Call Number (LC) Title Results
Microprint 28 Independent ledger, and the American advertiser 1
Microprint 29 Salem gazette
Massachusetts gazette
Microprint 30 The Weekly rehearsal 1
Microprint 31 The Boston evening-post, and the general advertiser
The American herald; and the Worcester recorder
The American herald
The American herald; and the general advertiser
Microprint 32 An account of a map of the countries subject to the king of Ava drawn by a slave of the king's eldest son /
Account of a map by a slave to the heir-apparent of Ava
Catalogue of the more rare plants found in the environs of Dover with occasional remarks /
Scritti intorno alla teoria molecolare ed atomica ed all notazione chimica
Mélanges physico-mathématiques; ou, Recueil de mémoires contenant la description de plusieurs machines et instrumens nouveaux, de physique, d'économie domestique, etc. /
On the composition of the native phosphates and arseniates [sic] of lead
On the influence of electricity on animal putrefaction
Life of Charles Darwin
Observations on the hinges of British bivalve shells
Description of Menura superba, a bird of New South Wales
Notice of the performance of steam-engines in Cornwall for June, July, August, and September 1828
Index to the species of Cypræa described in Mr. Gray's monograph of the genus
On the deviation of the magnetic needle produced by a common electrical machine
Notice of the performance of steam-engines in Cornwall for April, May and June 1830
Account of a series of electro-magnetic experiments with observations on the mathematical laws of electro-magnetism /
On the influence of wind on the height of the barometer
A memoir on the bag or bladder occasionally protruded from the mouth of the dromedary
On the theoretical principles and power of Brown's gas machine
Meteorological observations made at Port Antonio, on the north coast of Jamaica, 1819 and 1820
Natural history notes on the Mammalia of the west coast of Clare
Analysis of pinite from St. Pardoux in Auvergne
Darwinism and design, or, Creation by evolution
On the optical and general properties of tabasheer
Descriptions of new species of Mexican Pompilidæ belonging to the genera Pompilus, Agenia, Priocnemis, Notocyphus and Ferreola /
On the application of a new mode of analysis to the theory and summation of certain extensive classes of series
On the mean temperature of twenty-seven different places in the state of New York for 1828
Biographical notice of Mary Noble of Penrith, Cumberland, who is (1823) in the 107th year of her age with some remarks on longevity /
Notice of a species of cannibalism, practised in the interior of Sumatra together with some particulars relative to the customs of the inhabitants, and the produce of the country about Tapanooly, including the camphor tree /
Note respecting the great scientific meeting at York
Register of the barometer, thermometer and rain-gage kept at Edinburgh, [September-November 1831]
M. Georgii Andreæ Helwings Lithographia Angerburgica, sive, Lapidum et fossilium in districtu Angerburgensi & ejus vicinia ad trium vel quatuor milliarium spatium in montibus, agris, arenofodinis & in primis circa lacuum littora & fluviorum ripas, collectorum brevis & succincta considerato.
Den Kjøbenhavnske flora eller fortegnelse over planterne med tydelige befrugtningsdele, som voxe vildt omkring Kjøobenhavn /
Histoire naturelle des zoophytes échinodermes comprenant las description des crinoïdes, des ophiurides, des astérides, des échindes et des holothurides /
A history of British sponges and lithophytes
La phisico-mécanique du monde
Theses mathematicæ de optica
History of a patient affected with periodic nephritic convulsions
Observations on the genus of Begonia
Solution d'un problème proposé par Kepler, sur les proportions des segmens d'un tonneau coupé parallèlement à son axe
Account of the difference of structure in the flowers of six species of Passiflora
On the development of the ovulum in Avicennia
Observation du passage de Mercure sur le soleil
On the antiseptic power of the pyrolignous acid
On the crystalline forms and properties of the manganese ores
On the principles of dynamics, particularly as stated by French writers
On the chemical value of manures, and the Silurian limestone of Courtown Harbour, county of Wexford
On a restoration of a proposition in Pappus
On the specific heats of some of the metals with an exposition of some erroneous determinations by Mm. Dulong and Petit : and an examination, as to the metals, of the important law, that the ultimate particles of simple bodies have all the same capacity for caloric /
On the remains of the reindeer which have been found fossil in Ireland
Observations on the theories which have been proposed to explain the vitrtified forts of Scotland (from Archoeologia Scotica, vol. iv.) /
Account of Mr. Barton's method of making the iris metal ornaments or of ornamenting steel, and other metals, with the prismatic colours.
Observations on the presumed analogy of certain organs of the embryo, in several distinct races of vascular plants
Sketch of the geognosy of Madeira and Porto Santo
Observations on the heights of the Himalaya Mountains with the measurements of A. Gerard and J. Gerard /
On albumin and certain of its metallic combinations
Description of bridges of suspension
Observations and experiments on the structure and functions of the sponge
Biographical notice of M. le Chevalier Delambre
Botanische Reisen nach einigen Oberkärntnerischen und benachbarten Alpen unternommen und nebst einer ausführlichen Alpenflora und entomologischen Beiträgen als ein Handbuch fur reisende Liebhaber /
Description of the slide of Alpnach
Account of the hot-springs of Furnas in the island of St. Michel
On some properties in achromatic object-glasses applicable to the improvement of the microscope
Observations on the comet of July 1825
Experiments on the application of Professor Dœbereiner's recent discovery, to endiometry
Chemisches Handwörterbuch nach den neuesten Entdeckungen
On the improvement of the pipes of organs
On the opals of Hungary
Account of a fossil crocodile recently discovered in the alum-shale near Whitby
On pure methylic alcohol
Historical account of discoveries respecting the double refraction and polarization of light continued from vol. i. p. 296.
Account of a remarkable shower of hail which fell in Orkney on the 24th of July 1818
Observations on new or interesting Mollusca contained, for the most part in the Museum of the Zoological Society
Observations and experiments tending to show that the sense of taste is not a separate one
A synopsis of the species of saurian reptiles collected in India by Major-General Hardwicke /
A description of some remarkable effects of unequal refraction observed at Bridlington Quay in the summer of 1826
Account of a curious electro-magnetic experiment
An account of a new or fifth species of the genus Psaris, Cuv
Account of a new escapement
Bartholommei Marantae Venusini Methodi cognoscendorvm simplicivm libri tres
Die Flugmaschine des dynamischen Flugprincipes in ihrer Ausführung und Verwendung
Geographia generalis, oder, Gründliche Beschreibung der Erd-Kugel nach ihrer Beschaffenheit insgemein : darinnen nicht allein alle zur Himmels- und Erdkugel gehörige Zirckel samt deren Nutzen und Gebrauch, sonder auch die Erd-Kugel selbst nach ihrer Länge Breite Zonen und Climaten, wie auch die Aufreissung aller General- und Particular-Land-Charten neben den See- oder Pass-Charten und Rhomben durch leichte Problemata kürtzlich erkläret und angewiesen worden /
Honorati Fabri Tractatus duo quorum prior est de plantis, et de generatione animalium : posterior de homine.
Description of two new birds from Nepaul
Account of some experiments, made with the view of ascertaining the different substances from which iodine can be procured
Interesting facts connected with the animal kingdom with some remarks on the unity of our species /
Observations faites à Rouen sur la route de la cométe qui a paru dans les mois de Septembre & d'Octobre 1757
Considerations on medicinal use, and on the production of factitious airs
On improved methods of computing the angles of spherical triangles when the sides are given
Some observations on the genus Andræa with descriptions of four British species /
An explanation of the cause of the rapid decay of many fruits more especially of those of the apple and peach tribes /
Description of the Phasina dilatatum
On the passage of basalt into granite
Account of the discovery of the Shetland cod-bank in the summer of 1818
Elementale cosmographicum quo totius & astronomiæ & geographiæ rudimenta, certissimis breuissimiśque docentur apodixibus : recens castigatum & emendatum, figurísque &. annotationibus opportuniss. illustratum : adiunximus huic libro Cosmographiæ introductio [sic] cum quibusdam geometriæ ac astronomiæ principiis ad eam rem necessariis.
Mineralogical report made by the chief engineer of the Grand Duke of Tuscany to his Serene Highness, respecting the Island of Elba
Anitii Manlii Severini Boethi ... Opera omnia
Traité sur le climat de l'Italie consideré sous ses raports phisiques, météorologiques et médicinaux /
Description of pyrolusite, or prismatic manganese ore
Fabii Colvmnæ Lyncei, Purpvra, hoc est, De purpura ab animali testaceo fusa de hoc ipso animali, alijq[ue] rarioribus testeceis quibusdam.
Leçons sur la théorie mathématique de l'électricité professées au Collège de France /
L'Académie des sciences et les académiciens de 1666 à 1793
Olvaii Celsii Hierobotanicon, sive, De plantis sacrae Scripturae dissertationes breves
Notice of an inquiry into the principles according to which friendly societies (or benefit societies) ought to be conducted in order to insure their stability and success
Account of the ancient canal from the Nile to the Red Sea
Account of rocks formed by hot-springs, torrents of hot water, bursting of subterranean lakes, air-volcanoes, and cold-springs
Some observations on the sea long-worm Borlase, Gordius marinus of Montagu
On the composition of the minerals described in the preceding paper
The annular condenser for the microscope a new instrument /
Contributions to the lichenographia of New South Wales
On the black lead or graphite of Borrodale, of Ayrshire, and of Glenstrathfarrar
Notice respecting the journey to the sources of the Jumna and the Ganges
Account of an improved hygrometer
Mémoire sur la fabrication artificielle du salpêtre
Thermometrical observations made at Raiatea, one of the Society Islands, in 1822
Approximate places of double stars in the southern hemisphere observed at Paramatta in New South Wales
Projection géométrique des éclipses de soleil, assujétie aux règles de la perspective ordinaire
Account of an extraordinary marine animal or sea serpent
On the submarine current at the Strait of Gibralter, and at the Sound near Elsinore
Botanical letters from J.J. Rousseau to M. Gouan
Account of an excursion to the diamond district in the governments of Bahia and Minas Gheraes in Brazil
Three days among the bats in Clare
Some remarks on the nomenclature of the Gryllina of MacLeay, &c with the characters of a new genus of that tribe.
On the method of finding the dip or depression of the horizon
Lucæ Tozzi Theses physicæ e' Sacris Literis depromptæ nunc primùm in lucem prodeunt
Prosperi Alpini Marosticensis De balsamo dialogvs in qvo verissima balsami plantæ, opobalsami, carpobalsami, & xilobalsami cognitio plerisq[ue] antiquorum atq[ue] iuniorum medicorum occulta nunc elucescit.
Recherches sur la respiration des chenilles
A determination of three British species of Juncus, with jointed leaves
Remarks on the Sedum ochroleucum, or [axiōon go michz[?]on (romanized form)] of Dioscorides
Fortvnii Liceti De mundi, & hominis analogia liber vnus
Relation de travaux faits pour relever le navire le Tojo, galion d'Espagne coulé bas le 10 Octobre 1702 dans la rade de Redondelle, baie de Vigorelevé le 27 Septembre 1741, & mis à terre le 6 Févier 1742 /
Experiments and observations on the casting off and reproduction of the legs in crabs and spiders
Petri Camper Oratio de analogia inter animalia et stirpes habita d. 9 maji a. [1764] cum medicinae theoriae anatomes chirurgiae et botanices : professionem in Academia Groningae et Omlandiae solemni ritu auspicaretur.
Essai sur l'histoire générale des sciences pendant la révolution française
Experimentorvm physicorvm praecipvorum brevis descripta in vsum avditorvm svorvm /
Botanical characters of four New-Holland plants of the natural order of Myrti
On the arrangement of the cutaneous muscles of the larva of Pygæra bucephala
A list of birds found in Rathlin Island
On the spawn of salmon, observed in its progressive state, and drawn from nature
On the constancy of the level of the sea in general, and of the Baltic Sea in particular
Characters and description of Lyella, a new genus of mosses with observations on the section of the order to which it belongs : and some remarks on Leptostomum and Buxbaumia /
Further observations on the habits of Monodontomerus with some account of a new Acarus (Heteropus ventricosus), a parasite in the nests of Anthophora retusa /
Ioannis Bayeri Explicatio characterum æneis Vranometrias imaginum, tabulis, insculptorum, addita, & commodiore hac forma tertiúm redintegrata
Disquisitio physico-mathematica gemina, de vacuo itemque de attractione quibus probatur, nullum in rerum natura dari, vel posse dari vacuum ... /
Account of the trap and clay-slate formation extending from Llandegly to Builth in Brecknockshire
Revision of the genus Cassia
On a new species of Cycas from southern India
Observations sur la cause de la chûte du bois ou cornes des cerfs
Entomological notes
On thorite, a new mineral species and on a new earth, thorina, which it contains /
History of the magnetic observations said to have been made at Zwannenburg
Observations on the countries of Congo and Loango as in 1790
Mémoire sur l'application du calcul des résidus a la solution des problêmes de physique mathématique
Précis iconographique de médecine opératoire et d'anatomie chirurgicale
Magnetical experiments, designed to illustrate the manner of the existence of the magnetical principle in ferruginous bodies and the mode of its development /
Dogs Canidæ or genus Canis of authors : including also the genera Hyæna and Proteles /
Casual botany, or, A treatise on the causes and character of changes in plants especially of changes which are productive of subspecies or varieties /
Remarks on Lichen scaber and some of its allies
Some account of a new species of Eulophus geoffroy
Mémoire sur le bleu de prusse
Remarks on the examination of some fossil woods, which tend to elucidate the structure of certain tissues in the recent plant
Mémoire sur la cause des soufflures des metaux coulés ou jetés
Pharmacorum conficiendorum ratio vulgò vocant dispensatorium : ex omnium genere bonorum authorum, cum veterum tum reventium collectum, & scholiis utilissimis illustratum, in quibus obiter plurium simplicium, hactenus non cognitorum, vera noticia traditur /
On the accomodation [sic] of the eye to different distances
Notice of Capt. Parry's last expedition to the arctic regions in 1824 and 1825
Description of an inverting sextant telescope with nautical eye-tube for taking altitudes at sea when the horizon is invisible /
Notes on the structure and affinities of Batideæe, Callitrichaceæ, Vochysiaceæ, and Cassytheæ
On the anatomy, physiology and distribution of the Firolidæ
Letter from Sir William Rowan Hamilton
On the gradual changes which take place in the interior of cupriferous minerals while their external form remains the same /
Lexicon mathematicvm, astronomicvm, geometricvm, hoc est, Rervm omnium ad utramque immò & ad omnem ferè mathesim quomodocumque spectantium, collectio & explicatio adjecta breui nouorum theorematum expensione, verborumque exoticorum dilucidatiene et non injuria : disciplinarum omnium mathematicarum summa & promptuarium dici possit /
Melchioris Inchofer Tractvs syllepticvs in qvo qvid de terrae, solisq. motv, vel statione, secondum S. Scripturam, & sanctos patres sentiendum, quauè certitudine alterutra sententia tenenda sit, breuiter ostenditur.
British moths, sphinxes, etc
Observations made for determining the progress of the horary variations of the barometer under the tropics from the level of the sea to the ridge of the Cordillera of the Andes /
Summary of meteorological observations made at Kendal in March, April, and May 1827
Notice respecting Mr. Barlow's new discoveries on the magnetism of red hot iron, &c
Account of the cave of Booban, near Punduah, in the Cossyah Mountains
Observations on the history of the development magnetism by rotation
Observation de l'éclipse du soleil, du 8 Janvier 1750 faite à l' observatoire de Toulouse, avec une lunette de sept pieds & demi, garnie d'un micromètre à réticule /
Remberti Dodonæi Stirpivm historiæ pemptades sex sive libri XXX.
Praxis alchymiæ, hoc est, Doctrina de artificiosa præparatione præcipvorvm medicamentorum chymicorum duobus libris explicata : qvarvm primvs de destillatione aqvarvm et oleorum : ... alter de lapide philosophorvm agit : in quo vt recte is comparandus sit ... /
Concerning the sudden and surprising changes observed in the surface of Jupiter's body
Joan. Nep. Laicharding Manvale botanicvm sistens plantarvm Evropaervm characteres genervm, speciervm differentias, nec non earvm loca natalia.
Description of a new cowry and other Testacea brought to England by the Rev. Archdeacon Scott /
Description of a new genus of Reptilia of the family of Amphisbænidæ
On the existence of a group of moveable crystals of carbonate of lime in a fluid cavity of quartz
Théorie des machines simples en ayant égard au frottement de leurs parties, et a la roideur des cordages : piece qui a remporté le prix double de l'Académie des sciences pour l'année 1781 /
Description of a monochromatic lamp for microscopical and other purposes, &c
Tabvlae Lodoicææ, sev, Vniversa eclipseon doctrina tabulis praeceptis ac demonstrationibus explicata : adiectus est calculus, aliquot eclipseon solis & lunae, quae proximè per totam Europam videbuntur /
On Splanchnotrophus, an undescribed genus of Crustacea, parasitic in nudibranchiate Mollusca
Remarks on Professor Hansteen's "Inquiries concerning the magnetism of the earth" concluded from vol. III, p. 138.
List of localities of some of the rarer Scottish minerals
On the circular sterns of ships of war
The various contrivances by which orchids are fertilised by insects
A biseriate halonial branch of Lepidophloios fuliginosus
On the natural history of the salmon and on the salmon-fisheries, as stated in the "Report from the Select Committee on the salmon-fisheries of the United Kingdom, ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 17th June 1824" /
Traité de mécanique rationnelle
A dropsy unexpectedly cured
Notice respecting trona, the native carbonate of soda from Fezzan
Phase de l'éclise [sic] de soleil observée à Vire le 13 juin 1760 au matin /
Mémoire sur la probabilité des causes par les évènemens
Remarks on the influence of the winds on the barometer
Account of M. Fresnel's discoveries respecting the inflexion of light
Observations on the decline of science in England
Results of a meteorological journal kept at Seringapatam during the years 1814 and 1816
Account of the experiments of Morichini, Ridolfi, Firmas, and Gibbs, on the influence of light in the development of magnetism
Additions and corrections to a monograph on Cypræa, a genus of testaceous Mollusca
On the sacral plex[us] and sacral vertebræ of lizards and other Vertebrata
Notice of certain Australian quadrupeds, belonging to the order Rodentia
De la nécessité d'isoler les corps qu'on electrise par communication et des avantages qu'on corps convenablement isolé retire du voisinge des corps non électriques /
Prémier mémoire pour servir à l'histoire anatomique des poissons
On the development of Chloëon (Ephemera) dimidatum part I /
Description of the mora tree
A new arrangement of the genus Polytrichum, with some emendations
On the vascular arrangement of the capillary vessels of the allantoid and vitelline membranes in the incubated egg
Account of the formation of the Lake of Mauvoisin by the descent of a glacier and of the inundations of the Val de Bagnes in 1595 and 1818 /
The morphology of Cyclops and the relations of the Copepoda
On conchology, regarded as a distinct branch of science
On the affinities of the genus Clinidium of Kirby
On some particulars connected with the natural history of the kangaroo
On the genera Melampus, Pedipes and Truncatella with experiments tending to demonstrate the real nature of the respiratory organs in these Mollusca /
On the internal structure of Helicolimax (vitrina) lamarckii
On the vitality of toads enclosed in stone and wood
Descriptions of two species of Araneidæ, natives of Madeira
Note on the ash-coloured harrier (Falco cinerarius, Mont.)
Descriptions of several oriental lepidopterous insects
Account of a singular phenomenon in vision
Notice sur Carinaria et description
Observations upon the eighteenth number of the Zoological journal
Description of the Cirrhipeda, Conchifera and Mollusca in a collection formed by the officers of H.M.S. Adventure and Beagle employed between the years 1826 and 1830 in surveying the southern coasts of South America : including the Straits of Magalhaens [sic] and the coast of Tierra del Fuego /
The characters of two new dipterous genera with indications of some generic subdivisions and several undescribed species of Dolichopidæ /
Remarks on the nature of the respiratory organs in certain littoral Mollusca of Madera [sic]
Description of a new genus of Reptilia of the family Scincidæ
On the food and habits of certain insects
On the spiders of the genus Dysdera, Latr with the description of a new allied genus /
Account of several fishes and other animals of Jamaica
Observations upon the Dentalium subulutum of Deshayes
Description of the animals of Voluta denticulata, Mont. and Assiminia grayana, Leach
A description of the anatomical structure of Cerithium telescopinn, Brug
Insectorum arachnoidumque novorum decaules duo
On a remarkable sexual peculiarity exhibited by the ear-wig (Forficula auricularia, Linn.)
On Pentatrematites orbicularis, acuta, and pentangularis
Conchological notices chiefly relating to the land and fresh-water shells of the Gangetic provinces of Hindoostan
Account of the burning chasms of Ponohohoa in Hawaii, one of the Sandwich islands
On metallic iron and its oxides
On the structure of the eyes of insects
On the relation of the density of solid and fluid bodies to the size of their molecules, and their affinity for caloric
Account of the discovery of a mine of platinum in Columbia [sic] and of mines of gold and of platinum in the Uralian Mountains /
Abstract of a memoir on the theory of magnetism in motion
On the different primitive forms of the same salt produced by a change in the nature of the solvent
Historical eloge of Louis François Elisabeth Baron Ramond
An experimental examination of the electric and chemical theories of galvanism
An outline of Dr. Knox's theory of hermaphrodism and the application of its principles to the generative and respiratory organs
Investigation of the spherical aberration of a diamond lens
Additional contributions towards the history of the Cervus euryceros, or fossil elk of Ireland
Description of a method of cutting screws, with drawings of the apparatus employed
Abstract of meteorological observations made in the Isle of Man from 1826 to 1829, inclusive
Notice of the performance of steam-engines in Cornwall for October, November and December 1829
On the magnetic influence of the solar rays
Distinctive properties of thorina and its salts
Account of a remarkable case of spectral illusion, in which both the eye and the ear were influenced
A visit to Berzelius
Chemical examination of wad
On the magnesite discovered in Angelsey
Researches on the structure of metals as indicated by their acoustic properties
Description of a new steam-engine without a boiler
Notice respecting Mr. Cuthbert's elliptic metals for reflecting microscopes
On a new series of periodical colours produced by the grooved surfaces of metallic and transparent bodies
On the effects of the action of cold on animals as exhibited in their hybernation and lethargy
Notice of some of the birds of Madeira
Memoir on an analogy which exists between the propagation of light and that of electricity, or, On the constancy of the effects of electric currents forced to traverse spaces already traversed by other electric currents
Physical notices of the Bay of Naples
General view of the scientific researches recently carried on in the Russian Empire
Account of the apparatus and incombustible dresses invented by M. Aldini for preserving the body from the action of fire.
Memoir on the fossil bones of Saint-Privat-d'Allier (in the province of Velay, France), and upon the basaltic district in which they have been discovered /
On the reciprocal decomposition of bodies
Description of the great temple of Carnac, in Thebes
On the fall of leaves
Notice of the recent researches of M. Arago, on the influence of bodies reckoned not magnetic on the motions of the magnetic needle
Description of an apparatus for producing intense light, visible at great distances
Remarks on the electric effects of contact produced by changes of temperature
Notice of some fossil remains of a paleotherium, found in Bavaria
Remarks on an optical phenomenon observed at sunrise from the summit of Mt. Ætna
Illustration of some facts connected with the development of magnetism by rotation
On plumbo-calcite, a carbonate of lime and lead
On a new table and formula for determining altitudes with the barometer
On the principle of illumination for microscopic objects
On the construction of the Atlantic cable
On the progressive expansion and maximum density of water
Notes for a comparison between the rocks of the south-west of Ireland, and those of north Devon, and of Rhenish Prussia (in the neighbourhood of Coblentz)
On the guano, the ornithocoprus of Peru
On the chemical composition and fertilizing value of the sewage of Dublin
Dr. Edmunds' system of ventilation, for the purpose of improving the sanitary condition of ships, and preserving them from decay with suggestions as to its applicability for the purpose of ventilating crowded dwelling-houses /
Notice on some new modifications in the phenomena of Newton's rings
Notice respecting a vitrified fort at Carradale in Argyleshire [sic]
Observations on the decline of chemical science
The volcanic basin of Rieden in the lower Rheinland from a volume unpublished, "On the ancient volcanoes of the basin of Neuwied, &c." /
Notice respecting certain vibrations of heated metals
Specimen of logarithmic tables printed with different coloured inks on variously coloured papers
Remarks on an introductory lecture delivered at King's College, London, October 11, 1831
An introduction to the atomic theory comprising a sketch of the opinions entertained by the most distinguished ancient and modern philosophers with respect to the constitution of matter /
Remarks upon Mr. J.F.W. Johnston's critique on the paper upon specific heats published in the July number of this journal /
On the specific heats of certain of the metals being a re-examination of the subject /
Observations on the organs and mode of fecundation in Orchideæ and Asclepiadeæ
On the theoretical principles of the machinery for calculating tables
On the ice-caves or natural ice-houses found in some of the caverns of the Jura and the Alps
Memoir of the life and writings of Olaus Swartz
Account of a new percussion lock by George Forrest
On the calcareous tufas of Hungary
On the use of perfumes in preventing the formation of mouldiness
Notice respecting an ancient ship discovered in a garden at Stranraer, in Galloway
Further remarks connected with the physiology of the fibres of the root
Some experiments on the changes which take place in the fixed principles of the egg during incubation
Notice of the attempts to reach the sea by Mackenzie's River, since the expedition of Sir Alexander Mackenzie
On the magnetism of the brass-work of surveying instruments
Detail of experiments on the ignition of wires, by the galvanic battery
Observations on the tutenag and white copper of China
On the fresh-water formations of Italy, posterior to the coarse limestone
On the methodical and natural distribution of the different systems of crystallisation
On the revolutions which have taken place in the animal kingdom as these are indicated by geognosy /
On the construction of polyzonal lenses and mirrors of great magnitude for light-houses and for burning instruments, and on the formation of a great national burning apparatus /
Account of the recent successful ascent of Mont Blanc
On the visible solar and lunar eclipses which will happen in the year 1823 as calculated for Edinburgh /
Celestial phenomena, from January 1 to March 1, 1823 calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time /
Biographical account of Sir William Herschel
On fossil organic remains as a geognostic character
Account of Captain Hodgson's journey to the head of the Ganges
Observations on a new genus of plants, belonging to the natural order Gastromyci
Miscellaneous notices in natural history
On the crystallographic discoveries and systems of Mohs and Weiss
Account of the cavern and natural glacier of the Rothorn, called the Shafloch or Sheep's Hole
Gleanings of natural history, gathered on the coast of Scotland during a voyage in 1821
On the order of the appearance and progress of the Aurora Borealis
Description of a new reflecting microscope
Analysis of a Journal of a voyage to the northern whale-fishery including researches and discoveries on the eastern coast of West Greenland, made in the summer of 1822 by William Scoresby.
Celestial phenomena, from April 1 to July 1, 1823 calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh mean time /
Historical account of discoveries respecting the double refraction and polarisation of light (continued from vol. IV, p. 130) : period III, containing the investigations of Beccaria, Martin, Haüy, Wollaston and La Place : section III, Account of the experiments of Benjamin Martin.
Account of the great waterfalls of Rewah
Account of the great cave of Gailenreuth in Franconia, and of the cave of Kirkdale in Yorkshire
Journal of a tour to the coast of the Adriatic Sea and to the mountains of Carniola, Carinthia, Tyrol, Saltzburg and Bohemia, undertaken chiefly with a view to the botany and entomology of those countries /
Description of the lamps with concentric wicks, and with a superabundant supply of oil, as adopted in the French light-houses
On the method of minimum squares, employed in the reduction of experiments being a translation of the appendix to an essay of Legendre's entitled, "Nouvelles methodes pour la determination des orbites des cometes," /
Account of the methods employed for examining the population returns of Plymouth for the year 1821 and the consequent discovery of the registered seamen having been included in the census of 1811, contrary to the terms of the Act of Parliament relating to the population of the United Kingdom /
Observations on Sir Robert Sepping's Plan for the circular sterns of ships of war
On the construction of oil and coal gas burners, and the circumstances that influence the light emitted by the gases during their combustion with some observations on their relative illuminating power, and on the different modes of ascertaining it /
A table of the geographical positions of several places in India
An essay on the composition of the ancient earthen vases, commonly known by the name of Etruscan
On two new genera of Byssoideæ, and a new species of Eurotium
On unusual atmospherical refraction
Account of the deleterious effects produced by the presence of the larva of an insect in the human stomach with observations /
A short narrative of facts relative to the invention and practice of steam-navigation by the late Patrick Miller
Sketch of the geology of Sicily
An account of the experiments of Mr. Barlow, and those of M. Arago, on the magnetism induced or exhibited in iron, and in other metals, by rotation with some new experiments on the same subject /
Meteorological table, shewing the state of the barometer and thermometer, at 9 o'clock in the morning, in Dun fermline, for twenty years, l805-l824, both inclusive
Remarks upon ground-ice, or ice formed at the bottom of running waters
Synoptical table of the formations of the crust of the earth, and of the chief subordinate masses
Account of the ferry across the Tay at Dundee
Account of a new and commodious method of regulating the movements of steam-vessels
On the diurnal variation of the needle
Description of a new species of Peclen, from the Outer Hebrides
Remarks on Professor Hansteen's account of a shooting star, seen in the day-time
On the value of water as a moving power for machinery illustrated in an extract from a report in regard to the water of Leith /
Extract of a letter from Dr. Richardson, on the progress of the Overland Arctic Expedition, to Professor Jameson
List of rare plants which have flowered in the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, during the last three months
Celestial phenomena from July 1 to October 1, 1825, calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time
Meteorological observations made at Leith
General reflections on various important subjects in mineralogy
Contributions to the British fauna
On the sodalite of Vesuvius
New corrections for the effects of humidity on the formula for measuring heights by the barometer
On the action of certain fluids on hydrhophic substances of an animal and vegetable origin
Description of a sitometer, or instrument for measuring grain
Description of a hydrometrograph or a machine for measuring and recording the quantity of water, or any other fluid, discharged within a given time from conduit pipes /
Discourse on the history and progress of geology delivered by Professor Necker, at the meeting of the magistrates and teachers which takes place annually at Geneva, on the occasion of distributing the literary prizes to the successful candidates /
Observations on the temperature of man and other animals
On the effects of mildew on canvas and notice of the experiments of Mr. Sanderson of Leith on this important subject.
Some remarks respecting the utility of chain cables
Results of some experiments made at Liverpool, on Sir H. Davy's method of protecting the copper-sheathing of ships
On water as a moving power for machinery
Description of a new patent steam coach
Meetorological [sic] register for the years 1821, 1822, 1823, and 1824, kept at the Manse of Clunie, Perthshire
Celestial phenomena from October 1, 1825 to January 1, 1826, calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time
Experiments on the absorption of vapours by liquids
Description of an apparatus for impregnating liquids with gases
Concerning coloured spectra from flame, moon, and starlight, and from electric light
On the systems of double stars which are supposed to be binary ones
A metallic memoir on the nature and history of the argillaceous carbonate of iron
Observations on the generations of the Lobularia digitata, Lam. (Alcyonium lobatum, Pall.)
On the improvements in the elements of the moon's orbit
On the supposed changes in the meteorological constitution of the different parts of the earth during the historical period
On the mean temperature &c. of various places in the state of New York for 1826
On the assay of the argillaceous iron-ore
On the effects of the poisonous gases on vegetables
Chemical examination of tabasheer
Account of the tracts of foot-marks of animals found impressed in sandstone, in the quarry of Corncockle Muir, Dumfries-shire
Summary for the year 1827 of the state of the barometer, thermometer, &c. in Kendal
On the natural history and properties of tabasheer, the siliceous concretion in the bamboo
On a new acid of selenium
Observations on the formation of ice in India
Account of the Necropolis of Petra, a city in Palestine excavated from the solid rock /
On the cold caves of the Monte Testaccio at Rome
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan Cottage [December 1827-February 1828]
Notice of the principal meteorological phenomena in the last eight months of 1826 at Patna and Futtehpore
On the singular effects of two strokes of lightning upon the vessel called the New York, while sailing from London to New York
On the elasticity and change of volume of metallic strings while in a state of vibration
On the proposed influence of the Aurora Borealis upon the magnetic needle in reply to the observations of M. Arago /
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage, kept at Canaan Cottage [Sept.-Nov., 1827]
Summary of meteorological observations made at Kendal in September, October, and November, 1827
Excursory remarks on radiant heat with a short examination of Professor Leslie's theory /
Account of the Assamese method of blasting rocks
Memoir on the horary oscillations of the barometer at Rome
On footsteps before the flood, in a specimen of red sandstone
Account of the poisonous qualities of the vegetable varnishes from India and America
Notice respecting the varnish and varnish trees of India
Description of the new fluid telescope recently constructed by Mssrs W. and T. Gilbert on a plan suggested by Peter Barlow /
On the mean temperature of the equator as deduced from observations made at Prince of Wales's Island, Singapore, and Malacca /
Account of the fossil bones discovered on the left bank of the Irawadi in Ava
Account of the method of drawing birds employed by J.J. Audubon
Account of the Indian penance of Gulwugty, or Churuk Pooja
Biographical sketch of Alexander Volta
On the fœtus of a polydactylous horse having the toes separated by a membrane
Account of a case of poisoning, caused by the honey of the lecheguana wasp
Account of the poison plants of the southern parts of Brazil continued from p. 100.
On the practical construction of achromatic object-glasses
A description of an improvement in Bramah's hydro-mechanical press with its application to oil mills /
Chart of the island of Ascension, with remarks on its geognosy
A catalogue, in right ascension, of 46 principal stars deduced from observations made at the observatory of Trinity College, Dublin, in the years 1823 and 1824 /
Account of a bridge of suspension made of hide ropes in Chili
Observations for determining the magnetic variation made in the neighbourhood of Spitzbergen
On the unequal distribution of caloric in voltaic action ; on the temperature of the skin of the dormouse ; on the temperature of the egg of the hen, in relation to its physiology
Remarks on Mr. Daniell's hypothesis of the radiation of heat in the atmosphere
Sketches of the comparative anatomy of the organs of hearing and vision
Experiments on the action of water upon glass, with some observations on its slow decomposition
Account of Captain Scoresby's magnetical discoveries, and of his magnetimeter and chronometrical compass
Celestial phenomena from April 1 to July 1, 1826, calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time
A concise statement of the magnetical and other philosophical experiments and observations made during the recent northern expedition under Captains Parry and Hopner, 1824-5
On the measurement of the progress of an eclipse of the moon with a sextant, or reflecting circle
Journal of a tour to the coast of the Adriatic Sea, and to the mountains of Carniola, Carinthia, Tyrol, Saltzburg, and Bohemia undertaken chiefly with a view to the botany and entomology of those countries /
On the existence of two new fluids in the cavities of minerals, which are immiscible, and possess remarkable physical properties
Observations on the natural history and structure of the aquatic salamander and on the development of the larva of these animals from the egg, up to the perfect animal /
Outlines of a geological comparative view of south-west and north of France, and the south of Germany
On certain electrical phenomena observed at sea with an account of the fire of St. Elmo.
On certain circumstances connected with the condensation of atmospheric humidity on solid surfaces
Sketches of the extent of our information respecting rail-roads
Table of magnetic variations
On the detection of boracic acid in minerals by the blowpipe
On euclase
On the modes of notation of Weiss, Mohs, and Haüy
Biographical memoir of Count Claude Louis Berthollet
Notice of zircon found in the primitive island of Scalpay, on the east coast of Harris
On the geographical distribution of palms (Palmæ)
On the effects of temperature on the intensity of magnetic forces and on the diurnal variation of the terrestrial magnetic intensity /
Description of achmite, a new mineral from Norway
Account of Captain Hodgson's journey to the source of the Jumna and of the snow excavations at Jumnotri, formed by the steam of hot springs.
On petrifactions, or fossil organic remains
The geological deluge, as interpreted by Baron Cuvier and Professor Buckland, inconsistent with the testimony of Moses and the phenomena of nature
Notice of the rocks composing the mountains which occur in the desert between the Nile and the Red Sea
Account of the principal coal mines in France, and the quantity of coal which they yield
On the structure and nature of the Spongilla friabilis
Account of the bones of various animals discovered at Breingues, in the Department Du Lot
Observations regarding the position of the fossil Megalosaurus and Didelphis or opossum at Stonesfield
Notices regarding the vineyards of Egypt
Account of a newly invented and rotatory gas-burner
Celestial phenomena, from October 1, 1823 to January 1, 1824 calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time : with observations on the lunar eclipse of the 23rd of July /
Notice regarding the phosphate of lime of the coal formation
Historical account of discoveries respecting the double refraction and polarisation of light (continued from Vol. viii, p. 256) : sect. IV, Account of the experiments of Abbé Haüy.
Notice respecting a polished flint celt or battle-axe remarkable for its size and workmanship, found at Claremont, the property of James Nairne.
On the geognostical structure of the Appennines
Description and analysis of sordawalite, a new mineral from Finland
Speculations in regard to the formation of opal, wood-stone, and diamond
Description of Mr. Perkin's new steam-engine, and of the application of his invention to engines of the old construction
Abstract of experiments on the fusion of plumbago, anthracite, and the diamond, by Professor Silliman
Account of a map drawn by a native of Dawæ or Tavay
On the knight's moves over the chess-board
Remarks on the phenomena of the fall of the leaf, and the physiology of the painted corolla of the flower
Notice in regard to the temperature of mines
Observations on the formation of mists, and the deposition of dew
Description of five new genera of plants, belonging to the natural order Bignoniaceæ
A description and draught of a new invented machine, for carrying vessels or ships out of or into any harbour, port or river against wind and tide, or in a calm /
Reflections on volcanoes
On the refractive and dispersive power of different species of glass, in reference to the improvement of achromatic telescopes with an account of the lines or streaks which cross the spectrum /
Description of Vettie's Giel, a scene in Bergen-Stift, in Norway
Account of Mr. Ronalds' pendulum doubler of electricity
Biographical notice of Baron Samuel Gustavus Hermelin
On the heights of the principal snowy peaks of the Himálaya Mountains
Mineralogical description of some aërolites which fell near Wiborg, in Finland
Account of Mr. Perkin's method of applying his new method of generating steam to the boilers of ordinary steam-engines
Observations on the arguments adduced in support of circular sterns
On the discovery of the foramen centrale of the retina in the eyes of reptiles
Reply to Mr. Brooke's observations on the connexion between the optical structure of minerals and their primitive forms
General view of the geognostical structure of the country extending from Hudson's Bay to the shores of the Polar Sea
Abstract of Mr. Faraday's experiments on the condensation of several gases into liquids
On the anatomy of the Ornithorynchus paradoxus of New South Wales
Observations on the difference of the shell of individuals of different sexes in the cephalated mollusca
Analysis of a black mineral from Candy, in Ceylon
Observations on double stars
Observations on M. Beudant's opinions regarding the crystalline rocks of the red sandstone formation as expressed in the 3d volume of his "Voyage en Hongrie," from p. 194 to p. 206 /
An account of some electro-magnetic experiments made in the University of Utrecht
Observations on the specific gravity and temperature of sea-water made during a voyage from Ceylon to England in 1819 and 1820 /
Observations on B. Beudant's opinions regarding the crystalline rocks of the red sandstone formation as expressed in the 3d volume of his "Voyage en Hongrie," from p. 194 to p. 206 /
Remarks on the influence of magnetism on the rates of chronometers
Description of the whirlwind at Scarborough on the 24th June 1823
Observations on bees, and particularly on the conversion of the larvæ of working-bees into queen-bees
On rock formations
Description of a simple, cheap, and accurate method of experimenting on small quantities of gases, by means of bent tubes
Account of the earthquakes which happened in Chili, on the 19th of November 1822
Account of two maps of Zænntæ or Yangoma
Account of Captain Basil Hall's and Mr. Henry Foster's experiments with an invariable pendulum made near the equator, and on the coasts of Mexico, and Brazil.
Gleanings of natural history, during a voyage along the coast of Scotland in 1821
Observations on a new natural family of plants, to be called Cobeaceæ
Notice respecting some new electro-magnetic phenomena
Observations on the anatomical structure of the cassowary of New Holland (Casuarius novæ hollandiæ, Cuv.)
On the series of crystallisation of apatite
Account of some remarkable and newly discovered properties of the suboxide of platina, the oxide of the sulphuret, and the metallic powder of platina
Remarks on the vegetation of the Danish provinces
Celestial phenomena, from January 1 to April 1, 1824 calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time /
On an apparent paradoxical galvanic experiment
Remarks made during part of a journey from Christiania to Bergen, in the summer of 1821
Observations on the temperature of the earth at Paramatta, New South Wales
Description of a new power, and apparatus for impregnating mineral waters with carbonic acid
Description of a newly discovered temple, at Cadachio, in Corfu
An account of a map of Koshanpri
Description of a variation in the form of bent tubes, formerly described, for experimenting on small quantities of gases
On a new species of double refraction, accompanying a remarkable structure in analcime
Observations on the effects of heat and of motion
On the forms of crystallisation of sulphato-tri-carbonate of lead
On a new plan of tunnelling, being calculated for opening a roadway under the Thames
Notice respecting the genus Caligus of Leach
Account of part of a journey through the Himalaya Mountains
A comparative view of the series of crystallisation of epidote and of glauber-salt
A short account of some observations made in France, to investigate the parallaxes of the fixed stars
Observations on the structure and functions of the canal of petit, and the marsupium nigrum, or peculiar vascular tissue transversing the vitreous humour in the eyes of birds, fishes, and reptiles
Historical account of discoveries respecting the double refraction and polarisation of light (continued from Vol. IX, p. 152)
Observations on the comparative anatomy of the eye
Addendix to the essay on the influence of magnetism on the rates of chronometers published in no. XIX /
Celestial phenomena, from April 1 to July 1, 1824 calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time /
Account of a journey across the island of Newfoundland
Some account of a society lately established in Germany, of which the object is to send out botanical collectors to the most interesting parts of Europe together with a recommendation to the naturalists of other countries, and especially those of Great Britain, to unite with it /
Mineralogical notices
On the permanency of achromatic telescopes constructed with fluid object-glasses
On the remarkable comet which revolves within the orbit of Jupiter
Account of halos and parhelia observed in America
On the permeability of transparent screens of extreme tenuity by radiant heat
On a new form of the differential thermometer, with some of its applications
Account of the discovery of an almost entire skeleton of the fossil mastadon
Notice of some new observations by Mr. Brooke on the sulphato-tri-carbonate of lead
Astronomical observations made at Paramatta in 1823
Notice respecting Professor Barlow's new achromatic telescopes with fluid object-glasses
Notice regarding the structure and mode of generation of the Virgularia mirabilis and Pennatula phosphorea
On davyne, a new mineral species
On a peculiar defect in the eye, and a mode of correcting it
On sternbergite, a new mineral species
On the topography, animals, and reptiles of some districts in India
Description of a remarkable bronze relic found on the sand hills of Culbin, near the estuary of the river Findhorn /
Account of a French locality of vauquelinite
Historical notice of the life and works of M. Breguet
On the crystalline forms of pyrophosphate of soda and the arseniate of soda described in the preceding papers [pp 298, 309, 311] /
On a new phosphate of soda
On the arseniate of soda
On the pyrophosphate of soda, one of a new class of salts produced by the action of heat on the phosphates
Notice regarding the ova of the pontobdella muricata, Lam
On certain phenomena of the Great Lakes of America
On the atomic weight of nickel
On the structure and characters of the Lernæa elongata, Gr. a new species from the Arctic seas
Description of a stereometer
Notice of some remarkable twin-crystals of phillipsite
Account of the diamond workings and diamonds of Sumbhulpore
Notes regarding a cavern containing fossil bones situated on the property of M. Gautier, in the commune of Lunel-Viel /
Description of a new safety gas burner
Observations on caverns containing bones with an account of the grotto of Oiselles, near Besançon /
On the existence and uses of ciliæ in the young of the gasteropodous mollusca and on the causes of the spiral turn of univalve shells /
Analysis of oxahverite
Description of oxahverite, a new mineral from oxahver, in Iceland
Remarks on the climate of Naples and its vicinity with an account of a visit to the hot springs of La Pisavella, Nero's baths /
Account of the habits of the sea elephant
A short account of the results of recent experiments upon the laws of light and its theory
Observations on the minimum and maxiumum of the barometer made during a period of twenty-nine years at Malmanger, and Ullensvang in Norway [1798-1827] /
On the dew-point hygrometer formerly described in this journal, vol. IV, p. 127
Views of the process in nature by which, under particular circumstances, vegetables grow on the bodies of living animals
A monograph on the fossil Lepadidae, or, pedunculated Cirripedes of Great Britain
The structure and distribution of coral reefs
The mineralogy of Derbyshire with a description of the most interesting mines in the north of England, in Scotland, and in Wales : and an analysis of Mr. Williams's work, intitled "The mineral kingdom" : subjoined is a glossary of the terms and phrases used by miners in Derbyshire /
On the anatomy of vertebrates
The galvanic circuit investigated mathematically
Pinax rerum naturalium britannicarum continens vegetabilia, animalia, et fossilia in hac insula reperta inchoatus /
Natural philosophy
Oeuvres d'Oribase texte grec, en grande partie inédit, collationné sur les manuscrits /
The circle of the mechanical arts containing practical treatises on the various manual arts, trades, and manufactures /
Flora fridrichsdalina, sive, Methodica descriptio plantarum in agro fridrichsdalensi simulque per regnum Daniæ crescentium cum characteribus genericis & specificis, nominibus trivialibus, vernaculis, pharmaceuticis, locis natalibus specialissimis, iconibus optimis allegatis, ac speciebus puribus in Dania nuper detectis.
Osservazioni, che si son fatte nel Vesuvio dal mese d'agosto dell'anno 1752 fino a tutto il mese di luglio dell'anno 1754 nel principio del quale è occorsa un'altra eruzione con alcume lettere, ed annotazioni sopra i ritrovamenti fatti a Portici in quest'anno 1753 e 1754 che possono servire d'aggiunta al racconto istorico-filosofico del Vesuvio /
Manual of general, descriptive, and pathological anatomy
La circulation du sang à l'état physiologique et dans les maladies
Die neuern Algensysteme und Versuch zur Begründung eines eigenen Systems der Algen und Florideen
Mémoire sur les avantages que la province de Languedoc peut retirer de ses grains considérś sous leurs differens rapports avec l'agriculture, le commerce, la meunerie et la boulangerie /
Exposition et défense de ma théorie de l'organisation végétale
La perspective curievse, ou, Magie artificielle des effets merveilleux de l'optique ... la catoptrique ... ladioptrique ... /
An illustration of the sexual system of Linnæus
Observationes diametrorum solis et lunæ apparentium meridianarúmque aliquot altitudinum solis & paucarum fixarum cum : tabula declinationum solis constructa ad singulae graduum eEclipticae scrupula prima : huic adjecta est brevis dissertatio ... una cum nova mensurarum geometricarum idea : nováque methode cas communicandi, & conservandi in posterium absque alteratione /
Das Weltall Beschreibung und Geschichte des Kosmos im Entwicklungskampfe der Natur /
An outline of mineralogy and geology intended for the use of those who may desire to become acquainted with the elements of those sciences, especially of young persons /
Stirpivm adversaria nova perfacilis vestigatio, luculentaqne [sic] accessio ad priscorum, presertim Dioscoridis & recentiorum, materiam medicam ; qvibvs propediem accedet altera pars ; qua coniectaneorum de plantis appendix, de succis medicatis et metallicis sectio, antiquae et nouatae medicine lectiorum remedioru thesaurus opulentissimus, de succedaneis libellus continentur /
Bernhardi Vareni Geographia generalis in qua affectiones generales telluris explicantur, summâ curâ quam plurimis in locis emendata, & XXXIII schematibus novis, aere incisis, unà cum tabb. aliquot quae desiderabantur /
Traité de mécanique céleste
Handbuch der Optik mit besonderer Rücksicht auf die neuesten Fortschritte der Wissenschaft /
Della vera influenza degli astri, delle stagioni, e mutazioni di tempo saggio meteorologico fondato sopra lunghe osservazioni, ed applicato agli usi dell'agricultura, medicina, nautica, ec. /
Men of invention and industry
Det første forsøg paa Norges naturlige historie førestillende dette kongeriges luft, grund, fielde, vande, vaexter, metaller, mineralier, steen-arter, dyr, fugle, fiske og omsider indbyggernes naturel : samt saedvaner og levemaade ... /
D. Johannis Henrici Pott Observationum et animadversionum chymicarum praecipue circa sal commune, acidum salis vinosum et wismuthum versantium collectio prima.
Elements of botany
A monograph on the fossil Balanidae and Verrucidae of Great Britain
Alexandri Tralliani Libri duodecim Ioanne Gvinterio andernaco interprete & emendatore ... cum indice rerum & verborum locupletissimo.
Ioan Pavli Gallvcii Saloensis De fabrica, et vsu hemisphaerii vranici
Recherches sur le spectre solaire
Paulou Aiginetou iatrou aristou, biblia hepta Pavli Aeginetae medici optimi, libri septem : en arche ekastou ton biblion deiknutai ta en ekeino periechomena : in principio singvlorvm librorvm omnia indicantvr, qvae in eo libro continentvr.
L'univers les infiniment grands et les infiniment petits /
Mémoire sur les avantages que la royaume peut retirer de ses grains considérés sous leurs différens rapports avec l'agriculture, le commerce, la meunerie et la boulangerie : avec Le mémoire sur le nouvelle manière de construire les moulins à farine, qui a remporté le prix de l'Académie koyale [sic] des sciences en 1758, par M. Dransy /
Polyanthea opvs svavissimis floribvs exornatvm compositvm /
Alexandre Pascoli De homine, sive, De corpore humano vitam habente, ratione tum prosperae, tum afflictae valetudinis libri tres in quibus ad mentem veterum, tum recentiorum theoria, ac praxis medica nova, clara, ac brevi methodo exponitur.
Introduction to the study of fossil organic remains especially those found in the British strata : intended to aid the student in his enquiries respecting the nature of fossils and their connetion with the formation of the earth /
L'art de faire les eaux-de-vie, d'après la doctrine de Chaptal où l'on trouve des procédès de Rozier, pour économimser la dépense de leur distillation, et augmenter la spiritousité des eaux-de-vie de vin, de lie, de marc, de cidre, de grains, etc. : suivi de L'art de faire les vinaigres simples et composés, avec la méthode en usage à Orléans pour leur fabrication ... /
Prodromus historiæ generalis plantarum in quo familiæ plantarum per tabulas disponuntur
Io. Antonii Magini Patavini ... Tabulae novae iuxta Tychonis rationes elaboratæ quibus directionum conficiendar, breuior, ac facilior quam unquam antehac a nemine ars traditur.
The travels and researches of Alexander von Humboldt being a condensed narrative of his journeys in the equinoctial regions of America, and in Asiatic Russia : together with analyses of his more important investigations /
Enumeratio plantarum Horti regii botanici berolinensis altera
Astronomica institutio in qua doctrina sphærica atque theorica, intermixto usu sphæræ cœlestis, & variis chronologicis, pertractantur /
Notice of the severe cold of last winter, and of the late great heats in June 1826
Meteorological observations made at Leith [January - March, 1826]
On a method of measuring high temperatures
An attempt to account for the fact that the stars appear greater in number when viewed cursorily than when examined with attention
Abstract of meteorological observations made in the Isle of Man, from 1822 to 1825, inclusive
Account of a voyage to Madeira, Brazil, Juan Fernandez, and the Gallipagos Islands performed in 1824 and 1825, with a view of examining their natural history, etc /
On kakoxene, a new mineral species
Analysis of two varieties of lepidolite
On the formation of the cyanuret of mercury, and the sulphocyanate of potash
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan cottage [September-November, 1829]
On geometrical nets in space
On earth currents and their connexion with the phenomena of terrestrial magnetism /
On the duties of mineral agents
On the injurious effects resulting from the employment of arsenical pigments in the manufacture of paper-hangings, in paintings, &c
Annual address
On the hydrocarbonates and silicates of zinc of the province of Santander, Spain
Remarkable discoveries in central Australia with an improved map, showing Stuart's and Burke's last routes /
On a system of mounting insects for the microscope
On the composition of drogheda ale
Notes on the Astræacea of the coast of Clare
Meteorological journal kept at Ennistimon and Ballyvaughan, county Clare, during the year 1861
Synopsis of the species of the families Crangonidæ and Galatheidæ which inhabit the seas around the British Isles /
On the dynamical coefficients of elasticity of steel, iron, brass, oak, and teak
On earth-currents in connexion with magnetic disturbances
On the "nardoo" plant of eastern Australia
On the primary rocks of Donegal
Description of a new species of Cosmarium (Corda), of Staurastrum (Meyen), of two new species of Closterium (Nitzsch), and of Spirotænia (Bréb.)
