Beautiful Myria, the mad actress the history of Mryia Blakely, and Ringgold, though clothed in the illusive language and plot of a novellet, yet brings to light facts most startling and strange ... /
Personals, or, Perils of the period
Home and the world
The five love adventures of Solomon Slug and other sketches /
The twin brothers, or, The victims of the pressgang a romance of the land and sea /
Home scenes during the Rebellion
The test of loyalty
Sparkles from Saratoga
Harvesting sketches in prose and verse /
The lady killer
The mishaps of Mr. Ezekiel Pelter ...
The crooked elm, or, Life by the way-side
Malbone An Oldport romance /
Alice Waters, or, The Sandown victory a temperance story, for old and young /
The diamond necklace, or, The island recluse a tale of interesting incidents and adventures, connected with the life of a young nobleman, in pursuit of his birthplace and parentage /
Effie and I, or, Seven years in a cotton mill a story of the Spindle City /
Elmwood, or, The children of the manse
Heights and depths
Myrtle blossoms
John Smith's funny adventures on a crutch:or, The remarkable peregrinations of a one-legged soldier after the War
The white rocks ; or, The robbers' den a tragedy of the mountains /
Amy Lee, or, Without and within
De Vane a story of plebians and patricians /
MacPherson, the great Confederate philosopher and Southern blower a record of his philosophy, his career as a warrior, traveller, clergyman, poet, and newspaper publisher, his death, resuscitation, and subsequent election to the office of Governor of Louisiana /
The camphene lamp, or, Touch not, taste not, handle not
Currie Cummings, or, Love's labor not lost humanity /
My comrades adventures in the Highlands and legends of the neutral ground /
The History of a sewing-machine
History of the Mulligan Guard ...
Cap sheaf
My step-mother, or, The power of love
The Brinkley Female College ghost story the finding of the mysterious jar, its opening and contents ; a thrilling narrative, based upon facts /
The wizard of the wave a romance /
Alethe ; or, The child of the cord
Barnaby, the sandhiller, or, the planter's ruse
The Buckeye ranger a tale of the Kansas hunting grounds!
Catholina, or, the niche in the wall a tale of Louisiana /
The life and adventures of Wm. Harvard Stinchfield, or, The wanderings of a traveling merchant
Dovecote, or, The heart of the homestead
Nightshade, or, The masked robber of Hounslow Heath a romance of the road /
The rebel spy, or, The king's volunteers a romance of the Siege of Boston /
Rosalthe ; or, The pioneers of Kentucky A tale of Western life. /
Esmerelda The Italian peasant girl, a romance of Ravenna /
Homespun, or, Five and twenty years ago
Our parish, or, Annals of pastor and people
Rodolpho, or, The mystery of Venice a romance of Venice and the Adriatic /
Laure the history of a blighted life /
Hits and hints
Agnes Hilton, or, Practical views of CatholicityHoffman
Alice MurrayHoffman
Felix Kent, or, The new neighborsHoffman
Whitelaw, or, Nattie of the lake shore a tale of the ten mile trace /
Helen Erskine
Clyde Wardleigh's promise
The enchanted princess
Sidney Elliott
The Green-Mountain girls a story of Vermont /
Home comforts, or, Economy illustrated by familiar scenes of every -day life
Hot corn life scenes in New York illustrated ; including the story of Little Katy, Madalina, the rag-picker's daughter, Wild Maggie, &c. /
How to live saving and wasting, or, Domestic economy illustrated by the life of two families of opposite character, habits, and practices, in a pleasant tale of real life /
Me-Won-I-Toc a tale of frontier life and Indian character /
The exiles a tale /
Fifteen years a picture from the last century /
Life's discipline
Tom Miller, or, After many days
The cloud on the heart
Green Bluff a temperance story /
Noachidae, or, Noah and his descendants
The bay-path a tale of New England colonial life /
Sevenoaks a story of today /
My opinions and Betsey Bobbet's
Arcadian leaves
The Cameron pride, or, Purified by suffering
Darkness and daylight
Dora Deane, or, The East India uncle and Maggie Miller, or, Old Hagar's secret /
How could he help it?, or, The heart triumphant
Like and unlike
Looking around
Laconia, or, Legends of the White Mountains and Merry Meeting Bay
Sea stories now first collected and forming the fifth volume of "Putnam's story library"
Erminie, or, The gipsy's vow a tale of love and vengeance /
Eulalie, or, The wife's tragedy
Guy Earlecourt's wife
A mad marriage
Norine's revenge, and Sir Noel's heir
Silver star, or, The mystery of Fontelle Hall a tale of New Jersey in the olden time /
Sybil Campbell, or, The queen of the isle
A terrible secret
Victoria, or, The heiress of Castle Cliffe
Rockford a romance /
Life in New York!
Pictures of the olden time as shown in the fortunes of a family of the Pilgrims /
Progressive petticoats, or, Dressed to death an autobiography of a married man /
Cranston House
The Sedley family ; or, The effect of the Maine liquor law
Emily Chester a novel.
Reginald Archer
The extraordinary and all-absorbing journal of Wm. N. Seldon one of a party of three men who belonged to the exploring expedition of Sir John Franklin, and who left the ship Terror, frozen up in ice, in the Arctic ocean, on the 10th day of June, 1850 ... together with an account of the discovery of new and beautiful country, inhabited by a strange race of people.
The diddler
Nat Gregory, or, The old maid's secret
The pride of Lexington a tale of the American Revolution /
Romance of the Charter Oak a picture of Colonial times /
Jane Horton, or, The wife's martyrdom
Marie, or, The gambler of the Mississippi
Old Put, or, The days of seventy-six a tale of the Revolution.
Ralph Runnion, or, The outlaw's doom a romance of the Revolution.
The rebel bride
The smuggler king! or, The rovers of the Antilles an ocean romance /
Echoes of a belle, or, A voice from the past
Viola, or, Life in the Northwest
Everybody's friend, or, Josh Billing's encyclopedia and proverbial philosophy of wit and humor
Josh Billings on ice, and other things
Crystalline, or, The heiress of Fall Down Castle a romance /
Peeps from a belfry, or, The parish sketch book
Peeps from a belfry
The rector of St. Bardolph's, or, Superannuated
Sweeny Todd, or, The ruffian barber a tale of the terrors of the seas and the mysteries of the city /
The three pirates, or, The virgin of the islet
Virginia Graham the spy of the Grand Army / by Justin Jones.
Yankee Jack, or, The perils of a privateersman
The Yankee middy, or, The two frigates a romance of the coast of Maine /
The wife's messengers
The dew-drop of the sunny South a story written from every day life /
The North and South, or, Slavery and its contrasts a tale of real life /
Adela, the octoroon
Way-marks in the life of a wanderer the incidents taken from real life /
The octoroon
Roebuck a novel.
Autobiography of David Russell, a Boston boy and true American an account of his travels, romantic adventures and hair breadth escapes by sea and land,in peace and war, at home and abroad, from the age of sixteen years to sixty-seven /
Claudine Lavalle, or, The first convict ; The Mormoness, or, The trials of Mary Maverick
The subtle spell a temperance story /
Leaves from the tree Igdrasyl
Ten years of a lifetime
Sibyl, or, Out of the shadow into the sun
Die russischen Schwestern eine Geschichte von der Belagerung von Sebastopel /
Ruth a song in the desert.
Household narratives for the family circle
Ruth Churchill, or, The true Protestant a tale for the times /
My husband's crime
Household tales
Saratoga a story of 1787.
Love afloat a story of the American Navy /
Judge not, or, Hester Powers' girlhood
Trials and triumphs a novel / by A. Trego Shertzer.
The comic history of the United States from a period prior to the discovery of America to times long subsequent to the present /
A coat of many colors
Knitting-work a web of many textures /
The metropolites, or, Know thy neighbor
Morgan, or, The knight of the black flag a strange story of by-gone times /
The mysteries and miseries of New Orleans
Our mess, or, The pirate-hunters of the Gulf a tale of naval heroism and wild adventure in the tropics /
The rattlesnake, or, The rebel privateer a tale of the present time /
Red Ralph, or, The daughter of Nige a thrilling romance of the road.
Rosa, the Indian captive a story of the last War with England.
Alexander Tardy the poisoner, and pirate chief of St. Domingo.
Davis, the pirate, or, The true history of the freebooters of the Pacific
Eva May, the foundling, or, The secret dungeon a romance of New York /
Kit Clayton, or, The hero of the road
Morgan the buccaneer, or, The true history of the freebooters of the Antilles
Annetta, or, The story of a life
Five hundred majority, or, The days of Tammany
An adventure on a frozen lake a tale of the Canadian Rebellion of 1837-8 ; and, The massacre at Owego:an Indian tale /
St. George de Lisle, or, The serpent's sting a tale of woman's devotion & self-sacrifice ... a true and thrilling narrative of crime in high life, in the city of New York.
Some passages in the life of Geoffrey Clinker, Esq. [pseud.]
Peculiar a tale of the great transition /
Garret Van Horn, or, The beggar on horseback
The brook, and The tide turning
The belle of Paris, or, The wrecker of the cliff a romance of England, France and Italy.
The loves of a lawyer, his quandary [sic], and how it came out
The signet of Hiram a tale of the first temple.
A book for the winter-evening fireside
One poor girl the story of thousands /
As good as a comedy, or, The Tennessean's story
The cassique of Kiawah a Colonial romance /
Charlemont, or, The pride of the village a tale of Kentucky /
Eutaw, a sequel to The forayers, or, The raid of the dog-days a tale of the Revolution /
The forayers, or, The raid of the dog-days
The golden Christmas a chronicle of St. John's, Berkeley /
Katharine Walton, or, The rebel of Dorchester an historical romance of the Revolution in Carolina /
Bound down, or, Life and its possibilities
Southward Ho! a spell of sunshine /
The sword and the distaff, or, Fair, fat and forty a story of the South at the close of the Revolution /
The sword and the distaff, or, Fair, fat and forty a story of the South at the close of the Revolution / by the author of "The Partisan"
Vasconselos a romance of the new world /
Ella Marshall, or, All for love a prize tale / by Col. Singleton.
Sister Agnes, or, The captive nun a picture of convent life /
The sisters of Orleans a tale of race and social conflict.
Six months among the Secessionists a reliable and thrilling narrative of the sufferings and trials of Miss Sarah L. Palmer.
The little ragged ten thousand
The little ragged ten thousand, or, Scenes of actual life among the lowly in New York
The arrow of gold, or, The shell gatherer a story that unfolds its own mysteries and moral /
Evangel Wiseman, or, The mother's question
Grace Truman, or, Love and principle
Mary Bunyan, the dreamer's blind daughter a tale of religious persecution /
The white wizard, or, The great prophet of the Seminoles a tale of strange mystery in the South and North /
We four villagers a tale of domestic life in Pennsylvania /
Lucy Gelding a tale of land and sea showing the evil effects of gambling as it is practiced upon the Atlantic coast /
Farming for fun, or, Back-yard Grangers
Fred Douglass and his mule
Joining the Grangers, or, Trying to be a patron of husbandry
Something to do a novel.
The Knights of Pythias shown up
My mother-in law
Odd-Fellowship exposed
Parson Beecher and his horse
The trip of the Porgie, or, Tacking up the Hudson the sentiment and humor of events en route /
George Melville an American novel.
Bill Arp, so called a side show of the Southern side of the War ... /
Bill Arp's peace papers
Leaves from a physician's journal
Bertha and Lily, or, The parsonage of Beech Glen a romance /
The Calderwood secret
Joseph the Jew the story of an old house.
A sack of gold
Pictorial life and adventures of Eveleen Wilson, or, The trials of an orphan girl
The way of the world, or, Honesty the best policy a tale of New England and New York /
Gilead, or, The vision of All Souls' Hospital an allegory /
The open door, or, Light and liberty
Oakridge an old-time story /
Cousin Paul
Chattanooga ...
Cherry Blossom ; or, "Love thy neighbor as thyself"
The sunny land, or, Prison prose and poetry containing the productions of the ablest writers in the South, and prison lays of distinguished confederate officers /
The black gauntlet a tale of plantation life in South Carolina /
The shades of sorrow dispelled by the sunshine of love
Heavenward led, or, The two bequests
The pioneer church, or, The story of a new parish in the West
Ridgeway an historical romance of the Fenian invasion of Canada /
The city merchant, or, The mysterious failure
The Judd family, or, An evening visit and what came of it being an elucidation of baptism - ceremonial and spiritual - or, Scriptural baptism /
Marian Wallace, or, Life's changes a tale of truth /
Freaks of fortune, or, The history and adventures of Ned Lorn
Clarence Bolton a New York story, with city society in all its phases /
Life and adventures of a country merchant a narrative of his exploits at home, during his travels, and in the cities ... designed to amuse and instruct /
Love and money
The "Fourth," 1854 log of the Smoothing Iron.
The twilight of faith
Rose Carleton's reward
Clifford and the actress, or, The reigning favorite a tale of love, passion, hatred, and revenge /
A dangerous woman a study from life /
The Downe reserve, or, The mystery at Wishing Well
Home life, or, A peep across the threshold
The pet of the settlement a story of prairie-land /
Wine or water a tale of New England /
Kitty Atherton, or, A broken life
The orphan of Charnley
A Christmas story
Inside out a curious book /
Life and death
The autobiography of a Latin reader
Rachel a romance /
Minor Place
Allworth Abbey
The artist's love
A beautiful fiend, or, Through the fire
The bride of Llewellyn
The bride's fate a sequel to "The changed brides." /
The broken engagement, or, Speaking the truth for a day
Tried for her life a sequel to "Cruel as the grave" /
Victor's triumph the sequel to "A beautiful fiend" /
Virginia and Magdalene, or, The fostersisters
The widow's son
Hester Strong's life work, or, The mystery solved
The inebriate's hut, or, The first fruits of the Maine law
The physician's wife
Right and wrong, or, She told the truth at last with other stories /
Tried and true, or, Love and loyalty a story of the Great Rebellion /
The mystery of dark hollow
A noble lord the sequel to "The lost heir of Linlithgow" /
Old neighbourhoods and new settlements, or, Christmas evening legends
The Prince of Darkness a romance of the Blue Ridge /
The Christmas guest a collection of stories /
The coral lady, or, The bronzed beauty of Paris a strange life narrative of love, betrayal, crime, and frightful revenge /
Cruel as the grave
The curse of Clifton a tale of expiation and redemption /
The discarded daughter, or, The children of the isleSouthworth
The family doom, or, The sin of a countess
The fortune seeker
The gipsy's prophecy a tale of real life /
The haunted homestead and other nouvellettes ; with an autobiography of the author /
Hickory Hall, or, The outcast a romance of the Blue Ridge /
How he won her a sequel to "Fair play" /
India, the pearl of Pearl River
The lady of the Isle a romance from real life /
The lost heir of Linlithgow
The lost heiress
Love's labor won
The maiden widow a sequel to "The family doom" /
The missing bride, or, Miriam the avenger
The mother-in-law, or, The Isle of RaysSouthworth
The amber god and other stories
Azarian an episode /
New-England legends
Sir Rohan's ghost a romance.
The thief in the night
The Spuytenduyvel chronicle
Left to herself
Pilate and Herod a tale illustrative of the early history of the Church of England, in the Province of Maryland ... /
Hampton Heights, or, The spinster's ward
The startling confessions of Eleanor Burton A thrilling tragedy from real life. Exhibiting a dark page in the manners, customs, and crimes of the "Upper Ten" of New York City.
Startling disclosures!, Mysteries solved!, or, The history of Esther Livingstone and the dark career of Henry Baldwin this narrative ... pictures ... the scenes in which they were actors in the Mammoth Cave.
The sons of the border sketches of the life and people of the far frontier /
Dell Dart, or, Within the meshes
The family gem miscellaneous stories /
Leonnie St. James, or, The suicide's curse a novelette /
Bellehood and bondage
Bertha's engagement
Doubly false
Fashion and famine
Lord Hope's choice
Mabel's mistake
Married in haste
Mary Derwent
A noble woman
The old countess, or, The two proposals
The old homestead
Palaces and prisons
Phemie Frost's experiences
The reigning belle
The rejected wife
Ruby Gray's strategy
Silent struggles
The soldier's orphans
The wife's secret
Wives and widows, or, The broken life
Hagar the martyr, or, Passion and reality a tale of the North and South /
Home scenes and home sounds, or, The world from my window
The Step-sister a novelette /
Easy Nat, or, The three apprentices a tale of life in New York and Boston but adapted to any meridan /
The Morgesons
Temple House
Two men
Stories and sketches by our best authors
Stories for Christmas and winter evenings
Agnes of Sorrento
The Chimney-corner
Dred a tale of the Great Dismal Swamp /
House and home papers
The minister's wooing
My wife and I, or, Harry Henderson's history
Oldtown fireside stories
Oldtown folks
The pearl of Orr's Island a story of the coast of Maine /
Minority students in special and gifted education /
Formal modeling and analysis of timed systems : first international workshop, FORMATS 2003, Marseille, France, September 6-7, 2003 ; revised papers /
Genetic disorders in adolescents /
The planter's victim ; or, Incidents of American slavery
Facilitating partnerships in transportation research /
Colloid chemistry /
The one true platonic heaven : a scientific fiction on the limits of knowledge /
Neutrinos and beyond : new windows on nature /
Materials research to meet 21st century defense needs /
Who will keep the public healthy? : educating public health professionals for the 21st century /
Adaptive monitoring & assessment for the comprehensive Everglades restoration plan /
Information technology for counterterrorism : immediate actions and future possibilities /
The resistance phenomenon in microbes and infectious disease vectors : implications for human health and strategies for containment : workshop summary /
Decline of the Steller sea lion in Alaskan waters : untangling food webs and fishing nets /
Offspring : human fertility behavior in biodemographic perspective /
Critical information infrastructure protection and the law : an overview of key issues /
Mastering the ultimate high ground : next steps in the military uses of space /
Priority areas for national action : transforming health care quality /
Science and technology for army homeland security.
Air emissions from animal feeding operations : current knowledge, future needs /
Advancing prion science : guidance for the National Prion Research Program, interim report /
The counterterror coalitions : cooperation with Europe, NATO, and the European Union /
Adiabatic perturbation theory in quantum dynamics /
Mathematical problems in semiconductor physics : lectures given at the C.I.M.E. summer school held in Cetraro, Italy, July 15-22, 1998 /
Cybersecurity of freight information systems : a scoping study /
Fiscal and generational imbalances : new budget measures for new budget priorities /
Annual report of the Grain Inspection, Packers, and Stockyards Administration
Paris-Princeton Lectures on Mathematical Finance 2002 /
User's guide for the Compensation, Accessions, and Personnel Management (CAPM) model /
Chemical explanation : characteristics, development, autonomy /
Background and theory behind the Compensation, Accessions, and Personnel Management (CAPM) model /
A tutorial and exercises for the Compensation, Accessions, and Personnel Management (CAPM) model /
Competitive sourcing and the morale of federal employees /
Connecting quarks with the cosmos : eleven science questions for the new century /
Psychopharmacological treatment with lithium and antiepileptic drugs : suggested guidelines from the Danish Psychiatric Association and the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Association in Denmark /
Energy and transportation : challenges for the chemical sciences in the 21st century /
The anthrax letters : a medical detective story /
Wedelmusic 2003 : proceedings : Third International Conference on WEB Delivering of Music, 15-17 September 2003, Leeds, United Kingdom /
Quality of service--IWQoS 2003 : 11th International Workshop, Berkeley, CA, USA, June 2-4, 2003 : proceedings /
Direct and inverse methods in nonlinear evolution equations : lectures given at the C.I.M.E. summer school held in Cetraro, Italy, September 5-12, 1999 /
Granular gas dynamics /
Combinations of complex dynamical systems /
Going to the mines to look for diamonds : experimenting with military recruiting stations in malls /
Alternative futures and their implications for Army modernization /
Dietary reference intakes : applications in dietary planning /
Enhancing the vitality of the National Institutes of Health : organizational change to meet new challenges /
Competition and innovation : in the U.S. fixed-wing military aircraft industry /
Aging aircraft : USAF workload and material consumption life cycle patterns /
Travel matters : mitigating climate change with sustainable surface transportation /
Understanding racial and ethnic differences in health in late life : a research agenda /
Arts education partnerships : lessons learned from one school district's experience /
Shanghaied? : the economic and political implications of the flow of information technology and investment across the Taiwan Strait /
Resilient control of uncertain dynamical systems /
The U.S. scientific and technical workforce : improving data for decisionmaking /
Portfolio analysis and management for naval research and development /
Topics in orbit equivalence /
Immunization safety review : vaccines and autism /
Keeping score for all : the effects of inclusion and accommodation policies on large-scale educational assessments /
Emerging technologies and ethical issues in engineering : papers from a workshop, October 14-15, 2003 /
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers water resources planning : a new opportunity for service /
A patent system for the 21st century /
Capping non-economic awards in medical malpractice trials : California jury verdicts under MICRA /
Assessing the National Streamflow Information Program /
Climate data records from environmental satellites /
Implementing climate and global change research : a review of the Final U.S. Climate Change Science Program Strategic Plan /
Report of a summit : the 1st Annual Crossing the Quality Chasm Summit : a focus on communities /
Pervasive computing : second international conference, Pervasive 2004, Linz/Vienna, Austria, April 18-23, 2004 : proceedings /
From object-orientation to formal methods : essays in memory of Ole-Johan Dahl /
Insurgency and counterinsurgency in Iraq /
Lectures on flavor physics /
Nonparametric and semiparametric models /
Assimilating immigrants : why America can and France cannot /
The universal catalogue for the year.
The role of deployments in competency development : experience from Prince Sultan Air Base and Eskan Village in Saudi Arabia /
Modeling the departure of military pilots from the service /
National digital preservation initiatives : an overview of developments in Australia, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom and of related international activity /
Few-cycle laser pulse generation and its applications /
Assuring access in key strategic regions : toward a long-term strategy /
An executive perspective on workforce planning /
An operational process for workforce planning /
Computer vision in human-computer interaction : ECCV 2004 Workshop on HCI, Prague, Czech Republic, May 16, 2004 : proceedings /
Adaptive dual control : theory and applications /
Optimal control, stabilization and nonsmooth analysis /
Passive and active network measurement : 5th international workshop, PAM 2004, Antibes Juan-les-Pins, France, April 19-20, 2004 ; proceedings /
Managing the Columbia River : instream flows, water withdrawals, and salmon survival /
Accident precursor analysis and management : reducing technological risk through diligence /
The hydrogen economy : opportunities, costs, barriers, and R&D needs /
Safety of genetically engineered foods : approaches to assessing unintended health effects /
Army science and technology for homeland security.
Indicators for waterborne pathogens /
Transit-oriented development in the United States : experiences, challenges, and prospects /
Looking to the future : what does transformation mean for military manpower and personnel policy? /
Eliminating health disparities : measurement and data needs /
Methods and applications of artificial intelligence : Third Hellenic Conference on AI, SETN 2004, Samos, Greece, May 5-8, 2004 : proceedings /
Monitoring metabolic status : predicting decrements in physiological and cognitive performance /
Astrophysics, clocks and fundamental constants /
Quantum state estimation /
The future of genetically modified crops : lessons from the Green Revolution /
Discrete integrable systems /
Existing and potential standoff explosives detection techniques /
Measuring what matters : allocation, planning, and quality assessment for the Ryan White Care Act /
Infant formula : evaluating the safety of new ingredients /
Open access and the public domain in digital data and information for science : proceedings of an international symposium /
The audiovisual services sector in the GATS negotiations /
Applications of evolutionary computation in chemistry /
Conserving the future force fighting strength : findings from the Army Medical Department Transformation Workshop, 2002 /
The depths of space : the story of the Pioneer planetary probes /
The engineer of 2020 : visions of engineering in the new century /
Biological confinement of genetically engineered organisms /
Monitoring international labor standards : techniques and sources of information /
Learning from SARS : preparing for the next disease outbreak : workshop summary /
NIH extramural center programs : criteria for initiation and evaluation /
Patient safety : achieving a new standard for care /
Water and sustainable development : opportunities for the chemical sciences : a workshop report to the chemical sciences roundtable /
Overcoming impediments to U.S.-Russian cooperation on nuclear nonproliferation : report of a joint workshop /
Co-constructing a contextually responsive evaluation framework the talent development model of school reform /
The principle of least action in geometry and dynamics /
The early universe and observational cosmology /
Ferroelectric random access memories : fundamentals and applications /
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Technologies to improve consideration of environmental concerns in transportation decisions
Organizational policy levers can affect acquisition reform implementation in Air Force repair contracts /
Resource requirements for demand-responsive transportation services /
Transportation in an aging society : a decade of experience, technical papers and reports from a conference, November 7-9, 1999, Bethesda, Maryland /
The U.S. Coast Guard's Deepwater force modernization plan : can it be accelerated? Will it meet changing security needs? /
The Office of Science and Technology Policy Blue Ribbon Panel on the Threat of Biological Terrorism Directed Against Livestock /
Ambivalent allies? : a study of South Korean attitudes toward the U.S. /
Silicon photonics /
Ultrafast dynamical processes in semiconductors /
Dependable computing : first Latin-American symposium, LADC 2003, São Paulo, Brazil, October 21-24, 2003 : proceedings /
Groupware: design, implementation, and use : 9th international workshop, CRIWG 2003, Autrans, France, September 28-October 2, 2003 : proceedings /
Petri net technology for communication-based systems : advances in Petri nets /
The Shipbuilding & Force Structure Analysis Tool : a user's guide /
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Selecting materials for library collections /
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Learning classifier systems : 5th international workshop, IWLCS 2002, Granada, Spain, September 7-8, 2002 : revised papers /
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The future security environment in the Middle East : conflict, stability, and political change /
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Geometric methods in the algebraic theory of quadratic forms : summer school, Lens, 2000 /
Methods of graded rings /
Bridging the bed-bench gap : contributions of the Markey Trust /
Programming languages and systems : first Asian Symposium, APLAS 2003, Beijing, China, November 27-29, 2003 : proceedings /
Rules and rule markup languages for the Semantic Web : Second International Workshop, RuleML 2003, Sanibel Island, FL, USA, October 20, 2003 : proceedings /
Service-oriented computing--ICSOC 2003 : First International Conference, Trento, Italy, December 15-18, 2003 : proceedings /
Unexploded ordnance : a critical review of risk assessment methods /
Aligning the stars : improvements to general and flag officer management /
Ad-hoc, mobile, and wireless networks : Second International Conference, ADHOC-NOW 2003, Montreal, Canada, October 8-10, 2003 : proceedings /
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Progress in pattern recognition, speech and image analysis : 8th Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition, CIARP 2003, Havana, Cuba, November 26-29, 2003 : proceedings /
Digital rights management : technological, economic, legal and political aspects /
Approximation, randomization, and combinatorial optimization : algorithms and techniques : 6th International Workshop on Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems, APPROX 2003, and 7th International Workshop on Randomization and Approximation Techniques in Computer Science, RANDOM 2003, Princeton, NJ, USA, August 24-26, 2003 : proceedings /
Refereed and selected contributions from International Conference on Quark Nuclear Physics, QNP2002 : June 9-14, 2002, Jülich, Germany /
Artificial reefs : a disposal option for Navy and MARAD ships /
The impact of equipment availability and reliability on mission outcomes : an initial look /
Decoherence and entropy in complex systems : selected lectures from DICE 2002 /
Groundwater fluxes across interfaces /
Advances in computer systems architecture : 8th Asia-Pacific conference, ACSAC 2003, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan, September 23-26, 2003 : proceedings /
Electronic government : second international conference, EGOV 2003, Prague, Czech Republic, September 1-5, 2003 : proceedings /
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Advances in Web-based learning--ICWL 2003 : second international conference, Melbourne, Australia, August 18-20, 2003, proceedings /
Measuring personal travel and goods movement : a review of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics' Surveys /
Review of NASA's aerospace technology enterprise : an assessment of NASA's Pioneering Revolutionary Technology Program /
Securing the future of U.S. air transportation : a system in peril /
Assessing research-doctorate programs : a methodology study /
Religion in the lives of American adolescents : a review of the literature /
Religion and the life attitudes and self-images of American adolescents /
Family religious involvement and the quality of family relationships for early adolescents /
Family religious involvement and the quality of parental relationships for families with early adolescents /
Religion and American adolescent delinquency, risk behaviors and constructive social activities /
Evolution in Hawaii : a supplement to Teaching about evolution and the nature of science /
Monitoring international labor standards : international perspectives : summary of regional forums /
The 21st century at work : forces shaping the future workforce and workplace in the United States /
Utilizing problem structure in planning : a local search approach /
The lawyer's and magistrate's magazine In which is included ... every important proceeding in the courts at Westminster, during the present year. With the decision of the judges, in their own words.
Significant findings from full-scale accelerated pavement testing /
Managing complexity during military urban operations : visualizing the elephant /
Interoperability of U.S. and NATO allied air forces : supporting data and case studies /
Oceans '78 : "the ocean challenge" : fourth annual combined conference, September 6-8, 1978, Sheration-Park Hotel, Washington, D.C. /
Evaluating value-added models for teacher accountability /
Dual superconductor models of color confinement /
Transit advertising sales agreements : a synthesis of transit practice /
Civil democratic Islam : partners, resources, and strategies /
External audiences for test-based accountability : the perspectives of journalists and foundations /
Transit capacity and quality of service manual /
Scientists, engineers, and track-two diplomacy : a half-century of U.S.-Russian interacademy cooperation /
Engaging the board : corporate governance and information assurance /
The impact of changes in kindergarten entrance age policies on children's academic achievement and the child care needs of families /
Critics of Henry George : an appraisal of their strictures on progress and poverty /
Mathematical theory of nonequilibrium steady states : on the frontier of probability and dynamical systems /
Oceans '77 conference record : third annual combined conference, October 17-19, 1977, Los Angeles Bonaventure Hotel /
Formal aspects of security : first international conference, FASec 2002 : London, UK, December 16-18, 2002 : revised papers /
The Yankee slave-dealer: or, An abolitionist down South a tale for the times /
The Whig magazine, or, Patriot miscellany for ... Addressed to the people of Great Britain.
