Call Number (LC) Title Results
N72.S46 O94 2022 The Oxford handbook of Roman imagery and iconography / 1
N72.S46 S59 2017 FireSigns : a semiotic theory for graphic design / 1
N72.S46 V53 2022 Translation and contemporary art : transdisciplinary encounters / 1
N72.S49 S49 2014 Sexuality / 1
N72.S6 Bringing forth the new : visual art and the world of contemporary China /
Transformations : Art and the City.
The lure of the social : encounters with contemporary artists /
The Oxford handbook of communist visual cultures /
Troubling images : visual culture and the politics of Afrikaner nationalism /
Material inspirations : the interests of the art object in the nineteenth century and after /
Art in the Asia-Pacific : intimate publics /
The Routledge Companion to Art in the Public Realm
Framing French culture /
Cultures of Participation : Arts, Digital Media and Cultural Institutions.
Making connections in and through arts-based educational research /
Iridescent Kuwait : Petro-Modernity and Urban Visual Culture since the Mid-Twentieth Century /
Lo Que Segrega También Nos Conecta
Artographies - Kreativ-künstlerische Zugänge zu einer machtkritischen Raumforschung.
Gesellschaft und bildende Kunst. Eine Studie zur Wiederherstellung des Problems /
Commoning Art - Die transformativen Potenziale von Commons in der Kunst /
Utopia and dissent in West Germany : the resurgence of the politics of everyday life in the long 1960s /
On the margins of art worlds
Art and the committed eye : the cultural functions of imagery /
Sociologia(s) del arte y de las politicas culturales.
Contemporary culture : new directions in arts and humanities research /
Art in the Age of Emergence.
From High Art to New Art.
The Cobra movement in postwar Europe : reanimating art /
Conflict, identity, and protest in American art /
Interpreting modernism in Korean art : fluidity and fragmentation /
Art of transition : the field of art in post-Soviet Russia /
Art and politics : a small history of art for social change since 1945 /
Street art of resistance /
Art as Social Practice : Technologies for Change.
Art history at the crossroads of Ireland and the United States /
Routledge library editions.
Posthumous art, law and the art market : the afterlife of art /
Creative reckonings : the politics of art and culture in contemporary Egypt /
Art and postcapitalism : aesthetic labour, automation and value production /
Finding voice : a visual arts approach to engaging social change /
Padua and Venice : transcultural exchange in the early modern age /
Arte - educación : textos seleccionados /
Lo Que Segrega También Nos Conecta.
Contemporary art, systems, and the aesthetics of dispersion
Meaning and authenticity : further essays on the sociology of art /
Arte, dinero y poder : doce grandes fortunas en la historia de España /
Art rethought : the social practices of art /
Handbuch Rhetorik der Bildenden Künste /
Transacting as art, design and architecture a non-commercial market /
The changing social economy of art are the arts becoming less exclusive? /
The science of culture and the phenomenology of styles
Performativity and event in 1960s Japan : city, body, memory /
Art in community : the provisional citizen /
Tracing contemporary Chinese art : an ethnographic journey through a decade in Shanghai /
Artists' voices in cultural policy : careers, myths and the creative profession after German unification /
Sociology of the arts in action : new perspectives on creation, production, and reception /
Modern Art for a Modern China : The Chinese Intellectual Debate, 1900-1930.
Consuming the body : capitalism, social media and commodification /
The otherness of the everyday : twelve conversations from Chinese art world during the pandemic /
Gender, space, and the gaze in post-Haussmann visual culture : beyond the flâneur /
The Hero's Life-Choice - Studies on Heracles at the Crossroads, the Judgement of Paris, and Their Reception : 'Verbalising the Visual and Visualising the Verbal'
The Lure of the Social Encounters with Contemporary Artists.
Transacting as art, design and architecture : a non-commercial market /
Jewish American identity and erasure in pop art /
Possession and Dispossession : Performing Jewish Ethnography in Jerusalem /
Embodied dependencies and freedoms : artistic communities and patronage in Asia /
Praxis y espacios de intervención desde el arte y la educación /
Visual culture & gender
Journal of aesthetics & culture
N72 .S6 718 Sociología del arte / 1
N72.S6 A15 2wice. 1
N72.S6 A243 2019 The changing social economy of art : are the arts becoming less exclusive? / 1
N72.S6 A34 2018 The agency of things in Medieval and early modern art : materials, power and manipulation / 1
N72.S6 A34 2018eb The agency of things in Medieval and early modern art : materials, power and manipulation / 2
N72.S6 A39 1984 Network : art and the complex present / 1
N72.S6 A4 2006 Wherever we go : art, identity, cultures in transit = ovunque andiamo : arte, identità, culture in transito / 1
N72.S6 A43 2005 Art in mind : how contemporary images shape thought / 1
N72.S6 A5 2007 All we need : a book on needs, resources and fairness = ein Buch über Bedürfnisse, Ressourcen und Fairness = un livre sur les besoins, les ressources et l'équité / 1
N72.S6 A643 2022 Italy, Cyprus, and artistic exchange in the Medieval Mediterranean / 1
N72.S6 A65 1994 Anthropology, art and aesthetics / 1
N72.S6 A719 2006 Art & context : the '50s and '60s / 1
N72.S6 A7195 2012 Art and identity at the water's edge / 1
N72.S6 A72 2006 Art and its institutions : current conflicts, critique and collaborations / 1
N72 .S6 A7226 2011 Art and Visibility in Migratory Culture : Conflict, Resistance, and Agency. 1