On a new (?) species of Ankistrodesmus (Corda) with remarks in connexion therewith as regards Closterium griffithii (Berk.) and C. subtile (Bréb.) /
Description of a new species of Micrasterias (Ag. et aliorum, non ehr.) with remarks on the distinctions between Micrasterias rotata (Ralfs) and M. denticulata (Bréb.) /
On a graphical mode of calculating the tidal drift of a vessel in the Irish Sea or English Channel
Notes of a chemico-agricultural tour made principally through portions of France, Germany, and Belgium in the summer of 1861 /
On the granitic rocks of the south-west of Donegal and the minerals therewith associated /
Mean results of observations with the thermometer and barometer at Batavia
On some curious molecular changes produced in silicate of zinc by the application of heat
On a new hydrated silicate of potash and on some of the conditions under which the reniform structure in minerals may be developed /
Remarks on the colony of Queensland as a field for emigration
On the probable causes of the earth-currents
On the partial combustion of fluid iron described by Mandelslo in 1639 : and of solid iron, now publicly practised in Dublin by means of a cold blast of common air /
On the occurrence of some characteristic graptolites and other fossils indicating certain divisions of the lower Silurian rocks in the counties of Meath, Tipperary, and Clare /
On the difference between rain-fall and evaporation at St. Helena in 1860
On a new locality for Polypodium phegopteris with a list of the ferns occurring in the district comprised in that part of sheet 125 of the ordnance inch maps of Ireland, that lies to the west of Lough Derg and the south-east of sheet 124 /
On the quality of the milk supplied to the poor and other districts of Dublin
On a new and general method of inverting a linear and quaternion function of a quaternion
On the existence of a symbolic and biquadratic equation which is satisfied by the symbol of linear operation in quaternions
On the strength of long pillars
On the rain-fall and wind at Simon's Bay, Cape of Good Hope
Observations of the fossiliferous caves of Malta
On the rain-fall and evaporation in Dublin in the year 1860
Address of the president of the Royal Irish Academy on presenting the Cunningham Medals
Remarks on M. le Colonel Bory de St. Vincent's proposed species of the genus Homo
Observations on the volcanic formations on the left bank of the Rhine
Account of a survey of the valley of the Setlej River, in the Himalayah Mountains
Observations on some sulphurets
Notes on the marine fauna of the coast of Clare
Inquiries into the causes of the present decay of the Dublin crab and lobster fisheries with a few suggestions as to the practicability of amendment of them and the market supply, either by substitution of species or otherwise /
A list of the birds of prey, perchers, and waders observed to frequent the districts of Mayo and Sligo which border on Killala
On the migration of Buffon's skua (Lestris parasiticus) and record of occurrence of rare birds in Ireland /
A list of the swimming birds (Natatores) observed to frequent the districts of the counties Mayo and Sligo which border on Killala Bay and the tidal parts of the river Moy /
On the occurrence of the snowy owl (Surnia nyctea) near Swords, county of Dublin
On the form of the cells made by various wasps, and by the honey bee with an appendix on the origin of species /
On the reduction of iron by the use of condensed peat
Notes on the geology of the east coast of China
The Dhurmsalla aërolith
Note on the way in which the calamine occurs at silver mines, county of Tipperary
The prevalence and prevention of diseases amongst domestic animals of Ireland
On the occurrence of the golden oriole and other rare birds
On the general anatomy, histology, and physiology of Limax maximus (Moquin-Tandon)
On the granitic rocks of Donegal and the minerals therewith associated /
On the mineral localities of Donegal as ascertained by Sir Charles Gièsecke, and by the British Association Committee, 1861-2 /
On the Irish salmon fisheries
Sketch of the geology of the district of Shorapoor, or Soorpoor, in the Dekhan
Notes on the salmon fisheries of Ireland
On the geology of parts of Sligo, &c
A sketch of the geological structure of Finland
Observations on the wind made in the years 1848-49 in Leopold Harbour, North Somerset on board her majesty's ship "Investigator" /
On the flint implements found in the gravel of St. Acheul, near Amiens and their mode of occurrence /
Report of council of the Geological Society for the year 1862-3
On wood spirit, and its detection
On the chemical and mineralogical relations of metamorphic rocks
Description of an oak pile found in the lake of Geneva
Remarkable discoveries in central Australia John M'Douall Stuart's third and successful expedition, starting from Adelaide and penetrating through the geographical centre to the northern coast, 1861-2 : with map showing all the routes /
On a new optical saccharometer
On the application of Corioli's equations of relative movement to the problem of the gyroscope
The aurora borealis of December 14, 1862 ("northern corona") as observed by Messrs. B. Haughton, Dawson Massey, and the Rev. W.C. Duke at Rossmore, in the county Carlow /
On the sparks produced by the iron induction coil used by the Rev. Dr. Callan of Maynooth /
Some notices of the Acts of St. Patrick contained in the Book of Armagh /
On the preparation of flesh meat as human food
On the pre-Christian cross
Description of the Tonymore crannoge
Description of a new species of Plesiosaurus from the Lias, near Whitby, Yorkshire /
On ancient literary frauds and forgeries in Spain and Italy and their bearings on events recorded in Irish history and other Celtic annals /
References in Spanish history to migrations from Spain into Ireland
On a general centre of applied forces
Observations on Mr. Warren's foregoing paper
On the occurrence of Merlangus albus, new to Irish ichthyology
An endeavour to identify Palmoglœa macrococca (Kütz.) with description of the plant believed to be meant : and of a new species, both, however, referrible rather to the genus Mesotænium (Näg.) /
Obituary notice of John Robert Kinahan
Occasional notes on the occurrence of birds on the shores of Killala Bay and the river Moy
Record of the occurrence of the little auk taken alive at Athlone, December, 1862 /
Notes on the dissections of some animals from the zoological gardens, Phœnix Park
Description of a new species of Cosmarium (Corda), and of Penium (Bréb.)
Account of meteorological observations made in North America by Dr. Holyoke and Prof. Dewey
Observations on the difference of level of the east and west seas
A monograph of the genus Erineum
Account of the recent chemical researches of M. Berzelius and his pupils
Account of electro-magnetic experiments made by Mm. van Beek, Professor van Rees, and Professor Moll
Remarks on the specific gravity of sea-water in different latitudes, and on the temperature of the ocean at different depths
Remarks on the insensibility of the eye to certain colours
On the arseniates of copper
Account of the Volcano de Taal, in Luçon, one of the Philippine Islands
Observations on the impregnation of wood with sea-water, and on the fogs of the Polar Seas
On the comptonite of Vesuvius, the brewsterite of Scotland, the stilbite and the heulandite
Account of a map of the country between the Erawadi and the Khiænduæn rivers
Observations on vision through coloured glasses and on their application to telescopes, and to microscopes of great magnitude /
Observations of water spouts
Notice respecting Dr. Wallich's journey in Nepaul [sic]
Account of electro-magnetic experiments made by Mm. van Beek, Professor van Rees, and Professor Moll /
Account of the earthquake which desolated the island of Zante on the 29th December 1820
Description of the Trinity Pier of suspension at Newhaven, near Edinburgh
Remarks on azalea, rhododendron, ledum, and leiophyllum with characters of these four genera /
An account of further explorations at Locmariaquer, in Brittany
On the former existence of the polar bear in Ireland as is probably shown to be the fact by some remains recently discovered at Lough Gur, county of Limerick /
On the animal inhabitants of ancient Ireland
On some ecclesiastical bells in the collection of the Lord Primate
On the anatomy of the ostrich (Struthio camelus)
Notes on spectrum analysis
Notes on animal mechanics
On some indentations in bones of a Cervus megaceros found in June, 1863, underneath a bog near Legan, Co. Longford /
Account of inscribed stones at Fuerty, county of Roscommon
On an ancient wooden shield found in Ireland
On the chemistry of the feeding of animals for the production of meat and manure
The old Countess of Desmond
The supply of fuel in Ireland an inquiry into the character and extent of the Irish coal fields, peat, marshes, &c. /
On the construction of ancient galleys and the arrangement of their oars and rowers /
On the geographical distribution of insects
Narrative of a voyage to Davis' Straits in 1829
Account of the Atush Kudda, or natural fire temple of the Guebres formed by burning springs of naphtha : with a notice respecting the naphtha wells in Pegu.
Account of a Chinese mangle
Account of a new optical instrument which combines the properties of a compound microscope, camera obscura, camera lucida, and diagonal mirror /
Memoir of the life of Martin Henry Klaproth
Remarks on a passage in the mathematical collections of Pappus, from which the obliquity of the ecliptic has been deduced
Narrative of a descent in the diving-bell, &c. &c
On the connexion between the optical structure and chemical composition of minerals
Experiments and observations on the effects produced on the rates of chronometers by the proximity of iron bodies
On the magnetic influence of the islands of St. Mayo and the Great Salvage
On the difference between the land and sea rates of chronometers deduced from the register kept on board His Majesty's ship Leven, in two voyages to the Cape de Verd Islands /
On the ancient history of leguminous fruits
Observations on the hatchings of fowls from eggs, which have been laid subsequent to the death of the male bird
Account of the electro-magnetic apparatus of Lieut. Col. Offerhaus
On the Phormium tenax, or New Zealand flax
On certain remarkable instances of deviation from Newton's scale in the tints developed by crystals with one axis of double refraction on exposure to polarized light /
On the action of water on magnesia and its carbonate
Account of an extraordinary appearance of the sea observed 31st July 1785, in a voyage from Johanna to Bombay, Long. 61⁰25ʹE. Lat. 6⁰32ʹN. /
Observations on magnetic attractions
Observations on the solar eclipse of 7th September 1820, made at Gibralter with remarks on the temperature of the water in Gibralter Bay /
On the climate of southern Africa with an abstract of a meteorological register kept at Graaf Reynet /
Account of water-spouts observed at sea on voyages to and from India
Analysis of Mr. Barlow's Essay on magnetic attractions
List of birds found in the district of Harris, part of the outer range of the Hebrides
Analysis of sulphate of nickel and copper
Memoir of the life and writings of M. Piazzi
Summary of meteorological observations made at Kendal in March, April, May 1830
On magnetic influence in the solar rays
On the diamond mines of southern India
Account of the failure of the suspension bridge at Paris
On the progressive compression of water with high degrees of force with some trials of its effects on other fluids /
On machinery for calculating and printing mathematical tables
Remarks on the Larus parasiticus or Arctic gull, and on the Larus rissa or kittiwake with an account of the Greenland kittiwake : and on the Colymbus grylle /
Geological remarks on the Rock of Gibraltar and the adjacent country
Notice respecting Roman vessels found in Scotland on the estates of Sir John Hay
Account of the natron lakes of Hungary, of the pitchstone of Tribisch in Saxony, and the mineralogical school of Freyberg
Some account of those manuscripts in Great Britain, which contain the Greek text of the mathematical collections of Pappus
Descriptions of two new genera of Nepaul [sic] plants
On preserving fish by sugar
Report on the cultivation of spices at Bencoolen, one of the British settlements in the island of Sumatra
On a remarkable peculiarity in the law of the extraordinary refraction of differently-coloured rays exhibited by certain varieties of apophyllite /
Abstract of a paper on the anomalous magnetic action of hot iron, between the white and blood-red heat, by Peter Barlow
On the methods of separating lime from magnesia
Geological thermometer, shewing the opinions attributed to various geologists with respect to the origins of rocks
Additional observations on the Chinese lusus naturæ
History of the invention of pendulum clocks by Christian Huygens
Celestial phenomena, from July 1 to October 1, 1822 calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time /
Celestial phenomena, from October 1, 1822 to January 1, 1823 calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh
On the alloys of steel
Account of a whirlwind at Roseneath in Dunbartonshire
Account of the magnetical, meteorological and hydrographical observations made during the expedition to Lancaster Sound
On the specific gravity of barley and Scotch bigg with description of a new instrument for measuring it /
Observations on the natural history of some species of the genus Larus, or gull tribe
On a remarkable plant of the order Fungi, found growing in a solution of succinate of ammonia
On metallurgic crystallography
Account of the explosion of a steam-boiler at Lochrin Distillery
On the Rocky Mountain sheep of the Americans
Account of a Chinese lusus naturæ
Account of the new galvano-magnetic condenser invented by M. Poggendorff
Observations on the natural history and structure of the Proteus anguinus
Account of a map constructed by a native of Taunu, of the country south from Ava
Account of recent astronomical observations made on the continent
Account of the singular treatment of a queen bee
Notice respecting Copernicus with a plate containing a fac simile [sic] of one of his letters.
Account of the rousts or currents of tide in the Pentland Frith, &c
Account of an improved apparatus for restoring the action of the lungs
On the diminution of the obliquity of the ecliptic
Description of water-spouts
On isothermal lines, and the distribution of heat over the globe
Summary of meteorological observations made at Kendal in September -December, 1826, January-February, 1827
Notice regarding the naturalization of the cochineal insect in Spain
Notice respecting the zoology of the Falkland Islands
An account of magnetical experiments made in China and St. Helena with a view of determining the position of the plane of no deviation in those places /
Account of a new animal, which occurred in such quantities as to dye red the Lake of Morat in the Spring of 1825
Observations on the structure and crystalline forms of haytorite
Description of the new mineral called haytorite
On the regular composition of crystallized bodies
On the production and formation of pearls
Summary for the year 1826, of the state of the barometer, thermometer, &c., in Kendal
On burrowing and boring marine animals
On the development of magnetism by rotation, in reply to Mr. Christie
Magnetical observations on the variation and dip of the needle made during the voyage of the Coquille from Toulon to Port Jackson in 1822, 3, and 4 /
On the temperature of the north west coast of America
Account of an improvement on the nautical eye-tube
On the mean temperature of Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Observations made at Port Macquarie, Van Dieman's Land for the purpose of determining the decrease of heat in ascending in the atmosphere /
Observations on the bones of hyenas and other animals in the cavern of Lunel, near Montpellier and in the adjacent strata of marine formation /
On the separation of epistilibite from heulandite, as demonstrated by optical characters
Observations on the mean temperature of the earth at Sydney, made in the year 1824 and 1825
Description of an instrument for measuring the comparative expansibility of metals and other solid bodies
On the modes of division of vibrating bodies
On the relative compressibilities of different fluids at high temperatures
On the communication of magnetism to steel, by the direct white light of the sun
Account of the fossil remains in the neighbourhood of Harborough
Account of the carrion crow, or Vultur atratus
On the laws of the polarization of light by refraction
Notice respecting the existence of the new fluid in a large cavity in a specimen of sapphire
On the double chlorides of gold with potassium and lithium
On the subterranean sounds heard at Nakous, on the Red Sea
Experiments of candle wicks
On the production of regular double refraction in the molecules of bodies by simple pressure with observations on the origin of the doubly refracting structure /
Summary of meteorlogical observations made at Kendal in June, July and August 1830
Notes on the foliation in the gneiss and schist of Yar-Connaught
Account of the common mackerel (Scomber scombus, Lin.) and the garum of the ancients /
On a trap rock at Bray Head, county of Wicklow
On the occurrence of kjökkenmöddings in the county of Donegal
Crumpled granite beds in the county of Donegal
Notes on part of the Leinster coal field with a record of some fossils found therein /
An estimate of the philosophical character of Dr. Priestly
On submarine earthquakes and volcanos
Further notes on the classification of the rocks of north Devon
On the charter lately granted to the Astronomical Society of London
Summary of the state of the barometer, &c. in Kendal, 1831
On the antiquity of man
On the neglect of sanitary arrangements in the homes and houses of the rich and poor, in town and country
On arctic discovery
Botanical notes in the midland counties
On entozoa from some animals in the Royal Zoological Gardens, Phœnix Park, Dublin
On a mode of fissiparous reproduction observed in Anthea cereus
Further observations on entozoa from some animals in the Royal Zoological Gardens, Phœnix Park
Summary of meteorological observations made at Kendal in December 1830 ... August 1831
On the structure of the eye of the seal
On Orchis mascula with double flowers
Memoir of the life of Thomas Young
On an approximate method, founded on observation, of determining the daily excretion of urea in health and disease
Errors in the nautical almanac for the year 1832 and in the planetary ephemerides for 1832 and 1833 /
Notes on crannoges in Ballin Lough
Notes on a crannoge in Lough Nahinch
On the want of encouragement in science and literature
Instructions, mathematical and practical, on a method for polishing concave lenses and specula with certainty, to figures produced by the revolutions of any of the conic sections about their major axes /
Extracts from Professor Airy's translation of Encke's dissertations on the next return of Pons' (Encke's) comet in the year 1832
Account of experiments on the performance of some steam engines in Cornwall
On inscribed monuments in the county of Kerry
Remarks on the alledged polarization of heat
Discussions on climate and cosmology
An introduction to practical bacteriology based upon the methods of Koch /
Tyrocinia astronomica Balthesaris Capræ in quibus non solum calculus eclipsis solaris, ab astronomo magno Tychone Brahe restitutus clarissimè explicatur, sed etiam facillima methodus erigendi, & dirigendi cœleste thema ad ipsius Ptolemai mentem traditur.
Lectures on the materia medica
Navtica mediterranea
Bernardini Ramazzini Opera omnia, medica & physiologica
Arithmetica logarithmica, sive, Logarithmorvm, chiliades centvm, pro numeris naturali serie crescentibus ab vnitate ad 100000 vna cvm canone triangvlorvm, sev tabvla artificialivm sinuum, tangentium & secantium, ad radium 10,00000,00000, & ad singula scrupula prima quadrantis : Qvibvs novvm traditvr compendivm, quo nvllum nec admirabilius, nec utilius solvendi pleraque problemata arithmetica & geometrica : hos nvmeros primvs invenit Iohannes Nepervs /
Magneticall animadversions
Entretiens physiques d'Ariste et d'Eudoxe, ou, Physique nouvelle en dialogues
Illustrations of the theory and practice of ventilation with remarks on warming, exclusive lighting, and the communication of sound /
The methods and scope of genetics an inaugural lecture delivered 23 October 1908 /
Sketches of the Royal Society and Royal Society Club
A history of chemistry
The triumphal chariot of antimony
Observations on the nature of demonstrative evidence with an explanation of certain difficulties occuring in the elements of geometry, and reflections on language /
A history of British quadrupeds, including the Cetacea
Henrici Regii Ultrajectini Philosophia naturalis in qua tota rerum universitas, per clara & facilia principia, explanatur.
The steam-engine being a popular description of the construction and action of that engine : with a sketch of its history, and of the laws of heat and pneumatics ... /
Elements of practical chemistry comprising a series of experiments in every department of chemistry : with directions for performing them, and for the preparation and application of the most important tests and reagents /
Elements of chemistry for the use of colleges, academies, and schools /
Handbuch der Mineralchemie
Contributions to physical and medical knowledge principally from the West of England /
The Bell telephone the deposition of Alexander Graham Bell, in the suit brought by the United States to annul the Bell patents.
Manual of British botany containing the flowering plants and ferns, arranged according to the natural orders /
Creative evolution
Considerations on the medicinal use, and on the production of factitious airs
On the science of agriculture comprising a commentary on and comparative investigation of the agricultural chemistry of Mr. Kirwan and Sir Humphry Davy : the code of agriculture of Sir John Sinclair, Sir Joseph Banks, and other authors on the subject ... /
Christiani Avgvsti Havsenii Novi profectvs in historia electricitatis
Il primo secolo della R. Accademia delle Scienze di Torino notizie storiche e bibliografiche, (1783-1883)
Uber die Bedeutung des Causalprincips in der Naturwissenschaft
Recherches sur les mœurs des fourmis indigènes
Die Süsswasserfische der Ostreichischen Monarchie mit Rücksicht auf die angränzenden Länder /
The life of the celebrated Monsieur Pascal
Ioachimi Ivngii Lvbecensis Opvscvla botanico-physica ex recensione et distinctione Martini Fogelii et Ioh. Vagetii cvm eorvndem annotationibvs : accedit Iosephi de Aromatariis ad Bartholomenvm Nanti Epistola de generatione plantarvm ex seminibvs /
Lexicon chymicum cum obscuriorum verborum, et rerum hermeticarum, tum phrasium Paracelsicarum, in scriptis ejus : et aliorum chymicorum, passim occurrentium, planam explicationem continens /
Pharmaco-botanologia, or, An alphabetical and classical dissertation on all the British indigenous and garden plants of the New London dispensatory in which their genera, species, characteristick and distinctive notes are methodically described, the botanical terms of art explained, their virtues, uses, and shop-preparations declared : with many curious and useful remarks from proper observation /
A short history of astronomy
Letters from Dr. Withering, of Birmingham, Dr. Ewart, of Bath, Dr. Thornton, of London, and Dr. Biggs, late of the isle of Santa-Cruz together with some other papers, supplementary to two publications on asthma, consumption, fever, and other diseases /
Outlines of the natural history of Great Britain and Ireland containing a systematic arrangement and concise description of all the animals, vegetables, and fossils which have hitherto been discovered in these kingdoms /
Communications respecting the external and internal use of nitrous acid demonstrating its efficacy in every form of venereal disease, and extending its use to other complaints /
Introduction to cryptogamic botany
Mineralogisch-geographische und andere vermischte Nachrichten von der altaischen Gebürgen russisch kayserlichen Anthelis
Geschichte des Galvinismus nach Sue d. ä. frey bearbeitet, nebst Zusätzen und einer Abhandlung, über die Anwendung des Galvinismus in der praktischen Heidkunde /
Philosophie der Botanik
The flora of British India
The general history of earthquakes being an account of the most remarkable and tremendous earthquakes that have happened in divers parts of the world, from the creation to this time, as they are recorded by sacred and common authors, and perticularly those lately in Napels, Smyrna, Jamaica and Sicily : with a description of the famous burning mount, Aetna, in that island, and a relation of the several dreadful conflagrations and fiery irruptions thereof for many ages : likewise the natural and material causes of earthquakes, with the usual signs and prognosticks of their approach and the consequents and effects that have followed several of them /
Electromagnetic theory
The origin of plant structures by self-adaptation to the environment
Diophantus of Alexandria, a study in the history of Greek algebra
The life and letters of Gilbert White of Selborne
Handbook of the New Zealand flora a systematic description of the native plants of New Zealand and the Chatham, Kermadec's, Lord Auckland's, and Macquarrie's islands /
The British flora comprising the phænogamous, or flowering plants, and the ferns /
A dictionary of botanical terms
Culpeper's works, enlarged, corrected, and improved, or, The complete English family physician being a botanical and astrological practice of physic, with many hundred additional plants, alphabetically arranged and their medicinal and astrological applications faithfully given ... /
Description minéralogique et géologique des régions granitique et arénacée du système des Vosges
The history of the first public railway (Stockton & Darlington) the opening day, and what followed /
Nova anatomia continens accuratvm organorvm sensilivm, tam hvmanorum, quàm animalium brutorum : & delineationem æreis figuris affabrè depictis intuentium oculis subiectam & descriptionem dilucido sermonis genere explicatum /
The vegetable system, or, A series of experiments and observations tending to explain the internal structure, and the life of plants, their growth, and propagation, the number, proportion, and disposition of their constituent parts, with the true course of their juices, the formation of the embryo, the construction of the seed, and the encrease from that state to perfection
The principles of descriptive and physiological botany
Försök til mineral-rikets upställning i en handbok at nyttja vid föreläsningar /
Inscriptiones Haffnienses latinæ, danicæ et germanicæ unà cum inscriptionibus amagriensibus uraniburgicis et stellæburgicis : nec non duabus epistolis, unâ Tychonis Brahe ad Peucerum missâ, alterâ ejusdem sororis Sophiæ Brahe metricâ latinâ ad nobilem Danum Nicolaum Lange chymiæ studiosissimum scriptâ /
Osteographia elephantina, or, A full and exact description of all the bones of an elephant, which died near Dundee, April the 27th, 1706 with their several dimensions : to which are premis'd, 1. An historical account of the natural endowments, and several wonderful performances of elephants, with the manner of taking and taming them, 2. A short anatomical account of their parts : and added, 1. An exact account of the weight of all the bones of this elephant, 2. The method us'd in preparing and mounting the skeleton, 3. Four large copper plates, wherein are represented the figures of the stuff'd skin, and prepared skeleton, as they now stand in the Publick Hall of Rarities at Dundee, with the separated bones in several views and other parts of this elephant /
Botanick essays in two parts : the first containing the structure of the flowers, and the fructification of plants, with their various distributions into method, and the second, the generation of plants, with their sexes and manner of impregnating the seed : also concerning the animalcula in semine masculino : together with the nourishment of plants, and circulation of the sap in all seasons, analogous to that of the blood in animals : with many curious remarks, and several discoveries and improvements /
Essay on the new method of bleaching by means of oxygenated muriatic acid with an account of the nature, preparation, and properties, of that acid, and its application to several other useful purposes in the arts /
A treatise on differential equations
Volcanoes their structure and significance /
Studies in the evolution of animals
Anima astrologiæ, or, A guide for astrologers being the considerations of the famous Guido Bonatus faithfully rendered into English : as also the choicest aphorisms of Cardans Seaven segments, translated and methodically digested under their proper heads : with a new table of the fixed stars, rectified for several years to come, and divers other necessary illustrations : a work most useful and necessary for all students, and recommended as such to the sons of art /
On matter and ether, or, The secret laws of physical change
The present relations of science and religion
Charles Lyell and modern geology
Life of Frank Buckland
The science absolute of space independent of the truth or falsity of Euclid's axiom XI (which can never be decided a priori) /
"N" rays a collection of papers communicated to the Academy of sciences : with additional notes and instructions for the construction of phosphorescent screens /
A glossary of mineralogy
The life & work of Roger Bacon an introduction to the Opus majus /
Evolution, old and new, or, The theories of Buffon, Dr. Erasmus Darwin, and Lamarck, as compared with that of Mr. Charles Darwin
The Naturalist's library
Marsupialia, or pouched animals
Lions, tigers, &c., &c
Introduction to Mammalia
Thick-skinned quadrupeds
Amphibious Carnivora including the walrus and seals, also of the herbivorous Cetacea, &c. /
Whales, etc
British quadrupeds
Goats, sheep, oxen, &c
The life and times of Hugh Miller
The art of making common salt as now practiced in most parts of the world : with several improvements proposed in that art, for the use of the British dominions /
Kryptogamen-Flora von Sachsen, der Ober-Lausitz, Thüringen und Nordböhmen mit Berücksichtigung der benachbarten Länder : erste Abtheilung : Algen im weitesten Sinne, Leber und Laubmoose /
Vital motion as a mode of physical motion
The theory of sound
Gesammelte Werke von Robert Koch
Lehrbuch der Stöchiometrie und der allgemeinen theoretischen Chemie
The work of John Samuel Budgett Balfour student of the University of Cambridge : being a collection of his zoological papers /
Histoire naturelle du Jorat et de ses environs et celle des trois Lacs de Neufchatel, Morat et Bienne : précédées d'un essai sur le climat, les productions, le commerce, les animaux de la partie du Pays de Vaud ou de la Suisse Romande, qui entre dans le plan de cet ouvrage /
A selection from the physiological and horticultural papers
Knight's cyclopædia of the industry of all nations
A history of astronomy
Memoirs of the life of the Right Honourable Charles, late Earl of Orrery and likewise of the family of Boyle : containing several curious and historical facts, from the reign of Queen Elizabeth, to the present times : extracted from original papers and manuscripts, with a state of the controversy between that noble earl, and the Rev. Dr. Bentley, about the Epistles of Phalaris, and some of them translated /
Mathematical essays on several subjects containing new improvements and discoveries in the mathematics /
Text-book of the embryology of man and mammals
Histoire naturelle de diverse substances minérales siliceuses passées à l'état de pechsteins, ou pierres de poix, par l'action des feux souterrains /
The cell its anatomy and physiology /
Treatise on the venom of the viper, on the American poisons, and on the cherry laurel, and some other vegetable poisons to which are annexed observations on the primitive structure of the animal body, different experiments on the reproduction of the nerves, and a description of a new canal of the eye /
Fumifugium, or, The inconveniencie of the aer and smoak of London dissipated together with some remedies /
The laws of centripetal and centrifugal force shewing the motion of bodies in circular orbits, and in the conic sections, and other curves : and explaining the perturbating force of a third body, with many other things of like nature : being a work preparatory to astronomy, and the very basis therof, and absolutely neccessary to be known by all such as desire to be proficients in that science.
Johannis Hevelii Dissertatio de nativa Saturni facie ejusq[ue] variis phasibus, certa periodo redeuntibus : cui addita est, tam eclipseos solaris anni 1656 observatio, quàm diametri solis apparentis accurata dimensio.
M. Georgii Andreæ Helwingii Floræ campana, seu, Pulsatilla cum suis speciebus et varietaribus methodice considerata, et intersperis variis observationibus oculis curiosorum exposita.
On the influence of physical agents on life
The arithmetic of infinities, and the differential method illustrated by examples.
Lectures on select subjects in mechanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, pneumatics, and optics with the use of the globes, the art of dialing, and the calculation of the mean times of new and full moons and eclipses /
Memoirs of the life and scientific researches of John Dalton
Leonharti Fvschsii De humani corporis fabrica
Hippocratis Octoginta volumina quibus maxima ex parte annorum circiter duomillia Latina caruit lingua, Græci vero, Arabes & prisci nostri medici, plurimus tamen utilibus prætermissis /
Allegemeine Anatomie Lehre von den Mischungs- und Formbestandtheilen des menschlichen Körpers /
Die Plankton-Expedition und Haeckel's Darwinismus ueber einige Aufgaben und Ziele der beschreibenden Naturwissenschaften /
Œuvres complètes d'Hippocrate
Introduction to modern chemistry, experimental, and theoretic embodying twelve lectures delivered in the Royal College of Chemistry, London /
Aristarchus of Samos, the ancient Copernicus a history of Greek astronomy to Aristarchus : together with Aristarchus's treatise on the sizes and distances of the sun and moon /
Recherches sur l'équivalent mécanique de la chaleur présentées a la Société de Physique de Borline /
Le philosophe sans prétention, ou, L'homme rare ouvrage physique, chymique, politique et moral, dédié aux savans /
Sciences & lettres au moyen age et a l'époque de la renaissance
Leçons de géologie données au Collége de France /
Essais sur l'enseignement en général et sur celui des mathématiques en particulier /
Complément des Élémens d'algèbre à l'usage de l'École centrale des quatre-nations /
Dictionnaire des arts et manufactures, de l'agriculture, des mines, etc description des procédés de l'industrie française et étrangère /
Œuvres de Laguerre
Novvelles coniectvres svr la digestion
Versuch einer Darstellung des animalischen Magnetismus, als Heilmittel
Erasmus Darwin
Erasmus Darwin und seine Stellung in der Geschichte der Descendenz-Theorie / Nebst Lichtdruck- Portrait und Holzschnitten.
Art de faire éclorre et d'élever en toute saison des oiseaux domestiques de toutes espèces soit par le moyen de la chaleur du fumier, soit par le moyen de celle du feu ordinaire /
La science du calcul des grandeurs en general, ou, Les elemens des mathematiques
Blumen und Insekten auf den nordfriesischen Inseln
Analyse demontrée, ou, La méthode de résoudre les problêmes des mathématiques et d'apprendre facilement ces sciences expliquée & démontrée dans le premier volume, & appliquée, dans le second, à découvrir les propriétés des figures de la géometrie simple & composée : à résoudre les problêmes de ces sciences & les problêmes des sciences physico-mathématiques, en employant le calcul ordinaire de l'algebre, le calcul differentiel & le calcul integral : ces deniers calculs y sont aussi expliqués & démontrés /
Handbuch der Mineralogie
Treatise on the steam engine
Commentaires sur La géométrie de M. Descartes
Histoire des anciennes revolutions du globe terrestre avec une relation chronologique et historique des tremblemens de terre, arrive's sur notre globe depuis le commencement de l'ere chretienne jusqu'a present.
Werden und Vergehen eine Entwicklungsgeschichte des Naturganzen in gemeinverständlicher Fassung /
Hermann von Helmholtz
Grundriss der Entwicklungsgeschichte des Menschen und der höheren Thiere für Studirende und Arzte /
On the elements of light and their identity with those of matter, radiant and fixed /
Versuch einer Entwicklung der Grundbegriffe, die Meteorsteine, und Darstellung der vorzüglichsten Hypothesen, ihren Ursprung betreffend
Incipit putilis tractatus de latitudinibus forma[rum] ...
Iacobi Theodori Klein Historiæ piscium naturalis promovendae missus primus--quintus.
Handbuch der chemischen Methoden
Allgemeine Betrachtungen über die Triebe der Thiere hauptsächlich über ihre Kunsttriebe : zur Erkenntniss des Zusammenhanges der Welt, des Schöpfers, und unser selbst /
Epochen der Natur
Henrici Regii Fundamenta physices
Lives of the brothers Humboldt, Alexander and William
Tracts relative to botany
Reisebeschreibung der Plankton-Expedition
Geophysikalische Beobachtungen
Meteorologia, overo, Vaticinij perpetui della mutatione de'tempi, & d'altri accidenti del mondo dedotti dalle varie impressioni dell'aere, dalle diverse apparenze del cielo, dalle propietà naturali, & occulte dell'acque, e della terra, da corpi perfecti, imperdetti, e misti, che si generano in esse : distinti qvattro libri ne' quali con breue, e risoluto Metodo si toccano non solo tutte le materie spettanti alle Meteore, con dottrine pei lo più diuerse dall' Antichità, ma si diluciandana le qualità più essentrali, e curiose de corpi celesti /
The works of John Hunter F.R.S
Nouveau cours élémentaire de géologie
Mémoire sur les variations séculaires des éléments des orbites pour les sept planètes principales, Mercure, Venus, la Terre, Mars, Saturne et Uranus /
Les époques géologiques de l'Auvergne
La botanique
Svmmi botanici Caroli Clvsi Galliae Belgicae corographìca descriptio posthvma
La connaissance de la nature et du monde au moyen age d'après quelques écrits français a l'usage des laïcs /
Traité d'optique physique
Opvs astronomicvm in qvo siderum omnium hypotheses, eorum motus tum medij tum veri, tabularum condendarum ratio, eclipseon putandarum methodus, obseruationum praxes, cæterorumque omnium quæ ab astronomis pertractantur, scientificus calculus, breui ac facili via exponunt /
Le tombeau de l'astrologie judiciaire
Bibliographie néerlandaise historique-scientifique des ouvrages importants dont les auteurs sont nés aux 16e, 17e, et 18e siècles : sur les sciences mathématiques et physiques, avec leurs applications /
The arte of nauigation conteyning a compendious description of the sphere with the makyng of certen instruments and rules for nauigations : and exemplified by manye demonstrations /
A nievve herball, or, Historie of plantes wherein is contayned the vvhole discourse and perfect description of all sortes of herbes and plantes, their diuers and sundry kindes, their strange figures, fashions, and shapes : their names, natures, operations, and natures : and that not onely of those which are here growyng in this our countrie of Englande but of all others also of forrayne realmes commonly used in physicke /
History and process of photogenic drawing by means of the daguerrotype
Freymüthige Gedanken über Herrn Inspector Werners Verbesserungen in der Mineralogie nebst einigen Bemerkungen über Herrn Assessor Karstens Beschreibung des vom. sel. Leske hinterlassenen Mineralien-Cabinetts /
A prognostication euerlastinge of right good effect fruitfully augmented by the auctor, contayning plaine, briefe, pleasaũt, chosen rules to iudge the weather by the Sunne, Moone, starres, comets, rainebow, thunder, cloudes with other extraordinary tokens, not omitting the aspects of planets, with a breife jugement for ever of plenty, lacke, sickness, death, warres, &c. opening also many naturall causes worthy to be knowen /
La manière vniverselle de Mr. Desargves, Lyonnois povr poser l'essiev, & placer les heures & autres choses aux cadrans av soleil
La vision parfaite, ou, Le concours des deux axes de la vision en un seul point de l'objet
Histoire générale et particuliere de l'électricité ou ce qu'en ont dit de curieux & d'amusant, d'utile & d'interessant, de réjoüissant & de badin, quelques physiciens de l'Europe.
L'œuvre scientifique de Blaise Pascal bibliographie critique et analyse de tous les travaux qui s'y rapportent /
One thousand experiments in chemistry with illustrations of natural phenomena, and practical observations on the manufacturing and chemical processes at present pursued in the successful cultivation of the useful arts /
Catalogus plantarum tum exoticarum tum domesticarum, quæ in hortis haud procul a Londino sitis in venditionem propagantur = A catalogue of trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers, both exotic and domestic, which are propagated for sale in the gardens near London : divided, according to their different degrees of hardiness, into particular books, or parts, in each of which the plants are ranged in an alphabetical order : to which are added, the characters of the genus, and an enumeration of all the particular species which are at present to be found in the several nurseries near London, with directions for the proper soil and situation, in which each particular kind is found to thrive /
Qvestions physico-mathematiqves et Les mechaniqves du sieur Galilee : avec Les Prelvdes de l'harmonie vniuerselle vtiles aux philosophes, aux medecins, aux astrologues, aux ingenieurs, & aux musiciens /
Relation de deux voyages faits en Allemagne par ordre de roi, par rapport a la figure de la terre pour déterminer la grandeur des dégrés de longitude : par rapport a la géographie, pour poser les fondemens d'une carte générale & particulière de l'Allemagne : par rapport a l'astronomie pour connoître la position des principales Villes où les Astronomes Allemands ont fait leurs Observationes, & établir une correspondance entre les Observatoires d' Allemagne & celui de Paris /
Electricitets-lære grundet paa erfaring og forsøg, og sammenlignet med de meest bekiendte hypotheser /
An essay on the analysis of mineral waters
A history of the British zoophytes
Handbuch der Thiergeschichte nach den besten Quellen und neuesten Beobachtungen : zum gemeinnützigen Gebrauch /
Historia generalis plantarum in libros XVIII per certas classes artificiose digesta : hæc plusquam mille imaginibus plantarum locupletior superioribus, omnes propemodum quæ ab antiquis scriptoribus, Græcis, Latinis, Arabibus nominantur : necnon eas quæ in Orientis atque Occidentis partibus, ante seculum nostrum incognitis, repertæ fuerunt, tibi exhibit.
Lettre de M. Gadroys à Monsieur de La Grange Trianon, conseiller du roy en son grand conseil pour servir de réponse à celle que M. de Castelet a écrite contre les raisons de M. Descartes touchant le flux & reflux de la mer.
Minerographia thet är mineralers åthskillighe jordeslags metallers eller malmars och edle steenars beskrifwelse ... /
Libellus de stellis fixis et erraticis non tantum astonomis verùm etiam ijs, qui in scribendis se versibus, exercent utilis : in fine brevis additus est tractatus de stellis crinitis, sive cometis & stellis cadentibus /
Atombau und Spektrallinien
L'uomo istruito sopra alcuni rami piu' essenziali dell'umano sapere, onde facilmente, con speditezza e con qualche diletto riuscire a lodevolemente mostrarsi nella societa /
La botanique en Provence au XVIe siècle, Louis Anquillara, Pierre Belon, Charles de L'Escluse, Antoine Constantin
Cosmographia catholica & astronomia secundùm hypotheses Ptolemæi in concinnum, brevem, & perspicuum ordinem digesta /
Optische Studien Fortsetzung der in der "Darstellung der Farbenlehre" enthaltenen /
Memoirs and observations topographical,physical, mathematical, mechanical, natural, civil, and ecclesiastical made in a late journey through the Empire of China, and published in several letters : particularly upon the Chinese pottery and varnishing, the silk and other manufactures, the pearl fishing, the history of plants and animals, description of their dities and publick works, number of people, their language, manners and commerce, their habits, economy, and government, the philosophy of Confucius, the state of Christianity, with many other curious and useful remarks /
Saggio d'osservazioni concernenti li nuovi progressi della fisica del corpo umano
Astronomy in the Old Testament
The system of the world
Aquatilium animalium Amboinæ, &c icones & nomina : containing ... figures ... of aquatick crustaceous and testaceous animals : as lobsters, crawfish, prawns, shrimps, sea-urchins, eggs, buttons, stars, couries, concks, perywinkles, whelks, oysters, muscles, cockles, frills, purrs, scallops : with divers other sorts of sea and river shell-fish : all found about Amboina, and the neighboring Indian shores : with their Latin, English, Dutch, and native names /
Catalogus classicus & topicus omnium rerum figuratarum in V. decadibus, seu primo volumine Gazophylacii naturæ & artis, singulis ad proprias tabulas & numeros relatis /
Gazophylacii naturæ & artis decas prima in quâ animalia, quadrupeda, aves, pisces, reptilia, insecta, vegetabilia, item fossilia, corpora marina & stirpes minerales è terra eruta, lapides figurâ insignes &c. : descriptionibus brevibus & iconibus illustrantur : hisce annexa erit supellex antiquaria, numismata, gemmæ excisæ, & sculpturæ, opera figulina, lucernæ, urnæ, instrumenta varia : inscriptiones, busta, reliquaque ad [i]tem priscam spectantia : item machinæ, effigies clarorum virorum, omniaque arte producta /
Hortus Peruvanius medicinalis, or, The South-Sea herbal containing the names, figures, vse, &c. of divers medicinal plants, lately discovered by Pere L. Feuillèe, one of the King of France's herbalists : to which are added, the figures, &c. of divers American gum-trees, dying woods, drugs, as the Jesuits bark-tree and others, much desired and very necessary to be known by all such as now traffick to the South-Seas, or reside in those parts.
Musei Petiveriani centuria prima, rariora naturæ continens, viz. animalia, fossilia, plantas, ex variis mundi plagis advecta, ordine digesta, et nominibus propriis signata /
Text-book of botany, morphological and physiological
Johann Friedrich Hartmanns Anmerkungen über die nöthige Achtsamkeit bey Erforschung der Gewitter-Electricität nebst Beschreibung eines Electricität-Zeigers.
Guidonis Grandi Epistola mathematica de momento gravium in planis inclinatis, deque directione fulcri in mechanicis attendenda /
Anleitung zur qualitativen und quantitativen zoochemischen Analyse enthaltend die Lehre von den Eigenschaften und dem Verhalten der im Thierreich vorkommenden oder aus diesem entstehenden chemischen Verbindungen gegen Reagentien : sowie systematisches Verfahren zur qualitativen und quantitativen chemischen Untersuchung thierischer Secrete, Excrete und Gewebe : zum Gebrauch im Laboratorium und zum Selbstunterricht /
Supplementum Floræ Prussicæ, seu, Enumeratio plantarum indigenarum post editam floram qvasimodogenitam additis synonymis, appellationibus Latino-Germanico-Polonicis, nec non observationibus quibusdam curiosis ultra numerum quadringentesimum /
Ioannis Hvxhami Opera physico-medica
An account of some experiments and observations on tar-water wherein is shown the quantity of tar that is therein : and also, a method proposed, both to abate that quantity considerably, and to ascertain the strength of the tar-water /
Opuscula sua anatomica de respiratione de monstris aliaque minora
Introduction to entomology
Flora der Nordfriesischen Inseln
Voyages métallurgiques, ou, Recherches et observations sur les mines et forges de fer ... en Allemagne, Suéde, Norwege, Angleterre & Ecosse suivies d'un mémoire sur la circulation de l'air dans les mines, et d'une notice de la jurisprudence des mines de charbon dans le pays de Liege, la province de Limbourg & le Comal de Namur /
Guilielmi Hewsoni Descriptio systematis lymphatici
Christiani Hugenii Astroscopia compendiaria tubi optici molimine liberata.
Cosmogony, or, The principles of terrestrial physics
Foreign butterflies
Chemische Untersuchungen mineralischer, vegetabilischer und animalischer Substanzen Fortsetzung des chemischen Laboratoriums /
La botanique en Provence au XVIe siècle, Félix et Thomas Platter
Nouvelle théorie de l'action capillaire
Theoretische Astronomie
Traité d'astronomie théorique
Trattato di geologia diretto specialmente a fare un confronto tra la struttura fisica del settentrione e del mezzogiorno di Europa /
Handbuch der Geschichte der Medizin
Die Reagentien und deren Anwendung zu chemischen Untersuchungen nebst zwey ausführliche Abhandlungen über die Untersuchung der mineralischen Wasser und die Prüfungen auf Metallgifte /
Geschichte der Entwicklungslehre
Gesammelte mathematische Abhandlungen
Della scienza mecanica, e delle utilita che si traggono da gl'istromenti di quella
Tre scritti inediti di Leonardo Pisano
The Lowell lectures on the ascent of man
Rams little Dodeon a breife epitome of the new herbal, or, history of plants ... : collected out of the most exquisite newe herball, or history of plants /
Dissertazione sopra il quesito verificare con più accertati mezzi chimici, se l'acqua sia un corpo composto di diverse arie come in oggi pensano alcuni moderni fisico-chimici, oppure sia un vero elemento semplice come si è universalmente creduto per lo passato
Opuscoli sulla formazione del nitro e lo stabilimento delle nitrerie artificiali
The surueye of the vvorld, or, Situation of the earth, so muche as is inhabited comprysing briefely the generall partes thereof, with the names both new and olde, of the principal countries, kingdoms, peoples, cities, towns, portes, promontories, hils, woods, mountains, valleyes, riuers and fountains therin conteyned : also of seas, vvith their clyffs, reaches, turnings, elbovvs, quicksands, rocks, flattes, shelues and shoars : a vvork very necessary and delectable for students of geographie, saylors, and others /
De l'origine de forces magnétiques
Beobachtungen auf naturhistorischen Reisen ... anatomisch-physiologische Untersuchungen über Corallen : nebst einem Anhange, Bemerkungen über den Bernstein enthaltend /
Grundzüge einer allgemeinen Pflanzengeographie
Skizzirte Darstellung der physikalischen Beschaffenheit und der Naturgeschichte des Herzogthumes Steyermark als Grundlage zur Beförderung und Verbesserung der Oekonomie und des Bergbaues in diesen Lande : sammt zweckmassigen Mitteln zur Vervollkommung dieser wichtigen Gegenstände /
Mémoires de chymie de M.C.W. Schéele
Nosologia methodica sistens morborum classes juxta Sydenhami mentem & botanicorum ordinem /
Instituzioni dinamiche
Grundriss der Chemie für akademische Vorlesungen /
Vincentii Petagnæ Institutiones botanicæ
Leonardi Plukenetij Phytographia, sive, Stirpium illustriorum, & minus cognitarum icones tabulis æneis, summa diligentia eleboratæ, quarum unaquæq[ue] titulis descriptorijs, ex notis suis proprijs, & characteristicis desumptis, insignita, ab alijs ejusdem sortis facile discriminatur.
Beiträge zur Anatomie und Physiologie der Gewächse
Olai Roemeri Triduum observationum astronomicarum a MDCCVI. diebus m Oct. XX. usque ad XXIII. instituarum reductum et cum tabulis comparatum /
Diatome circulorum, seu, Specimen geometricum quo lunularum, curvilineorum, aliorúmque spatiorum proportiones demonstrat
Domenici Bottoni Trinacriæ terræmotu idea historico-physica in qua non solùm telluris concussiones transactæ recensentur, sed novissimæ anni 1717.
Antonii Devsingii Natvræ theatrvm vniversale ... in quo plurima passim obscuriora loca Aristotelis in Physica Acroasi enodantur, & evidenti veritate astruuntur : præmissa est ejusdem oratio de recta philiosophiæ naturalis conquirendæ methodo.
A selection of the correspondence of Linnæus and other naturalists from the original manuscripts /
Ivlii Casserii Pentæstheseion, hoc est, De qvinqve sensibvs liber organorvm fabricam variis iconibvs fideliter ære incisis illvstratam : nec non actionem et vsvm, discursu anatomico & philosophico accuratè explicata continens.
Dissertatio de humoribus
Disputatio anatomica de glandulis oris, & nuper observatis in de prodeuntibus vasis prima qvam sub præsidio Johannis van Horne : placido eruditorum examini subjicit /
Caroli Linnæi Critica botanica in qua nomina plantarum generica, specifica & variantia examini subjiciuntur, selectoria confirmantur, indigna rejiciuntur : simulque doctrina circa denominationem plantarum traditur, seu, Fundamentorum botanicorum pars IV /
Disquisitiones generales circa superficies curvas
Reflexiones critico-theologicas sobre la respuesta a la carta del Miguel de S. Joseph sobre la verdadera causa del terremoto, fundado en las stas. escripturas, padres, expositores, gentiles, y la razon /
Compendiosa totius anatomie delineatio
Robert Dick, baker, of Thurso, geologist and botanist
William Herschel and his work
Geschichte der Mathematik im Altertum in Verbindung mit antiker Kulturgeschichte /
Antonii Deusingii Exercitationes physico-anatomicæ de nutrimento animalium ultimo vbi de sanguinis usu ac commento nutritii succi per nervos influentis /
Archmede redivivo con la stadera del momento
Chymisticvm artificivm naturæ, theoricum & practicum cuius summarium versa pagella clariùs indicabit : liber planè philosophicus, in gratium omnium veræ philosophiæ naturalis studiosorum æditus /
Ioannis Fernelii Ambianatis Cosmotheoria, libros duos complexa prior, mūdi totius & formam & compositionem : eius subinde partium (quæ elementa & cælestia sunt corpora) situs & magnitudines : orbiū tandem motus quosuis solerter reserat : posterior, ex motibus, siderū loca & passiones disquirit : interspersis documentis haud pœnitendū aditum ad astronomicas tabulas suppeditātibus : hæćq[ue] seiunctim tandem expedite præbet planethodium : cuiq[ue] capiti, perbreuia, demonstrationum loco, adiecta sunt scholia.
Die Süsswasserfische von Mitteleuropa
Physiologie de l'aéronaute
Cunradi Dasypodii Institutionvm mathematicarvm volvminis prima erotemata
Fisica animale e vegetabile del Sig. Abate Spallanzani esposta in Dissertazioni colla giunta di due scritti sullo stesso argomento del celebre Sig. Bonnet indiretti all'autore.
Institutiones physicæ
The doctrine and application of fluxions containing (besides what is common on the subject), a number of new improvements in the theory, and the solution of a variety of new, and very interesting, problems in different branches of the mathematicks /
Treatise on mineralogy second part, consisting of descriptions of the species, and tables illustrative of their natural and chemical affinities /
Of the cause of the variation of the obliquity of the ecliptic
Revision der chemischen Affinitätslehre mit beständiger Rücksicht auf Berthollets neue Theorie /
Nicolai Stenonis Observationes anatomicæ quibus varia oris, oculorum, & narium vasa describuntur novique salivæ, lacrymarum & muci fontes detegunter : et novum nobilissimi Bilsii De lymphæ motu & usu commentum examinatur & rejicitur.
Le livre d'Archimede des pois qvi avssi est dict des choses tombantes en l'hvmide
The method of fluxions, both direct and inverse
Natur und Menschengeist im Lichte der Entwicklungslehre Versuch eines Ausgleichs zwischen Wissenschaft und Religion /
Paulli Frisii Dissertationum varium
Archimedis Opera ; Apollonii Pergæi Conicorum libri IIII ; Theodosii Sphærica
Archimedis Opera non nvlla
Archimedis Opera cyclometricvs, stereometria nova, novaqve parabolae quadratura /
Le premier livre d'Archimede des choses egallement pesantes
[Archimedous tou Surakousiou Psammítes kai Kúklou métresis Eutokiou Askalonitou, ei̓s au̓tem hupomnema (romanized form)] = Archimedis Syracusani Arenarius, et Dimensio circuli : Eutocii Ascalonitæ in hanc commentarius /
Nouveau système de physiologie végétale et de botanique foné sur les méthodes d'observation, qui ont été développées dans le nouveau système de chimie organique /
[Eukleidou Eisagoge Harmonike, tou au̓tou katatome kanónos (romanized form)] Euclidis Rudimenta mvsices : eiusdem sectio regulæ harmonicæ : e regia bibliotheca desumpta /
Summa de arithmetica geometria proportioni & proportionalita continentia de tutta lopera.
In hoc volvmine continentvr Valerii Cordi Simesusij Annotationes in Pedacij Dioscoridis Anazarbei De medica materia libros V longe aliæ quàm an[?]té hac sunt euulgatæ : eivsdem Val. Cordi Historiae stirpivm lib. IIII. posthumi, nunc primùm in lucem editi, adiectis etiam stirpium iconibus : & breuissimis annotatiunculis : Sylva, qua rerum fossilium in Germania plurimarum, metallorum, lapidum & stirpium aliquot rariorum notitiam breuissimè persequitur, nunquam hactenus uisa : De artificiosis extractionibus liber : Compositiones medicinales aliquot, non vulgares : his accedvnt Stocc-Hornii et Nessi in Bernativm Helvetiorvm ditione montium & nascentium in eis stirpium, descriptio Benedicti Aretij : item Conradi Gesneri De hortis Germaniae liber recens, unà cum descriptione tulipæ turcarum, chamæcerasi montani, chamæmespili, chamæneris, & conizoidis /
Philosophical essays from Vol. V, part II of the Memoires of the Literary and Philosophical Society, Manchester /
Johannis Friderici Helvetii Vitulus aureus quem mundus adorat & orat, in quo tractatur de rarissimo naturæ miraculo transmutandi metalla : nempe quomodo tota plumbi substantia vel intra momentum ex quavis minima lapidis veri philosophici particula in aurum obryzum commutata fuerit Hagæ Comitis.
Institutionum opticarum partes quatuor conscriptæ in usum Tironum /
Institutiones astronomiæ theoreticæ conscriptæ in usum Tironum /
Commentiaria in octo libros Physicorvm Aristotelis
Abrégé chronologique pour servir a l'histoire de la physique jusqu'a nos jours
Fortvnii Liceti De vita lib. tres quibus philosophorum, medicorum, ac theologorum placita primum expenduntur : deinde circa vitam et generatim & speciatim circa plantalem, brutalem, humanam, c[œ]estem, & mundanam summo studio disquiritur.
De novis astris et cometis libb. sex in quibus elementarium, cælestiumque stellarum recentium ... in Arist. doctrina receptis, & saluatis propositorum omnibus apparentijs /
Institutionum mechanicarum, sive, De motu et æquilibrio corporum solidorum conscripta in usum Tironum philosohiae /
Institutionum physicæ, seu, Physica generalis conscripta in usum Tironum philosohiae /
[Klaudiou Ptolemaiou Alexandreos Peri ths [sic] geographikes uphegeseos biblion proton kia tou 'ebdomou esxata (romanized form)] Traité de géographie de Claude Ptolemée d'Alexandrie /
['́Apanta tà toû Hippokratous (romanized form)] Omnia opera Hippocratis.
[Eukleidou Katoptrika (romanized form)] Evclidis Catoptrica, id est, Elementa eius scientiæ : qua uniuersa speculorum uis atq[ue] natura explicatur /
The natural history of Mount Vesuvius with the explanation of the various phenomena that usually attend the eruptions of this celebrated volcano /
Life and letters of James David Forbes
Godefridi Guilielmi Leibnitii Principia philosophiae more geometrico demonstrata : cum excerptis ex epistolis philosophi et scholiis quibusdam ex historia philosophica : accedunt Theoremata metaphysica de proprietatibus quibusdam entis infiniti et finiti mundique existentis perfectione, ex philosophia Leibnitiana pariter selecta et geometrice demonstrata nec non Meditatio philosophica de unione mentis et corporis denuo edita.
Traité des sections coniques et autres courbes anciennes appliquées ou appliquables à la pratique de différens arts, tels que l'artillerie, l'architecture, la construction des miroirs ardens, des télescopes, des lunettes, des porte-voix, des échos, des cornets acoustiques, ou des instrumens qui servent à corriger les dèfauts de l'ouïe, &c. : avec un petit traité de la cycloïde, òu l'on fait voir comment cette courbe a contribué à perfectionner les horloges à pendule : le tout enrichi de notes ou de dissertations historiques & critiques sur l'origine & le progrès des sciences & des arts, qui sont entrès dans le plan de cet ouvrage /
Sur les derniers tremblements de terre dans la Perse septentrionale et dans le Caucase ainsi que sur des eaux et des gaz s'y trouvant en rapport avec ces phénomènes /
Cosmographica in astronomiam et geographiam isagoge
The individual a study of life and death /
Outlines of the earth's history a popular study in physiography /
Industrial biography iron workers and tool makers /
Historia vitis viniqve et stirpivm nonnvllarum aliaum : item medicialium obseruationum exempla /
De sphæra, siue, De astronomiæ et geographiæ principiis cosmographica isagoge
Beiträge zur Descendenztheorie und zur Methodologie der Naturwissenschaft
Theodori Craanen Tractatus physico-medicus de homine in quô status ejus tam naturalis, quam præternaturalis, quoad theoriam rationalem mechanicè demonstratur.
Cæsar Cremoninvs Centensis De calido innato et semine pro Aristotele adversus Galenum.
Opere matematiche di Luigi Cremona
Euclidis Data succinctè demonstrata unà cum emendationibus quibusdam & additionibus ad Elementa Euclidis nuper eidta /
Veritatis proscenium in quo aulæum erroris tragicum dimovetur, siparium ignorantiæ scenicum complicatur, ipsaque veritas à suo ministro in publicum producitur, seu, Demonstratio quædam analytica : in qua cvilibet comparationis particulæ, in appendice quadam à Joanne Kepplero, nuper in fine Harmoniæ suæ mundanae edita : factæ inter Harmoniam suam mundanam, & illam Roberti Fludd, ipsissimis veritatis argumentis respondetur /
Histoire naturelle de la santé et de la maladie chez les végétaux et chez les animaux en général, et en particulier chez l'homme : suivie du formulaire pour une nouvelle méthode de traitement hygiénique et curatif /
[Kleomedous Kuklike theoria eis biblia B́ (romanized form)] nunc primùm typis excusa prodit.