Lessons from the North : Canada's privatization of military ammunition production /
Public transportation board effectiveness : a self-assessment handbook /
Public diplomacy : how to think about and improve it /
Review of the Army's technical guides on assessing and managing chemical hazards to deployed personnel /
Public benefits of highway system preservation and maintenance /
16th Annual Symposium on Photomask Technology and Management proceedings, 18-20 September 1996, Redwood City, California /
Air Force procurement workforce transformation : lessons from the commercial sector /
Retooling manufacturing : bridging design, materials, and production /
How much is enough? Sizing the deployment of baggage screening equipment to minimize the cost of flying : executive summary /
The benefits of positive passenger profiling on baggage screening requirements /
How much is enough? Sizing the deployment of baggage screening equipment by considering the economic cost of passenger delays /
Past and future : insights for reserve component use /
Generic model management : concepts and algorithms /
Key technologies for data management : 21st British National Conference on Databases, BNCOD 21, Edinburgh, UK, July 7-9, 2004 ; proceedings /
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Smart graphics : 4th international symposium, SG 2004, Banff, Canada, May 23-25, 2004 : proceedings /
Geospatial information infrastructure for transportation organizations : toward a foundation for improved decision making /
Mechatronic servo system control : problems in industries and their theoretical solutions /
The Semantic Web : research and applications : First European Semantic Web Symposium, ESWS 2004, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 10-12, 2004 : proceedings /
Programming multi-agent systems : first international workshop, ProMAS 2003, Melbourne, Australia, July 15, 2003 : selected revised and invited papers /
Experimental and efficient algorithms : third international workshop, WEA 2004, Angra dos Reis, Brazil, May 25-28, 2004 : proceedings /
Privacy in statistical databases : CASC Project final conference, PSD 2004, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, June 9-11, 2004 : proceedings /
Intelligence and security informatics : Second Symposium on Intelligence and Security Informatics, ISI 2004, Tucson, AZ, USA, June 10-11, 2004 ; proceedings /
The valuative tree /
Topology of singular fibers of differentiable maps /
The development of science-based guidelines for laboratory animal care : proceedings of the November 2003 international workshop /
California agricultural research priorities : Pierce's disease /
Confronting the nation's water problems : the role of research /
Effects of trial design on participation and costs in clinical trials, with an examination of cost analysis methods and data sources /
Oceans '80 : an international forum on ocean engineering in the '80s, Seattle, Washington, September 8-10, 1980 /
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Component deployment : Second International Working Conference, CD 2004, Edinburgh, UK, May 20-21, 2004 : proceedings /
Extreme programming and agile processes in software engineering : 5th international conference, XP 2004, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, June 6-10, 2004 : proceedings /
Ethics /
Public sector reform, an introduction
Capturing the 21st century security agenda : prospects for collective responses /
Theory is forever : essays dedicated to Arto Salomaa on the occasion of his 70th birthday /
Models and analysis of quasistatic contact : variational methods /
Complex networks /
Functional analytic methods for evolution equations /
Health benefits for medicare-eligible military retirees : rationalizing TRICARE for life /
Beyond the headlines : an agenda for action to protect civilians in neglected conflicts /
Abstract state machines 2004 : advances in theory and practice : 11th international workshop, ASM 2004, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany, May 24-28, 2004 : proceedings /
Technologies for interactive digital storytelling and entertainment : second international conference, TIDSE 2004, Darmstadt, Germany, June 24-26, 2004 : proceedings /
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Computers helping people with special needs : 9th international conference, ICCHP 2004, Paris, France, July 7-9, 2004 ; proceedings /
The Internet and the university : forum 2002 /
Second European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry /
Shipboard automatic identification system displays : meeting the needs of mariners /
Supplementary proceedings of the AMTA/SIG-IL Third Workshop on Interlinguas : practical applications of interlingual approaches to NLP : held on April 30, 2000, in conjunction with the Language Technology Joint Conference, ANLP-NAACL2000, Applied Natural Language Processing North American Chapter of the Association for Computional Linguistics.
Comfortable quarters for laboratory animals /
Uncovering CP violation : experimental clarification in the neutral K meson and B meson systems /
Spin-orbit coupling effects in two-dimensional electron and hole systems /
Care and handling of CDs and DVDs : a guide for librarians and archivists /
Speed and power : toward an expeditionary Army /
A concept for a national freight data program /
Multiscale problems and methods in numerical simulations : lectures given at the C.I.M.E. Summer School held in Martina Franca, Italy, September 9-15, 2001 /
Dynamical systems : lectures given at the C.I.M.E. Summer School held in Cetraro, Italy, June 19-26, 2000 /
Convex variational problems : linear, nearly linear and anisotropic growth conditions /
Effective commercial truck and bus safety management techniques /
Security measures in the commercial trucking and bus industries /
Highway/heavy vehicle interaction /
Transverse-pattern formation in photorefractive optics /
Environmental enrichment for caged rhesus macaques : a photographic documentation and literature review /
Hierarchical neural networks for image interpretation /
Empirical methods and studies in software engineering : experiences from ESERNET /
Acquisition in different and special subject areas /
Very large data bases : Fifth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 3-5, 1979 /
Nonsubscription side of periodicals : changes in library operations and costs between print and electronic formats /
Future army bandwidth needs and capabilities /
A methodology for determining Air Force deployment requirements /
Intentional human dosing studies for EPA regulatory purposes : scientific and ethical issues /
Immunization safety review : vaccinations and sudden unexpected death in infancy /
Pan-organizational summit on the U.S. science and engineering workforce : meeting summary /
The role of environmental hazards in premature birth : workshop summary /
Self-managing distributed systems : 14th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management, DSOM 2003, Heidelberg, Germany, October 20-22, 2003 : proceedings /
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Management of multimedia networks and services : 6th IFIP/IEEE International Conference, MMNS 2003, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, September 7-10, 2003 : proceedings /
Finding and fixing vulnerabilities in information systems : the Vulnerability Assessment & Mitigation methodology /
Prefabricated bridge elements and systems to limit traffic disruption during construction /
Public transportation operating agencies as employers of choice /
State arts agencies, 1965-2003 : whose interests to serve? /
Using a spend analysis to help identify prospective Air Force purchasing and supply initiatives : summary of selected findings /
Urban combat service support operations : the shoulders of Atlas /
E-vision 2002 : shaping our energy future : shaping our future by reducing energy intensity in the U.S. economy /
Roadway safety tools for local agencies : a synthesis of highway practice /
Wireless networking in higher education /
Integrated circuit and system design : power and timing modeling, optimization and simulation : 13th International Workshop, PATMOS 2003, Turin, Italy, September 10-12, 2003 : proceedings /
Improving the composability of Department of Defense models and simulations /
The logic system of concept graphs with negation : and its relationship to predicate logic /
Rubber and rubber balloons : paradigms of thermodynamics /
Novel methods in soft matter simulations /
Extended density functionals in nuclear structure physics /
Defining needs and managing performance of installation support contracts : perspectives from the commercial sector /
Attracting the best : how the military competes for information technology personnel /
High-technology manufacturing and U.S. competitiveness /
Framework for quantifying uncertainty in electric ship design /
Emergency responder injuries and fatalities : an analysis of surveillance data /
The costs and benefits of moving to the ICD-10 code sets /
International perspectives : the future of nonhuman primate resources : proceedings of the workshop held April 17-19, 2002 /
Diagnosis and control of Johne's Disease /
The environment : challenges for the chemical sciences in the 21st century /
A review of the Dose Reconstruction Program of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency /
Review of NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center /
The carbon dioxide dilemma : promising technologies and policies : proceedings of a symposium, April 23-24, 2002 /
Vertical envelopment and the future transport rotorcraft : operational considerations for the objective force /
The Impact of academic research on industrial performance /
The case for persistent-connection HTTP /
Individual preparedness and response to terrorism : chemical, radiological, nuclear, and biological attacks : a quick guide /
The measure of STAR : review of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Science to Achieve Results (STAR) research grants program /
7th International Work-Conference on Artificial and Natural Neural Networks, IWANN 2003, Maó, Menorca, Spain, June 3-6, 2003 : proceedings /
High-speed networks and multimedia communications : 6th IEEE international conference, HSNMC 2003, Estoril, Portugal, July 23-25, 2003 : proceedings /
Understanding calcium dynamics : experiments and theory /
Anderson localization and its ramifications : disorder, phase coherence and electron correlations /
Quantum gravity : from theory to experimental search /
Exploring the atmosphere by remote sensing techniques /
Astromineralogy /
Particle scattering, X-ray diffraction, and microstructure of solids and liquids /
Energy conversion and particle acceleration in the solar corona /
Turbulence and magnetic fields in astrophysics /
Space plasma simulation /
Particle physics in the new millennium : proceedings of the 8th Adriatic meeting /
Assessing natural gas and oil resources : an example of a new approach in the Greater Green River Basin /
Beyond boundaries : extending services to the urban poor /
The role of scientific and technical data and information in the public domain : proceedings of a symposium /
Cumulative environmental effects of oil and gas activities on Alaska's North Slope /
Economic benefits of coordinating human service transportation and transit services /
Precision physics of simple atomic systems /
Statistical mechanics of complex networks /
Financing health care for women with disabilities /
A framework for modernization within the United States Air Force /
Irreversible quantum dynamics /
The Middle East in the shadow of Afghanistan and Iraq /
Social anxiety disorder /
Integrating freight facilities and operations with community goals : a sythesis of highway practice /
Implications for model validation of multiresolution, multiperspective modeling (MRMPM) and exploratory analysis /
Arms trafficking and Colombia /
Free expression in arts funding : a public policy report /
Discrete-event control of stochastic networks : multimodularity and regularity /
NATO's eastern agenda in a new strategic era /
The development of executive function in early childhood /
Working smarter to leave no child behind : practical insights for school leaders /
Spatio-temporal databases : the CHOROCHRONOS approach /
Engaging schools : fostering high school students' motivation to learn /
Designing assessments of microworld training for combat service support staff /
Reflecting on leadership /
Randomization and approximation techniques in computer science : 6th International Workshop, RANDOM 2002, Cambridge, MA, USA, September 13-15, 2002 : proceedings /
Evaluation of the Medicare-DoD subvention demonstration : final report /
Generic programming : advanced lectures /
Immunization safety review : influenza vaccines and neurological complications /
Enabling ocean research in the 21st century : implementation of a network of ocean observatories /
Insuring America's health : principles and recommendations /
Self-adaptive software: applications : Second International Workshop, IWSAS 2001, Balatonfüred, Hungary, May 17-19, 2001 : revised papers /
Applied cryptography and network security : first international conference, ACNS 2003, Kunming, China, October 16-19, 2003 : proceedings /
X-ray diffuse scattering from self-organized mesoscopic semiconductor structures /
Critical issues in weather modification research /
Polyelectrolytes with defined molecular architecture /
Oeconomies in the age of Newton /
Review of NASA's aerospace technology enterprise : an assessment of NASA's Aeronautics Technology Programs /
Degrees Kelvin : a tale of genius, invention, and tragedy /
Testosterone and aging : clinical research directions /
Biotechnology research in an age of terrorism /
National need and priorities for veterinarians in biomedical research /
Nonnative oysters in the Chesapeake Bay /
Cooperative research in the National Marine Fisheries Service /
Research training in psychiatry residency : strategies for reform /
NEON : addressing the nation's environmental challenges /
Improving the characterization program for contact-handled transuranic waste bound for the waste isolation pilot plant /
The effects of advanced materials on airframe operating and support costs /
Drug and alcohol treatment services among privately insured individuals in managed behavioral health care /
Fair weather : effective partnership in weather and climate services /
Using remote sensing in state and local government : information for management and decision making /
Materials science and technology : challenges for the chemical sciences in the 21st century /
Monitoring international labor standards : summary of domestic forums /
Safety is seguridad : a workshop summary /
Oil in the sea III : inputs, fates, and effects.
Revelations of a slave smuggler being the autobiography of Capt. Rich'd Drake, an African trader for fifty years-from 1807-1857 ; during which period he was concerned in the transportation of half a million Blacks from African coasts to America /
Progress in improving project management at the Department of Energy : 2002 assessment /
Occupational health and safety in the care and use of nonhuman primates /
Assessment of directions in microgravity and physical sciences research at NASA /
Tracking and predicting the atmospheric dispersion of hazardous material releases : implications for homeland security /
Processes with long-range correlations : theory and applications /
Environmental cleanup at Navy facilities : adaptive site management /
Revision of the snail genus Austropyrgus (Gastropoda:Hydrobiidae) : a morphostatic radiation of freshwater gastropods in southeastern Australia /
Frontiers in polar biology in the genomic era /
The sun to the earth --and beyond : a decadal research strategy in solar and space physics /
Assessment of Mars science and mission priorities /
New forces at work in refining : industry views of critical business and operations trends /
Army stationing and rotation policy /
Real-time bus arrival information systems /
Shaping the next one hundred years : new methods for quantitative, long-term policy analysis and bibliography /
Assembling and supporting the Joint Strike Fighter in the UK : issues and costs /
Guidelines for the care and use of mammals in neuroscience and behavioral research /
A preliminary benefit/cost framework for counterterrorism public expenditures /
Developing print repositories : models for shared preservation and access /
A survey of digital cultural heritage initiatives and their sustainability concerns /
Assessing natural gas and oil resources /
Strategies for improved traveler information /
Effective use of information technology : lessons about state governance structures and processes /
Statewide evaluation of the CYSA/TANF Program : final report /
Evaluating the feasibility of developing national outcomes data bases to assist patients with making treatment decisions /
"Seacurity" : improving the security of the global sea-container shipping system /
Track related research.
Who goes there? : authentication through the lens of privacy /
Image and video retrieval : Second International Conference, CIVR 2003, Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA, July 24-25 2003 : proceedings /
Symbolic and numerical scientific computation : second international conference, SNSC 2001, Hagenberg, Austria, September 12-14, 2001 : revised papers /
Web engineering : international conference, ICWE 2003, Oviedo, Spain, July 14-18, 2003 : proceedings /
Pattern recognition and image analysis : first Iberian conference, IbPRIA 2003, Puerto de Andratx, Mallorca, Spain, June 4-6, 2003 : proceedings /
Stellar candles for the extragalactic distance scale /
Cashing out life insurance : an analysis of the viatical settlements market /
Determining training for new technologies : a decision game and facilitation guide /
Childhood cancer survivorship : improving care and quality of life /
Living on an active earth : perspectives on earthquake science /
Nutrient requirements of nonhuman primates /
One step at a time : the staged development of geologic repositories for high-level radioactive waste /
Personal cars and China = Si ren jiao che yu Zhongguo /
The Grahams
Ike McCandliss, and other stories, or, Incidents in the life of a soldier
Elsie Magoon, or, The old still-house in the hollow a tale of the past /
Gertie's sacrifice, or, Glimpses at two lives
Julia Tremaine the father's wish and husband's duty ; a tale for all time /
Kate Stanton a page from real life.
Post-oak circuit
The livelies, and other short stories
Fact and fiction! Disappointed love:a story drawn from incidents in the lives of Miss Clara C. Cochran and Miss Catharine B. Cotton, who committed suicide by drowning in the canal at Manchester, N.H., August 14, 1853.
The humors of Falconbridge a collection of humorous and every day scenes /
Marie Lessaire, or, The ballet-girl's love
Danger in the dark a tale of intrigue and priestcraft /
Kate Marstone, or, Happy hearts make happy homes a fireside story.
Light, more light, or, Danger in the dark ...
The stars and bars, or, The reign of terror in Missouri
Kit Kelvin's kernels with illustrations.
Amabel a family history /
Evan Dale ...
Henry Powers (Banker) how he achieved a fortune, and married:a novel /
Romance of student life abroad
To-day a romance /
Was he successful
Mahalinda, or, The two cousins
The master builder, or, Life at a trade
Merrimack, or, Life at the loom a tale /
Summerfield, or, Life on a farm
The rainbow creed A story of the times.
Stanhope Burleigh the Jesuits in our homes:A novel /
Professor Julius Caesar Hannibal's scientific discourses
"Quad's odds" anecdote, humor and pathos, and other things /
Rebels and Tories, or, The blood of the Mohawk! a tale of the American Revolution ... /
The old farm house
The exiles, and other tales
An entirely new feature of a thrilling novel!, entitled, The social war of the year 1900, or, The conspirators and lovers
The life of General M. D. Stanley an American militia general, the celebrated roué, swindler, pickpocket, and murderer, who was executed at Vienna, Austria, September 17, 1853.
Our general
Chestnut Wood A tale /
Linwood with other stories.
Nouvellettes of the musicians
The Female volunteer, or, The life, and wonderful adventures of Miss Eliza Allen, a young lady of Eastport, Maine being a truthful and well-authenticated narrative of her parentage, birth and early life, her love for one whom her parents disapproved, his departure for Mexico, her determination to follow him at all hazards, her flight in man's attire, enlistment, terrific battles of Mexico, her wounds, voyage to California, the shipwreck and loss of her companions, her miraculous escape, return to her native land, meeting of the lovers, reconciliation of her parents, marriage, and happy termination of all her trials and sorrows.
Censoria lictoria, or, What I think of you from the notes and minutes of Miss Betsey Trotwood's official tour /
Love in a maze, or, The debutante's disenchantment
Lily Bell, or, The lost child
New York aristocracy, or, Gems of japonica-dom
Life of Jefferson S. Batkins member from Cranberry Centre /
The circuit rider a tale of the heroic age /
The end of the world a love story /
Ella Cameron, or, The maid, wife, & widow of a day an extraordinary revelation being a true picture of high life in Washington, and its connection with the city of New York, at the time of the plotting of the great Southern Rebellion /
Bertha Percy, or, L'Espérance
Aunt Phillis's cabin, or, Southern life as it is
Edith, or, The Quaker's daughter a tale of Puritan times /
A single gentleman
The history of Dungeon Rock Completed Sept. 17th, 1856 /
Love in the nineteenth century a fragment /
Silverwood a book of memories.
I go a-fishing
Later years
The old house by the river
The story of Fort Hill giving an account of many interesting adventures between the White and Indians ... /
The princess of the moon a Confederate fairy story /
The refugees, or, The Union boys of '61 a tale of the Rebellion /
Prize papers, written for the New York Observer essay, poems, and tale.
In a crucible
Not a hero
Captain Molly the story of a brave woman /
Edith Hale a village story /
The red bridge a temperance story /
Where is the city?
Fifteen days an extract from Edward Colvil's journal.
Record of an obscure man
Kenneth, my king
Quiet thoughts for quiet hours
Profit and loss a story of the life of the genteel Irish-American, illustrative of Godless education /
The prophet of the ruined abbey, or, A glance of the future of Ireland
The Rosicrucian's story the wonderful things that happened to Mr. Thomas W., and his wife /
The wonderful story of Ravalette ; also, Tom Clark and his wife:their double dreams and the curious things that befell them therein, or, The Rosicrucian's story
True to him ever
A terrible history of fraud and crime the twin brothers of Texas:lives, trial, confession, and execution, at Savannah, Georgia, for the ... murder of their beautiful sister, Emily Eganus. With full confession of many other awful murders ... while connected with the lawless band of land pirates in Texas and Kansas.
The Empress of the Isles, or, The lake bravo
Red Wing, or, The weird cruiser of Van Dieman's land
Caliban a sequel to "Ariel." /
One of the family
Out of town a rural episode /
Easy Warren and his contemporaries sketched for home circles /
The wandering Jew in America
Over the brink, or, The peril of beauty a story of life in a factory town /
The thrilling adventures of Alice Dunbar the celebrated horse thief and female Jack Sheppard ... /
Mrs. Ben Darby, or, The weal and woe of social life
Fannie St. John a romantic incident of the American Revolution /
Garnelle, or, The rover's oath of blood
Yusef, or, The journey of the Frangi a crusade in the East /
A narrative of startling interest!! Edward Barnett, a neglected child of South Carolina, who rose to be a peer of Great Britain, and the stormy life of his grandfather, Captain Williams, or The earl's victims with an account of the terrible end of the proud Earl de Montford, the lamentable fate of the victim of his passion and the shadow's punishment /
Allegories of life
Bertha and her baptism
Ellen Walton, or, The villain and his victims
Eveline Mandeville
Agnes Arlington, or, Life, times, troubles, tribulations, and sad end of Agnes Arlington, the cotton planter's daughter... an autobiographical narrative
Aleck and Pete, or, 'The hand of the diligent maketh rich'
Angel Agnes, or, The heroine of the Yellow Fever Plague in Shreveport ...
The angel of the battle-field a tale of the Rebellion /
General Sherman's Indian spy a singularly thrilling narrative of Wenonah ... scouting from Atlanta through Georgia and South Carolina /
Mattie Stephenson the sweet young martyr of Memphis.
Washington's vision the first Union story ever written /
The hermit of Aleova, or, The shepherd girl's triumph
Justin Harley a romance of old Virginia /
Hilt to hilt, or, Days and nights on the banks of the Shenandoah in the Autumn of 1864 from the mss. of Colonel Surry of Eagle's Nest /
Her majesty the queen
The last of the foresters, or, Humors on the border a story of the old Virginia frontier /
Leather stocking and silk, or, Hunter John Myers and his times a story of the valley of Virginia.
Mohun, or, The last days of Lee and his paladins final memoirs of a staff officer serving in Virginia:from the mss. of Colonel Surry, of Eagle's Nest /
Out of the foam
Pretty Mrs. Gaston, and other stories
New York its upper ten and lower million /
Adventures in the Apache country a tour through Arizona and Sonora, with notes on the silver regions of Nevada /
The land of Thor
An American family in Germany
The federati of Italy a romance of Caucasian captivity /
South Meadows a tale of long ago /
What answer?
Street thoughts
Woodreve Manor, or, Six months in town a tale of American life, to suit the merits and the follies of the times /
Crimora, or, Love's cross
Dora Grafton, or, ʻEvery cloud has a silver liningʼ
Sibyl Huntington
Conscience, or, The trials of May Brooke an American Catholic tale /
The house in Balfour-street
Nora Brady's vow ; and, Mona the vestal
Hesper, the home spirit a simple story of household labor and love /
Sam Shirk a tale of the woods of Maine /
Lucy Maria
With fate against him
Sydnie Adriance, or, Trying the world
Coaina the rose of the Algonquins /
Stephen Dane
The mystery of Edwin Drood complete /
Kate Weston, or, To will and to do
Old Toney and his master, or, The abolitionist and the land-pirate founded on fact, a tale of 1824-1827 /
The old gray rosary "refuge of sinners" /
Dora, the heroine of the Cumberland, or, The American Amazon a startling but authentic narrative of innumerable and dangerous feats performed by this daring heroine, the idol of the loyal armies.
The schoolmaster's trunk containing papers on home-life in Tweenit /
There's no place like home
Lucia her problem /
An autobiography being passages from a life now progressing in the city of Boston, an interest in which is not excited simply because founded on fact, but that the incidents therein related are themselves the facts /
The clandestine marriage
Annie Selden, or, The concealed treasure
Michael Rudolph "The bravest of the brave" /
The dethroned heiress
The cancelled will
All for love, or, The outlaw's bride
The country neighborhood
Ashleigh a tale of the olden time /
Scenes in the practice of a New York surgeon
The devil's race course a legend of Baltimore /
The separation ; The divorce ; and The coquette's punishment
Steel and gold, or, The heir of Glenville a domestic tale of Revolutionary days /
Life scenes sketched in light and shadow from the world around us /
Athalie, or A Southern villeggiatura "a winters tale" /
How he did it
A new way to win a fortune
Sergeant Atkins a tale of adventure ; founded on fact /
Why did he marry her
The gipsy's warning
The Huguenot exiles, or, The times of Louis XIV a historical novel.
The mysterious guest
Home nook, or, The crown of duty
The young empress and the reclaimed deserter a tale of the vicissitudes of human life /
My affinity and other stories /
The double suicide the true history of the lives of the twin sisters, Sarah and Maria Williams:containing an account of Maria's love, mock marriage, suffering and degradation, together with Sarah's love and suffering, and the removal of her father westward with his family, the death of the mother, brother, sister and father, the return of Sarah and her lover to New-York, and the final suicide of Sarah and her lover in Brooklynn : the disappearance of Maria, the revelation of the coroner's inquest and the funeral ceremonies of the suicide lovers, who were found dead in each others arms by the young man's mother, at the house of his father, on the morning of the 27th of June, 1855.
The fatal stroke, or, The philosophy of intemperance
The discarded wife, or, Will she succeed
Disinthralled a story of my life:a vivid portrayal of the evils of intemperance as exemplified in the author's own remarkable career together with many interesting reminiscences of his six year's experience as a worker in the temperance field /
The hidden sin a sequel to "The dethroned heiress" /
In trust, or, Dr. Bertrand's household
The mysterious marriage a true romance of New York life.
Ravenia, or, The outcast redeemed
The Prince Corsair, or, The three brothers of Guzan a tale of the Indian Ocean /
Bianca, or, The star of the valley a romance of the Alps /
No throughfare by C--s D--s /
Ligan a collection of tales and essays /
Life sketches from common paths a series of American tales /
The tenant-house, or, Embers from poverty's hearthstone
Captain Gray's company, or, Crossing the plains and living in Oregon
The Grecian bend what it is.
The Startling and thrilling narrative of the dark and terrible deeds of Henry Madison and his associate and accomplice, Miss Ellen Stevens, who was executed by the Vigilance Committee of San Francisco, on the 20th September last /
Northern wilds
The adventures of a gentleman in search of Miss Smith
A chance acquaintance
A foregone conclusion
Their wedding journey
The planter's daughter a tale of Louisiana /
Who shall be victor? a sequel to "The cancelled will" /
The prince of the House of David, or, Three years in the Holy City being a series of the letters of Adina ... and relating, as by an eye witness, all the scenes and wonderful incidents in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, from his baptism in Jordan to his crucifixion on Calvary /
Kiana a tradition of Hawaii /
The way of the world
Hospital sketches
Hospital sketches ; and Camp and fireside stories
On picket duty and other tales /
The life and adventures of Percival Mayberry an autobiography /
The sunny South, or, The southerner at home embracing five years' experience of a northern governess in the land of the sugar and the cotton /
The Spanish heroine a tale of war and love /
The factory girl
The fall of Fort Sumter, or, Love and war in 1860-61
Bloom and brier, or, As I saw it, long ago a Southern romance /
A story of life on the Isthmus
The Prince of Kashna a West Indian story /
In the tropics
The camel hunt a narrative of personal adventure /
Dukesborough tales
Isabel Mortimer, or, The Southerner's revenge an autobiography.
The monarchist an historical novel, embracing real characters and romantic adventures /
Adventures of Col. Gracchus Vanderbomb, of Sloughcreek, in pursuit of the presidency also the exploits of Mr. Numberius Plutarch Kipps, his private secretary /
The captive youths of Judah a story with a moral /
Border war a tale of disunion /
Purple and fine linen
The Fatal secret, or, Crime and retribution! facts most singular and fearful!!, being a chain of circumstances recently developed in a very exciting and protracted crim. con. trial, the most thrilling and terrible revelations ever placed before the public.
My early days
Louisa Williams, or The orphan bound-girl a tale of the Queen City, founded on facts /
The belle of Central Park a story of New York life /
Fashion and famine life in New York /
The poor of New York from the play of "The poor of New York" /
A man of honor
The enchanted beauty and other tales, essays, and sketches /
Dreams and realities in the life of a pastor and teacher
Wind and whirlwind
A story of Niagara to which are appended reminiscences of a custom house officer /
Railroad life in America
Fashionable life
Fearful adventures in Pennsylvania's wilds, or, The startling narrative of Adelaide Lane
Planchette's diary
Censoria lictoria of facts and folks from the notes and minutes of Miss Betsey Totwood's official tour under the Frank Pierce dynasty /
Periscopics, or, Current subjects extemporaneously treated
Watching spirits
Ellen Maynard ; or, The death wail of the Hawkshawes a story of real life and true love.