Life and matter a criticism of Professor Haeckel's "Riddle of the Universe" /
Catalogvs plantarvm Latinè, Graecè, Germanicè, & Gallicè [Pínax phutôn Latinisti, Hellenisi, Germanikos, kai Keltikos (romanized form)] = Namenbüch aller Erdgewächsen, latinisch, griechisch, teütch, vnd frantozösisch = Registre de tovtes plantes en quattre langues, latin, grec, aleman, & francoys : vnà cum uulgaribus pharmacopolarum nominibus : adiectae svnt etiam herbarum nomenclaturæ uariarum gentium, Dioscoridi ascriptæ, secundum literarum oordinem expositæ /
Opvscoli del dotter Don Gio. Battista Hodierna
Voyages dans les Alpes précédés d'un essai sur l'histoire naturelle des environs de Genève /
Eudemi Rhodii Peripatetici fragmenta quae supersunt
Natural theology, or, Evidences of the existence and attributes of the Deity
Prutenicæ tabvlæ coelestivm motvvm
Agrostographia, sive, Graminum, juncorum, cyperorum, cyperoidum, iisque affinium historia
Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Geschlechtsverhältnisse und der Samenflüssigket wirbellaser Theire nebst einem Versuch über das Wesen und die Bedeutung der sogenannten Samenthiere /
W.A. Lampadius Erläuternde Experimente über die Grundlehren der allgemeinen und Mineral-Chemie welche in dem Freyberger academischen Lehrkurse von 1808-1809 angestellt wurden /
The autobiography of Nathaniel Southgate Shaler
Anfangsgründe der Physik, und angewandten Mathematik
Life of a Scotch naturalist, Thomas Edward, associate of the Linnean Society
Considerzioni sopra il moto e la meccanica de' corpi sensibili, e de corpi insensibili
Raccolta delle opere mathematiche di Paolo-Matteo Doria
Observations on thunder and electricity
Of the measures of Scotland, compared with those of England
A dissertation on the sexes of plants
Remarks on chemical solutions and precipitations
Experiments on neutral salts, compounded of different acid liquors, and alcaline salts, fixt and volatile
Of the various strength of different lime-waters
Of the anthelmintic virtues of the root of the Indian Pink
The history of a cure performed by large doses of an alterative mercurial medicine
Additional observations on gravid uteri
Of the difference between respiration and the motion of the heart, in sleeping and waking persons
Traité de l'existance, de la nature et des propriétés du fluide des nerfs et principalement de son action dans le mouvement musculaire : ouvrage couronné en 1753 par l'Académie de Berlin : suivi des dissertations sur la sensibilité des meninges, des tendons, &c., l'insensibilité du cerveau, la structure des nerfs, l'irritabilité Hallérienne, &c. /
Johann Esaias Silberschlags Chronologie der Welt berichtiget durch die heilige Schrift besonders zum Gebrauche der Königlichen Realschule.
Neue Theorie der Erde, oder, Ausführliche Untersuchung der ursprünglichen Bildung der Erde nach den Berichten der heiligen Schrift und den Grund-Sätzen der Natur-Lehre und Mathematic /
Johann Esaias Silberschlags Geogenie, oder, Erklärung der mosaischen Erderschaffung nach physikalischen und mathematischen Grundsätzen.
Die Darwin'sche Theorie elf Vorlesungen über die Entstehung der Thiere und Pflanzen durch Naturzüchtung /
Caesaris Cremonini Disputatio de coelo in tres partes divisa, de natura cœli, de motu cœli, de motoribus cœli abstractis : adiecta est apologia dictorum Aristotelis de via lactæ, de facie in orbe Lunæ
Ioan. Lvdovici Gansii Coralliorvm historia
Isbrandi de Diemerbroeck Opera omnia anatomica et medica
Cleomedis De contemplatione orbivm excelsorvm
Qui comincia la tauola nel tesoro
Remberti Dodonaei Trivm priorvm de stirpium historia commentariorum imagines ad viuum expressæ vna cum indicibus, Græca, Latina, officinarum, Germanica, Brabantica, Gallicaq[uam] nomina complectentibus.
Conradi Gesneri Opera botanica per dvo saecvla desiderata, ... /
Euclidis Elementorum geometricorum lib. XV cum expositione Theonis in priores XIII à Bartholomæo Veneto latinitate donata, Campani in omnes, & Hypsiclis Alexandrini in duos postremos /
Observations on the perigynous insertion of the stamina of plants
A descriptive catalogue of the British Testacea
Some account of the pitch-lake in the island of Trinidad
Description of a new species of lichen
Account of crystalized oxalic acid produced from boletus sulphureus
Observations respecting a species of phalarope, and some other rare British birds
An account of some remarkable shells found in cavaties of a calcareous stone called by the stone-masons Plymouth-Rag
Account of the bromus triflorus of Linnæus in a letter to Alexander McLeay /
Description of a species of Jeroboa found in the upper provinces of Hindustan, between Benares and Hurdwar
Ontledingen en ontdekkingen van levende dierkens in de teel-deelen van verscheyde dieren, vogelen en visschen : van het hout met der selver menigvuldige vaaten : van hair, vlees, en vis : als mede van de groote menigte der dierkens in de excrementen /
Characters of three new species of Boronia
Anleitung zur Analyse organischer Körper
An account of a storm of salt which fell in January, 1803
Friedrich Christian Lessers Insecto-Theologia, oder, Vernunfft- und Schrifftmässiger Versuch wie ein Mensch durch aufmercksame Betrachtung derer sonst wenig geachteten Insecten zu lebendiger Erkänntniss und Bewunderung der Allmacht, Weissheit, der Güte und Gerechtigkeit des grossen Gottes gelangen könne.
Disqvisitio de viis genitvrae ad ovarivm et de conceptione accesservnt observationes qvaedam physiologicae de primis homnibvs /
Traité des sens
Description of seven new species of plants from New Holland
Hilfstafeln für Messungen elektrischer Leitungswiderstände vermittelst der Kirchoff-Wheatstone'schen Drahtcombination /
In Hippocratis et Galeni physiologiæ partem anatomicam isagoge
The character of several genera in the natural order of coniferæ with remarks on their stigmata, and cotyledons /
Descriptions of a new species of macropus from New Holland
Posteriorum trivm. Remb. Dodonæi De stirpivm historia commentariorum imagines ad viuum artificiosissime espressæ vna cum marginalibus annotationibus : item evisdem annotationes in aliquot prioris tomi imagines qui trǐu priorum librorum figuras complectitur.
The relations of chemistry to agriculture and the agricultural experiments of Mr. J.B. Lawes /
Account of a new British species of caltha
Description of a new genus in the natural order of rubiacea, called Rudgea
A new arrangement of the plants of the monadrian class usually called Scitamineæ
Euclidis In hoc volumine quicũq[uam] ad mathematicā substaniā aspirāt elemētorum libros xiij. cū expositione Theonis : quibus multa quae deerāt ex lectiōe graeca sumpta addita sub nec nõ plurima subuersa [et] prepostere : voluta in Cāpani īterēpatōe : ordinata digesta [et] castigata sunt : quibus etiā nonnulla ab illo venerando Socratico philosopho mirādo iudicio structa haben̄t adiũcta : deputatum scilicet Euclidi volumē. xiiij : cū expositiōe Hypsi. Alex Jtidēq[ue] [et] Phaeno. Specu. [et] Perspe. cum expositione Theonis. ac mirandus ille liber dato[rum] cum expositiõe Pappi Mechanici vna cū Marini dialectici protheoria. Bar. Zāber jnter̄pte.
Hieronymi Fabricii ab Aquapendente De visione, voce, auditu
Hieronymi senis De totius animalis integumentis opvscvlum
Responsio Io. Camilli Gloriosi ad controuersias de cometis peripateticas, sue, potius ad calumnias, & mendacia cuiusdam peripatetici in qva ostenditur præfatum peripateticum, non solum calumniatorem & mendacem, verum etaim putidum esse nosti sæculi Sophistam, ac Aristotelicæ philosophiæ deprauatorem.
Cornelii Drebbelii De quinta essentia tractatus
Dissertatio de principio minimae actionis vna cum examine obiectionum Cl. Prof. Koenigii contra hoc principium factarum /
Ioannis Fernelii De proportionibus libri duo prior, qui de simplici proportione est, & magnitudinum & numerorum tum simplicium tum fractorum rationes edocer : posterior, ipsas proportiones cōparat earumq[ue] rationes colligit.
Hieronymi Fabricii ab Aquapente De respiratione et eivs instrvmentis libri duo
Epistolae ineditae Caroli Linnaei
Caroli Linnæi Flora Svecica exhibens plantas per regnum Sveciæ crescentes, systematice cum differentiis specierum, synonymis autorum, nominibus incolarum, solo locorum, usu pharmacopæorum.
De media ventorum directione annuisque eius mutationibus commentatio qua ad audiendam orationem pro loco in facultate philosophica : rite obtinendo die XIX. Ian. Hor. XII /
Leon. Fvchsii Operum didacticorum
Bartolomaei Eustachii Opuscula anatomica quorum numerum & argumenta auersa pagina indicicabit.
Marsilii Ficini In librvm de sole
Proofs of the contiguity of the lungs and pleura
An account of some experiments made with opium on living and dying animals
The history of a compleat luxation of the thigh in a letter to John Rutherford /
Some observations on the new method of curing the cataract by extracting the crystalline humour
A hernia from the omentum falling down into the scrotum
A child brought forth at a rent of the belly
A preternatural collection of waters in the womb with twins
Histories of topbaceous concretions in the alimentary canal
Remarks on procidentiæ ani, intususceptio, inflammation and volvulus of the intestines
Ein kurzer Tractat von der Natur der Elementen und wie sie den Windt, Regen, Blitz, und Donner vervrsachen /
Über die bisherigen Erklärungs-Versuche des Aberrations-Phänomens
Marini Ghetaldi Variorvm problematvm collectio
Monochordvm mvndi symphoniacvm, seu, Replicatio Roberti Flvd, alias de Fluctibus ad apologiam Ioannis Kepleri aduersus demonstrationem suam analyticam, nuperrime editam in qua Robertvs Validoribvs Ioannis obiectionibus, harmoniæ suae legi repugnantibus, comiter respondere aggreditur.
Een kort tractaet van de natuere der elementen ende hoe sy veroorsaecken, den wint, reghen, blixem, donder, ende waeromme dienstich zijn /
Send-brieven zoo aan ... de Koninklyke Societeit te Londen : als aan andere aansienelyke en geleerde lieden, over verscheyde verborgentheden der natuure, namentlyk over het wonderlyk gestel van de veselen der spieren in veelderley gedierte : de pesen en derselver werking ... /
Orontii Finei In proprium planetarum aequatorium, omnium antehac excogitatorū & intellectu & vsu facillimum canones
Federici Delphini De flvxv et reflvsv aqvae maris svbtilis et ervdita dispvtatio eiusdem De motv octavae sphaerae.
Über eine bei jeder Rotation des Fortpflanzungs-mittels eintretende eigenthümliche Ablenkung der Licht-und Schallstrahlen zunächst angewandt auf mehre Theils schon bekannte Theils neue Probleme der praktischen Astonmie, ein weiteren Beitrag zur allgemeinen Weilenlehre /
Georgii Ernesti Stahl ... de vera diversitate corporis mixti et vivi : et vtrivsqve pecvliarivm conditionvm atqve proprietatvm necessaria discretione, demonstratio : qua vberivs declaratvr, qvod non solvm decens atqve svfficiens consideratio vivi corporis, qvatenvs talis, nec in physicis, nec in physicis, nec in medicis scholis hvcvsqve insitivta sit : sed in primis etiam in medica schola hvivs rei defectvs in cvlpa sit, vt non solvm theoriae, sed et rationalis praxeos, omnis spes atqve cohatvs in irriitvm hactenvs ceciderit.
Antonii Deusingii Considerationes circa experimenta physico-mechanica illustris equitis Roberti Boyleí de viaëris elasticq[ue] & ejusdem effectibus : quibus notatu dignissima observta illius, facta maximam partem in nova machina pneumatica, rationibus philosophicis, omne vacuum ipsumque elaterem aëris pecquetianum arcentibus, illustrantur.
Iacobi Sylvii Opera medica iam demvm in sex partes digesta, castigata & indicibvs necessariis instructa /
Coelstivm corporvm et rervm ab ipsis pendentivm accurata explicatio per instrumenta rotulas, & figuras : quibus totius astronomical ratio, tum contemplaritis, tum ad vsum, & ciuilemactionam deducta & opus astrologis medicis, philosop navigantibus, & agricolis vtilissimum /
Godofredi Sellii Historia naturalis teredinis, seu, Xylophagi marini tubulo-conchoidis speciatim Belgici cum tabulis ad vivum delineatis.
Clavis philosophiæ et alchymiæ flvddanæ, sive, Roberti Flvddi Ad epistolicam Petri Gassendi Theologi exercitationem responsum
Glauberus concentratus, oder, Laboratorium Glauberianum darinn die Specfication vnd Taxation dehren medicinalischen, vnd chymischen Arcanitäten, welche in ermeldtem Laboratorio, von viel Jahren zu Jahren nach einander bereitet, vnd itzunder nach abgeschafftem Laboratorio, an die begehrende zu distrubuiren [sic], noch übrig, begriffen : sambt aller dehren künstlichen Oefen, vnd Instrumenten, welche im Laboratorio gebrauchet ... sollen sie, neben andern Raritäten, vnd vielerhandt Mineralien ... gleicherweyse den begehrenden gegen ein billiges übergelassen werden /
The description of a new plant
A description of the matrix or ovary of the buccinum ampullatum
Antonii Deusingii Erercitationes [sic] physico-anatomicæ de nutrimenti in corpore elaboratione vbi de chylificatione & chyli motu, sanguificatione, depuratione alimentij itemque spiritibus : quibus adjecta appendix, in qua examini ac iudicio aliorum subjiciuntur varia de chyli motu, & nutrimenti in corpore elaboratione, nec non De admiranda anatome Lvdovici de Bils.
Drawings of some very large bones
Physica S. Hildegardis elementorum fluminum aliquot Germainiæ, metallorum, leguminum, fructuum, & herbarum : arborum, & arbustorum : piscium deniq[ue], volatilium, & animantium terræ naturas & operationes : IIII libris mirabili experientia posteritati tradens : oribasii Medici De simplicibus libri quinque : Theodori physici Dieta, docens quibusnam salubriter utendum, uel abstinendum : Escvlapii liber vnus, De morborum, infirmitatum, passionumq[ue] corporis humani caussis, descriptionibus, & cura.
Observations on light and colours
Die Bodenkunde, oder, Die Lehre vom Boden nebst einer vollständigen Anleitung zur chemischen Analyse der Ackererden und den Resultaten von 170 chemisch untersuchten Bodenarten aus Deutschland, Belgien, England, Frankreich, der Schweiz, Ungarn, Russland, Schweden, Ostindien, Westindien und Nordamerika : ein Handbuch für Ländwirthe, Forstmänner, Gärtner, Boniteure und Theilungscommissäre /
An easy method of computing the parallaxes of the moon
A solution of Kepler's problem
Of the cold produced by evaporating fluids, and of some other means of producing cold
Experiments upon magnesia alba, quicklime, and some other alcaline substances
Of the analysis and uses of peat
The effects of semen hyoscyami albi
The effects of the thorn-apple
An account of an uncommon effect of antimonial wine
An obstinate dysentery cured by lime-water
The anthelmintic virtue of the bark of the wild cabbage or bulge-water tree
The description of a monstrous fœtus
The dissection of the same monster continued
Bones found in the ovarium of a woman
A history of a genuine volvulus of the intestines
A description of the American yellow fever
Answer to an objection against innoculation
A proposal of a new method of curing obstructed menses
History of a fever after child-bearing
History of a fever with bad symptoms
The history and descriptions of four new species of Phlæna
Remarks on Scolopendra electrica, and Sc. subterranea
Remarks on the Abbé Wulfen's descriptions of lichens published among his rare plants of Carniola, in Professor Jacquin's Collectanea, vol. II, 112 /
Account of the grizzard of the shell called by Linnæus Bulla lingnaria addressed to the president /
Descriptions of two new British Fuci
An essay towards an history of the British stellated lycoperdons being an account of such species as have been found in the neighbourhood of Bungay, in Suffolk /
A new arrangement of Papilios in a letter to the president /
Descriptions of several species of Pancratium
Some account of the Musca pumilionis of Gmelin's edition of the Syst. naturæ
Description of Paspalum stolniferum
Observations on the structure and oeconomy of some curious species of Aranea
Account of the germination and raising of ferns from the seed
Additional observations relating to Festuca spadicea and Anthoxanthum paniculatum
Plantæ eboracenses, or, A catalogue of the more rare plants which grow wild in the neighborhood of Castle Howard in the North Riding of Yorkshire
Observations on the British species of Carex
On genera and species of plants which occur twice or three times under different names, in Professor Gmelin's edition of Linnæus's Systema naturæ
Remarks on Centaurea solstitialis and C. melitensis
Description of Fucus dasphyllus
The characters of two species of Oxalis
Description of a new species of warbler, called the wood wren observed in May 1972 /
Observations upon the structure and oeconomy of those intestinal worms called Tæniæ
A new method of preserving fungi, &c
Introductory discourses on the rise and progress of natural history
Observations on the language of botany
Account of a singular conformation in the wings of some species of moths
The history and description of a new species of Fucus
On the migration of certain birds and on other matters relating to the feathered tribes /
On the Festuca spadicea and Anthoxanthum paniculatum of Linnæus
Description of the Cancer stagnalis of Linnæus
Description of the Hirudo viridis, a new English leech
Description of the Stylephorus chordatus, a new fish
Observations on the Phalæna bombyx lubricipeda of Linnæus, and some other moths allied to it
Observations on some extraneous fossils of Switzerland
Descriptions of four species of Cypripedium
Some observations on the natural history of the Curculio lapathi and Silpha grisea
Descriptions of ten species of lichen, collected in the south of Europe
The botanical history of the Canella alba
Remarks on the genus Veronica
Descriptions of the two new species of Phalæna
On the genus of Symplocos, comprehending hopea and alstonia
On the genus of Calligonum, comprehending pterococcus and pallasia
Observations on Polypodium oreopteris accompanied with a specimen from Scotland /
Account of the spinning limax, or slug
An account of several plants presented to the Linnean Society, at different times, by John Fairbairn and Thomas Hoy
Descriptions of three new animals found in the Pacific Ocean
The botanical history of Trifolium alpestre, medium, and pratense
The botanical history of the genus Dillenia with an addition of several nondescript species /
On the Proteaceæ of Jussieu
On a remarkable variety of Peducularis sylvatica
Laws, bye-laws, and regulations of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh corrected to 1st October 1841.
Vollständiges Register über Grens Neues Journal der Physik
On the development of the vascular tissue of plants
On a new variety of vascular tissue found in a fossil wood from the London clay
On certain phenomena observed in the genus Nitella as illustrative of the peculiar structure recently discovered by Mr. Bowerbank, in a fossil wood from the London clay /
The process of charring vegetable tissue as applied to the examination of the stomata in the epidermis of garden rhubarb
On the anatomy of four species of Entozoa belonging to the genus Strongylus, from the Delphinus phocœna, or common porpoise
On the minute anatomy of the larva of Anthomyia canicularis, Meigen
Observations on the structure of bats' hair
On three species of sponge containing some new forms of organization
On fossil Xanthidia
On a new species of fossil Xanthidium
Observations on the young of a species of Ixodes from Brazil
On the minute structure of certain substances expelled from the human intestine having the ordinary appearance of shreds of lymph, but consisting entirely of filaments of a confervoid type, probably belonging to the genus Oscillatoria /
On a peculiar arrangement of blood-vessels in the air-bladder of fishes with some remarks on the evidence which they afford of the true function of that organ /
On the structure of the animal basis of the common eggshell, and of the membrane surrounding the albumen
On the structure of the shells of molluscous and conchiferous animals
Remarks on a peculiar form of spiral vessel
On the nature of vessels possessing longitudinal as well as spiral fibres, found in certain plants
On an instance of monstrosity in a moss
On a lever movement to the stage of the microscope
Gangstudien aus der Freiberger Revier
Die Granite von Geyer und Ehrenfirdersdorf sowie die Zinnerzlagerstätten von Geyer
Geognostische Verhältnisse und Geschichte des Bergbaues der Gegend von Schmiedeberg, Niederpöbel, Naundorf und Sadisorf in der Altenberger Bergamtsrevier
Observations on the British Fuci with particular descriptions of each species /
Observations on the insects that infested the corn in the year 1795
Descriptions of Actinia crassicornis and some British shells
Botanical characters of some plants of the natural order of Myrti
Observations on the genus Oestrus
Characters of a new genus of plants named Salisburia
A curious fact in the natural history of the common mole, Talpa europæa, Linn
Observations respecting some rare British insects
A history of three species of Cassida
Observations relating to the migration of birds
Account of the Canis Graius hibernicus, or Irish wolf dog described in Pennant's History of quadrupeds, 3d edit. vol. i. p. 241 /
Descriptions of a new species of Opercularia
Descriptions of eight new fishes from Sumatra
Observations on the oeconomy of the Ichneumon manifestator Linn
Lindsæa, a new genus of ferns
Observations upon the generic character of Ulva with descriptions of some new species /
On a species of Tellinia, not described by Linnæus
Account of a species of bark, the original Quina-Quina of Peru sent over by Mons. de la Condamine to Cromwell Mortimer, about 1749 : communicated to A.B. Lambert /
Description of Ulva punctata
Natural history of Perca scandens
The specific characters of some minute shells discovered on the coast of Pembrokeshire with an account of a new marine animal /
On the Latin terms used in natural history
Additional observations on the British species of Carex
Description of the Ribes spicatum
A description of the Porbeagle shark, the Squalus cornubicus of Gmelin, var. &
Observations on the genus Porella, and the Phascum cauleseens of Linnæus
The difference in the number of eyes with which spiders are provided, proposed as the basis of their distribution into tribes with descriptions of newly discovered species, and the characters of a new family and three new genera of spiders /
Descriptions of some nondescript insects from Assam chiefly collected by William Griffith /
On a gall gathered in Cuba by W.S. MacLeay, upon the leaf of a plant belonging to the order Ochnaceæ
On the reproductive organs of Equisetum
On some new Brazilian plants allied to the natural order Burmanniaceæ
Some account of the Curata, a grass of the tribe of Bambuseæ of the culm of which the Indians of Guiana prepare their sarbacans or blowpipes /
Supplementary observations on the development of the Theca, and on the sexes of mosses
Observations on the structure and development of the organs of Pilularia globulifera
On the ergot of rye
Further observations on the Spongilla fluviatillis with some remarks on the nature of the Spongiæ marinæ /
Observations on the Spongilla fluviatillis
On the existence of stomata in mosses
On the number and structure of the mammulæ employed by spiders in the process of spinning
Description of the Lepidosiren annectens
Note on the identity of three described species of Acacia
Descriptions of two new genera of the natural family of plants called Coniferæ
Description, &c. of the insects collected by Captain P.P. King in the survey of the Straits of Magellan
A monograph of the genus Disporum
A monograph of Streptopus with the description of a new genus now first separated from it /
Description of a new genus of plants belonging to the natural family Bignoniaceæ
An account of the Indian species of Juncus and Luzula
Descriptions of the Indian species of iris
Descriptions of those species of Polygonum and Fagopyrum which are contained in the Indian herbarium of J. Forbes Royle
On Cuscuta epilinum and halophyta
On the structure of Cuscata europæa
On the structure and affinities of Arachis and Voandzeia
On the Heliamphora nutans, a new pitcher-plant from British Guiana
Observations on some genera of plants connected with the flora of Guiana
Account of two new genera allied to Olacineæ
Aves Sussexienses, or, A catalogue of birds found in the county of Sussex with remarks /
Anecdotes of the late Dr. Patrick Browne author of the Natural history of Jamaica /
Descriptions of three rare species of British birds
Account of some species of fossil Anomiæ found in Derbyshire
Essay on the eye-like spot in the wings of the Locustæ of Fabricius, as indicating the male sex
Observations on the spinning limax
An essay on the tracheæ or windpipes of various kinds of birds
Observations on bituminous substances with a description of the varieties of the elastic bitumen /
An account of the jumping mouse of Canada, Dipus Canadensis
Observations on the flowering of certain plants
Remarks on some foreign species of Orobanche
A description of five British species of Orobanche
Account, accompanied by a figure, of a minute Ichneumon
Description of the blight of wheat, Uredo frumenti
Ammophila, a new genus of insects in the class Hymenoptera including the Sphex fabulosa of Linnæus /
The characters of twenty new genera of plants
Further observations on the wheat insect
History of Tipula tritici, and Ichneumon tipulæ with some observations upon other insects that attend the wheat /
Account of a new species of Muscicapa, from New South Wales
Observations on the genus Pausus, and description of a new species
Observations on the British species of Bromus with introductory remarks on the composition of a flora Britannica /
Some corrections of the general description of Polytrichum rubellum, p. 79 with an account of another new species of the same genus /
Synopsis of the coleopterous genus Cerapterus
On the family Fulgoridæ with a monograph of the genus Fulgora of Linnæus /
Observations on the ergot of rye, and some other grasses
Illustrations of the relationships existing amongst natural objects usually termed affinity and analogy, selected from the class of insects /
Notes on the development of the ovula of Loranthus and Viscum and on the mode of parasitism of these two genera /
Notice of a plant that produces perfect seeds without any apparent action of pollen
Observations on the cause of ergot
Observations on the genera of European grasses
On the ovulum of Santalum album
A note upon the anatomy of the roots of Ophrydeæ
Essai sur les dendrites des environs d'Orleans
Recherches anatomiques sur les articulations des os de la face
Observations sur des couleurs engendrées par le frottement des surfaces planes & transparentes
Description of the organ of voice in a new species of wild swan (Cygnus buccinator, Richardson)
Mémoire sur une nouvelle partie, commune à plusieurs espèces de chenilles
Mémoire sur l'analyse des eaux de selters ou de seltz seconde partie /
Descriptions of three British species of fresh-water fishes belonging to the genus Leuciscus of Klein
Recherches sur le meilleur système de musique harmonique, & sur son meilleur tempérament
Observations on the Tropæolum pentaphyllum of Lamarck
Mémoire sur une étoile nébuleuse nouvellement découverter à côté de celle qui est au dessus de la ceinture d'Andromède
Mémoire sur un animal aquatique d'une forme singulière
Description de la grotte de la Balme en Dauphiné
On the adaptation of the structure of the sloths to their peculiar mode of life
Mémoire sur les maladies que cause le seigle ergoté
Description anatomique de trois loutres femelles
Observations on Naticina and Dentalium, two genera of molluscous animals
Mémoire sur le sel de chaux
Mémoire sur la manière dont la flamme agit sur les corps électriques
Observation sur un nouveau fébrifuge
Monograph of the East Indian Solaneæ
Mémoire sur un ver luisant femelle et sur sa transformation
Mémoire sur la grande chenille a queue fourchue, du saule dans lequel on prouve que la liqueur que cette chenille fait jaillir, est un véritable acide, & un acide très-actif /
On the Lycium of Dioscorides
Observation de l'éclipse du soleil, le premier Mars, 1737 faite avec une lunette de huit pieds, garnie d'un réticule, & montée sur une machine parallactique /
Observation de l'éclipse de lune, du 24 Janvier 1739 faite à Montpellier, avec une lunette de cinq pieds /
A review of the natural order of Myrsineæ
Description of a new genus of Linneæ
On an edible fungus from Tierra del Fuego, and an allied Chilian species
Synopsis of the coleopterous family Paussidæ with descriptions of a new genus and some new species /
On a reformed character of the genus Cryptolepis, Brown
A catalogue of spiders either not previosly recorded or little known as indigenous to Great Britain with remarks on their habits and economy /
Contributions to vegetable embryology from observations on the origin and development of the embryo in Tropæolum majus /
On the ovulum of Santalum, Osyris, Loranthus, and Viscum
On a species of Carex allied to C. saxatilis, Linn
Description of the female flower and fruit of Rafflesia arnoldi with remarks on its affinities, and an illustration of the structure of Hydnora africana /
Descriptions of the nests of two hymenopterous insects inhabiting Brazil and of the species by which they were constructed /
On the Neottia gemmipara of Smith
Monograph of the class Myriapoda, order Chilopoda with observations on the general arrangement of the Articulata /
On the root-parasites referred by authors to Rhizantheæ and on various plants related to them /
Descriptions, &c. of the insects collected by Captain P.P. King in the survey of the Straits of Magellan
Remarks on the genus Argynnis of the Encyclopʹedie Mʹethodique especially in regard to its subdivision by means of characters drawn from the neuration of the wings /
Remarks on some British ferns
Some account of the galls found on a species of oak from the shores of the Dead Sea
Note on the mustard plant of the scriptures
On several new or imperfectly understood British and European plants
Observations on the development of the Theca, and on the sexes of mosses
On the nervous system of molluscous animals
Descriptions of Indian Gentianeæ
Observations on the Esula Major germanica of Lobel
Notice respecting a native British rose, first described in Ray's synopsis
Descriptions of some new species of Diopsis
On the identity of three supposed genera of Orchideous epiphytes
Observation de l'éclipse de lune, du 9 Septembre 1737 faite à Toulouse /
Observation de la mesme éclipse faite à Véronne /
Analyse des anciennes eaux minérals de Passy, et leur comparison avec les nouvelles
Eorgius Alexandrinus Petro Priolo. M. filio. S. Priscas dictiōes de tribus rei rusticæ scriptoribus ānotatas ut tibi Latinæ elegatiæ studioso patritio morem gererem : p t̄re breuissime enarraui : quanq[ue?] aut plura annotassem : aut ennarratius ea interpretatus essem : se mihi uel plus ocii a lectione publica relictum : uel maius ab impressonbus spatiu concessum uisset : nam tu optimus testis es hos libros potius transcursim & in tumultu perlectos : q[ue?] diligentius emendatos fuisse : adeo me morbo grauiter tentatum imprestores urgebant : cætera mi Petre [̓akribeseros (romanized form)] rustica præcepta euoleuris : magna ex parta sine tradente cognosis : illius tamen & te et reliquos : qui Catonis Varronis & L. Collumellæ libros legent : cōmmonefacio : ut de multos mrdicos consulant : alia ab herbarius discant : nonulla a ueterinarüs requirant.
Mémoire sur la manière sigulaire dont les chinois sondent la corne à lanternes
Mémoire sur la caprification
Histoire du sucre d'érable
Usages de la différentiation des paramètres, pour la solution de plusiers problèmes de la méthode inverse des tangents
Probléme: La base d'une pyramide triangulaire étant donnée avec les angles au sommet, déterminer les dimensions de la pyramide
Examen chymique d'un sel apporté de Perse, sous le nom de borech avec des réflexions sur une dissertation latine concernant la même matière, dédiée à la Société Royale de Londres /
Mémoire, où apreś avoir donné un moyen aisé pour élever fort haut, & à peu de frais, un corps électrisable isolé, on rapporte des observations frappantes, qui prouvent que plus le corps isolé est élevé au dessus de la terre, plus le feu de l'électricité est abondant
Mémoire sur l'utilité des observations du barométre dans la pratique de la médecine
Observations sur les éphéméres, sur les pucerons, et sur des galles résineuses extraites principalement d'une lettre écrite à M. de Reaumur, de Leufsta en Suède, le 7 Mai 1746 /
Exposition d'une théorie sur le renouvellement de l'air dans l'eau & sur la desunion des parties des matières solubles opérée par les dissolvans /
Solution de deux problèmes de géometrie
Mémoire sur la manière de retirer l'or employé sur les bois dorés à la colle
Sur les proportions du squelette de l'homme, examiné depuis l'âge le plus tendre, jusqu' à celui de vingt-cinq, soixante ans, & au delà
Extrait d'une dissertation sur la méchanique des mouvemens de la prunelle où l'on examine quelle est la structure & la manière d'agir des fibres droites de l'urée /
Mémoire sur la découverte d'une souche d'arbre pétrfiée, trouvée dans une montagne aux environs d'Éstampes
Latitude de Podor, tirée par la méridienne
Cartes des pleýades, dont la postion de trente-cinq principales étoiles est déterminée par les observations de M. le Monnier faites en 1744, 1745, l746, & l748 : les autres étoiles qui suivent, one été par estine des distances & par des alignemens tirés dont aux premières étoiles dont la position étoit connue /
Observations métérologiques faites a Toulouse pendant l'année 1750
Remarques sur quelques montagnes et quelques pierres en Provence
Observations on the genus Derbe of Fabricius
Descriptions of several new homopterous insects belonging to various sub-genera of Derbe of Fabricius
Some account of Aucklandia, a new genus of Compositæ believed to produce the Costus of Dioscorides /
On some new forms of Entozoa
Synopsis of the genera Camellia and Thea
On the distribution of tracheæ in insects
On some new species of Musci and Hepaticæ in the herbarium of Sir W.J. Hooker collected in tropical Africa, chiefly by the late Dr. Vogel and Mr. Barter /
Further remarks on Tomopteris onisciformis, Eschscholtz
Further observations on the metamorphosis of Gasteropoda and the affinities of certain genera, with an attempted natural distribution of the principal families of the order /
Remarks on Sclerotium stipitatum, Berk. et Curr., Pachyma cocos, Fries, and some similar productions
On some New Zealand Verrucariæ
Contributions to the lichenographia of New Zealand being an account, with figures, of some new species of Graphideæ and allied lichens /
On the nerve proceeding to the vesicles at the base of the halteres and on the sub-costal nervure in the wings of insects /
On the three oaks of Palestine
On Fissicalyx and Prioria, two recently published genera of Leguminosæ
The foot of the fly, its structure and action elucidated by comparison with the feet of other insects, &c. /
Report on the botany of the Wallaston Expedition to Dutch New Guinea, 1912-13
A contribution to a knowledge of the mutating Oenotheras
On some Indian Jurassic gymnosperms
Rhexoxylon africanum, a new medullosean stem
Marine algæ, Rhodophyceæ, of the "Sealark" expedition, collected by J. Stanley Gardiner
Observations on the morphology and anatomy of the genus Mystropetalon, Harv
An anatomical study of the Palæozoic cone-genus Lepidostrobus
Contributions to the embryology of the Amentiferæ part II, Carpinus betulus /
On Sutcliffia insignis, a new type of Medulloseæ from the lower coal-measures
Remarks of the structure of bamboo leaves
The Lithothamnia of the Percy Sladen Trust expedition, in H.M.S. Sealark
On Triassic species of the genera Zamites and Pterophyllum types of fronds belonging to the cycadophyta /
The anatomy of the Julianiaceæ considered from the systematic point of view
On the origin of di-trimerous whorls among the flowers of dicotyledons
Marine algæ (Chlorophyceæ and Phæophyceæ) and marine phanerogams of the "Sealark" expedition, collected by J. Stanley Gardiner
The anatomy of some sapotaceous seedlings
A revision of the genus Nototriche, Turez
The longitudinal symmetry of the Centrospermæ
The structure and affinities of Davadia involucrata, Baill
The anatomy of Welwitschia mirabilis, Hook., in the seedling and adult states forming report no. 2 of the Percy Sladen Memorial Expedition to South-West Africa, 1908-1909 /
Anatomy of Enhalus acoroides (Linn. f.), Zoll
Recherches sur le phenoméne des anneaux colorés
Observations du passage de la lune par les hyades le 25 Setembre 1755 et le 7 Mars 1756 faites à Rouen /
Construction d'une chaise roulante, avec laquelle ou peut se mener soi-même sur les grands chemins
Second mémoire sur les maladies des blés
On the Halticidæ of the Canary Islands
Remarks on the pollinosity of the genera Lixus and Larinus
Characters of undescribed species of the genus Leucopsis
Descriptions of new genera and species of Eumolpidæ
Notices of new or little-known genera and species of Coleoptera
Descriptions of new genera and species of exotic Hymenoptera
Descriptions of six new species of Chrysomela from the East microform
On certain coleopterous insects from the Cape of Good Hope
Descriptions of new diurnal Lepidoptera
On the Endomychidæ of the Amazon Valley
Characters of undescribed species of the family Chalcidæ
Réflexions et notes synonymiques sur le travail de M. James Thomson, sur les Cérambycules avec descriptions de quelques nouvelles espèces /
Descriptions of new genera and species of Phytophaga
Description and figures of a new genus and species of Gallerueidæ
Contributions to an insect fauna of the Amazon Valley Lepidoptera--Papilionidæ /
Tentamenta entomologica
Observations on New-Zealand lichens
Contributions to a natural history of the Teredidæ
Notes on the Brenthidæ
Catalogue of the Dytiscidæ and Gyrinidæ of Australasia, with descriptions of new species
On the Canarian malacoderms
On some Australian Colydiidæ
Descriptions of species of the genus Hydroporus, Clairv., new to the European or British catalogues
Description of a remarkable species of singing cricket (Locustariæ) from the Amazons, supposed to be new to science
Observations suggérées par les notes de M. Chevrolat sur les Cérembycides de M. Thomson
On certain Coleoptera from St. Helena
On the Coleoptera of the Salvages
Monograph of the family of Nitidulariæ part I /
On the palms of western tropical Africa
Iapyx, a new genus of insects belonging to the Stirps Thysanura, in the order Neuroptera
Description of a new species of annelide belonging to the family Amphinomidæ
On a new genus of Teredininæ
Notes on some points in the anatomy of Rotatoria
Contributions to the knowledge of the Foraminifera on the rhizopodal forms of the Shetlands /
On a new species of British annelides belonging to the family Chætopteridæ
On a species of Chætopterus (C. insignis, Baird) from north Wales
On the Canarian longicorns
On some new species of neuropterous insects from Australia and New Zealand, belonging to the family Hemerobiidæ
Description of a new species of longicorn beetle
An attempt at a classification of the Eumolpidæ
Catalogue of Halticidæ being a continuation of the British Museum Catalogue, Part i, 1860 /
Contributions to an insect fauna of the Amazon Valley Lepidoptera--Nymphalidæ /
Descriptions of some new Australian Longicornia
Note on the Australian species of Clytus
Descriptions of new Australian Phytophaga
Descriptions of new species of Brazilian Pompilidæ
Descriptions of the species belonging to the genus Paropsis
Eumolpidarum species novæ
A second series of descriptions of new Australian Longicornia
An examination of the Halticidæ of South America
List of the Colydiidæ collected in the Indian Islands by Alfred R. Wallace and descriptions of new species /
List of described species of Australian Heteromera
Description of a new neuropterous insect belonging to the genus Corydalis, Latreille
On some new genera of Curculionidæ
A revisional monograph of recent Ephemeridæ or mayflies
A monograph of recent Brachiopoda
On the genus Actinometra, Müll with a morphological account of a new species (A.) polymorpha from the Philippine Islands--part I /
On some new species of nudibranchiate Mollusca from the eastern seas
On the anatomy of ants
On the clasping-organs ancillary to generation in certain groups of the Lepidoptera
On Simondsia paradoxa and on its probable affinity with Sphærularia bombi
On the structure and development of the bird's skull part II /
A monograph of the lepidopterous genus Castnia and some allied groups
On a new genus of Trematoda, and some new or little-known parasitic Hirudinei
On the osteology and pterylosis of the spoon-billed sandpiper (Eurynorhynchus pygmæus, Linn.)
On Steere's sponge, a new genus of the hexactinellid group of the Spongida
Notes upon the oyxstomatous [sic] Crustacea
On the domestic pig of prehistoric times in Britain and on the mutual relations of this variety of pig and Sus scrofa ferus, Sus cristatus, Sus andamanensis, and Sus barbatus /
On two new forms of deep-sea Ascidians, obtained during the voyage of H.M.S. "Challenger"
On new forms of Actiniaria dredged in the deep sea with a description of certain pelagic surface-swimming species /
On the birds collected by J.B. Steere in the Philippine Archipelago
On the Annelida obtained during the cruise of H.M.S. "Valorous" to Davis Strait in 1875
The butterflies of Malacca
On certain organs of the Cidaridæ
On Hypsiprymnodon, Ramsay, a genus indicative of a distinct family (Pleopodidæ) in the diprotodont section of the Marsupialia
Amphipoda from the Copenhagen Museum and other sources
The origin of the corpus callosum a comparative study of the hippocampal region of the cerebrum of Marsupialia and certain Cheiroptera /
Supplément au livre sur l'usage des feuilles dans les plantes
Observations métérologiques, faites à Bayeux en 1756
Détermination directe de la distance d'une planéte au soleil de sa parallaxe et de son diamétre horizontal pour un temps donné /
Delineatio et observatio aurorae borealis die 16 Setembris anni 1757, facta Hagæ-comitis
Mémoire sur la cause des bulles qui se trouvent dans le verre
Description d'un fœtus mal conforme dont les os avoient une mollesse contre nature
Observations sur l'hydrocéphale de begle
Mémoire sur la terre foliée du tartre
Copie d'une lettre écrite à M. l'abbé Nollet
Addition au mémoire intitulé Discussion d'une question d'optique imprimé dans le troisième volume des Mémoires des savans étrangers, pages 514 & suivantes /
Analyse d'une eau minéral singuliére qui se trouve a Douay en Flandre / par M. Baumé
Extrait d'une lettre de M. Baussau du Bignon à M. de Reaumur contenant quelques expériences pour faire éclorre des poulets par la fermentation du tan.
On the muscular attachment of the animal to its shell in some fossil Cephalopoda (Ammonoidea)
Observations on the structure and morphology of the cranial nerves and lateral sense organs of fishes with special reference to the genus Gadus /
A contribution towards our knowledge of the morphology of the owls
The brain in the Edentata
On the genus Crescentia
On Pauropus, a new type of centipede
On the lingual dentition of some West-Indian Gasteropoda
On the mechanical appliances by which flight is attained in the animal kingdom
Fungi Angolenses a description of the fungi collected by Dr. Friedrich Welwitsch in Angola during the years 1850-1861 part I /
Notes on the Thysanura part III /
On the geographical distribution of ferns
Observations de la comète de 1682, 1607 & 1531 faites en Mai 1759
Maladie du cheval que, par un préjugé vulgaire, on attribue à la morsure ou à la pigûre d'une musaraigne
Mémoire sur les quarrés magiques
Aurores boréales observées a rouen le 31 Mars & les les jours suivans
Journal d'observations dans les différens voyages qui ont été faits pour voir l'éruption du Vésuve
A monograph of the recent British Ostracoda
On some remarkable mimetic analogies among African butterflies
The muscles of the fore and hind limbs in Dasypus sexcinctus
The myology of the upper and lower extremities of Orycteropus capensis
On the homologies of certain muscles connected with the shoulder joint
A contribution to the knowledge of the lower annelids
On the variations of the angular divergencies of the leaves of Helianthus tuberosus
On branched palms in southern India
Contributions towards the history of Zamia gigas, Lindl. & Hutt
On fossil cycadean stems from the secondary rocks of Britain
Report on Entomostraca from the Gulf of Guinea, collected by John Rattray
The subterranean Crustacea of New Zealand with some general remarks on the fauna of caves and wells /
On a freshwater schizopod from Tasmania
The comparative morphology of the Galeodidæ
A revision of the British Copepoda belonging to the genera Bradya, Boeck, and Ectinosoma, Boeck
On some new or rare Phasmidæ in the collection of the British Museum
The internal anatomy of Bdella
The zoology of the Afghan Delimitation Commission
Description of a new genus and species of Pyralidæ, received from J.H. Hocking, from the Kangra Valley, Punjab, India
Studies in the morphology of the Lepidoptera part I /
The external morphology of the lepidopterous pupa its relation to that of the other stages and to the origin and history of metamorphosis /
On the morphology of the Gallinaceæ
The development of the head of the imago of Chironomus
On the variations in the internal anatomy of the Gamasinæ especially in that of the genital organs, and on their mode of coition /
Sertum Angolense, sive, Stirpium quandam novarum vel minus cognitarum in itinere per Angolam et Benguelam observatorum descriptio
On three new genera of Verbenaceæ from Chile and its adjacent regions
On the genus Boswellia with descriptions and figures of three new species /
On some species of the genus Agaricus from Ceylon
On the similarity between the genus Draparnaldia and the confervoid filaments of mosses
Note on the lichens of the island of Saint Helena
On Sphæria tartaricola, Nyl a new British fungus /
The lichens of Ceylon collected by G.H.K. Thwaites examined and determined
On the genera Gœtzia and Espadea
A monograph of the genus Polymorphina
Observations on the lichens collected by Robert Brown in west Greenland in 1867
On the vertebrate skeleton
Descriptions of some British spiders new to science with a notice of others, of which some are now for the first time recorded as British species ; /
Notes on the reptiles, amphibia, fishes, Mollusca, and Crustacea obtained during the voyage of H.M.S. 'Nassau' in the years 1866-69
Contributions to the natural history of the Passifloraceæ
On the anatomy of the genus Appendicularia with the description of a new form /
Les Mélastomacées
Memoir on the spermogones and pycnides of crustaceous lichens
On the Hippocrataceæ of South America
On new and rare British spiders supplement to a communication "on British spiders new to science," &c., read before the Linnean Society, January 20, 1870 /
On the anatomy of the American king-crab (Limulus polyphemas, Latr.)
On the development of the flowers of Welwitschia mirabilis, Hook. fil
On Begoniella, a new genus of Begoniaceae from New Granada
Descriptions of three new genera of plants in the Malayan herbarium of the late A.C. Maingay
Observations on Alibertia, with description of a new species of that genus
The botany of the Speke and Grant expedition an enumeration of the plants collected during the journey of the late Captain J.H. Speke and Captain (now Lieut.-Col.) J.A. Grant from Zanzibar to Egypt /
Report on a collection of Cephalopoda from the Calcutta Museum
On a collection of Brachyura from Torres Straits
Report on a collection made by F.V. McConnell and J.J. Quelch at Mount Roraima in British Guiana
On the structure and affinities of Echiurus unicinctus
The terrestrial Isopoda of New Zealand
On the affinities of Æluropus melanoleucus, A. Milne-Edwards
Étude d'une espèce nouvelle de lépadides (Scalpellum giganteum, n. sp.) et de Pœcilasma carinatum, Hoek
On the intestinal tract of birds with remarks on the valuation and nomenclature of zoological characters /
Sur quelques lépadides nouveaux de la collection du British Museum
On the actinian Bunodeopsis globulifera, Verrill
On the morphology of the brain in the Mammalia with special reference to that of the lemurs, recent and extinct /
On the morphology of the cerebral commissures in the Vertebrata with special reference to an aberrant commissure found in the forebrain of certain reptiles /
On the New Zealand phyllobranchiate Crustacea-Macrura
Observations sur la mine d'alun de la Tolfa dans le voisinage de Rome, et sur celle de Polinier en Bretagne
Diverses comparaisons de la lune avec des étoiles fixes faite à Rouen dans le courant de l'année 1756 /
Manœuvre imaginée & employée pour retirer une carcasse de navire qui étoit échouée dans le chenal au bout de la Fosse depuis quatre-vingts ans & qui y génoit beaucoup Loire audessous de Nantes /
Passage de Mercure sur le soleil observé à l'observatoire royal le 6 Mai 1753 /
Observations faites a Lille en Flandre sur les différentes temperátures de l'air sur l'état de la campagne des environs & de ses productions & sur les maladies épidémiques qui ont règné dans la province depuis la fin de l'hiver de 1752 jusqu'au printemps de l'année 1753 /
Mémoire sur le coquillage appelé datte en Provence
Usage des divisions d'un nombre pour résoudre un problème d'arithmetique
Methode facile pour découvir tous les nombres premiers contenus dans un cours illimité de la suite des impairs & tout d'un temps les diviseurs simples de ceux qui ne le font pas
Observations sur les sourds et muets et sur quelques endroits du mémoire de M. Ernaud, imprimé page 233 de ce volume concernant la méme matière /
Extrait des observations faites à Rouen le 12 Juillet l757 au matin
Observations sur l'alkali des plantes marines et les moyens de le rendre propre aux mêmes usages que la soude
Analyse du gypse
Observation du passage de Vénus sur le disque du soleil faite à Paris dans l'Observatoire de la marine le 6 Juin 1761 : avec des remarques sur ce passage & les résultats des observations pour la théorie de Vénus /
Mémoire sur les solfatares des environs de Rome sur l'origine & la formation du vitriol romain /
Mémoire sur la position de l'orbite de Venus dans son passage sur la soleil du 6 Juin dernier en y employant les observations de Gottingen /
Description d'une nouvelle machine exécutée aux mines de Schemnitz en Hongrie au mois de Mars 1755
Addition au mémoire sur la comète de l762 imprimé dans ce volume, page 81 /
Die Sternschnuppen
Introduction à l'étude de la botanique, ou, Traité élémentaire de cette science
Das Höhenmessen mit der Quecksilber-Waage für Pariser, Rheinländer und Londoner Linien
Beschreibung eines einfachen Reisebarometers nebst einer Anleitung zur leichten Berechnung der Berghöhen /
Recherches théorique et expérimentales sur les oscillations de l'eau et les machines hydrauliques à colonnes liquides oscillantes
Natuurkundige verhandelingen van Petrus Camper over den orang outang ; en eenige andere aap-soorten, over den rhinoceros met den dubbelen horen, en over het rendier.
Petri Camper Disseratatio de emolumentis, et optima methodo insitionis variolarum
Dissertatio physica de lumine
L.M.A. Caldanii Institutiones physiologica et pathologicae
Outline of a new system of logic with a critical examination of Dr. Whately's "Elements of logic" /
Riflessioni fisiologiche di Leopoldo M. Antonio Caldani sopra due dissertazioni del Signor Claudio Nicola Le Cat
Remarks upon chemical nomenclature, according to the principles of the French neologists
Labiatarum genera et species, or, A description of the genera and species of plants of the order Labiatae with their general history, characters, affinities, and geographical distribution /
A method of making artificial magnets without the use of natural ones
La phytographie, ou, L'art de décrire les végétaux considérés sous différents points de vue
Notes on the principles of pure and applied calculation and applications of mathematical principles to theories of the physical forces /
System der thierischen Morphologie
Die Potentialfunction und das Potential ein Beitrag zur mathematischen Physik /
Handbook of the British flora a description of the flowering plants and ferns indigenous to, or naturalized in, the British Isles : for the use of beginners and amateurs /
Genera plantarum ad exemplaria imprimis in Herberiis kewensibus servata definita
Roger Baconis Angli De arte chymiæ scripta cvi accesservnt opuscula alia eiusdem authoris.
Aurum superius & inferius aurae superioris & inferioris hermeticum /
Hermes curiosus, sive, Inventa et experimenta physico-chymica nova
Traité phisique de la lumiere et des couleurs, du son, et des differens tons
Metallvrgiae elementa qvae amplissimi philosophici ordinis ivssv ad vsvm academicvm /
Casp. Barthonlini De aere pestilenti corrigendo consilium
Casp. Bartolini De aquis libri II naturam et accidentia aquæ tam in genere, quam in specie, maris, fontium, fluminum, thermarum, aliarumq[ue] aquarum mineralium succintè explicantes : cum earumdem per varia artificia tum vulgaria tum chymica probationibus.
Caspari Bartholini Astrologia, seu, De stellarvm naturâ, affectionibus, & effectionibus, exercitatio ...
Casparis Bartholini Enchiridion physicum ex priscis recentioribus philosophis accuratè concinnatum, & controversiis naturalibus potissimis, ultissimisque, illustratum : cum duplici indice, uno captium, altero rerum & verborum.
Traité des affinités chymiques, ou, Attractions électives
Rapport fait à la Faculté de Médecine de Paris, sur l'usage des pommes de terre
Dvbitationes in Dialogvm Galilæi Galilæi Lyncei in Gymnasio Pisano mathematici supraordinarij
Leitfaden der Geschichte der Medicin
Vergleichende Morphologie und Biologie der Pilze, Mycetozoen und Bacterien
Jobi Basteri Opuscula subseciva observationes miscellaneas de animalculis et plantis, quibusdam marinis, eorumque ovariis et seminibus continentia.
Natuurkundige uitspanningen behelzende eenige waarneemingen, over sommige zee-planten en zee-insecten, benevens derzelver zaadhuisjes en eijernesten /
Die Mechanik in ihrer Anwendung auf Künste und Gewerbe
Lehrbuch der Meteorologie für Studierende und zum Gebrauche in der Praxis
The natvrall and morall historie of the East and West Indies intreating of the remarkeable things of heaven, of the elements, mettalls, plants and beasts which are proper to that country : together with the manners, ceremonies, lawes, governements, and warres of the Indians /
Tratado de las siete enfermedades de la inflammacion vniuersal del higado, zirbo, pyloron, y riñones, y de la obstrucion, de la satiriasi, de la terciana y febre maligna, y passion hipocondriaca : lleva otros tres tratados, del mal de loanda, del guzano, y de las fuentes y sedales /
Die Wettervorhersage eine praktische Anleitung zur Wettervorhersage auf Grundlage der Zeitungswetterkarten und Zeitungswetterberichte für alle Berufsarten : im Auftrage der Direktion der deutschen Seewarte /
Handbuch der ausübenden Witterungskunde Geschichte und gegenwärtiger Zustand der Wetterprognose /
Casp. Bartholini Controversiæ anatomicæ & affines nobiliores ac rariores
Aus Kaukasischen Ländern
La télégraphie historique depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à nos jours /
Dell'adige e de' suoi diversivi trattato fisico-matematico ... In cui si esaminano e si confutano i sistemi di alcuni idrostatici, specialmente quello del Sig. matematico Lorgna; e si stabilisce, qual sistema debb'adottarsi e per ora, ed in perpetuo /
The botany of the voyage of H.M.S. Sulphur, under the command of Captain Sir Edward Belcher, during the years 1836-42
Caspari Bartholini Opuscula quatuor singularia
Ordines naturales plantarum eorumque characteres et affinitates adjecta generum enumeratione /
Resolvtio omnivm Evclidis problematvm aliorumq[ue] ad hoc necessario inuentorum vna tantummodo circini data apertura /
Cogitationes de distribvtione caloris per tellvrem in publico Academiae Imperialis Petropolitanae conuentu : die 6. September. A. MDCCLXI. praelectae /
Tentamen theoriae electricitatis et magnetismi accedunt dissertationes duae, quarum prior, phaenomenon quoddam electricum, altera, magneticum, explicat /
Annotationes anatomiae magni Alexandri Achillini Bononiensis
Recueil d'observations géodésiques, astronomiques et physiques exécutées par ordre du Bureau des Longitudes de France, en Espagne, en France, en Angleterre et Écosse : pour déterminer la variation de la pésanteur et des degrés terrestres sur le prolongement du méridien de Paris : faisant suite au troisième volume de la Base du système métrique /
Notice of a new species of herring
Additional notice on the genus Capromys of Desmarest
On the manner in which the geometric spiders construct their nets
Observations on a newly-described species of swan
Entomological notices
Observations on the quadrupeds found in the district of upper Canada extending between York and Lake Simcoe with the view of illustrating their geographical distribution, as well as of describing some species hitherto unnoticed /
Notice of the performance of steam-engines in Cornwall for June, July, August, and September 1829
Account of the new genus Melanorrhæa, or the Burmese varnish tree with remarks on each of the genera to which it approaches /
On the mullets of Europe
Description of a new anemometer
Account of the natural productions of Staten Island and Cape Horn
On the winter migration of the pomarine skua (Lestris pomarinus) and on the occurrence of the bridled guillemot (Uria lacrymans), and of the fulmar (Procellaria glacialis) /
Memoir on barometric instruments acting by compression considered particularly in their application to the measurement of heights : including some new trigonometrical determinations /
On a new variety of mineral resin
Some general remarks on bodies having a like composition, but unlike properties
On the phenomena and laws of elliptic polarization as exhibited in the action of metals upon light /
Account of a remarkable water-spout accompanied with a luminous meteor
An account of a remarkable accident which occurred in a mine of bovey coal in consequence of the compression of the air /
Notice of mineralogical journeys, and of a mineralogical system
On cryolite
Remarks on the Flora Scotica of Dr. Hooker
Account of the thermal springs of Yom-Mack
Account of the observations made at Liverpool on the solar eclipse of September 7, 1820
Observations on the variation and dip of the needle made during Kotzbue's voyage of discovery.
Account of natural ice-houses in Connecticut
Observations on the production of electricity by contact
On the coral islands of the Pacific Ocean
An account of some mistakes relating to Dr. Bradley's astronomical observations and Harriot's mss
Barometrical observations made at the fall of the Staubbach
Practical rules for the determination of the radii of a double achromatic object-glass
Description of a teinoscope for altering the lineal proportions of objects with observations on Professor Amici's Memoir on telescopes without lenses /
Description of some new and rare plants discovered in Canada in the year 1819
New inquiries into the laws which are observed in the distribution of vegetable forms
On the extraordinary darkness that was observed in some parts of the United States and Canada, in the month of November 1819
Extracts from Dr. Hibbert's Description of the Shetland Islands
On the effects of magnetism on chronometers
On the determination of certain secondary faces in crystals which require neither measurement nor calculation /
Account of a great and extraordinary cave in Indiana
Observations on the final report of the commissioners of weights and measures
Description of a new and portable æthrioscope
Description of a copper battle-axe found in Ratho Bog and now in the possession of Andrew Waddell.
Biographical notice of the late M. le Baron Fourier
On various improvements in the casting, working, &c. of specula for reflecting telescopes with sundry hints to amateur opticians /
Account of the habits and structure of a male and female orang-outang, that belonged to George Swinton
An account of experiments to determine the reflective powers of crown, plate, and flint glass at different angles of incidence and an investigation towards determining the law by which the reflective power varies in transparent bodies possessing the property of single refraction /
Remarks on the Salmonidæ
The sea-louse of the Baltic
Occasional notes on the occurrence of birds on the shores of the river Moy and Killala Bay
On a peculiar form of Asplenium ruta-muraria occurring on a wall in the neighbourhood of Athlone /
Notes on a storm which occurred on Thursday, October 29, 1863, at Ballinasloe about 150 feet above the sea /
On the non-cyclonic character of the storm of October 29, 1863
Description of a new species of Cosmarium (Corda), and of Arthrodesmus (Ehr.)
Account of inscribed stones in the sepulchral monument, called Mane Nelud, at Locmariaker in the department of Morbihan, Brittany /
Suggestions for improving the diet of the Irish labourer
Notes of a botanical and horticultural tour through parts of Scandinavia, Germany, and Belgium, in the year 1863
On the fossils of the yellow sandstone of Mountcharles, Co. Donegal
On crumpled lamination in shales
On the crannoges in Lough Rea
Note on the occurrence of exogenous wood in the arenaceous limestone of the yellow sandstone series of the north coast of Mayo
On armour-plated ships of war
Analysis of a Journal of a voyage for the discovery, &c. of a north-west passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, in the years 1819-1820, by Captain W.E. Parry and of a Journal of a voyage of discovery to the Arctic regions, by Alexander Fisher.
An account of a peculiarity not hitherto described in the ankle or hock-joint of the horse with remarks on the structure of the vertebræ in the species of whale, entitled Delphinus diodon /
Mineralogical, geological and chemical notices
Experiments on ocular spectra produced by the action of the sun's light on the retina
On the mean temperature of twenty-nine different places in the state of New York for 1829
On the direction of the diluvial wave in the Shetland Islands
Summary of the meteorological observations made at Kendal in September, October and November 1830
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan cottage [Sept.-Nov., 1830]
Meeting of the cultivators of natural science and medicine at Hamburgh in September, 1830
Project for facilitating the manufacture of the achromatic object-glasses for engyscopes
Account of other four cases of spectral illusion (continued from no. vi, p. 245 [v.3])
Observations on the action of the voltaic pile
On the spontaneous inflammation of powdered charcoal in great masses
History of the brown coal formation of the lower Rheinland
Observations on the mean temperature of the globe
Observations on the temperature of springs made during a voyage to Mount Elbrouz in Caucasus
Observations on the recent adjudication of the Wollaston Medal to Mr. William Smith for his geological discoveries
On the nature of the rings formed by the double refraction of quartz
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan cottage [Dec., 1830, Jan.-Feb. 1831]
On a new class of electro-chemical phenomena
On a remarkable effect of a magnet on the oscillations of the pendulum of a clock
On the females of pheasants, which assume the plumage of the male
Notes on the habits of the wild pigeon of America, Columbia migratoria
On the elements of four new planets Vesta, Juno, Ceres, and Pallas
On the chemical composition of some minerals of the zeolite family with an account of two new substances, mesole and mesoline /
The most ancient form in which gold was made use of in Scotland as the current money of the times
On the double chloride of gold and potassium with a note on the tartaric acid of the Vosges /
An account of experiments to determine the quantity of light reflected by plane metallic specula under different angles of incidence with a description of the photometer made use of /
Account of a fifth case of spectral illusion
Abstract of a meteorological journal kept at Funchal in the Island of Madeira from January 1st to December 31st, 1829
On the action of the second surfaces of transparent plates upon light
Electro-magnetic experiments
Scientific men and institutions in Copenhagen /
On the law of partial polarization of light by reflection
Account of a curious phenomenon of revolving motions, produced by the combinations of alcohol with laurel oil
Observations on some passages of Dr. Lardner's treatise on mechanics
On the influence of the direction of winds on the electricity which accompanies the condensation of aqueous vapours in the atmosphere
On the double chlorides of gold
Notice of experiments with laurel oil
Note on a physiological phenomenon produced by electricity
Experiments on the variations to which magnets are incident when exposed to the solar rays
On inscriptions in living tress
Account of experiments on the elastic force of steam up to twenty-four atmospheres
Inquiry into the circumstances under which the remains of some fossil animals were accumulated in the volcanic soil of the Velay, in France
Observations on the national encouragement of science and on its encouragement by learned societies with observations on the general state of learned societies in England /
Description of a simple, cheap and accurate rain-gage calculated to show the depth of rain falling around it to the ten-thousandth part of an inch /
Notice of the performance of steam-engines in Cornwall for January, February and March 1830
On the improvement of the microscope
Yearly statement of the progress of physical and chemical science delivered on the 31st March, 1829 /
Experimental inquiries concerning the laws of magnetic forces
Description of the volcano of Kirawea, in Hawaii, one of the Sandwich Islands
Observations on the mean temperature of the equatorial regions
Additional testimony respecting the sea-serpent of the American seas
On the specific gravity of several minerals (concluded from vol. III, p. 246 [i.e., p. 241]) /
Description of an instrument for extracting and condensing air without the assistance of valves or stop-cocks /
Notice respecting the mean temperature of the equator
Account of the expedition under Captain Franklin, and of the vegetation of North America
On the physiology of the root in plants
Account of the jeffersonite a new mineral discovered at the Frankline iron-works, near Sparta, New-Jersey /
Observations on the natural family of plants called Polemoniaceæ with descriptions of the genera belonging to it, and of a genus improperly referred to that order by botanists /
Description of a new reflecting telescope
Notice respecting Mr. Barlow's discovery of the mathematical laws of electro-magnetism
An account of a map of the vicinity of Paukgan, or Pagan
On the use of the thermometer in distillation, as an alkohometer
Abstract of a paper on the electrical phenomena produced in vacuo by Sir Humphrey Davy
Catalogue of the declination of 36 fixed stars for 1820
Account of a man who lived ten years after having swallowed a number of clasp-knives
Magnetical observations made at Bushey Heath, near Stanmore
Analysis of a paper On the finite extent of the atmosphere, by W.H. Wollaston
On the formation of valleys, bays, and creeks
Account of a free escapement, with considerable reduction of friction
Account of a singular experiment depending on the polarization of light by reflexion
Researches on hydrocyanic acid and opium with reference to their counter-poisons /
On a species of earthy matter spontaneously combustible
List of the steam-boats plying on the River Clyde in 1822
Account of a map of the Tarout Shan Territory
Remarks on the columnar structure of trap-rocks
Account of Professor Reinwardt's journey through the Preanger Regencies in Java
Observations on the relation between the optical structure and the chemical composition of the apophyllite and other minerals of the zeolite family in reference to the preceding analyses of M. Berzelius /
Observations respecting Professor Leslie's formula for the decrease of heat in the atmosphere and his opinions respecting the polar temperature /
Observations on the meteor called the aurora borealis with calculations, trigonometrical and analytical, towards determining the position and the course of the arches, with respect to the surface of the earth /
On the respiratory organs and air bladder of certain fishes of the Ganges
On the question of the existence of the rein-deer during the twelfth century, in Caithness
On monochromatic light and on the achromatism and spherical aberration of eye-pieces and angyscopes /
Observations on a new mode of constructing harbours
Extraordinary facts relating to the vision of colours with observations /
On the relation between the refractive powers and the polarizing angles of singly refractive substances
Abstract of meteorological observations made in the Isle of Man from 1822 to 1831
On the intensity of light when the vibrations are elliptical
Account of an excursion from Lima to Pasco
Account of the Russian Steppes with geognostical observations made in a journey to the environs of Mont Elbroux, in the Caucasus, undertaken in 1829 by order of the Emperor of Russia /
Historical notice respecting the inflammation of phosphorous in vacuo
Remarks on Dr. Goring's observations on the use of monochromatic light with the microscope
On the diamond mines of Panna in Bundelkhand
On the discovery of vanadium in Scotland and on the vanadiate of lead, a new mineral species /
Observations of fossil vegetables accompanied by representations of their internal structure as seen through the microscope /
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan cottage [March-May 1831]
Some account of James Stirling, F.R.S
On a new analysis of solar light indicating three primary colors, forming coincident spectra of equal length /
Further remarks on the alleged polarization of heat
On the general equations for determining the positions and curvatures of arches of Aurora Borealis from observations made in one place only : with calculations for that of the 25th December, 1830 /
Contributions to a scientific bibliography
Silver ores reduced by the method of Becquerel
A letter from Charles Chevalier, optician in Paris, to Dr. Goring being an answer to his paper published in the second volume of the new series of the Quarterly Journal of Science, p. 248, entitled, "A critique on the thick aplanatic object-glasses for divergent rays of Vincent Chevalier ainé et fils" /
On the perfection of microscopes
Remarks on Mons. Chevalier's paper, and on the memoir of Euler
Account of the Aurora Borealis seen in Roxburghshire on the 5th of October 1830
On the mean temperature of thirty-four different places in the state of New York, for 1830
Remarks on Mr. Potter's paper "On the specific heats of metals"
A few remarks on an account of the "Meeting of the cultivators of natural science and medicine at Hamburgh in September 1830 by James F.W. Johnston" as communicated by the author to the Edinburgh Journal of Science, new series, no. viii. p. 189, [v.4] /
Observations on Professor Muncke's remarks on Mr. Johnston's account of the meeting at Hamburgh
Notice of the discovery of very extensive vitrified remains at Eleness, in the island of Sanday, Orkney
Some notices regarding vanadium
On the nature of the light in the two rays produced by the double refraction of quartz
Description of a new species of Lamprotornis
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain gage kept at Edinburgh [June-August 1831]
On pyrophosphoric acid and its salts
Remarks on a natural rocking-stone of granite surmounted by an ancient cross illustrative of the early gaulish costume : observed near the village of Loubeyrant in the province of Auvergne, France /
Notice of a mass of meteoric iron recently discovered in Bohemia
On johannite, a new mineral species
Observations on the cause of halos and of the phenomena of diverging and converging beams /
On a cromlech and other ancient remains in the Presidency of Madras
Notes on some of the birds inhabiting the Southern Ocean
On the evaporation of a water surface at St. Helena
Notes on animal mechanics, [crocodiles]
Notes on animal mechanics, [monkeys]
On the meteoric stone that fell at Dundrum, in the county of Tipperary, on the 12th August, 1865
On some inscribed stones at Killeen Cormac, near Dunlavin
Observations of the genera Cylindrocystis (Meneghini), Mesotænium (Näg.), and Spirotænia (Bréb.), (=Palmoglœa, Kütz. pro maxima parte) mainly induced by a paper by J. Braxton Hicks, on the lower forms of Algæ /
On Echinorhynchus porrigens
On the anatomy of Ascaris (Atractis) dactyluris (Rud.)
On the horary oscillations of the barometer near Edinburgh, deduced from 4410 observations with an inquiry into the law of geographical distribution of the phenomenon /
Notes on animal mechanics, [marsupials]
On hæmodromometers
On the herring fisheries of Ireland
Notes on some of the drift in Ireland
Notes on animal mechanics, [emus]
Notes on animal mechanics, [dogs]
Notes on animal mechanics, [badgers]
Notes on animal mechanics, [bears]
On the chlorides of sulphur, selenium, and tellurium
Notes on animal mechanics, [rhinoceros]
The address of his royal highness the Duke of Sussex delivered to the Royal Society at the anniversary meeting on the 30th November 1831.
Notes on animal mechanics, [birds]
Notes on animal mechanics, [ruminants]
Analysis of gmelinite or hydrolite
On some indented bones of the Cervus megaceros, found near Lough Gur, Co. Limerick
On an inequality of long period in the motions of the earth and Venus
On the sea fisheries of Ireland and with reference to trawling /
On some new compounds of the chlorides of platinum
Further notes on Salmonidæ
On the advantage of a collection of numbers, to be entitled the constants of nature and of art
On the death of the lion and ostrich in the Royal Zoological Gardens of Dublin
On Irish Vespidæ
Catalogue of the mammalian fossils which have been hitherto discovered in Ireland
On the temperature and saltness of the waters of the ocean at different depths
On the occurrence of Hymenophyllum tunbridgense (Smith) in the Co. Longford with a list of stations of Cystopteris fragilis (Bernh.) in the midland counties /
Notes on animal mechanics, [lions]
Notes on animal mechanics, [seals]
Notice concerning an autograph manuscript by Sir Isaac Newton containing some notes upon the third book of the Principia, and found among the papers of Dr. David Gregory /
Some remarks on the doctrine of characteristic fossils
A description of a new construction of Sir Isaac Newton's microscope
On the geology of the New Zealand gold-fields
On the production of ammonia by the action of sulphuretted hydrogen on nitric acid
Description of a new Palæchinus
Addition to a paper "On the nature of the light in the two rays produced by the double refraction of quartz"
On some new points in the structure of Palæchinus
Descriptions of two birds hitherto uncharacterized belonging to the genera Crex and Rallus
Some additional notes on the structure of Palæchinus
On a new echinoderm from the yellow sandstone of Donegal
On the antiquities and human remains found in the county of Down, in 1780 and described by the Countess of Moira in the "Archæologia," vol. VII /
The icebergs of the southern hemisphere
On flights of swans seen in the counties of Roscommon and Galway, during the winter of 1863-64
Notes on some dissections of the fresh-water pearl mussel (Unio margaritifera)
On the use of heated air and uncoked coal in the smelting of iron ores
Record of the occurrence, new to Ireland, with note of a peculiar condition of the volvocinaceous alga Stephanosphæra pluvialis (Cohn) and observations thereon /
On the occurrence of spiral vessels in the thallus of Evernia prunastri (Ach.; Linn. sp.)
On oil of turpentine and artificial camphor
Geological notes on some of the islands of the west of Scotland
On an abnormal morphological development of the common snowberry
Description of a new species of Docidium (Bréb.), from Hong-Kong
Account of ogham inscriptions in the cave at Rathcroghan, Co. Roscommon
On the performance of fluid refracting telescopes and on the applicability of this principle of construction to very large instruments /
Report on the progress made in collecting the Irish lichens accompanying a presentation to the Natural History Society of a complete series of specimens of those hitherto collected : with an annotated list thereof, alphabetically arranged, and an index-list to the collection in the order in which the species occur therein /
On flax, and the practicability of extending its cultivation in Ireland together with directions for the proper management of that crop /
Some hints on the successful reclamation of bog
Notes on the general glaciation of the rocks in the neighbourhood of Dublin
Summary of meteorological observations made at Kendal in December 1831
Notes on the occurrence of a well-marked specimen of knorria in the lower Carboniferous limestone series of Kildare
On a new locality of granite in limestone near Rathfarnham
Register of the barometer, thermometer and rain-gage kept at Edinburgh, December 1831
On a remarkable specimen of ulodendron, found at Hurlet, Renfrewshire
On a recent erratic block
Notes on the physical features of the county of Donegal
On a polished and striated surface in the limestone of Ross Hill, Co. Galway
On the direct encouragement afforded to science by the French government
First meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science held at York in September, 1831
Notes on animal mechanics, [ostriches]
An account of some experiments on olefiant gas
Description of a new safety-tube for chemical apparatus
On mesole
Notice respecting the Vanderon monkey, of the Guenon á face pourpre of Buffon
Remarks on Mount Vesuvius
Observations on the properties of some fish oils and on the utility of chloride of lime in destroying their putrid odor /
On the systems of double stars which have been demonstrated to be binary ones by the observations of Sir W. Herschel, and Messrs. Herschel, and South.
Account of the death of Mr. Drake by the bite of a rattlesnake
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan cottage [June-August, 1827]
Notice respecting Professor Hansteen's new chart of the isodynamic lines for the whole magnetic intensity
On berthierite, a new mineral species
Summary of meteorological observations made at Kendal on June, July, and August, 1827
Notice respecting an emigration of butterflies
Description of a plant of the order of Guttiferæ, which Dr. Roxburgh called Garcinia pedunculata
Observations on the temperature of the atmosphere made by means of balloons
On polyhalite
Description of a plant used in Bengal as a common green vegetable,(Olus), and of another nearly allied to it
A metallurgic memoir on the nature and history of the argillaceous carbonate of iron
On the domestic economy of the Romans in the fourth century
Notice of the barometrical measurements of Vesuvius, and the new cone which was formed in the eruption of February, 1822
Magnetical observations on the variation and dip of the needle made during the voyage of the Coquille from Toulon to Port Jackson, in 1822, 3, and 4 /
Observations on electrical theories
Experiments on the growth of pearls with observations on their structure and colour /
Notice in regard to Macquarie Island
On the formation of dew
A popular view of Mr. Barlow's magnetical experiments and discoveries particularly as they have been rendered applicable to the correction of the local attraction of vessels.
On the geognostical phænomena at the Temple of Serapis
Notice of the colossal ray or skate with an account of the capture of one, at Port-Royal, Jamaica, where it is known under the name of sea-devil /
Mean of twelve months' meteorological observations in the years 1822-3, made at Paramatta, New South Wales
Memoir on several masses of iron found in the eastern Cordillera of the Andes
Abstract of a report on the state of the elm trees in St. James's and Hyde Parks
Analysis of cinnamon-stone from Ceylon
Report on the present state of the wooden bridge at Montrose and the practicability of erecting a suspended bridge of iron in its stead /
On the comparative value of oil and coal gas
Remarks on the subjects connected with Dr. Brewster's "Reply to Mr. Brooke's observations on the optical system of mineralogy"
Celestial phenomena from July 1 to October 1 1824, calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time
Observations on the results of the late expedition of Captain Parry including a view of previous discoveries made in the same direction /
Abstract of an account of crystallisations formed during various metallurgical operations
Account of the parallel roads in the valley of Coquimbo
On thermo-magnetism
Notice of a mode by which a conjecture may be formed as to the sex of the chick in ovo
On the extract of mimosa bark for the use of tanners, imported from New South Wales
Experiments and observations on radiant heat
Remarks illustrative of the influence of society on the distribution of British animals
Effects of lightning upon the human body, exemplified by a remarkable accident
Account of William Dempster, who swallowed a table-knife nine inches long with a notice of a similar case in a Prussian knife-eater /
Account of some remarkable hail-stones
Analysis of the radiated celestine, from Norten, near Hanover
Some account of an animal of the genus Bos, which in India is named Gour
Description of a hydro-pneumatic lamp
Account of several new species of Combretum, Chailletea, Clerodendrum, Gomphia, Modecia, Mussænda, Justicia, Brillanlaisia, Parinarium and Anthocliesta, from Sierra Leone
On the geographical distribution of the vine, (Vitis vinifera)
On the illuminating power of coal-gas, and oil-gas
A general theorem relating to regular polygons
Letters from Dr. Oudney, from Mr. Bowdich, and from Captain Parby
On the detection of minute quantities of arsenic in mixed fluids
Remarks on the light of the moon and of the planets
List of rare plants which have flowered in the Royal Botanic Garden at Edinburgh, during the last three months
Account of the lizard of Siam with observations /
Analysis of the solid contents of two hot mineral springs in India
On the employment of equations on condition in naval architecture
On the cultivation of the science of shipbuilding
On a mass of native iron from the desert of Atacama in Peru
On the cause of the extraordinary figure of calcareous spar and on its cleavage in three different directions /
Observations on the climate and geology of New South Wales
Account of the climate and agriculture of Soobathoo and Kotgurh
Observations on the colour of water and on the tints of the ocean
On the relative quantities of steam condensed in vessels with bright metallic and blackened surfaces
Some account of the School of Arts of Edinburgh
Notice in regard to the saline lake of Loonar, situated in Berar, East Indies, in Lat. 19⁰ 10́ N., and Long. 75⁰ 3́ E
Conjectures regarding the original form of the Pyrenees
On crystallisation
Observations on radiant heat
Account of the erection of the Bell Rock Lighthouse
On the principles and practice of warming and ventilating buildings
On certain antediluvian plants susceptible of being illustrated by means of species now living within the Tropics
Short account of the forest trees and timber trade of the interior of Russia
Description of eudalite
Notice of the diamond and gold mines of the residency of the north-west coast of Borneo
Examination of the specimen of native iron from the desert of Atacama in Peru
On the time at which Nearchus left the Indus
Observations on the styles of building employed in ancient Italy and the materials used in the city of Rome /
Occasional meteorological remarks and observations during the years 1826-27
Observations on ventriloquism
Account of the performance of different ventriloquists with observations on the art of ventriloquism.
Notice of "The third series of observations with a twenty-feet reflecting telescope" containing a catalogue of 384 new double and multiple stars, completing a first thousand of those objects detected in sweeps with that instrument /
On a new cleavage in calcareous spar with a notice of a method of detecting secondary cleavages in minerals /
On single vision and the union of the optic nerves
On the chalk formation of Denmark
On the construction of large achromatic telescopes
Account of the discoveries in vegetable physiology particularly those respecting the motion of the sap /
New researches on endosmose and exosmose
Account of the earthquakes in the Antilles during the last six months of 1827
An account of the services which the little bird called trochilos renders to the crocodile
Remarks on self-registering thermometers particularly on Mr. King's, described in last number /
On the parasitic formation of mineral species depending upon gradual changes which take place in the interior of minerals, while their external form remains the same /
Comparison of the hourly mean temperature at Christiania and Leith in February and July
Account of an apparatus for grinding and polishing the specula of reflecting telescopes
Account of a new reflecting telescope
Additional observations on the cavern of Boobon with a plan /
Register of the barometer, thermometer and rain-gage kept at Canaan Cottage [June-August, 1828]
Register of the barometer, thermometer and rain-gage kept at Canaan Cottage [March-May, 1828]
Abstract of the register of the barometer, thermometer and rain-gage for the years 1826 and 1827 kept at Canaan Cottage
Summary of meteorological observations made at Kendal in June, July, and August, 1828
Summary of meteorological observations made at Kendal in December 1827 and in January ... May 1828
Remarks on a luminous arch seen at Kendal, 27th December 1827
Farther observations on the construction of achromatic telescopes with a fluid concave lens instead of the usual lens of flint glass /
On botryogrene, the native red iron-vitriol of Fahlun
Account of the structure, manners and habits of an orang-outang from Borneo, in the possession of George Swinton
Account of the great cavern of Boobon in the Cossyah Mountains
Report on double stars from a review of the starry heavens made with the great achromatic telescope of Fraunhofer /
Experiments with the vegetable poison with which the Nagas are stated to tip their arrows
Account of a new self-registering thermometer
Description of erinite, a new mineral species
On the diurnal variation of the barometer at Paris
Observations on the barometer and thermometer made at Malmanger and Ullensvang in Norway during a period of thirty years from 1798 to 1828
On the cochlea of the internal ear of birds
On the Aurora Borealis and polar fogs
Memoir on the milk of the cow-tree
On the laws of electro-magnetic action as depending on the length and dimensions of the conducting wire, and on the question, whether electrical phenomena are due to the transmission of a single or of a compound fluid? /
Notice regarding the different character of the waves of the western ocean, and of the British seas
Remarks on the modern strata
On the geographic distribution of the Graminea with coloured maps /
Geological distribution of the fossil organic remains enumerated by Baron von Schlotheim
Remarks on the strength of materials with an account of several experiments on the transverse strength of wood and iron /
On the mines of Mexico
On the illuminating power of coal-gas
List of rare plants which have flowered in the Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh, during the last three months
Celestial phenomena from January 1 to April 1, 1825 calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time
Remarks on the climate and vegetable productions of the Hudson's Bay countries
Table of the temperature of the sea, at various depths made during Captain Franklin's voyage to Sptizbergen with Captain Buchan
On the British testaceous annelides
An account of a series of experiments, made to determine the local attraction of his Majesty's steam-vessel Comet
Professor Buckland's reply to some observations in Dr. Fleming's remarks on the distribution of British animals
On fossil organic remains as a means of distinguishing rock-formations
Discourse on the history and progress of geology
On the number and situation of the magnetic poles of the earth
On the motions of the eye
Remarks on the illuminating power of coal-gas
Notice regarding malleable iron railways
Celestial phenomena from April 1 to July 1, 1825, calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time
Elementi di geologia e di mineralogia con figure e quadri illustrativi della costituzione geognostica del globo : con la descrizione dei terreni della Toscana /
Andreae Alciati Emblemata
Dispvtationes in dvos libros Aristotelis De generatione et corrvptione, in qvatvor libros De meteoris et in tres libros De coelo
Leçons sur la théorie des formes et la géométrie analytique supérieure à l'usage des étudiants des facultés des sciences /
Théorie des fonctions algébriques et de leurs intégrales étude des fonctions analytiques sur une surface de Riemann /
L'art de conserver, pendant plusieurs années, toutes les substances animales et végétales ouvrage soumis au Bureau consultatif des Arts et Manufactures, revêtu de son approbation, et publié sur l'invitation de S. Ex. le Ministre de l'Interieur /
The art of preserving all kinds of animal and vegetable substances for several years a work published by order of the French Minister of the Interior, on the report of the Board of Arts and Manufactures /
A catalogue of scientific and technical periodicals, (1665 to 1882) together with chronological tables and a library check-list /
Sechs Vorlesungen über die Darwin'sche Theorie von der Verwandlung der Arten und die erste Entstehung der Organismenwelt sowie über die Anwendung der Umwandlungstheorie auf den Menschen, das Verhältniss dieser Theorie zur Lehre vom Fortschritt und den Zusammenhang derselben mit der materialistischen Philosophie der Vergangenheit und Gegenwart /
The effects of cross and self fertilisation in the vegetable kingdom
The expression of the emotions in man and animals
On the origin of species by means of natural selection, or, The preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life
On the various contrivances by which British and foreign orchids are fertilised by insects and on the good effects of intercrossing /
The power of movement in plants
The variation of animals and plants under domestication
Io. Baptistae Portae De hvmana physiognomonia libri IIII
Io. Bapt. Portae Magiae natvralis libri XX
Phytognomonica Io. Baptistae Portae octo libris contenta : in qvibvs nova, facillimaqve affertur methodus, qua plantarum, animalium, metallorũ, rerum deniq[uam?] omniũ ex prima extimae faciei inspectione quiuis abditas vires assequatur : accedvnt ad haec confirmanda infinita propemodũ selectiora secreta, summo labore, temporis dispendio, & impensarum iactura vestigata, explorataq[uam?] cvm privilegio.
Science improved, or, The theory of the universe comprehending a rational system of the most useful as well as entertaining parts of natural and experimental philosophy ... calculated to explaine the occult properties of nature, with the various phænomena of the heavenly bodies, upon the true principles of reason and religion : intended for the instruction and amusement of the British youth of both sexes /
Mvsevm Richterianvm continens fossilia animalia, vegetabilia mar. /
Recherches sur les glaciers et sur les formations erratiques des Alpes de la Suisse
Chemisches Laboratorium, oder, Anweisung zur chemischen Analyse der Naturalien nebst Darstellung der nöithigsten Reagenzien /
Lehrbuch der chemischen Technologie zum Unterricht und Selbststudium /
Cyclopedia of useful arts, mechanical and chemical, manufactures, mining, and engineering
Dictionnaire technologique dans les langues française, anglaise et allemande renfermant les termes techniques usités dans les arts et métiers et dans l'industrie en général /
William Whewell, an account of his writings with selections from his literary and scientific correspondence /
Delle scienze in Lucca e dei loro coltivatori
The principles and practices and explanation of the machinery of locomotive engines in operation on the several lines of the railway exemplified in the examples constructed by Bury, Curtis and Kennedy ... [et al.] : with descriptive text, in which is added rules and regulations for the practical management of a locomotive engine ... the dimensions of the locomotive engine ... the consumption of fuel and the evaporation of water ... : completing division A, and forming the first volume of the new edition of Tredgold on the steam engine.
Life of Richard Trevithick with an account of his inventions /
What is electricity?
Versuch über die physikalisch-chemischen Bewegungen und Veränderungen der Materie und über die Gesetze, nach welchen die Körper ihre Dichten annehmen /
A conchological dictionary of the British islands
Hours of exercise in the Alps
Corporis hvmani anatomia in qva omnia tam vetervm qvam recentiorvm anatomicorvm inventa : methodo nova & intellectu facillima describuntur, ac tabulis æneis repræsentantur /
Das Luftmeer die Grundzüge der Meteorologie und Klimatologie nach der neuesten Forschungen /
Aus der Natur Essays /
A treatise on the differential calculus and the elements of the integral calculus with numerous examples /
A history of the theory of elasticity and of the strength of materials from Galilei to the present time
an essay concerning humane understanding in four books.
Natvralis historiae opvs nvvm in qvo tractatvr de natvra et viribvs, frvticum, hervarum, animantiiumq[ue] : terrestrium, volatilium & aquatilium ... /
The subtil medium prov'd, or, That wonderful power of nature so long ago conjectur'd by the most ancient and remarkable philosophers which they call'd sometimes æther, but oftener elementary fire, verify'd ... /
Experimental essays on medical and philosophical subjects ...
The collected works of James MacCullagh
Beiträge zur Analyse der Empfindungen
La vie des abeilles
leçons sur les fonctions et les maladies du système nerveux
Physica medica perspicue cuivis facultati addictis explicans corporum naturalium principia, affectiones, species et phænomena, qualia ex posteriorum numero sunt meteora, temperamenta, sympathia, antipathia et magia naturalis /
Arithmeticæ theoria et praxis
An elementary treatise on the theory of equations with a collection of examples /
An elementary treatise on Labplace's functions, Lamé's functions, and Bessel's functions
Anfangsgründe der theoretischen und praktischen Chemie nebst Anwendungen auf die Gewerbe /
Die älteste astromonische Schrift des Maimonides aus zwei Manuscripten der Nationalbibliothek in Paris, bezeichnet Fonds hébreu no. 1058 und no. 1061 : ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Astronomie /
The wonders of geology, or, A familiar exposition of geological phenomena being the substance of a course of lectures delivered at Brighton /
Les lapidaires de l'antiquité et du moyen âge
Life, letters, and works of Louis Agassiz
Labyrintvs in quo via ad circvli qvadratvra[m] pluribus modis exibetur /
Hortus regius monspeliensis, sive, Catalogus plantarum quae in Horto regio monspeliensi demonstrantur
Thayer expedition scientific results of a journey in Brazil, by Louis Agassiz and his travelling companions : geology and physical geography of Brazil /
Inventions, improvements, and practice of Benjamin Thompson, in the combined character of colliery engineer, and general manager with some interesting particulars relative to Watt's steam engine, and a short treatise on the coal trade regulation.
A system of chemistry
An outline of the sciences of heat and electricity
The theory of light
Collectanea pharmaceutica, sev, Apparatus ad novam pharmacopæam
Joannis Raji Methodus plantarum emendata et aucta in qua notæ maxime characteristicæ exhibentur, quibus stirpium genera, tum summa, tum infima cognoscuntur & à se mutuo dignoscuntur, non necessariis omissis : accedit methodus graminum, uncorum et cyperorum specialis /
Life of Thomas Young
The theory of heat
Theatrum chemicum britannicum containing severall poeticall pieces of our famous English philosophers, who have written the hermetique mysteries in their owne ancient language /
Recondita natvræ opera iam detecta discursus astrosophicus vbi circa quatuor causas obseruati cometæ de mense Decembris transacti anni 1664 /
Lucæ Tozzi Opera omnia
Statistics of coal the geographical and geological distribution of fossil fuel, or mineral combustibles employed in the arts and manufactures : their production, consumption, commercial distribution, prices, duties, and international regulations in all parts of the world ... derived from official reports and accredited authorities /
Description de l'univers contenant les differents systemes du monde, les cartes generales & particulieres de la geographie ancienne & moderne : les plans & les profils des principales villes & des autres lieux plus considerables de la terre : avec les portraits des souverains qui y commandent, leurs blasons, titres & livrées : et les moeurs, religions, gouvernemens & divers habillemens de chaque nation /
Flora Romana
Histoire des sciences mathématiques et physiques
Danubius Pannonico-mysicus observationibus geographicis, astronomicis, hydrographicis, historicis, physicis perlustrarus et in sex tomos digestus /
Essays medical and philosophical
Philosophia sacra, sive, Entis tvm supernatvralis, tum increati ...
Lettre de M. van Marum à M. Berthollet contenant la description d'un gazomètre, construit d'une manière différente de celui de Lavoisier & Meusnier, & d'un appareil pour faire très exactement l'expérience de la composition de l'eau, par combustion continuelle, avec plus de facilité & moins de frais.
Anatomia per uso degli studiosi di scultura e pittura
L'ancienne Académie des Sciences, les académiciens, 1666-1793
Anatomia universale
Francisci Massarii Veneti In nonvm Plinii De naturali historia librum castigationes & annotationes quisquis de natura aquatilium ac remotiore piscium cognitione edoceri cupis, hunc Massarij commentarium eme & lege : admiraberis laborem ac ingeniũ hominis candidissimi, qui longè maximam operam in hijs indagandis, ut studiosi iuuarentur, insumpsit.
Lectures on the physical phenomena of living beings
The Linnæan system of conchology describing the orders, genera, and species of shells arranged into divisions and families : with a view to facilitate the student's attainment of the science /
Geschichte der Botanik unserer Zeiten
Historia mundi, or, Mercator's atlas containing his cosmographical description of the fabricke and figure of the world /
Gesammelte Werke
Annuities upon lives, or, The valuation of annuities upon any number of lives, as also, of reversions to which is added, an appendix concerning the expectations of life, and probabilities of survivorship /
Cosmographia B[e]schreibũg aller Lender /
Clavdii Mydorgii Prodromi catoptricorvm et dioptricorvm, sive, Conicorvm operis ad abdita radii reflexi et refracti mysteria praeuij & facem praeferentis liber qvatvor priores.
Collected papers in physics and engineering
The elements of chemistry
The works of William Cullen, M.D containing his physiology, nosology, and first lines of the practice of physic : with numerous extracts from his manuscript papers, and from his treatise of the materia medica /
The life and letters of Charles Darwin including an autobiographical chapter /
Elementa philosophiae botanicae
Remarks on the present system of road making with observations, deduced from practice and experience, with a view to a revision of existing laws, and the introduction of improvement in the method of making, repairing, and preserving roads, and defending the road funds from misapplication /
Tripvs avrevs, hoc est, Tres tractatvs chymici selectissimi ...
Traité de chimie élémentaire, théorique et pratique suivi d'un essai sur la philosophie chimique et d'un précis sur l'analyse /
Light visible and invisible a series of lectures /
Michael Faraday his life and work /
The electromagnet, and electromagnetic mechanism
D. Johannis Henrici Pott Chymische Untersuchungen welche fürnehmlich von der Lithogeognosia, oder, Erkäntniss und Bearbeitung der gemeinen einfacheren Steine und Erden ingleichen von Feuer und Licht handeln
A history of the Cavendish laboratory 1871-1910
Symbola aureae mensae duodecim nationum hoc est, hermaea seu mercurii festa ab heroibus duodenis selectis, artis chymicae usu ... /
Die organische Bewegung in ihrem Zusammenhange mit dem Stoffwechsel ein Beitrag zur Naturkunde /
Botanische Mittheilungen
Systematische Beschreibung der Europäischen Schmetterlinge
Vasorum lymphaticorum corporis humani historia et ichnographia
Gesammelte Abhandlungen
More letters of Charles Darwin a record of his work in a series of hitherto unpublished letters /
Physisk beskrifning öfver jord-klotet på cosmographiska sållskapets vágnar författad /
Medicinisches Schriftsteller-Lexicon der jetzt lebenden Aerzte, Wundärzte, Geburtshelfer, Apotheker, und Naturforscher aller gebildeten Völker /
Traité général des horloges
Mémoires de l'Académie des sciences
Tracts relating to natural history
The descent of man and selection in relation to sex
Observations sur la comete qui a paru au mois de decembre 1680, et en janvier 1681
Origin of cultivated plants
Versuche über das Gesetz des Falls über den Widerstand der Luft und über die Umdrehung der Erde /
Dissertatio optica de visu quam faventi deo ter optimo maximo /
Über die Dalton'sche Theorie
Die Sternschnuppen sind Steine aus den Mondvulkanen die einen Durchmesser von 1 bis 5 Fuss haben : und welche bei 8000 Fuss Geschwindigkeit in 1 Secunde nicht wieder auf den Mond zurückkommen : und die dann mit Millionen um die Erde herumlaufen /
Lettera critico-meccanica del padre D. Ottaviano Cametti
Amoenitatvm natvræ, sive, Historiæ natvralis pars prima generalior, oder, Der curieusen und nützlichen, so wohl historisch- als physicalischen Abhandlung aller Merckwürdigkeiten der Natur
Experiments on the insensible perspiration of the human body shewing its affinity to respiration /
Air and its relations to life being with some additions, the substance of a course of lectures delivered in the summer of 1874 at the Royal Institution of Great Britain /
British animals extinct within historic times with some account of British wild white cattle /
The life of Philippus Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim known by the name of Paracelsus : and the substance of his teachings concerning cosmology, anthropology, pneumatology, magic and sorcery, medicine, alchemy and astrology, philosophy and theosophy /
Wahrheit und Irrthum im Darwinismus eine kritische Darstellung der organischen Entwickelungstheorie /
Mathemata astronomica de loco, motv, magnitvdine, et cavsis cometæ qvi svb finem anni 1618. et initivm anni 1619. in coelo fulsit ex assiduis legitimiśq[ue] variorum phænomenorum observationibus derivata /
An inquiry into the nature and properties of opium wherein its component principles, mode of operation, and use or abuse in particular diseases, are experimentally investigated, and the opinions of former authors on these points impartially examined /
Lectures on botany as delivered in the botanic garden at Lambeth /
Description of an improved air-pump and an account of some experiments made with it, by which its superiority above all other air-pumps is demonstrated /
Études sur la machine a vapeur
Ioannis Caii Britanni Opera aliqvot et versiones partim iam nata, partim recogita atque aucta.
Aanmerkingen over de veranderingen, welke de steenen in de pisblaas der menschen ondergaan brief over het steensynden in twee reizen, volgens P. Franco : verhandeling van den Heere Maret, over der voordeelen van het steensnyden in twee tyden : als mede de stelregels, van Celsus, Albucasis en Le Dran, over deeze Konstbewerking /
The elements of molecular mechanics
The life and letters of Hugh Miller
A treatise on the construction, proper use, and capabilities of Smith, Beck, and Beck's achromatic microscopes
Botany of the United States north of Virginia comprising descriptions of the flowering and fern-like plants hitherto found in those states ... /
Memoir of the life of Sir Marc Isambard Brunel civil engineer, vice-president of the Royal Society, corresponding member of the Institute of France, &c., &c., &c. /
A popular sketch of electro-magnetism, or electro-dynamics with plates of the most approved apparatus for illustrating the principal phaenomena of the science, and outlines of the parent sciences electricity and magnetism /
Études sur André Vésale précédées d'une notice historique sur sa vie et ses écrits /
Gasometrische Methoden
Introduction a l'étude des corps naturels tirés du règne végétal
Introduction a l'étude des corps naturels tirés du règne minéral
Doctrina antiqua de rerum originibus, or, An inquiry into the doctrine of the philosophers of all nations, concerning the original of the world
Vniversæ naturæ theatrum in quo rerum omnium effectrices causæ & fines contemplantur, & continua series quinque libris discutiuntur /
Hermanni Boerhaave Libellus de materie medica et remediorum formulis quae serviunt aphorismis de cognoscendis et curandis morbis.
Magni von Bromells Mineralogia eller inledning til nödig kundskap at igenkiänna och upfinna allahanda berg-arter, mineralier, metaller samt fossilier : och huru de mȧge til sin rätta nytta anwȧndas : andra gȧngen uplagd.
Olai Borrichii Metallische Probier-Kunst deutlich und kurtz beschrieben
Olai Borrichi Dissertatio de lapidum generatione in macro & microcosmo
Casp. Bartolini De mundo quaestiones et controversiæ nobiliores ex sacro codice, rationibus at́q[ue] experientijs formatæ ac firmatæ /
Venus aurea (in forma chrysocollæ fossilis) cum fulmine cœlitùs delapsæ propè Haynam d. 28. Maij, l677 /
Istoria di varj incendj del Monte Vesuvio cui s'aggiugne una breve relazione di un fulmine, che cadde quì in Napoli nel mese di giugno dell' anno MDCCLXXIV /
De vita et moribus philosophorum
Das Flözgebirge Würtembergs mit besonderer Rücksicht auf den Jura /
Handbuch der krystallographisch-physikalischen Chemie
Travels in Iceland performed by order of his Danish majesty : containing observations on the manners and customs of the inhabitants, a description of the lakes, rivers, glaciers, hot-springs, and volcanoes : of the various kinds of earths, stones, fossils, and petrifactions, as well as of the animals, insects, fishes, &c. /
Theorie und Bau der Turbinen und Ventilatoren
De admirandis phasibvs in sole et lvna visis ponderations opticæ, physicæ, et astronomicæ : in quæstiones incidentes /
El minero Español descripcion de los puntos de la península donde existen criaderos de todos classes de metales : mode de beneficiar las minas : coleccion de las ordenanzas y reales órdenes que rijen en la matiera : formularios para las reclamaciones que deben intentarse, y modo de formar las sociedades mineras con las bases para su mejor réjimen y prosperidad /
The discovery of a world in the moone, or, A discovrse tending to prove that 'tis probable there may be another habitable world in that planet
The natural history of the mineral kingdom in three parts ; part I. of the natural history of the strata of coal, and of the concomitant strata ; part II. of the natural history of mineral veins, and other beds and repositories of the precious and useful metals ; part III. of the natural history of the prevailing strata, and of the principal and most interesting phaenomena upon and within the surface of our globe /
Thomæ Willis ... Opera omnia ... cum ... multis figvris aeneis.
Geschichte des neuen Planeten Uranus samt Tafeln für dessen heliocentrischen und geocentrischen Ort /
Der Maschinenbau
Die Gesetze des Lokomotiv-Baues
Considerations sur les montagnes volcaniques mémoire lu dans une séance de l'Académie électorale des sciences et belles lettres de Mannheim le V. novembre MDCCLXXXI : a l'occasion de la St. Charles, fête de S.A.S.E. Palatine et de Baviere Charles Theodore fondateur et protecteur de cette académie /
Nvova prattica astrologica di fare le direttioni secondo la via rationale, e conforme ancora al fondam[en]to di Kepplero per via di logaritmi con una centuria di varij problemi, e con il compendio delle regole de triangoli /
Die Atome und ihre Bewegungen ein Versuch zur Verallgemeinerung der Krönig-Clausius'schen Theorie der Gase /
Intorno invenzioni e scoperte italiane
Christophori Clavii Bambergensis Astrolabivm
Handbuch der vergleichenden und experimentellen Entwicklungslehre der Wirbeltiere
Christophori Clavii Bambergensis Opera mathematica V tomus distributa /
Histoire de la chimie
Exposition des familles naturelles et de la germination des plantes
Breuis ac perutilis cōpilatio Alfragani astronomo[rum] peritissumi totū id continens quod ad rudimenta astronomica est opportunum.
[Kitāb fī-al-ḥarakah al-samāwiyah wa-jawamiʻ ʻilm al-nujūm bi-tafasīr al-shaykh al-fādil (romanized form)] Muhammedis fil. Ketiri Ferganensis, qui vulgo Alfraganvs dicitur Elementa astronomica /
Alfragani astronomorvm peritissimi compendium id omne quod ad astronomica rudimenta spectat cōplectens /
Mvhamedis Alfragani Chronologica et astronomica elementa e Palatinæ bibliothecæ veteribus libris versa, expleta, & scholiis expolita : additvs est commentarivs, qui rationem calendarii Romani, Ægyptiaci, Arabici, Persici, Syriaci & Hebræi explicat, & interualla præcipuarum ærarum ita declarat, vt ab Olympiadibus & vrbe condita vsque ad nostram memoriam, per annos Nabonasari, Iulij Cæsaris & Christi, certa temporum series constare possit /
Lehrbuch der chemischen Metallurgie
Lehrbuch der Mineralogie
Histoire des singes, et autres animaux curieux dont l'instinct & l'industrie excitent l'admiration des hommes, comme les éléphants, les castors, etc.
The life and letters of Faraday
A brief and true report of the new found land of Virginia of the commodities there found and to be raysed, as well marchantable, as others for victuall, building and other necessarie uses for those that are and shalbe the planters there : and of the nature and manners of the naturall inhabitants discouered by the English colony there seated by Sir Richard Greinuile, Knight in the yeere 1585 ... : directed to the aduenturers, fauourers, and welwillers of the action, for the inhabiting and planting there /
Hieronymi Cardani Mediolanesis Medici Liber de libris propriis
Hieronymi Cardani Medici Mediolanensis De svbtilitate Libri XXI
The recent progress of astronomy especially in the United States /
A treatise on meteorology with a collection of meteorological tables /
Reise durch Sachsen in Rüksicht der Naturgeschichte und Ökonomie
Histoire naturelle des oiseaux suivant la classification de Isidore Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire : avec l'indication de leurs mœurs et de leurs rapports avec les arts, le commerce et l'agriculture /
Anfangsgründe der Naturgeschichte
Recherches sur la formation et l'existence des ruisseaux, rivières et torrens qui circulent sur le globe terrestre avec des observations sur les principaux fleuves qui traversent la France, sur les causes des changemens qu'ils éprouvent dans leur cours, les moyens de les contenir dans leur lit, d'en tirer avantage pour la navigation, et huit planches explicatives : examen critique de plusieurs ouvrages qui ont traité de ces objets, et vues sur les travaux hydrauliques qui ont été proposés ou mis enusage /
Aristotle, a chapter from the history of science including analyses of Aristotle's scientific writings /
Versuch einer systematischen Encyklopädie der Bergwerkswissenschaften
Idrostatica esaminata ne suoi principij e stabilita nelle sue regole della misura dell' acque correnti
Kant's Prolegomena and Metaphysical foundations of natural science /
Notes upon the errors of geology illustrated by reference to facts observed in Ireland : in five parts ... /
The anatomy of the humane body abridged, or, A short and full view of all the parts of the body together with their several uses drawn from their compositions and structures.
An old chapter of the geological record with a new interpretation, or, Rock-metamorphism (especially the methylosed kind) and its resultant imitations of organisms with an introduction giving an annotated history of the controversy on the so-called "Eozoon Canadense," and an appendix /
Valleys and their relation to fissures, fractures, and faults
A comparative view of meteorological observations made in Ireland since the year M.DCC.LXXXVII with some hints towards forming prognostics of the weather /
The ethical aspects of evolution
Of the strength of acids, and the proportion of ingredients in neutral salts
A complete system of astronomical chronology, unfolding the Scriptures ...
Lehrbuch der organischen Chemie, oder, der Chemie der Kohlenstoffverbindungen
Of the compostition and proportion of carbon in bitumens and mineral coal
The doctrine of ultimators containing a new acquisition to mathematical literature, naturally resulting from the consideration of an equation, as reducible from its variable to its ultimate state, or, A discovery of the true and genuine foundation of what has hitherto mistakenly prevailed under the improper names of fluxions and the differential calculus : by means of which we now have that apex of all mathematical science entirely rescued from the blind and ungeometrical method of deduction, which it has hitherto laboured under, and made to depend on princilpes as strictly demonstrable, as the most self-evident propoosition in the first elements of geometry /
Handwörterbuch der Mineralogie, Geologie und Palæontologie
Theoretische Optik gegründet auf das Bessel-Sellmeier'sche Princip. : zugleich mit den experimentellen Belegen /
Die allgemeine Weltanschauung in ihrer historischen Entwickelung Charakterbilder aus der Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften /
De fvndamentis astrologiæ certioribvs nova dissertatiuncula ad cosmotheoriam spectans : cvm prognosi physica anni ineuntis à nato Christo 1602 /
Nova stereometria doliorvm vinariorvm, in primis Austriaci, figuræ omnium aptissimæ et usus in eo virgæ cubicæ compendiosissimus & plane singularis accessit stereometriæ Archimedeæ supplementum /
Mineralogisches Handbuch durch weitere Ausführung des Wernerschen Systems /
Einführung in die Aeronautik elementare Vorträge /
Die Luftwiderstands-Gesetze der Fall durch die Luft und der Vogelflug : mathematisch-mechanische Klärung, auf experimenteller Grundlage entwickelt /
The birds of Great Britain systematically arranged, accurately engraved, and painted from nature, with descriptions, including the natural history of each bird : from observations the result of more than twenty years application to the subject, in the field of nature, in which the distinguishing character of each species is fully explained, and its manner of life truly described /
Versuch einer vollständigen Anleitung zur Kenntniss der Mineralien
System der Mineralkörper mit Benutzung der neuesten Entdeckungen /
An elementary treatise on plane and spherical trigonometry, and on the application of algebra to geometry from the mathematics of Lacroix and Bézout /
Elements of algebra
An elementary treatise on the differential and integral calculus
The dynamical theory of sound
Hugh Miller
A compendious body of chymistry teaching the whole practice thereof by the most exact preparation of animals, vegetables and minerals, preserving their essential vertues /
A compleat body of chymistry wherein is contained whatsoever is necessary for the attaining to the curious knowledge of this art : comprehending in general the whole practice thereof : and teaching the most exact preparation of animals, vegetables and minerals, so as to preserve their essential vertues : laid open in two books, and dedicated to the use of all apothecaries, &c. /
Handbuch der angewandten Naturlehre
Darstellung der Uebergangs-Formation in Norwegen
Ioannis Keppleri Ad epistolam clarissimi viri D. Jacobi Bartschii ... præfixam ephemeridi in annum 1629, responsio de compvtatione et editione ephemeridum.
Joannis Keppleri Admonitio ad astronomos, rerumque colestium studiosos, de raris mirisq[ue], anni 1631 phaenomenis, Veneris pvta et Mercvrii in solem incursu : excerpta ex ephemeride anni 1631 : & certo authoris consilio huic præmissa /
Ioh. Keppleri Somnium, seu Opus posthumum De astronomia lunari
Alberti Kyperi Institutiones physicæ in fine adjecta est confutatio pseud-apologematis, quod Plempius fundamentis suis medicinæ subjunxit.
A bibliography of geodesy
Goethe's theory of colours
A discovrse mathematical on the variation of the magneticall needle together with its admirable diminution lately discovered /
An apologie or declaration of the power and providence of God in the government of the world, or, An examination and censvre of the common errovr tovching natvres perpetvall and vniversall decay
The natural history of the human teeth explaining their structure, use, formation, growth, and diseases /
Dictionary of geology & mineralogy comprising such terms in natural history as are connected with the study of geology /
The history of physick from the time of Galen to the beginning of the sixteenth century chiefly with regard to practice /
A treatise on gas-works and the practice of manufacturing and distributing coal gas with some account of the most improved methods of distilling coal in iron, brick, and clay retorts : and of the various modes adopted for purifying coal gas, including also a chapter on the hydrocarbon or water gas, and on the rating of gas-works in parochial assessments /
Méthode des moindres carrés mémoires sur la combinaison des observations /
Recherches physiques sur la nature de l'air nitreux et de l'air déphlogistiqué
Traité pratique de photographie exposé complet des procédés relatifs au daguerréotype ... : suivi de la description approfondie de sa nouvelle méthode pour travailler au bain d'argent /
Mathematical discourses concerning two new sciences relating to mechanicks and local motion ...
On Encke's comet
Fishes of Guiana
Fishes of the perch family
Catalogue of the Wheeler gift of books, pamphlets and periodicals in the library of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers
An herbal for the Bible containing a plaine and familiar exposition of such similitudes, parables, and metaphors, both in the Olde Testament and the Newe, as are borrowed and taken from herbs, plants, trees, fruits and simples, by observation of their vertues, qualities, natures, properties, operations, and effects : and by the holy prophets, sacred writers, Christ himself, and his blessed apostles, usually alledged, and into their heavenly oracles, for the better beautifieng and plainer opening of the same, profitably inserted /
Die Lehre Kants von der Idealität des Raumes und der Zeit in Zusammenhange mit seiner Kritik des Erkennens /
New elements of conick sections together with a method for their description on a plane /
Arithmetick vulgar, decimal, instrumental, algebraical : in four parts ... whereunto is added the construction and use of several tables of interest and annuities, weights and measures, both of our own and other countries /
Die Zelle und die Gewebe Grundzüge der allgemeinen Anatomie und Physiologie /
Dictionnaire encyclopedique des amusemens des sciences mathématiques et physiques des procédés curieux des arts, des tours récréatifs & subtils de la magie blanche, & des découvertes ingénieuses & variées de l'industrie : avec l'explication de quatre-vingt-six planches, & d'un nombre infini de figures qui y sont relatives.
An extract from the observations made in a tour to Italy
Leçons sur les coordonnées curvilignes et leurs diverses applications
Leçons sur les fonctions inverses des transcendantes et les surfaces isothermes
Leçons élémentaires d'astronomie géométrique et physique
Samling till en mineralogisk geografi öfver Sverige
Lehrbuch der Entwicklungsgeschichte des Menschen und der Wirbeltiere
Methodik der Untersuchungen
Versuch einer Mineralogie für Anfänger und Liebhaber nach des Herrn Bergcommissionsraths Werner's Methode /
Vorstellung der Vögel Deutschlandes und beyläufig auch einiger Fremden
Die Elemente der Entwicklungslehre des Menschen und der Wirbeltiere Anleitung und Repetitorium für Studierende und Aertze /
Antidotarium, siue, De exacta componendorvm miscendorv'mqve medicamentorvm ratione libri tres omnibus pharmacopœie longè vtilissimi : ex Græcorum, Arabum, & recentiorum medicorum scriptis maxima cura & diligentia collecti : nunc verò primùm ex Italico sermone Latini facti.
Disputationes physicæ principia intrinseca in communi, & in particulari corporis naturalis complectentes, juxta systema peripateticum elucubratæ /
Caroli Linnæi Systema naturae, sive, Regna tria naturæ systematice proposita per classes, ordines, genera, & species
Io. Ioachimi Langii Elementa philosophiae natvralis dogmaticae et experimentalis qvibvs dogmata physica experimentis illvstrata et confirmata ivsto ordine et nexv proponvntvr, in vsvm praelectionvm edita.
Astronomiæ fundamenta novissimis solis et stellarum observationibus stabilita Lutetiæ in Collegio Mazarinæo et in Africa ad Caput Bonæ Spei /
Dissertiones physicæ de igne / in qvibus non tantum plura ad ignis naturam spectantia physicè explicantur, sed etiam solida totius scientiæ physicæ fundamenta traduntur ; juxta exemplar Venetianum revisæ atqve curatius editae.