New England's chattels, or, Life in the northern poor-house
Peace, or, The stolen will! an American novel /
Annie a story of New York life /
The young captive prince a tale of allegory and fact /
Altha, or, Shells from the strand
Managing new issues : cyber security in an era of technological change /
Reconfiguring footprint to speed expeditionary aerospace forces deployment /
An analysis of sabbatical leaves for navy surface warfare officers /
Reducing birth defects : meeting the challenge in the developing world /
Exploration of the seas : voyage into the unknown /
Working families and growing kids : caring for children and adolescents /
Financing vaccines in the 21st century : assuring access and availability /
Cities transformed : demographic change and its implications in the developing world /
Improving birth outcomes : meeting the challenges in the developing world /
Endangered and threatened fishes in the Klamath River Basin : causes of decline and strategies for recovery /
Burning plasma : bringing a star to earth /
Where the weather meets the road : a research agenda for improving road weather services / /
Evaluating military advertising and recruiting : theory and methodology /
Forensic analysis : weighing bullet lead evidence /
Progress in improving project management at the Department of Energy : 2003 assessment /
Technology for adaptive aging /
Reducing underage drinking : a collective responsibility /
Advancing prion science : guidance for the national prion research program /
Reengineering the 2010 census : risks and challenges /
Achieving XXcellence in science : role of professional societies in advancing women in science : proceedings of a workshop AXXS 2000 /
Giving full measure to countermeasures : addressing problems in the DoD program to develop medical countermeasures against biological warfare agents /
Dietary reference intakes : guiding principles for nutrition labeling and fortification /
Partnerships for reducing landslide risk : assessment of the National Landslide Hazards Mitigation Strategy /
The marine transportation system and the federal role : measuring performance, targeting improvement /
Advancing the federal research agenda on violence against women /
New frontiers in contraceptive research : a blueprint for action /
Keeping patients safe : transforming the work environment of nurses /
Meeting psychosocial needs of women with breast cancer /
Buckling up : technologies to increase seat belt use /
Confronting the "enemy within" : security intelligence, the police, and counterterrorism in four democracies /
Do the ties still bind? : the U.S.-ROK security relationship after 9/11 /
Accreditation matters : achieving academic recognition and renewal /
The adolescent male /
2003 assessment of the Office of Naval Research's Marine Corps Science and Technology Program /
Assessment of the Army plan for the Pine Bluff non-stockpile facility /
Future challenges for the U.S. Geological Survey's Mineral Resources Program /
Future needs in deep submergence science : occupied and unoccupied vehicles in basic ocean research /
Fulfilling the potential of cancer prevention and early detection : an American Cancer Society and Institute of Medicine Symposium /
The strategic distribution system in support of Operation Enduring Freedom /
Cannabis policy, implementation and outcomes /
Investigating optimal replacement of aging Air Force systems /
Models of operational training in fighter squadrons /
Noncommutative geometry : lectures given at the C.I.M.E. summer school held in Martina Franca, Italy, September 3-9, 2000 /
Light emitting silicon for microphotonics /
Electronic information and communication in mathematics : ICM 2002 international satellite conference, Beijing, China, August 29-31, 2002 : revised papers /
FME 2003 : formal methods : International Symposium of Formal Methods Europe, Pisa, Italy, September 8-14, 2003 : proceedings /
Image analysis : 13th Scandinavian conference, SCIA 2003, Halmstad, Sweden, June 29-July 2, 2003 : proceedings /
Advanced parallel processing technologies : 5th International Workshop, APPT 2003, Xiamen, China, September 17-19, 2003 : proceedings /
Single quantum dots : fundamentals, applications, and new concepts /
Extreme programming and agile methods : XP/Agile Universe 2003 : third XP Agile Universe Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA, August 10-13, 2003 : proceedings /
Security engineering with patterns : origins, theoretical model, and new applications /
The Doha round and financial services negotiations /
The Kolmogorov legacy in physics /
Estimating the effects of pharmaceutical innovations on patient's employment outcomes /
A review of reports on selected large federal science facilities : management and life-cycle issues /
Compton scattering : investigating the structure of the nucleon with real photons /
Case studies of existing human tissue repositories : "best practices" for a biospecimen resource for the genomic and proteomic era /
Smart graphics : third International Symposium on Smart Graphics, SG 2003, Heidelberg, Germany, July 2-4, 2003 : proceedings /
The compleat cladist : a primer of phylogenetic procedures /
Preparing for the psychological consequences of terrorism : a public health strategy /
Bridge deck joint performance /
Individual preparedness and response to terrorism : chemical, radiological, nuclear, and biological attacks /
Improving Air Force purchasing and supply management of spare parts /
Almost ring theory /
Fare policies, structures and technologies : update /
Attracting "cutting-edge" skills through reserve component participation /
Exploring teachers' informal learning for policy on professional development /
Spinning particles : semiclassics and spectral statistics /
Neutrino mass /
Assessing federal research and development for hazard loss reduction /
Welfare reform in California : early results from the impact analysis /
The global war on terrorism : an early look at implications for the Army /
Meaning in the arts /
Annual report
Exotic nuclei and atomic masses : proceedings of the Third International Conference on Exotic Nuclei and Atomic Masses, ENAM 2001, Hämeenlinna, Finland, 2-7 July 2001 /
Global materials compliance handbook /
Mathematics of surfaces : 10th IMA international conference, Leeds, UK, September 15-17, 2003 : proceedings /
Text-and speech-triggered information access : 8th ELSNET Summer School, Chios Island, Greece, July 15-30, 2000 : revised lectures /
Inductive synthesis of functional programs : universal planning, folding of finite programs, and schema abstraction by analogical reasoning /
Formal approaches to agent-based systems : second international workshop, FAABS 2002, Greenbelt, MD, USA, October 29-31, 2002 : revised papers /
Biomedical image registration : second international workshop, WBIR 2003, Philadelphia, PA, USA, June 23-24, 2003 : revised papers /
Advanced conceptual modeling techniques : ER 2002 workshops-ECDM, MobiMod, IWCMQ, and eCOMO, Tampere, Finland, October 7-11, 2002 : revised papers /
Holonic and multi-agent systems for manufacturing : first International Conference on Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems, HoloMAS 2003, Prague, Czech Republic, September 1-3, 2003 : proceedings /
Intelligent search on XML data : applications, languages, models, implementations, and benchmarks /
Software and compilers for embedded systems : 7th International Workshop, SCOPES 2003, Vienna, Austria, September 24-26, 2003 : proceedings /
Database and XML technologies : first International XML Database Symposium, XSym 2003, Berlin, Germany, September 8, 2003 : proceedings /
Composition of secure multi-party protocols : a comprehensive study /
Quality of future Internet services : COST Action 263 final report /
Learning theory and Kernel machines : 16th Annual Conference on Learning Theory and 7th Kernel Workshop, COLT/Kernel 2003, Washington, DC, USA, August 24-27, 2003 : proceedings /
Genetic and evolutionary computation--GECCO 2003 : Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, Chicago, IL, USA, July 12-16, 2003 : proceedings /
Personal wireless communications : IFIP-TC6 8th International Conference, PWC 2003, Venice, Italy, September 23-25, 2003 : proceedings /
Pattern recognition : 25th DAGM Symposium, Magdeburg, Germany, September 10-12, 2003 : proceedings /
Object-oriented information systems : 9th international conference, OOIS 2003 : Geneva, Switzerland, September 2-5, 2003 : proceedings /
Visual content processing and representation : 8th international workshop, VLBV 2003, Madrid, Spain, September 18-19, 2003 : proceedings /
Computer and information sciences - ISCIS 2003 : 18th International Symposium Antalya, Turkey, November 3-5, 2003 : proceedings /
Formal methods for components and objects : first international symposium, FMCO 2002, Leiden, The Netherlands, November 5-8, 2002 : revised lectures /
Business planning for cultural heritage institutions : a framework and resource guide to assist cultural heritage institutions with business planning for sustainability of digital asset management programs /
Information and communications : challenges for the chemical sciences in the 21st century /
Libraries designed for learning /
Hitting America's soft underbelly : the potential threat of deliberate biological attacks against the U.S. agricultural and food industry /
Observator or A dialogue between a country-man, & a landwart school-master
The future of the public's health in the 21st century /
Microbial threats to health : emergence, detection, and response /
Officer sabbaticals : analysis of extended leave options /
Emerging new paradigms : a guide to fundamental change in local public transportation organizations /
The psychosocial background of affective disorders /
Remote sensing for transportation : products and results : foundations for the future : report of a conference /
Safety management systems : a synthesis of highway practice /
Improved Bonferroni inequalities via abstract tubes : inequalities and identities of inclusion-exclusion type /
Collection development policies : new directions for changing collections /
Combat services support transformation : emerging strategies for makng the power projection Army a reality /
Use of simulation for training in the U.S. Navy surface force /
The red book of varieties and schemes /
Weight management : state of the science and opportunities for military programs /
"We're friends, right?" : inside kids' culture /
Preventing earthquake disasters : the grand challenge in earthquake engineering : a research agenda for the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) /
Research priorities of the supporting industries program : linking industrial R&D needs /
Understanding climate change feedbacks /
Immunization safety review : SV40 contamination of polio vaccine and cancer /
Summary of a workshop on U.S. natural gas demand, supply, and technology : looking toward the future /
C [infinity]-differentiable spaces /
The workforce challenge : recruiting, training, and retaining qualified workers for transportation and transit agencies /
Spatio-temporal dynamics and quantum fluctuations in semiconductor lasers /
Applied multivariate statistical analysis /
Improving the characterization and treatment of radioactive wastes for the Department of Energy's accelerated site cleanup program /
How students learn : history, mathematics, and science in the classroom /
How students learn : science in the classroom /
How students learn : mathematics in the classroom /
Review of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Restructured Upper Mississippi-Illinois River Waterway feasibility study : second report /
Intelligent sustainment and renewal of Department of Energy facilities and infrastructure /
Urbanization, energy, and air pollution in China : the challenges ahead : proceedings of a symposium /
Advancing scientific research in education /
Aptitude for destruction /
Agents and computational autonomy : potential, risks, and solutions /
Quantum field theory and noncommutative geometry /
Alternative futures and Army force planning : implications for the future force era /
Increasing participation in Army continuing education : eArmyU and effects of possible program changes /
Quantum dots : a doorway to nanoscale physics /
Polymer particles /
Artificial immune systems : third international conference, ICARIS 2004, Catania, Sicily, Italy, September 13-16, 2004 : proceedings /
Thin and ultra-thin whitetopping : a synthesis of highway practice /
Arctic human development report /
Advances in computer systems architecture : 9th Asia-Pacific conference, ACSAC 2004, Beijing, China, September 7-9, 2004 : proceedings /
Graph transformations : second international conference, ICGT 2004, Rome, Italy, September 28-October 2, 2004 : proceedings /
Topology and geometry in physics /
Achieving state and national literacy goals : a long uphill road : a report to Carnegie Corporation of New York /
Air Force service procurement : approaches for measurement and management /
Gifts of the muse: reframing the debate about the benefits of the arts /
Dissuading terror : strategic influence and the struggle against terrorism /
Natural language processing and information systems : 9th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, NLDB 2004, Salford, UK, June 23-25, 2004 : proceedings /
Grid computing : Second European AcrossGrids Conference, AxGrids 2004, Nicosia, Cyprus, January 28-30, 2004 : revised papers /
Steel bridge erection practices /
Science and technology in the national interest : ensuring the best presidential and federal advisory committee science and technology appointments /
Integrated planning for the Air Force senior leader workforce : background and methods /
Who calls the shots? : sports and university leadership, culture, and decision making /
Determinants of productivity for military personnel : a review of findings on the contribution of experience, training, and aptitude to military performance /
Measuring the tempo of the mobility air forces /
Pharmacy use and costs in employer-provided health plans : insights for TRICARE benefit design from the private sector /
Aum Shinrikyo, al Qaeda, and the Kinshasa reactor : implications of three case studies for combating nuclear terrorism /
Cooperative research for hazardous materials transportation : defining the need, converging on solutions /
The uses of institutional culture : strengthening identification and building brand equity in higher education /
Deutsche Liebeslyrik im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert : 18. Mediävistisches Kolloquium des Zentrums für Mittelalterstudien der Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg am 28. und 29. November 2003 /
The UN's role in nation-building : from the Congo to Iraq /
Building a successful Palestinian state /
The challenges of creating a global health resource tracking system /
The Markey Scholars Conference : proceedings /
Parallel processing and applied mathematics : 5th international conference, PPAM 2003, Częstochowa, Poland, September 7-10, 2003 : revised papers /
Stateless core : a scalable approach for quality of service in the Internet : winning thesis of the 2001 ACM Doctoral Dissertation Competition /
Performance tools and applications to networked systems : revised tutorial lectures /
Recent large service acquisitions in the Department of Defense : lessons for the Office of the Secretary of Defense /
Evaluation of the National Aerospace Initiative /
In the nation's compelling interest : ensuring diversity in the health-care workforce /
Ethical conduct of clinical research involving children /
Setting priorities for large research facility projects supported by the National Science Foundation /
Health literacy : a prescription to end confusion /
Network-based operations for the Swedish defence forces : an assessment methodology /
Estimating the benefits of the GridWise Initiative : phase I report /
Cuba after Castro : legacies, challenges, and impediments /
Twelve years a slave narrative of Solomon Northup, a citizen of New-York, kidnapped in Washington City in 1841, and rescued in 1853, from a cotton plantation near the Red River, in Louisiana.
The Turkish spies Ali Abubeker Kaled and Zenobia Marrita Mustapha, or, The Mohammedan prophet of 1854 a true story of the Russo-Turkish War /
Oceans ́79 : fifth annual combined conference, Sept. 17-19, 1979, Town & Country Convention Center, San Diego, California /
Intern programs as a human resources management tool for the Department of Defense /
Die Fresken von St. Vigil und St. Zyprian Studien zur Bozner Wandmalerei um 1400 /
Measuring racial discrimination /
Terrorism : reducing vulnerabilities and improving responses : U.S.-Russian Workshop proceedings /
A geospatial framework for the coastal zone : national needs for coastal mapping and charting /
The infectious etiology of chronic diseases : defining the relationship, enhancing the research, and mitigating the effects : workshop summary /
Investments in federal facilities : asset management strategies for the 21st century /
Stephen Hawking : a life in science /
The Protestant magazine; or Christian treasury Designed to encourage a perfect knowledge of the Protestant religion.
Study on ideas on a new national freight model system for Sweden /
Implementing performance-based services acquisition (PBSA) : perspectives from an air logistics center and a product center /
Down to earth : geographic information for sustainable development in Africa /
Review of the NARSTO draft report : NARSTO assessment of the atmospheric science on particulate matter /
National air pollutant emission trends
The eye of the believer : psychological influences on counter-terrorism policy-making /
Farmacotherapie bij kinderen : Kennislacunes in beeld gebracht = Pharmacotherapy in children : identifying knowledge gaps /
How should the U.S. Air Force Depot Maintenance Activity Group be funded? : insights from expenditures and flying hour data /
Cutting taxes for insuring : options and effects of tax credits for health insurance /
Student learning as academic currency /
Audit of car ownership models /
Melanoma : a decision analysis to estimate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of screening and an analysis of the relevant epidemiology of the disease /
Nordisk familjebok : konversationslexikon och realencyklopedi /
Biometrics : a look at facial recognition /
The rise of HMOs /
Personality and development in childhood : a person-centered approach /
A shared destiny : community effects of uninsurance /
Science and the greater Everglades ecosystem restoration : an assessment of the Critical Ecosystem Studies Initiative /
Toxicologic assessment of jet-propulsion fuel 8 /
A guide to the knowledge of publick affairs, both foreign and domestick being a curious miscellany, wherein will be occasionally explained whatever relates to the several potentates in the world, ... Also an account of the several orders of knighthood, of the various religions, sects and parties, of the chief ministers of state, ... The whole making a compleat series of modern history: a work never before attempted in English.
The mathematical aspects of quantum maps /
Lectures on solar physics /
Polymer crystallisation : observations, concepts and interpretations /
IT roadmap to a Geospatial Future /
Describing death in America : what we need to know /
Environmental information for naval warfare /
Bioavailability of contaminants in soils and sediments : processes, tools, and applications /
Reducing the time from basic research to innovation in the chemical sciences : a workshop report to the Chemical Sciences Roundtable /
The man who would be queen : the science of gender-bending and transsexualism /
Fulfilling the potential of cancer prevention and early detection /
Beyond the molecular frontier : challenges for chemistry and chemical engineering /
Securing the future : regional and national programs to support the semiconductor industry /
Fault lines in China's economic terrain /
Beyond response to remission /
Frontiers in high energy density physics : the X-games of contemporary science /
Beyond productivity : information technology, innovation, and creativity /
Use of lightweight materials in 21st century army trucks /
Sharing publication-related data and materials : responsibilities of authorship in the life sciences /
Minorities in the chemical workforce : diversity models that work : a workshop report to the Chemical Sciences Roundtable /
Governance for whom and for what : principles to guide health policy in Miami-Dade County /
Performance measures of operational effectiveness for highway segments and systems /
The potential of claims data to support the measurement of health care quality /
Toward fusion of air and space : surveying developments and assessing choices for small and middle powers /
Once more : a story of New York /
Annie Grayson, or, Life in Washington
Hope Marshall, or, Government and its offices
The heiresses of Fotheringay
Ashmore, or, The reclaimed husband, and other tales
Esperance... author of "Light of the dark river."
Marion Graham, or, Higher than happiness
Brockley Moor
Leaves from the diary of a celebrated burglar and pickpocket being a compilation of the events and occurrences of the most exciting, interesting and extraordinary character in the life of a thief /
Kentucky's love, or Roughing it around Paris
Kingsbury sketches a truthful and succinct account of the doings and misdoings of the inhabitants of Pine Grove:their private trials and public tribulations /
Mark Logan, the bourgeois
Walter Ogilby
The dead marquise a romance /
Hannibal's man
In three heads the Argus Christmas story /
The volcano diggings a tale of California law /
Wooing and warring in the wilderness a story of Canetucky /
A book for the home circle, or, Familiar thoughts on various topics, literary, moral and social a companion for the evening book /
The evening book, or, Fireside talk on morals and manners, with sketches of Western life
The light of other days sketches of the past, and other selections from the writings of the late Mrs. Jane Kirkpatrick.
The Knickerbocker gallery a testimonial to the editor of the Knickerbocker Magazine from its contributors.
Man's wrongs, or, Woman's foibles
The two roads, or, The right and the wrong
The maid of Canal Street, and the Bloxhams
The global course of the information revolution : recurring themes and regional variations /
Rethinking governance of the Army's arsenals and ammunition plants /
The National Bioethics Advisory Commission : contributing to public policy /
Benchmarking security and trust in Europe and the US /
Training the 21st century police officer : redefining police professionalism for the Los Angeles Police Department /
Airport research needs : cooperative solutions /
America's role in nation-building : from Germany to Iraq /
The labor market for attorneys in the state of California : past, present, and future /
Medicare coverage of routine screening for thyroid dysfunction /
Planning for two transformations in education and learning technology : report of a workshop /
Patents in the knowledge-based economy /
Managing carbon monoxide pollution in meteorological and topographical problem areas /
Hidden costs, value lost : uninsurance in America /
EXPEDITE : EXpert-system based PrEdictions of Demand for Internal Transport in Europe /
Charter school operations and performance : evidence from California /
Veterans and agent orange : update 2002 /
Exploring challenges, progress, and new models for engaging the public in the clinical research enterprise : Clinical Research Roundtable workshop summary /
Health professions education : a bridge to quality /
Dynamic Social Network Modeling and Analysis : workshop summary and papers /
The information revolution in Asia /
Options for managing the army's arsenals and ammunition plants /
Rethinking stabilization policy : a symposium /
Supernovae and gamma-ray bursters /
The sun's surface and subsurface : investigating shape and irradiance /
Design exception practices /
Large-scale biomedical science : exploring strategies for future research /
Leadership by example : coordinating government roles in improving health care quality /
Satellite observations of the Earth's environment : accelerating the transition of research to operations /
Bus rapid transit /
The Baltic States and NATO membership /
The Defense civilian workforce : insights from research /
The U.S. Army and the new national security strategy /
Psychosocial concepts in humanitarian work with children : a review of the concepts and related literature /
Ocean noise and marine mammals /
Improving undergraduate instruction in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics : report of a workshop /
Forks in the road for the U.S. Navy /
European Schizophrenia Outpatient Health Outcomes (SOHO) study /
Preventing venous thromboembolism : prophylactic options for patients at different risk levels /
A primer in density functional theory /
Improving the scientific basis for managing DOE's excess nuclear materials and spent nuclear fuel /
Corporate culture as the driver of transit leadership practices /
Marine biotechnology in the twenty-first century : problems, promise, and products /
Pointwise convergence of Fourier series /
Borcherds products on O(2, l) and Chern classes of Heegner divisors /
Monotone random systems : theory and applications /
Asymptotic behavior of dynamical and control systems under perturbation and discretization /
Proceedings, 26th Annual NASA Goddard Software Engineering Workshop : 27-29 November 2001, Greenbelt, Maryland.
New tools for environmental protection : education, information, and voluntary measures /
Out-of-print and special collection materials : acquisition and purchasing options /
Proceedings : 10th Symposium on Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environment and Teleoperator Systems : Haptics 2002 : 24-25 March 2002 Orlando, Florida /
Maintaining the delicate balance : distance learning, higher education accreditation, and the politics of self-regulation /
A General history of trade and especially consider'd as it respects the British commerce, as well at home, as to all parts of the world. With essays upon the improvement of our trade in particular.
The annals of Europe for the year.
Naval engineering : alternative approaches for organizing cooperative research /
Conversations allégoriques organisées par la Sagesse.
Does the Medicare Principal Inpatient Diagnostic Cost Group model adequately adjust for selection bias? /
Functional recovery following traumatic brain injury: A longitudinal design
Reducing suicide : a national imperative /
Biosolids applied to land : advancing standards and practices /
The end of stress as we know it /
Implementing the post-deployment health practice guideline : lessons from the field demonstration /
Network architectures, management, and applications III 7-10 November 2005, Shanghai, China /
Integrated optics, theory and applications 31 August-2 September, 2005, Warsaw, Poland /
Restoration genetics and pollination of the rare vernal pool endemic Lasthenia conjugens (Asteraceae) /
The General review, or, Impartial register being a faithful representation of the civil, military, commercial and literary transactions of the present time. Digested under the heads of polity, criticism, and amusement.
Noise and Fluctuations : 18th International Conference on Noise and Fluctuations, ICNF 2005, Salamanca, Spain, 19-23 September 2005 /
The global theory of minimal surfaces in flat spaces : lectures given at the 2nd session of the Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo (C.I.M.E.) held in Martina Franca, Italy, June 7-14, 1999 /
Theory of K-loops /
FMS customer financial management handbook (billing)
Faultlines of conflict in Central Asia and the south Caucasus : implications for the U.S. Army /
The American military presence and civil-military relations in Germany : a guide to sources in American and German Archives /
The U.S. organ procurement system : a prescription for reform /
The advantage of competitive federalism for securities regulation /
Geometric aspects of functional analysis : Israel Seminar 2001-2002 /
Next generation environmental technologies : benefits and barriers /
Impact of a uniform formulary on military health system prescribers : baseline survey results /
New book list for bookbuyers, librarians and booksellers.
The general magazine of Arts and Sciences philosophical, philological, mathematical, and mechanical ... By Benjamin Martin.
Industrial materials for the future R&D strategies : a case study of boiler materials for the pulp and paper industry /
Impact of red light camera enforcement on crash experience /
Who is leading our schools? : an overview of school administrators and their careers /
Metrics for the Quadrennial Defense Review's operational goals /
Advanced lectures on networking : Networking 2002 tutorials /
Is military advertising effective? : an estimation methodology and applications to recruiting in the 1980s and 1990s /
Beyond the nuclear shadow : a phased approach for improving nuclear safety and U.S.-Russian relations /
Challenges in defense working capital fund pricing : analysis of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service /
Monetary policy in Korea /
New challenges for international leadership : lessons from organizations with global missions /
Democracy and Islam in the new constitution of Afghanistan /
Weaving a national map : review of the U.S. Geological Survey concept of the national map /
The fifth annual AI Systems in Government Conference : proceedings, May 6-11, 1990, Washington, D.C. /
Compcon Spring '91 : digest of papers : San Francisco, California, February 25-March 1, 1991.
Homeland security : a compendium of public and private organizations' policy recommendations /
Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Calorimetry in Particle Physics : Pasadena, California, USA, 25-29 March 2002 /
The U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command ... in review
The spectrum of disordered eating : anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and obesity /
Assessing unit readiness : case study of an Air Force mobility wing /
Oceans '76 : second annual combined conference, September 13-15, 1976, Sheraton Park Hotel, Washington, D.C. /
The People's Liberation Army as organization : reference volume v1.0 /
Geometric mechanics /
Characters and cyclotomic fields in finite geometry /
Noncommutative Gröbner bases and filtered-graded transfer /
Chemical reference materials : setting the standards for ocean science /
Deterrence, protection, and preparation : the new transportation security imperative /
Asbestos litigation costs and compensation : an interim report /
The Culler
Harry Delaware, or, An American in Germany
Wau-bun, the "early day" in the North-west
The American cardinal a novel.
The lady lieutenant a wonderful, startling and thrilling narrative of the adventures of Miss Madeline Moore, who, in order to be near her lover, joined the army, was elected lieutenant, and fought in western Virginia under the renowned General McClellan, and afterwards at the great battle of Bull's Run.
On the border
Raids and romance of Morgan and his men
Good stories parts 1-4.
My southern friends "All of what I saw, and part of which I was" /
Gifts of genius a miscellany of prose and poetry /
Up Broadway, and its sequel a life story /
His level best, and other stories
Baked meats of the funeral collection of essays, poems, speeches, histories, and banquets /
Our new crusade a temperance story /
Blue jackets, or, The adventures of J. Thompson, A.B., among "The heathen Chinee" a nautical novel /
A stray Yankee in Texas
The man without a country
If, yes, and perhaps four possibilities and six exaggerations, with some bits of fact /
Lucretia, the Quakeress, or, Principle triumphant
Frank Freeman's barber shop a tale /
Six of one by half a dozen of the other an every day novel /
Autographs for freedom
The Ingham papers some memorials of the life of Capt. Frederic Ingham, U.S.N., sometime pastor of the First Sandemanian Church in Naguadavick, and major general by brevet in the patriot service in Italy /
Dare Fairfax
The Montanas, or, Under the stars a romance /
"Guilty, or not guilty" the true story of Manhattan well.
The physiology of New York boarding-houses
The old plantation, and what I gathered there in an autumn month
A passionate pilgrim, and other tales
Work a story of experience /
The lost hunter a tale of early times.
Marjorie Daw and other people /
Out of his head a romance /
Père Antoine's date palm
Prudence Palfrey a novel /
The needle-woman
Timothy Crump's ward a story of American life.
His two wives
The knight of Castile a Spanish tale /
Daisy's necklace, and what came of it (a literary episode) /
Archibald Cameron, or, Heart trials
The Autobiography of Charles Moore revealing the history of the most remarkable robberies.
Olive Lacey a tale of the Irish Rebellion of 1798 /
The rebel general's loyal bride a true picture of scenes in the late Civil War /
The autobiography of a married woman
The harp of a thousand strings, or, Laughter for a lifetime
The Cecilias, or, The force of circumstances
The Benson family a story for old and young /
Belshazzar, or, The fall of Babylon a tale of the Orient /
Money and marriage a modern story /
Ernestin, or, The heart's longing
The Adopted daughter, or, The trials of Sabra a tale of real life.
The rebel scout a romance of the Revolution /
The signet of King Solomon, or, The Templar's daughter
Red-tape and pigeon-hole generals as seen from the ranks during a campaign in the army of the Potomac /
The Actress in high life an episode in winter quarters.
In doors and out, or, Views from the chimney corner
The angel of the household
All's for the best
After the storm
After a shadow, and other stories
The rangers and regulators of the Tanaha, or, Life among the lawless a tale of the Republic of Texas /
The good time coming
The hand but not the heart, or, The life-trials of Jessie Loring
Danger, or, Wounded in the house of a friend
Cast adrift
The home mission
Home lights and shadows
Heart-histories and life-pictures
Friends and neighbours, or, Two ways of living in the world
Orange blossoms, fresh and faded
The old man's bride
The two wives, or, Lost and won
What came afterwards a novel, being a sequel to "Nothing but money" /
The wedding guest a friend of the bride and bridegroom /
The ways of providence, or "He doeth all things well"
Sparing to spend, or, The Loftons and Pinkertons
Cora and the doctor, or, Revelations of a physician's wife
The breach of trust, or, The professor and possessor of piety
Juliette, or, Now and forever
From jest to earnest
The luck of Roaring Camp and other sketches /
Mliss an idyl of Red Mountain ; a story of California in 1863 /
The Blithedale romance
Robert Graham
The old distillery, or, Hope Archer
The vagabond
The angel and the demon a tale /
Clouded in mystery
Poor Lizzie Lee another victim of the notorious Madam La Farge ... /
The itinerant side, or, Pictures of life in the itinerancy
The household angel in disguise
The first and the second marriages, or, The courtesies of wedded life
Mozis Addums' new letters.
The emigrant's mother a true story of the last fifty years, for the old and the young:with a prefatory authentication /
Courtship and marriage, or, The joys and sorrows of American life
Sut Lovingood yarns spun by a "nat'ral born durn'd fool":warped and wove for public wear /
Richard Vandermarck a novel /
Frank Warrington
The house of seven gables a romance /
Mosses from an old manse
The Howards a tale founded on facts /
The wonderful adventures and horrible disclosures of a Louisville policeman
Marcus Warland, or, The Long Moss Spring a tale of the South /
Ernest Linwood
Eoline, or, Magnolia vale
Southern and South-Western sketches fun, sentiment and adventure /
Philip English's two cups "1692."
The duke's prize a story of art and heart in Florence /
War letters of a disbanded volunteer embracing his experiences as Honest Old Abe's bosom friend and unofficial adviser.
The lady of the West, or, The gold seekers written for the great American nation /
The gipsey daughter, or, The fortunes of a Spanish cavalier
Edmund Dawn, or, Ever forgive
From dawn to daylight, or, The simple story of a western home
The Winthrops a novel.
Honor May
The gabled house, or, Self-sacrifice
Stories of the Crescent City
The regicide's daughter a tale of two worlds /
Wolfert's roost, and other papers, now first collected
Norwood, or, Village life in New England
Emily, or, The orphan sisters a tale of mystery, crime, and terror /
Had you been in his place
What not
Victor Norman, rector
The brigand captive, or, Gipsy queen
Out of prison
Old Hepsy
Opposite the jail
The soprano a musical story /
The wife's stratagem a story for fireside and wayside.
The strawberry garden how it was planted, what it cost ...:a very practical story /
The old inn, or, The travellers' entertainment
Ellen Durand
The river pirates a tale of New York, taken from the records of the New York Police Courts.
The cross and the shamrock, or, How to defend the faith an Irish-American Catholic tale of real life ... /
Wensley a story without a moral.
The unfortunate mountain girl a collection of miscellanies in prose and verse /
Aunt Jane's hero
Ruby Duke
Rose Clark
Golden dreams and leaden realities
Vassall Morton
Fern leaves from Fanny's port-folio second series /
Fresh leaves
Down the river, or Practical lessons under the Code Duello
The widow Rugby's husband a night at the ugly man's, and other tales of Alabama /
Marian Grey, or, The heiress of Redstone hall
The slaveholder abroad, or, Billy Buck's visit, with his master, to Englandto Major Joseph Jones, of Georgia
Vivia, or, The secret of power
Our "first families" a novel of Philadelphia good society /
The Creole orphans, or, Lights and shadows of Southern life a tale of Louisiana /
Wanderings of a vagabond an autobiography /
Rockford, or, Sunshine and storm
Farming as a profession, or, How Charles Loring made it pay
Fettered for life, or, Lord and master a story of to-day /
The yoke and burden
The Black crook a most wonderful history.
The changed brides
A peep at "Number five", or, A chapter in the life of a city pastor
Blanche Seymour
You and me, or, Sketches for both of us
The rise and progress of the kingdoms of light & darkness, or, The reign of Kings Alpha and Abadon
Dora Raymond, or, Truth triumphant
The curse entailed
A Norseman's pilgrimage
Mary Lee, or, The Yankee in Ireland
Emily, the beautiful seamstress, or, The danger of the first step a story of life in New York /
Female depravity, or, The house of death
The flower of the forest, or, The discarded daughter
The banker's victim or, The betrayed seamstress
Agnes the beautiful, or, The gamblers' conspiracy a vivid picture of the secret transactions of New York life /
Life in varied phases
Quentin Durward the loser and the winner.
Earth angels and hidden oppression, or, The life of little Annie
The Beauforts a story of the Alleghanies /
The congressman's Christmas dream and the lobby member's happy New Year, a holiday sketch /
The luck of roaring camp and other sketches /
Ups and downs an every-day novel /
The choice of Paris a romance of the Troad /
Poems and tales
Wild scenes on the frontiers, or, Heroes of the West
The bandit queen a tale of Italy /
The artist's bride, or, The pawnbroker's heir
The phantom of the forest a tale of the dark and bloody ground /
The pioneer's daughter ; The unknown countess
Rosalie Du Pont, or, Treason in the camp a sequel to the female spy /
The orphan's trials, or, Alone in a great city
Walde-Warren a tale of circumstantial evidence:[a companion to the "Prairie flower" /
The unknown countess, or, Crime and its results
Condensed novels
Mr. Vaughan's heir
Cone cut corners the experiences of a conservative family in fanatical times:involving some account of a Connecticut village, the people who live in it, and those who come there from the large city /
Matthew Caraby a narrative of his adventures during the autumn of 1848, among friends and strangers, in country and in town /
The bride of the wilderness
The city side, or, Passages from a pastor's portfolio
Our great peace festival and pow-wow to be held in Boston, June 1869.
The spirit-rapper an autobiography /
Forty-four years of the life of a hunter being reminiscences of Meshach Browning, a Maryland hunter, roughly written down /
Margaret Moncrieffe the first love of Aaron Burr:a romance of the Revolution, with an appendix containing the letters of Colonel Burr to "Kate" and "Eliza," and from "Lenora," etc. etc. /
First quarrels and first discords in married life to which is added A matrimonial peace-offering /
Three per cent. a month, or, The perils of fast living
The second marriage, or, A daughter's trials a domestic tale of New York /
Dora Barton, the banker's ward a tale of real life in New York /
Who would have thought it? a novel.
Female life in New York City
The belle of the Orient, or, The Hindoo merchant's legacy a story of the East and West /
Nell Noell the light-keeper's treasure:a romance of England, France and Italy /
The history of the hen fever a humorous record /
The rag-picker, or, Bound and free
A hundred thousand dollars in gold how to make it:a practical narrative suggesting how to use and not abuse it : how to gain and how to lend it : how to keep and how to lose it : how to increase and how to spend it /
The sea-king a nautical romance /
Glenwood, or, The parish boy
The adventures of a lodger
The Thurstons of the old Palmetto State, or, Varieties of Southern life illustrated in the fortunes of a distinguished family of South Carolina /
Eastern tales
Rattlehead's travels, or, The recollections of a backwoods man that has travelled many thousand miles on the highway of human destiny, brought about a revolution in domestic happiness, and effected a general shake-up of creation
The life and adventures of an Arkansaw doctor
Rattlehead's chronicles, or, A little experience with old maids and young maids, old bachelors, fools, and drunkards, quack doctors, men of science and the world at large
White Acre vs. Black Acre a case at law /
Headland home, or, A soul's pilgrimage
The Tim Bunker papers, or, Yankee farming
Tighe Lyfford a novel.
The mysterious messenger founded on fact /
Salted with fire
Bickerton, or, The immigrant's daughter a tale.