Guilielmi Hewsoni Opus posthumum, sive, Rubrarum sanguinis particularum, et fabricæ ususque glandularum lymphaticarum, thymi et lienis descriptio
Johannis Helvelii Machinæ coelestis pars prior organographiam, sive instrumentorum astronomicorum omnium, quibus auctor hactenus sidera rimatus, ac dimensus est, accuratam delineationem et descriptionem ... exhibens.
Enchiridion historiae naturali inserviens quo termini et delineationes ad avium, piscium, insectorum et plantarum adumbrationes intelligendas et concinnandas, secundum methodum systematis Linnaeani continentur /
Das elektrische Licht erläuternde und kritische Besprechung seiner Benutzung zur Beleuchtung von Strassen, Plätzen, Rheden, Seehafën, Canälen, Schiffen : für Bühnen Leuchtthürme, Eisenbahnen, Grubenarbeiten, Arbeiten unter dem Wasser, zum Fischfang und für sonstige Theils practische, Theils wissenschaftliche Zwecke : nebst Beschreibung der dazue forderlichen Apparate und der neusten Regulatoren zur Erhaltung eines ganz gleichmässigen Lichtes /
Anfangsgründe zur metallurgischen Chymie in einem theoretischen und practischen Theile, nach einer in der Natur gegründeten Ordnung /
Zur Entwickelungsgeschichte des Blattes mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Nebenblatt-Bildungen /
Mineralogische Aufsätze
Entretiens sur les sciences dan lesquels on apprend la manière d'étudier les sciences, & de s'en servir pour se rendre l'esprit juste, & se former un cœur droit /
Conjectures physiques sur quelques colomnes de nue qui ont paru depuis quelques années & sur les plus extraordinaires effets du tonnerre : avec une explication de tout ce qui s'est dit jusques ici des trombes de mer.
Bibliotheque de physique, et d'histoire naturelle contenant la physique générale, la physique particuliere, la méchanique, la chymie, l'anatomie, la botanique, la médecine, l'histoire naturelle des insectes, des animaux & des coquillages.
Johannis Goad Aphorismi astro-meteorologica collecti ex observationibus plusquam tricennalibus.
Ueber eine Bestimmung der Sonnen-Parallaxe aus correspondirenden Beobachtungen des Planeten Flora auf mehreren Sternwarten der nördlichen und südlichen Halbkugel im October und November 1873 /
The art of scientific discovery, or, The general conditions and methods of research in physics and chemistry
A general system of chemical knowledge and its application to the phenomena of nature and art /
A catalogue of British insects
A comparative view of the state and faculties of man with those of the animal world
Gulielmi Hudsoni Flora anglica exhibens plantas per regnum britanniæ sponte crescentes, distributas secundum systema sexuales : cum differentiis specierum, synonymis auctorum, nominibus incolarum, solo locorum, tempore florendi, officinalibus pharmcopæorum.
Stirpivm icones et sciagraphia cum scriptorum circa eas consensv et dissensv : ac cæteris plærisque omnibus qvæ de plantarvm natura, natalibus, synonymis, vsv & virtutibus, scitu necessaria /
British ornithology being the history with a coloured representation of every known species of British birds /
The compleat chymist, or, A new treatise of chymistry teaching by a short and easy method all its most necessary preparations /
De igne dissertationes physicæ
Conjectures physiques sur les plus extraordinaires éfets du tonnerre avec une explication de ce qui s'est dit jusqu'ici des trombes de mer /
Mémoires de mathématique et de physique
Tableau méthodique des espèces minérales presentant la série complète de leurs caractères, et la nomenclature de leurs variétés : extrait du Traité de minéralogie de M. Haüy, et augmenté des nouvelles découvertes : auquel on a joint l'indication des gisemens de chaque espèce, et la description abrégée de la collection de minéraux du Museum d'histoire naturelle /
Nouvelle physique céleste et terrestre, a la portée de tout le monde
Traité du calcul différentiel et du calcul intégral
Traité de la résolution des équations numériques de tous les degrés avec des notes sur plusieurs points de la théorie des équations algébriques /
Jo. Mariæ Lancisii Opera quæ hactenus prodierunt omnia dissertationibus nonnullis adhuc dum ineditis locupletata, & ab ipso auctore, recognita atque emendata /
Some account of the herbarium of Professor Pallas
Characters of a liliaceous genus called Brodiæa
Some remarks on the synonyms and native country of Hypericum calycinum
Notes relating to botany collected from the manuscripts of the late Peter Collinson /
A description of several species of plants from New Holland
Some remarks on the physiology of the egg
Some observations on the parts of fructification in mosses with characters and descriptios of two new genera of that order /
Description of seven new species of Testacea
An account of several plants recently discovered in Scotland by Mr. George Don not mentioned in the Flora Britannica nor English Botany /
Account of Oromosia, a new genus of decandrous plants belonging to the natural order of Leguminosæ
An account of a new genus of New Holland plants named Brunonia
A description of Duchesnea fragiformis constituting a new genus of the natural order of Senticosæ of Linnæus, Rossaceæ of Jussieu /
Observations on some species of Menziesia hitherto considered as belonging to the genus Andromeda /
Some account of an insect of the genus Buprestis taken alive out of wood composing a desk which had been made above twenty years /
A commentary on the Hortus malabaricus
Observations on the natural history and anatomy of the Pelecanus Aquilus of Linnaeus
Observations on the germination of mosses
Observations on some animals of America allied to the genus Antilope
Characters of a new genus of coleopterous insects of the family Byrrhidæ
Description of some shells found in Canada
On the Indian species of Menispermum
The characters of three new genera of bats without foliaceous appendages to the nose
On two new British species of Mytilus
Observations on the natural group of plants called Pomaceæ
Account of some new species of birds of the genera Psittacus and Columbia, in the museum of the Linnean Society
Descriptions of three species of the genus Glareola
Systematic arrangement and description of birds from the island of Java
An account of a new genus of plants, named Rafflesia
Descriptions of the wild dog of Sumatra, a new species of Viverra, and a new species of pheasant
Descriptive catalogue of a zoological collection, made on account of the East India Company, in the island of Sumatra and its vicinity under the direction of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles : with additional notices illustrative of the natural history of those countries /
Second part of the descriptive catalogue of a zoological collection made in the island of Sumatra and its vicinity
On a fossil shell of a fibrous structure, the fragments of which occur abundantly in the chalk strata and in the flints accompanying it
Remarks on Hypnum recognitum, and on several new species of Roscoea
Remarks on the genera Orbicula and Crania of Lamarck with descriptions of two species of each genus, and some observations proving the Patella Distorta of Montagu to be a species of Crania /
Observations on the Chrysanthemum Indicum of Linnæus
Account of the marmots of North America hitherto known with notices and descriptions of three new species /
On certain species of Cardus and Cnicus which appear to be dioecious
The natural history of Lamia amputator of Fabricius
Description of two new genera of plants from Nepal
The genus Apion of Herbst's Natursystem considered its characters laid down, and many of the species described /
Description of several marine animals found on the south coast of Devonshire
An account of the Indian badger the Ursus indicas of Shaw's Zoology /
A botanical sketch of the genus Conchium
An inquiry into the real Daucus gingdium of Linnæus
Description of nine new species of plants from Caucasus
Observations on the supposed effects of ivy upon trees
Some information respecting the Lignum rodium of Pococke's Travels
Of the formation of the vegetable epidermis
An inquiry into the genus of the tree called by Pona albelicea cretica
Descriptions of eight new British lichens
An illustration of the species of Lycium which grow wild at the Cape of Good Hope
Some observations on an insect that destroys the wheat, supposed to be the wireworm
An account of the larger and lesser species of horse-shoe bats proving them to be distinct : together with a description of Vespertillo barbastellus, taken in the south of Devonshire /
Musci napalenses, or, Descriptions of several new mosses from Nepal
Characters of Platylobium, Bossiæa, and of a new genus named Poiretia
Some remarks on the plants now referred to Sophora with characters of genus Edwardsia /
Characters of Hookeria, a new genus of mosses with descriptions of ten species /
Description of Notoclea, a new genus of colcopterus insects from New Holland
On the variegation of plants in a letter to Richard Anthony Salisbury /
Specific characters of the decandrous paplionacious plants of New Holland
Observations respecting several British species of Hieracium
Observations on Nauclea gambin the plant producing the drug called gutta gambeer ; with characters of two other species /
An inquiry into the structure of seeds and especially into the true nature of that part called by Gærtner the vitellus /
Description of two new species of Didelphis from Van Diemen's land
Description of a species of Dimorpha
Some interesting additions to the natural history of Falco cyaneus and pygargus together with remarks on some other British birds /
In hoc opere contenta Arithmetica decem libris demonstrata Musica libris demonstrata quattuor : Epitome i libros arithmeticos diui Seuerini Boetij : Rithmimachie ludus ̄q [et] pugna nũero[rum] appellat.
Descriptions of several new or rare animals, principally marine, discovered on the south coast of Devonshire
An essay on the British species of the genus Melöe, with descriptions of two exotic species
On artificial and natural arrangements of plants and particularly on the systems of Linnæus and Jussieu /
Strepsiptera, a new order of insects proposed and the characters of the order, with those of its genera laid down /
Description of a new species of the genus Mus belonging to the section of pouched rats /
An analysis of satin spar from Alston Moor in Cumberland
Description of Mus castorides, a new species
On Woodsia, a new genus of ferns
An account of four rare species of British birds
An account of some new and rare marine British shells and animals
Observations on Cancer salinus
Description of the Corvus leucolophus or white-crowned crow of India
Some account of the Trichiurus lepturus of Linnæus found on the shore of the Moray-Firth /
On the deoxidation of the leaves of Cotyledon calycian
Description of a new British Rubus with corrections of the descriptions of Rubus coryllifolius and fruticosus : and a list of some of the more rare British plants /
Some observations on Iris susiana of Linnæus and on the natural order of Aquilaria /
Description of a new species of Psidium
Addendum to Strepsiptera
Observations on arragonite, together with its analysis
Further observations on the genus Melöe with descriptions of six exotic species /
Of the development of the seminal germ
Remarks on Dr. Roxburgh's description of the monandrous plants of India
Observations on the genus Teesdalia
Remarks on the Bryum marginatum and Bryum lineare of Dickson
A description of several new species of plants from New Holland
A tabular view of the external characters of four classes of animals which Linnʹe arranged under Insecta with the distribution of the genera composing three of these classes into orders &c. : and descriptions of several new genera and species /
Christiani Hvgenii Theoremata de quadratura hyperboles, ellipsis, et circuli ex dato portionum gravitatis centro : quibus subjuncta est ['Exétasis (romanized form)] cycometriæ /
On the classification of the natural tribe of insects Nontonectides with descriptions of the British species /
Some account of the Tantalus ephouskyca, a rare American bird
Observations on the Linnean genus Juncus with the characters of those species which have been found growing wild in Great Britain /
Observations on the Orchis militaris of Linnæus h microform
On the power of Sarracenia adunca to entrap insects
Some observations on the natural family of plants called Compositæ
On some remarkable deviations from the usual structure of seeds and fruits
Remarks on two genera of plants to be referred to the family of the Rosaceæ
A monograph of the genus Pæonia
Descriptions of two new shells
Descriptions of five British species of the genus Terebella of Linné
Characters of two species of Tordylium
Description of select Indian plants
Upon the different species of esculent strawberries
Some account of the Lycoperdon solidum of the flora Virginica, the Lycoperdon cervinum of Walter
An account of Rhizomorpha medullaris, a new British fungus
A century of insects, including several new genera described from his cabinet
A description of several new species of insects collected in New Holland by Robert Brown
Some account of the island of Tristan De Cunha, and of its natural productions
Some account of the spiral tubes or ligaments in the genus Terebratula of Lamarck, as observed in several species of fossil shells
An account of a new species of gull lately discovered on the west coast of Greenland
Remarks on the changes of the plumage of birds
A memoir on the birds of Greenland with description and notes on the species observed in the late voyage of discovery in Davis's Straits and Baffin's Bay /
On the germination of Lycopodium denticularum
Observations on a viper found in Cranborne Chace, Dorsetshire
A botanical history of the genus Tofieldia
A synopsis of the British species of Rosa
Descriptions of a new genus of plants called Araujia, and of a new species of Passiflora
Observations on the nature and formation of the stone encrusting the skeletons which have been found in the island of Guadaloupe with some account of the origin of those skeletons /
Glyphis and Chiodecton, two new genera of the family of Lichenes with descriptions and figures of the species hitherto discovered /
Some remarks on the natural history of the Black stork, for the first time captured in Great Britain
Observations on the nature of capillaries and on the mode of arrangement of those in the gills of fishes /
Observations on the vascularity of the capsule of the crystalline lens especially that of certain Reptilia /
Observations on some parts of the anatomy of two species of naked eyed medusæ
Observations on certain points in the anatomy of a species of Thaumantias
The "disk-cutter," a new instrument for cutting circular disks of thin glass for mounting microscopical objects also the description of a collecting stick for procuring infusoria, &c. /
On the markings on the scales of the Amathusia horsfieldii
A description of a new form of hair from a species of taranatula
On a peculiar form of elastic tissue found in the ligamentum nuchæ of the giraffe
On the structure of the Siliceous loricæ of the genus Arachnoidiscus
Microscopical observations on a malady affecting the common house-fly
On the architectural instincts of Melicerta ringens, an animal of the class Rotifera
An account of the dissection of a human embryo of about the fourth week of gestation with some observations on the early development of the human heart /
A short description of M. Nachet's prisms, for the oblique illumination of transparent objects on the stage of the microscope with formulæ for their construction, and observations on the [sic] their use /
Further observations on the construction of the prisms of M. Nachet, for the oblique illumination of transparent objects on the stage of the microscope
Note on Nachet's prism
On the illumination of transparent microscopic objects on a new principle
On the occurrence of non-gymnospermous exogenous wood in the Lias, near Bristol
On the anatomy of Notommata aurita, an animal of the class Rotifera
On the occurrence of parasitic Rotifera in Volvox globator
On the femoral plates or scales of the Zootoca vivipara
On the scales of the viviparous blenny
On ciliary action in the Spongiadeæ
On the Notommata parasita (Ehrenb.), a rotiferous animal inhabiting the spheres of Volvox globator
On a white mirror for the microscope
On a new medium for mounting of fresh moist animal and vegetable structures
Observations upon oblique illumination with a description of the author's sphæro-annular condenser /
Descriptions of three species of marine zoophytes
On the sporangia of some of the filamentous fresh-water algæ
On the sporangia of some of the filamentous fresh-water algæ (second paper) /
Account of the Lansium and some other genera of Malayan plants
On the nature of the marine production commonly called Flustra arenosa
A description of a new species of Scolopax lately discovered in the British islands with observations on the Anas glocitans of Pallas, and a description of the female of that species /
On the generic and specific characters of the Chrysanthemum indicum of Linnæus, and of the plants called Chinese Chrysanthemums
Descriptions of seven new British land and fresh-water shells with observations upon many other species, including a list of such as have been found in the county of Suffolk /
Description of a new species of tailed bat (Taphosous of Geoff.) found in Calcutta
On the insect called Oistros by the ancient Greeks, and Asilus by the Romans
Description of the Cermatia longicornis and of three new insects from Nepaul /
Description of a new species of Orchidium
An account of some rare West Indian Crustacea
Observations on some of the terrestrial Mollusca of the West Indies
The natural history of Phasma cornutum and the description of a new species of Ascalaphus
The natural history of Xylocopa teredo and Horia maculata
Remarks on the identity of certain general laws which have been lately observed to govern the natural distribution of insects and fungi
On Cyrtandraceæ, a new natural order of plants
Description of the Buceros galeatus from Malacca
Descriptions of two species of antelope from India
Description of Cowania, a new genus of plants and of a new species of Sieversia
A description of such genera and species of insects, alluded to in the "Introduction to Entomology" of Messrs. Kirby and Spence as appear not to have been before sufficiently noticed or described /
Some account of a collection of Arctic plants, formed by Edward Sabine, during a voyage in the polar seas in the year 1823
Observations on the natural affinities that connect the orders and families of birds
Descriptions of nine new species of the genus Carex, natives of the Himalaya Alps in Upper Nepal
A commentary on the second part of the Hortus malabaricus
A description of some insects which appear to exemplify Mr. William S. MacLeay's doctrine of affinity and analogy
Some particulars of the natural history of fishes found in Cornwall
An essay on marle
The advantages of shallow ploughing
Observations upon the foregoing paper concerning shallow ploughing
Copy letter Mr. Turnbull to Archibald Menzies dated from Delphos, concerning Italy, the alledged effects of the bite of the tarantula, and Grecian antiquities.
Letter from Dr. Austin to Dr. Monro on the effect of electricity in removing obstructins of the menses dated Edinburgh 1764.
The effects of a very large dose of opium
Letter from B. Franklin to D. Hume on the method of securing houses from the effects of lightning
Method of determining the strength and direction of earthquakes
An account of the indian pink
An account of a very infectious distemper prevailing in many places
Cases of aneurisms with remarks /
An attempt to determine by experiments, how far some of the most powerful medicines, viz. opium, ardent spirits, and essential oils, affect animals by acting on those nerves to which they are primarialy applied, and thereby bringing the rest of the nervous system into sufferance, by what is called sympathy of nerves : and how far these medicines affect animals, after being taken in by their absorbent veins, and mixed and conveyed with their blood in the course of its circulation : with physiological and practical remarks /
Of the use of the bark in dysenteries, and a hoarseness after the measles
On the abuse of caustics in venereal warty excrescences
Account of the Lisbon Diet Drink in venereal cases
Observations on the catarrhal epidemic of 1762
Observations on the arthritis anomala with a postcript, relating chiefly to the cure of the regular gout /
Some observations on same subject
Of the urinary bladder thickened
Account of an amputation of the arm, without haemmorhage
The history of a fractured sternum, &c
The case of a person who was seemingly killed by a blow on the breast, recovered by bleeding, and the warm bath in a letter addressed to Alexander Monro /
Concerning the state of the intestines in old dysenteries
Treatment of a polypus in the pharynx and æsophagus
Sequel of the above case
Petri Camper Observationes circa callum ossium fractorum
The history of two cases of stones lodged partly in the bladder, and partly in the urethra
Of the use of mercury in convulsive disorders
An additional case in proof of the usefulness of mercury in convulsive disorders
Observation sur la propriété singulière qu'ont les grandes chenilles à quatorze jambes & à double queue, du saule, de seringuer de la liqueur
Second mémoire sur le bleu de prusse
Détermination de la différence des méridiens entre l'observatoire royal de Paris & celui de Berlin
Observations sur une espèce singulière de millepied, ou de scolopendre, qu'on trouve sous l'écorce des vieux arbres & dans la mousse
Addition à l'histoire de la chenille mineuse de la vigne extraite d'une autre lettre écrite à M. de Reaumur /
Dissertation sur le ver nommé en latin Tænia, & en françois solitaire où après avoir parlé d'un nouveau secret pour l'expulser des intestines dans lesquels il est logé qui a lu d'heureux succès, l'on donne quelques observations sur cet insecte /
Suite des expériences pour servir à l'analyse du borax second mémoire /
Expériences sur la végétation des plantes dans différentes matières & principalement dans la mousse second mémoire /
Expériences sur la véǵtation des plantes dans d'autres matières que la terre premier mémoire /
Mémoire sur la corruption de l'air dans les vaisseaux
Observation anatomique sur une maladie mortelle de l'estomac, très-rare & très singulière
Explication de deux phénomènes de l'aimant
Recherches sur l'electricité
Mémoire sur un minéral nommé cobalt, ou mine arsénicale que l'on trouve en France
Observation anatomique sur une transposition des viscères
Observations anatomiques
Mémoire sur l'hydraulique
Expériences physiques sur la variation de pesanteur des corps plongez dans différens liquids
Suite des observations de M. Cossigny, sur la glacière de Besançon extraites d'une autre lettre écrite à M. de Reaumur le 28 Juin l745.
Observations physiques sur la statique du corps humain
Histoire d'une chenille mineuse des feuilles de vigne extraite d'une lettre écrite de Malte à M. de Reaumur /
Problème supposant la loi d'attraction en raison inverse du quarré de la distance, trouver la nature du solide de la plus grande attraction
Recherches anatomiques sur la glande thyroide
Dissertatio anatomico-medica de corde inverso
De motu cerebri
Réflexions sur une propriété singulière qu'a le sel de tartre de pŕecipiter tous les sels neutres sur lesquels il n'a point d'action
Description d'un sablier de 30 heures propre à servir sur mer, marquant distinctement les heures & les minutes une à une, & qui ne s'arrête pas dans le temps même qu'on le tourne /
Dissertation hydraulico-anatomique, ou, Nouvel aspect de l'intérieur des artères, & de leur structure par rapport au cours du sang
Observations physiques sur les bons effets du sel dans la nourriture des bestiaux
Observations physiques sur les terres qui sont à la droite & à la gauche du Rhône, depuis Beaucaire jusqu'à la mer, ce qui comprend la Camargue, &c avec un moyen de rendre fertiles toutes ces terres /
De la courbe d'égale pression lorsque le milieu résiste comme le quarré des vîtesses
A catalogue of the Norfolk and Suffolk birds
On the structure of the tarsus in the tetramerous and trimerous Coleoptera of the French entomologists
Notice on a peculiar property of a species of Echinus
A commentary on the third part of the Hortus malabaricus
Observations on the crepitaculum and foramina in the anterior tibiæ of some orthopterous insects
Description of the Plecrophanes lapponica a species lately discovered in the British Islands /
Description of a new genus of the class Mammalia, from the Himalaya chain of hills between Nepaul and the Snowy Mountains
Notice of a species of Ursus from Nepaul
A description of the Australian birds in the collection of the Linnean Society with an attempt at arranging them according to their natural affinities /
A systematic and structural account of the genus Turbinaria, Lanx
On the life-history of a Puccinia coronata, var. himalensis
On the life-history of Puccinia jasmini-chrysopogonis, nov. sp
The caoutchouc-containing cells of Eucommia ulmoides, Oliver
On bud-protection in dicotyledons
On the flora of the eastern coast of the Malay peninsula
Contributions to the embryology of the Amentiferæ part I /
The plants of Milanji, Nyasa-land, collected by Alexander Whyte
On the flora of Mount Kinabalu, in North Borneo
The phanerogamic botany of the Matto Grasso Expedition, 1891-92
A revision of the genus Vibrissea
On Central-African plants collected by Major Serpa Pinto
List of fungi from Brisbane, Queensland, with descriptions of new species part II /
On the mode of development of the pollinium in Ascelepias cornuti decaisne
On the structure, development, and life-history of a tropical Epiphyllous lichen (Strigula complanata, fée, fide J.M. Crombie)
On the structure and development of the gynostegium and the mode of fertilization in Asclepias cornuti decaisne (A. syriaca, L.) /
On the Castilloa clastica of Cervantes, and some allied rubber-yielding plants
List of fungi from Queensland and other parts of Australia, with descriptions of new species
On a new species of Rhipilia (R. Andersonii) from Mergui archipelago
On two new species of Lentinus, one of them growing on a large Sclerotium
On new species of Balanophora and Thonningia with a note on Brugmansia lowi, Becc. /
The botany of the Roraima expedition of 1884 being notes on the plants observed /
On apospory and allied phenomena
Enumeration of the plants collected by H.H. Johnston on the Kilima-njaro Expedition, 1884
On Napoleona, Ompholocorpum, and Asteranthos
On the origin of the prevailing systems of phyllotaxis
On the Barringtoniaceæ
On a collection of Fungi made by Mr. Sulpiz Kurz, curator of the Botanic Garden, Calcutta
Preliminary note on the rate of growth of the female flower-stalk of Vallisneria spiralis Linn
On the growth of the flower-stalk of the hyacinth
New British lichens
On the hygroscopic mechanism by which certain seeds are enabled to bury themselves in the ground
On the African species of the genus Coffea, Linn
On the origin of floral æstivations with notes on the structure of the cruciferous flower, on that of Adoxa and on the corolla of primula /
On some points in the histology of certain species of Corallinaceæ
On the minute structure and mode of growth of Ballia callitricha, Ag. (sensulatiori)
On the geographical distribution of the Meliaceæ
New Irish lichens
Report on the Liliaceæ, Iridaceæ, Hypoxidaceæ and Hæmodoraceæ of Welwitsche's Angolan herbarium
Contributions to the lichenographia of New Zealand
On some points in the morphology of the Primulaceæ
List of fungi from Brisbane, Queensland, with description of new species
On Mycoidea parasitica a new genus of parasitic algæ and the part which it plays in the formation of certain lichens /
On the occurrence of conidial fructification in the Mucorini, illustrated by Choanephora
On the self fertilization of plants
On a new species of Helvella
A review of the ferns of northern India
On the origin of the so-called Scorpioid cyme
Descriptions of the Mus bursarius and Tubularia magnifica
Account of the Flustra arenosa, and some other marine productions
On Agaricus crinitus, Linn., and some allied species
An account of a remarkable variety of the beech, Fagus sylvatica
Catalogue of some of the more rare plants observed in a tour through the western counties of England
A new arrangement of the genus Narcissus
Some observations upon insects that prey upon timber with a short history of the Cerambyx violaceus of Linnæus /
Description of the Vespertilio plicatus
Descriptions of five new British species of Carex
Additional note to the Remarks on the nature and propagation of marine plants, p. 145
Additional note to the Observations on the British species of Mentha
On two genera of plants belonging to the natural family of the Aurantia
Observations on the British species of Mentha
Remarks on the nature and propagation of marine plants
Description of Sowerbæa juncea, a plant of New South Wales
An account of the fructification of Lycopodium denticulatum
Account of a cavern discovered on the north-west side of the Mendip Hills, in Somersetshire
Remarks on some technical terms used in botany
Calendarium plantarum marinarum
Observations upon certain Fungi, which are parasitics of the wheat
A continuation of the history of Tipula tritici
A supplement to the Plantæ eboracences printed in the second volume of these transactions
Descriptions of chalcidites
An enumeration of the plants of the Galapagos Archipelago with descriptions of those which are new /
On the vegetation of the Galapagos Archipelago as compared with that of some other tropical islands and of the continent of America
Description of a new species of Mycteria
Observations on preserving specimens of plants
Observations on the economiocal use of the Ranunculus aquatilis with introductory remarks on the acrimonious and poisonous quality of some of the English species of that genus /
Descriptions of some marine animals found on the coast of Wales
Descriptions of some minute British shells
An account of the Onchidium a new genus of the class of Vermes, found in Bengal /
Observations on the Orcheston long grass
Some observations upon the structure of two new species of hectocotyle, parasitic upon Tremoctopus violaceus, D. Ch., and Argonauta argo, Linn with an exposition of the hypothesis that these Hectocotylæ are the males of the Cephalopoda upon which they are found /
Descriptions of some unpublished species of plants from north-western India
On the Indian species of Balanophora, and on a new genus of the family Balanphoreæ
Note on the genus Ancistrocladus of Wallich
On the Ambrosinia ciliata of Roxburgh
On the aqueous vapour expelled from bee-hives
Note on the generation of aphides
Description of the asafœtida plant of central Asia
Account of Gamoplexis, an undiscovered genus of orchideous plants
Note on Samara læta, Linn
On a new genus of plants of the family Burmanniaceæ
On Jansonia, a new genus of Leguminosæ, from Western Australia
On the structure of the ascidia and stomata of Dischidia rafflesiana, Wall
On the impregnation of Dischidia
On Althalamia, a new genus of Marchantieæ
On Meliantheæ, a new natural order
On the formation and use of the air-sacs and dilated tracheæ in insects
Descriptions of some new species of Athyreus, a genus of Lamellicorn beetles
Some account of an undescribed fossil fruit
On the anatomy and affinities of Pteronarcys regalis, Newm with a postscript containing Descriptions of some American Perlidæ, together with notes on their habits /
On the early stages of development of Lemanea fluviatilis, Agardh
Caricis species novæ, vel minus cognitæ
Monograph of the Acetabularieæ
A contribution to our knowledge of the freshwater algæ of Madagascar
Observations on the Loranthaceæ of Ceylon
The distribution of plants on the south side of the Alps
On polystelic roots of certain palms
On some points in the morphology and anatomy of the Nymphæceæ
On "transfusion-tissue" its origin and function in the leaves of gymnospermous plants /
New Peridiniaceae from the Atlantic
On Craterostigma pumilum, Hochst., a rare plant from Somali-land
The structure of Lepidostrobus
A systematic revision of the genus Najas
Supplementary notes on the genus Najas
The comparative anatomy of certain species of Encephalartos, Lehm
On the Ocelli in the genus Anthophorabia
On the habits and structure of the great bustard (Otis tarda of Linnæus)
On two new genera of fungi
On two genera of plants from Chile
On the development of ferns from their spores
The terustœmiaceous plants of Hong Kong
On the development of spores and elaters of Marchantia polymorpha
Further observations on the genus Anthophorabia
The anatomy and development of certain Chalcididæ and Ichneumonidæ compared with their special œconomy and instincts, with descriptions of a new genus and species of bee-parasites /
On the family of Triuriaceæ
On the œconomy of a new species of saw-fly
Experiments and observations on the poison of animals of the order Araneidea
Descriptions of some new or imperfectly known species of Bolboceras, Kirby
On the Australian species of the coleopterous genus Bolboceras, Kirby
On the development of the ovule in Orchis morio, Linn
Horæ Carcinologicæ, or, Notices of Crustacea I. A monograph of the Leucosiadæ, with observations on the relations, structure, habits and distribution of the family : a revision of the generic characters, and descriptions of new genera and species /
Extract from a memoir on the origin and development of vessels in monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants
Description of Peachia hastata, a new genus and species of the class Zoophyta with observations on the family Actiniadæ /
Observations on the structure of the seed and peculiar form of the embryo in the Clusiaceæ
On the osteological relations observable among a few species of the bovine family
Notice respecting a singular optical property of tabasheer
On the temperature of air and of water in the coal mines of Great Britain particularly in those which are of the greatest depth /
Abstract of a memoir on the physiology of Helix pomatia
Memoir on the chemical composition of the corneous parts of insects
On the temporary residences of the Greenlanders during the winter season and on the population of north and south Greenland /
Observations on the arctic and skua gulls of British ornithologists
Remarks on the animal nature of sponges
Description of an improved self-acting pump
Conchological observations, being an attempt to fix the study of conchology on a firm basis
On the length of the seconds pendulum observed at Unst, the most northern of the Shetland Isles /
Correction of the characters of the genus Bellerophon, established by De Montfort, in his conchyliologie
Description of the patent sympiesometer or new air barometer
Description of the diamond mine of Panna
Demonstration of a theorem relating to prime numbers
Description of a new species of arachnides of the genus Epeira, of M. Walckenaer
Experiments on the structure and refractive power of the coats and humours of the human eye
On a quadruped belonging to the order Rodentia
Account of an excursion to Thebes, and of the antiquities recently discovered in that city
Description of a new hygrometer made of the internal membrane of the arundo phragmites /
Note on the supposed identity of the genus Isodon of Say with Capromys
Geognostical description of the neighbourhood of Edinburgh
Sketch of a journey through Brazil in 1817 and 1818
Experiments on the effect of the pressure of the sea at great depths, in augmenting the specific gravity of different kinds of wood
Account of a new portable gas lamp invented by David Gordon
Notice of the progress of botanical science in Bengal
A contribution towards our knowledge of the morphology of the owls part II, osteology /
On some points in the visceral anatomy of the Characinidæ with an enquiry into the relations of the ductus pneumaticus in the physostomi generally /
On the evolution of the Australian Marsupialia with remarks on the relationships of the marsupials in general /
The labial and maxillary palpi in Diptera
On the anatomy and development of Comys infelix, Embleton, a hymenopterous parasite of Lecanium hemisphæricum
Littoral Polychæta from the Cape of Good Hope
On the evolution of topographical relations among the Docoglossa
Mémoire sur une double veine azygos
Report on two botanical collections made by F.V. McConnell and J.J. Quelch at Mount Roraima in British Guiana
Contributions to the comparative anatomy of the Cycadaceæ
A contribution to the freshwater algæ of Ceylon
Remarks on the genera of Pæderota, Wulfenia, and Hemimeris
Observations sur la constitution épidémique de l' année 1756, dans le Cotentin
Observations on some remarkable strata of flint in a chalk-pit in the Isle of Wight
Observation de l'éclipse de lune du 30 Juillet, 1757
Remarks on some British species of Salix
Observation de l'éclipse de lune du 30 Juillet 1757
Descriptions of four new species of fucus
Description of Callicocca ipecacuanha
Mémoire sur des vers trouvés dans les sinus frontaux, dans le ventricule, & sur la surface extérieure des intestins d'un cheval
Further observations on the Curculio trifolii
Mémoire sur les soufflets de certaines forges produits par la chute de l'eau
Observations on the Curculio trifolii, or clover weevil a small insect which infests the heads of the cultivated clover, and destroys the seed /
Description of Brotera persica and Mustelia cupatoria two new plants cultivated in the botanic garden of Halle /
Sur les mouvemens du cerveau second mémoire, sur le mouvemens contre nature de ce viscère, & sur les organes qui sont le principe de son action /
Mémoire sur l'éther vitriolique
Description of the fruit of Cycas revoluta
Species of Erica
Nouvelle théorie du pyrophore de M. Homberg òu l'on fait voir par des expériences décisives que ce pyrophore a les propriétes du foie de soufre : où l'on donne des procédés sûrs pour composer avec tous les sels qui contiennent l'acide vitriolique, de nouveaux pyrophores, lesquels, outre les propriétés de celui d'alun, en ont d'autres qui les caractérisent singulièrement : où l'on donne une nouvelle explication de l'inflammation spontanée du pyrophore à l'air libre /
Observations anatomiques avec des remarques
Mémoire où l'on se propose de démontrer que tout le chyle qui passe des intestins aux veines lactées, n'entre pas dans le canal thorachique, pour de là être introduit dans la soûclaviére gauche comme on l'a pensé depuis Asellius, que suivant la découverte qu'on se flatte d'avoir faite, une partie du chyle entre dans les veines lombaires & azygos /
Observations sur une lumiére produite par l'eau de la mer
Mémoire sur le vernis de la Chine
Observations astronomiques faites a Stockolm en 1751 avec l'extrait d'une lettre de M. Wargentin, adressée à M. Le Monnier /
Extrait d'une lettre écrite de Malte, le 8 Janvier 1749, à M. de Reaumur, sur le passage des oiseaux
Réflexions sur l'éclipse de lune, du 27 Mars 1755
Mémoire sur la cataracte
Mémoire concernant la recherche de l'erreur des tables astronomiques lunaires de M. Halley, le 26 Octobre 1753
On the development of the ovule of Santalum album with some remarks on the phænomena of impregnation in plants generally /
Remarks on the nature of the outer fleshy covering of the seed in the Clusiaceæ, Magnoliaceæ, &c and on the development of the raphe in general, under its various circumstances /
On several instances of the anomalous development of the raphe in seeds and the probable causes of such deviations from the usual course of structure, especially in reference to Stemonurus (Urandra of Thwaites) : with some prefatory remarks on that genus /
On Brachynema and Phoxanthus, two new genera of Brazilian plants
On some new fungi
On the growth and composition of the ovarium of Siphonodon celastrineus, Griffith especially with reference to the subject of its placentation /
Observations on the "bitentaculate slug" of New Zealand (Limax bitentaculatus, Quoy and Gaimard Janella antipodarum, Gray : "aneitum slug"?, Macdonald) /
Further remarks on the organs of the antennæ of insects described in a paper published in the Transactions of the Linnean Society, vol. xxii, p. 155 /
Observations anatomiques sur la structure intérieure et le squelette de plusieurs espèces de cétacés
Origine des plantes cultivées
Dissertatio physiologica de quibusdam oculi partibus quam favente deo optimo maximo /
Géographie botanique raisonnée, ou, Exposition des faits principaux et des lois concernant la distribution géographique des plantes de l'epoque actuelle
Précis élémetaire de physique expérimentale
Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Aerzte aller Zeiten und Völker
Versuch einer wirthschaftlichen Naturgeschichte von dem Königreich Ost- und Westpreussen
Hieronymi Tragi De stirpivm maxime earvm, qvae in Germania nostra nascvntvr usitatis nomenclaturis, proprijśq[ue] differentijs, necq[ue] non temperaturis ac facultatibus, commentariorum libri tres /
Lehrbuch der chemischen und physikalischen Geologie
Opusculum Philippi Beroaldi De terŗemotu et pestilentia
Institvtiones physicae in vsvm philosophiae avditorvm adornatae
Versuch einer kurzen Naturgeschichte des preussichen Bernsteins und einer neuen wahrscheinlichen Erklärung seines Ursprunges
The psychic life of micro-organisms a study in experimental psychology /
Lettres sur la physique
Lettres sur les révolutions du globe
Lehrbuch der reinen Chemie
Physical, chemical, and geological researches on the internal heat of the globe
Akustik mit sorgfältiger Berücksichtigung der neuern Forschungen /
Supplément au Traité des montres à longitudes suivi de la notice des recherches de l'auteur, depuis 1752 jusques en 1807 /
Suite du traité des montres à longitudes contenant la construction des montres verticales portatives, & celle des horloges horisontales pour servir dans les plus longues traversées /
L'âme et le corps
Animal magnetism
Introduction à la psychologie expérimentale
Johann Christoph Bischofs Betrachtungen des Weltgebäudes und einiger Merkwürdigkeiten der Natur.
Verae atqve ad vivvm expressae imagines omnivm herbarvm, frvcticvm, et arborvm
Traité des montres à longitudes contenant la construction, la description & tous les détails de main-d'oeuvre de ces machines, leur dimensions, la manière de les éprouver, &c. : suivi 1e. Du mémoire instructif sur le travail des horloges & des montres à longitudes : 2e. De la description de deux horloges astronomiques : 3e. De essai sur une méthode simple de conserver le rapport des poids & des mesures, & d'établir une mesure universelle & perpetuelle /
Histoire de la mesure du temps par les horloges
Géographie d'Aboulféda
Habes accuratissime lector Alexādri Achillini Bononiensis Op[er]a lima eiusce actoris repollita & extersa ac denuo maxima cura ac diligētia īpressa
Alexandri Achillini Bononiensis Opera omnia in vnvm collecta
Précis des expériences galvaniques faites récemment a Londres et a Calais
Les problemes d'Alexandre Aphrodisé pleins de matieres de medecine & philosophie /
The glory of women, or, A treatise declaring the excellency and preheminence of women above men which is proved both by scripture, law, reason, and authority, divine and humane /
Of the vanitie and vncertaintie of artes and sciences
Three books of occult philosophy
Des moyens de soustraire l'exploitation des mines de houille aux chances d'explosion
Analytical institutions in 4 books /
Les œuvres magiques de Henri-Corneille Agrippa
Flora classica
Catalogue méthodique et raisonné de la collection des fossiles de Mlle. Élénore de Raab
Boerhaave's Materia medica, or, The druggist's guide and the physician and apothecary's table-book being a compleat account of all drugs, in alphabetical order ... /
The psychology of reasoning based on experimental researches in hypnotism /
Essay de l'application des forces centrales aux effets de la poudre a canon d'où l'on déduira une théorie propre à perfectionner les differentes bouches à feu /
Gründliche Anleitung zur Schmelzkunnst und Metallurgie
Élémens du calcul des probabilités et son applications aux jeux de hasard, a la loterie, et aux jugemens des hommes /
Mémoire sur la fabrication des eaux-de-vie de sucre et particulièrement sur celle de la guildive et du tafia avec une appendice sur le vin de Cannes et des observations sur la fabrication du sucre.
Relation du voyage de la Commission Scientifique de Morée dans le Péloponnèse, les Cyclades et L'Attique
L'Homme (Homo) essai zoologique sur le genre humain /
Risposta di Gio. Alfonso Borelli alle considerazioni fatte sopra alcuni luoghi del suo libro della Forza della Percossa del R.P.F. Steffano de gl'Angeli.
Untersuchungen über die Länge des einfachen Secundenpendels
Abhandlungen von Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel
Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen
Traité complet de mécanique appliquée aux arts contenant l'exposition méthodique des théories et des expériences les plus utiles pour diriger le choix, l'invention, la construction et l'emploi de toutes les espèces de machines /
Die zweite grosse Weltenkraft nebst Ideen über einige Geheimnisse der physischen Astronomie, oder Andeutungen zu einer Theorie der Tangentialkraft /
Kreütterbuch darin underscheidt Nammen und Würckung der Kreütter, Standen, Hecken unnd Beümen, sampt ihren Früchten : so inn Teutschen Landen wachsen auch der selben eigentlicher uund wolgegründter Gebrauch in der Artzney fleissig dargeben Leibs gesundtheit zü fürdern und zü behalten sehr nützlich und tröstlich benorab dem Gemeinen und Einfaltigen Mann : irem von den vier Elementen zamen und wilden Thieren ... /
Versuche über die Wärmeleitung verschiedener Körper
Der untere Jura im nordwestlichen Deutschland von der Grenze der Trias bis zu den Amaltheenthonen : mit besonderer Berücksichtigung seiner Molluskenfauna : nebst Nachträgen zum mittleren Jura /
Der obere Jura im nordwestlichen Deutschland von der Grenze der Ornatenschichten bis zur Wealdbildung : mit besonderer Berücksichtigung seiner Molluskenfauna : nebst Nachträgen zum unteren und mittleren Jura /
Der mittlere Jura im nordwestlichen Deutschland von den Posidonienschiefern bis zu den Ornatenschichten : mit besonderer Berücksichtigung seiner Molluskenfauna /
Das Maassensystem der Natur und die daraus entwickelten Verhältnisse zwischen Zeit und Raum
Verhandeling over de voortteeling der dieren en planten dienende tot verklaaring van het kruidkundig samenstel van den Ridder Linnæus : en uitbreiding der korte inleiding tot de kruidkunde, van Philip Miller : geplaatst voor deszelfs maandelykse tuin oeffeningen /
Henrici Cornelii Agrippæ ab Nettesheym De occvlta philosophia libri tres
Alexandri Tralliani Libri duodecim Græci et Latini, mvlto quàm antea auctiores & integriores /
Untersuchungen über den mittleren Gang der Wärme-Aenderungen durchs ganze Jahr über gleichzeitige Witterungs-Ereignisse in weit von einander entfernten Weltgegenden : über die Formen der Wolken, die Entstehung des Regens und der Stürme : und über andere Gegenstände der Witterungskunde /
Lehrbuch der Gesetze des Gleichgewichts und der Bewegung fester und flüssiger Körper
Beobachtungen und theoretischen Untersuchungen über die Stralenbrechung
Käferbuch allgemeine und specielle Naturgeschichte der Käfer : mit vorzüglicher Rücksicht auf die europäischen Gattungen : nebst der Anweisung, sie zu sammeln, zuzubereiten und aufzubewahren /
Der Wahrheitsgehalt des Darwinismus
Kurzer Lehrbegriff von der Mechanik, Optik und Astronomie
The philosophical history and memoirs of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris, or, An abridgment of all the papers relating to natural philosophy, which have been publish'd by the members of that illustrious society from the year 1699 to 1720 with many curious observations relating to the natural history and anatomy of animals, &c. /
Voyage dans les quatre principales iles des mers d'Afrique fait par ordre du gouvernement, pendant les années neuf et dix de la République (1801 et l802) : avec l'histoire de la traversée du capitaine Baudin jusqu'au Port-Louis de l'île Maurice /
Lythographie sicilienne, ou, Catalogue raisonné de toutes les pierres de la Sicile propres à embellir le cabinet d'un amateur /
Lythologie sicilienne, ou, Connaissance de la nature des pierres de la Sicile suivie d'un discours sur la calcara de Palerme /
Histoire de la télégraphie description des principaux appareils aériens et électriques /
Geometria speculativa
Études cristallographiques
Kreüter Buch darin underscheid Würckung und Namen der Kreüter so in deutschen Landen wachsen : auch der selben eigentlicher und wolgegründter gebrauch inn der Artzney fleissig dargeben Leibs gesundheit zü behalteneind zü fürdern sehr nützlich und tröstlich vorab dem gemeinen einfaltigen man /
Die Dendrolithen in Beziehung auf ihren inneren Bau
Essais botaniques, chimiques et pharmaceutiques sur quelques Plantes indigénes, substituées avec succès, à des végétaux exotiques, auxquels on a joint des observations médincales sur les mèmes objets : ouvrage qui a remporté, le 3 Décembre 1776, le premier prix double, au jugement de MM. de l'Academie des Sciences, Belles-Lettres & Arts de Lyon /
Über das Entwickelungsgesetz der Erde
The development-law of the earth
Untersuchungen über die Entwickelungsgeschichte der mikroskopischen Algen und Pilze
Externarvm et interarvm principalivm hvmani corporis partivm tabvlæ atqve anatomicæ exercitationes observationesqve variæ, novis, diversis, ac artificosissimus figvris illvstratæ, philosophis, medicis, in primis autem anatomico studio addictis summe vtiles /
Observations and conjectures on the nature and properties of light, and on the theory of comets
Voyage to and travels through the four principal islands of the African seas performed by order of the French government, during the years 1801 and 1802 : with a narrative of the passage of Captain Baudin to Port Louis in the Mauritius /
Voyage souterrain, ou, Description du plateau de Saint-Pierre de Maestricht et de ses vastes cryptes
Traité de la sphere du monde
Traicté des manieres de graver en taille dovce svr l'airin par le moyen des eaux fortes, & des vernix durs & mols : ensemble de la façon d'en imprimer les planches & d'en construire la presse, & autres choses concernans lesdits arts /
La pratiqve dv trait a prevves de Mr. Desargves, pour la coupe des pierres en l'architecture
Le peintre converty aux précises et universelles règles de son art avec un raisonnement abregé au sujet des tableaux, bas-reliefs & autres ornemens que l'on peut faire sur les diverses superficies des bastimens : et quelques advertissemens contre les erreurs que des nouveaux écrivains veulent introduire dans la pratique de ces arts.
Moyen vniversal de pratiqver la perspective svr les tableavx ou surfaces irregulieres ensemble quelques particularitez concernant cét art, & celuy de la graueure en taille-douce /
Preclarissimum mathematicarū opus in quo continetur perspicacissimi mathematici Thome Brauardini metica & euisde[?] geometria necnõ et sapientissimi Pisani Carturiensis perspectiva q[ue] cois īscribut cū acutissimis Ioānis d'Assia sup[er] eadē persptiva questionibus annexis ... /
Olai Borrichii Dissertationum academicarum tomus I (-II) cui praemittitur Pauli Vindingii, ... Oratio parentalis in excessum B.D. Olai Borrichii, ex decreto Senatus academici publice dicta.
Olai Borrichii De ortu et progressu chemiæ dissertatio
Elements of botany, or, An introduction to the sexual system of Linnaeus to which is annexed an English botanical dictionary /
Hieronymi Cardani Artis magnæ, sive, De regulis algebraicis lib. unus qui & totius operis de arithmetica, quod opus perfectum inscripsit, est in ordine decimus.
Campanellæ Astrologicorum libri VI in qvibvs astrologia, omni superstitione Arabum, & Iudæorum eliminata, physiologicè tractatur : secundùm S. Scripturas, & doctrinam S. Thomæ, & Alberti, & summorum theologorum : ita vt absque suspicione mala in ecclesia Dei multa cum vtilitate legi possint.
A synopsis of the astronomy of comets
Alberti v. Haller Primae lineae physiologiae in usum praelectionum academicarvm
Opuscula sua botanica
Io. Friderici Carthevser Dissertationes nonnvllae selectiores physico-chymicae ac medicae varii argvmenti post novam Ivstrationrm ad prelvm revocatae.
De motionibus naturalibus a gravitate pendentibus liber
Io. Bvteonis Delphinatici Opera geometrica qvorvm titvli seqvvntur : de arca Noe, cuius formae, capacitatisq, fuerit : de sublicio ponte Caesaris : confutatio quadraturae circuli ab Orontio Finaeo factae : ad locum Quintiliani geometricum explanatio : ad problema cubi duplicandi : de fluentis aquae mensura : emendatio figurationis organi a Columella descripti : de libra et statera : de precio margaritarum in ivre civili : de fluuiaticis insulis secundum ius civile dividendis : vbi confutatur Tyberias Bartoli : de diuisione fructus aboris in confinio natae : geometriae cognitionem iure consulto necessariam : ad legem Papiniani, Divortio : ad legem luliani : si ita scriptum : ad legem Aphricani, qui quadringenta.
Essai d'optique sur la gradation de la lumière /
Manuel du minéralogiste, ou, Sciagraphie du règne minéral distribuée d'après l'analyse chimique
Le Jardin des plantes description et mœurs des mammifères de la Ménagerie et du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle /
Arithmetica speculativa
Essais sur les isles Fortunées et l'antique Atlantide, ou, Précis de l'histoire générale de l'archipel des Canaries
Maniere vniverselle de Mr. Desargves pour pratiquer la perspective par petit-pied, comme le geometral ensemble les places et proportions des fortes & foibles touches, teintes ou couleurs /
Les volcans et les tremblements de terre
Les tremblements de terre
Hermanni Boerhaave Praelectiones academicae in proprias institutiones rei medicae
Memoirs for the natural history of humane [sic] blood especially the spirit of that liquor /
Histoire des mathématiques
Die atmosphärische Eisenbahn nach den Berichten von Smith, Mallet, Samuda, Pim, &c. /
Osservazioni intorno a'pellicelli del corpo umano
Theoria motae circa solem telluris scripturae non inimica, sive, Demonstratio biblico-astronomica non inesse philosophiae huic aliqvid scripturam violans : nec scripturae aliqvid philosophiam hanc infringens, A.O.R. MDCCXXVI /
Anselmi Boëtti de Boot Florum, herbarum, ac fructuum selectiorum icones, & vires plerǽq[ue] hactenus ignotæ
Incipit Liber cōpilatōis phisonomie
Antediluvian phytology illustrated by a collection of the fossil remains of plants, peculiar to the coal formations of Great Britain : selected for their novelty and interest, from upwards of a thousand specimens now in the possession of the author, and systematically described, with the view of facilitating the study of this important branch of geology /
Antediluvian phytology illustrated by a collection of the fossil remains of plants peculiar to the coal formations of Great Britain /
Théorie élémentaire de la capillarité suivie de ses principales applications a la physique, a la chimie et aux corps organisés /
Suite de la théorie élémentaire de la capillarité et de ses applications a la physique, a la chimie et aux corps organisés
Le tombeau de la pauvreté dans lequel il est traicté clairement de la transmutation des metaux & du moyen qu'on doit tenir pour y parvenir /
Kanon der Physik die Begriffe, Principien, Sätze, Formeln, Dimensionsformeln und Konstanten der Physik nach dem neuesten Stande der Wissenschaft /
And. Alciati Libellvs, de ponderibvs et mensuris item, Budæi quædam de eadem re, adhuc non uisa : item, Philippi Melanchthonis, de ijsdem ad Germanorum usum sententia : Alciati quoq[ue] et Philippi Melanchthonis, in laudem iuris ciuilis, orationes duæ elegantissimæ
Astronomie populaire
Prosperi Alpini Marosticensis De præsagienda vita et morte aegrotantivm libri septem in qvibvs ars tota Hippocratica prædicendi in aegrotis varios morborum euentus cùm ex veterum medicorum dogmatis, tum ex longa accuratáq[ue] observatione, noua methodo elucesit.
Propagation de l'électricité histoire et théorie /
Vollständiges Handbuch der Mineralogie
El reino mineral, ó sea, La mineralogia en general y en particular de España ...
Natur und Geist Gespräche zweier Freunde über der Materialismus und über die real-philosophischen Fragen der Gegenwart /
Aus Natur und Wissenchaft Studien, Kritiken und Abhandlungen /
Elogio storico di Luigi Galvani
Die Physiologie als Erfahrungswissenschaft
Karl Friedrich Burdach Vom Baue und Leben des Gehirns
Saggio sopra l'opera in musica
Versuch eines Handbuchs der Erfindungen
Bernardi Siegfried Albini Tabulae sceleti et musculorum corporis humani
Comptes rendus of observation and reasoning
Johann Franz Encke, Königl. Astronom und Director der Sternwarte in Berlin, sein Leben und Wirken
Tableau des terrains qui composent l'écorce du globe, ou, Essai sur la structure de la partie connue de la terre
Conciliator differentiarvm philosophorvm et precipve medicorvm
Diui Alphonsi Romanorvm et Hispaniarvm regis, Astronomicæ tabvlæ in propriam integritatem restitutæ ad calcem adiectis tabulis quæ in postrema editione deerant, cum plurimorum locorum correctione, & accessione variarum tabellarum ex diuersis autoribus huic operi insertarum, cùm in vsus vbertatem, tum difficultatis subsidium : quorum nomina summa pagellis quinta, sexta & septima describuntur : qua in re Paschasius Hammellius mathematicus insignis idémq[ue] Regis professor sedulam operam suam præstitit.
Magia astrologica, hoc est, P. Constantii Albinii Villanovensis, Clauis sympathiæ septem metallorum & septem selectorum lapidum ad planetas pro maiori illius elucidatione : opus tàm astrologis, quam chymicis per vtile & iocundum.
Prosperi Alpini De medicina Aegyptiorvm libri qvatvor in qvibvs mvlta cvm de vario mittendi sanguinin vsu per venas, arterias, cucurbitulas, ac scarificatificationes [sic] nostris inusitatas, déq[ue] inustionibus, & alijs chyrurgicis operationibus, tum de quamplurimis medicamentis apud Aegyptios frequentioribus, elucescunt : qvae cvm priscis medicis doctissimis, olim notissima, ac per uulgatissima essent, nunc ingenti artis medicæ iactura nostris desiderantur.
Petri de Abano De venenis atque eorundem commodis remediis /
Licht und leben Drei allgemeinverständliche naturwissenschaftliche Vorträge als Beiträge zur Theorie der natürlichen Weltordnung /
Traité élémentaire de minéralogie suivant les principes du professeur Werner conseiller des mines de Saxe : rédigé d'après plusieurs ouvrages allemands : augmenté des découvertes les plus modernes, et accompagné de notes pour accorder sa nomenclature avec celle des autres minéralogistes français et étrangers /
The vertuose boke of distyllacyon of the waters of all maner of herbes with the fygures of the styllatoryes /
Théorie des fonctions elliptiques
De la cristallisation considérée géométriquement et physiquement, ou, Traité abrégé de cristallographie suivi d'un précis de nos connoissances actuelles sur les phénomènes physiques de la cristallisation /
Archæologicæ philosophicæ, sive, Doctrina antiqua de rerum originibus libri duo.
The organization of trilobites, deduced from their living affinities with a systematic review of the species hitherto described /
Die Organisation der Trilobiten, aus ihren lebenden Verwandten entwickelt nebst einer systematischen Uebersicht aller zeither beschriebenen Arten /
Darwinismus und Sozialismus, oder, Der Kampf um das Dasein und die moderne Gesellschaft
Anthropologie für das gebildete Publicum
Force and matter empirico-philosophical studies, intelligibly rendered /
Kraft und Stoff empirisch-naturphilosophische Studien /
Doctrina de ponderibus, mensuris, et monetis ex probatissimis scriptoribus conqvisita, examinata, & in aphorismos ac tabellas redacta /
Of the laws of chance, or, A method of calculation of the hazards of game plainly demonstrated, and applied to games at present most in use : which may be easily extended to the most intricate cases of chance imaginable.
Liber de arte distillandi de simplicibus Das Buch der rechten Kuntst zü distilieren die eintzigē Ding /
Dissertatio de docimastice metallica qvam ad diem Junii XIX /
Georgii Bach Examen principiorvm quibus recentiores physici opera naturæ male superstruunt rerumque aliarum Aristotlei oppositarum : nominatim principiorum mundi, vaporis, spiritus, & lucis, Johannis Amos Comenii.
Ostivm vel atrivm natvræ ichnographice delineatvm, id est, Fundamenta interpretationis & administrationis natvrae generalia ex mundo, mente, ac scriptvris jacta /
Circvlvs Pisanvs
Tensio cordis, lipothymyliae causa, occasione experimenti pnevmatici exposita ...
Scientia eclipsium ex imperio et commercio sinarum illustrata
Francisci Bovssveti De natvra aqvatilivm carmen
Gvalteri Bvrlei ... in libros VIII physicorum Aristotelis expositio incipit
Olai Borrichii De usu plantarum indigenarum in medicina et sub finem, de Clysso plantarum, & thee specificio enchiridion.
Begyndelsesgrunde af geognosien
Handbuch der krystallographischen Chemie
Mémoire sur quelques nouvelles propriétés des axes permanens de rotation des corps et des plans directeurs de ces axes
Théorie des phénomènes électro-dynamiques uniquement déduite de l'expérience /
Journal et correspondance de André-Marie Ampère
Resultate für den Maschinenbau
Die Verteilung der Himmelskörper
The story of his love being the journal and correspondence of André-Marie Ampère, with his family circle during the first republic, 1793-1804 /
Ansicht der chemischen Naturgesetze, durch die nueren Entdeckungen gewonnen
Henrici Cornelli Agrippae De nobilitate & præcellentia fœminei sexus ... Expostulatio cum Iohanne Catilineti sup[er] expositione libri Iohannis Capniosis de verbo mirifico : De sacramento matrimonij declamatio ... : De triplici ratione cognoscendi deum liber vnus ... : Dehortatio gentilis theologiæ ... : De originali peccato disputabilis opinionis declamatio ... : Regimen aduersus pestilentiea ... : Sermones duo, de vita monastica, & de inuentione reliquiarum diui Anthonij eremitæ
Theodori de Almeida Physicarum institutionum libri X ad usum scholarum.
An explication of the first causes of action in matter, and of the cause of gravitation
Geometria motus
The principles of action in matter, and the gravitation of bodies, and the motion of the planets explained from those principles
Dr. Albert Haller's physiology being a course of lectures upon the visceral anatomy and vital oeconomy of human bodies : including the latest and most considerable discoveries and improvements, which have been made by the most eminent professors, through all parts of Europe, down to the present year : compiled for the use of the University of Gottingen : now illustrated with useful remarks, with an history of medicine, and with a nosology, or doctrine of diseases.
Die Kalkschwämme
Das System der Medusen
Rara mathematica, or, A collection of treatises on the mathematics and subjects connected with them from ancient inedited manuscripts /
Refutation de l'inoculation servant de reponse a deux pieces qui ont paru cette année 1759 : dont la premiere est une dissertation, lue dans la Société de l'Académie royale des sciences de Paris, par m. de la Condamine : et la seconde, une lettre de Mr. Tyssot a l'auteur de la pressente refutation /
Disqvistitionvm physiologicarvm
A collection of letters illustrative of the progress of science in England from the reign of Queen Elizabeth to that of Charles the Second
Revue complémentaire des sciences appliquées a la médecine et pharmacie, a l'agriculture, aux arts et a l'industrie
Mechanics of fluids for practical men comprising hydrostatics, descriptive and constructive : the whole illustrated by numerous examples and appropriate diagrams /
New conversations on chemistry adapted to the present state of that science : wherein its elements are clearly and familiarly explained : with one hundred and eighteen engravings illustrative of the subject, appropriate questions, a list of experiments, and a glossary : on the foundation of Mrs. Marcet's "Conversations on chemistry" /
The works of Geber, the most famous Arabian prince and philosopher
A general outline of the animal kingdom and manual of comparative anatomy /
Io. Friderici Carthevser Dissertationes physico-chymico-medicæ annis nvperis de qvibsdam materiae medicae svbiectis exaratae ac pvblice habitæ : nvnc itervm recvsae.
Die Lehre von der Elektricität und dem Magnetimus Versuch einer theoretischen Ableitung der gesammten magnetischen und elektischen Erscheinungen /
Nachträge zur Naturgeschichte des Protococcus pluvialis Kützing (Haematococcus Pluvialis Flotow, Chlamidococcus Verstilis A. Braun, Chlamidococcus Pluvialis Flotow u. A. Braun.) /
Dr. Rud. Jac. Camerarii Opuscula botanici argumenti
Der Flug ein auf der Wirkung strahlenden Luftdrucks beruhender Vorgang /
Botanik der Gegenwart und Vorzeit in culturhistorischer Entwickelung ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der abendländischen Völker /
Mineralogie afhandlende egenskaber og brug af jord- og steenarter, salter, mineralske brænlige legemer og metaller /
Nicolai Josephi Jacquin Miscellanea Austriaca ad botanicam, chemiam, et historiam naturalem spectantia
Pyrologia curiosa & experimentalis i.e. ignis scrutinium exactum nobiliatem ejus, naturam, locum, effectus, extinctionem : producta & cognata è pentioribus physicæ solidoioris recessibus methodo plane singulari excutiens ... /
Ephemerides meteorologicæ Tubingenses ab anno seculi nonagesimo primo ad quartum
History of the Geological Society of Glasgow, 1858-1908 with biographical notices of prominent members /
Employment for the microscope ...
Electric science its history, phenomena, and applications /
Natürliche Schöpfungsgeschichte gemeinverständliche wissenschaftliche Vorträge über die Entwickelungslehre im Allgemeinen und diejenige von Darwin, Goethe und Lamarck, im Besonderen über die Anwendung derselben auf den Ursprung des Menschen und andere damit zusammenhhangende Grundfragen der Naturwissenschaft /
Principes hydrostatiques et mécaniques, ou, Mémoire sur la manière de diminuer le roulis et le tangage d'un naivre sans qu'il perde sensiblement par cette diminuation, aucune des bonnes qualitiés que sa construction doit lui donner : Suivi de deux mémoires sur le même sujet : Le premier, intitulé Examen des efforts qu'ont à soutenir toutes les parties d'in vaisseau dans le roulis et le tangage, ou, Recherches sur la diminution de ces mouvemens, par Léonard Euler : Le deuxième, Meḿoire sur le Roulis et le Tangage d'un vaisseau, par Groignard, constructeur de vaisseaux /
Du calcul integral
De lineis rectis se invicem secantibus statica constructio
Erklharung der wichtigsten Erscheinungen der Elektricität unter Voraussetzung eines elektrischen Fluidums
An essay touching the gravitation, or non-gravitation of fluid bodies and the reasons thereof
Memoirs on the nervous system read at the Royal Society in MDCCCXXXIII and MDCCCXXXVII : and the Croonian lectures delivered at the Royal College of Physicians in MDCCCL, MDCCCLI, and MDCCCLII /
Histoire des machines à vapeur depuis leur origine jusqu'à nos jours /
The telegraphic transmission of photographs
Nevv Atlantis a vvork unfinished /
Natural evidence of a future life derived from the properties and actions of animate and inanimate matter /
The advancement of arts, manufactures, and commerce, or, Descriptions of the useful machines and models contained in the repository of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce together with an account of the several discoveries and improvements promoted by the Society, in agriculture, manufactures, mechanics, chemistry, and the polite arts, and also in the British colonies in America /
Sylva sylvarum, or, A natural historie in ten centuries /
Considerations on the medicinal use of factitious airs and on the manner of obtaining them in large quantites : in two parts /
The young gentleman and lady's philosophy in a continued survey of the works of nature and art, by way of dialogue /
Aerial navigation
The philosophical grammar being a view of the present state of experimented physiology, or natural philosophy : in four parts ... the whole extracted from the writings of the greatest naturalists of the last and present age, treated in the familiar way of dialogue, adapted purposely to the capacities of youth of both sexes ... /
An historical and scientific description of the mode of supplying London with water and a particular account of the different companies so engaged, with an exposition of the attempts to adopt other modes : together with an account of the contrivances for supplying cities in different ages and countries /
Philosophical essays in three parts ... /
Conversations on vegetable physiology comprehending the elements of botany, with their application to agriculture /
Conversations on natural philosophy in which the elements of that science are familiarly explained and adapted to the comprehension of young pupils /
Conversations on chemistry in which the elements of that science are familiarly explained and illustrated by experiments.
A text-book of mineralogy with an extended treatise on crystallography and physical mineralogy /
Dud Dudley's Metallum Martis, or, Iron made with pit-coale, sea-coale, &c and with the same fuell to melt and fine imperfect mettals, and refine perfect mettals.
Researches, chemical and philosophical, chiefly concerning nitrous oxide or dephlogisticated nitrous air, and its respiration
Information about lightning conductors issued by the Academy of Science of France /
The British cyclopædia of the arts and sciences including treatises on the various branches of natural and experimental philosophy, the useful and fine arts, mathematics, commerce, &c. /
A manual of natural and experimental philosophy being the substance of a series of lectures delivered in the London, Russell, Surrey, and metropolitan institutions /
Philosophical observations on the analogy between the propagation of animals and that of vegetables in which are answered, some objections against the indivisibility of the soul, which have been inadvertently drawn from the late curious and useful experiments upon the polypus and other animals : with an explanation of the manner in which each piece of a divided polypus becomes another perfect animal of the same species /
Handbook of geological terms and geology
A collection of examples of the applications of the differential and integral calculus
L'évolution des forces
Dictionnaire de minéralogie, de géologie et de métallurgie
Traité de la connoissance des animaux où tout ce qui a esté dict pour & contre le raisonnement des bestes est examiné /
Entomographie, histoire naturelle des lépidoptères, ou papillons
A geometrical practise named pantometria diuided into three bookes, longimetra, planimetra, and stereometria : containing rules manifolde for mensuration of all lines, superficies and solides : with sundry straunge [sic] conclusions, both by instrument and without, and also by perspectiue glasses : to set forth the true description of exact plat of an whole region /
Die Theorie des Sehens und räumlichen Vorstellens von physikalischen, physiologischen und psychologischen Standpunkte /
Recherches sur la comete des années 1531, 1607, 1682 et 1759 pour servir de supplement à la theorie, par laquelle on avoit annoncé en 1758 le tems du retour de cette comète /
Osservazioni sopra i terreni postdiluviani delle provincie Astro-Venete
Idées sur la métérologie
The chain of life in geological time a sketch of the origin and succession of animals and plants /
Elektrische Pausen
Die Atmosphäre und ihre vorzüglichsten Erscheine nach den Grundsätzen der neuern Meterologie, nach eigenen und anderer Beobachtungen /
Notions générales de chimie
The coal-regions of America their topography, geology, and development /
Histoire de l'origine, des progrès et de la décadence des sciences dans la Grèce
Théorie des êtres sensibles, ou, Cours complet de physique spéculative, expérimentale, systématique et géométrique : mise a la portée de tout le monde : avec une table alphabétique des matieres, qui fait de tout cet ouvrage un vrai dictionnaire de physique /
Cours de chimie générale
The "electrical theory" of the universe, or, The elements of physical and moral philosophy
A description of the admirable table oe [sic] logarithmes with a declaration of the most plentiful, easy, and speedy vse thereof in both kindes of trigonometrie, as also in all mathematicall calculations /
Dictionary of natural history terms with their derivations including the various orders, genera, and species /
Memoirs of John Abernethy, F.R.S with a view of his lectures, writings, and character /
Meteorik, oder, Neue Witterung-Lehre
Nouveau sisteme du microcosme, ou, Traité de la nature de l'homme dans lequel on explique la cause du mouvement des fluids, le principe de la vie, du sang & des humeurs, la generation, & les autres operations des parties du corps humain /
Lavoisier, 1743-1794 d'après sa correspondance, ses manuscrits, ses papiers de famille et d'autres documents inédits /
Le monde de Mr. Descartes, ou, Le traité de la lvmiere, et des autres principaux objects des sens avec un discours du mouvement local, & un autre des fiévres /
Nouvelle collection de mémoires sur différents parties intéressantes des science et arts
Memoires de physique sur l'art de fabriquer le fer d'en fondre & forger des canons d'artillerie, sur l'histoire naturelle et sur divers sujets particuliers de physique et d'économie /
Essai d'une nouvelle theorie du choc des corps, fondée sur l'experience
Atlas et description minéralogiques de la France
Second mémoire sur l'action d'un feu egal violent, et continué pendant plusieurs jours sur un grand nombre de terres, de pierres & de chaux métalliques essayées pour la plupart telles qu'elles sortent du sein de la terre lu à l'Académie Royale des Sciences les 16 & 28 Mai 1766 /
Mémoires sur différentes parties des sciences et arts
Précis de la philosophie de Bacon et des progrès qu'ont fait les sciences naturelles par ses préceptes et son exemple : avec un appendice sur quelques points particuliers appartenants au sujet général /
La matière brute et la matière vivante étude sur l'origine de la vie et de la mort /
Charles Gerhardt, sa vie, son oeuvre, sa correspondance, 1816-1856 document d'histoire de la chimie /
Usaige et description de l'holometre pour scavoir mesurer toutes choses qui sont soubs l'estanduë de l'oeil : tant en longueur et largeur, qu'un hauteur et profondité /
Die Doppelsterne
Die Urwelt und das Alterthum erläutert durch die Naturkunde /
Reden und Vorträge über Gegenstände aus dem Gebiete der Naturforschung
Dioptrick, oder, Anleitung zur Verfertigung der Fernröhre
Chemische Äquivalenten- oder Atomenlehre zum Gebrauche für Chemiker, Pharmaceuten und Techniker /
Martini Lister Conchyliorum bivalvium utriusque aquæ exercitatio anatomica tertia huic accedit Dessertatio medicinalis de calculo humano.
Versuch eines Systems der Amphibien
Handbuch der allgemeinen und technischen Chemie zum Selbstunterricht, und zur Grundlage seiner ordentlichen und ausserordentlichen Vorlesungen /
Trattato compendioso orittologico
Flora von Steiermark systematische Übersicht der in Steiermark wildwachsenden und allgemein gebauten blühenden Gewächse und Farne : mit Angabe der Standorte, der Blütezeit und Dauer /
Telegrafo elettro-magnetico practicabile a grandi distanze
Apuntes para una biblioteca española de libros, folletos y artículos, impresos y manuscritos, relativos al conocimiento y explotación de las riquezas minerales y á las ciencias auxiliares comprenden la mineralogía y geología en todos sus aplicaciones : la hidrogeología, la química analítica, docimástica y metalúrgica, la legislacion y estadística mineras : memorias é informes acerca de estos ramos del saber humano, concernientes á la península y á nuestras antiguas y actuales posesiones de ultramar : acompañados de reseñas biográficas y de un ligero resúmen de la mayor parte de las obras que se citan /
Das gelöste Problem der Aeronautik vergleichende Kritik der bis heute zur Lösung der aeronautischen Aufgabe in Vorschlag gebrachten Projecte, resp. Principien /
Grundriss der organischen Chemie
Enumerato der Flora von Deutschland und der angrenzenden Länder im ganzen Umfange von Reichenbach's Flora germanica excursoria, vom Mittelländischen Meere bis zur Nord- und Ost-See : geordnet nach dem naturlichen Systeme von De Candolle und der Reihenfolge von Koch's Synopsis, metallen Synonymen, Vareitäten und Fundorten, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Gegenden am Rheine /
Joh. Gottl. Leidenfrost Opuscula physico-chemica et medica antehac seorsim edita, nunc post ejus obitum collecta.
Martini Lister Historiæ Conchyliorum
Astronomia Danica vigilis & opera Christiani S. Longomontani, elaborata & in duas partes tributa : quarum prior, doctrinam de diurna apparente siderum revolutione super sphæra armillari veterum instaurata, duobus libris explicat : posterior, theorias de motibus planetarum ad observationes D̄n. Tychonis Brahæ, & proprias, in triplici forma redintegratas : itidem duobus libris complectitur : cum appendice de asscititiis cœli phænomenis, nempe, stellis novis et cometis.
Vita del letteratissimo Monsig. Niccolò Stenone di Danimarca vescovo di Titopoli e vicario apostolico /
Pflanzenphysiologische Untersuchungen
Deutschlands Flora, oder, Systematische Beschreibung der in Deutschland wildwachsenden und im Freien angebaut werdenden Pflanzen
Ricerche sul moto molecolare de' solidi
Theorie der Gärung ein Beitrag zur Molekularphysiologie /
Darwinismus und Lamarckismus Entwurf einer psychophysischen Teleologie /
Ephemerides motum cœlestium ex anno 1787 in annum 1798 ad meridianum Bononiæ supputatæ ad usum instituti.
Hortus regius Blesensis auctus cum notulis durationis & charactismis plantarum tam additarum, quam non scriptarum : item plantarum in eodem horto regio Blesensi aucto contentarum, nemini hucusque scriptarum, brevis & succincta delineatio : quibus accessêre observationes generaliores (plantarum in eodem horto regio Blesensi aucto contentarum) rei herbariæ studiosis valdè necessariæ, & cognitu perutiles : Præludiorum botanicorum pars prior /
Francisci Marabelli Appararatus medicaminum nosocomiis ac generatim curationi aegrotorum pauperum maxime accommodus, exhibito sub finem operis specimine seu norma tum pharmacopeae pro castrensibus nosocomiis, tum generalis apparatus medicaminum pro tota republica.
Plantarum historiæ universalis oxoniensis ..., seu, Herbarum distributio nova per tabulas cognationis & affinitatis ex libro naturæ observata & detecta /
F. Marini Mersenni Harmonicorum libri in qvibvs agitvr de sonorvm natvra, cavsis, & effectibus : de consonantiis, dissonantiis, rationibus, generibus, modis, cantibus, compositione, orbisque totius harmonicis instrumentis : opus vtile grammaticis, oratoribus, philosophis, iurisconsultis, medicis, mathematicis, atque theologis.
Synopsis methodica fvngorvm sistens envmerationem omnivm hvc vsqve detectarvm speciervm, cvm brevibvs descriptionibvs nec non synonymis et observationibvs selectis /
Physica particularis quam in usam auditorum philosophiæ /
Anatomiae amphitheathrum effigie triplici, more et conditione varia, designatum
Pavli Gvldini De centro gravitatis trium specierum quanitatis continuæ
The genera of recent mollusca arranged according to their organization /
Marini Ghetaldi Apollonivs redivivvs, sev, Restitvtae Apollonii Pergaei De inclinationibus geometriae liber secvndvs
Descripto astrolabii navi a Johanne Hadley inventi apti ad observationes syderum altitudinis vel angulorum quorumcunque : annexa sunt præcepta, quibus observationes illæ facilius certiusque a nautis peragi possint.
Ios. Qvercetani Opera medica
Gio. Paolo Gallvcci Della fabrica et vso di diversi stromenti di astronomia et cosmografia oue si uede la somma della teorica et pratica di queste due nobilissime scienze.
Theorematis fundamentalis in doctrina de residuis quadraticis demonstrationes et ampliationes novae
Marini Ghetaldi De resolutione & compositione mathematica libri qvinqve opus posthumum.
Marini Ghetaldi Promotvs Archimedis, sev, De varijs corporum generibus grauitate & magnitudine comparatis
Neue chemische Nomenklatur für die deutsche Sprache
Johannes Godaritus Of insects
Lettres choisies de feu M. Guy Patin, docteur en medicine dans lesquelles sont contenuës plusieurs particularitez historiques, sur la vie & la mort des sçavants de ce siècle, sur leurs écrits & plusieurs autres choses curieuses depuis l'an 1645, jusqu'en 1672 : augumentées de plus de trois cents lettres dans cette derniere edition, & divisées en trois volumes.
Traité élémentaire des réactifs leurs préparations, leurs emplois spéciaux et leurs applications a l'analyse /
La nouvelle découverte, et les admirables effets des fermens dans le corps humain expliquez par des experiences & des raisonnemens tres solides /
Essais de physique
An essay on fire
Medicorvm et philosophorvm svmmi, Avreoli Theophrasti Paracelsi, eremitæ, libri quinque De causis, signis, & curationibus morborum ex tartaro vtilissimi
Introduction a l'étude de la chimie moléculare
Allgemeine Naturgeschichte als philosophische und Humanitätswissenschaft für Naturforscher, Philosophen und das höher gebildete Publikum /
An elementary introduction to mineralogy
An elementary introduction to the knowledge of mineralogy including some account of mineral elements and constituents, explanations of terms in common use, brief accounts of minerals, and of the places and circumstances in which they are found /
Albertvs Haller Anatomen primam in cadavere pvellae avditoribvs indicit die XXI. Octobr. MDCCXXXVII : nvperas simvl observationes de valvvla Eustachii communicat.
Alberti Haller De respiratione experimenta anatomica qvibvs aeris inter pvlmonem et plevram absentia demonstratvr et mvscvlorvm intercostalivm internorvm officivm adseritvr.
Albertus Haller Omnes rei anatomicae studiosos ad dissectionem cadaveris humani invitat et ea occasione demonstrandum suscipit, quod humana corpora secuerit Hippocrates.
A chronological history of the origin and development of steam navigation, 1543-1882
Bell's electric speaking telephone its invention, construction, application, modification, and history /
Philosophiae magnae
Études de la nature
Charles Pritchard ... memoirs of his life
Plantarum Italiæ marinarum & graminum, icones, nomina, &c.
Jacobi Petiveri Opera, historiam naturalem spectantia, or, Gazophylacium containing several 1000 figures of birds, beasts, reptiles, insects, fish, beetles, moths, flies, shells, corals, fossils, minerals, stones, fungusses, mosses, herbs, plants, &c. from all nations : with Latin and English names : the shells, &c. have English, Latin and native names.
A further description of the anatomy of the mammary organs of the kangaroo
On the anatomy of some of the organs of deglutition in the Capybara (Hydrochærus capybara)
Notice of several recent discoveries in the structure and economy of spiders
Remarks on the pulvilli of insects
An account of the mode of growth of young corals of the genus Fungia
On the remarkable formation of the trachea in the Egyptian Tantalus
A supplement to the "Synopsis of testaceous pneumonobranchous Mollusca of Great Britain"
On the osteological symmetry of the camel, Camelus bactrianus of Aristotle, Linnæus and Cuvier
Remarks on a certain kind of organic matter found in sulphureous springs
On the plant which yields the gum ammoniacum
On the Paussidæ, a family of coleopterous insects
On the organs and mode of fecundation in Orchidæ and Asclepiadeæ
Description of a new species of the genus Pinus
An introduction to conchology, or, Elements of the natural history of molluscous animals
Chemische Tabellen des Thierreichs, oder, Systematische Uebersicht der Resultate aller bis jetzt zerlegten Animalien
Of the variations of the atmosphere
A botanical lexicon, or, Expositor of the terms, facts, and doctrines of the vegetable physiology, brought down to the present time
Handbuch der Gewebelehre des Menschen für Aerzte und Studirende /
What are the manures most advantageously applicable to various sorts of soils, and what are the causes of their beneficial effect in each particular instance
Institvtiones physicae
An account of animal secretion, the quantity of blood in the humane body, and muscular motion
Élémens de géométrie à l'usage de l'École centrale des quatre-nations /
Chemische Tabellen der Pflanzenanalysen, oder, Versuch eines systematischen Verzeichnisses der bis jezt [sic] zerlegten Vegetabilien nach den vorwaltenden näheren Bestandtheilen
Über das Gesetz der Stürme
Aspects of the earth a popular account of some familiar geological phenomena /
The genera of recent and fossil shells conchology and geology /
The life and works of Thomas Graham illustrated by 64 unpublished letters /
Dello specchio de scientia vniversale
Antonii Deusingii Disquisitio anti-sylviana de calido innato et aucto in corde sanguinis calore quâ Francisci Sylvii suspiciones, opiniones, ac conjecturæ ; ut ab ipso dicuntur, quin imò verè ineptiæ ejus & nugæ, ad libellam veritatis expenduntur, excutiuntur, ac refutantur.
La botanique en Provence au XVIe siècle, Hugues de Solier
Zwei weitere Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiete der Optik
La botanique en Provence au XVIe siècle, Léonard Rauwolff, Jacques Raynaudet
Essai sur l'art de la distillation dans lequel on a donné le description des nouveaux appareils inventés dans le midi de la France /
The connexion of the physical sciences
Traitez de mechaniqve, de l'equilibre des solides et des liqueurs où l'on découvre les causes des effets de toutes les machines dont on mesure les forces d'une maniere particuliere : on y en propose aussi quelques nouvelles /
L'art d'essayer les mines et les métaux
Caroli Linnæi Amoenitates academicae, seu, Dissertationes variæ physicæ, medicæ, botanicæ antehæ seorsim editæ, nunc collectæ et auctæ cum tabulis aeneis : accedit hypothesis nova de febrium intermittentium causa.
Lectures on physiology, zoology, and the natural history of man delivered at the Royal college of surgeons /
Über die nicht periodischen Änderungen der Temperauturvertheilung auf der Oberfläche der Erde in dem Zeitraume von 1789 bis 1838 eine in der Akademie der Wissenscahften gelesene Abhandlung /
Die normale Resorption des Knochengewebes und ihre Bedeutung für die Entstehung der typischen Knochenformen
Über den Zusammenhang der Wärmeveränderungen der Atmosphäre mit der Entwickelung der Pflanzen
Die Schwimmpolypen oder Siphonophoren von Messina
Zoologische Beyträge zur XIII Ausgabe des Linneischen Natursystems
Voyage de la Louisiane, fait par ordre du Roy en l'année mil sept cent vingt dans lequel sont traitées diverses matières de physique, astronomie, géographie et marine : l'on y a joint les Observations sur la refraction, faitesà Marseille, avec des Reflexions sur ces observations : divers voyages faits pour la correction de la carte de la côte de Provence : et des reflexions sur quelques points du sistème de M. Newton /
Drei Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiete der Wellen-Lehre nebst Anwendungen auf Akustik, Optik und Astonomie /
Antonii Deusingii De vero systemate mundi dissertatio mathematica quâ Copernici systema mundi reformatur : sublatis interim infinitis penè orbibus, quibus in systemate Ptolemaico humana mens distrahitur.
A collection of some papers formerly published in the Philosophical Transactions, relating to the use of Dr. Knight's magnetical bars with some notes and additions.
Zwei Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiete der Optik
Beiträge zur Geschichte und Kenntniss des Basaltes, und der ihm verwandten Massen
British butterflies
Petiveriana, seu, Naturæ collectanea
Brief directions for the easie making, and preserving collections of all natural curiosities
The electric telegraph
Contribuzioni alla storia della botanica I. Illustrazione degli erbarii di Gherardo Cibo, II. Sopra un codice miniato della Materia medica di Dioscoride, conservato a Roma /
Astronomica et astrologica
Voyage d'Uranibourg, ou, Observations astronomiques faites en Dannemarck
Pteri-graphia Americana icones continens plusquam 400 filicum variarum specierum, viz. arborescentes, scandentes, spinosas, floriferas, aliasque perraras : nec non muscos, lichenes, fungos, corallia, spongias aliaq[ue] non pauca submarina : cui adijciuntur [sic] crustacea, testacea, aliaque animalia ferè omnia ex insulis nostris Charibbæis, viz. Antego, Barbados, St. Christophers, Nevis, Jamaica &c. /
Flora quasimodogenita, sive, Enumeratio aliquot plantarum indigenarum in Prussia quarum in herbariis hactenus editis Borussicis aut nulla, aut superficiaria facta est mentio, additis nonnullis iconibus, descriptionibus & observationibus : nec non annexo Florilegio, ad clima Prussiæ accommodato /
Friderici Hoffmanni Operum omnium physico-medicorum supplementum in duas partes distributum : quibus continentur opera varia quæ in magna operum collectione desiderantur.
Guilielmi Hewsoni Disquisitio experimentalis de sanguinis natura variisque ejus per morbos mutationibus /
Friderici Hoffmanni Operum omnium physico-medicorum supplementum secundum in tres partes distributum : quibus continentur opera varia quæ in magna operum collectione et primo supplemento desiderantur.
Physische und technische Beschreibung der Flintensteine wie sie in der Erde vorkommen und dessen Zurichtung zum ökonomischen Gebrauch : sammt Abbildung der dazu gehörigen Werkzeuge /
Bemerkungen über die Entstehung der Feuer- oder Flintensteine ein kleiner Beitrag zu der in den Jahren 1788 und 1797 erschienenen physischen und rechnischen Beschreibung derselben /
The aphorisms of Hippocrates
Hippocrates on airs, waters, and places
De fossilibvs opvscvlvm
Fabiani Hippii Problemata physicia et logica peripatetica in quibus illustriores quæstiones physicæ & logicæ inter philosophos veteres & recentiores agitatæ, perpetvis obiectionibvs & responsionibus in veramque partem more academico solidissune & accuratissime disputantur.
Die Entwickelung des menschlichen Gehirns während der ersten Monate
Unsere Körperform und das physiologische Problem ihrer Entstehung Briefe an einen befreundeten Naturforscher /
A practical description of that process called the daguerreotype
The botanic garden a poem in two parts.
Della trasportatione dell'obelisco vaticano et delle fabriche di Nostro Signore papa Sisto V
Physico-mathesis de lumine, coloribus, et iride alijsque adnexis, libri duo : in quorum primo afferuntur noua experimenta, et rationes ab ijs deductæ pro substantialitate luminis : in secundo autem dissoluuntur argumenta in primo adducta, & probabiliter sustineri posse docetur sententia : peripatetica de accidentalitate luminis, qua occasione de hactenus incognita luminis diffusione, de reflexionis, refractionis, ac diffractionis modo & causis, de visone, deque speciebus intentionalibus visibilium et audibilium, ac de substantiali magnetis efluuio omnia corpora peruadente, non pauca scitu digna proferuntur, & speciali etiam argumento impugnantur atmoistae /
Exercitatio physiologico-medica de nutritone animalium publico examini subjecta in illustri Grongingæ & Omlandiæ Academiæ /
Hieronymi Fabrici ab Aquapendente De integmentis animalium libellus
A prognostication of right good effect fructfully augmented, contayninge plaine, briefe, pleasent, chosen rules to iudge the wether for ever, by the Sunne, Moone, starres, comets, raynebowe, thunder, cloudes, with other extraordinary tokens, not omitting the aspectes of planetes : with a brefe iudgement for ever of plentie, lacke, sickenes, death, vvarres, &c. : openinge also many naturall causes woorthy to be knowẽ : to these and others, now at last are adioyned, diuers generall pleasante tables for euer manyfolde wayes profitable, to al maner men of vnderstanding, therefore agayne /
Physices elementa mathematica experimentis confirmata, sive, Introductio ad philosophiam Newtonianam
Io. Baptistæ Guglielmini De diurno terrae motu experimentis physico-mathematicis confirmato opusculum
Dissertation sur les causes et les variations des vents qui a remporté le prix à l'Académie royale des belles-lettres, sciences et arts, pour l'année 1730 / par le Pere Sarabat.
Précis de physique
Essai sur une nouvelle théorie de la voix avec l'exposé des divers systèmes qui ont paru jusqu'a ce jour sur cet objet /
The elements of algebra in ten books /
Astronomie indienne d'après la doctrine et les livres anciens et moderns des brammes sur l'astronomie, l'astrologie et la chronologie : suivie de l'examen de l'astronomie des anciens peuples de l'Orient et de l'explication des principaux monuments astronomico-astrologiques de l'Egypte et de la Perse /
Bees comprehending the uses and economical management of the honey-bee of Britain and other countries : together with descriptions of the known wild species.
Emanuelis König Regnum animale sectionibus III physicè, medicè, anatomicè, harmonicè, mechanicè, theoreticè, practicè evisceratum, enumeratum & emedullatum : hominis scilicet & brutorum machinam hydraulico-pneumaticam comparatè : item V. classes universales, ac usum cibarium & medicinalem curiosis quibusvis proponens.
Observations sur les volcans de l'Auvergne suivies de notes sur divers objects : recueillies dans une course minéralogique, faite l'année dernière, an 10 (1802) /
Antonii le Grand Institutio philosophiæ, secundum principia domini Renati Descartes novo methodo adornata & explicata : in usum juventutis academicæ
Entwickelungsgeschichte der Cephalopoden
La botanique en Provence au XVIe siècle, Pierre Pena et Mathias de Lobel
Essai sur l'histoire de la cosmographie et de la cartographie pendant le moyen-age et sur les progrès de la géographie après les grandes découvertes du XVe siècle : pour servir d'introduction et d'explication à l'atlas composé de mappemondes et de portulans, et d'autres monuments géographiques, depuis le VIe siècle de notre ère jusqu'au XVIIe /
Versuch einer Begründung der Deszendenztheorie
Traité complet d'anatomie, ou, Description de toutes les parties du corps humain
Cosmographiæ physicæ, et mathematicæ
Floræ parisiensis prodromus, ou, Catalogue des plantes qui naissent dans les environs de Paris rapportées sous les dénominations modernes & anciennes, & arrangées suivant la méthode séxuelle de M. Linnæus. /
Dello specchio di scientia vniuersale
Catoptricæe et dioptricæ sphaericæ elementa
Physica generalis quam in usum auditorum philosophiae /
Discorso delle comete
Of the laws of motion
Die Harmonie der Welten
Die Erschliessung der Gebirge von den ältesten Zeiten bis auf Saussure (1787) nach Vorlesungen an der Königlichen Bergakademie zu Freiberg i. S., für Geographen, Kulturhistoriker und Militärs /
Compvtvs, vel, Calendarivm astronomicvm continens præcipvarvm partivm temporis descriptiones : anno M.D.LXII. conscriptum, & in Academia VVitebergensi Scholasticæ iuuentuti propositum /
Anatomia do corpo humano recopilada com doutrinas medicas, chimicas, filosoficas, mathematicas : com indices e estampas, representantes todas as partes do corpo humano : dividida en tres livros /
Instruction sur les paratonnerres
Sanctorii Sanctorii Commentaria in primum fen, primi libri canonis Auicennæ ... cvm triplici indice, vno qvæstionum, altero instrumentorum, tertio rerum notabilium.
Essai de logique scientifique prolégomènes, suivis d'une étude sur la question du mouvement considérée dans ses rapports avec le principe de contradiction /
Favna Boica durchgedachte Geschichte der in Baiern einheimischen und zahmen Thiere /
Brvn. Seidelii Physica
Supplément au Recueil de procédés d'expériences sur les teintures solides que nos végétaux indigênes communiquent aux laines & aux lainages
Iacobi Christiani Schaefferi Botanica expeditior genera plantarvm in tabvlis sexalibvs et vniversalibvs aeri incisis exhibens.
Dissertation sur la nature et propagation de feu
Biographical memoirs of several Norwich botanists in a letter to Alexander MacLeay /
Further account of the Bos frontalis
Description of a large species of rat, a native of the East Indies
George Ernst Stahls Anweisung zur Metallurgie, oder, Der metallischen Schmeltz- und Probier-Kunst nebst dessen Einleitung zur Grund-Mixtion derer unterirrdischen mineralischen und metallischen C2orper : alles mit gr2undlichen Rationibus, Demonstrationibus und Experimentis nach denen Becherischen Principiis ausgef2uhret.
The life of George Stephenson, railway engineer
Elementa arithmetices algorithmvs de numeris integris /
Recherches sur l'électricité
Schadato Flora Veronensis quam in prodromum florae Italiae septentrionalis /
Nicolai Stenonis de musculis & glandulis observationum specimen cum epistolis duabus anatomicis.
Eratosthenes Batavvs De terræ ambitus vera quantitate
Orontii Finei Delphinatis De mundi sphæra, siue, Cosmographia, primave astronomiæ parte libri V : ab ipso authore recogniti, aucti, ac prorsus renovati : seorsúmq[uam] in studiosorum gratiam absque commentarijs recenter impressi.
Mechnaicae rationalis et practicae elementa
De generatione hominis liber
Genesis microcosmi, seu, De generatione foetus in utero dissertatio accesserunt curæ secundæ de generatione & nutritione /
Clavis totivs philosophiæ chymisticæ per quam obscura philosophorum dicta referantur : compendium tres libros continens, partim physicos, medicos, & pro maiori parte chymicos : cuius summarium versa pagella indicabit /
Dictionnaire des merveilles de la nature
The physicians and surgeons of the United States
Miscellaneous papers connected with physical science
A treatise on light and vision
Philosophical principles of universal chemistry, or, The foundation of a scientifical manner of inquiring into and preparing the natural and artificial bodies for the uses of life both in smaller way of experiment, and the larger way of business : design'd as a general introduction to the knowledge and practice of artificial philosophy, or, genuine chemistry in all its branches /
Observations sur l'electricité où l'on tâche d'expliquer son méchanisme & ses effets sur l'oeconomie animale : avec des remarques sur son usage /
An introduction to the study of chemistry
Evolution by means of hybridization
Some remarks on the laws of motion, and the inertia of matter
Pappi Alexandrini collectionum mathematicarum libri quarti propositio quarta generalior facta, cui propositiones aliquot eodem spectantes adjiciuntur
Pangéométrie, ou, Précis de géométrie fondée sur une théorie générale et rigoureuse des parallels
Geometrical researches on the theory of parallels
Dictionnaire des réactifs chimiques employés dans toutes les expériences faites dans les cours publics et particuliers, les recherches médico-légales, les expertises, les essais, les analyses qualitatives et quantitatives des corps simples et de leurs composés utiles, soit dans les arts, soit en médecine /
Vegetabilia Evropæa in commodvm botanicorvm per Evropam peregrinantivm /
Histoire naturelle des quadrupèdes, ovipares, serpents, poissons et cétacées
Historiæ natvralis de quadrvpetibvs libri
Observations and experiments, made with a view to ascertain the means by which the spiders that produce gossamer effect their aërial excursions
Descriptions of two quadrupeds inhabiting the south of Africa about the Cape of Good Hope
An account of a pair of hinder hands of an Orangotang, deposited in the collection of the Trinity-House, Hull
On systems and methods in natural history
An account of a new species of Pinus, native to California
Remarks on the Antilope chickara in two letters addressed to the Secretary /
Remarks on the genus Dianthus
An essay on the various species of sawfish
Objections against the perceptivity of plants, so far as evinced by their external motions in answer to Dr. Percival's memoir in the Manchester transactions /
Descriptions of four new British lichens
An account of some plants newly discovered in Scotland
Extract of a letter from Mr. John Lindsay, surgeon in Jamaica, to Sir Joseph Banks dated June 30, 1792
Descriptions of three new species of Hirudo
Additional observations on Fucus gypoglossum
Additional remarks on the wood sandpiper, Tringa glareola
Botanical observations on the flora Japonica
Description of Sagina cerastoides, a new British plant discovered in Scotland by James Dickson
An account of two new genera of plants from New South Wales presented to the Linnean Society by Thomas Hoy and John Fairbairn
The history and description of a minute epiphyllous lycoperdon growing on the leaves of the Anemone nemorosa
On some phenomena connected with the movement of the cilia in the common mussel
Some observations on the natural history of the Echinococcus
On certain peculiarities in the structure of the feathers of the owl tribe
Remarks relating to the examination of guano by the microscope
On some abnormal forms of fungi, with remarks on their morphology
On the structure of the flabella of some of the higher forms of Crustacea with some remarks on their probable use in the function of respiration /
On a method of mounting objects in Canada balsam
On the intimate structure of bone as composing the skeleton in the four great classes of animals, viz., mammals, birds, reptiles, and fishes : with some remarks on the great value of the knowledge of such structure in determining the affinities of minute fragments of organic remains /
Additional observations on the intimate structure of bone
Observations on the structure and nature of the Filaria medinensis or Guinea worm
On the occurrence of fossil Xanthia and Polythalamia in chalk
On a mode of isolating the siliceous shells of infusorial animals found in ichaboe guano
On the application of polarized light in microscopic investigations
Observations on Xanthidium, both fossil and recent
On Chara vulgaris
On the structure and formation of the nails of the fingers and toes
Observations on the Shepherd's Purse coralline of Ellis (Notamia bursaria, Fleming)
On an improvement in the stage of the microscope
On a new medium for mounting organic substances as permanent objects for microscopic inspection
On micrometers
On the structure of the shell and soft animal of Polystomella crispa with some remarks on the zoological position of the Foraminifera /
Observations on the anatomy of the skin of a species of Muræra
On the value of the microscope in the determination of minute structures of a doubtful nature as exemplified in the identification of human skin attached many centuries ago to the door of churches /
Remarks on the comparative anatomy of certain birds of Cuba with a view to their respective places in the system of nature or to their relations with other animals /
The generic characters of Formicaleo with the description of two new species /
Some observations on the common bat of Pennant with an attempt to prove its identity with the pipistrelle of French authors /
The distinctive characters of two British species of Plecotus, supposed to have been confounded under the name of the long-eared bat
A description of the mammary organs of the kangaroo
Descriptions of some new species of birds belonging chiefly to the rare genera Phytotoma, Gmel., Indicator, Vieill., and Cursorius, Latham
On a new genus of the order Rodentia
Description of a new species of Agama, brought from the Columbia River by Mr. Douglass
Description of a species of Tringa, killed in Cambridgeshire, new to England and Europe
An account of Margarodes, a new genus of insects found in the neighborhood of ants' nests
Description of a new species of Phalangista
On an undescribed species of the genus Phasianus
Observations on some species of the genera Tetrao and Ortyx, natives of North America with descriptions of four new species of the former, and two of the latter genus /
On the origin and nature of the ligulate rays in zinnia and on a remarkable multiplication observed in the parts of fructification of that genus /
Descriptions of the new genera and species of the class Compositæ belonging to the floras of Peru, Mexico, and Chile /
On the organs of voice in birds
A synopsis of the testaceous pneumonobranchous Mollusca of Great Britain
On Chamæmeles coriacea and Sempervivum glutinosum
On the parasitical connection of Lathræa squamaria, and the peculiar structure of its subterranean leaves
Observations on the Vicia angustifolia of English flora of Sir James Edward Smith
On a new species of wild swan, taken in England and hitherto confounded with the Hooper
On the structure of the ligament connecting the valves of conchiferous mollusks
Observations on the tracheæ of birds with descriptions and representations of several not hitherto figured /
On two new genera of land tortoises
Of the insect called Oistros by the ancients and of the true species intended by them under this appellation : in reply to the observations of W.S. MacLeay, and the French naturalists : to which is added, a description of a new species of Cuterebra /
A review of the genus Combretum
Description of a new genus of plants belonging to the order Nymphæaceæ
Apoteck für den gemainen Man der die Ertzte zü ersüchen, am Güt nicht vermügens, oder sonst in der Not, albege nicht erraichen kan.
Nicolai Josephi Jacquin Collectanea ad botanicam, chemiam, et historiam naturalem spectantia
Johann Karl Gottfried Jacobssons Technologisches Wörterbuch, oder, Alphabetische Erklärung aller nützlichen mechanischen Künste, Manufakturen, Fabriken und Handwerken wie auch aller dabey vorkommenden Arbeiten, Instrumente, Werkzeuge und Kunstwörter, nach ihrer Beschaffenheit und wahrem Gebrauche /
Die Kosmologie der Babylonier Studien und Materialien /
An encyclopædia of plants comprising the description, specific character, culture, history, application in the arts, and every other desirable particular respecting all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain, combining all the advantages of a Linnean and Jussieuean species plantarum, an historia plantarum, a grammar of botany, and a dictionary of botany and vegetable culture : the whole in English : with the synonymes of the commoner plants in the different European and other languages : the scientific names accentuated, their entymologies explained, the classes, orders, and botanical terms illustrated by engravings, and with figures of nearly ten thousand species, exemplifying several individuals belonging to every genus included in the whole /
Giordano Bruno
Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz
Life of William Macgillivray ornithologist, professor of natural history, Marischal College and University, Aberdeen /
Lives of eminent zoologists, from Aristotle to Linnæus with introductory remarks on the study of natural history, and occasional observations on the progress of zoology /
Analytical chemistry
The geometrical lectures of Isaac Barrow
Medieval lore an epitome of the science, geography, animal and plant folk-lore and myth of the middle age /
Experimental mechanics a course of lectures delivered at the Royal College of Science for Ireland /
Are the effects of use and disuse inherited? an examination of the view held by Spencer and Darwin /
Memoirs of British ladies who have been celebrated for their writings or skill in the learned languages, arts and sciences
Problems of evolution
Försök til mineralogie eller mineral-rikets upställning.
Volcheri Coeiter Frisii De ossibvs, et cartilaginibvs hvmani corporis tabulae quæ eorum obscuras uoces, numerum, & nomenclaturas tam partium uniuscuiusque, quam singulorum complectuntur.
The anatomy of the absorbing vessels of the human body
Die Geologie und ihre Anwendung auf die Kenntniss der Bodenbeschaffenheit der Österr.-Ungar. Monarchie
Remarks on the intercostal muscles
The cure of a fractured Tendo Achillis
An account of the disease called Mill-reek by the miners at Leadhills
Personal recollections of Werner von Siemens
Anleitung zur Kenntniss der Gewächse
Anatomiae, hoc est, Corporis humani dissectionis pars prior in qua singula quæ ad caput spectant recensentur membra, atq[uam] singulæ partes, singulis suis ad uiuum commodissimè expressis figuris deliniantur /
Archimedis De insidentibvs aqvæ
The haven-finding art, or, The way to find any hauen or place at sea by the latitutde and variation
A new arrangement of the genus Aloe with a chronological sketch of the progressive knowledge of that genus, and of the other succulent genera /
On the germination of the seeds of Orchidæ
Account of the Tusseh and Arrindy silk-worms of Bengal
Description of the British lizards and of a new British species of viper /
Description of Bos frontalis, a new species from India
Description of the Esox saurus
Description of some species of Carex from North America
Description of some fossil shells found in Hampshire
An historical account of testaceological writers
An illustration of the grass called by Linnaeus cornucopia lopecuroides
Description of such species of Chironia as grow wild at the Cape Hope
Remarks on the generic characters of mosses and particularly of the genus Mnium /
Observations on the Zizania aquatica
Observations on the Durio Durio zibethinus of Linnæs /
Observations on some species of British quadrapeds, birds, and fishes
Benedict Franz Hermann's Abriss der physikalischen Beschaffenheit der Oesterreichschen Staaten und des gegenwärtigen Zustandes der Landwirthschaft, Gewerbe, Manufakturen, Fabriken und der Handlung in denselben
Description des plantes de l'Amérique avec leurs figures
Élémens d'algèbre à l'usage de l'Ecole centrale des quatre-nations /
Traité élémentaire d'arithmétique à l'usage de l'Ecole centrale des quatre-nations /
Untersuchungen über die letzten Endigungen der Nerven
Über das Ende der Wirbelsäule der Ganoiden und einiger Teleostier
Levini Lemnii Occulta naturæ miracula ac varia rerum documenta, probabili ratione atque artifici coniectura duobus libris explicata : quæ studioso auidóq[ue] lectori non tam vsui sunt futuro, quàm oblectamento.
Qvæstionvm physicarvm controversarvm inter peripateticos et rameos tractatvs in qvo disceptantvr octo quæstiones, ex illis quæ de elementis nupervt inaudita protulit contra Aristotelem, Iacobvs Martinvs Scotvs /
Beyträge zur Atmosphärologie
L'eau sur le plateau central de la France
Les eaux minérales considérées dans leurs rapports avec la chimie et la géologie
Grundriss des mathematischen und chemisch-mineralogischen Theils der Naturlehre
Les eaux minérales du Massif Central de la France considérées dans leurs rapports avec la chimie et la géologie
Propositiones peripateticae de physico avditv & De cœlo selectiores breuiter ac perspicuè explicatæ /
Vergleichende Untersuchungen der Keiming, Entfaltung und Fruchtbildung höherer Kryptogamen (Moose, Farrn, Equisetaceen, Rhizocarpeen, und Lycopodiaceen) und der Samenbildung der Coniferen /
[Alexandrou Trallianou iatrou Biblia duokaideka Rhaze Logos peri loimikēs apo tēs Surōn dialektou exellēnistheis (romanized form)] = Alexandri Tralliani Medici lib. XII : Rhazæ De pestilentia libellvs /
['Ipparchou Ton 'Aratou kai Eu'doxou phainoménon 'exegéseos biblia tria (romanized form)] Hipparchi in Arati et Eudoxi phaenomena commentariorum libri tres : ad codicum fidem recensuit Germanica interpretatione et commentariis instruxit /
[Pedakiou Dioskoridou Anazarbéos Peri hules 'iatrikes lógoi 'éx 'éti peri 'iobolon : Nikándrou tou Kolophoniou Poiatou Theriaká : meta scolion, tou au'tou 'Alexipharmaka (romanized form)]
[Klaudiou Ptolemaiou Alexandreos Peri ths [sic] geographias biblio 'octo meta pases akribeias entuptodenta (romanized form)] Clavdii Ptolemaei Alexandrini De geographia libri octo : summa cum uigilantia excusi.
Antonii Deusingii Exercitationes de motu animalium ubi de motu musculorum & respiratione itemque e sensuum functionibus ubi & de appetitu sensitivo, et affectibus.
Remberti Dodonaei De frvgum historia liber vnus : eivsdem epistolae dvae, vna de farre, chondro, trago, ptisana, crimno, & alica : ; altera de zytho, & cereuisia.
De la cosmogonie de Moïse comparée aux faits géologiques
Tabulæ solares
De cometis dissertatio astronico-physica pvblice habita in Gymnasio Patavino anno Domini MDCXIX /
Petri Gassendi De proportione qva gravia decidentia acceleratvr epistolæ tres : quibus ad totidem epistolas Petri Cazræi respondentur.
Abhandlung von dem Ursprunge der Gebürge und der darinne befindlichen Erzadern, oder der sogenannten Gänge und Klüfte : ingleichen von der Vererzung der Metalle und insonderheit des Goldes.
Furni novi philosophici, oder, Beschreibung einer new-erfundenen Distillir-Kunst auch was für Spiritus, Olea, Flores, vnd andere vergleichen vegetabilische, animalische, vnd mineralische Medicamenten, damit auff eine sonderbahre Weise gantz leichtlich : mit grossem Nutzen können zugericht und bereitet werden : auch wozu solche dienen, und in Medicina, Alchimia, vnd anderen Künsten können gebraucht werden, allen liebhabern der Warheit, vnd spagyrischen Kunst zu gefallen an Tag gegeben /
Note on the development of the ovulum of Osyria, in correction of the statement made at page 178 of the present volume
Note on the memoir printed at page 249 of the present volume
Additional observations on the Tropæolum pentaphyllum of Lamarck
Occultation de regulus par la lune, du 23 Mars 1747 observé à Toulouse, avec une lunette du huit pieds.
Observation de l'éclipse du soleil, du 25 Juillet 1748 faite à Toulouse /
Observation de l'éclipse de lune, du 8 Août 1748 faite à observatoire de Toulouse, avec une lunette de sept pieds & demi, garnie d'un micromètre. /
A commentary on the fourth part of the Hortus malabaricus
Observation de l'éclipse du soleil, du 25 Juillet 1748 faite à Bayeux /
Observation de l'éclipse de lune, du 8 Août 1748 faite à Bayeux, dans l'Évêché /
Observation de l'éclipse de lune, du 23 Décembre 1749 faite à Bayeux /
Observation de l'éclipse du soleil, du 8 Janvier 1750 faite à Bayeux /
Memoir on the degree of selection exercised by plants with regard to the earthly constituents presented to their absorbing surfaces /
Observation de l'éclipse de soleil, du 14 Juillet 1749 faite à Madrid, dans la maison du duc de Solferino.
Observation de l'éclipse totale de lune, du 19 Juin 1750 faite à l'observatoire de Montpellier /
Observation de l'éclipse totale de lune du 19 Juin 1750 /
Observation de l'éclipse de lune, du 2, 13 Décembre 1750 faites à Londres, dans un lieu situé 26" à l'occident de Greenwich /
Essai sur l'analyse des végeétaux premier memoire contenant l'exposition abrégée de mon travail, & des considérations générales sur la distillation analytique des plantes /
On Diopsis, a genus of dipterous insects with descriptions of twenty-one species /
Observation de l'éclipse de lune, du 23 Décembre 1749 faite à observatoire de Toulouse, avec une lunette de sept pieds & demi, garnie d'un micromètre à réticule /
Description of a new species of the genus Chameleon
Observations on the genus Hosackia and the American loti
Characters of Embia, a genus of insects allied to the white ants (termites) with descriptions of the species of which it is composed /
De Marchantieis
On a new Arachnide uniting the genera Gonyleptes and Phalangium
On the Eriogoneæ, a tribe of the order Polygonaceæ
Description of a new genus of plants from Brazil
An appendix or supplement to a Treatise on the Œstri and Cuterebræ of various animals
On a new genus of plants from Chile
On Edgeworthia, a new genus of plants of the order Myrsineæ
On some rare and beautiful coleopterous insects from Silhet chiefly in the collection of Frederick John Parry /
Some further observations on the nature of the ergot of grasses
On the Radiata of the Eastern Mediterranean Part I, Ophiuridæ /
Description of Peltophyllum, a new genus of plants allied to Triuris of Miers with remarks on their affinities /
On the life-history of a remarkable uredine on Jasminum grandiflorum L. (Uromyces Cunninghamianus nov. sp.)