Eros and anteros, or, The bachelor's ward
Historical sketch of the third annual conquest of Florida
Pictures of country life
The Hortons, or, American life at home
The wandering guerrilla, or, The infant bride of Truxillo a story of the troublous times of Mexico /
The Yankee champion, or, The Tory and his league a revolutionary story of the land and sea /
The emigrants, an allegory, or, Christians vs. the world
Castles in the air, and other phantasies
Fernando, or, The moor of Castile a romance of old Spain /
The miller of Silcott Mill
The juggler of Nankin, or, The grandee's plot a story of the celestial empire /
Marco, or, The female smuggler a tale of strange incidents afloat and ashore /
The lost heir, or, The duke and the Lazzarone a tale of Naples and its environs /
The knight of León, or, The monarch's last bride a tale of Moorish Granada /
Cotton stealing a novel.
The autobiography of a New England farm-house a book /
The servant-girl of the period the greatest plague of life what Mr. and Mrs. Honeydew learned of housekeeping /
Put to the test
English serfdom and American slavery, or, Ourselves--as others see us
Ivan the serf, or, The Russian and Circassian a tale of Russia, Turkey, and Circassia /
["The Derienni", or, Land pirates of the isthmus]
A poor fellow
Honest John Vane a story /
Search after a lost heart
Lois Carrol, or, Her two selves
Yale College "Scrapes"
Despotism, or, The last days of the American Republic
Alice Vale a story for the times /
Helen Harlow's vow
Mayweed blossoms
Mardi Gras a tale of Ante Bellum times /
Stanley, or, Playing for amusement and betting to count the game scenes in the South /
The family doctor, or, Mrs. Barry and her bourbon
The Rev. Dr. Willoughby and his wine
Orange grove a tale of the Connecticut.
Mr. Frank, the underground mail-agent
The fair god, or, The last of the 'Tzins a tale of the conquest of Mexico /
Dead men's shoes a romance /
Delaplaine, or, The sacrifice of Irene
Hotspur a tale of the old Dutch manor /
Lulu a tale of the National Hotel poisonings /
The mission of death a tale of the New York penal laws /
Warwick, or, The lost nationalities of America
The gates ajar
Hedged in
Men, women, and ghosts
Black Rolf, or, The Red Witch of Wissahickon being the history of the Blue Beards and scarlet ribbons:a tale of secret crimes and hidden mysteries of Quakerdom /
A double wedding, or, How she was won
Hester Howard's temptation a soul's story /
Miss Tiller's vegetable garden and the money she made by it
Beech Bluff a tale of the South /
Daisy continued from "Melbourne House" /
The hills of the Shatemuc
Mary Barker
Our Bible-class, and the good that came of it
Man's rights, or, How would you like it? compromising dreams /
The Sparrowgrass papers, or, Living in the country
Little wolf a tale of the Western frontier /
Pilgrims of fashion
Adrift with a vengeance a tale of love and adventure /
Emily Mayland, or, The faithful governess
The Potiphar papers reprinted from "Putnam's monthly" /
Delia's doctors, or, A glance behind the scenes
Tale of a physician, or, The seeds and fruits of crime
Green peas picked from the patch of Invisible Green, Esg. /
By the sea
Mabel Vaughan
The sayings of Dr. Bushwhacker, and other learned men
Losing to win
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" contrasted with Buckingham Hall, the planter's home, or, A fair view of both sides of the slavery question
Squibs of California, or, Every-day life illustrated
Cornelio, or, The false vocation
Prue and I
Household mysteries a romance of Southern life /
Cypress leaves
Light and darkness, or, The shadow of fate a story of fashionable life.
The discipline of storms a tale of the old world and the new /
[Backwards D]e histori ov Magnus Maha'rba and de Blak Dragun
The portfolio of a Southern medical student
Eye-witness, or, Life scenes in the Old North State depicting the trials and sufferings of the Unionists during the Rebellion /
Albert Hastings
The Widow Bedott papers
Leander Hall, or, The investigation of religious truth comprehending the origin and nature of the Church of Christ, with its laws and ordinances, embraced in a web of romance from the loom of real life /
Kate Callender, or, School-girls of '54 and the women of to-day /
The Norwich cadets a tale of the Rebellion /
Gordon Lodge, or, Retribution an autobiography /
Jane Arlington, or, The defrauded heiress a tale of Lake Champlain /
The adventures of Sir Lyon Bouse, Bart. in America, during the Civil War being extracts from his diary.
Book of the Prophet Stephen, son of Douglas
The chronicles of Gotham
The Fall of Man, or, The loves of the gorillas a popular scientific lecture upon the Darwinian theory of development by sexual selection /
Revelations a companion to the "New gospel of peace" /
Wilburn, or, The heir of the manor a romance of the Old Dominion /
The Gayworthys a story of threads and thrums /
Real folks
Zerub Throop's experiment
Gilbert St. Maurice
Helen Ethinger, or, Not exactly right
Who was she?, or, The soldier's best glory
Herbert Hamilton, or, The Bas Bleu
The whole history of Adeline Fosbenner, a wealthy and accomplished young lady ... an absorbingly interesting narrative /
Sam Simple's first trip to New Orleans
The wild Parks family of Wyoming County, Pennsylvania a true narrative, showing the frightful results of the intermarriage of own blood cousins.
Life in the South a companion to Uncle Tom's cabin /
Fifty years ago a story of New England life /
Faca an army memoir /
Shoepac recollections
Arrah-Na-Pogue (Arrah-of-the-Kiss), or, The Wicklow wedding founded on the same incidents as the celebrated drama by Dion Bourcicault.
The Yankee enterprise, or, The two millionaires and other thrilling tales.
Binnacle Jack, or, The cavern of death
The funny philosophers, or Wags and sweethearts
Abbie Nott and other Knots
Crown jewels, or, The dream of an empire an historical romance /
The black cruiser, or, The scourge of the seas
Black-eyed beauty, or, One of the lost a brilliant picture of the follies and frailties of fast life /
Bob Brierly, or, The ticket-of-leave man a romance of the present day ; founded on the great play of the same title by Tom Taylor ... /
Delaware Dick, or, The chase of the wasp
The Fenian chief, or, The martyr of '65 founded on recent events in Ireland's struggle for liberty! /
The flying arrow, or, The pirate's revenge
Gay life in New-York, or, Fast men and grass widows
The icy deep, or, True unto death! a story of wild adventures and fearful perils /
Joaquin, the Claude Duval of California, or, The marauder of the mines a romance founded on truth.
Murty, the Rover, or, The Irish buccaneer full of wild and thrilling romance /
Rip Van Winkle, or, The sleep of twenty years a legend of the Kaatskills /
The serf, or, Love levels all! carefully written upon the celebrated play of that name by Tom Taylor.
The way it all ended a novel.
Edward Wilton, or, Early days of Michigan
Castle Nowhere lake-country sketches /
Wrecks and rescues
Marcus Blair a story of provincial times /
Mrs. Armingtons' ward ; or, The inferior sex
Behind the scenes a story of the stage /
The best fellow in the world his haps and mishaps /
How could he escape? a temperance tale /
The life cruise of Capt. Bess Adams a temperance tale /
A million too much a temperance tale /
Priest and nun with a valuable appendix by the publisher /
Under the yoke and other tales /
Clara Hollinbrook, the beauty of Fairfax, or, The life and adventures of an officer of the Union Army during the present war
The gem of the lake
Our Chatham Street uncle, or, The three golden balls
John and the demijohn a temperance tale /
Moth and rust a very plain tale.
Almost a priest a tale that deals in facts /
Nothing to drink a temperance sea story /
Secrets of the convent and confessional an exhibition of the influence and workings of papacy upon society and Republican institutions /
The boys in blue ; or, a soldier's life a story of the late war /
The golden ladder, or, The stolen jewel
Mathieu Ropars et cetera
Alice Granger a tale of the West /
St. Elmo
The mills of the gods
Fun and earnest
The Arch fiend, or, The life, confession, and execution of Green H. Long
Eirene, or, A woman's right
Mrs. Partington's carpet-bag of fun
The general's daughter a romance of history, being a sequel to "The Cecilias" /
Arrest, confession and suicide of Almira Cathcart
The Amorous intrigues and adventures of Aaron Burr
Annals of the Empire City from its Colonial days to the present:tale 1 : the quadroon, or, New-York under the English /
Cupid's album
Before and after the election, or, The political experiences of Mr. Patrick Murphy
Victoire a novel.
Hidden wings, and other stories
Letters of Peregrine Pickle
The gold hunters̓ adventures, or, Life in Australia
Life at the White Sulphur Springs, or, Pictures of a pleasant summer
Edwin Brothertoft
John Brent
Woman's strategy, or, The first time I saw her a novel /
Fort Lafayette, or, Love and secession
Future life, or, Scenes in another world
The diary of a milliner
The new gospel of peace according to St. Benjamin
Faith White's letter book, 1620-1623, Plymouth, New England ...
The ship-carpenter's family a story for the times /
Mary Staunton, or, The pupils of Marvel Hall
Portraits of my married friends, or, A peep into Hymen's kingdom
Hitherto a story of yesterdays /
Patience Strong's outings
Bertha the beauty a story of the Southern revolution /
Widow Spriggins, Mary Elmer, and other sketches
Uncle Sam's palace, or, The reigning king
Self-made, or, Living for those we love
Smiles and frowns
The lost bride, or, The astrologer's prophecy fulfilled
Steps towards heaven, or, Religion in common life a series of lay sermons for converts in the great awakening /
The Baked head, and other tales now first collected.
Old Moll and little Agnes, or, The rich poor and the poor rich
Mose Evans a simple statement of the singular facts of his case /
Inside--a chronicle of Secession
Baffled schemes a novel.
An outcast, or, Virtue and faith
Trial and triumph, or, Firmness in the household
Woods and waters, or, The Saranacs and Racket
The astrologer of Chaldea, or, The life of faith
Which, the right or the left?
Western border life, or, What Fanny Hunter saw and heard in Kansas and Missouri
The minister of E. ; or, Evils in the church a true story /
Ten years of torture, or, Sutten's death-bed confession of how he married Miss Martha Morton, an accomplished young lady of Baltimore with the hellish design of torturing her to death ... /
The hidden path
Husbands and homes
Utterly wrecked a novel of American coast life /
The true life of William Pool ... with a full account of the terrible affray at Stanwix Hall, in which he received a fatal wound.
The true narrative of the five years suffering and perilous adventurescby Miss Barber, wife of "Squatting Bear," a celebrated Sioux chief ... With numerous accurate engravings
Leander, or, Secrets of the priesthood
Hansford a tale of Bacon's Rebellion /
Hawthorne dale, and miscellaneous sketches chiefly Masonic /
The Lawrences a twenty-years' history /
A woman in the case a story /
Jack Hopeton, or, The adventures of a Georgian
Turnover a tale of New Hampshire.
Reality, or, The millionaire's daughter a book for young men and young women /
Two ways to wedlock a novellette.
The Brawnville papers being memorials of The Brawnville Athletic Club /
The captive orphan Esther, the Queen of Persia /
The history and records of the Elephant Club
Cloud-pictures 1. The exile of von Adelstein's soul:2. Topankalon : 3. Herr Regenbogen's concert : 4. A great-organ prelude /
An analysis of potential adjustments to the Veterans Equitable Resource Allocation (VERA) system /
Investeringsbehoefte uitrusting wetenschappelijk onderzoek. A survey of future requirements for outfitting public scientific research in the Netherlands.
Alternatives for landmine detection /
The information revolution in the Middle East and North Africa /
Honing the keys to the city : refining the United States Marine Corps reconnaissance force for urban ground combat operations /
Review of RAND Europe's transport demand model systems /
New challenges, new tools for defense decisionmaking /
Technology transfer of federally funded R&D : perspectives from a forum /
Quadrennial defense review 2001 : lessons on managing change in the Department of Defense /
Organizational management of Army research /
My three neighbors in the Queen City
The Pennimans, or, The triumph of genius
Gulliver Joi his three voyages /
The last of his name
Scrope, or, The lost library a novel of New York and Hartford /
Honor bright a romance /
Malbrook a novel.
Buckskin Mose, or, Life from the Lakes to the Pacific ...
Our new minister
One word and a tear ; or, The wounded dove The story of Lenore Parolee.
Kate Aylesford a story of the refugees /
The old stone mansion
Pemberton, or, One hundred years ago
The angel over the right shoulder, or, The beginning of a new year
The last leaf from Sunny Side
The sunny side, or, The country minister's wife
Twice married a story of Connecticut life.
The gypsies of the Danes' dike a story of hedge-side life in England in the year 1855 /
The world to blame
The diamond cross a tale of American society /
Ida Norman, or, Trials and their uses
The Alpine guide, or, The veteran of Marengo an historical tale of the Napoleonic Empire /
The bootmaker of the Fifth Avenue a story of the petroliomania in New-York City /
The Princess of Viarna, or, The Spanish Inquisition in the reign of the Emperor Charles the Fifth
Lillian, or, The battle of life
Jamie Parker, the fugitive
Here and hereafter, or, The two altars
Katherine Morris an autobiography /
Step by step, or, Delia Arlington a fireside story /
Bread of heaven and husks of swine, or, The curse of jealousy a life history.
The detective and the somnambulist ; The murderer and the fortune teller
The expressman and the detective
The arrest a tale of the Revolution, founded on fact /
Conrado de Beltran, or, The buccaneer of the Gulf a romantic story of the sea and the shore /
Paul and Julia, or, The political mysteries, hypocrisy and cruelty of the leaders of the Church of Rome
Cecilia Grey, or, The vicissitudes of fortune
The pleasant and grave history of the first adventures of that good-intentioned gentleman, the renowned Bartholomew Perigru
Our Saturday nights
Brick-dust a remedy for the blues, and a something for people to talk about /
Gold-dust for the beautifying of lives and homes /
Nonsense, or, Hits and criticisms on the follies of the day
Sense, or, Saturday-night musings and thoughtful papers
Poor Mary Pomeroy! the Jersey City music teacher ; Also, a full and authentic account of the trial of Rev. John S. Glendenning before the authorities of Prospect Avenue Church:startling details and curious statements ; What a lady saw one night.
The West Point cadet, or, The turns of fortune's wheel
The silver cup of sparkling drops from many fountains
Caring for no man
The lost will
Captain John, or, Loss is sometimes gain
Glencoe parsonage
Married for both worlds
My hero, or, Contrasted lives
Foundations, or, Castles in the air
The winter fire a sequel to Summer drift-wood /
The years that are told
A hairdresser's experience in high life
Chit-chat of humor, wit and anecdote
A white hand a story of noblesse oblige /
La Belle Zoa, or, The insurrection of Hayti
The blind girl's offering, or, Stray thoughts in poetry and prose
Stepping heavenward
Fred, and Maria, and me
The little preacher
Urbane and his friends
Dolby and father
An odd volume of facts and fictions in prose and verse /
Hortense the last of a noble name:a romance of real life /
Caleb Krinkle a story of American life /
My married life at Hillside
Cakes and ale at Woodbine from Twelfth Night to New Year's Day /
Glenveigh, or, The victim of vengeance a tale of Irish peasant life in the present /
Married, not mated, or, How they lived at Woodside and Throckmorton Hall
The Career of John Mortal a man who enjoyed this life.
Edna, or, An antique tale
The log of Commodore Rollingpin his adventures afloat and ashore /
From year to year! a token of remembrance /
The bishop's son
The chained wife, or, The frightful sufferings of Mary Lesley a beautiful young American girl, who foolishly married the notorious Lord Gordon who lately committed suicide.
Clovernook, or, Recollections of our neighborhood in the West.
Clovernook, or, Recollections of our neighborhood in the West
Helen Lincoln a tale /
Eagle Pass, or, Life on the border
The countess, or, The iron cross a story of high and low life /
Isidore de Montigny, or, The smuggler of St. Malo a story of sea and shore /
The ocean martyr, or, The hunter spy of Virginia a Revolutionary story of sea and shore /
The maniac's secret, or, The privateer of Massachusetts Bay a story of the Revolution /
Charley Hunter, or, The forger's fate
A modern Cressida
Art and artlessness
The old doctor's son
Old times
The children of light a theme for the time /
The temperance doctor
Wealth and wine
Leaves from a bachelor's book of life
Life in the forest, or, The trials and sufferings of a pioneer
The youth of Jefferson, or, A chronicle of college scrapes at Williamsburg, in Virginia, A.D. 1764
Wearing of the gray being personal portraits, scenes and adventures of the war /
The fixed stars, or, The goddess of truth and justice
Henry St. John, gentleman, of "Flower of Hundreds," in the county of Prince George, Virginia a tale of 1774-'75 /
Ante bellum southern life as it was /
A history of the great Narraticon Exploring Expedition of 1866
Mark Dunning's enemy
Molly's Bible
Frank Elliott, or, Wells in the desert
Hagar a story of to-day /
The rival brothers, or, The corsair and privateer a tale of the last war /
Out of the wilderness
The Beverly family, or, Home influence of religion
Was she engaged?
The mystery of Holly Tavern a story of nine travellers /
Margret Howth a story of to-day.
The Day after to-morrow
The Rector of Roxburgh a story for our own times /
Deacon Sims' prayers
Bill Drock's investment
At lion's mouth
Aunt Dinah's pledge
Peter Carradine, or, The martindale pastoral
Isa a pilgrimage /
Susan, the fisherman's daughter, or, Getting along a book of illustrations /
The foe in the household
Dream-land by daylight a panorama of romance /
Tales of the St. Lawrence
The convent and the manse
Autumnal leaves tales and sketches in prose and rhyme /
A romance of the republic
Fitz-Hugh St. Clair, the South Carolina rebel boy, or It is no crime to be born a gentleman
The master
Lieutenant Messinger
Led to the light a sequel to Opposite the jail /
George Welding, or, Crime and its consequences a truthful picture but a terrible record /
George Denny, or, Sketches of life in the far West
Cholula, or, The young Mexican
A night at Isley's Grange an interesting novelette /
The Catanese, or, The real and the ideal
Agnes Farriday, or, The harlot's friend
Seven years of a sailor's life
A book for an hour containing choice reading and character sketches:A curious dream, and other sketches /
Mark Twain's (burlesque) autobiography and first romance
The celebrated jumping frog of Calaveras County and other sketches /
Mark Twain's sketches
Tobias Wilson a tale of the Great Rebellion /
The story of a summer, or, Journal leaves from Chappaqua
Roughing it
Mark Twain's sketches, new and old now first published in complete form.
The innocents abroad, or, The new Pilgrim's progress being some account of the steamship Quaker City's pleasure excursion to Europe and the Holy Land, with descriptions of countries, nations, incidents and adventures, as they appeared to the author /
The child of the bay, or, The old sailor's protégé a tale of England, India and the ocean /
The bravo's secret, or, The spy of the "ten" a Venetian tale, founded on incidents which occurred during the latter part of the reign of Francesco Dandolo, Doge of Venice /
The earl's ward, or, The old chapel and its mysteries a romance of the land and ocean /
Alice the fisher girl, or, The old man of the wreck a story of old England /
Henry Courtland, or, What a farmer can do
Female life among the Mormons a narrative of many years' personal experience /
The old helmet
The wide, wide world
Nellie Norton, or, Southern slavery and the Bible a scriptural refutation of the principal arguments upon which the abolitionists rely:a vindication of Southern slavery from the Old and New Testaments /
Chauncey Judd, or, The stolen boy a story of the Revolution /
Lawford Hall and the lady of Lawford, or, The Boughtons of Warwickshire
Philip Thaxter a novel.
Perfect love casteth out fear
Fair Harvard a story of American college life.
Marguerite Kent
John Paul's book, moral and instructive... with several portraits of the author, and other spirited of the author, and other spirited engravings
Liffith Lank, or, Lunacy
St. Twel'mo, or, The cuneiform cyclopedist of Chattanooga
The wickedest woman in New York
"Sam", or, The history of mystery
Tales of the Southern border
Spiritual vampirism : the history of Etherial Softdown and her friends of the "New Light" /
The winter lodge, or, Vow fulfilled an historical novel ; the sequel to Simon Kenton /
Substance and shadows, or, Phases of every-day life
Home scenes a family story /
Bessie and Raymond, or, Incidents connected with the Civil War in the United States
Hermit's dell from the diary of a Penciller.
The New Orleans sketch book
Alice Tracy, or, Faint, yet pursuing a sketch from real life /
Jottings from life, or, Passages from the diary of an itinerant's wife
Western characters, or, Types of border life in the western states
Doings in Maryland, or Matilda Douglas
The aid-de-camp a romance of the war /
The Lacy diamonds
The Bunsby papers.
Artemus Ward in London and other papers /
Gnaw-wood, or, New England life in a village
Polly Peablossom's wedding and other tales /
Edith Moreton, or, Temperance versus intemperance
The odd trump a novel.
Cottage piety exemplified
Minnie Hermon, the rumseller's daughter, or, Woman in the temperance reform a tale for the times /
Ebon and gold
Shahmah in pursuit of freedom, or, The branded hand
Philip Seymour, or, Pioneer life in Richland County, Ohio founded on facts /
Avondale a story of English life /
The steel safe, or, The stains and splendors of New York life a story of our day and night /
Susan Wylie, or, The smuggler's bride
Will Watch, the bold smuggler a stirring tale of wild and desperate adventure /
Kidnapped a novelette /
The Quaker partisans a story of the Revolution /
The dancing star, or, The smuggler of the Chesapeake a story of the coast and sea /
What a boy! What shall we do with him? What will he do with himself? Who is to blame for the consequences?
Fun-jottings, or, Laughs I have taken a pen to
Paul Fane, or, Parts of a life else untold
The victim bride, or, A father's sacrifice being a true and touching recital of the mental, moral and physical sufferings of the beautiful and accomplished Kate Rigby, daughter of the Philadelphia millionaire.
Vashti, or, "Until death us do part"
Our Nig, or, Sketches from the life of a free black in a two-story white house, North showing that slavery's shadows fall even there /
Winnie and I
Cora O'Kane, or, The doom of the rebel guard a story of the Great Rebellion ; containing incidents of the campaign in Missouri under Generals Fremont and Sigel, and the thrilling exploits of the Unionists under Major Zagonyi /
Cecil Dreeme
Captain Brand of the "Centipede" a pirate of eminence in the West Indies, his loves and exploits together with some account of the singular manner by which he departed this life /
Tales for the marines
The combat of the people, or, Hillel and Herod a historical romance of the time of Herod I /
The fate of Donaldson and Grimwood in a balloon voyage from Chicago ...
The life, adventures, and elopement of Emily La Croix, the poisoner ; also, An account of Jean La Croix, her brother, better known in California as Leon Gabralli ...
Tales for all seasons
Woman's faith a tale of Southern life.
The wonderful, but true life of Ella Cameron an extraordinary revelation, being the only true life of this well-known Washington belle.
Marrying too late a tale /
Hubert's wife
How Bennie did it
Holden with the cords
Shiloh, or, Without and within
Essays, sketches and stories selected from the writings of George Bryant Woods with a biographical memoir.
The secret duel ; or, The soldier's dream a story of the late war /
Narrative of Edmund Wright his adventures with and escape from the Knights of the Golden Circle /
Melbourne House
Tales of the Southern border, Part II the Texan virago and the tailor of Gotham /
Tales of the Southern border, Part III the wild girl of Nebraska /
Naomi Torrente the history of a woman /
Artemus Ward, his travels
The adopted daughter
Zomara a romance of Spain /
Dick Wilson, the rumseller's victim, or, Humanity pleading for the "Maine Law" a temperance story - founded on fact /
Life in the West, or, Stories of the Mississippi Valley
Pierre, or, The ambiguities
Turned from the door a Christmas story for 1869-70 /
True womanhood a tale /
The museum of perilous adventures and daring exploits being a record of thrilling narratives, heroic achievements and hazardous enterprises, interspersed with numerous accounts of the most singular and entertaining facts, found in history:and embracing a most curious and interesting variety of valuable reading, for all classes, prepared from authentic documents, and embellished with numerous and diversified colored engravings.
The walking doll, or, the Asters and disasters of society
Brigham Young's daughter a most thrilling narrative of her escape from Utah with her intended husband.
Dream life, a fable of the seasons
Black diamonds, or, Humor, satire, and sentiment, treated scientifically in a series of burlesque lectures, darkly colored /
Minna Monte
Letters of Major Jack Downing of the Downingville Militia
John Andross
Ellen, or, The fanatic's daughter
Our refuge household
The adventures of Fudge Fumble, or, The love scrapes of his whole life
True riches, or, Wealth without wings
Lucy Howard's journal
A reel in a bottle, for Jack in the doldrums being the adventures of two of the King's seamen in a voyage to the celestial country /
Brave hearts an American novel /
Cedar Cliff, or, The mystery of the haunted acre
The rivals a Chickahominy story /
The road to ruin, or, The dangers of the town a career of crime /
Black Ralph, the forest fiend!, or, The wanderers of the West a tale of wood and wild /
The lone star, or, The Texan bravo a tale of the Southwest /
Marion's Brigade, or, The light dragoons a tale of the Revolution /
Milrose, or, The cotton-planter's daughter a tale of South Carolina /
Mountain Max, or, Nick Whiffles on the Border [a] tale of the Bushwhackers in Missouri.
Pathaway, or, The mountain outlaws a tale of the Northern hunting-grounds /
Redpath, or, The Western trail a story of frontier life and adventure /
The round pack a tale of the forked deer /
Scotto the scout, or, The Union Rangers a tale of the Great Rebellion /
Sibylla, or, The mystery of the brown-stone house
The silver bell, or, The heir of Motcombe Manor a romance of merry England /
The white rover, or, The lovely maid of Louisiana a romance of the wild forest /
The Roman soprano, or, The captain of the Swiss guard / by Charles G. Rosenberg
The mock marriage, or, The libertine's victim being a faithful delineation of the mysteries and miseries of the Queen City.
The smuggler's daughter and other tales.
Myra Bruce, or, True love running roughly
Life in Danbury being a brief but comprehensive record of the doings of a remarkable people ... /
The Italian girl
Tales and takings, sketches and incidents
The lady of Lawford and other Christmas stories
Victor la Tourette
Gomery of Montgomery a family history /
Kate Felton, or, A peep at realities
Clifford Troup a Georgia story /
The household of Bouverie, or, The elixir of gold a romance /
Miriam Monfort
The romance of Beauseincourt an episode extracted from the retrospect of Miriam Monfort /
Dollars and cents
My brother's keeper
Our two lives, or, Graham and I
Stormcliff a tale of the Highlands /
Against the world
Virginia illustrated containing a visit to the Virginian Canaan, and the adventures of Porte Crayon and his cousins /
Slippery paths a temperance story /
The summer-land a southern story /
Will he find her? a romance of New York and New Orleans /
Round the Horn a Christmas yarn /
Minny Lawson, or, The outlaws league a romance of Gotham.
The lime-kiln man, or, The victim of misfortune
Ethel's love-live
Swell life at sea, or, Fun, frigates and yachting a collection of nautical yarns from the log-book of a youngster of the mess.
The tables turned being an interesting incident in the life of Jack Small and his companions.
Dr. Howell's family
Madge, or, Night and morning
Roger Deane's work
A spray from Lucerne
Tales for winter nights a choice collection of interesting adventures, marvellous stories, anecdotes, &c.
Tales of European life
Tales of romance a series of entertaining tales of manners and customs, adventures, the marvelous, &c. &c.
Tales of the picket-guard, or, The blue devils driven from camp a collection of stories /
[Tales of the times
Fisher's River (North Carolina) scenes and characters /
Philadelphia malignants typographed ... /
Brother Jonathan's cottage, or, A friend to the fallen
Beauty and the beast [a story of old Russia] ; and, Tales of home
Hannah Thurston a story of American life /
John Godfrey's fortunes, related by himself a story of American life /
Joseph and his friend a story of Pennsylvania /
The story of Kennett
The world on wheels and other sketches /
A fast life on the modern highway being a glance into the railroad world from a new point of view /
At anchor a story of our Civil War /
Marian Ellwood, or, How girls live
At last
The Christmas holly
The empty heart, or, Husks
From my youth up
Ruby's husband
The mysteries and miseries of San Francisco
The prize essay ; and The mitherless bairn
Avery Gliburn, or, Between two fires a romance /
True as steel
Travels of the De le Telle family letters from Europe /
An autobiography of William Russell
John Randolph of Roanoke and other sketches of character, including William Wirt ; together with tales of real life /
The man whom everybody snubbed a story of fact and fancy /
Life's lesson a tale.
The bushrangers a Yankee's adventures during his second visit to Australia /
The gold hunters in Europe, or, The dead alive
Life in the East Indies
Running the blockade, or, U.S. Secret Service adventures
A slaver's adventures on land and sea
The whaleman's adventures in the Sandwich Islands and California
Hawthorndean, or, Philip Benton's family a story of every day life /
The rectory of Moreland, or, My duty ...
Centeola, and other tales
Gaut Gurley, or, The trappers of Umbagog a tale of border life /
The rangers, or, The Tory's daughter a tale, illustrative of the Revolutionary history of Vermont and the Northern Campaign of 1777.
Anna Mowbray, or, Tales of the harem
Catharine and Clara, or, The double suicide a true tale of disappointed love.
The gay girls of New-York, or, Life on Broadway being a mirror of the fashions, follies and crimes of a great city /
Harry Glindon, or, The man of many crimes a startling narrative of the career of a most desperate villain /
Käthchen Castleton, die schöne Putzmacherin, oder, Die Schicksale eines jungen Mädchens im niederen Lebensstande, die an einem Tage zugleich Frau und Wittwe wurde
The ladies' garter
Life and exploits of the noted criminal, Bristol Bill
The locket a romance of New York /
Mysteries and miseries of Philadelphia
The outlaw, or, The felon's fortunes
Road to ruin, or, The felon's doom
Hoosier mosiacs
Doesticks, what he says
Chorronessee, and other tales
The hive of The bee-hunter a repository of sketches, including peculiar American character, scenery, and rural sports /
The master's house... illustrated by drawings from nature
The thrilling and extraordinary adventures of Charles L. Marshall and his lost bride, Cornelia Dunnington
Kate Wynward ; or, The wanderer of the sea A story of river, main, and ocean. /
The young fisherman, or, The cruiser of the English Channel a story of the olden times /
El Pirata
Thrilling narrative of the lives of Sarah Sharp and Charles Edwards, the victims of crime also, the life, trial and execution of Matthew Carrigan, for the murder of David Romer.
Aurora, or, The sharpshooters' scout a romance of the Revolution /
Olinda, or, The Mexican's daughter a tale of love and war /
Carmen's inheritance... handsomely illustrated from original designs by Wm. L. Sheppard
A daughter of Bohemia... With illustrations
Ebb-tide, and other stories
The Mameluke, or, The sign of the mystic tie a tale of the camp and court of Bonaparte /
Hearts and hands
The Russian guardsman a tale of the seas and shores of the East /
Mabel Lee
Nina's atonement, and other stories
The first patient a story /
Tempest-tossed a romance /
Trifleton papers
Tippletonia and the countries adjacent considered historically, geographically, politically and morally /
Titan Agonistes the story of an outcast.