An enumeration of all the species of Musci and Hepaticæ recorded from Japan
On new species of caulerpa, with observations on the position of the genus
On Sycopsis
On two tuberiform vegetable productions from Travancore
Observations on the neuration of the hind wings of hymenopterous insects and on the hooks which join the fore and hind wings together in flight /
On certain sensory organs in insects, hitherto undescribed
Illustrations of the floras of the Malayan Archipelago and of tropical Africa
The nervous system of Asteridæ with observations on the structure of their organs of sense, and remarks on the reproduction of lost rays /
On some oceanic Entomostraca collected by Captain Toynbee
On the anatomy and development of Pyrosoma
Outlines of the distribution of Arctic plants
Further observations on Entozoa with experiments /
On prolification in flowers, and especially on that form termed median prolification
On the circulation of blood in Pegea as bearing on the question of a lining to the vascular system in the Tunicata in general /
On the physiology of the pallial sinuses of the Brachiopoda
On Isoëtes japonica, A. Br
An account of the Jamaican species of Lepanthes
The morphology and anatomy of the stem of the genus Lycopodium
On Psygmophyllum majus, sp. nov., from the lower carboniferous rocks of Newfoundland together with a revision of the genus and remarks on the affinities /
On the ferns of the Seychelles and the Aldabra group
On the phenomena of variation and geographical distribution as illustrated by the Paplionidæ of the Malayan region
Monograph on the Anguillulidæ or free nematoids, marine, land, and freshwater with descriptions of 100 new species /
Description of some new and remarkable species of Aristolochia from western tropical Africa
On the anatomy of Doridopsis, a genus of nudibranchiate Mollusca
A list of the exogenous plants found in the Anamallay Mountains in southern India with descriptions of the new species /
On Gripidea, a new genus of the Loasaceae with an account of some peculiarities in the structure of the seeds in that family /
On the asymmetry of the Pleuronectidæ as elucidated by an examination of the skeleton in the turbot, halibut, and plaice /
Description of some new genera and species of tropical Leguminosæ
Descriptions of fifty-two new species of Phasmidæ from the collection of W. Wilson Saunders, with remarks on the family /
On Hillebrandia, a new genus of Begoniaceæ
On the spicula of the regular Echinoidea
On some new British Polynonia
On some points in the anatomy of Echidna hystrix
On circulation and the formation of wood in plants
On two new British fungi
Lichenes Amazonici et Andini lecto a Domino Spruce
On Myostoma, a new genus of the Burmaniaceaæ
On the development of Chloëon (Ephemera) dimidiatum
Characters of undescribed species of Homoptera in the collection of F.P. Pascoe
Notes on Tarphii, with the description of an allied genus
On the hairs of Carcinus mænas
On the structure and nature of the Dracunculus, or guineaworm
On two aquatic Hymenoptera one of which uses its wings in swimming /
On a sexual monstrosity consisting in the development of polleniferous ovules, in two species of Passiflora
Note on Cassia moschata
On the relations of Tanalia, Philopotamis, and Paludomus with a review of the Cingalese species of the latter genera /
On the parasitism of the mistletoe (Viscum album)
Notes on some new or little-known species of freshwater Entomostraca
Notes on the genus Iphias with descriptions of two new species from the Moluccas /
Descriptions of new species of Cassididæ together with a list of all the species belonging to the same family, collected by the late M. Mouhat in Siam and Cambodia /
On certain additions to the genus Dicranocephalus
Contributions to the knowledge of the Cicindelidæ of tropical Asia containing descriptions of new species, a list of those hitherto described, and synonymical notes /
Descriptions of four new genera of Carabidæ
List of Colydiidæ collected in the Amazons Valley by H.W. Bates and descriptions of new species /
On the species of Garcina which afford gamboge in Siam
Notes on British fungi
On a new genus of Liliaceæ from east tropical Africa
On the Conanthereæ
On the structure and homologies of the renal organ in the nudibranchiate Mollusca
On the morphology of the skull in the woodpeckers (Picidæ) and wrynecks (Yungidæ)
On some Atlantic Crustacea from the "Challenger" expedition
On the structure and systematic position of Stephanoscyphus mirabilis, the type of a new order of Hydrozoa
On the external anatomy of Tanais vittatus, occurring with Limnoria and Chelura terebrans in excavated Pier-wood
On Valencinia armandi, a new Nemertean
On the extinct land-tortoises of Mauritius and Rodriguez
On the tusks of the fossil walrus, found in the Red Crag of Suffolk
The parasites of elephants
On certain points in the anatomy of the Polynoina, and on the Polynoë (Lepidonotus, Leach) clava of Montagu
On the digastric muscle, its modifications and functions
On the testis of Limulus
The metamorphosis of Filaria sanguinis hominis in the mosquito
On the compound vision and the morphology of the eye in insects
Contributions to the knowledge of the genus Anaphe, Walker
On a new species of Cœlacanthus (C. Tingleyensis) from the Yorkshire cannel coal
On three new species of Metacrinus
On the breeding of salmon from parents which have never descended to the sea
Golfingia macintoshii, a new sipunculid from the coast of Scotland
On the variations in the form of the cirri in certain Comatulæ
A monograph of the Bambusaceæ including descriptions of all the species /
Descriptions of some minute hymenopterous insects
On the male genital armature in the European Rhopalocera
Observatio eclipsis lunæ, die 27 Martii anni M.DCCLV habita Ulissippone in domo patrum congrationis oratorii
Relation d'un voyage aux isles de France et de Bourbon qui contient plusieurs observations astronomiques tant pour la recherche des longitudes sur mer que pour déterminer la position géographic de ces isles /
Observation de l'opposition de Jupiter faite à Rouen le 2 Mai 1757 /
Observation de l'éclipse d'Aldebaran par la lune
Mémoire sur le mouvement des planétes, et moyen de calculer leur équation du centre pour un temps donné
Occultation de Mars par la lune avec des différences d'Ascension droite et de déclinaison, prise à Rouen le 14 Mai 1758 /
Occultation de [symbol for the constellation Capricornus] de la Baleine par la lune faite à Rouen le 20 Decembre 1757 /
Mémoire sur la sensibilité des parties des animaux
Observation de l'éclipse de lune du 3 Février 1757 faite à Rouen au prieuré de Saint-Lo /
Observation de l'éclipse de lune faite à Rouen le 30 Julliet 1757
Probléme de dynamique
Mémoire sur un nouveau genre de crabes de mer (Notogaftropus), qui a des pattes sur le dos & sous le ventre
Mémoire sur la cubature des corps gauches où l'on explique leur formation, la manière de les toiser sans être obligé de les décomposer, & les différents propriétes de ces corps par rapport aux courbes que l'on peut y trouver par l'intersection d'un plan /
Mémoire contenent l'analyse d'une eau colorée, qui se trouve dans une fontaine a Douai
Recherches sur la cause physique de l'adhérence de la couleur rouge aux toiles peintes qui nous viennent des côtes de Malabar & de Coromandel /
Méthode pour résoudre plusieurs problèmes indéterminés
Solution de quelques problémes de méchanique
Observations météorologiques faites à Toulouse pendant dix années depuis & compris l'année 1747 jusqu'en l'année 1756, inclusivement /
Extrait d'une lettre de M. Marrigues, chirurgien à Versailles
Observations quaedom astronomicæ et meterologicæ habitæ Upsaline anno M.DCCXXXIX
Sur l'exploitation des mines d'Alsace & comté de Bourgogne
On fossil and recent Lagomorpha
Premier mémoire sur le refroidissement que les liqueurs produisent en s'évaporant
Mémoire sur le salicor
Observations astronomiques faites à Toulouse en 1761 avec des remarques sur la variation du foyer des télescopes /
Immersion d'Aldebaran sous le disque éclairé de la lune observée à Paris le 12 Juillet l757, au matin /
Méthode nouvelle de division quand le dividende est multiple du diviseur, & d' extraction quand la puissance est parfaite
Mémoire contenant toutes les éclipses de soleil visibles à Paris depuis 1767 jusqu' en 1900
Observation de l'éclipse de soleil faite à Rouen le 13 Juin 1760
Observations faites à Rouen dans le cours de l'année 1757
Mémoire sur un enfant monstrueux
Catalogue et notice des principales observations astronomiques faites dans l'Observatoire de la marine à Paris depuis le mois d'Août 1752 jusqu'en 1762 /
Mémoire sur les pyrites et sur les vitriols pour servir de confirmation aux idées quà fait naitre la chimie, sur la formation naturelle de ces substances minérales & de quelques autres maniers qui résultant de leurs combinaisons /
De la diffraction de la lumiére premier mémoire /
Observation de la plus courte durée du troisième satellite de Jupiter dans l'ombre faite à l'Observatoire de la marine, le 25 Janvier 1763 au soir /
Observations des éclipses des 29 Mai & 13 Juin 1760
Observation de l'éclipse de lune faite à Bésiers le 13 Janvier 1759
Observations astronomiques faites dans l'observatoire de la marine à Paris pendant l'année 1762
Mémoire sur la colle de poisson
Mémoire sur quelques instrumens propre à niveler nommeś niveaux
Recherches sur la matrice
Mémoire sur les sourds et muets
Mémoire sur la navigation de France aux Indes
Observations sur un jule ou millepied cylindrique, brunnoirâtre, à deux raies feuille-morte tout le long du dos, & qui est pourvû de deux cens jambes il vit ordinairement dans la terre : c'est celui que M. Linnæus appelle Scolopendra teres, pedibus utrinque centum /
Observation de l'éclipse totale de lune, du 2 Novembre 1743 faite dans l'observatoire de Toulouse, avec une lunette de huit pieds, montée sur une machine parallactique.
Observations on changeable stars, and stars of different colours
The genitalia of both the sexes in Diptera, and their relation to the armature of the mouth
Observations on some new undescribed or little-known species of Hemiptera-Homoptera of the family Membracidæ
On a collection of Crustacea, Decapoda, and Stomatopoda, chiefly from the inland sea of Japan with descriptions of new species /
On Cereococcus eremobius, gen. et sp. nov., an aberrant form of Coccidæ
Observations on Australasian polyclads
Additional facts relative to the hyposulphurous acid
Notice respecting the discovery of the skeleton of a whale, on the estate of Airthrey, near Stirling the property of Sir Robert Abercromby, Baronet /
Account of the large comet of 1819
Historical account of discoveries respecting the double refraction and polarization of light
Description of the circular segment micrometer
Observations on the general anatomy of the Gymnotus electricus, the electric eel of America and on the philosophical anatomy of the electric organs /
On the crystalline forms and properties of several salts
Tables of the variation of the magnetic needle in different parts of the globe
Description of two surfaces composed of siliceous filaments incapable of reflecting light and produced by the fracture of a large crystal of quartz /
Notice of experiments on a variation in the rates of chronometers with the density of the medium in which they are placed /
Observations on the winter solstice of 1823, made at Paramatta
Observations made at Paramatta on the inferior conjunction of Venus with the Sun, in Oct. 1823
Celestial phenomena, from October 1, 1824 to January 1, 1825, calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh
Observations on the rate of a chronometer, when under the influence of magnetism
On an indelible ink, and on bistre
On a simple mechanical method of forming the curves for reflectors and of illustrating the principles of various philosophical instruments, &c. /
Account of the most recent improvements on the lunar tables
Description of an improved hair hygrometer
Remarks suggested by the resemblance which certain ancient stone axes found in Orkney and Shetland bear to those which have been found near the Humber
Reports of the Percy Sladen Trust Expedition to the Indian Ocean in 1905, under the leadership of J. Stanley Gardiner
Observations sur la faïencerie
Mémoire sur les suites récurr[o]-récurrentes et sur leurs usages dans la théorie des hasards
Mémoire sur la maladie épidémique des chiens
Extrait d'une lettre écrite à M. le Monnier, le 25 avril 1759 qui contient les observations sur la comète faites à Toulouse le 16 avril de la même année /
Observation et calcul de l'opposition de Saturne de l'année 1763
Expériences sur la décomposition du tartre vitriolé par l'acide nitreux seul
De orbitis cometarum determinandis ope trium observationum parum a se invicem remotarum /
On Koonunga cursor, a remarkable new type of malacostracous crustacean
On some new Alcyonaria from the Indian and Pacific Oceans with a discussion of the genera Spongodes, Siphonogorgia, Chironephthya, and Solenocaulon /
Notes on some parasitic Copepoda with a description of a new species of Chondracanthus /
The freshwater Crustacea of Tasmania with remarks on their geographical distribution /
On a blind prawn from the Sea of Galilee (Typhlocaris galilea, g. et sp. n.)
On the life-history of Chermes himalayensis, Steb., on the spruce (Picea Morinda) and silver fir (Abies Webbiana)
Three species of harpactid Copepoda
Dermaptera (earwigs) preserved in amber, from Prussia
Contributions to a knowledge of the structure and biology of some Indian insects
Synagoga mira, a Crustacean of the order Ascothoracica
Notes on the tree ferns of British Sikkim with descriptions of three new species, and a few supplemental remarks on their relations to palms and cycads /
On the habits, structure, and relations of the three-banded Armadillo (Tolypeutes cornus, Is. Geoff.)
Enumeration of the orchids collected by the E.C. Parish in the neighborhood of Moulmein with descriptions of the new species /
Observations on Melania setosa in reply to Mr. Gray /
On the vestiges of placental organization, and of an umbilicus discovered in a very small fœtus of the Didelphis virginiana /
Observations on the structure of the Pholades
Description of Malaconotus atrococcineus
On the characters and natural affinities of several new birds from Australasia including some observations on the Columbidæ /
Observations on the manners of a live Toucan now exhibited in this country
Abstract of a notice relating to the Ætheriæ found in the Nile by M. Caillaud
Reply to Mr. Swainson on Neritina corona and Melanie setosa
Descriptions of some rare, interesting, or hitherto uncharacterized subjects of zoology
Description of the Rimau-dahan of the inhabitants of Sumatra a new species of Felis discovered in the forest of Bencoolen by T. Stamford Raffles /
Description of the Vespertilio pygmæus, a new species recently discovered
On the hyposulphurous acid and its compounds
Account of meteoric stones, masses of iron, and showers of dust, red snow, and other substances, which have fallen from the heavens from the earliest period down to 1819.
Memoir upon a new genus of fossil Polyparia
On the tides of the Mediterranean and the occasional luminous appearances of its waters /
Memoir on an American bat a new species belonging to the genus Nyctinomus /
Descriptions of three new species of Lethras
On the preparation of opium in Great Britain
Description of a remarkable fossil found in coal shale
Account of the earthquake which destroyed the town of Caraccas on the 26th March 1812
On the structure of Melania setosa
Observations of several occultations of fixed stars by the moon in 1818 and 1819 and of the solar eclipse of the 5th May 1818, made at La Valette in Malta /
On the geognosy of the Cape of Good Hope
Sketch of the distribution of rocks in Shetland
Historical account of the discoveries respecting the double refraction and polarization of light
Abstract of a monograph on a new genus of gasteropodous Mollusca, named Scissurella
On the physical distribution of the Coniferæ, and their affinity with the Ephedraceæ with observations on the utility of the bark of the larch in the process of tanning leather /
Catalogue of the right ascension of thirty-six principal fixed stars deduced from observations made in the observatory at Konigsberg from 1814 to 1818 /
Determination of the longitudes and latitudes of thirty-four places in the Mediterranean
Mulleria, a new genus of freshwater bivalves of the family of Ostreacæ established by M. Le Baron D'Audebard de Ferussac /
Account of a new species of chronometer adapted to the eye-pieces of telescopes, for reckoniong fractional parts of a second in astronomical observations /
Remarks on Captain Kater's paper containing experiments for determining the length of the second's pendulum in the latitude of London /
Account of the method of colouring agates
Notice of scientific travellers in Brazil Prince Moritz of Nassau, George Margrave, Von Eschwege, and Prince Maximilian of Wied-Neuwied /
Account of some important discoveries in magnetism recently made by P. Barlow
Account of some of the revolving steam engine invented by Samuel Morey
Observation d'une aurore boréale faite à l'observatoire de la marine à Paris la nuit du 21 au 22 mai 1762 /
Observation de l'éclipse du soleil du 16 août 1765 faite au château de Kergars situé près Hennebond en Bretagne & sous le même Méridien par 47⁰ 48ʹ 4ʺ de latitude /
Découverte et observations d'une nouvelle comète différente de celle qui a été observée il y a un mois dans la constellation des poissons /
Mémoire sur une coquille de l'espèce des poulettes, pêchée dans la Méditerranée
Observation de l'éclipse de lune faite à Rouen, le 8 mai 1762 /
Découvertes sur l'éther marin fait par l'intermède du zinc
Diverses observations anatomiques
Observations météorologiques faites à Pekin
Observation de l'éclipse de lune faite à Rouen le 22 novembre 1760 /
Mémoire sur le strabisme
Observations sur la manière de travailler & de polir les verres objectifs des lunettes d'approche
Observation de l'éclipse de soleil faite à Brest le 1. avril 1764 /
Observatio eclipsis lunæ habita venetiis 18 Maii, 1761, in observatorio patrum Societatis Jesu /
Observation d'une éclipse de lune faite à Rouen le 18 mai 1761 /
Observations de la lune
Observation de l'opposition de Jupiter faite à Rouen les 3 et 6 juin 1758 /
Observations générales des degrés de chaleur des différentes sources de Bagnères pris avec un thermomètre de mercure divisé selon la méthode de M. de Reaumur /
Observations sur la pesanteur et la chaleur relatives des différentes sources des eaux de Bagnères
Mémoire sur la quadrature de la partie b⁺łf̲d⁺ł du cercle a̲h⁺łr⁺łb⁺łd⁺ła̲
Occulation de l'étoile & des gémeaux par la lune observée à Rouen le 1. mai 1759
Introductory address explanatory of the views of the Zoological Club delivered at its foundation November 29, 1823 /
Some further remarks on the nomenclature of Orthoptera with a detailed description of the genus Scaphura /
Observations on the structure of the throat in the genus Anolis
On the utility of preserving facts relative to the habits of animals with additions to two two memoirs in "White's Natural history of Selborne /
Additional observations upon a fossil found in coal shale and the description of a palate found in coal, near Leeds /
Notice of the occurrence of some rare British birds
Descriptions of some new and rare volutes
Sketches in ornithology, or, Observations on the leading affinities of some of the more extensive groups of birds
A brief description of a pair of remarkable horned mandibles of an insect
An inquiry into the true nature of instinct and of the mental distinction between brute animals and man
The characters and descriptions of several birds belonging to the genus Thamnophilus
Descriptions of some shells, belonging principally to the genus Chiton observed on the coast of Argyleshire in the summer of 1824 /
A list of the species of Vespertilionidæ found in Great Britain
On two new genera of birds, Formicivora and Drymophila with descriptions of several species /
Description of a new genus of mammiferous quadrapeds of the order Edentata
Some account of two new species of shells from Mauritius
On a new genus of Iguanidæ
Some account of the mode in which the boa constrictor takes its prey and of the adaption of its organization to its habits /
Descriptions of the Helarctos euryspilus exhibiting in the bear from the island of Borneo the type of a subgenus of Ursus /
Descriptions of some rare, interesting, or hitherto uncharacterized subjects in zoology
An attempt at a division of the family Vespertilionidæ into groups
On a new genus of Cirripedes
A new genus of mammalia proposed and a description of the species upon which it is founded /
On two genera and several species of Crinoidea
Note on the foregoing paper together with a description of a new species of Pentremites /
Notice of a fossil belonging to the class Radiaria found by Dr. Bigsby in Canada
Descriptions of two new species of the genus Orbicula
Description of a new species of Astacus found in a fossil state at Lyme Regis in Dorsetshire
Descriptions of two new species of Cyprœa principally extracted from "A catalogue of the shells in the collection of the late Earl of Tankerville." /
On certain organs of the Helicidæ usually regarded as their eyes with a summary of evidence in support of Aristotle's assertion that the testaceous mollusca are devoid of visual organs /
A description of two new species of coleopterous insects belonging to the genera Cremastocheilus and Priocera
Observations anatomiques sur les suites étranges d'un volvulus
Observations sur les marées a la côte de Flandre, ou, Recherches sur la hauteur convenable aux digues, quais, ecluses, bâtardeaux & autres ouvrages contre la mer
Mémoire sur un nouveau genre des insectes aquatiques
Recherches sur les aiguilles aimantées, et sur leurs variations régulières qui ont partagé le prix proposé pour l'année 1777 /
Mémoire sur la structure des os dans les oiseaux et de leurs diversités dans les différentes espèces /
Observation et calcul de l'opposition de Jupiter du 19 août 1772 faite à Rouen /
Analyse de la bile avec des réflexions sur les changemens qu'elle peut subir dans le corps humain /
Mémoire sur les nerfs de la dixième paire
Observation anatomique sur une extrémité inferieure dont les muscles ont été changés en tissu graisseux, sans aucune altération dans la forme extérieure /
Voyage souterrain, ou, Description des grottes de Lombrive & de Bedeilhac dans le pays de foix du minier des Indes près Arles en Roussillon, du minier de Sournia en Languedoc, & de Saint-Dominique aux environs de Castres dans la même province : avec des remarques sur les Priapolites qu'on trouve au voisinage de cette dernière grotte /
Extrait d'une lettre écrite à M. l'abbé Nollet, le 20 juillet 1765
Mémoire sur quelques particularitiés de la structure du cerveau et de ses enveloppes
Expériences physico-chimiques sur l'air qui se dégage des corps dans le temps de leur décomposition & qu'on connoit sous le nom vulgaire d'air fixé /
Description of a new species of paradoxure, now exhibiting in this country
Remarks on the form of the skull of the North American Indians
Observations on the goramy of India
Observations on the structure of the heart of the Testudo indica founded on the examination of a specimen in the collection of the Zoological Society /
Notes taken during the examination of a specimen of Testudo tabulata which lately died in the collection of the Zoological Society /
Observations on the Vultur californianus of Shaw
Essai sur une application des règles de maximis & minimis à quelques problèmes de statique, relatifs à l'architecture
Mémoire sur la théorie du jaugeage
Réflexions sur un tour de cartes
Observations et calculs des oppositions de Mars et de Saturne de 1773 faites à Genève /
Observations de la comète découverte par M. Messier le 1. avril 1771 faites à l'observatoire de Saint-Lô, à Rouen /
Mémoire sur la météorologie qui contient l'extrait des observations méteorologiques, faites à Paris pendant dix ans, depuis le 1. janvier 1763, jusqu'au 31 décembre 1772, par M. Messier : avec un méthod pour analyzer ces sortes d'observations /
Deuxième mémoire pour servir à l'histoire anatomique des poissons
Account of the specific gravity of several minerals
On the meteorological tables kept in 1822 at Macquarie Harbour and Hobart's Town in Van Diemen's Land and transmitted to the Royal Society of Edinburgh /
Notice of the Echinodermata of the Frith of Forth
Account of an insect of the genus Urocerus which came out of the wood of a table /
On the emigration of a colony of caterpillars observed in Provence
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan cottage [March - August, 1825]
On the habits and structure of Paguri and other Crustacea
Notes on the internal appearance of several animals examined after death in the collection of the Zoological Society /
Sketches in ornithology, &c
Remarks on some English fishes with notices of three species new to the British fauna /
Extract of a letter from Capt. Lyon to a friend in England dated Gongo Soco, Brazil, 17 March, 1829.
On a new species of antelope
Extracts from a zoological journal kept at Crumpsall Hall, near Manchester
On the Œstrus of Mr. Bracy Clark
Observations on the Chitonidæ
Descriptions of a new genus of Hemiptera and of a species of hegeter
On Cermatia
Description of two new species of Buccinum from the English and Irish seas
Observations on new or interesting Mollusca contained for the most part in the Museum of the Zoological Society /
Observations upon Volvox globator
Observations upon the genus of coleopterous insects, Ctenostoma of Klug, and its species
Observations upon the Notoxidæ, a family of coleopterous insects with characters of two new British genera separated therein /
Characters of the genus of coleopterous insects, Amydetes of Hoffmansegg belonging to the family Lampyridæ and descriptions of two species /
Observations on the Fringilla canaria, Sylvia atricapilla, and other birds of Madeira
Remarks on some animals sent from Jamaica
Post mortem examination of a female orang outang
On two new genera of testaceous Mollusca and five new species of the genus Anatina, lately discovered at Port Jackson, New South Wales /
Notice of the habits of Bulinus hæmastomus
On the theory of the existence of a sixth sense in fishes supposed to reside in certain peculiar tubular organs found immediately under the integuments of the head in sharks and rays /
Observations on the visions of impressions on the retina in reference to certain supposed discoveries respecting vision announced by Charles Bell /
On the botany of America
An account of a plant allied to the genus Piper
Short comparison of the volcanic rocks of France with those of a similar nature found in Scotland
On peat
Results of Captain Kater's experiments for determining the length of the pendulum at the principal stations of the trigonometical survey.
On the discovery of potash in sea water
Description and use of a table for correcting the observed altitude of the sun's lower limb
Account of the manufacture of mosaic at Rome and history of the antique marbles, alabasters, &c. at Rome /
Account of a meteorological journal for 1819
Account of the mine or quarry of corundum in Singraula
A very concise, yet strictly accurate method, for finding the interest of any given sum at any given rate, for any given number of days /
An account of several shocks of earthquakes and other remarkable phenomena which occurred in South Carolina previous to the destruction of Laguira and Caraccas, and the eruption of Soufriere /
Account of a visit made to the baths of St. Filippo in Tuscany with a description of the mode of forming stone medallions in basso relievo from the waters of the spring /
On the absorption of polarized light by doubly refracting crystals
A method of determining the height of cliffs or mountains, by measuring the depression of the horizon
On steam, and the sediment of water found in the boilers of steam engines
On the optical properties and mechanical condition of amber
Account of a new arrangement of the algæ
On the proper method of laying down a ship's track on sea charts with some remarks of the importance of time-keepers in navigation /
On a singular development of crystalline structure by phosphorescence
Notice of a mineralogical journey through south, north, and east Iceland
Some account of Professor Amici's discoveries relative to the motion of the sap in plants
On the depth and temperature of the Lake of Geneva
Account of an improved catoptrical microscope
Observations on Mr. Menge's account of his mineralogical journey in Iceland
On the changes of colour in the feathers of birds, independent of moulting
Description of a new perspective machine
Account of the electrical eels and of the method of catching them in South America by means of wild horses /
Account of the malleable iron passage-boat now plying on the Forth and Clyde Canal
Account of the seven icebergs of Spitzbergen
Account of micrometers for measuring distances
The characters of seven genera of bats with foliaceous appendages to the nose
On a remarkable decomposition of carburetted hydrogen by its rapid escape from a portable gas lamp /
Additional observations on the structure of the trachea in the cassowary emeu of New Holland
On Haidingerite, a new mineral species
Observations sur un banc de terre crétacée et de pierres branchues qui est aux environs de Riom
Remarks on the increase of the population of the United States, and territories of North America with original tables, deduced from the American population returns, to illustrate the various rates of increase in the white population and slaves, and also the comparative degrees in which agriculture, commerce, and manufactures prevail /
Researches on fossil bones in which are established the characters of various animals whose species have been destroyed by the revolutions of the globe /
Description of the nautical top as constructed by Edward Troughton.
Elementa philosophiæ ad rationis et experientiæ ductum conscripta, atque usibus scholasticis /
Expérience pour servir à l'analyse du borax premier mémoire /
On the genus Lemnalia, Gray with an account of the branching-systems of the order Alcyonacea /
Summary of observations for ten years, from 1815 to 1824 containing the mean thermometer and barometer, number of days of prevailing winds, snow, and rain, fall of rain, &c. at Alderley Rectory, near Knutsford, Cheshire /
Remarks on the increase of the population of the United States and territories of North America with original tables, deduced from the American population returns, to illustrate the various rates of increase in the white population and slaves, and also the comparative degrees in which agriculture, commerce, and manufactures prevail /
Expériences sur l'action de la lumière solaire dans la végétation
Antonii Deusingii De motu cordis et sanguinis itemque de lacte ac nutrimento fœtus in utero dissertationis /
Geschichte des Zuckers seiner Darstellung und Verwendung, seit den ältesten Zeiten bis zum Beginne der Rübenzuckerfabrikation : ein Beitrag zur Kulturgeschichte /
On certain optical phenomena exhibited by mother-of-pearl, depending on its internal structure
Account of some remarkable ripples, observed near the northern entrance of the Straits of Malacca
Observations on the temperature of the sea and the air made during a voyage from Cape of Good Hope to St. Helena in 1820 /
Description of levyne, a new mineral species
Description of a new quicksilver pump
Analysis of helvine
Mémoire sur la génération du salpêtre dans la craie
Mémoire sur la formation et la fabrication du salpêtre présenté pour concurir au prix proposé par l'Acadèmie royale des sciences de Paris /
Essai sur les moyens de faire générer le salpêtre en abondance & avec la plus grande économie
Mémoire sur des terres naturellement salpêtrées existantes en France lu à l'Academie en France le 5 juillet 1777 /
Mémoire sur des terres et pierres naturellement salpêtrées dans la Touraine et dans la Saintonge
Expériences sur la décomposition du nitre par charbon
Observations sur les moyens d'augmenter la récolte du salpêtre en France
On Leslie's photometer and its application to determine the relative intensity of the sun's rays and the illuminating powers of coal and oil gas /
On the Neptunian formation of siliceous stalactites
Description of gmelimite, a new mineral speries
On the thermometer, as an indicator of a ship's approach to land or soundings with extracts from a thermometric journal kept on board the ship Asia of Scarborough, on a voyage from New Orleans to Gibralter, in August, September, and October 1818 /
Account of the family of Sir Isaac Newton
Some account of a suspended plant of Ficus australis which has grown for eight months without earth in the stove of the botanic garden at Edinburgh /
On the phenomena of dichroism, or the absorption of common light by crystallised bodies
Account of three new species of lead-ore found at Leadhills
Notice respecting some new species of lead-ore from Wanlockhead and Lead Hills
Outline of Professor Mohs's New system of crystallography and mineralogy
Mémoire sur la formation du salpêtre et sur les moyens d'augmenter en France la production de ce sel /
Additional observations on the natural history and physical geography of the Himalayah Mountains between the river-beds of the Jumna and the Sutluj
Analysis of diploite (Breithaupt.)
Description of the new double valve sluice
On the force exerted by hydrostatic pressure in Bramah's presses and on the resisting power of the metal with rules for computing the thickness of the same for different pressures /
On the acoustic figures produced by the vibrations communicated through the air to elastic membranes
Analysis of euchroite
Description of Fraunhofer's large achromatic telescopes
Notice of the Rev. W. Whewell's general method of calculating the angles made by any planes of crystals and the laws according to which they are formed.
On the methods of preventing the accidental discharge of fire-arms
Extract from the journal of Captain Henry King of the Elizabeth
Description of a machine applied to a gig, for measuring distances
Account of a remarkable explosion of gas in a well near Leith Fort
Observations on the habits of the hyaena
On the locality of acmite
On the effects of heat and motion
Observations on the flints of Warwickshire
Observations on the temperature of springs wells, and mines in Cornwall
Astronomical observations made at the observatory of Paramatta in 1824
Description of edingtonite, a new mineral species
Account of a meteorological phenomenon, which was observed at the summit of Ben-Nevis on the 27th June last
Account of Mr. Edward Nairne's process of artificial drying and freezing by the air-pump
Account of the flexible water main contrived by the late Mr. Watt, for the Glasgow Water-Work Company /
Account of some single microscopes upon a new construction
Account of the great cavern of the Guacharo
On the fluctuating sensibility of the retina
Notice regarding the submarine remains of a grove of fir-trees in Orkney
Account of the correspondence between Mr. Park and Mr. Maxwell, respecting the identity of the Congo and the Niger
Notice of a collection of rare plants from India presented to the botanic garden of Edinburgh by Dr. Wallich of Calcutta and Lieutenant-Colonel Udney Yule : with remarks on the best method of introducing tropical species into Europe /
Remarks on Professor Hansteen's "Inquiries concerning the magnetism of the earth"
A brief account of Messrs. Perkins, Fairman and Heath's invention for perpetuating engravings upon steel, or other metals
Mémoire sur les développées, les rayons de courbure, et les différens genres d'inflexions des courbes a double courbure
Mémoire sur la courbure des surfaces
Recherches sur l'attraction des sphéroïdes homogènes
Examen chimique du marbre de Campen fait dans le courant des mois d'octobre, novembre, décembre 1772 & janvier 1773 /
Recherches sur le dérangement d'une comète qui passe près d'une planète
Mémoire sur la formation du soufre par la voie humide
On the vegetable productions of the island of Madeira
Account of an orang outang, of remarkable height, from the island of Sumatra
Account of a volcano in the Himalayah Mountains
Route to India, by Egypt and the Red Sea
On the law of the compression of air, and of gases capable of being liquefied by pressure
Analysis of lithion-mica from Zinnwald in Bohemia
Description of the grotto of Ganges
Researches on the refractive power of elastic fluids
Observations on the apparent distances and positions of 389 double and triple stars (concluded from vol. III, p. 288) [i.e. p. 281] /
Account of the eruption of the volcano of Jorullo in Mexico
Observations on Humboldt's theory of the volcano of Jorullo
Abstract of a memoir on the birds in the environs of Geneva
Proposal for improving the phantasmagoria
An account of the frontier between the southern part of Bengal and the kingdom of Ava
Account of an improvement on the galvanic battery
A popular summary of the experiments of Messrs. Barlow, Christie, Babbage and Herschel on the magnesium of iron and other metals, as exhibited by rotation.
Biographical notice of the Abbé Haüy
On the quartz district in the neighbourhood of Inverness (concluded from vol. III, page 218) [i.e. p. 212] /
Description of the bitumitious [sic] rock which occurs in Ross-shire, and the neighborhood of Inverness, etc
On the means of detecting lithia in minerals by the blowpipe
On the optical illusion of the conversion of cameos into intaglios, and of intaglios into cameos with an account of other analogous phenomena.
On the apparent direction of eyes in a portrait
On the torpidity of the tortoise and dormouse
On the magnetising power of the more refrangible rays of light
Second mémoire sur les combinaisons salines de l'arsenic
Premier mémoire sur plusieurs combinaisons salines de l'arsenic
Observation de la crystallisation de fer
Mémoire sur les propiétés de plusieurs genres de surfaces courbes particulièrement sur celles des surfaces développables : avec une application à la théorie des ombres & des pénombres /
Mémoire sur les forges de la Bretagne notamment sur celles des salles & de la noüée : avec quelques observations sur la méthod ordiniare de couler les canons, & celle que l'on y pourroit substituer /
Mémoire sur la nature et la cause des différentes graisses du verre
Mémoire sur le raffinage du camphore
Farther observations on levyne, a new mineral species
Account of the discovery of an inhabited island in the Pacific by Captain Eeg
On a new method of working lunars
Account of the earthquake which occurred in India in June 1819
On the respiration of plants
On the antiseptic power of the pyrolignous acid upon fresh meat subjected to a sea voyage and a hot climate
Description and use of a very sensible electrometer for indicating the kind of electricity which is applied to it /
Observations on the resistance of fluids
On the ancient volcanoes of Auvergne
Account of the recent magnetical discoveries of Professor Hansteen
On epistilbite, a new mineral species of the ziolite family
Observations on the relative performances of achromatic and reflecting telescopes
On the habits and food of the stickleback
Remarks on the defoliation of trees
Account of the great congress of philosophers at Berlin on the 18th September 1828
On the mean temperature of Bombay deduced from observations made in 1827, &c. /
Further observations on the generation of the Virgularia mirabilis
Note on Mr. Brown's microscopical observations on the active molecules of organic and inorganic bodies
Abstract of a meteorological register kept at Rampoor and Kotgurh in January, February, and March 1822
Account of the rain which fell at Bombay in June, July, August, September, and October, from 1817 to 1827
Experiments on the penetration of water into bottles immersed to a great depth in the sea, made in a voyage from India to England
On an interesting meteorological phenomenon
On a splendid luminous arch seen at Plymouth, Sept. 29, 1828
Description of nontronite, a new mineral discovered in the department of the Dordogne
Account of two remarkable cases of insensibility in the eye to particular colours
Biographical sketch of the late Dugald Stewart
Farther remarks on self-registering thermometers
Account of two remarkable rainbows one of which enclosed the phenomenon of converging solar beams /
Notice respecting the existence of chrysolite in obsidian
Description and use of a new gravimeter
Notice of the performance of steam-engines in Cornwall for October, November and December 1828
Observations relative to the motions of the molecules of bodies
Remarks on the formation of anchors
Summary of the state of the barometer, thermometer, &c in Kendal for the year 1828
A summary of experiments recently made on the temperature of mines
Continued observations of the solar eclipse of the 7th September 1820 with the times of conjunction, calculated from Burkhardt's Elements /
Account of a map of the country north from Ava
Description of a magnetimeter being a new instrument for measuring magnetic attractions, and finding the dip of the needle : with an account of experiments made with it /
On the strata from whence the fossil described in the preceding notice was obtained
On the amplitude of the daily variation of the magnetic dip in Christiania between 10 a.m., and an hour before sunset, from 1844 to 1859
Descriptions of some hitherto uncharacterized Brazilian birds
On Leptophina, a group of serpents comprising the genus Dryinus of Merrem and a newly formed genus proposed to be named Leptophis /
The generic and specific characters &c. of ophidian, chelonian and batrachian reptilia
On the genus Psaris of M. Cuvier with an account of two new species /
On the Isocardia cor of the Irish Seas
Description of some new British shells accompanied by figures from the original specimens /
On the small horny appendage to the upper mandible in very young chickens
Mollusca Carribbœana
On the stirps and genera composing the family Pselaphidæ with descriptions of some new species /
Catalogue of the various birds which at present inhabit or resort to the Farn Islands with observations on their habits, &c. /
Description of a new species of Terrapene with further observation on T. carolina and T. maculata /
On insects which affect oaks and cherry trees
Notice of the occurrence of a species of duck new to the British fauna
On the occurrence of a new British warbler
Explanation of the comparative anatomy of the thorax in winged insects with a review of the present state of the nomenclature of its parts /
Notice of a new species of Mustela, found in India by Major-General Thomas Hardwicke
Notes on some species of fishes and reptiles, from Demerara
Notes on the genus Capromys of Desmarest
A description of the anatomical structure of Cyclostoma elegans
Description du cocos de l'île Praslin vulgairement appelé cocos de mer /
Mémoire sur la construction des fonctions arbitraires qui entrent dans les intégrales des équations aux différences partielles /
Observations d'une tête exostosée
Mémoire sur la détermination des fonctions arbitraires qui entrent dans les intégrales des équations aux différences partielles /
Observations on two undescribed species of North American Mammalia
On Aplodontia, a new genus of the order Rodentia constituted for the reception of the sewellel, a burrowing animal which inhabits the north western coast of America /
Observations on some of the Mammalia contained in the collection of the Zoological Society
A letter to J.E. Bicheno in examination of his paper "On systems and methods" in the Linnean Transactions /
Contributions to the natural history of South Africa, &c
On the fish known in Jamaica as the sea-devil
Observations on a species of Pteropus from Bonin
On the structure of the beak and its muscles in the crossbill (Loxia curvirostra)
On the Mus barbarus of Linnaeus
Notice of Ceratitis citriperda, an insect very destructive to oranges
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan cottage [May - August, 1826]
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan cottage [September-December 1826, January-February, 1827]
Abstract of the register of the thermometer, barometer, and rain-gage for the years 1824 and 1825, kept at Canaan cottage
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan cottage [September-December 1825, January-February, 1826]
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan cottage [September-December, 1824, January-February, 1825]
On the formation of single microscopes from the lenses of fishes, etc
Notice respecting the discovery of a black lead mine in Inverness-shire, on the property of Glengary
Description of a new self-acting sluice, and of a water sluice
Description of an extraordinary parhelion observed at Gotha on the 12th May, 1824
On the production of crystallized minerals by heat
Notice respecting euchroite, a new mineral species
On the mechanical effects produced when a conducting liquid is electrified in contact with mercury
An account of the frontier between part of Bengal and the kingdom of Ava
Analysis of a peach-blossom coloured mica, from Chursdorf, near Penig, in Saxony
Observations on the optical structure of lithion-mica analysed by Professor Gmelin /
Description of a boat with a revolving paddle scull
On the dispersion of stony fragments remote from their native beds as displayed in a stratum of loam near Manchester /
Table of tides kept at the mouth of Macquarie Harbour, in Van Dieman's Land between July 21st and September 27th, 1822
Researches on hydrocyanic acid and opium, in reference to their counter-poisons
On the crystalline forms and properties of several salts (continued from vol. I, p. 333.) /
Description of withamite, a new mineral species found in Glenco
On the genus Hookeria of Smith, of the order Musci
On the distribution of granite and of trap in different parts of Scotland
On the natural history and physical geography of the districts of the Himalayah Mountains between the river-beds of the Jumna and Sutluj /
Remarks on the culture of the silk worm in the north of Italy
Account of the celebrated slide of Alpnach constructed on Mount Pilatus by M. Rupp /
An account of a new method of uniting bee-hives
Notice regarding the state of the Scottish fisheries in August 1819
Account of Mr. Morton's patent slip for hauling vessels out of the water to be repaired, &c
Leonis Baptistæ Alberti Opera inedita et pauca separatim impressa
Leonis Baptiste Alberti De re aedificatoria incipit lege feliciter.
Georgii Agricolae De mensuris & ponderibus Romanorum atque Græcorum lib. V De externis mensuris & ponderibus lib. II : Ad ea, quæ Andreas Alciatus denuo dispvtauit de mensuris & ponderibus, breuis defensio lib. I : De mensuris, quibus interualla metimur lib. I : De restituendis ponderibus atq[ue] mensuris lib. I : De precio metallorum & monetis lib. III.
Halurgische Geologie
Instituzioni analitiche ad uso della gioventu' italiana /
Hortus Kewensis, or, A catalogue of the plants cultivated in the Royal botanic garden at Kew
Lectures on the lunar theory
A natural history of birds
Observations physiques et mathematiques pour servir a l'histoire naturelle & à la perfection de l'astronomie & de la geographie /
Traicte' de la natvre de l'oevf des philosophes
Trevisanvs De chymico miracvlo quod lapidem philosophia appellant /
Leçons sur les applications du calcul infinitésimal à la géometrie
Opvscvla chemica, das ist, Von dem gebenedeiten Stein der Weisen dess hocherfarnen und ... Philosophi Herrn Bernhardi Graffen von der Marck vvnd Teruis chemische Shcrifften : neben etlicher vortrefflicher Philosophen Erklärung /
La dioptriqve ocvlaire, ov, La theoriqve, la positive, et la mechaniqve, de l'ocvlaire dioptriqve en tovtes ses especes
Untersuchungen über den Erregungsvorgang im Nerven- und Muskelsysteme
A history of the conceptions of limits and fluxions in Great Britain from Newton to Woodhouse
Dei terreni di sedimento superiore delle Venezie e dei fossili bryozoar, antozoari e spongiari ai quali danno ricetto
Della misvra dell'acqve correnti
Peter Campers Naturgeschichte des Orang-Utang und einiger andern Affenarten, des Africanischen Rashorns, und des Rennthiers
Hortus cantabrigiensis, or, A catalogue of plants, indigenous and foreign, cultivated in the Walkerian Botanic Garden, Cambridge
Io. Friderici Carthevser Dissertation chymico-physica de genericis qvibvsdam plantarvm hactenvs plervmqve neglectis
Bernhardi Grafen von der Marck und Tervis Chymische Schrifften von dem gebenedeyten Stein der Weisen /
Lettres astronomiques où l'on donne une idée de l'état actuel de l'astronomie practique dans plusieurs villes de l'Europe /
Recherches sur la manière de suppléer a l'action du vent sur les grands vaisseaux soit en y appliquant les rames, soit en y employant quelqu'autre moyen que ce puisse être : fondées sur une nouvelle théorie de l'economie, des forces et des effets /
Handbuch der Dampfmaschinen-Lehre für Techniker und Freunde der Mechanik /
Elementarisches Handbuch der industriellen Physik, Mechanik und Hydraulik
Anfangsgründe der Dampfmaschinenlehre für Techniker und Freunde der Mechanik
De la méthode a posteriori expérimentale et de la généralité des ses applications
Franz Ludwig von Cancrin Geschichte und systematische Beschreibung der in der Grafschaft Hanau Münzenberg in dem Amte Bieber und anderen Aemtern dieser Grafschaft, auch den dieser Grafschaft benachbarten Ländern gelegenen Bergwerke.
La teoria di Darwin
A complete treatise on electricity in theory and practice with original experiments /
Log letters from "The Challenger"
The life of James Clerk Maxwell with a selection from his correspondence and occasional writings, and a sketch of his contributions to science /
Principles of general and comparative physiology intended as an introduction to the study of human physiology : and as a guide to the philosophical pursuit of natural history /
The works of the late Professor Camper on the connexion between the science of anatomy and the arts of drawing, painting, statuary, &c., &c. /
Essai sur la fabrique de l'indigo
Tractatus arithmethice practice qui dicitur algorismus
Réflexions sur la métaphysique du calcul infinitésimal
De la corrélation des figures de géométrie
Notizie astronomiche
Elements of geometry
Leopoldi M. Antonij Caldani ad Albertum Allerum epistola Alberti Halleri ad nuperum scriptum Roberti Whyttij apologia.
Clavdii Francisci Millet Dechales Cvrsvs sev mvndvs mathematicvs nvnc primvm in lvcem prodit.
La nature considérée sous ses différens aspects; ou, Journal d'histoire naturelle
De la mesure du temps; ou, Supplément au Traité des horloges marines et a l'Essai sur l'horlogerie contenant les principes de construction, d'exécution & d'épreuves des petites horloges à longitude : et l'application des mêmes principes de construction, &c., aux montres de poche, ainsi que plusieurs constructions d'horloges astronomiques, &c. /
De la mesure du temps par les horloges dans l'usage civil; ou, Exposition des motifs qui doivent faire adopter dans l'usage de la mesure du temps par les horloges le temps égal, appellé temps moyen, au lieu du temps variable du soleil, appellé temps vrai ou apparent /
Essai sur l'horlogerie dans lequel on traite de cet art relativement à l'usage civil, à l'astronomie et à la navigation, en établissant des principes confirmés par l'expérience /
La philosophie de Newton
Cours de mathematique contenant divers traitez composez et enseignez a Monseigneur le Dauphin /
La science expérimentale
Éclaircissemens sur l'invention, la théorie, la construction, et les épreuves des nouvelles machines proposées en France pour la détremination des longitudes en mer par la mesure du temps servant de suite à l'Essai sur l'horlogerie & au Traité des horloges marines, et de réponse à un ecrit qui a pour titre Précis des recherches faites en France pour la détermination des longitudes en mer par la mesure artificielle du temps /
La pression barométrique recherches de physiologie expérimentale /
Die Vulkane älterer und neuerer Zeiten physikalisch und mineralogisch betrachtet /
Beobachtungen, Zweifel und Fragen, die Mineralogie überhaupt und insbesondere ein natürliches Mineral-System betreffend.
Beobachtungen, Zweifel und Fragen, die Mineralogie überhaupt und insbesondere ein natürliches Mineralsystem betreffend /
Des grandeurs électriques et de leur mesure en unités abosolues
L'usage des globes celestes et terrestres, et des spheres, suivant les differens systemes du monde précédé d'un traité de cosmographie, où est expliqué avec ordre tout ce qu'il y a de plus curieux dans la description de l'univers, suivant les memoires & observations des plus habiles astronomes & geographes /
An elementary treatise on analytical geometry
Notions élémentaires de statique destinées aux jeunes gens qui se préparent pour l'Ecole polytechnique, ou qui suivent les cours de l'Ecole militaire de St. Cyr /
Leçons de pathologie expérimentale
The revolutions of the globe familiarly described
Leçons de physiologie expérimentale appliquée à la médecine faites au Collège de France /
Notes of M. Bernard's lectures on the blood with an appendix /
Leçons sur les propriétés physiologiques et les altérations pathologiques des liquides de l'organisme
Leçons sur les phénomènes de la vie communs aux animaux et aux végétaux
Leçons sur la chaleur animale, sur les effets de la chaleur et sur la fièvre
Élémens de chimie
Account of a singularly poisonous insect which destroys horses
On the phosphorescence of minerals
Account of a remarkable comet which has returned to our system in 1786, 1795, 1801, 1805, and 1818/19
Account of the new binary galvanic pile invented by M. Zamboni
Journal of an excursion through the Himalayah Mountains, from Shipke to the frontiers of Chinese Tartary
On the solution of copper in amonia, and on the oxidation of copper plates
Observations on the temperature of the sea and the air made during a voyage from Ceylon to the Cape of Good Hope, in 1820 /
Account of a journey to Monte Rosa, and of the first ascent of its southern summit
On the astronomical observations made at Dorpat
An account of the janji, or Valisneria alternifolia of Dr. Roxburgh the plant used in India in refining sugar /
On the limestone of Clunie, in Perthshire with remarks on trap and serpentine /
On the revival of the inscriptions on coins and medals by unequal oxidation
Account of a map of upper Laos, or the territory of the Lowa Shan
Mean of twelve months meteorological observations, in the years 1822-3
Observations on the measurement of heights by the barometer
Sketch of the characters of the species of mosses belonging to the genera Orthotrichum (including Schlotheimia, Micromitrion and Ulota,) Glyphomitrion, and Zygodon
Account of an essential oil, which flows spontaneously from a tree in South America
Celestial phenomena, from July 1, to October 1, 1824, calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh
A biographical account of J.H. Van Swinden
On the formation of sugar from the sawings of wood, old linen and paper
Observations on the pyro-electricity of minerals
On the genus Tortula, of the order Musci
Meteorological observations, made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, in the years 1822 and 1823
Observations on the wheels of carriages
Biscayan plankton collected during a cruise of H.M.S. "Research," 1900
Account of a map of the kingdom of Pegu
Observations on the physical geography of the south of Africa
Notice respecting the boilers of steam engines
An account of a genus including the Herba toxicaria of the Himalaya Mountains the plant with which the natives poison their arrows /
On the Lecythidaceæ
Systematic list of the spiders at present known to inhabit Great Britain and Ireland
Revision of the suborder Mimoseæ
Observation du passage de Vénus sur le disque du soleil faite le 6 juin 1761, au matin /
De orbitis cometarum determinandis dissertatio secunda
Observations de la comète qui a paru dans le courant du mois de mai 1759 faites à Rouen /
Observation du passage de Vénus sur le disque du soleil faite à la ville de Porto en Portugal en l'année 1761 /
Mémoire sur différens moyens d'unir intimement le mercure au fer & sur la manière de le rendre soluble dans l'eau, sans le secours d'aucune espèce d'acide : avec quelques réflexions sur les effets de ces préparations dans différentes maladies /
Aurore boréale observée à Rouen et à Yvetot le 16 septembre 1759
Observations et détermination de l'opposition de Jupiter de l'année 1763 faites à l'école Royale Militaire /
Essai sur l'analyse des eaux minérales de Saint-Remy-l'Honoré
Mémoire pour établir que le point visible est vu dans le rayon qui va de ce point à l'œil
Observation de l'éclipse de soleil du 5 août 1766 /
Mémoire sur l'organe de l'ouïe des poissons
Opposition de Jupiter, observée en 1760
Mémoire sur une nouvelle eau minérale sulfureuse découverte dans la vallée de Montmorenci près Paris en 1766 /
Autre observation du passage de Vénus faite à Bayeux le 6 juin 1761, avec une lunette de 34 pouces, garnie d'un micromètre dont chaque tour de vis est divisé en 42 parties /
Observation du passage de Vénus sur le disque du soleil faite à Bésiers le 6 juin en présence de M. l'Évêque, président de l'Académie de cette ville /
An inquiry into the natural affinites of the Laniadæ, or shrikes preceded by some observations on the present state of ornithology in this country /
General observations on the anatomy of the thorax in insects and on its functions during flight /
Description of an hitherto unpublished species of Buccinum recently discovered at Cork
Remarks on the devastation occasioned by the Hylobius abietis in fir plantations
Some observations on the British Tipulidæ together with descriptions of the species of Culex and Anopheles found in Britain.
Description of a new species of lizard
Descriptions of some new Brazilian species of the family of Laniadæ
Lieux des planètes observées à Rouen dans le cours de l'année 1758
Observations sur la cristallisation des sels neutres qui ont pour base un alkali fixe ou une terre absorbante /
De la diffraction de la lumière second mémoire /
Eclipsis lunæ observata Viennæ
Observations sur la formation des stalactites à Monte-Mario, près de Rome
Observations sur quelques espèces de caucalis
Découverte d'un papillon à tête de chenille
Observations de la lune et des planètes pour l'année 1763
On the degree of accordance which may be attained in observations made with Dr. LLoyd's dip circles
Account of an ancient vessel recently found under the old bed of the river Rother in Kent and containing the bones of men and animals /
Historical account of discoveries respecting the double refraction and polarization of light continued from vol. III, p. 285.
Observations on the nature of flame drawn from several experiments performed with an apparatus for discharging ordnance without the use of a match or prime-tube /
On a new method of calculating the parallaxes for occultations of the fixed stars
An attempt to analyse the automaton chess-player of M. de Kempelen
Description and use of the apparatus employed by M. Ampere in his electro-magnetic researches
Observations on the diurnal variation of the needle from 1775-1780, at Zwanenburg in Holland
On the organs which in the common ray are homologous with the electrical organs of the torpedo
On a theorem relating to conical surfaces
On a new compound microscope
On the condition of the Irish agricultural labourer
On the occurrance of nickeliferous magnetic pyrites from Tiernakill, near Maum, County of Galway
On the Wolfhill and Modubeagh coal-fields, Queen's County
Geological description of the district extending from Dungarvan to Annestown, County of Waterford
On some additions to the yellow sandstone flora of Donegal
Account of the single lens microscopes of sapphire and diamond
On the influence of light on the motions of infusoria
Account of the quartz crystals and the siliceous paste found in the marble of Carrara
On some further applications of the ferrocyanide of potassium in chemical analysis
Brief notices of a botanical and horticultural tour made through portions of Germany, Holland, and Belgium, in the Autumn of 1860
On the comparative value of the different feeding substances for horses
On the general theory of the integration of non-linear partial differential equations
Letter from Mr. Thomas Stanley on the faults sometimes found in the drift gravel of Ireland
On two associated minerals from Ross Hill, near Maum Co. Galway
On the composition of Dublin porter
On the occurrence of the snowy owl (Nyctea nivea) in the county Mayo
On the occurrence of the spoonbill in the county Cork
Tables and diagrams relative to the rain-fall as observed in the magnetic observatory of Trinity College
Supplement to "an Account of four species of stormy petrel," (Thalassidroma, Vigors)
A reply to some observations in the "Dictionnaire des Sciences Naturelles" upon the newly characterized groups of the Psittacidæ
A description of some new genera and species of petalocerous Coleoptera
On several groups and forms in ornithology, not hitherto defined
On the connexion between storms and vertical disturbances of the atmosphere
Annual address, delivered before the Geological Society of Dublin, February 6, 1861
On the blowpipe, its history and use
On the blowpipe characters of minerals
On the true height of the tide at Ireland's Eye on the evening of the 6th September, 1852, the day of the murder of Mrs. Kirwan
Observations on the zoology of the Caribæan islands
Thoughts on the Deluge
Notice of the performance of steam-engines in Cornwall for April, May and June 1829
On the shock experienced by animals when they cease to form part of an electric circuit
A letter to T.P. Courtenay, on the proportionate number of births of the two sexes under different circumstances
On the law of the colours seen by transmission through grooved surfaces
Notes on the habits of a Caryophyllia from Tor Bay, Devon
Notice on the appearance of some rare birds in England
Notices of insects, taken in the north of Ireland
Note on the foregoing paper with a description of a new species of Anopheles /
Additional observations to, and corrections of, a paper upon the genus Staphylinus of Linnaeus
Characters of the order, families, and genera of the Testudinata
Short characters of a few quadrupeds procured on Capt. Franklin's late expedition
A description of some coleopterous insects in the collection of the Rev. F.W. Hope
Note on the Cardita concamerata
On the osteology of the Chlamyphorus truncatus of Dr. Harlan
A summary review of the authorities on which naturalists are justified in believing that the dodo, Didus ineptus, Linn., was a bird existing in the Isle of France, or the neighbouring islands, until a recent period
Description of a new species of Julis, Cuv
A short account of a new species of Modiola and of the animal inhabitants of two British serpulae /
Description de cinq espèces de lépidoptères nocturnes, des Indes orientales
On the Bos gour of India
Description of a fossil volute from St. Peter's Mountain, near Maestricht
Descriptions of a new species of Anolius, and a new species of Amphisbæna collected by W.S. MacLeay, in the Island of Cuba /
Notice of two species of Vespertilionidae forwarded by W.S. MacLeay /
On the genus Myrmica and other indigenous ants
On Acradenia, a new genus of Diosmeæ
On the genus Aquilaria
Notes on the vegetation of Buenas Aires and the neighbouring districts / by Charles James Fox Bunbury ; read March 1, 15, and May 3, 1853
The natural history, anatomy, and development of Meloë (continued)
Recherches sur les progrés et la cause de la nielle
Sur le tourbillon magnetique
Sur l'électricité en moins
Du solide de la moindre résistance
The anatomy of Todea with notes on the geological history and affinities of the Osmundaceæ /
Expériences réitérées pour assurer si les filtrations de l'eau de la mer au travers des pores du verre sont possibles
The flora of Rarotonga, the chief island of the Cook group
Nouveau systéme de cavalerie, ou, Traité du manége réduit a ses principles naturels premier mémoire sur les mouvemens du cheval & sur la succession harmonique de l'action de ses jambes dans sa marche & dans ses allures naturelles /
On the anatomy of the leaves of British grasses
Mémoire sur l'accouplement des cousins
On the structure and affinities of Stephanospermum, Brongniart, a genus of fossil gymnosperm seeds
On the fruit of Melocanna bambusoides, Trin., an endospermless, viciparous genus of Bambuseæ
Nouvelle maniére de démontrer les propriéteś de la cycloide
On the anatomy of the roots of palms
Mémoire sur le fromage de Roquefort
Vera delineatio auroræ borealis quæ die 27 Octobris anni 1754 apparuit instar arcûs albi à sextâ ad nonam vespertinam facta et observata Hagæ-comitis
Discussion d'une question d'optique
Extrait d'une lettre de M. Marcorelle à M. de Fouchy
On the structure and affinities of Balanophoreæ
A dissertation on two natural genera hitherto confounded under the name of mantis
Recherches de dynamique
The botanical history of the genus Ehrharta
Suite d'expériences nouvelles sur l'encre sympathique de M. Hellot qui peuvent servir à l'analyse du cobolt : Histoire d'une liqueur fumante, tirée de l'arsenic /
Account of a microscopical investigation of several species of pollen with remarks and questions on the structure and use of that part of vegetables /
Observations on aphides chiefly intended to show that they are the principal cause of blights in plants, and the sole cause of the honey-dew /
Observation du passage de la lune par les hyades
Mémoire sur les quantités différencielles qui n'étant point intégrables par elles-mêmes, le deviennent néanmoins quand on leur joint des quantités de même forme qu'elles /
Descriptions of some singular coleopterous insects
Extrait d'une lettre du P. Boscovich, écrite à M. de Mairan
On the Doryanthes, a new genus of plants from New Holland next akin to the Agave /
Démonstration d'un théoreme de géométrie énoncé dans les actes de Léipsick année 1754
Observations on several species of the genus Apis known by the name of humble-bees, and called Bombinatrices by Linnæus /
Additional observations on some remarkable strata of flint in the Isle of Wight
Sur les mouvemens du cerveau et de la dure-mere premier mémoire, sur le mouvement des parties contenues dans le crâne, considérées dans leur état naturel /
Description of a new species of Viola
Mémoire sur la mer lumineuse
On a new form of corynoid polypes
Description of a new species of Euplectella (Euplectella cucumer, O.)
Further remarks on the organs found on the bases of the halteres and wings of insects
On a new structure in the antennæ of insects
On the agamic reproduction and morphology of Aphis
On the external anatomy and natural history of the genus of Annelida named Palolo by the Samoans and Tonguese, and Mbalolo by the Fijians /
On the probable metamorphosis of Pedicularia and other forms affording presumptive evidence that the pelagic Gasteropoda, so called, are not adult forms, but, as it were, the larvæ of well-known genera, and perhaps confined to species living in deep water /
On the anatomy of Eurybia gaudichaudi as bearing upon its position amongst the Pteropoda /
Notes on Phoronis hippocrepia
Synopsis of the fructification of the compound Sphæriæ of the Hookerian herbarium
Observations on the structure of the stem in certain species of the natural orders Caryophylleæ and Plumbagineæ
On the genus Henriquezia of spruce
Remarks on Gnetum
Synopsis of the fructification of the simple Sphæriæ of the Hookerian herbarium
On Tomopteris onisciformis, Eschscholtz
On the anatomical characters of three Australian species of Tunicata referable to Savigny's subgenus Cæsira
On the anatomical characters of a remarkable form of compound Tunicata
On the anatomical characters of an Australian species of Perophora
On the origin and development of the pitchers of Nepenthes with an account of some new Bornean plants of that genus /
On a new genus of Balanophoreæ from New Zealand and two new species of Balanophora /
Vincentii Riccati De termino generali serierum recurrentium cum appendice disquisitio analytica.
Mémoire pour servir a l'histoire naturelle et médicale des eaux de plombiéres
Observations des troisiéme & quatriéme satellites de Jupiter faits au mois de Novembre 1761
Expériences qui m'ont paru pouvoir servir à démontrer que le borax contient véritablement une terre vitrifiable
Phénomènes astronomiques observés à Rouen dans le cours de l'année 1759
Expériences par lesquelles on démontre dans le borax un principe cuivreux arsenical & une terre vitrifiable
Observations de la comète qui paroît présentement entre la grande ourse & la constellation du lynx faites à l'observatoire de la marine pendant les mois de Mai & Juin, l762 /
Mémoire sur la concentration et congélation du vinaigre radical
Observation de la comète du mois de Janvier l760 faite a Lisbonne, à la maison des prêtres de l'Oratoire.
Observation de la cométe de l'année 1759, faite à Lisbonne
Mémoire sur l'éther marin premiére partie /
Mémoire sur la théorie de la cométe de 1759
Extraits de trois lettres de M. Bouillet, correspondant de l'Académie écrites à M. de Mairan
An inquiry respecting the true nature of instinct and of the mental distinction between brute animals and man /
Monograph on the Cebrionidæ, a family of insects
Description of a new species of Emarginula
On the situation and rank of sponges in the scale of nature and on their internal structure /
Description of a new species of Iridina
On the geognostical relations of granite, quartz-rock, and red sandstone
On a new optical and mineralogical structure, exhibited in certain specimens of apophyllite and other minerals
Some observations on the Lamarckian naiades, and the propriety of uniting them all under one generic name
Comparison between the length of the seconds pendulum as determined by Mr. Whitehurst and Captain Kater
Descriptions, accompanied by figures of several new species of shells
Account of a new method of making single microscopes of glass
On Balea
Remarks on the size of the Greenland whale, or Balæna mysticetus designed to show that this animal is found of as great dimensions in the present day as at any former period since the establishment of the whale-fishery /
Monograph of the genus Helicina
Narrative of an excursion upon the island of Jan Mayen containing some account of its appearance and productions /
Monograph on the Cypræidæ a family of testaceous mollusca /
Secondary greenstone and wacke not of volcanic origin ; Veins which connect mineral beds together, not confined to trap-rocks ; Trap veins (whin-dikes) probably of contemporaneous formation with the trap-rocks which they traverse
Account of the expedition to Baffin's Bay, under Captain Ross and Lieutenant Parry
Abstrtact of a "Memoir on a new genus of the order Rodentia, named Capromys"
Observations on the information collected by the Ashantee Mission respecting the course of the Niger, and the interior of Africa /
Notice concerning David Gilbert Tate a lad born deaf and blind, in the Shetland Islands /
Catalogue of birds and of terrestrial and fluviatile molluscæ found in the vicinity of Geneva /
Proofs that the beaver was formerly a native of Scotland including an account of some fossil remains of that animal found in Perthshire and Berkwickshire /
On the quantity of saline matter in the water of the North Polar Seas
Account of the Ayrshire rose
Table of proportional logarithms to twenty-four hours, with the method of using it
Observations on the natural history of the Sertularia gelatinosa of Pallas
Account of a subterranean glacier at Fondeurle, containing regular crystals of ice
Description of a new atmometer
Account of a peculiar modification of vision
On the application of oars to steam-boats
Account of a new style of engraving on copper in alto relievo
On poppy oil
On the colour of the Greenland Sea
Abstract of experiments on the specific gravity, temperature, and saline contents of sea-water, &c
History of the origin of Mr. Watt's improvements on the steam-engine
On a new formation of anhydrous sulphuric acid
Dissertation sur le salpêtre avec quelques idées sur la nitrification, ainsi que sur la manière d'augmenter considérablement la récolte du salpêtre /
Notices respecting the Himalaya Mountains, and the sources of the Jumna and the Ganges, &c
On the temperature of the different mines in America
On a singular luminous property of wood &c. steeped in solutions of lime and magnesia
Some observations on the solar eclipse, September 7, 1820
Mémoire chimique et économique sur les principes et la génération du salpêtre ouvrage qui a remporté le prix royal, au jugement de l'Académie des sciences /
Description of a volcanic eruption in the island of Sumbawa
Account of the discovery of New South Shetland with observations on its importance in a geographical, commercial, and political point of view /
On the volcanoes of Auvergne
On the volcano, called by the Japanese Coosina and situated in the neighborhood of Cape Sangar, in the archipelago of Japan
Account of the sepulchral caverns of Egypt
Remarks on the comparative number of the sexes at birth
On the length of the pendulum in a reply to a letter contained in no. XVI of the "Quarterly journal of science" /
Account of a map of the route between Tartary and Amarapura by an ambassador from the court of Ava to the emperor of China /
On the bed of the German Ocean, or North Sea
Observations on the presence of the waters of the Gulf Stream on the coasts of Europe, in January 1822
On the depression of the horizon of the sea over the gulf-stream
On lithion-mica
Account of two newly discovered mineral species
Observations on the apparent distances and positions of 389 double and triple stars
On the chemical characters of zinc ores examined in the manner of Berzelius, by means of the blowpipe /
On two newly determined species of the genus gypsum-haloide of the system of Mohs
On the action of poisons on the vegetable kingdom
Account of the subterranean temple of Ipsambul
Observations respecting the vision of the humble-bee and the honey-bee
On vanishing fractions
Some observations on the instinct and operations of bees with a description and figure of a glazed bee-hive /
Historical account of discoveries respecting the double refraction and polarization of light continued from vol. ii. p. 171 : period II, containing an account of Huygens' theory of double refraction.
Description of the patent water-pressure engine
On the retrograde variation of the needle
On the deoxidation and reduction of iron ores
Observations on ice-bergs, made during a short excursion in Spitzbergen
Account of the descent of the glacier of the Weisshorn on the 27th December 1819, and the destruction of the village of Randa
On the ellipticity of the earth
Recherches sur la théorie des perturbations que les comètes peuvent eprouver par l'action des planètes
Déscription des volcans découverts en 1774 dans le Brisgaw
Mémoire sur un nouveau gas obtenu par, l'action des substances alkalines, sur le phosphore de Kunckel
Description ou tableau comparatif des différentes pièces de la nouvelle presse avec celles des anciennes
Recherches sur les comètes de 1532 & de 1661 piece qui remporté le prix proposé par l'Académie royale des sciences pour l'année 1782 /
Premier mémoire sur l'impression en lettres suivi de la description d'une nouvelle presse /
Planisphère céleste, chinois
Observations thermométriques, d'où l'on déduit le rapport des degrés des thermomètres exposés en différens lieux
Recherches sur les intégrales des équations aux différences finies, et sur d'autres sujets
Mémoire sur les albatros
Methode pour trouver la situation de l'équateur d'une planète, et l'obliquité de l'écliptique par rapport a la rotation du soleil et de la lune
Account of the strata at the diamond mines of Mallivully
Mémoire et expériences sur l'air fixe qui se dégage de la bière en fermentation
Analyse et examen chimique de l'indigo tel qu'il est dans le commerce pour l'usage de la teinture.
Mémoire dans lequel examine le sentiment des anciens & des modernes sur l'origine des macreuses
Mémoire sur la structure singulière du tibia & du cubitus des grenouilles & des crapauds avec quelques expériences sur la reproduction des os dans le mêmes animaux /
Mémoire sur une nouvelle espèce de mouche du genre des cinips trouvée dans l'enceinte de la ville de Lyon /
Mémoire sur une espèce de mine découverte nouvellement a Ste. Marie-aux-Mines
Observations sur la mine de plomb de Huelgoat en basse Bretagne
Examen chymique d'une mine des fer spathique
Recherches et observations sur des os fossiles trouvés en dauphiné dans une terre de M. de Valernod, en 1762 /
Solution de quelques problèmes relatifs à la théorie des surfaces courbes & des courbes à double courbure
Mémoire sur quelques circonstances qui accompagnent la décomposition du sel ammoniac par la chaux vive par les matières métalliques & par leur chaux, relativement aux propiétes attribuées à l'air fixe /
On some remarkable affections of the retina as exhibited in its insensibility to indirect impressions and to the impressions of attenuated light /
Sur quelques propriétés des solides renfermés par des surfaces composées de lignes droites
Analyze de la zéolite
Analyse des eaux de la fontaine de Montmorenci
Notice respecting the eggs of the boa constrictor, and of a young brood hatched from them in Assam
On some remarkable concretions which are found in the sandstone of Kerridge in Cheshire
Notice regarding the discovery of live cockles in a peat moss at a great distance from the sea
Notice respecting the working and polishing of granite in India
Observations on the superiority of achromatic telescopes with fluid object-glasses as constructed by Dr. Blair.
Description of the great stone bridge of seventeen arches erected over the Garonne at Bourdeaux
Notice of two earthquakes felt at sea
Notice regarding Professor Mitscherlich's observations on the dimorphism of hydrous sulphate of zinc and hydrous sulphate of magnesia /
On a property of light, exhibited in the examination of small luminous points by telescopes
On the horary variations of the barometer
Observations on the intensity of magnetism in different parts of the earth's surface
Observations on the geography of the Burrampooter and the Sampoo rivers
Mines d'argent de Kongsberg
Mémoire sur les mines de la Norwège
Description d'un insecte singulier trouvé dans la rade de Lomariaker
Observations sur la variété des tubulaires de la classe des pinceaux de mer & la mécanique que ces animaux emploient dans la construction de leurs tubes /
Observations sur les caractères spécifiques qui distinguent le tubulaire de l'océan à tube élastique & cartilagineux de son analogue dans la Mediterranée
Observations sur des tubulaires a tube élastique et cartilagineux
Recherches sur la meilleure manière de fabriquer les aiguilles aimantées de les suspendre, de s'assurer qu'elles sont dans le véritable méridien magnétique enfin de rendre raison de leurs variations diurnes régulières : pièce qui a partagé le prix proposé pour l'année 1777 /
Analyse et examen chimique de l'indigo tel qu'il est dans le commerce, pour l'usage de la teinture : piece qui a concouru pour le prix sur la nature & l'usage de l'indigo /
Analyse de la mine de plomb blanche
Mémoire sur les fonctions arbitraires continues ou discontinues qui entrent dans les intégrales des equations aux différences finies /
Account of the captivity of Alexander Scott among the wandering Arabs of the Great African desert for a period of nearly six years
Observations on the geography of Mr. Scott's routes in North Africa
Description of an apparatus for restoring the action of the lungs
Table for determining accurately the time of high water at any given port
Account of Mr. R. Bowman of Irthington in Cumberland, who has completed his 115th year
Outline of Professor Mohs's New system of crystallography and mineralogy continued from vol. III. page 342.
Historical eloge of Abraham Gottlob Werner read at a sitting of the Royal institute of France /
Account of the establishment of a scientific prize by the late Alexander Keith
Experiments on the going of a clock with a wooden pendulum
Account of the native hydrate of magnesia, discovered by Dr. Hibbert in Shetland
Notice regarding the working and polishing of granite in India
Account of Dr. Clark and Captain Sherwill's ascent of Mont Blanc, in August 1825
Notice of an earthquake felt at sea, in February 1825
Notice of insects of unusual occurrence which have occasionally appeared in great numbers on trees, etc
Farther observations on the history of Mr. Babbage's experiments on the production of magnetism by rotation
Account of the shock of an earthquake felt at sea by the honourable East India Company's ship Winchelsea
Analysis of Mr. Scoresby's Account of the Arctic regions
Description of a machine for raising stones
Observations on the mineralogy of Halkin Mountain, in Flintshire with particular account of the recently discovered buhrstone and porcelain-clay of that place /
Remarks on the currents between the parallels of Cape Finisterre and the Canary Islands which may be supposed to have carried the Montezuma out of her course /
General view of the monthly mean variation, and the mean monthly diurnal variation of the needle with tables of the state of the atmosphere at the time of the magnetical observations /
Experiments on the specific gravity of sea water drawn in different latitudes, and from various depths in the Atlantic
Reply to a note in the Annales de chimie by M. Arago, on the phosphorescence of fluor-spar
Account of M. Oxley's observations on the variation of the needle, &c. in New Holland
Account of the piezometer, for measuring the compressibility of water
Account of the discoveries of M. Oersted respecting the connection between magnetism and galvanism and the subsequent researches of Sir Humphrey Davy, M. Ampere and M. Biot.
Description of a new double image micrometer for measuring the diameter of minute celestial objects
On sounds inaudible by certain ears
On the existence of two burning volcanoes in central Tartary
Notice of Captain Parry's voyage of discovery
Observations on bees, made by means of the mirror-hive
Notice of the progress of the Arctic land expediton under the command of Lieutenant Franklin
Account of comptonite, a new mineral from Vesuvius
Observations on the currents and animalcules of the Greenland Sea
A method of constructing bee-hives of wood, so as to resist the cold of the severest winter
Abstract of the meteorological register for 1822, 1823, 1824 and 1825 from observations made by the surgeons of the army at the military posts of the United States Army /
Notice on the elastic force of vapour
Table of the refractive powers of several bodies according to the observations of J.F.W. Herschel /
Description of some remarkable nebulæ and clusters of stars in the southern hemisphere, observed at Paramatta in New South Wales
Meteorological register for 1828 kept at Kinfauns Castle, the seat of the right honorable Lord Gray
On the electrical properties of the tourmaline
Descriptions of three new species of land tortoises
Extracts from a letter addressed by Capt. Philip Parker King to N.A. Vigors on the animals of the Straits of Magellan
Descriptions of two species of the genus Felis in the collection of the Zoological Society
On a remarkable formation of clouds
Account of the steam-engines in Cornwall
Biographical account of Alexander Wilson
Table of the variations of the magnetic needle at Boston, Falmouth and Penobscot in North America, during 128 years /
On the expansion of vapour
Theorem for computing the elastic force of vapour
Abstract of a meteorological journal kept at Funchal in the island of Madeira from January 1st to December 31st, l827 /
Account of two thunder storms which happened in Worcestershire in which it appeared the electrical discharge passed from the earth towards the clouds /
Observations and experiments tending to demonstrate that the granules which are discharged in the explosion of a grain of pollen, instead of being analogous to spermatic animalcules, are not even organized bodies
Account of a remarkable peculiarity in the structure of glaberite which has one axis of double refraction for violet, and two axes for red light /
A new pyrognostic arrangement of the simple minerals hitherto found in Ireland
Polar exploration--Antarctic and Arctic
Letter from Mr. John T. Bagot describing some recent important discoveries in Central Australia
Some account of the life and writings, and contributions to science, of the late Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles
Supplement to the genera of North American birds and to the synopsis of the species found within the territory of the United States /
On the Esquimaux dog
Observations upon Siagonium quadricorne of Kirby, and on other portions of the Brachelytra (Staphylinus, Lin.)
Observations on the shells of an acephalous molluscum of the family of Pectinidæ for which the generic name of hinnites has been proposed by M. Defrance : together with the characters of several species /
Sketch of the life and character of the late Count de Lacépède
On Balanus punctatus, Puncturella flemingii, &c together with some corrections relative to Turbo carneus, and some of the chitones before described /
Description of some new and rare shells
On the occurrence of some rare British birds
On Clairaut's theorem
On the storm of the 9th of February, 1861
The localities of the Irish carboniferous fossils arranged according to the stratigraphical subdivisions of the carboniferous system adopted in the geological map of Ireland : with the Irish mining localities as appended to the synoptical table of fossils, engraved on the margin of that map, and as originally compiled for the use of the general valuation of Ireland /
Remarkable discoveries in central Australia
On the shower of aeroliths that fell at Killiter, county of Tyrone, on the 29th April, 1844
Some observations on the anatomy of the British birds of prey
On the genus Lacuna
A description of several new species of Chitones, found on the coast of Chile, in 1825 with a few remarks on the method of taking and preserving them /
Notice of a nondescript species of grouse, from North America
Observations on the animals of some species of Bullæa, Lam and on some species of the Annelida /
Monograph on the Cypræidæ, a family of testaceous Mollusca
Observations on the fishes contained in the collection of the Zoological Society
An account of Elater noctilucus, the fire-fly of the West Indies
Observations on the osteology of the fennec
On the affinities of the groups Trematoda, Planariæ, and Hirudinei and on the formation of a new class of Annuloida for the reception of these animals /
On the cod and ling fisheries of Ireland
Catalogue of a geological and geographical collection of minerals from the arctic regions from Cape Farewell to Baffin's Bay, lat. 59⁰ 14ʹ N., to 76⁰ 32ʹ N
On the regular composition of crystallized bodies (continued from V. III, p. 93 [i.e. v. II, p. 88]) /
On some new localities of rare minerals
Notice of some of the rarer atmospherical phenomena observed in 1824
On a singular detached block of stone occupying the summit of a hill at Dunkeld
Account of an improvement on the "odometer" which, without increasing its size, multiplies its power upwards of one hundred fold /
Notice of remains of an animal resembling the Scandinavian Elk, recently discovered in the Isle of Man with suggestions on the importance of distinguishing this animal from the fossil Irish elk /
On some phenomena of vertical and of lateral mirage observed at King George's bastion, Leith /
Abstract of experiments on the consolidation of the strata of the earth
Account of a stickleback that was found with a leech alive in its intestines, July, 1818
A description of fan-gate sluices invented and constructed by Mr. J. Blanken /
Description of a new hygrometer, depending on the affinity of acids for water
Account of the circumstances connected with the discovery of the fossil elk in the Isle of Man which prove that this animal is not antediluvian, as many naturalists and antiquaries have supposed /
Some account of the climate, etc. of the north of France collected partly from the observation, partly from a free communication with the inhabitants of various ranks /
On the genus Calymperes of Swartz and Syrrhopedan of Schwaegrichen, of the order Musci
An account of the frontier between Ava and the part of Bengal adjacent to the Karnaphuli River
Analysis of a mica from Cornwall
Notice of Mr. Christie's discoveries respecting the effect of rotation on the magnetic forces
Account of the specific gravity of several minerals (continued from v. II, p. 74) /
Additional observations on Leslie's photometer, etc
Observations on the Gulf-Stream in crossing it from Halifax to Bermuda, and from Bermuda to Halifax, in his Majesty's ship Jasseur, in 1821
On a dike of serpentine, cutting through sandstone, in the county of Forfar
Notice of a remarkable variety of boracite
On the construction of meteorological instruments so as to register their indications during the absence of the observer at any given time, or at successive intervals of time.
Notice of a remarkable occurrence of serpentine at the junction of sienite with the dolomite of the tyrol
Table of the rise of the tide at Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land, in April and May 1822, and January 1823
On the application of the expansive power of liquids to produce a reciprocating rectilinear motion
Notice of a new genus of Mammalia, found in Sumatra by Sir T. Stamford Raffles
On Hydraspis, a new genus of freshwater tortoises, of the family Emydidæ
Theory of the action of caloric in producing the expansion of fluids and solids with a formula for the modulus of gravity /
Abstract of a memoir upon the bones procured from butcher's meat
Abstract of M. Kupffer's Memoir on the specific gravity of metallic alloys and their melting points
Additional remarks of active molecules
Biographical notice of the late Sir J.E. Smith with an estimate of the character and influence of his botanical labours /
An account of the preliminary experiments and ultimate construction of a refracting telescope of 7.8 inches aperture with a fluid concave lens /
Account of a new cistern for barometers
Abstract of a meteorological journal kept at Funchal in the Island of Madeira from January 1st to December 31st, 1828
Observations on the mean annual temperature of Funchal in Madeira
Account of the sirocco winds at Funchal, in the Island of Madeira during the years 1826, 1827, and 1828
On the electricity of elastic fluids and on one of the causes of the electricity of the atmosphere
Comparative experiments on different dew-point instruments with a description of one on an improved construction /
Notice of the performance of steam-engines in Cornwall for January, February and March 1829
Notice respecting a spontaneous emission of inflammable gas near Bedlay, about seven miles north-east from Glascow
Observations on the spontaeous emissions of inflammable gas in particular of carburetted hydrogen
On a solid form of cyanogen and its elements and a new compound of carbon and axote /
Notice respecting a method of producing an intense heat from gas for various purposes in the arts
Account of a new monochromatic lamp depending on the combustion of compressed gas
Theory of the colours observed in the experiments of Fraunhofer
Notice of a remarkable electrical cloud
Researches on the elasticity of regularly crystallized bodies
On the atomic constitution of the cyanide of mercury
Remarks on the structure of the gibbons a subgenus of the orangs or pitheci /
Historical eloge of the marquis de Laplace
On the reflection and decomposition of light at the separating surfaces of media of the same and of different refractive powers
Onservations on turtles, &c
Case of extraordinary physical development in a boy six years of age
A description of a microscopic doublet
On the mode of generation in the Mya pictorum, in the Helix palustris and the Mulus gobio and notice on the circulation of the fœtus in ruminating animals /
On the art of forming diamonds into single lenses for microscopes
Observations on certain resins and balsamic substances found in Guiana
Observations on the position and revolution of the magnetic poles of the earth
Remarks on Dr. Knox's "Observations on the Habits of Hyaenas," contained in the fifth number of the Edinburgh Journal of Science
Biographical memoir of Mark Augustus Pictet
Notice regarding the red-breast (Motacilla rubecula, Lin.)
Some experiments on coloured flames
Observations relative to the sound which accompanies the Aurora Borealis
Results of the thermometrical observations made at Leith Fort every hour of the day and night during the whole of the years 1824 and 1825
On the history of the experiments on the magnetism exhibited by iron in rotation
Description of a new register thermometer, without any index the principle being applicable to the most delicate mercurial thermometer /
On the refractive power of the two new fluids in minerals with additional observations on the nature and properties of these substances /
Note concerning the presence of anhydrous persulphate of iron in the residue of the concentration of sulphuric acid
On the effects of time in modifying anomalous cases of vision with regard to colours
Demonstration of Professor Leslie's formula for determining the decrease of heat depending on the altitude without "a delicate and patient research" /
Observations on the size of the teeth in sharks compared with the fossil teeth of an animal analogous to the present shark ; and described by Messrs Lacepede and Faujas St. Fond, in the "Annals de Museum" /
On the solar eclipse which will happen on the 29th of November 1826 being the principal results of a calculation for Edinburgh /
On the polarization of sound, in a different manner from that described by Mr. Wheatstone
Observations on the changes which take place on mercurial thermometers
Farther account of the large achromatic refracting telescope of Fraunhofer in the observatory of Dorpat
On an extremely cheap and delicate hydrostatic balance
On a new photometer, founded on the principles of Bouguer
Observations on two species of pholas, found on the sea coast in the neighborhood of Edinburgh
Observations on Rhinopomastus of Dr. Smith, a new genus among the Promeropidæ
On the Chalcididæ
On dichotomous and quinary arrangements in natural history
A reply to some observations of M. Virey in the "Bulletin des Sciences Naturelles, 1825"
Observations on the animals hitherto found in the shells of the genus Argonauta
On some new species of Pentatrematites
Extracts from a letter addressed by Capt. Phillip Parker King to N.A. Vigors on the animals of the Straits of Magellan
Observations on some of the Mammalia contained in the museum of the Zoological Society
Observations on the loves of the ants and the aphides
On the supposed identity of whitebait and shad
On the recent species of the genus Ovulum
Description of a new species of Cypræa
Observations on the zoology of the Caribæan Islands
Anatomy and monograph of the genus Dentalium
Some observations on the "Account of the genus Dentalium, by M. G.P. Deshayes" of which the foregoing article is an abstract /
Observations on the tapir of America
Notes on Mr. Gray's additions and corrections to a monograph on Cypræa (Zoological journal, IV, p. 66) /
Description of a new land-shell from South America together with an additional note on Argonauta /
Observations upon the genus Scaphura, K with descriptions of two new species /
A note upon the impregnation of the Arachnida
On the use of the xiphoid bone and its muscles in the corvorant (Pelecanus carbo, Linn.)
On the morphology of the skull in the Amphibia urodela
On the movements of camphor upon water and of different alloys of potassium when in contact with water or mercury.
On the quartz district in the neighbourhood of Lock Ness
Account of the explosion of oil gas which took place at Edinburgh, on the 23rd March with observations on the safety of gas.
Facts and observations relative to the recent formation of quartz crystals, &c and of indurated calcedony from siliceous solutions and pastes.
Observations on the jaw of a fossil mammiferous animal, found in the Stonesfield slate
Vita admodum Reverendi P. Athanasii Kircheri
Geographia generalis in qua affectiones generales telluris explicantur /
The history of the wars which arose out of the French Revolution: : to which is prefixed, a review of the causes of that event. /
Nouvelle méthode pour la résolution des équations numériques d'un degré quelconque d'après la quelle tout le calcul exigé pour cette résolution se réduit à l'emploi des deux premières règles de l'arithmétique /
Mémoire contenant l'application de la théorie exposée dans le XVIIe. cahier du Journal de l'École polytechnique a l'intégration des équations aux différentielles partielles du premier et du second ordre /
Traité complet de l'aérage des mines
Recherches théoriques et expérimentales sur les roues à réaction ou à tuyaux
Opvsculvm de sectione svperficiei sphæricæ, per svperficiem sphæricam, cylindricam, conicam item sverficiei cylindricæ per svperficiem cylindricam atqve conicam : deniqve svperficiei conicæ per svperficiem conicam /
Manual of botany for the northern states comprising generic descriptions of all phenogamous and cryptogamous plants to the north of Virginia, hitherto described : with references to the natural orders of Linnæus and Jussieu : each genus is further illustrated by short descriptions of its most common species /
Essais sur la minéralogie et la métallurgie
Geschichte der organischen Chemie von ältester Zeit bis zur Gegenwart
Beschreibung aller fürnemisten mineralischen Ertzt vnnd Bergwercksarten ... in fünff Bücher verfast ... /
Die Urwelt der Schweiz
Beiträge zur Salzkunde, oder, Ausführliche Nachricht von den Salzwerken zu Reichenhall und Traunstein und dem sämtlichen Salzwesen in Baiern
Beyträge zur Physik, Oekonomie, Mineralogie, Chemie, Technologie und zur Statistik besonders der russischen und angränzenden Länder
De hvmani conceptvs, formationis, motvs, et partvs, tempore
Trattato del compasso di proporzione
A description of a new instrument for taking the latitude or other altitudes at sea with directions for its use.
Filicetum Americanum, seu, Filicum, polypodiorum, adiantorum, &c. in America nascentium, icones
Mémoire sur le système métrique des anciens Égyptiens contenant des recherches sur leurs connoissances géométriques et sur les mesures des autres peuples de l'antiquité /
Lettera del R.P.M. Paolo Antonio Foscarini Carmelitano sopra l'opinione de Pittagorici, e del Copernico della mobilità della terra, e stabilità del sole, è del nuouo Pittagorico sistema del mondo.
Synopsis optica in qva illa omnia qvæ ad opticam, dioptricam, catoptricam pertinent, id est, ad triplicem radivm visvalem directum, refractum, reflexum, breviter qvidem, accvrate tamen demonstrantur /
Consiglio di Marcilio Ficino contro la pestilenza
A breefe avnswere of Iosephvs Qvercetanvs to the exposition of Iacobus Aubertus Vindonis, concerning the original, and causes of mettalles, set foorth against chimists another exquisite and plaine treatise of the same Josephus, concerning the spagericall preparations, and vse of minerall, animall, and vegitable medicines : whereunto is added, diuers rare secretes, not heretofore knowne of many /
A description of the seminal vessels
Antonii Deusingii Disquisitio anti-sylviana de motu cordis et arteriarum quâ Francisci Sylvii ineptiæ & nugæ ad libellam veritatis expenduntur, excutiuntur, ac refutantur.
Dialogi physici
Notice on the propriety of giving representatives to the principal scientific and literary institutions in London
Notice respecting the house, &c. of Copernicus
On the formation of ores by the action of the atmosphere and of volcanic heat
Account of the caves at Kirby Moorside, and the open fissure in Duncombe Park with notices of the other caves in England.
Account of the periodical comet of 1819 that revolves with in the orbit of Jupiter with a period of three and one half years
Abstract of the journal of the proceedings of Lieutenant Wilcox, now engaged in a survey of the north-east of Assam
Notice regarding the island of Grimsey, off the north coast of Iceland, and the Isles of St. Kilda, on the north-west coast of Scotland
On the influence of the hygrometric state of the atmosphere upon the minimum temperature of the night
Recherches sur les lois de l'affinité
Researches in the calculus of variations principally on the theory of discontinuous solutions : an essay to which the Adams prize was awarded in the University of Cambridge in 1871 /
Accounts of extraordinary motions of the waters in several places of north Britain and of a shock of an earthquake felt at Dunbarton.
A botanical description and natural history of the Malabar Cardamom
On Botrychioxylon paradoxum, sp. nov., a Palæozoic fern with secondary wood
On Welwitschia, a new genus of Gnetaceæ
On thirty-one species of marine planarians collected partly by the late Dr. Kelaart, at Trincomalee, and partly by Dr. Collingwood in the eastern seas /
On a method of reading the inscriptions on coins and medals in the dark with remarks on the radiation of metallic surfaces.
Some points in the anatomy of the larva of Tipula maxima a contribution to our knowledge of the respiration and circulation in insects /
Nouvelle théorie des taches du soleil
Observation de l'éclipse de lune faite à Toulouse le 18 mai 1761
A tabular view of the genera composing the class Cirripedes with descriptions of the species of Otion, Cineras, and Clyptra /
Mémoire sur l'inclinaison moyenne des orbites des comèts, sur la figure de la terre & sur les fonctions
On the existence of silicious solutions in the drusy cavities of minerals
Description of the first steam-engine
On a method of splitting rocks by fire
Account of the remarkable depression of the thermometer and the rise of the barometer, in January 1820
Mémoire qui a partagé le second prix sur la formation & sur la fabrication du salpêtre
Recherches sur la formation et la multiplication des nitres
Description of a fossil Alcyonium, from the chalk strata near Lewes
On the use of the Pedes scansorii of birds
On evaporation
Mémoire sur la longitude de Buenos-Aires
Extrait d'une lettre écrite de Besançon à M. de Reaumur le 29 Novembre 1743, sur la grotte qui se trouve à quelque distance de Besançon & qu'on en nomme la glacière
Observations sur le réséda à fleur odorante
Lettre à Bernard de Jussieu, sur le tripoloi
On the embryos of endogens and their germination
A revision of the family Equidæ
Emanuelis König Regnvm vegetabile tàm physicè quàm medicè : ex veris recentiorum fundamentis reclusum, omnibus floræ cultoribus : lectu non minùs jucundum, quàm utile & necessarium.
Ueber die geologische Natur des armenischen Hochlandes Fest-Rede, am 22. August, dem Krönungsfeste ihrer Kaiserlichen Majestäten Nikolai Pawlowitsch und Alexandra Feodorowna im grossen Hörsaale der Kaiserlichen Universität Dorpat /
Der Mond nach seinen kosmischen und individuellen Verhältnissen, oder, Allgemeine vergleichende Selenographie mit besonderer Beziehung auf die von den Verfassern herausgegebene Mappa Selenographica /
First report of the proceedings, recommendations, and transactions of the British Association for the Advancement of Science
Observations on the decline of science in England, and the means of its revival
Narrative of the proceedings and scientific observations of the late mission to Ava
Celestial phenomena, from July 1 to October 1, 1823, calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time
Observations on the low temperature of particular caverns
Tables of the variation of the magnetic needle in different parts of the globe (continued from Vol. IX, p. 447)
Geologische Beobachtungen auf Reisen in den Gebirgsländern zwischen Kur und Araxes
Beiträge zur physischen Kenntniss der himmlischen Körper im Sonnensysteme
Ueber die Natur und den Zusammenhang der vulkanischen Bildungen
Faune des coléoptères du bassin de la Seine
Traité des applications de l'électricité a la thérapeutique médicale et chirurgicale
Joh. Joachim Bechers närrische Weissheit, oder, Ein hundert so politische als physicalische, mechanische und mercantilische Concepten und Propositionen deren etliche gut gethan etliche zu nichts worden ein Tractätlein vor die Liebhaber, sehr curios und nützlich zu lesen, al worinnen viel nachdenckliche Sachen enthalten.
Traité d'électricité et de magnétisme et des applications de ces sciences à la chimie, à la physiologie et aux arts /
De usu flagrorum in re medica & veneria
Principj di fisica particolare
Atti e memorie inedite delle 'Accademia del Cimento e notizie aneddote dei progressi delle scienze in Toscana : contenenti secondo l'ordine delle materie e dei tempi, memorie, esperienze, osservazioni, scoperte e la rinnovazione della fiscia celeste e terrestre, cominciando da Galileo Galilei, fino a Francesco Redi ed a Vincenzo Viviani inclusive /
Recherches sur une nouvelle fonction du foie considéré comme organe producteur de matière sucré chez l'homme et les animaux propositions de botanique, de géologie, d'anatomie et de physiologie données par la faculté : soutenue le 17 mars 1853 devant la commission d'examen /
Traité élémentaire d'astronomie physique
Traité des horloges marines contenant la théorie, la construction, la main-d'oeuvre de ces machines, et la maniere de les éprouver : pour parvenir, par leur moyen, a la rectification des cartes marines, et a la détermination des longitudes en mer /
Essay de merveilles de nature et des plus nobles artifices piece très-necessaire à tous ceux qui font profession d'eloquence /
Études de psychologie expérimentale le fétichisme dans l'amour, la vie psychique des micro-organismes, l'intensité des images mentales, le problème hypnotique, note sur l'écriture hystérique /
Dell'elettro, metallo degli antichi
Saggio di elettro-magnetismo dedotto dagli esperimenti isituiti nel gabinetto fisico della Universita' di Roma /
Der Altai sein geologischen Bau und seine Erzlagerstätten /
Mémoire sur la dispersion de la lumière
Elementi di mineralogia applicati alla medicina e alla farmacia
An elementary treatise on elliptic functions
Geognostische Beschreibung der Gegend von Tharand ein Beitrag zur Kenntniss des Erzgebirges /
Traité de calcul différential et de calcul intégral
Histoire du calendrier romain qui contient son origine & les divers changemens qui lui sont arrivez /
Traité du calcul intégral pour servir de suite à l'Analyse des infiniment-petits de M. le Marquis de l'Hôpital /
Hermetis, Ægyptiorum et chemicorum sapientia ab Hermanni Conringii animadversionibus /
Populäre Schriften
Théorie des fonctions doublement périodiques et, en particulier, des fonctions elliptiques
Dis [sic] ist das Buch der Cirurgia Hantwirckung der Wundartzny /
Untersuchungen über die Entwickelungs-Gesetze der organischen Welt während der Bildungs-Zeit unserer Erd-Oberfläche eine von der Französischen Akademie in Jahre 1857 gekrönte Preisschrift /
Observation de l'éclipse de soleil, du 4 Août 1739 faite à Toulouse, avec une lunette de huit pieds, montée sur une machine parallactique & garnie d'un réticule.
On the modifications of æstivation observable in certain plants, formerly referred to the genus Cinchona
Observation de l'éclipse de lune, du 30 Août 1746 faite à l'observatoire de Toulouse, avec une lunette de huit pieds, montée sur une machine parallactique.
Observation de l'éclipse totale de lune, du 25 Février 1747 faite à l'observatoire de Toulouse, avec une lunette de huit pieds.
Observations on the species of Fedia
Notes on the habits of the box-tortoise of the United States of America, Cistuda carolina, Gray
On the existence of spiral cells in the seeds of Acanthaceæ
The botany of the Afghan Delimitation Commission
Description of Conserva umbilicata, a new plant from new South Wales
On the ascarides discovered in the Pelecanus carbo and P. cristatus
Remarks relative to the affinities and analogies of natural objects more particularly of Hypocephalus, a genus of Coleoptera /
Histoire de ce qui s'est passé relativement au prix proposé sur la formation du salpêtre
Description of a new method of forming crucibles
An account of some new species of piper with a few cursory observations on the genus /
Account of the earthquake at Kutch on the 16th June 1819 drawn up from published and unpublished letters from India.
Description of a new genus belonging to the natural family of plants called Scrophularinæ
The natural history of Oiketicus, a new and singular genus of Lepidoptera
Observations on Entozoa with notices of several new species : including an account of two experiments in regard to the breeding of Tænia serrata and T. cucumerina /
Method of weighing anchors, used by the natives of the coast of Coromandel
Application of the indeterminate analysis to the elimination of the unknown quantities from two equations
On some species of the genus Palæmon, Fabr., from Tahiti, Shanghai, New Guinea, and West Africa
On some recent forms of Lagenæ from deep-sea soundings in the Java Seas
Observation de quelques émersions et immersions des satellites de Jupiter faite à Polling en Haute Bavière, en l'année 1759 /
Mémoire sur l'indigo tel qu'il est dans le commerce, pour l'usage de la teinture /
Observations on the Florida or Gulf Stream
History of the great mass of native malleable iron of Louisiana, now deposited in the museum of the New York Historical Society
Notice of the voyage of Edward Barnsfield, master of His Majesty's ship Andromache, to New South Shetland
Abstract of Mr. Herschel's experiments on circular polarisation
Account of some of the rarer atmospherical phenomena observed at Leith in 1825
Notes on the fishes referred to in the preceding paper
Remarks on a collection of fossils from the neighborhood of Dresden
Account of experiments to determine the velocities of rifle bullets commonly used
On some striated surfaces in the granite near Dublin
A new application of polarized light in examining every description of objects
Addendum to the paper "On the application of polarized light in microscopic investigations"
Observations on the Anguinaria spatula
A new systematic arrangement of vertebrated animals
Observation de l'éclipse de soleil, du 15 Août 1738 faite à Toulouse, avec une lunette de huit pieds, garnie d'un réticule & montée sur une machine parallactique.
Meteorological observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, in the years 1816, 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820
On the electro-magnetic properties of metalliferous veins in the mines of Cornwall
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan cottage [September-November, 1826]
Notice regarding the nature of a peculiar structure observed in the second stomach of certain Cetacea generally considered as simply glandular but seemingly analogous to te electric organs of the torpedo and gymnotus /
Abstracts with occasional remarks from a memoir regarding the human bones and objects of human fabrication discovered in solid beds or in alluvium and upon the epoch of their deposition /
Notice respecting the hourly meteorological observations proposed by the Royal Society of Edinburgh to be made twice every year, on the 17th July and 15th January.
Account of the eruption of the old volcano of Eyafjeld Jokkul in Iceland, in December 1821
On black lead from cast-iron
Account of the Mémoires de la Société de physique et d'histoire naturelle de Geneve
Analysis of tutenag, or the white copper of China
Notice of the discovery of the termination of the Niger, in the Bight of Biafra
Round sterns
Observations on a pamphlet, entitled, "On the alleged decline of science in England. By a foreigner. London, 1831, pp. 33"
Note on the progressive increase of temperature as we descend beneath the surface of the earth
Some American medical botanists commemorated in our botanical nomenclature
A treatise on the mathematical theory of the motion of fluids
Nicolaus Coppernicus
Memoirs of the life of Dr. Darwin chiefly during his residence at Lichfield : with anecdotes of his friends, and criticisms on his writings /
Lehrbuch der Electrostatik
Theoricae mediceorum planetarum ex causis physicis deductae
Maniére de faire les fleurs dans les feux d' artifice chinois
Euclid's book On divisions of figures [Peri diairéson biblion (romanized form)] : with a restoration based on Woepcke's text and on the Practica geometriae of Leonardo Pisano /
The origin of floral structures through insect and other agencies
De electrici ignis natura dissertatio
Practical and descriptive essays on the economy of fuel, and management of heat
Tabularum astronomicarum pars prior, de motibus solis et lunæ : nec-non de positione fixarum ex ipsis observationibus deductis cum usu tabularum, cui adjecta est geometrica methodus computandarum eclipsium per solam triangulorum analysim ad meridianum Parisiensem /
Lamarck, le fondateur du transformisme sa vie, son œuvre /
The geological history of plants
Examen des principaux systèmes sur la nature du fluide électrique et sur son action dans les corps organisés et vivants /
An historical inquiry into the production and consumption of the precious metals
Memoires posthumes de Monsieur Jean Philippe Loys de Cheseaux sur divers sujets, d'astronomie et de mathematiques, avec de nouvelles tables tres exactes des moyens mouvemens du soleil & de la lune.
Deer, antelopes, camels, &c
What is Darwinism?
The sidereal messenger of Galileo Galilei and a part of the preface to Kepler's Dioptrics, containing the original account of Galileo's astronomical discoveries /
Casp. Bartholini De terra, aere, et igni institutio physica succincta cum præmissa elementorum theoriâ generali.
Some account of a collection of cryptogamic plants from the Ionian Islands
Experiments upon a substance called dapéche from South America
Catalogue des plantes indigènes des Pyrénées et du Bas Languedoc avec des notes et observations sur les espèces nouvelles ou peu connues : précédé d'une notice sur un voyage botanique fait dans les Pyrénées pendant l'été de 1825 /
Die Lagerungsverhältnisse an der Grenze zwischen Granit und Quader-Sandstein bei Meissen, Hohnstein, Zittau und Liebenau
Philosophia peripatetica, antiquorum principiis et recentiorum experimentis conformata
Opervm omnivm qvae qvidem extant
Anatomical observations on the natural group of Tunicata with the description of three species collected in Fox Channel during the late northern expedition /
A particular method of giving the solution of corrosive sublimate mercury in small doses, as an anthelmintic
Friderici Hoffmanni Opera omnia physico-medica denuò revisa, correcta & aucta, in sex tomos distributa : quibus continentur doctrinæ solidis principiis physico-mechanicis, & anatomicis, atque etiam observationibus clinico-practicis superstructæ : methodo facili ac demonstrativa deductæ, & per experientiam LVII. annorum stabilitæ : cum vita auctoris, et ejus præfatione de differente medicinæ & medicorum statu atque conditione, & criteriis boni ac periti medici.
Die Stürme der gemässigten Zone mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Stürme des Winters 1862-1863 /
Harmonies de la nature
Über das Schiessen gegen heranziehende Donner- und Hagel-Gewitter zur zwey und fünfzigsten Wiederkehr der Stiftungsfeyer der Konigl. Bayer. Akademie der Wissenschaften am 28. März 1811 /
Some phænomena observable in foggy weather
Experiments and observations upon the Hartfell Spaw, made at Moffat 1750 and an account of its medicinal virtues, so far as they have hitherto been discovered from experience /
Observations on the genera of trollius, eranthis, helleborus, coptis, and isopyrum
The effect of musk in curing the gout in the stomach
Descriptions of seven new species of Apion
A monograph of the genus Saxifraga
Second mémoire sur le refroidissement que les liqueurs produisent en s'évaporant
Observations sur la choroide
Account of a singular affection of vision
Essai sur la manière de conserver à la mer l'eau potable, dans les voyages de long cours
Mémoire sur quelques coquilles nouvellement péchées dans la Méditerranée
Observation du passage de Venus sur le disque du soleil faite à Rouen le 6 juin 1761 /
A monograph of the tortoises having a movable sternum with remarks on their arrangement and affinities /
A contribution to Indian carcinology
Notice respecting barystrontianite, a new mineral found at Stromness in Orkney
Facts relating to the natural history of the cuckoo
Description of the animal to which belongs the shell called, by the Baron de Férussac, Helicolimax lamarckii
On the generative system of Helix aspersa and hortensis
Observations relative to the fossil elk of the Isle of Mann
The characters of Clinidium, a new genus of insects in the order Coleoptera with a description of Clinidium guildingii /
Geognostische Uebersicht der Schweiz nebst einem systematischen Verzeichnisse aller in diesem Lande vorkommenden Mineralkörper und deren Fundörter /
Nature in disease illustrated in various discourses and essays : to which are added miscellaneous writings, chiefly on medical subjects /
Henrici Cornelij Agrippæ ab Nettesheym De incertitudine & vanitate scientiarum & artium atq[ue] excellentia verbi Dei declamatio.
The influence of science on theology the Hulsean lectures for the year 1884 /
Joannis Rhodii de acia dissertatio ad Cornelli Celsi mentem qva simul universa fibulæ ratio explicatur /
Notes on the state of Virginia
Gustavi Paykull Fauna Svecica, Insecta
Knight's American mechanical dictionary a description of tools, instruments, machines, processes, and engineering, history of inventions, general technological vocabulary, and digest of mechanical appliances in science and the arts /
An analytick treatise of conick sections and their use for resolving of equations in determinate and indeterminate problems /
The dissection of a woman with child, and remarks on gravid uteri
Three lectures on the organs of respiration read at the Royal College of Physicians at London, A.D. MDCCXXXVII, being the Gulstonian lectures for that year : to which is added an appendix, containing remarks on some experiments of Dr. Houston's, published in the Transactions of the Royal Society, for the year 1736 /
Dissertationes selectae Jo. Alberti Euleri, Paulii Frisii, et Laurentii Beraud quae ad Imperialem Scientiarum Petroplitanam Academiam An. 1755 missae sunt : cum electricitatis caussa, & theoria, praemio proposito, quaereretur.
A monograph of the British species of the genus Choleva
On Boswellia and certain Indian Terebinthaceæ
On the structure of some tissues possessing hygrometric properties
The botanical history of Mentha exigua
On the genus Atamisquea, belonging to the family of the Capparidaceæ
Sur une nouvelle quadrature par approximation
The Cyperaceæ of the west coast of Africa in the Welwitsch herbarium
On the natural history, anatomy, and development of the oil beetle, Meloë more especially of Meloë cicatricosus, Leach /
An illustration of the genus Solandra
Note on the structure and mode of dehiscence of the legumes of Pentaclethra macrophylla, Benth
Examination of some compounds which depend upon very weak affinities
Notice respecting Professor Hansteen's chart of the variation and dip of the needle
On the limits of the retina in the eye of the Sepia loligo, one of the cephalopadous Mullusca
Facts relating to the formation of dew
Account of the extraordinary talent for calculation of Vincenzio Zuccaro, a child seven years old
On the preservation of zoological specimens from the depredations of insects
Theoretische Chemie vom Standpunkte der Avogadro'schen Regel und der Thermodynamik
On steam-boats
Celestial phenomena from October 1, 1824 to January 1, 1825, calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time
Cosmographia Francisci Mavrolyci in tres dialogos distincta in quibus de forma, situ, numeróq[ue] tam coelorum q[uam] elementorum, alijsq[ue] rebus ad astronomica rudimenta spectantibus satis disseritur.
On iso-geothermal lines, or the distribution of the mean temperature of the ground
Application of photozincography to the production of illustrations of manuscripts
The eskers of the central plain of Ireland
Observations on the fossil red deer of Ireland founded on the skeletons found at Bohoe, in the county of Fermanagh, in 1863 /
Notes on animal mechanics, [otters]
Celestial phenomena from Jan. 1 to April 1, 1826, calculated for the meridian of Edinburgh, mean time
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan cottage [March-May, 1827]
Remarks on a paper by Mr. Haidinger on the crystalline form of the sulphato-tri-carbonate of lead
Table of the magnetic needle according to the latest observations
Descriptions of thirteen species of Formica and three species of Culex found in the environs of Nice /
Fragments sur les corps celestes du systeme solaire
Lebensfragen die Vorgänge des Stoffwechsels /
Fishes, particularly their structure and economical uses
Der Kampf um Kernfragen der Entwicklungs- und Vererbungslehre
Descriptions of some new insects collected in Assam by William Griffith
Review of the order of Hydrophylleæ
Mémoire sur un échinite singulier
On the keratose or horny sponges of commerce
On some North American Desmidieæ
Note on the elaters of Trichia
Some observations on the nomenclature of ornithology particularly with reference to the admission of new genera /
Dictionary of geology and mineralogy comprising such terms in botany, chemistry, comparative anatomy, conchology, entomology, palæontology, zoology, and other branches of natural history, as are connected with the study of geology /
Chimie raisonné où, l'on tâche de découvrir la nature & la maniere d'agir des remedes chimiques les plus en usage en medecine & en chirurgie ... /
Introduction à l'histoire, ou, Recherches sur les dernières révolutions du globe, et sur les plus anciens peuples connus
Remarks upon the Dillenian Herbarium
The characters of Otiocerus and Anotia two new genera of hemipierous insects belonging to the family of Cicadiadæ : with a description of several species /
Descriptions of five new species of the genus Pinus, discovered by Dr. Coulter in California
On animals of the chalk still found in a living state in the stomachs of oysters
Account of a new plant of the gastromycous order of Fungi
On the origin of buds
On the cuticles of some recent and fossil cycadean fronds
On the Auexemmeæ, a new tribe of the Cordiaceæ
Synopsis Crescentiacearum, an enumeration of all the crescentiaceous plants at present known
Notes on the morphology of certain structures concerned in reproduction in the genus Gnetum
Additions to the Longicornia of South Africa including a few species from Old Calabar and Madagascar /
Descriptions, accompanied by figures of several helices discovered by T.E. Rowdich at Porto Santo /
An account of the unexampled devastations committed by field-mice in the forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, and in the new forest in Hampshire, during the years 1813 and 1814 /
Register of the barometer, thermometer, and rain-gage kept at Canaan cottage [January - August, 1824]
Observation de l'éclipse de lune du 8 mai 1762, au matin faite à Bayeux /
Notice respecting a singular structure in the diamond
Notice respecting the archipelago of John Potoki
On the time of high water in Dublin Bay on Good Friday, the 23rd April, 1014, the day of the Battle of Clontarf
Analysis of picrosmine
Account of an experiment made on the composition of oil of Cassia to determine the cause of its high dispersive power /
On the defects of the sympiesometer, as applied to the measurements of heights
On the influence exerted by different media on the number of vibrations of solid bodies
Methode der Krystallographie ein Lehrbuch für Anfänger und Geübte /
Asphaltes considérations générales sur l'origine et la formation des asphaltes et de leur emploi comme ciment naturel appliqué aux travaux d'utilité publique et privés /
British fishes
Analysis of the steatitic mineral found at Ballycorus
On ancient galleys
A table, containing the results of some observations made by late navigators on the temperature of the ocean at various depths below its surface
Descriptions of two new species of Erythrina
Premier mémoire sur l'organe de l'ouie des reptiles et de quelques poissons que l'on doit rapporter aux reptiles /
De libris revolvtionvm erditissimi viri et mathematici excellentiss. reuerendi D. Doctoris Nicolai Copernici Torunnæi cano nici vuarmaciensis, narratio primo ad clariss. virum D. Ioan. Schonerum /
History of the cotton manufacture in Great Britain with a notice of its early history in the East, and in all the quarters of the globe : a description of the great mechanical inventions, which have caused its unexampled extension in Britain : and a view of the present state of the manufacture, and the condition of the classes engaged in its several departments /
Electricity its nature, operation, and importance in the phenomena of the universe /
A contribution to the study of the evolution of the flower with special reference to the Hamamelidaceæ /
Supplementary observations on the Sphæriæ of the Hookerian Herbarium
Notes on the British Museum Catalogue of Homoptera
Memoir on the mechanism of the human voice
A treatise on geology forming the article under that head in the seventh edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica /
Exotic moths
The Arenarius of Archimedes
Thermodynamique leçons professées pendant le premier semestre 1888-89 /
On the minute structure of the calcareous shells of some recent species of Foraminifera
On the Malayan species of Melastoma
Histoire des sciences et des savants depuis deux siècles précédée et suivie d'autres études sur les sujets scientifiques, en particluier sur l'hérédité et la sélection dans l'espèce humaine /
Mémoires sur les bandages
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MIL1.1/ Annual report of the Department of Military Affairs.
Biennial report of the Adjutant-General of the State of Colorado ... /
Report to the Governor /
MIL1.1/1870/INTERNET Biennial report of the Adjutant-General of the Territory of Colorado, for the two years ending Dec. 31, 1869 1
MIL1.1/year Annual report of the Department of Military Affairs.
Biennial report of the Adjutant-General of the State of Colorado ... /
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Departmental performance plan state fiscal year.
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