Summer gleanings, or, Sketches and incidents of a pastor's vacation
City and country life, or, Moderate better than rapid gains
Clifton, or, Modern fashion, politics and morals
Clouds and sunshine
Fancies of a whimsical man
Ghostly colloquies
Glimpses of Nineveh, B.C. 690
Spiritual visitors
The brother clerks a tale of New-Orleans /
The battle-fields of our fathers
Darryll Gap, or, Whether it paid
The Deerings of Medbury
The Hollands
Living and loving
The mills of Tuxbury
One woman's two lovers, or, Jacqueline Thayne's choice
Temptation and triumph with other stories /
While it was morning
The fisher boy
Coupon bonds
Coupon bonds, and other stories
The deserted family, or, Wanderings of an outcast
Father Brighthopes, or, An old clergyman's vacation
Hearts and faces, or, Home-life unveiled
Lucy Arlyn
Martin Merrivale, his X mark
Neighbor wives
Sunshine in the palace and cottage, or, Bright extremes in human life
Amadeus, or, A night with the spirit
A wreath of Columbia's flowers 1858 /
The faithless guardian, or, Out of the darkness into the light a story of struggles, trials, doubts, and triumphs /
Hopedale Tavern and what it wrought
The outlaw, or, The female bandit a story of the robbers of the Apennines /
A question of honor
Valerie Aylmer
The happy islands, or, Paradise restored
Emma Parker, or, Scenes in the homes of the city poor
The eventful lives of Helen and Charlotte Lenoxa the twin sisters of Philadelphia, with elaborate and minute details of the adventures, intrigues, and dark crimes, of these beautiful, but sinful women, the former of whom was hung at Knoxville, Tennessee, August 20th, 1852, for the double murder of Captain Gerald Vernon and his young wife, while the latter, who was also convicted and sentenced to death for participation in the same foul murder, committed suicide in the jail the day previous to her sister's execution.
Off-hand sketches a little dashed with humour /
Nothing but money
The adventures of my cousin Smooth
The iron rule, or, Tyranny in the household
Home scenes, and home influence a series of tales and sketches /
Not anything for peace, and other stories
The knight of the golden melice a historical romance /
The mother's rule, or, The right way and the wrong way
Married life its shadows and sunshine /
Town and country, or, Life at home and abroad, without and within us
The Von Toodleburgs, or the history of a very distinguished family
Cipher a romance /
Dora Darling the daughter of the regiment.
Atlantic tales a collection of stories from the Atlantic monthly.
Lizzy Glenn, or, The trials of a seamstress
Lessons in life for all who will read them /
The lights and shadows of real life
Light on shadowed paths
Stories for parents
Our neighbors in the corner house
Seed-time and harvest, or, Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap
The son of my friend
Out in the world
The true path, and how to walk therein
Twenty years ago, and now
Behind the curtain, or, Leelinau
More than she could bear a story of the Gachupin War in Texas, A.D. 1812-1813 /
Growler's income tax
What can woman do?
The shadow of Moloch Mountain
Justice in the by-ways a tale of life /
Woman to the rescue a story of the new crusade /
Woman's trials, or, Tales and sketches from the life around us
The life and adventures of Maj. Roger Sherman Potter together with an accurate and exceedingly interesting account of his great achievements in politics, diplomacy, and war, all of which are here recorded out of sheer love for the martial spirit of this truly ambitious nation /
Words for the wise
Finger posts on the way of life
The sable cloud a southern tale, with northern comments /
Manuel Pereira, or, The Sovereign rule of South Carolina, with views of southern laws, life, and hospitality
Our world, or, The slaveholder's daughter
Words of cheer for the tempted, the toiling, and the sorrowing
Three years in a man-trap
Ten nights in a bar-room, and what I saw there
The tavern-keeper's victims, or, Six nights with the Washingtonians
The tried and the tempted
Trials and confessions of a housekeeper
Carmine, or, The trader at the fort
Champagne Charlie! or, The "Sports" of New-York exhibiting in lively colors all the ins and outs, and ups and downs, of every class of fast Gothamites... /
Solon, or, The Rebellion of '61 a domestic and political tragedy /
Irene, or, Beach-broken billows a story /
What I did with my fifty millions
The sentinel at the Pass
Graham Lodge, or, Laura Clifford's life romance
Clemence the schoolmistress of Waveland /
The two homes, or, Earning and spending
Septimus Felton, or The elixir of life
The snow-image and other Twice-told tales /
Wolfsden an authentic account of things there and thereunto pertaining as they are and have been /
Carrie Lee's talisman a tale /
Pauline of the Potomac, or, General McClellan's spy an authentic and thrilling narrative of the beautiful and accomplished Miss Pauline D'Estraye.
Gardening for money how it was done in flowers, strawberries, vegetables /
Priscilla, or, Trials for the truth an historic tale of the Puritans and the Baptists /
Carrie Clancy the heroine of the Atlantic:a full account of the services which this noble young lady, who is a poor fisherman's daughter, rendered on the occasion of the wreck of the Atlantic on the Nova Scotian coast.
Money and music an art story:being the sequel to "The Soprano" /
Farming by inches, or, "With brains, Sir" uniform with "My ten-rod farm."
Camilla--a tale of a violin being the artist life of Camilla Urso /
Every day
The tell-tale, or, Home secrets told by old travellers
Dealings with the dead the human soul, its migrations and its transmigrations /
Busy moments of an idle woman
Gerald Gray's wife
Round the block an American novel.
Ellen Grant, or, Fashionable life in New-York
The fair Quakeress, or The perjured lawyer
The rival lovers, or, The midnight murder
The mysterious foundling, or, The gamester's fate
The mutineer, or, Heaven's vengeance
The gambler's league, or, The trials of a country maid
The spaewife, or, The queen's secret a story of the reign of Elizabeth /
Ellen, the pride of Broadway
Therese, or, The Iroquois maiden a tale of New York City and of forest life /
Louise Martin, the village maiden, or, The dangers of city life a story of city scenes and thrilling adventures /
Lewie, or, The bended twig
The modern Othello, or, The guilty wife a thrilling romance of New York fashionable life /
The beautiful half breed, or, The border rovers a tale of 1812 /
The haunted castle, or, The abducted niece
The fawn of the pale faces, or, Two centuries ago
Ups and downs, or, Silver Lake sketches
A Christmas dream
Tekel, or Cora Glencoe
Mabel Clifton
The Linton family, or, The fashion of this world
St. Martin's summer
Man is love an American story /
David Woodburn, the mountain missionary
Compensation, or, Always a future
Brother Mason, the circuit rider, or, Ten years a Methodist preacher
Day dreams
Shoshie the Hindoo Zenana teacher /
The upper ten thousand
The old distiller a tale of truth:written for the New York organ /
The collier's tale a true history /
Broken columns
Brook Farm the amusing and memorable of American country life.
Justo Ucundono
Die Geheimnisse von St. Louis
The light of home a Christmas story /
A basket of chips
The [cross]mas star for the poor
The present problem
The law student, or, The struggles of a heart
The winged chariot an allegory /
Tight times, or, The diamond cross and other tales /
The clergyman's wife and other sketches ; a collection of pen portraits and paintings /
Sylvia's world ; Crimes which the law does not reach
Himself his worst enemy, or, Philip Duke of Wharton's career
The planter, or, Thirteen years in the South
The three Bernices, or, Ansermo of the Crag
The iron tomb, or, The mock count of New York a local tale, written in scenes with a free hand especially for the readers of 'Uncle Sam' and to them respectfully dedicated /
Clotelle, or, The colored heroine a tale of the Southern States /
Clotelle a tale of the Southern States /
The history of Magnus Maharba and the Black Dragon
Mose Skinner's bridal tour, and other sketches
Mose Skinner's great world's jubilee and humstrum convulsion
Artemus Ward his book : with many comic illustrations.
Why I am a temperance man a series of letters to a friend: together with tales and sketches from real life, and hearth-stone reveries /
ZYX and his fairy, or, The soul in search of peace
Minnie Hermon, or, The night and its morning a tale for the times /
Artemus Ward's panorama (as exhibited at the Egyptian Hall, London) /
Matrimony, or, Love affairs in our village twenty years ago
A bachelor's story
Christine, or, Woman's trials and triumphs
Bensley, a story of to-day
Life before him a novel.
Love affairs in our village twenty years ago
The testimony of an escaped novice from the Sisterhood of St. Joseph, Emmettsburg, Maryland the mother-house of the Sisters of Charity in the United States /
Mose Skinner's silver wedding to which is added a brief biography of Mr. Skinner.
Harry Burnham, the young Continental, or, Memoirs of an American officer during the campaigns of the Revolution, and sometime a member of Washington's staff
A self-made woman, or, Mary Idyl's trials and triumphs
A thousand a year
Recollections of a lazy life
Amanda Willson, or, The vicissitudes of life
St. Simon's niece
Io a tale of the olden fane /
The Recluse of the Conewaga ; or, The little valley of the blue spring a legend of Adams County /
Prairie fire! a tale of early Illinois /
Bella, or, The cradle of liberty
Miss Van Kortland
Ellen Norbury, or, The adventures of an orphan
John Worthington's name
Viola, or, Adventures in the far South-West a companion to the "Prairie flower" /
The leisure moments of Miss Martha Haines Butt, A.M
The unknown countess
Miss Dorothy's charge
My daughter Elinor a novel.
Antifanaticism a tale of the South /
Clara Moreland, or, Adventures in the far South-West
Intriguing for a princess an adventure with Mexican banditti /
The heiress of Bellefonte
The fair rebel a tale of Colonial times /
The border rover
The outlaw's daughter, or, Adventures in the South
The League of the Miami
Blanche Dearwood a tale of modern life.
Metropolitan tales and sketches
The fiend's delight
The Birthday gifts a story for wives.
The island neighbors a novel of American life /
Caste a story of Republican equality /
Claude Melnotte as a detective and other stories /
The heiress of Greenhurst an autobiography /
Bell Smith abroad
The kidnapped and the ransomed being the personal recollections of Peter Still and his wife "Vina" after forty years of slavery /
Glanmore, or, The bandits of Saratoga a romance of the Revolution /
Hillsboro' Farms
Henri, or, The web and woof of life
Ravellings from the web of life
Mississippi scenes, or, Sketches of Southern and Western life and adventure humorous, satirical, and descriptive, including the Legend of Black Creek /
A romance of perfume lands, or, The search for Capt. Jacob Cole with interesting facts about perfumes and articles used in the toilet /
Home pictures
Gracie Amber
Orlando Chester, or, The adventures of a young hunter a story of old Virginia's early days /
Paul Laroon, or, The scourge of the Antiles a story of ship and shore /
The phantom, or, The wrecking smuggler of the ken a romance of the sea and shore /
The royal yacht, or, Logan the warlock a story of the Revolution /
The sea lion, or, The privateer of the Penobscot a story of ocean life and the heart's love /
The king and cobbler a romance of ancient Persia /
The storm children, or, The light-keeper of the Channel a story of sea and land adventure /
The Squibob papers
Phœnixiana, or, Sketches and burlesques
Owned and disowned, or, The chattel child a tale of Southern life /
Oakshaw, or, The victims of avarice a tale of intrigue /
The old bureau, and other tales
The king's talisman, or, The young lion of Mount Hor an eastern romance /
"Swingin round the cirkle."
The Nasby papers Letters and sermons containing the views on the topics of the day, of Petroleum V. Nasby /
Queen Krinaleen's plagues, or, How a simple people were destroyed a discourse in the twenty-second century /
The Hartwell farm
The Conspiracy of Col. Aaron Burr a historical romance.
Frontier life and character in the South and West
Julienne the daughter of the hamlet /
His marriage vow
Doctor Vandyke
The renegade A tale of real life.
Father Merrill
Out of the fire
The hermit of Holcombe
The heir of Gaymount
Hammer and rapier
The Virginia comedians, or, Old days in the Old Dominion
Ellie, or, The human comedy
Miss Ravenel's conversion from secession to loyalty
Kate Beaumont
Berenice a novel.
A thrilling and exciting account of the sufferings and horrible tortures inflicted on Mortimer Bowers and Miss Sophia Delaplain by the Spanish authorities for a supposed participation with General Lopez in the invasion of Cuba ... /
Kitty's choice a story of Berrytown /
Askaros Kassis, the copt A romance of modern Egypt /
The Wetherel affair
Seacliff, or, The mystery of the Westervelts
Playing the mischief
Cross purposes a Christmas experience in seven stages /
Fairfax, or, The master of Greenway Court a chronicle of the Valley of the Shenandoah /
The harvest of love a story for the home circle /
Marion Lester, or, The mother's mistake
The young parson
Life in the laity, or, The history of a station
Dallas Galbraith
The bloody junto, or The escape of John Wilkes Booth a story containing many interesting particulars in regard to the trial and execution of Mrs. Surratt and other so-called conspirators /
Waiting for the verdict
Theodosia Ernest, or, The heroine of faith
Duncan Adair, or, Captured in escaping a story of one of Morgan's men /
Three successful girls
Master William Mitten, or, A youth of brilliant talents, who was ruined by bad luck
The mystery, or, Platonic love
A stranded ship a story of sea and shore /
Edith, or, The light of home
The secret of success, or, Family affairs a memoir in one volume /
Haunted hearts
Lady Lorme's stratagem and other tales.
Victoria, or, The world overcome
The mill agent
Nobody's child, and other stories
The lover's trials, or, The days before the revolution
Out of the hurly-burly, or, Life in an odd corner
The old log school house furnitured with incidents of school life, notes of travel, poetry, hints to teachers and pupils, and miscellaneous sketches /
Claremont, or, The undivided household
The rivals a tale of the times of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton /
What will the world say? a novel of every-day life:and, Only a woman /
Sunshine and shadows along the pathway of life
Happy home, woman's rights, and divorce
The trial
From the sublime to the ridiculous
Lizzie Maitland
Their children
John Whopper the newsboy
Lovers and thinkers
Fashionable dissipation
The figure eight, or, The mystery of Meredith Place
Fresh leaves from western woods
Miss Slimmens' window, and other papers
Mormon wives a narrative of facts stranger than fiction /
The senator's son, or, the Maine law a last refuge ; a story dedicated to the law makers /
Too true a story of to-day.
Who was he? a story of two lives /
The artist's dream
Irene, or, The autobiography of an artist's daughter and other tales.
A voice from the parsonage, or, Life in the ministry
Fresh leaves from the diary of a Broadway dandy
Seven nights in Gotham
El Fureidis
Humpy Dumpy, or, The corner grocery
Cameron Hall a story of the Civil War /
Leaves from my port folio, original and selected together with A religious narrative /
Brandon, or, A hundred years ago a tale of the American colonies /
Nancy Waterman, or, Woman's faith triumphant a story of New York City /
My ten-rod farm, or, How I became a florist
Lost abroad ...
Janet Strong
Rambles in Chili and life among the Araucanian Indians in 1836
An orphan of the Old Dominion her trials and travels ; embracing a history of her life, taken principally from her journals and letters /
Boadicea the Mormon wife, life-scenes in Utah /
The Arch Bishop, or, Romanism in the United States
The carpet-bagger in Tennessee
Lillie Ray, or, Every cloud has a silver lining a tale of real life /
How it was paid
An allegory containing an interesting analogy between the order for discovering natural curiosities and founding cities, and the United States of America.
The Hamiltons, or Sunshine in storm
The female spy, or, Treason in the camp a story of the revolution /
Adalaska, or, The strange and mysterious family of the Cave of Genreva
Alfred Morland, or The legacy
The awful doom of the traitor, or The terrible fate of the deluded and guilty
Le vieux Salomon, ou, Une famille d'esclaves au XIXe siècle
The chapel of St. Mary
Nothing like it, or, Steps to the kingdom
The thrilling narrative and extraordinary adventures of Miss Madelaine H. Everett, who was abducted ...
Bertie, or, Life in the old field... with a letter to the author from Washington Irving
Lynde Weiss an autobiography /
The doomed chief, or, Two hundred years ago
Annette, or, The chronicles of Bellevue
Cassy, or, Early trials
The bewildered querists and other nonsense
Robert Greathouse an American novel /
Confessions of a housekeeper
Life, trial and conviction of Zella De Chalue also, the life, confessions and startling disclosures of the notorious Clarence O. Alderman:the interesting trial : many secrets for the first time made public /
The Beauty of woman's faith a tale of southern life.
Emma Walton, or, Trials and triumph
The life and private confessions of an ex-convict
Gerald O'Reilly, or, The triumph of principle
The parricides, or, The doom of the assassins, the authors of a nation's loss
Legends of Holy Mary
The fatal secret, or, Plots and counterplots a novel of the sixteenth century founded on facts /
Thirteen good stories from Old and new
Juliette Moore, or, Passion and reality a tale of the South /
The prairie scout, or, Agatone the renegade a romance of border life.
The Arrow of gold ; or, The shell gatherer A story that unfolds its own mysteries and moral. /
Forgiven at last
Beverly, or, The white mask
Well! Well! a tale, founded on fact /
The letters of Mozis Addums to Billy Ivvins
"Little Cuba," or, Circumstantial evidence being a true story of love, war, and startling adventures:the massacre of the young students! : shooting the men found on the American ship "Virginius"
The flush times of Alabama and Mississippi a series of sketches /
The bandit of the ocean, or, The female privateer a romance of the sea /
Technology development for army unmanned ground vehicles /
Equipment sustainment requirements for the transforming Army /
The peacetime tempo of air mobility operations : meeting demand and maintaining readiness /
Financing capital investment : a primer for the transit practitioner /
The demographic dividend : a new perspective on the economic consequences of population change /
A strategic governance review for multi-organizational systems of education, training, and professional development /
An assessment of non-lethal weapons science and technology /
Government-industry partnerships for the development of new technologies : summary report /
DANTES external degree catalog
Knowledge & diplomacy : science advice in the United Nations system /
Evaluation of chemical events at Army chemical agent disposal facilities /
Fostering rapid advances in health care : learning from system demonstrations /
Surface transportation environmental research : a long-term strategy /
Optical solitons : theoretical and experimental challenges /
Elder mistreatment : abuse, neglect, and exploitation in an aging America /
When children die : improving palliative and end-of-life care for children and their families /
Neurologic and neurodevelopmental dilemmas in the adolescent /
Citizenship for the urban poor? Inclusion through housing programs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Experimental investigation of interactions between ultracold atoms and room-temperature surfaces
Harry Gunnison Brown : an orthodox economist and his contributions /
Diplomats and diplomacy for the 21st century /
Options for reducing costs in the United Kingdom's future aircraft carrier (cvf) programme /
The diffusion and value of healthcare information technology /
Motorcoach industry hours of service and fatigue management techniques /
A preliminary investigation of ship acquisition options for joint forcible entry operations /
Success of first-term soldiers : the effects of recruiting practices and recruit characteristics /
Top to bottom and end to end : improving the National Security Agency's strategic decision processes /
Determinants of dispensing location in the TRICARE senior pharmacy program /
Mobility aware technologies and applications : first international workshop, MATA 2004, Florianópolis, Brazil, October 20-22, 2004 : proceedings /
Analysis of combat support basing options /
Web mining : from Web to Semantic Web : First European Web Mining Forum, EWMF 2003, Cavtat-Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 22, 2003 : invited and selected revised papers /
Image analysis and recognition : international conference, ICIAR 2004, Porto, Portugal, September 29-October 1, 2004 : proceedings /
Genetic and evolutionary computation--GECCO 2004 : Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, Seattle, WA., USA, June 26-30, 2004 : proceedings /
Computer vision and mathematical methods in medical and biomedical image analysis : ECCV 2004 Workshops CVAMIA and MMBIA, Prague, Czech Republic, May 15, 2004 : revised selected papers /
Advances in communication control networks /
Identification of nonlinear systems using neural networks and polynomial models : a block-oriented approach /
Metamorphoses of hamiltonian systems with symmetries /
Geology, correlations, and geodynamic evolution of the Biga Peninsula (NW Turkey) /
Training of commercial motor vehicle drivers /
User-centered interaction paradigms for universal access in the information society : 8th ERCIM Workshop on User Interfaces for All, Vienna, Austria, June 28-29, 2004 : revised selected papers /
Management of multimedia networks and services : 7th IFIP/IEEE international conference, MMNS 2004, San Diego, CA, USA, October 3-6, 2004 : proceedings /
Generative programming and component engineering : Third International Conference, GPCE 2004, Vancouver, Canada, October 24-28, 2004 : proceedings /
Hypoelliptic estimates and spectral theory for Fokker-Planck operators and Witten Laplacians /
Abstract harmonic analysis of continuous wavelet transforms /
Operational differences and similarities among the motorcoach, school bus, and trucking industries /
Computer Networking Symposium : proceedings, December 11, 1984, National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, Maryland : a symposium /
American carrier air power at the dawn of a new century /
The effect of cost-sharing on the utilization of prescription drugs for chronically ill patients /
The fate of the most massive stars : proceedings of a meeting held at Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA 23-28 May 2004 /
Cosmic abundances as records of stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis in honor of David L. Lambert : proceedings of a symposium held in Austin, Texas, USA, 17-19 June 2004 /
The astrophysics of cataclysmic variables and related objects : proceedings of a meeting held in Strasbourg, France, 11-16 July 2004 /
Unmanned aerial vehicle end-to-end support considerations /
The next steps in reshaping intelligence /
Integrating print and digital resources in library collections /
Applications of evolutionary computing : EvoWorkshops 2005, EvoBIO, EvoCOMNET, EvoHOT, EvoIASP, EvoMUSART, and EvoSTOC, Lausanne, Switzerland, March 30-April 1, 2005 : proceedings /
Zeroing in : a capabilities-based alternative to precision guided munitions planning /
Local-moment ferromagnets : unique properties for modern applications /
A new direction for China's defense industry /
Web engineering : 5th international conference, ICWE 2005, Sydney, Australia, July 27-29, 2005 : proceedings /
Air power against terror : America's conduct of Operation Enduring Freedom /
Inspiration, perspiration, and time : operations and achievement in Edison Schools /
The costs of aging aircraft : insights from commercial aviation /
Airborne reconnaissance XV 23-24 July 1991, San Diego, California /
Algorithms and technologies for multispectral, hyperspectral, and ultraspectral imagery X 12-15 April 2004, Orlando, Florida, USA /
Recent advances in constraints : Joint ERCIM/CoLogNET International Workshop on Constraint Solving and Constraint Logic Programming, CSCLP 2003, Budapest, Hungary, June 30 - July 2, 2003 : selected papers /
Deontic logic in computer science : 7th International Workshop on Deontic Logic in Computer Science, DEON 2004, Madeira, Portugal, May 26-28, 2004 : proceedings /
California's K-12 public schools : how are they doing? /
Flash flood forecasting over complex terrain : with an assessment of the Sulphur Mountain NEXRAD in Southern California /
Geographic information systems applications in transit : a synthesis of transit practice /
Productivity and cyclicality in semiconductors : trends, implications, and questions : report of a symposium /
Science and technology in Armenia : toward a knowledge-based economy /
Changing drivers : the impact of climate change on competitiveness and value creating in the automotive industry /
Database support for data mining applications : discovering knowledge with inductive queries /
Information sharing among military headquarters : the effects on decisionmaking /
Reporters on the battlefield : the embedded press system in historical context /
Current topics in artificial intelligence : 10th Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence, CAEPIA 2003, and 5th Conference on Technology Transfer, TTIA 2003, San Sebastian, Spain, November 12-14, 2003 : revised selected papers /
Entertainment computing -- ICEC 2004 : third international conference, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, September 1-3, 2004 : proceedings /
Artificial intelligence and soft computing - ICAISC 2004 : 7th international conference, Zakopane, Poland, June 7-11, 2004 : proceedings /
Road safety audits /
Measuring labor's share of income /
Individual differences and the "high-risk" commercial driver /
Telecommunications and networking, ICT 2004 : 11th International Conference on Telecommunications, Fortaleza, Brazil, August 1-6, 2004 : proceedings /
A research agenda for assessing the impact of fragmented governance on southwestern Pennsylvania /
When terrorism hits home : how prepared are state and local law enforcement? /
The United States, Europe, and the Wider Middle East / Shahram Chubin, Bruce Hoffman, William Rosenau.
Firearms and violence : a critical review /
The Hispalensis lectures on nuclear physics.
The Muslim world after 9/11 /
Value recovery from the reverse logistics pipeline /
Dietary supplements : a framework for evaluating safety /
Affective dialogue systems : tutorial and research workshop, ADS 2004, Kloster Irsee, Germany, June 14-16, 2004 : proceedings /
Compensation for losses from the 9/11 attacks /
Femtosecond technology for technical and medical applications /
The theory of symmetry actions in quantum mechanics : with an application to the Galilei group /
The ecological context of substance abuse treatment outcomes : implications for NIMBY disputes and client placement decisions /
Venture capital investments in China /
Advances in Web intelligence : Second International Atlantic Web Intelligence Conference, AWIC 2004, Cancun, Mexico, May 16-19, 2004 : proceedings /
Knowledge management in electronic government : 5th IFIP International Working Conference, KMGov 2004, Krems, Austria, May 17-19, 2004 : proceedings /
Flexible query answering systems : 6th international conference, FQAS 2004, Lyon, France, June 24-26, 2004 : proceedings /
Modeling decisions for artificial intelligence : first international conference, MDAI 2004, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, August 2-4, 2004 : proceedings /
Scaling up treatment for the global AIDS pandemic : challenges and opportunities /
Strategies to increase coordination of transportation services for the transportation disadvantaged /
Iodotrifluoromethane toxicity review /
Measuring research and development expenditures in the U.S. economy /
Approximation, randomization, and combinatorial optimization : algorithms and techniques : 7th International Workshop on Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems, APPROX 2004, and 8th International Workshop on Randomization and Computation, RANDOM 2004, Cambridge, MA, USA, August 22-24, 2004 : proceedings /
Automated pavement distress collection techniques /
Cost-effective practices for off-system and local interest bridges /
Policy and methodology to incorporate wartime plans into total U.S. Air Force manpower requirements /
Issues and options for government intervention in the market for terrorism insurance /
Triage for civil support : using military medical assets to respond to terrorist attacks /
Wind tunnel and propulsion test facilities : an assessment of NASA's capabilities to serve national needs /
Out of the ordinary : finding hidden threats by analyzing unusual behavior /
Army forces for homeland security /
Base realignment and closure (BRAC) and organizational restructuring in the DoD : implications for education and training infrastructure /
Dollar cost banding : a new algorithm for computing inventory levels for army supply support activities /
Polymer synthesis /
The role of experimentation in building future naval forces /
Hearing loss : determining eligibility for Social Security benefits /
Pavement management applications using geographic information systems /
Communications networks to support integrated intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance strike operations /
Advances in neural networks--ISNN 2004 : International Symposium on Neural Networks, Dalian, China, August 19-21, 2004 : proceedings /
Embedded and ubiquitous computing : International Conference EUC 2004, Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Japan, August 25-27, 2004 : proceedings /
Testing of communicating systems : 16th IFIP international conference, TestCom 2004, Oxford, UK, March 17-19, 2004 : proceedings /
Aid during conflict : interaction between military and civilian assistance providers in Afghanistan, September 2001-June 2002 /
Challenges and potential of a collaborative approach to education reform /
Test and evaluation trends and costs for aircraft and guided weapons /
Applications of graph transformations with industrial relevance : second international workshop, AGTIVE 2003, Charlottesville, VA, USA, September 27-October 1, 2003 ; revised selected and invited papers /
Gearing up and getting there : improving local response to chemical terrorism /
Multi-agent for mass user support : international workshop, MAMUS 2003, Acapulco, Mexico, August 10, 2003 : revised and invited papers /
Agent-oriented information systems : 5th international bi-conference workshop, AOIS 2003, Melbourne, Australia, July 14, 2003 and Chicago, IL, USA, October 13, 2003 : revised selected papers /
Expanding the reach of education reforms : perspectives from leaders in the scale-up of educational interventions /
Component-based software engineering : 7th international symposium, CBSE 2004, Edinburgh, UK, May 24-25, 2004 : proceedings /
From source water to drinking water : workshop summary /
Environmental variability and biotic interactions at forest-meadow boundaries in southern Sweden : the influence of forest cover, atmospheric deposition, and boundary orientation /
Estimating terrorism risk /
Sustainment of Army forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom : major findings and recommendations /
U.S. interests in Central Asia : policy priorities and military roles /
Performance measures to improve transportation systems : summary of the second national conference /
Astronomical odds : a policy framework for the cosmic impact hazard /
Tidal evolution and oscillations in binary stars : third Granada workshop on stellar structure : proceedings of a workshop held in Granada, Spain, 26-28 May 2004 /
The nature and evolution of disks around hot stars : proceedings of a meeting held in Johnson City, Tennessee, USA, 7 - 9 July 2004 /
An integrated project planning and control system approach for measuring project performance /
Theory and applications of relational structures as knowledge instruments : COST Action 274, TARSKI : revised papers /
Measuring changes in service costs to meet the requirements of the 2002 National Defense Authorization Act /
The dynamic terrorist threat : an assessment of group motivations and capabilities in a changing world /
The sun to the earth--and beyond : panel reports /
Crash records systems : a synthesis of highway practice.
From Main Street to Wall Street the transformation of for-profit higher education /
Rules and rule markup languages for the Semantic Web First International Conference, RuleML 2005, Galway, Ireland, November 10-12, 2005 : proceedings /
Self-stabilizing systems 7th International Symposium, SSS 2005, Barcelona, Spain, October 26-27, 2005 : proceedings /
Rethinking the "L" word in higher education the revolution of research on leadership /
Programming languages and systems third Asian Symposium, APLAS 2005, Tsukuba, Japan, November 2-5, 2005 : proceedings /
Polymer analysis, polymer theory /
Police personnel challenges after September 11 : anticipating expanded duties and a changing labor pool /
Developing theoretical models of website usability : instrument development and validation /
Formation of hybrid structures by controlled photopolymerizations /
Noncommutative CW-complexes arising from crystallographic groups and their K-theory /
The promise and defeat of the progressive public : reform politics in Colorado, 1902-1929 /
The American bad-ass : a social history of the biker /
Damage impact on chloride diffusion through concrete : experimental, theoretical, and numerical studies /
Design, modeling, and characterization of RF MEMS capacitive switches based on flexible printed circuit technology /
Electric field effect in strontium titanate thin films /
From Cooper pairs to molecules : effective field theories for ultra-cold atomic gases near Feshbach resonances /
Gender pay equity among university faculty : testing segregation, human capital, discrimination, and demographic inertia /
Improving robustness in multiscale methods /
Incidence of development impact fees : theory and evidence /
Laboratory studies of hydrocarbon nucleation in Titan's atmosphere and the optical constants of water ice in the far-infrared /
Permissive, suppressive, and preparative effects of glucocorticoids on stress-induced hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity /
Maintaining condition and safety of deteriorating bridges by probabilistic models and optimization /
Modeling wildfire mitigation and ecological restoration in the wildland-urban interface : a study of the montane zone of the Colorado Front Range /
Psychometric concerns when measuring advanced knowledge /
On the stratigraphic evolution of a structurally confined submarine fan : Carboniferous Ross Sandstone, western Ireland /
A study of geophysical and astrophysical turbulence using reduced equations /
Superfluidity in Bose atom-molecule mixtures /
Socioeconomic module for decision support for water resource management in South Africa /
Trapping and cooling rubidium in far-off-resonant optical dipole traps /
Periodic modulation of fine-scale turbulence by gravity waves above the nocturnal boundary layer : experimental validation using unique in situ measurements /
Applications of spanning trees to continuous-time Markov processes, with emphasis on loss systems /
Automated GPS-based operational orbit determination /
An investigation of communication preferences and normative : principles embedded in a public/private partnership /
Epistemology /
The cost and health effects of prescription drug coverage and utilization in the Medicare population /
The Solar-B mission and the forefront of solar physics : proceedings of the fifth Solar-B science meeting held at The International House of Japan, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan, 12-14 November 2003 /
Scoping aerospace : tracking federal procurement and R & D spending in the aerospace sector /
Access rights : a synthesis of highway practice /
Observing dark energy : proceedings of a meeting held in Tucson, Arizona, USA, 18-20 March 2004 /
Molecular geomicrobiology /
Formal techniques for networked and distributed systems-- FORTE 2004 : 24th IFIP WG 6.1 International conference, Madrid, Spain, September 27-30, 2004 : proceedings /
Mobile human-computer interaction-- MobileHCI 2004 : 6th International Symposium, MobileHCI 2004, Glasgow, UK, September 13-16, 2004 : proceedings /
Applying formal methods : testing, performance, and M/E-commerce : FORTE 2004 workshops, TheFormEMC, EPEW, ITM, Toledo, Spain, October 1-2, 2004 : proceedings /
Optical spectra and chemical bonding in transition metal complexes : special II volume dedicated to Professor Jørgensen /
Software process improvement : 11th European conference, EuroSPI 2004, Trondheim, Norway, November 10-12, 2004 : proceedings /
The Air Force Chief of Staff logistics review : improving wing-level logistics /
How goes the "war on drugs"? : an assessment of U.S. drug programs and policy /
The threat of pandemic influenza : are we ready? : workshop summary /
The owner's role in project risk management /
Centerline rumble strips /
The science of instream flows : a review of the Texas Instream Flow Program /
Risk and decisions about disposition of transuranic and high-level radioactive waste /
Beyond close air support : forging a new air-ground partnership /
Economic models of colorectal cancer screening in average-risk adults : workshop summary /
Assessment of options for extending the life of the Hubble Space Telescope : final report /
Getting up to speed : the future of supercomputing /
Groupware : design, implementation, and use : 10th International Workshop, CRIWG 2004, San Carlos, Costa Rica, September 5-9, 2004 : proceedings /
Pattern recognition : 26th DAGM Symposium, Tübingen, Germany, August 30-1 September 2004 : proceedings /
Principles and practice of Semantic Web reasoning : Second International Workshop, PPSWR 2004, St. Malo, France, September 6-10, 2004 : proceedings /
Policy options for military recruiting in the college market : results from a national survey /
Sepiades : cataloguing photographic collections /
17th International Conference on Photoelectronics and Night Vision Devices 27-31 May, 2002, Moscow, Russia /
Track-related research.
Health status and medical treatment of the future elderly : final report /
Critical perspectives on racial and ethnic differences in health in late life /
SBIR program diversity and assessment challenges : report of a symposium /
Computer science : reflections on the field, reflections from the field /
Licensing geographic data and services /
A vision for the International Polar Year 2007-2008 /
The great brain debate : nature or nurture? /
On evaluating curricular effectiveness : judging the quality of K-12 mathematics evaluations /
Mendel in the kitchen : a scientist's view of genetically modified foods /
Lessons from Operation Enduring Freedom /
The effects of equipment age on mission critical failure rates : a study of M1 tanks /
Coordinating the war on terrorism /
Strategic planning and decision making in state departments of transportation : a synthesis of highway practice /
Museum rusticum et commerciale: or, Select papers on agriculture, commerce, arts, and manufactures
The Convivial magazine, and polite intelligencer; or, A Real representation of the characters and sentiments of the times [Containing the portraits of the most celebrated toasts; men of rank, conspicuous in the world; statesmen, orators, preachers, petits-maitres, actors, and buffoons.]
The arc : a formal structure for a Palestinian state /
Helping a Palestinian state succeed : key findings = Musāʻadat dawlah Filaṣṭīnīyah ʻalá al-najāḥ
Chip seal best practices /
Improving contracting at the city of Los Angeles airports, port, and Department of Water and power /
Heavy quark physics /
Clean, lean, and able : a strategy for defense development /
The United Kingdom's nuclear submarine industrial base.
Framing a strategic approach for joint officer management /
Lessons learned from the F/A-22 and F/A-18E/F development programs /
Software cost estimation and sizing methods : issues, and guidelines /
Metathesis polymerization /
Microlithography/molecular imprinting /
Advances in rehabilitation robotics : human-friendly technologies on movement assistance and restoration for people with disabilities /
Proceedings of the fourth International Conference on WEB Delivering of Music : Wedelmusic 2004 ; 13-14 September 2004, Barcelona, Spain /
Survey of reissues of U.S. recordings /
Implications of modern decision science for military decision-support systems /
Network-centric operations case study : the Stryker Brigade Combat Team /
Reliability-based design optimization of multiphysics, aerospace systems /
Chasing the dragon : assessing China's system of export controls for WMD-related goods and technologies /
Evaluating medical treatment guideline sets for injured workers in California /
Risk management and performance in the Balkans support contract /
Strengthening the Palestinian health system /
Arhus Public Libraries : embracing diversity, empowering citizens in Denmark /
Trends in terrorism : threats to the United States and the future of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act /
Connectivity-based garbage collection /
Corporate social responsibility networks : assessing the private governance of public goods /
Development of novel ultrasonic physiological measurement methodologies appropriate for space flight /
Discovering and debugging algebraic specifications for Java classes /
Essays on tax competition for commuters and the effect of taxes on foreign direct investment in China /
Expanding a flutter envelope using data from accelerating flight : application to the F-16 fighter aircraft /
Functions of political parties in modern democratic elections /
The genetic and environmental structure of Cloninger's model of personality /
High quality and low quality college-level academic writing : its discursive features /
Mitigation of wind turbine/vortex interaction using disturbance accommodating control /
Some parallel linear and nonlinear Schwarz methods with applications in computational fluid dynamics /
Vertical foreign direct investment, knowledge spillovers and growth : theory and evidence /
Information and communication technology (ICT), culture, and power : toward a "neo-sociotechnical" theory of organizing /
Parallel fully coupled Lagrange-Newton-Krylov-Schwartz algorithms and software for optimization problems constrained by partial differential equations /
Regulating mitosis when DNA is damaged : a study of the entry into and progress through mitosis /
The transformative power of literary third space /
Evolutionary relationships and population genetic structure of North American big-eared bats, genus Corynorhinus /
Advanced topics in control systems theory : lecture notes from FAP 2004 /
The effects of equipment age on spare part costs : a study of M1 tanks /
Achievement effects of five comprehensive school reform designs implemented in Los Angeles Unified School District /
Measurement of the B⁰ -> [psi](2S)K⁰ branching fraction on BaBar at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center /
Quinones and bimetallic complexes : towards new carriers for electrochemically modulated complexation of carbon dioxide /
Rendering the body Buddhist : sermonizing in medieval Japan /
Fitting in or opting out : deconstructing the marginalization of women in academic science /
Merged high-tech cultures in a public bureaucracy : micropractices of organizational change in information technology teams /
Airborne observational studies of reactive nitrogen and volatile organic compounds in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere /
Engineering control technologies for removing or inactivating biologically-derived particles in the indoor environment /
Evolution and ecology of high altitude soil microbial communities /
Kinetic studies on reactions of the CH₃S radical with carbon monoxide, isoprene, and nitric oxide /
Landscape analysis of vegetation and diversity patterns at Niwot Ridge, Colorado /
The top-down effects of predators as observed from a forest canopy : the individual and combined impacts of birds and ants on ponderosa pine and its arthropod community /
Urban landscape aesthetics and water use in the western United States /
Policy options for interventions in failing schools /
Lattice hadron physics /
Accent and speaker recognition for advanced automatic speech recognition /
Proceedings of the 6th Annual RAND-China Reform Forum Conference, August 28-29, 2003 /
Stochastic theory and control : proceedings of a workshop held in Lawrence, Kansas /
Discovery that secondary craters dominate Europa's small crater population /
Electron relaxation and electron transfer dynamics in semiconductor quantum dots studied by femtosecond time-resolved spectroscopy /
Mechanistic studies of enhanced polymerization characteristics of novel mono(meth)acrylate monomers /
Microphysical modeling of clouds in Titan's atmosphere /
Ultracold Bose gases : from the Gross-Pitaevskii to the fractional quantum Hall regime /
Connectedness and reflections in symmetry algebras of differential equations /
Marianne Moore's animalogies : towards a post-Darwinian poetics of embodiment /
Some international macroeconomic implications of wealth /
Connecting literacy, language, and lived experience : examining the use of literature discussion circles in a fourth grade classroom /
Effects of estrogen and progesterone on resting energy expenditure and sympathetic nervous system activity /
Investigation of the fundamental behavior of particulate flows with continuous size distributions /
Real-time measurements of non-refractory particle composition and interactions at forested sites /
Unsaturated flow under increased gravitational field /
Atomistic and continuum modeling of the structure and mechanical properties of metal nanowires /
Low-power design using adaptive voltage scaling /
Methods for improving microwave radiometer calibration and data quality for geophysical applications /
Multiattribute weighting models for best-value selection in public sector design-build projects /
Protein aggregation in aqueous solution : mechanism, thermodynamics, and kinetics /
The role of streamwise and spanwise vorticity in the formation of side jets and split flames /
Teaching evaluation using the case method
Non-classical inactivation response of spores and emerging pathogens to chemical disinfection under different water quality conditions /
Plastic behavior of polycrystalline copper at optical scales of deformation /
Teleology, perfectionism, and communitarianism in Aristotle's political naturalism /
Global advances in HIV/AIDS monitoring and evaluation
Reserve recruiting and the college market : is a new educational benefit needed? /
Low-temperature thermochronology : techniques, interpretations, and applications /
Crosslinking in materials science /
Improving the safety of older road users /
Developing transportation agency leaders /
Control of redundant robot manipulators : theory and experiments /
Optical materials in defence systems technology 25, 27 October 2004, London, United Kingdom /
MEMS/MOEMS technologies and applications II 10-12 November 2004, Beijing, China /
Target-in-the-loop: atmospheric tracking, imaging, and compensation 4-5 August, 2004, Denver, Colorado, USA /
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Micro- and nanotechnology: materials, processes, packaging, and systems II 13-15 December 2004, Sydney, Australia /
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Technologies, systems, and architectures for transnational defense II 23 April 2003, Orlando, Florida, USA /
Sensors, and command, control, communications, and intelligence (C3I) technologies for homeland defense and law enforcement II 21-25 April 2003, Orlando, Florida, USA /
Terahertz for military and security applications 21 April, 2003, Orlando, Florida, USA /
Image and signal processing for remote sensing X 13-15 September, 2004, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain /
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Window and dome technologies VIII 22-23 April, 2003, Orlando, Florida, USA /
Optical technologies in biophysics and medicine V Saratov Fall Meeting 2003 : 7-10 October, 2003, Saratov, Russia /
Pragmatic conversion: Hypocrisy and the mechanics of seventeenth-century Puritan conversion discourse
Spectroscopic characterization of membrane-docking C2 domains /
Studies of the mesosphere-lower thermosphere over the south pole using an all-sky interferometric meteor radar /
Surface remote sensing applications of GNSS bistatic radar : soil moisture and aircraft altimetry /
The ritual of riots : discovering a process model U.S. riots /
Gender, family, and sexuality : exploring polyamorous community /
Impact-triggered greenhouses on Mars /
The Io plasma torus during the Cassini encounter with Jupiter : temporal, radial and azimuthal variations /
The denial of development : a critical study of a Palestinian Internet center /
Development of sensors for real-time characterization of concentration polarization and membrane fouling /
Carrier dynamics and spectral analysis of zinc oxide nano-tetrapod lasers /
Fast and efficient lumped-element modeling of multiconductor transmission lines /
An on-chip atom interferometer using a Bose-Einstein condensate /
"Music close to the soil and deeply felt" : the use of American hymn tunes in Charles Ives's Third symphony /
El sujeto intelectual en la literatura mexicana a partir de 1968 /
Bitter laughter : dark comedy in the plays of David Mamet and Wendy Wasserstein /
Photodissociation dynamics and photoelectron imaging spectroscopy of anions and anion clusters /
Aging and physical activity : implications for human immune function and health /
Analysis of the semileptonic decay D0 -> ̄K0[pi]-[mu]+[nu] /
Constructing vulnerability : legitimating therapeutic religion in the World Trade Center disaster /
Bird communities of ponderosa pine forests : impacts of patchiness, urbanization and resource availability /
Characteristics of cloud cover and its radiative impacts over the high elevations of the Greenland ice sheet /
Climatic variability and environmental response in an Andean alpine watershed, Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru /
Dual channel virus counter /
Essays on the credibility of prices in stated preference surveys /
The historic range of variability of ponderosa pine in the northern Colorado Front Range : past fire types and fire effects /
The femtosecond dynamics of copper-water complexes /
Network externalities, network effects and the digital economy /
Nonlinear focusing in particle accelerators : an application and its associated dynamics /
Mechanistic studies of enzyme degradation in liquid detergent /
The moral problem of friendship /
Post-Soviet territory and the geopolitical visions of Russians /
Structural change, foreign policy and war /
The roles of Drosophila Wee1 and Cdk1 in cell cycle and checkpoint regulation /
Teachers' use of formative assessment in middle school reform-based mathematics classrooms /
Two Gauss-Bonnet and Poincaré-Hopf theorems for orbifolds with boundary /
Implementation of the diabetes practice guideline in the Army Medical Department : final evaluation /
Liquid assets : how demographic changes and water management policies affect freshwater resources /
Half-metallic alloys : fundamentals and applications /
The quality of personnel in the enlisted ranks /
A portfolio-analysis tool for missile defense (PAT-MD) : methodology and user's manual /
High school grade inflation from 1991 to 2003 /
Inventory of work-relevant values : 2001 revision /
Rethinking how the Air Force views sustainment surge /
Integrating Sustainability into the Transportation Planning Process /
Inspection and management of bridges with fracture-- critical details : a synthesis of highway practice /
Semiconductor nanocrystals and silicate nanoparticles /
Gravitational wave and particle astrophysics detectors 23-24 June 2004, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom /
Organic photovoltaics V 4-6 August 2004, Denver, Colorado, USA /
Signal and data processing of small targets 2004 13-15 April 2004, Orlando, Florida, USA /
High-power lasers and applications III 8-11 November, 2004, Beijing, China /
Biomedical applications of micro- and nanoengineering II 13-15 December 2004, Sydney, Australia /
Micromachining and microfabrication process technology X 25-27 January 2005, San Jose, California, USA /
Color imaging X processing, hardcopy, and applications : 17-20 January, 2005, San Jose, California, USA /
Optical fibers, technology 1-2 September, 2005, Warsaw, Poland /
Metamaterials 30-31 August, 2005, Warsaw, Poland /
Infrared photoelectronics 30-31 August, 2005, Warsaw, Poland /
Optical fibers, applications 31 August-2 September, 2005, Warsaw, Poland /
Electro-optical remote sensing 26-28 September, 2005, Bruges, Belgium /
Lasers for measurements and information transfer 2004 23-25 June 2004, St. Petersburg, Russia /
Three-dimensional TV, video, and display IV 24-26 October 2005, Boston, Massachusetts, USA /
Nanosensing, materials and devices II 23-26 October 2005 Boston, Massachusetts, USA /
Nanofabrication, technologies, devices, and applications II 23-25 October 2005, Boston, Massachusetts, USA /
Passive components and fiber-based devices II 7-10 November 2005, Shanghai, China /
Optical transmission, switching, and subsystems III 7-10 November 2005, Shanghai, China /
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ICALEO '89 optical sensing and measurement /
Optical materials technology for energy efficiency and solar energy conversion X 25-26 July 1991, San Diego, California /
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Curves and surfaces in computer vision and graphics II 12-14 November 1991, Boston, Massachusetts /
Optics, illumination, and image sensing for machine vision VI 14-15 November 1991, Boston, Massachusetts /
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Photonic crystals and photonic crystal fibers for sensing applications 24-25 October, 2005, Boston, Massachusetts, USA /
Optoelectronic materials and devices for optical communications 7-10 November, 2005, Shanghai, China /
Optoelectronic devices physics, fabrication, and application II : 24-25 October 2005, Boston, Massachusetts, USA /
Photonics design, technology, and packaging II : 12-14 December 2005, Brisbane, Australia /
Microfluidics, bioMEMS, and medical microsystems IV 23-25 January 2006, San Jose, California, USA /
Device and process technologies for microelectronics, MEMS, and photonics IV 12-14 December 2005, Brisbane, Australia /
Micromachining technology for micro-optics and nano-optics IV 23-25 January 2006, San Jose, California, USA /
MEMS/MOEMS components and their applications III 23-25 January 2006, San Jose, California, USA /
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Advanced environmental, chemical, and biological sensing technologies III 23-24 October 2005, Boston, Massachusetts, USA /
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Physics and applications of optoelectronic devices 25-26 October 2004, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA /
Nondestructive sensing for food safety, quality, and natural resources 26-27 October, 2004, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA /
State and local intelligence in the war on terrorism /
Doing business with the euro : risks and opportunities /
Distribution of losses from large terrorist attacks under the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act /
Value engineering applications in transportation : a synthesis of highway practice /
Entertainment computing-- ICEC 2005 : 4th international conference, Sanda, Japan, September 19-21, 2005 : proceedings /
Cooperative design, visualization, and engineering : second international conference, CDVE 2005, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, September 18-21, 2005 : proceedings /
The physics of collisionless shocks : 4th Annual IGPP International Astrophysics Conference : Palm Springs, California, 26 February-3 March, 2005 /
Early childhood interventions : proven results, future promise /
Control reconfiguration of dynamical systems : linear approaches and structural tests /
Discrete-time sliding mode control : a multirate output feedback approach /
A guidebook for developing and sharing transit bus maintenance practices /
Corporate tax shelters in a global economy : why they are a problem and what we can do about it /
Intermolecular forces and clusters I /
The effect of reserve activations and active-duty deployments on local employment during the global war on terrorism /
Something old, something new : Army leader development in a dynamic environment /
High-performance government : structure, leadership, incentives /
Control of nonlinear and hybrid process systems : designs for uncertainty, constraints and time-delays /
Toward a theory of intelligence : workshop report /
Relativistic dynamics of a charged sphere : updating the Lorentz-Abraham model /
Templates in chemistry /
Beyond the market : designing nonmarket accounts for the United States /
Keeping score /
Planning the 2010 census : second interim report /
Survey automation : report and workshop proceedings /
Proceedings, 1999 International Conference on Information Intelligence and Systems : October 31-November 3, 1999, Bethesda, Maryland, USA /
Oceans '99 MTS/IEEE : riding the crest into the 21st century /
Evaluating nonformal education programs and setting
Political space of Okinawa : geographical perspectives on ethno-regional integration and protest /
Quality in student financial aid programs : a new approach /
Evaluating and improving undergraduate teaching in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics /
Employment and unemployment among youth
Estimating eligibility and participation for the WIC program : final report /
Health and safety needs of older workers /
Improving medical education : enhancing the behavioral and social science content of medical school curricula /
Improved operational testing and evaluation : and methods of combining test information for the Stryker family of vehicles and related Army systems.
New treatments for addiction : behavioral, ethical, legal, and social questions /
Protecting participants and facilitating social and behavioral sciences research /
25th Annual BACUS Symposium on Photomask Technology 4-7 October 2005, Monterey, California, USA /
National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) directory.
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Contaminant hazard reviews
Electronic scientific, technical, and medical journal publishing and its implications : report of a symposium /
Current trends in relativistic astrophysics : theoretical, numerical, observational /
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Distributed education and its challenges : an overview /
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Measuring access to learning opportunities /
Learning and instruction : a SERP research agenda /
Improved operational testing and evaluation : better measurement and test design for the interim brigade combat team with Stryker vehicles.
Strategic marketing in library and information science /
Theorists' models in action
Control and observer design for nonlinear finite and infinite dimensional systems /
The film preservation guide : the basics for archives, libraries, and museums.
1604-2004 supernovae as cosmological lighthouses : proceedings of a meeting held in Palazzo del Bo, Università degli Studi di Padova, Padua, Italy 15-19 June 2004 /
The cool universe observing cosmic dawn : proceedings of the 2004 IAOC Workshop held in Valparaiso, Chile, 4-8 October 2004 /
The evolving relationship between compensation committees and consultants
Formal methods and software engineering 7th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM 2005, Manchester, UK, November 1-4, 2005 : proceedings /
Social network analysis in program evaluation
Alternative strategies for evaluating student learning
Enhancing learning with laptops in the classroom
Advancing faculty learning through interdisciplinary collaboration
Identity, learning, and the liberal arts
E-powering the people South Africa's Smart Cape Access Project /
Characterization and metrology for ULSI technology 2005, Richardson, Texas, 15-18 March 2005
Characterization and metrology for ULSI technology 2003 International Conference on Characterization and Metrology for ULSI Technology, Austin, Texas, 24-28 March, 2003 /
IFAE 2005 XVII Incontri di fisica delle alte energie : 17th Italian Meeting on High Energy Physics : Catania, Italy, 30 March-2 April, 2005 /
Service-Oriented Computing--ICSOC 2005 Third International Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 12-15, 2005 : proceedings /
Gambling on campus
Spirituality in higher education
A laboratory for public scholarship and democracy
An analytic assessment of U.S. drug policy
Internet and network economics first international workshop, WINE 2005, Hong Kong, China, December 15-17, 2005 : proceedings /
Granitic systems Ilmari Haapala volume /
Survey research emerging issues /
Workforce development and higher education a strategic role for institutional research /
Journeys of formation : the Spanish-American Bildungsroman /
Multi-constrained quality of service aware routing in mobile ad hoc wireless networks /
Structures of engagement : theories and practices in French theatre from 1949-1985 /
Public key infrastructure Second European PKI Workshop : Research and Applications, EuroPKI 2005, Canterbury, UK, June 30 - July 1, 2005 : revised selected papers /
Hydrological controls on stream water chemistry in alpine catchments, Colorado Front Range, U.S.A. /
New directions and applications in control and theory /
Quantum annealing and related optimization methods /
First International Work-Conference on the Interplay Between Natural and Artificial Computation : IWINAC 2005, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain, June 15-18, 2005 : proceedings /
Intrinsic molecular mobility and toughness of polymers /
Constructing scalable wireless networks with directional antennas /
Effective field theory for two and three nucleons in one dimension /
Evaluating the effects of hydrologic change in the Okavango Delta of Botswana : analyses of aquatic organic matter transport and ecosystem economics /
Lagrangian particle transport and mixing in blinking-roll systems /
Phylogenetic characterization of Alpine soil microbial diversity /
Solder self-assembled, surface micromachined MEMS for micromirror applications and atom trapping /
Consuming schools : an ethnography of commercial activities in public high schools /
Compound disturbance in a managed landscape : ecological effects of catastrophic blowdown, salvage-logging, and wildfire in a subalpine forest /
Depression and interpersonal rejection among married women : an evaluation of self-verification and marital discord effects /
Dynamic wrinkle reduction strategies for membrane structures /
East of the sun and west of the moon : cultural empowerment and the Beaivváš Sámi Teáhter /
An econometric analysis of the differences in hourly earnings between foreign-born and native-born Menand [sic] women : expanding the human capital model /
The estimation of place-to-place migration flows /
Governing "lost boys" : Sudanese refugees in a UNHCR camp /
Optimal design of electrostatically actuated microsystems /
Mitigating vestibular disturbances during space flight using virtual reality training and reentry vehicle design guidelines /
Motivational interviewing in the reduction of risk factors for eating disorders : a pilot study /
Multilevel first-order system least squares for quasilinear elliptic partial differential equations /
Predicting radiation belt electron flux with adaptive multi-input linear filters /
Subcellular influences and metabolic regulation of chloroplast isoprene production /
The role of fracture-matrix interaction in drying of unsaturated fractured rock : experiments and modeling /
Delay-constrained multiple antenna wireless communications : an outage view /
Text and image in the fiction of Anita Brookner and A.S. Byatt /
Predicting different levels of academic success in college using high school GPA and ACT composite score /
Interval estimation for true scores under various scale transformations /
Analyzing the effectiveness of commuter benefits programs /
The effects of using ACT composite score and high school average on college admission decisions for racial/ethnic groups /
The effects of using EPAS programs on PLAN and ACT assessment performance /
Russia and the information revolution /
Book-tax conformity and the value relevance of earnings components : an international study /
Chemical vapor sensing with dynamic holography /
Essays on multinationals, international trade, and technology spillover /
Exploring meanings of Chacoan community great houses through chipped stone : a biographical approach /
Generation and characterization of fine and stable powders suitable for pulmonary drug delivery using CO₂-assisted nebulization with a Bubble Dryer® (CAN-BD) /
Health in the developing world : health status and healthcare utilization in Matlab, Bangladesh /
First-order system least squares for geometrically-nonlinear elasticity in nonsmooth domains /
Laboratory studies of sulfate aerosols at upper tropospheric and lower stratospheric temperatures and compositions /
Optical soliton controlled inverters in quadratic media and inhomogeneous waveguides /
Modeling and IC-based control of high frequency electronic ballasts /
The morphology and processing of models for organic atmospheric aerosols /
Policy and research implications of domestic violence legislation /
Resolving GPS carrier phase ambiguities for a low Earth orbit spacecraft /
Semiconductor nanoparticles : synthesis, ultra-fast time-resolved spectroscopy, multiple exciton generation, and applications in solar cells /
Simulation of cohesive particle flows in granular and gas-solid systems /
Warriorship in practice : identity and learning in an American Indian school /
When paradigms collide : feminism, demography, and women's empowerment in rural Bangladesh /
Tools for studying O-linked glycopeptides /
Design, analysis and experimental study of RF 4H-SiC npn bipolar junction transistors /
Rare B meson decays with [omega] mesons /
Ernst equation and Riemann surfaces : analytical and numerical methods /
Generalized sheet transition conditions for metafilm and its applications /
Mechanistic modeling, network evolution, and advanced applications of novel thiol-vinyl systems /
Superconductivity in complex systems /
Polymeric and inorganic fibers /
Nonblocking supervisory control of state tree structures /
Placing a value on the health benefit for active-duty personnel /
An analysis of military disablity compensation /
Maturation of regional dolomite bodies in the Late Eocene Ocala Limestone and Early Oligocene Suwannee Limestone, west-central Florida : processes and effects /
Adaptive, nonlinear, resource-distribution control /
Design and synthesis of high susceptibility self-assembled monolayers for the photoalignment of liquid crystals /
Development and application of geostatistical methods to modeling spatial variation in snowpack properties, Front Range, Colorado /
Dynamic dopamine modulation of striato-cortical circuits in cognition : converging neuropsychological, psychopharmacological and computational studies /
GaAsN and GaAsBi novel optoelectronic alloys /
Laboratory studies of surfaces representative of mineral dust in the troposphere /
Negative feedback of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis : glucocorticoid modulation of stress-induced gene expression in the paraventricular nucleus and pituitary gland /
Packaging of two-dimensional microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) variable capacitors with liquid crystal polymer /
Mechanistic studies of extracellular signal-regulated kinase 2 /
Privacy for location-based queries through automatic resolution control /
Abstraction refinement for large scale model checking /
Construction of an order theoretic duality for certain groups /
Observed and modeled rainfall conditions for shallow landsliding in the Seattle, Washington, area /
Precipitation with a compressed-fluid antisolvent : injector development and applications to the design of particulate pharmaceuticals /
Relative contribution of cell cycle regulation, DNA repair, cell death, and growth to survival after DNA damage in Drosophila Larvae /
Rock glaciers in the Front Range : an analysis of distribution, topoclimatic variables, permafrost, and flow /
Electrical discharges near the surface of Mars : laboratory experiments and numerical modeling /
Hydrogen production using indium tin oxide catalysis and palladium/copper membranes /
Motor unit activation and fluctuations in motor output in old adults /
Social, cultural, and economic capital, and behavioral investments in health /
Medical risk in the Future Force unit of action : results of the Army Medical Department Transformation Workshop IV /
Decorrelated state estimation for distributed tracking in cluttered environments /
Coherent states and geometric quantization /
Essays on the general equilibrium effects of infrastructure on multinational corporations, growth and the pattern of trade /
In the shadow of Kruger : community conservation and environmental resource access in the former Kangwane homeland, South Africa /
High-precision spectroscopy of molecular iodine : from optical frequency standards to global descriptions of hyperfine interactions and associated electronic structure /
Improving performance of mobile programs via a compilation service /
On being on the same page : organizational communication and the user-centred development of a digital library collection /
Microplane modeling and physical interpretation of evolving anisotropy and principal stress rotations in granular materials /
Mitogen activated protein kinase regulation investigated by hydrogen exchange and mass spectrometry /
The role of chain length dependent kinetics on observed non-classical multivinyl photopolymerization behavior /
Temperature-dependent rate coefficients for removal of OH (v = 1) by several species /
Thermomechanical behavior of shape memory polymers /
Toward surface-mounted azimuthal dipolar rotors /
Aide de Camp : asymmetric multi-core design for dynamic thermal management /
Alchemy in the shadows : stories of research and transformation /
A study of the evolutionary history of the genus, Populus L. (Salicaceae) /
When the weather is uggianaqtuq : linking Inuit and scientific observations of recent environmental change in Nunavut, Canada /
Time-resolved measurement of electronic motion through a conical intersection using impulsive pump-probe polarization spectroscopy /
A study of the decay [pi]0 -> e+e-e+e- using KL -> [pi]0[pi]0[pi]0 decays in flight /
An evaluation of the operational use of numerical solutions to the quasigeostrophic diagnostic equations by weather forecasters /
First measurements and analysis of chlorine oxide abundances near the tropopause /
Optimal perturbation analysis of stratified shear flows /
Adaptive torque control of variable speed wind turbines /
Adaptation of reduced order models for applications in aeroelasticity /
Cooling of nonneutral electron plasma /
Disproportionate minority arrests (DMA) of youth : a Colorado study of police perspectives on race and arrest decision making /
Bimetallic complexes for concentrating carbon dioxide in an electrochemical cycle /
Bye, bye Miss American pie : wives of American servicemen in southeast Asia 1961-1975 /
Hydrocarbon radicals and their oxidation products /
If God be for us : religious nationalism in modern Europe /
Price barriers in U.S. equities /
Probing the dynamics of solar supergranulation and its interaction with magnetism /
Póetica del exceso : Galdós y Las novelas contemporáneas /
Shaped time-optimal closed-loop servomechanisms /
International perspectives on evaluation standards
Historic range of variability and stand development in piñon-juniper woodlands of western Colorado /
In search of cultural competence in evaluation toward principles and practices /
Interphases and mesophases in polymer crystallization /
A kaleidoscope of digital American literature /
Analysis, modeling, and design of low-harmonic rectifiers for avionics applications /
Pos[subscript n](R) and Eisenstein series /
Percolation theory for flow in porous media /
Models for polymeric and anisotropic liquids /
Analysis of maintenance forward support location operations /
Working around the military : challenges to military spouse employment and education /
Assessment of 24-hour care options for California /
Engaging Russia as partner and participant : the next stage of NATO-Russia relations /
Evaluating the security of the global containerized supply chain /
Cooperative design, visualization, and engineering : first international conference, CDVE 2004, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, September 19-22, 2004 : proceedings /
Evaluation of the Arkansas tobacco settlement program : progress from program inception to 2004 /
An investigation of the factors influencing breastfeeding patterns /
Computer-aided scheduling and dispatch in demand-responsive transit services : a synthesis of transit practice /
Fed up! : winning the war against childhood obesity /
Marine mammal populations and ocean noise : determining when noise causes biologically significant effects /
The Methodist monitor: or, Moral and religious repository consisting of ... By Alex. Kilham, minister of the gospel.
Managing digital resources in libraries /
Hamiltonian dynamics theory and applications : lectures given at the C.I.M.E.-E.M.S. Summer School, held in Cetraro, Italy, July 1-10, 1999 /
Immobilized catalysts : solid phases, immobilization and applications /
Biologically inspired approaches to advanced information technology : first international workshop, BioADIT 2004, Lausanne, Switzerland, January 29-30, 2004 : revised selected papers /
China on the move : a Franco-American analysis of emerging Chinese strategic policies and their consequences for transatlantic relations /
Architecting dependable systems II /
Algorithms and models for the web-graph : third international workshop, WAW 2004, Rome, Italy, October 16, 2004 ; proceeedings [i.e. proceedings] /
Web content caching and distribution : 9th international workshop, WCW 2004, Beijing, China, October 18-20, 2004 : proceedings /
The IS-LM model : its rise, fall, and strange persistence /
Computational neuroscience : cortical dynamics : 8th International Summer School on Neural Nets, Erice, Italy, October 31-November 6, 2003, revised lectures /
Validation of stochastic systems : a guide to current research /
E-commerce and web technologies : 5th International Conference, EC-Web 2004, Zaragoza, Spain, August 31-September 3, 2004 : proceedings /
How students learn : history in the classroom /
Structural, syntactic, and statistical pattern recognition : joint IAPR international workshops, SSPR 2004 and SPR 2004, Lisbon, Portugal, August 18-20, 2004 : proceedings /
Web engineering : 4th international conference, ICWE 2004, Munich, Germany, July 26-30, 2004 ; proceedings /
Medical imaging and augmented reality : second international workshop, MIAR 2004, Beijing, China, August 19-20, 2004 ; proceedings /
Secure data management : VLDB 2004 Workshop, SDM 2004, Toronto, Canada, August 30, 2004 ; proceedings /
Software and compilers for embedded systems : 8th international workshop, SCOPES 2004, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 2-3, 2004 : proceedings /
Lessons from Operation Iraqi Freedom /
Making sense of transnational threats : workshop reports /
Personal wireless communications : IFIP TC6 9th International Conference, PWC 2004, Delft, the Netherlands, September 21-23, 2004 : proceedings /
Integration of software specification techniques for applications in engineering : Priority Program SoftSpez of the German Research Foundation (DFG) : final report /
Water conservation, reuse, and recycling : proceedings of an Iranian-American workshop.
Programming languages and systems : Second Asian Symposium, APLAS 2004, Taipei, Taiwan, November 4-6, 2004 : proceedings /
Making out of school time matter : evidence for action agenda /
Endangered and threatened species of the Platte River /
The impact of extended vehicle emission warranties on California's independent repair shops /
Measuring and understanding economic interdependence in Allegheny County /
The Semantic Web, ISWC 2004 : Third International Semantic Web Conference, Hiroshima, Japan, November 7-11, 2004 : proceedings /
Space weather : the physics behind a slogan /
Invariant manifolds for physical and chemical kinetics /
Formal techniques, modelling and analysis of timed and fault-tolerant systems : joint international conferences on Formal Modelling and Analysis of Timed Systems, FORMATS 2004 and Formal Techniques in Real-Time and Fault-Tolerant Systems, FTRTFT 2004, Grenoble, France, September 22-24, 2004 : proceedings /
Universal multiservice networks : third European conference, ECUMN 2004, Porto, Portugal, October 25-27, 2004 : proceedings /
Middleware 2004 : ACM/IFIP/USENIX International Middleware Conference, Toronto, Canada, October 18-22, 2004 : proceedings /
Network and parallel computing : IFIP international conference, NPC 2004, Wuhan, China, October 18-20, 2004 : proceedings /
Computer and information sciences : ISCIS 2004, 19th international symposium, Kemer-Antalya, Turkey, October 27-29, 2004 : proceedings /
Electronic government : third international conference, EGOV 2004, Zaragoza, Spain, August 30-September 3, 2004 : proceedings /
The counterterror coalitions : cooperation with Pakistan and India /
Ant colony optimization and swarm intelligence : 4th international workshop, ANTS 2004, Brussels, Belgium, September 5-8, 2004 : proceedings /
Software product lines : Third International Conference, SPLC 2004, Boston, MA, USA, August 30-September 2, 2004 : proceedings /
Exploration of the outer heliosphere and the local interstellar medium : a workshop report /
Computational science and its applications : ICCSA 2004, international conference, Assisi, Italy, May 14-17, 2004 : proceedings /
TeX, XML, and digital typography : International Conference on TeX, XML, and Digital Typography, held jointly with the 25th Annual Meeting of the TeX Users Group, TUG 2004, Xanthi, Greece, August 30 - September 3, 2004 ; proceedings /
Computer systems: architectures, modeling, and simulation : third and fourth international workshops, SAMOS 2003 and SAMOS 2004, Samos, Greece, July 21-23, 2003 and July 19-21, 2004 : proceedings /
Principles of distributed systems : 7th International Conference, OPODIS 2003, La Martinique, French West Indies, December 10-13, 2003 : revised selected papers /
Trust and privacy in digital business : first international conference, TrustBus 2004, Zaragoza, Spain, August 30-September 1, 2004 : proceedings /
Wind tunnel and propulsion test facilities : supporting analyses to an assessment of NASA's capabilities to serve national needs /
Grid services engineering and management : first international conference, GSEM 2004, Erfurt, Germany, September 27-30, 2004 : proceedings /
Independent component analysis and blind signal separation : 5th international conference, ICA 2004, Granada, Spain, September 22-24, 2004 : proceedings /
Urban battle command in the 21st century /
Urban battle fields of South Asia : lessons learned from Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan /
The returns from arthritis research /
Understanding the insider threat : proceedings of a March 2004 workshop /
Biometric authentication : first international conference, ICBA 2004, Hong Kong, China, July 15-17, 2004 : proceedings /
Stochastic methods in finance : lectures given at the C.I.M.E.-E.M.S. Summer School, held in Bressanone/Brixen, Italy, July 6-12, 2003 /
Ultrathin metal films : magnetic and structural properties /
Nutrient adequacy : assessment using food consumption surveys /
What is America eating? : proceedings of a symposium /
Conference record /
Ocean engineering and the environment : conference record, November 12-14, 1985, San Diego, California /
The Lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff Esq
The bee Being essays on the most interesting subjects.
A literary journal. Or a continuation of the Memoirs of literature By the same author.
The Country spectator
Lounger's miscellany
Memoirs of literature Containing a weekly account of the state of learning, both at home and abroad.
The Oriental magazine; or, Calcutta amusement being a universal repository of knowledge, instruction, and entertainment. By a society of Gentlemen.
The Court miscellany in prose and verse.
The Repository: or Treasury of politics and literature for.
The New Asiatic miscellany Consisting of original essays, translations, and fugitive pieces.
The Sailors advocate To be continued.
Reflections, moral, comical, satyrical, &c on the vices and follies of the age.
The Theatrical review; or, Annals of the drama
Miscellaneous correspondence containing essays, dissertations, &c. on various subjects.
Poetical reflexions moral, comical, satyrical, &c. on the vices and follies of the age.
The English lyceum, or, Choice of pieces in prose and verse selected from the best periodical papers, magazines, pamphlets and other British publications, published by J.W. v. Archenholtz.
The Berwick museum, or, Monthly literary intelligencer Forming an universal repository of amusement and instruction.
The Eaton chronicle; or, the salt-box
The Moderator
Mercure de France; ou Recueil historique, politique, et littèraire Par une société de gens de lettres.
The new novelist's magazine; or, Entertaining library of pleasing and instructive histories, ... romances, and other ... exemplary little novels.
The philological miscellany consisting of select essays from the Memoirs of the Academy of Belles Lettres at Paris, and other foreign academies. Translated into English. With original pieces by the most eminent writers of our own country.
Acta Germanica: Or, the literary memoirs of Germany, &c ... Done from the Latin and High-Dutch, by a society of gentlemen.
The British lyre; or, Muses' repository for the year ... Containing a more valuable collection of new songs, selected from the works of the most celebrated lyric geniuses of the age, than any book.
The agreeable companion; or, An universal medley of wit and good-humour Consisting of ... humourous esays, ... tales and fables, ... with select novels.
[The musical companion; or, Songster's magazine] containing a select collection of near one hundred of the most celebrated songs, ... lately sung at ,,, Ranelagh, Vauxhall, ... to which is added, near one hundred toasts and sentiments.
The diverting muse, or, The universal medly
The Tickler
The theatrical review; or, New companion to the play-house ... Calculated for the entertainment and instruction of every lover of theatrical amusements. By a society of gentlemen.
The universal museum; or, The entertaining repository for gentlemen and ladies. Containing.
The universal librarian Containing a copious and candid account of new books printed at home and abroad, ... and a view of the undertakings of the learned throughout Europe. ... By a fellow of the Royal Society.
The lady's poetical magazine; or, Beauties of British poetry
Critical observations on books, antient and modern
Interviews in the realms of death: or, Dialogues of the dead between several great personages deceas'd.
Proceedings and debates of the parliament of Pimlico in the last session of the eighteenth century.
Minuts of the proceedings in Parliament
Evergreen bringing information resources to rural China : Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Access to Learning Award recipient 2004 /
QCD@Work International Workshop on Quantum Chromodynamics, Theory and Experiment : Conversano, Bari, Italy, 16-20 June 2005 /
Liberal arts colleges and liberal arts education new evidence on impacts /
The moral and political magazine of the London Corresponding Society, for.
The Cork surgeon's antidote against the Dublin apothecary's poyson. For the citizens of Dublin. By Anthony Litten.
Steeling the mind : combat stress reactions and their implications for urban warfare /
Financing terror : an analysis and simulation for affecting al Qaeda's financial infrastructures /
Measuring national power /
The weapons mix problem : a math model to quantify the effects of internetting of fires to the objective future force /
American public support for U.S. military operations from Mogadishu to Baghdad : technical appendixes /
Just cause or just because? : prosecution and plea-bargaining resulting in prison sentences on low-level drug charges in California and Arizona /
New paths to success : determining career alternatives for field-grade officers /
Strategic choices in science and technology : Korea in the era of a rising China /
American public support for U.S. military operations from Mogadishu to Baghdad /
North Korean paradoxes: circumstances, costs and consequences of Korean unification /
Swarming and the future of warfare /
Optical trapping and optical micromanipulation : 2-6 August 2004, Denver, Colorado /
Neutron spin echo in polymer systems /
The challenge of diversity : involvement or alienation in the academy? /
Machine translation : from real users to research : 6th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas, AMTA 2004, Washington, DC, USA, September 28-October 2, 2004 : proceedings /
Grammatical inference : algorithms and applications : 7th international colloquium, ICGI 2004, Athens, Greece, October 11-13, 2004 : proceedings /
Formal methods for the design of real-time systems : International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication, and Software Systems, SFM-RT 2004, Bertinoro, Italy, September 13-18, 2004 : revised lectures /
Advances in natural language processing : 4th international conference, EsTAL 2004, Alicante, Spain, October 20-22, 2004 : proceedings /
Mathematical neuroscience /
Artificial intelligence and symbolic computation : 7th international conference, AISC 2004, Linz, Austria, September 22-24, 2004 : proceedings /
Ferroelectric thin films : basic properties and device physics for memory applications /
Dissipative solitons /
Outsourcing and outfitting practices : implications for the Ministry of Defence shipbuilding programmes /
Winter highway operations /
Intelligence in Communication Systems : IFIP International Conference, INTELLCOMM 2004, Bangkok, Thailand, November 23-26, 2004 : proceedings /
State construction quality assurance programs /
Software security : theories and systems : Second Mext-NSF-JSPS international symposium, ISSS 2003, Tokyo, Japan, November 4-6, 2003 : revised papers /
The United Kingdom's naval shipbuilding industrial base : the next fifteen years /
Organic solid state reactions /
Transformation and the Army school system /
Elements of numerical relativity : from Einstein's equations to Black Hole simulations /
Dynamics of coupled map lattices and of related spatially extended systems /
Planck scale effects in astrophysics and cosmology /
A portrait of the visual arts : meeting the challenges of a new era /
Positive polynomials in control /
Explicit stability conditions for continuous systems : a functional analytic approach /
Sound capture for human/machine interfaces : practical aspects of microphone array signal processing /
Stress and performance : a review of the literature and its applicability to the military /
Effective capital provision within government : methodologies for right-sizing base infrastructure /
OPNAV N14 quick reference : officer manpower and personnel governance in the U.S. Navy : law, policy, and practice /
Natural product synthesis : targets, methods, concepts /
Reexamining acquisition reform : are we there yet? /
Building a multinational global navigation satellite system : an initial look /
Stretched thin : Army forces for sustained operations /
Modernizing China's military : opportunities and constraints /
Poly(arylene ethynylenes) : from synthesis to application /
Practical aspects of knowledge management : 5th international conference, PAKM 2004, Vienna, Austria, December 2-3, 2004 : proceedings /
Examining gaps in mathematics achievement among racial-ethnic groups, 1972-1992 /
Establishing law and order after conflict /
Knowledge exploration in life science informatics : International Symposium KELSI 2004, Milan, Italy, November 25-26, 2004 : proceedings /
International perspectives on road pricing : report of the Committee for the International Symposium on Road Pricing, November 19-22, 2003, Key Biscayne, Florida /
Exploring religious conflict /
Assessing the impact of future operations on trainer aircraft requirements /
Monitoring the progress of shipbuilding programmes : how can the Defence Procurement Agency more accurately monitor progress? /
Differences between military and commercial shipbuilding : applications for the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence /
Integrated circuit and system design : power and timing modeling, optimization and simulation : 14th International Workshop, PATMOS 2004, Santorinim, Greece, September 15-17, 2004 : proceedings /
An assessment of Air Force data on contract expenditures /
Rules and rule markup languages for the Semantic Web : third international workshop, RuleML 2004, Hiroshima, Japan, November 8, 2004 : proceedings /
A Pacific odyssey : archaeology and anthropology in the Western Pacific : papers in honour of Jim Specht /
Three years after : next steps in the War on Terror /
Least squares orthogonal distance fitting of curves and surfaces in space /
Transportation finance : meeting the funding challenge today, shaping policies for tomorrow : report of the committee for the Third National Conference on Transportation Finance, Chicago, Illinois, October 27-30, 2002 /
Proposed missions and organization of the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command /
Operational semantics for timed systems : a non-standard approach to uniform modeling of timed and hybrid systems /
Inorganic polymeric nanocomposites and membranes /
Unexploded ordnance cleanup costs : implications of alternative protocols /
Does the built environment influence physical activity? : examining the evidence /
Utility computing : 15th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management, DSOM 2004, Davis, CA, USA, November 15-17, 2004 : proceedings /
Engineering knowledge in the age of the Semantic Web : 14th international conference, EKAW 2004, Whittlebury Hall, UK, October 5-8, 2004 : proceedings /
Multiagent system technologies : second German conference, MATES 2004, Erfurt, Germany, September 29-30, 2004 : proceedings /
Formal methods for components and objects : second international symposium, FMCO 2003, Leiden, The Netherlands, November 4-7, 2003 : revised lectures /
How should the Army use contractors on the battlefield? : assessing comparative risk in sourcing decisions /
The economics of investing in universal preschool education in California /
The economics of investing in universal preschool education in California : executive summary /
Management of disadvantaged business enterprise issues in construction contracting /
Beyond grade inflation : grading problems in higher education /
Improving maternal and child health care : a blueprint for community action in the Pittsburgh region /
RAND forum on hydrogen technology and policy : a conference report /
Strategic planning and management in transit agencies : a synthesis of transit practice /
Commercial motor vehicle driver safety belt usage /
Military reengineering between the World Wars /
Evaluation of Community Voices Miami : affecting health policy for the uninsured /
Plasma physics : confinement, transport and collective effects /
Japan's space program : a fork in the road? /
Asbestos litigation /
Recalibrating alliance contributions : changing policy environment and military alliances /
Mathematical modeling of calcium dynamics and signal transduction /
Workshop on Information Technology for Virtual Enterprises : ITVE 2001 : proceedings : January 29-30, 2001, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia /
Oceans '86 conference record : science-engineering-adventure : conference /
Computers at risk : safe computing in the information age /
Differential geometry in the large : seminar lectures, New York University, 1946 and Stanford University, 1956 /
The Methodist magazine for the year ... ; being a continuation of The Arminian magazine, first published by the Rev. John Wesley, A.M. consisting chiefly of extracts and original treatises on general redemption.
The world for the year ... By Adam Fitz-Adam.
The speculator
The Flagellant
Recreations in agriculture natural-history, arts, and miscellaneous literature. By James Anderson, LLD.
The Aberdeen magazine for the year ...
The Christian's magazine, or A treasury of divine knowledge
The Speculator
The Asiatic annual register; or, A view of the history of Hindustan and of the politics, commerce, and literature of Asia.
The Dublin magazine for the year.
Pig's meat; or, Lessons for the swinish multitude Collected by the poor man's advocate (an old veteran in the cause of freedom) in the course of his reading for more than twenty years.
The western county magazine for the year ... By a society of gentlemen.
The comick magazine; or, Compleat library of mirth, humour, wit, gaiety, and entertainment. By the greatest wits of all ages & nations. Enriched with Hogarth's celebrated ... prints.
The Ranger, a collection of periodical essays inscribed to the Rev. Thomas Atwood, M.A. by the Hon. M. Hawke, and Sir R. Vincent, Bart.
The Yorkshire magazine: or, Universal repository of arts, sciences and various other branches of polite literature, for the year.
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Applications : May 25-27, 1988, Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd., Hitachi City, Japan /
The American magazine and monthly chronicle for the British colonies ... By a society of gentlmen.
Oceans '88 proceedings : a partnership of marine interests : conference /
Mobile robots XVII 26-28 October 2004, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA /
Digest of papers : intellectual leverage /
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Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on the Application of Standards for Open Systems : October 2-4, 1990, Fairview Park Marriot Hotel, Falls Church, Virginia /
Federal resources on missing and exploited children a directory for law enforcement and other public and private agencies.
AIP style manual /
COMPEURO '90 : proceedings of the 1990 IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Software Engineering, May 8-10, 1990, Tel-Aviv, Israel /
ICCON '89 : proceedings /
Integrated optical devices, nanostructures, and displays 26-28 October 2004, London, United Kingdom /
Initiative & Referendum Institute (IRI)
The electronic map library
Initiative and referendum in the 21st century final report and recommendations of the NCSL I & R Task Force.
Oratory transactions ... By J.Henley, M.A.
The gospel magazine; or Treasury of divine knowledge designed to promote experimental religion.
The Occasional paper upon the subject of religion and the church establishment; and the present attempts against them.
Oceans '87 proceedings : the ocean, an international workplace /
Software engineering 88 : 11-15 July 1988 /
Intellectual leverage : digest of papers /
Enhanced and synthetic vision 2003 21 April, 2003, Orlando, Florida USA /
Detection and remediation technologies for mines and minelike targets IX 12-16 April 2004, Orlando, Florida, USA /
Image algebra and morphological image processing III 20-22 July 1992, San Diego, California /
The magazine of the ants, or Pismire journal
Designing safer roads : practices for resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation.
Proceedings, Computer Standards Conference, 1988 : computer standards evolution--impact and imperatives, March 21-23, 1988, Sheraton National, Washington, D.C.
System design : concepts, methods, and tools /
Ada : the Third International IEEE Conference on Ada Applications and Environments : May 23-25, 1988, the Sheraton-Wayfarer Inn and Conference Center, Manchester, New Hampshire /
The Mitre and Crown; or, Great Britain's true interest In which our constitution in church and state will be explain'd and defended, and a short account of most valuable books given, with some original pieces, and law-cases. And also an abstract of what is material in the several publick papers, with the usual common news. And an account of births, marriages, preferments, deaths, &c. To be publish'd at the middle and end of each month. By a gentleman late of the Temple.
A new express from Holland Giving an account of an engagement.
Philosophical transactions giving some accompt of the present undertakings, studies and labours of the ingenious in many considerable parts of the world.
A general treatise of husbandry and gardening for the month of ... By R. Bradley, Fellow of the Royal Society.
The Astrologer's magazine; and Philosophical miscellany Consisting of philosophical transactions with a monthly portion of Lavater's Physiognomy.
The practical husbandman and planter: or, Observations on the ancient and modern husbandry, planting, gardening, &c ...By a society of husbandmen and planters.
The Monthly military repository Respectfully inscribed to the military of the United States of America. By Charles Smith.
The medical museum: or, A repository of cases, experiments, researches, and discoveries collected at home and abroad. ... By gentlemen of the faculty.
The farmer's magazine, and useful family companion Consisting of practical essays, ... on the different branches of husbandry, ... A miscellaneous collection of valuable family receipts, ... Useful hints and curious observations ... By Agricola Sylvan, gentleman.
The London Medical journal for.
International Conference on Systolic Arrays : proceedings, May 25-27, 1988, Sheraton Grand (Harbor Island) Hotel, San Diego, California, USA /
Computer Networking Symposium : proceedings, Sheraton National Hotel, Washington, DC area, April 11-13, 1988 /
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Third International Conference on Power System Monitoring and Control /
Proceedings of the ... Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium
Second International Specialist Seminar on the Design and Application of Parallel Digital Processors : 15-19 April 1991, venue, the Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal /
Non-Archimedean L-functions of Siegel and Hilbert modular forms /
IEEE Conference on Neural Networks for Ocean Engineering : August 15-17, 1991, Loews L'enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C. /
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Proceedings : 6th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference, 22-24 May 1991, Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Center, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Yugoslavia /
Recommended procedures for the safety performance evaluation of highway features /
Proceedings, first International Conference on WEB Delivering of Music : WEDELMUSIC 2001 : Florence, Italy, 23-24 November 2001 /
The history mystery examiner /
Proceedings : Second International Symposium on Uncertainty Modeling and Analysis, April 25-28, 1993, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland /
First International Conference on Intelligent Systems Engineering : 19-21 August 1992 /
Symposium record /
Computer systems and software engineering : CompEuro 1992 proceedings : May 4-8, 1992, The Netherlands /
Proceedings : advanced computer technology, reliable systems, and applications : 5th Annual European Computer Conference, Bologna, May 13-16, 1991 /
Setting priorities for health technology assessment : a model process /
The relative risks of school travel : a national perspective and guidance for local community risk assessment /
FDIC consumer news news and information on consumer issues from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Animal biotechnology : science-based concerns /
Responsible research : a systems approach to protecting research participants /
UV/optical/IR space telescopes innovative technologies and concepts : 3-5 August 2003, San Diego, California, USA /
Army SBIR accomplishments
A positron named Priscilla : scientific discovery at the frontier /
Second International Conference on Intelligent Systems Engineering : 5-9 September 1994 /
Ocean 73; [record]
The portrait a romance of the Cuyahoga Valley /
The rival's revenge!, or, The lovely Quakeress, Catherine Middleton, the skilful gamester in disguise! her singular career with the startling developments in the life of Don Senor Jacinto, "The maniac priest"
The white slave, or, Memoirs of a fugitive ...
Dolores, a tale of disappointment and distress compiled, arranged and edited from the journal, letters and other MSS. of Roland Vernon, Esq. and from contributions by and conversations with the Vernon family of Rushbrook, in Carolina /
Valdez, the pirate, or, Scenes off Long Island
The gold brick
We and our neighbors, or, The records of an unfashionable street
Silver Lake, or, The belle of Bayou Luie a tale of the South /
My roses the romance of a June day /
The Frontiersmen a narrative of 1783.
Our cousin Veronica, or, Scenes and adventures over the Blue Ridge
Steps upward
A thrilling narrative of the life, adventures and terrible crimes of James Bagwell, who ... made a full confession of his dark and terrible crimes to The Rev. W. Miller, his spiritual advisor ...
The ghost
The picket slayer the most thrilling story of the War /
Surry of Eagle's-nest, or, The memoirs of a staff-officer serving in Virginia
Bertha's Christmas vision an autumn sheaf /
The peacemaker, and other stories
The pearl of Panama ; or, The Spaniard's vengence
Sybaris and other homes
The mechanic's bride, or, The autobiography of Elwood Gorden
Maidee, the alchemist, or, Turning all to gold
The Chronicles of the "Great Peace Jubilo"
Life in the itinerancy in its relations to the circuit and station, and to the minister's home and family /
The Confederate spy a story of the War of 1861 /
The silent partner
L'Africaine, or, The maid of Madagascar adapted from "The law of Java," by G. Colman ; "L'Africaine," by Eugene Scribe; and the Italian version of the latter work, by Santa Mangio /
The Traveller's library containing interesting stories, laughable anecdotes, and enjoyable reading of a select and varied nature.
Life in the open air and other papers /
The Nautch girl a romance of the Indian Ocean /
Codification of policy.
Professionalizing graduate education the master's degree in the marketplace /
Computing and communications in the extreme : research for crisis management and other applications /
Vortex electronics and SQUIDs /
Surgery simulation and soft tissue modeling : International Symposium, IS4TM 2003, Juan-Les-Pins, France, June 12-13, 2003 : proceedings /
Scientific criteria to ensure safe food /
Unmanned ground vehicle technology VI 13-15 April, 2004, Orlando, Florida, USA /
The impact of the information revolution on policymakers' use of intelligence analysis /
1993 CompEuro proceedings : computers in design, manufacturing and production, May 24-27, 1993, Paris-Evry, France /
Unmanned ground vehicle technology V 22-23 April, 2003, Orlando, Florida, USA /
Veterans and Agent Orange : update 1996 /
The future of the history of economics /
Veterans and Agent Orange : health effects of herbicides used in Vietnam /
Remote sensing of atmospheric chemistry 1-3 April 1991, Orlando, Florida /
Nonlinear optics : materials, fundamentals, and applications, July 25-29, 1994, Hilton Waikoloa Village, Waikoloa, Hawaii /
Toolkit for rural community coordinated transportation services /
Irreversible contamination? Global Hollywood and the (not so) national cinema
Applying Perfect Simulation to solve stochastic difference equations that arise from certain time series models
Effects of fire and plant invasion on aspects of aboveground and belowground interactions in an eastern tallgrass prairie
Genes, development, and externalizing behaviors during middle childhood and adolescence
The impact of oxygen on photopolymerization kinetics and polymer structure
The effects of the seasonal cycle on interannual SST variability in the Indian Ocean
Atom-chip Bose-Einstein condensation in a portable vacuum cell
Stable isotopic analysis and firn air reconstruction of the atmospheric history of methane and delta-carbon-13
Religion and the willingness to donate organs and tissues: The roles of religious affiliation and religious orientation
Stress-induced suppression of an antibody response: A role for splenic norepinephrine
Electron tomographic analysis of Golgi trafficking in the scale-forming alga Scherffelia dubia
A role for serotonin in the prevention of learned helplessness by wheel running
Global warming and mesoscale eddy dynamics: An oceanic mechanism for dissipation of heat
In-situ shear strength by centrifuge modelling
Endolithic microbial ecosystems: Molecular phylogenetic composition, ecology and geobiology
Atomic layer deposited thin films for micro- and nano-electromechanical systems with applications in short-wavelength adaptive optics
Combining ground-based and space-based data to study tides in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere
Hydrodynamic escape from planetary atmospheres
Cardinal functions on pseudo-tree algebras and a generalization of homogeneous weak density
The physics of unconstrained edges in planetary rings
Gyrokinetic deltaf simulation of the collisionless and semi-collisional tearing mode instability
Perfusion cultures of recombinant CHO cells: Effects on specific productivity, production stability, and protein glycosylation
Operational flood-forecasting for Bangladesh
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor is required for normal peripheral nerve development and regeneration
An algorithmic unification of particle-in-cell and continuum methods and a wave-particle description for the electron temperature gradient (ETG) instability saturation
Membrane bioseparations: Cellulase recovery, particle deposition, and second osmotic virial coefficients
On the discovery and elucidation of the mechanism via which repression of the Caenorhabditis elegans p53 ortholog cep-1 results in longevity
The Cody Complex revisited: Landscape use and technological organization on the northwestern plains
Ariadne's thread: Pre-service teachers, stories and identities in teacher education
Cognitive adaptability: The role of metacognition and feedback in entrepreneurial decision policies
Employees do matter: Autonomy, teamwork and corporate entrepreneurial culture
Testimony and mythic voyage: Memory and forgetting of the Spanish Civil War
The identity of crisis: Muslim Americans after September 11
The Korean paradox of the 1972 Sino-American rapprochement: An East Asian perspective
On words: An essay on beliefs, belief attributions and the ontology of language
A reform approach to calculus instruction: Effects on retention, grades and understanding
Financial reporting quality, capital allocation efficiency, and financing structure: An international study
Cultural conflicts and problems of free speech: Comparative free speech in the United States and Japan as exemplified by limits on sexual expression
Mental causation, trying, and the emotions
Intelligent bodies: Women's embodiment and subjectivity in the human-horse communication process
Analyst following, cost of equity capital, and the information environment: Evidence from the electric utility industry
Negotiating social change in international contexts: A study of discourse, development, and participative organizing
Kant, realism, and anti-realism
The politics of reading and readership in American ethnic literature: Criticism and creativity
Analytic and interferometric techniques for the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna
Competition and facilitation in bird-dispersed plants
Towards automating traceability: An incremental and scalable approach
Impact of input uncertainty in ensemble stream flow generation
Neural mechanisms contributing to muscle fatigue in humans
Context, race and danger: The relationship between threat perception and the decision to shoot
Broadband analog opto-electronic blind source separation
An investigation into the genetic etiology of adolescent antisocial behavior and conduct disorder: An application of item response theory
Low-Reynolds-number particle transport in narrow channels for microfluidics and other applications
Sediment transport and channel form in gravel-bed river meanders
The impact of graphical conventions and layout location on search for webpage widgets
Osteogenic poly(ethylene glycol)-based hydrogels for three-dimensional human mesenchymal stem cell culture and bone regeneration
Aminoacyl-tRNA uniformity in the translational apparatus
Life stress and the course of early-onset bipolar disorder
Modular functions of bacterial DEAD-box proteins
Understanding program performance using temporal vertical profiles
Mars aerobraking spacecraft state estimation by processing inertial measurement unit data
Cerro de Oro Mining District, Sonora, Mexico: Geology, igneous petrology, and mineral deposits
Molecular hydrogen fluorescence and accretion in far-ultraviolet spectra of classical T Tauri stars
Protein activation of the RNase P ribozyme
Robust design methodology for class-E amplifiers for microwave applications
Thermophoretic deposition of aerosol particles in laminar tube flow with mixed convection
FOSLL* for eddy current problems with three-dimensional edge singularities
Algebraic space-time codes for multi-antenna channels and distributed codes for cooperative wireless communication
Development of flow control elements for portable polymeric microfluidic devices
Rapid decomposition of nickel oxalate powders
Young adult attachment: Predictors and outcomes
Essays on the equity premium puzzle, earnings volatility, and expected stock returns
Moral thinking in a global context: Making room for diverse conceptions of moral reasoning
The genetic etiology of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and its dimensions: Linkage to chromosome 6p
Toward automating the discovery of traceability links
Direct frequency comb spectroscopy for optical frequency metrology and coherent interactions
An investigation of the stably-stratified atmospheric boundary layer over the Arctic Ocean during stable, clear-sky, winter conditions
The surface electromyogram as an index of activity in a population of motor units
Spaceborne accelerometry and temporal gravity analysis from the CHAMP satellite mission
Biological and medical data analysis 6th international symposium, ISBMDA 2005, Aveiro, Portugal, November 10-11, 2005 : proceedings /
Mobile ad-hoc and sensor networks first international conference, MSN 2005, Wuhan, China, December 13-15, 2005 : proceedings /
Mobility aware technologies and applications second international workshop, MATA 2005, Montreal, Canada, October 17-19, 2005 : proceedings /
Theoretical computer science 9th Italian Conference, ICTCS 2005, Siena, Italy, October 12-14, 2005 : proceedings /
GeoSpatial semantics first international conference, GeoS 2005, Mexico City, Mexico, November 29-30, 2005 : proceedings /
Cassandra. (But I hope not) Telling what will come of it.
L'Esprit de clergé or Le Christianisme primitif vengé des entreprises & des excès de nos prêtres modernes.
A collection of letters, on religious subjects from various eminent ministers, and others; to the Rev. John Wesley.
OpenMP shared memory parallel programming : International Workshop on OpenMP Applications and Tools, WOMPAT 2003, Toronto, Canada, June 26-27, 2003 : proceedings /
EUREL International Conference : the detection of abandoned land mines : a humanitarian imperative seeking a technical solution : 7-9th October, 1996 / organised by the Convention of National Societies of Electrical Engineers of Europe (EUREL) under the sponsorship of the Institution of Electrical Engineers with the support of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in association with the Chinese Institute of Electronics ... [et al.]
The U.S. combat aircraft industry, 1909-2000 : structure, competition, innovation /
Integrating tourism and recreation travel with transportation planning and project delivery : a synthesis of highway practice /
Stretching the network : using transformed forces in demanding contingencies other than war /
The Remembrancer, or Impartial repository of public events ... For the year.
Great doubts and difficulties to be resolved by the good people of England.
... The Devil containing a review and investigation of all public subjects whatever; ... By a society of literary gentlemen.
The old whig ... On the state of the peerage. With remarks upon the Plebeian.
The Scientific magazine, and Freemasons' repository for.
The London magazine: or, Gentleman's monthly intelligencer
The London magazine, and monthly chronologer
The London magazine. Or, Gentleman's monthly intelligencer
The New plain dealer; or, Freeman's budgets Containing an impartial state of the case between John Bull and G. R.
The Patriot
The Political cabinet: or, An impartial review of the most remarkable occurrences of the world, particularly of Europe Collected from ... papers published by the several courts of Europe, as well as from private intelligence.
The Fortnight's register: or, A Chronicle of interesting and remarkable events, foreign and domestic from.
The Olio, or, Anything-arian miscellany
The Intrepid magazine By the Reverend William Hamilton, M.A.
The Criticks Being papers upon the times.
Mercurius Britannicus being collections of publick intelligence, ... by Walter Campbell.
Useful transactions in philosophy and other sorts of learning, for the months of.
The Constitution With an address to a great man.
The Female spectator
The Reveur
The North British intelligencer; or, Constitutional miscellany
Bellamy's picturesque magazine, and literary museum for the year ... Embellished with engravings, executed in a manner worthy of the originals of Opie, Lawrence, Shee ... &c.
The Inquisitor: or, A defence of the House of Commons In their censure on a certain forage contract, A.D. 1712.
The London museum of politics, miscellanies, and literature
The Tuner
The Monitor: or, British freeholder From.
An Address to friends and foes
The County magazine for.
The Freemen's magazine: or, The constitutional repository Containing.
The Tribune a periodical publication consisting chiefly of the political lectures of J. Thelwall.
Tusser redivivus being part of Mr. Thomas Tusser's Five hundred points of husbandry; ... To which are added notes and observations explaining many obsolete terms in the said Mr. Tusser ... and what is agreeable to the present practice.
Journal de France et d'Angleterre
The British magazine: or, the London and Edinburgh intelligencer For the year.
The British magazine and general review of the literature employment and amusements of the times.
The Lady's museum By the author of The Female Quixote.
Transactions of the American Philosophical Society
The library: or, Moral and critical magazine for the year ... By a society of gentlemen.
The observator; or Remarks on the Impartial examiner
The Free-holder
The Cambridge magzine: or, Universal repository of arts, sciences, and the belles lettres. ... By a society of gentlemen, of the University of Cambridge.
The Historical, political, and literary register Containing an account of every public transaction. ... of the year.
The spinster in defence of the woollen manufactures.
Mercure Britannique; ou notices historiques et critiques sur les affaires du tems. par J. Mallet du Pan.
The new election budget
Oriental repertory, ... published in four numbers, ... by Dalrymple.
Prices received.
High energy density and high power RF 7th Workshop on High Energy Density and High Power RF, Kalamata, Greece, 13-17 June 2005 : RF 2005 /
Web services, E-Business, and the Semantic Web : second international workshop, WES 2003, Klagenfurt, Austria, June 2003 : revised selected papers /
Automated reasoning : second international joint conference, IJCAR 2004, Cork, Ireland, July 4-8, 2004 : proceedings /
Children's health, the nation's wealth : assessing and improving child health /
Laser applications in medicine, biology, and environmental science International Conference on Lasers, Applications, and Technologies 2002 : 22-27 June 2002, Moscow, Russia /
Annual report /
Directory of state and federal Medicaid officials
Your guide to researching public records : what's available? how do I find it?
IEE National Conference on Antennas and Propagation, 31 March - 1 April 1999 : venue, University of York, York, UK.
Russia's demographic "crisis" /
Implementation of the asthma practice guideline in the Army Medical Department : evaluation of process and effects /
Amygdala modulation of hippocampus-dependent memories and the influence on immediate early gene expression
Grant assistance programs statistical summaries.
Budget estimates
Uranium purchases report
The 2003 OCLC environmental scan : pattern recognition : a report to the OCLC membership /
Licensed fuel facility status report.
Arctic research of the United States
Database and XML technologies : Second International XML Database Symposium, XSym 2004, Toronto, Canada, August 29-30, 2004 : proceedings /
Outsourcing of DoD commercial activities : impacts on civil service employees /
Off track? : the future of the European defense industry /
Elements of a science plan for the North Pacific Research Board /
Switched and impulsive systems : analysis, design and applications /
Oil shale development in the United States : prospects and policy issues /
Modeling reserve recruiting : estimates of enlistments /
Evolutionary history of the piñon pine dwarf mistletoe, Arceuthobium divaricatum, and its primary host Pinus edulis /
Ancient female archetypes on the modern stage : The Greeks and Tantalus /
Merger and alignment of three-dimensional quasigeostrophic vortices /
Essays on dynamics of intellectual property rights and international joint ventures /
Literature review on health and fatigue issues associated with commercial motor vehicle driver hours of work /
DLAPS : Defense Logistics Agency publishing system : regulations, manuals, and handbooks.
International Workshop on Multimedia Software Engineering : April 20-21, 1998, Kyoto, Japan /
Molecules in interaction with surfaces and interfaces /
International Conference on Storage & Recording Systems, 5-7 April 1994 /
Fire- and smoke-resistant interior materials for commercial transport aircraft /
Customer assistance handbook
Digital simulation in electrochemistry /
National plan for tropical cyclone research.
Block copolymers /
Echandole ganas : the elements that support or constrain the academic resiliency of Mexican immigrant students in a high school ESL program /
High pressure refolding of protein aggregates : efficacy and thermodynamics /
PRS '97 : proceedings IEEE Symposium on Parallel rendering, Phoenix, Arizona 20-21 October 1997 /
Semiannual report to the Congress
OzCHI'98 : 1998 Australasian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction : proceedings : November 30-December 4, 1998, Adelaide, South Australia /
Monthly summary of export credit guarantee program activity
U.S. grain export quality report wheat, corn, soybeans /
Monthly state, regional and national cooling degree days weighted by population
10th European Frequency and Time Forum : 5-7 March 1996 /
Fare policies, structures, and technologies /
Impact of radio frequency refarming on transit communications /
Transit operations for individuals with disabilities /
International Conference on Electric Railways in a United Europe : 27-30 March 1995 /
Fluoroelastomer pressure pad design for microelectronic applications /
Recovery in Sprintely NFS /
Unequal treatment : confronting racial and ethnic disparities in health care /
U.S. and Russian policymaking with respect to the use of force /
The new fiscal federalism and the social safety net : a view from California /
A framework for precision conventional strike in post-Cold War military strategy /
Survey of real estate trends.
The Internet under crisis conditions : learning from September 11 /
Oceans '96 MTS/IEEE : prospects for the 21st century : conference proceedings, 23-26 September 1996, Fort Lauderdale, Florida /
A handbook for acquiring demand-responsive transit software /
Cryptography's role in securing the information society /
Aeronautics and space report of the President ... activities
Journal of legal studies
Yellowstone grizzly bear investigations report of the Interagency Study Team.
Advanced web technologies and applications : 6th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, APWeb 2004, Hangzhou, China, April 14-17, 2004 : proceedings /
International Conference on 100 Years of Radio : 5-7 September 1995 /
Third Israel Symposium on the Theory of Computing and Systems : proceedings, January 4-6, 1995, Tel Aviv, Israel /
En resumen /
Transit profiles.
Industry, trade, and technology review
Final administrative report
Financial audit. report to the Congress.
Annual report of the Secretary of Agriculture
Attitudes, aptitudes, and aspirations of American youth : implications for military recruiting /
Research accomplishments [microform]
United States Air Force statistical digest fiscal year ...
Software methods for system address tracing : implementation and validation /
Performance implications of multiple pointer sizes /
How useful are non-blocking loads, stream buffers, and speculative execution in multiple issue processors? /
Drip : a schematic drawing interpreter /
Recursive layout generation /
Contour : a tile-based gridless router /
Airline passenger security screening : new technologies and implementation issues /
Proliferation concerns : assessing U.S. efforts to help contain nuclear and other dangerous materials and technologies in the former Soviet Union /
Physics of biological systems : from molecules to species /
Information networking : networking technologies for enhanced Internet services : international conference, ICOIN 2003, Cheju Island, Korea, February 12-14, 2003 : revised selected papers /
HCFA financial report
Preparing the U.S. Air Force for military operations other than war /
Occupational health and safety in the care and use of research animals /
The role of transit in creating livable metropolitan communities.
Black and smokeless powders : technologies for finding bombs and the bomb makers /
The dynamics of sedimentary basins /
Impacts on earth /
Aviation fuels with improved fire safety : a proceedings /
Understanding airfield capacity for airlift operations /
Non-heart-beating organ transplantation : medical and ethical issues in procurement /
Policy options for intermodal freight transportation /
NACA research memorandum.
Quality control and acceptance of Superpave-designed hot mix asphalt /
Ensuring safe food : from production to consumption /
International Conference on Simulation '98 : 30 September-2 October 1998 : venue, University of York, UK.
Nonlinear Optics'98 Materials, Fundamentals, and Applications Topical Meeting, 10-14 August 1998, Princeville Hotel, Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii.
Third International Workshop on High-Level Parallel Programming Models and Supportive Environments : proceedings : March 30, 1998, Orlando,Florida /
1998 International Conference Software Engineering: Education & Practice : proceedings : January 26-29, 1998, Dunedin, New Zealand /
Second International Workshop on Physics and Modeling of Devices Based on Low-Dimensional Structures : proceedings : March 12-13, 1998, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan /
Proceedings : 1998 International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design : March 23-26, 1998, Fukushima, Japan /
Proceedings : String processing and information retrieval : a South American Symposium : Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia, September 9-11, 1998 /
Differentiation in military human resource management /
Taxing consumption in a global economy /
Selected court case abstracts
Benchmarking e-Government in Europe and the US /
International Conference on Developments in Mass Transit Systems : 20-23 April 1998, London /
Strategic issues and options for the quadrennial defense review /
Early childhood update
Containing the threat from illegal bombings : an integrated national strategy for marking, tagging, rendering inert, and licensing explosives and their precursors /
Dying to quit : why we smoke and how we stop /
Snow & avalanches in Utah annual report /
Indicators of welfare dependence annual report to Congress.
People in control : an International Conference on Human Interfaces in Control Rooms, Cockpits and Command Centres, 21-23 June 1999 ; venue, University of Bath, Bath, UK /
A handbook of proven marketing strategies for public transit /
Judicial business of the United States courts ... report of the director.
Policy updates
Committee hearings, 105th Congress
In China's shadow : regional perspectives on Chinese foreign policy and military development /
Teaching about evolution and the nature of science /
Improving the analytic contribution of advanced warfighting experiments /
A 300MHz 115W 32b bipolar ECL microprocessor /
ATOM : a system for building customized program analysis tools /
A better update policy /
Boolean matching for full-custom ECL gates /
Complexity/performance tradeoffs with non-blocking loads /
Link-time optimization of address calculation on a 64-bit architecture /
Observing TCP dynamics in real networks /
Packaging a 150 W bipolar ECL microprocessor /
Piecewise linear models for switch-level simulation /
A simulation-based study of TLB performance /
A smart frame buffer /
Systems for late code modification /
A vision of theater air defense battle management command and control in 2010 /
Monitoring international labor standards : quality of information : summary of a workshop /
Preliminary report and forecast of solar geophysical data
Capturing the essential factors in reconnaissance and surveillance force sizing and mix /
Second International Conference on the Detection of Abandoned Land Mines : 12-14 October 1998, venue, Edinburgh International Conference Centre, UK organising committee, R Voles ... [et al.] ; corresponding members, L J Carter ... [et al.]
Black holes : theory and observation : proceedings of the 179th W.E. Heraeus Seminar, held at Bad Honnef, Germany, 18-22 August 1997 /
Environmental cleanup at Navy facilities : risk-based methods /
X-ray spectroscopy in astrophysics : lectures held at the Astrophysics School X, organized by the European Astrophysics Doctoral Network (EADN) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, September 22-October 3, 1997 /
Campesina leaders, life histories and ICT for development : cybernetworking and rural women in Central America /
First IEE/IMechE International Conference on Power Station Maintenance : profitability through reliability : 30 March - 1 April 1998 : venue, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK.
The Internet and the university : forum 2001 /
European convention on the international validity of criminal judgments /
The 2000 census, counting under adversity /
Examining the Army's future warrior : force-on-force simulation of candidate technologies /
Microelectronics design, technology, and packaging II : 12-14 December 2005, Brisbane, Australia /
Second International Conference on Optical Information Processing 17-21 June 1996, St. Petersburg, Russia /
Public library data /
Séminaire de probabilités 1967-1980 : a selection in Martingale theory /
Software engineering for large-scale multi-agent systems : research issues and practical applications /
The Quaker soldier, or, The British in Philadelphia an historical novel.
The fatal marriage
The unjust judge, or, The evils of intemperance on judges, lawyers, and politicians
Charteris a romance /
Guy Hamilton a story of our Civil War /
The money-maker and other tales /
Boston Common tale of our own times /
Cousin Maud and Rosamond
The pillar of fire, or, Israel in bondage
Helen Gardner's wedding-day, or, Colonel Floyd's wards ; A battle summer
The ducal coronet, or, The heir and the usurper a romance of Italy in the 16th century /
Military operations against terrorist groups abroad : implications for the United States Air Force /
The milliner and the millionaire
Alice Barber, or, The adventures of a young woman
A story of Ocean Grove
Operator functions and localization of spectra /
Web services-ICWS-Europe 2003 : International Conference ICWS-Europe 2003, Erfurt, Germany, September 23-24, 2003 : proceedings /
Vital assets : federal investment in research and development at the nation's universities and colleges /
Harry Harson, or, The benevolent bachelor
Isabella Gray
Georgia sketches
Papa's own girl
Travels of an American owl a satire /
Henry la Nuit, or, The foundling of the Castle of Estella a tale of Navarre, in the olden time /
Clayton Berry, or, New Year's calls a temperance story /
The days and ways of the cocked hats, or The dawn of the Revolution
Ephedra--is it worth the risk? /
When computers go to school : how Kent School implemented information technology to enrich teaching and learning /
Gröbner bases and the computation of group cohomology /
The withered heart
Functional imaging and modeling of the heart : second international workshop, FIMH 2003, Lyon, France, June 5-6, 2003 : proceedings /
The British magazine and review; or, Universal miscellany of arts sciences, literature, history, biography, entertainment, poetry, politics, manners, amusements, and intelligence foreign and domestick.
The asylum or Weekly miscellany
Welfare reform in California : early results from the impact analysis, executive summary /
Into the light, or, The jewess
Ruth's sacrifice ,or, Life on the Rappahannock
Mary Brandegee an autobiography /
Formal techniques for networked and distributed systems, FORTE 2003 : 23rd IFIP WG 6.1 international conference, Berlin, Germany, September 29-October 2, 2003 : proceedings /
Blanche Gilroy a girl's story /
Reforming teacher education : a first year progress report on Teachers for a New Era /
Leandro, or, The sign of the cross
Eastford, or, Household sketches
The marble faun, or, The romance of Monti Beni
Cuba after Castro : legacies, challenges, and impediments.
A Simple game-theoretic approach to suppression of enemy defenses and other time critical target analyses /
Materials count : the case for material flows analysis /
Elemental sulfur and sulfur-rich compounds /
The London monthly mercury; or, Foreign literary intelligencer Containing a compendious account of the present state of literature in Europe.
The compendious library: or, Literary journal revived For ... By V. Des Voeux, chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord George Sackville's Regiment.
Quantum cohomology : lectures given at the C.I.M.E. Summer School held in Cetraro, Italy, June 30 -July 8, 1997 /
Veterans and Agent Orange : update 2000 /
Quality for all : 4th COST 263 International Workshop on Quality of Future Internet Services, QoFIS 2003, Stockholm, Sweden, October 1-2, 2003 : proceedings /
Lean logistics : high-velocity logistics infrastructure and the C-5 Galaxy /
Dioxins and dioxin-like compounds in the food supply : strategies to decrease exposure /
The scroll and locket, or, The maniac of the mound a temperance tale / by James Walter Hervey.
Six hundred dollars a year a wife's effort at low living under high prices.
Ballyshan Castle a tale founded on fact /
Zillah the child medium:a tale of spiritualism /
Mutterings and musings of an invalid
Home-heroes, saints, and martyrs
A woman's secret
The corner stall a New York story /
Her waiting heart
Smoked glass
In both worlds
The annual AI Systems in Government Conference : proceedings, March 27-31, 1989, Washington, D.C. /
Tests to evaluate public health disease reporting systems in local public health agencies /
Revêtements étales et groupe fondamental (SGA 1) : Séminaire de géométrie algébrique du Bois Marie 1960-61 : un séminaire /
Summary report of real property leased to the United States throughout the world as of September 30 ..
Oceans '89 : an international conference addressing methods for understanding the global ocean, September 18-21, 1989, Seattle, Washington USA /
Knowledge-based intelligent information and engineering systems : 7th International Conference, KES 2003, Oxford, UK, September 3-5, 2003 : proceedings /
Relational and Kleene-algebraic methods in computer science : 7th International Seminar on Relational Methods in Computer Science and 2nd International Workshop on Applications of Kleene Algebra, Bad Malente, Germany, May 12-17, 2003 : revised selected papers /
Digital people : from bionic humans to androids /
Image and video retrieval : third international conference, CIVR 2004, Dublin, Ireland, July 21-23, 2004 : proceedings /
Peer-to-peer systems II : second international workshop, IPTPS 2003, Berkeley, CA, USA, February 21-22, 2003 : revised papers /
Applications of graph transformations with industrial relevance : international workshop, AGTIVE'99, Kerkrade, The Netherlands, September 1-3, 1999 : proceedings /
Publishing and the law : current legal issues /
Distribution and administration of potassium iodide in the event of a nuclear incident /
Ça ira
Dialgebras and related operads /
Wilkins, Wylder, or, The successful man
The Orpheus C. Kerr papers 1st-3d series.
Cape Cod and All along shore
Stories for young housekeepers
Gunnar a tale of Norse life /
Simon Kenton, or, The scout's revenge an historical novel /
Bubbles of fiction
Review of DOE's Vision 21 research and development program : phase 1 /
Under the evergreens, or, A night with St. Nicholas
Gleanings from real life by M.M. Gay.
The dead letter an American romance /
Living well at the end of life : adapting health care to serious chronic illness in old age /
The parish-side
The lofty and the lowly, or, Good in all and none all-good
The masked lady of the White House, or, The Ku-Klux-Klan a most startling exposure of the doings of this extensive secret band, whose mysterious lodges exist in every city and county in the land.
Early results on activations and the earnings of reservists /
What factors affect the military enlistment of Hispanic youth? : a look at enlistment qualifications /
Realizing the potential of C4I : fundamental challenges /
The hero's journey : how educators can transform schools and improve learning /
Statistical highlights of U.S. agriculture
Labcert bulletin /
Practical holography.
Introduction to algebraic independence theory /
Current developments in optical design and engineering.
Summary of a workshop on information technology research for crisis management /
Workshop on Self-Stabilizing Systems : 19th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems : proceedings : May 31-June 4, 1999, Austin, Texas /
1998 Multimedia Modeling : MMM '98 : October 12-15, 1998, Lausanne, Switzerland : Proceedings /
Veterans and Agent Orange : update 1998 /
Research priorities for airborne particulate matter /
The ebony idol
Fair play, or, The test of the Lone Isle
Miss Columbia's public school, or, Will it blow over
Lucia Dare
Long range energy R&D : a methodology for program development and evaluation /
The brazen star, or, The adventures of a New York M.P a true tale of the times we live in /
Viola, or, The triumphs of love and faith a tale of plots and counterplots /
Osserman manifolds in semi-Riemannian geometry /
The construction of usefulness : how users and context create meaning with a social networking system /
A million random digits : with 100,000 normal deviates.
Scientific communication and national security : a report /
Strategic education research partnership /
Object-oriented and internet-based technologies : 5th Annual International Conference on Object-Oriented and Internet-Based Technologies, Concepts, and Applications for a Networked World, Net. ObjectDays 2004, Erfurt, Germany, September 27-30, 2004 : proceedings /
Research announcement
The Namanereidinae (Polychaeta: Nereididae) /
Liberty and democracy /
School figures : the data behind the debate /
Accelerated learning for adults : the promise and practice of intensive educational formats /
Our schools and our future-- : are we still at risk? /
The gravest danger : nuclear weapons /
Competing with the government : anticompetitive behavior and public enterprises /
Our brave new world : essays on the impact of September 11 /
Anti-Americanism in Europe : a cultural problem /
Neither left nor right : selected columns /
School accountability : [an assessment by the Koret Task Force on K-12 Education] /
Education and capitalism : how overcoming our fear of markets and economics can improve America's schools /
Property rights : a practical guide to freedom and prosperity /
Student affairs and external relations /
The Czechs and the lands of the Bohemian crown /
Controversial essays /
Leviathan : the growth of local government and the erosion of liberty /
Choice with equity /
Bringing in a new era in character education /
Testing student learning, evaluating teaching effectiveness /
Politicizing science : the alchemy of policymaking /
A practical guide to winning the war on terrorism /
Never a matter of indifference : sustaining virtue in a free republic /
Modernizing the U.S. aircraft carrier fleet : accelerating CVN 21 production versus mid-life refueling /
Joint paths to the future force : a report on Unified Quest 2004 /
Primality testing in polynomial time : from randomized algorithms to "primes is in P" /
SYMSAC '81 : proceedings of the 1981 ACM Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, Snowbird, Utah, August 5-7, 1981 /
Computer Science Conference, 1980, February 12-14 and SIGCSE Symposium, 1980, February 14-15 : abstracts, information, program, Radisson Muehlebach Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri.
High energy density and high power RF : 6th Workshop on High Energy Density and High Power RF, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, 22-26 June 2003 /
Virtual environments 2002 : Barcelona, Spain, May 30-31, 2002 /
Molecular nanostructures : XVII International Winterschool/Euroconference on Electronic Properties of Novel Materials : Kirchberg, Tirol, Austria, 8-15 March, 2003 /
DNA-based molecular electronics : International Symposium on DNA-Based Molecular Electronics, Jena, Germany, 13-15 May 2004 /
Microresonators as building blocks for VLSI photonics : International School of Quantum Electronics, 39th Course, Erice, Italy, 18-25 October 2003 /
Satellites and tidal streams : proceedings of a meeting held in Los Cancajos, La Palma, Spain, 26-30 May 2003 /
NUMISHEET 2005 : Detroit, Michigan, 15-19 August 2005.
The light-time effect in astrophysics : causes and cures of the o - c diagram : proceedings of a meeting held in Brussels, Belgium, 19-22 July 2004 /
Binary radio pulsars : proceedings of a meeting held in Aspen, Colorado, USA, 11-17 January 2004 /
Nuclear physics, large and small : International Conference on Microscopic Studies of Collective Phenomena, Morelos, México, 19-22 April 2004 /
Latin-American School of Physics XXXV ELAF : supersymmetries in physics and its applications, Mexico City, Mexico, 19-30 July 2004 /
Asymmetrical planetary nebulae III : proceedings of a meeting held at Mt. Rainier, Washington, 28 July - 1 August 2003 /
Nearby large-scale structures and the zone of avoidance : proceedings of a meeting held in Cape Town, South Africa, 28 March - 2 April 2004 /
Physics of the outer heliosphere : 3rd International IGPP Conference, Riverside, California, 8-13 February 2004 /
Selected lectures from the 2nd International Conference on Modification, Degradation and Stabilization of Polymers (MoDeSt 2002), Budapest, Hungary /
Technologies for optical countermeasures : 26-27 October, 2004, London, United Kingdom /
Debris disks and the formation of planets : a symposium in memory of Fred Gillett : proceedings of a meeting held in University Park Marriott, Tucson, Arizona, USA, hosted by National Optical Astronomy Observatories (NOAO), 11-13 April 2002 /
Nuclei at the limits : Argonne, Illinois, 26-30 July 2004 /
Extra-planar gas : proceedings of a meeting held at Dwingeloo, The Netherlands, 7-11 June 2004 /
The new cosmology : Conference on Strings and Cosmology, College Station, Texas, 14-17 March 2004, The Mitchell Symposium on Observational Cosmology, College Station, Texas, 12-16 April 2004 /
Advanced free-space optical communications techniques and technologies : 27-28 October, 2004, London, United Kingdom /
Stereospecific polymerization and stereoregular polymers : Milan. Italy June 8-12, 2003 /
Beamed energy propulsion : Third International Symposium on Beamed Energy Propulsion, Troy, New York, 11-14 October 2004 /
Physics of semiconductors : 27th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors : ICPS-27 : Flagstaff, Arizona, 26-30 July, 2004 /
The formation and evolution of massive young star clusters : proceedings of a meeting held in Cancun, Mexico, 17-21 November 2003 /
Biophotonics new frontier : from genome to proteome : 27 April 2004, Strasbourg, France /
Materials processing and design : modeling, simulation and applications : NUMIFORM 2004 : proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes : Columbus, Ohio, 13-17 June, 2004 /
Extrasolar planets : today and tomorrow : proceedings of a meeting held at the Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, Paris, France, 30 June- 4 July 2003 /
Electronic properties of synthetic nanostructures : XVIII International Winterschool/Euroconference on Electronic Properties of Novel Materials, Kirchberg, Tirol, Austria, 6-13 March 2004 /
The labyrinth in nuclear structure : International Conference on the Labyrinth in Nuclear Structure, an EPS Nuclear Physics Divisional Conference : Crete, Greece, 13-19 July 2003 /
IX Hadron Physics and VII Relativistic Aspects of Nuclear Physics : a joint meeting on QCD and QGP, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 28 March-3 April 2004 /
International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology : Santa Fe, New Mexico, 26 September-1 October 2004 /
Conference proceedings : OOPSLA '87, Orlando, Florida, October 4-8, 1987 /
1987 ACM Fifteenth Annual Computer Science Conference, February 17-19, 1987, Adam's Mark Hotel, Clarion Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri.
Metaphysics, 1996 /
Proceedings : ACM Conference on Document Processing Systems, December 5-9, 1988, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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Improving communications between companies and investors /
Developing global leaders : enhancing competencies and accelerating the expatriate experience /
The retail revolution : can Europe match U.S. productivity performance? /
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Biomimetic neural learning for intelligent robots : intelligent systems, cognitive robotics, and neuroscience /
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Managing the mature workforce : implications and best practices /
The Future of the annual general meeting /
The business value of leadership development /
Parametric X-ray radiation in crystals : theory, experiments and applications /
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Intelligent information integration for the Semantic Web /
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Coevolutionary fuzzy modeling /
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Corporate governance : best practices in Europe /
From risk management to risk strategy /
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A roadmap for strategic energy planning and management /
Corporate citizenship reporting : best practices /
Beyond costs : financial and operational risks /
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From Zaire to the Democratic Republic of the Congo /
Regulating mining in Africa : for whose benefit? /
Computational materials science : from basic principles to material properties /
online Handbook of forensic services.
Financial audit. report to congressional committees and subcommittees.
Mid-year ... preliminary emergency department data from the Drug Abuse Warning Network
Occupational radiation exposure at commercial nuclear power reactors and other facilities
Form TX for a nondramatic literary work
Incidents associated with oil and gas operations, Outer Continental Shelf
Highlights of Atlanta, GA national compensation survey
NCUA annual performance plan
Disaster losses kit for individuals.
Capacity of refrigerated warehouses
Next Generation Fire Suppression Technology Program (NGP) ... technical highlights.
List of lists consolidated list of chemicals subject to the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) and Section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act.
Standard time zones of the world.
Cotton and wool yearbook
Water-resources activities of the U.S. Geological Survey in Ohio
Traffic safety materials catalog
Final report fiscal ... activities /
Comparison of wood preservatives in stake tests
Issues in midterm analysis and forecasting
Salaries of full-time instructional faculty on 9- and 10-month and 11- and 12-month contracts
Salaries of full-time instructional faculty
Instructions for short form TX for nondramatic literary works, including fiction and nonfiction, books, short stories, poems, collections of poetry, essays, articles in serials, and computer programs.
Journal of air transportation world wide
Manufacturing energy consumption survey.
Progress toward implementing Superfund ... report to Congress
Annual research directory
Activity report
Political map of the world.
Highlights of Huntsville, AL national compensation survey
Science and engineering degrees by race/ethnicity of recipients
Cryogenic particle detection /
Outlook : from vision research to eye health education /
Characteristics of food stamp households
National survey of fishing, hunting, and wildlife-associated recreation
The Air Force Academy
Volunteer opportunities /
Semiannual report to Congress
Annual report ... interagency regional monitoring, Northwest Forest Plan
Annual report
DoD/IT acronyms
United States attorneys annual statistical report
The Mercury
The triennial comprehensive report on immigration
Human genome program report.
Online book Veterans and Agent Orange update 2008 / 1
ONR 205.21:5 Sand dredging areas in Lake Erie / 1
ONR 205.21:7 Engineering geology of the Ohio shore line of Lake Erie / 1
OO Ru,D Obitaemyy Ostrov. 1
OOM Ru,D Only Old Men Got To War. 1
OOS 37.3/3:7/2 Salamanders of Ohio / 1
OOS 37.3/3:8/1 The vascular flora of the glaciated Allegheny plateau region of Ohio / 1
OOS 37.3/3:8/3 Open water cladocera of the Little Miami drainage basin / 1
OOS 37.3/3:8/4 The tiger beetles of Ohio (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) / 1
OOS 37.3/3:9/1 Butterflies and skippers of Ohio / 1
OOT Ru,D The Old Old Tale. 1
OP 1.1: Annual report /
Annual report.
Annual report
Report /
OP 1.1/2: Overseas Private Investment Corporation ... annual report to Congress pursuant to 5 U.S.C. subsection 552 (e)
Fiscal year ... Freedom of Information Act annual report
OP 1.1/3: Budget request, fiscal year ..
Congressional budget justification.