Call Number (LC) Title Results
Microfiche 1227a no. 48367, Box 378 The Sunday school teacher's guide 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48368, Box 378 A Masonic poem delivered at Mansfield, Conn. before Trinity Chapter of Royal Arch Masons and Eastern Star and Uriel Lodges on the aniversary [sic] festival of St. John the Evangelist : to which is added a eulogy pronounced at the grave of Brother Austin Stowell ...: together with an address delivered June 30th, A.L. 5819, at the interment of Brother Stephen Lewis ... / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48369, Box 378 An essay on the inability of sinners from the Evangelical guardian and review for February and March, 1818, printed at New-York / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48370, Box 378 A series of essays on agriculture & rural affairs in forty-seven numbers / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48371, Box 379 An address delivered before the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanick Association, December 17, 1818 being the anniversary of the choice of officers, and fourth triennial celebration of their public festival / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48372, Box 379 Prayers and offices of devotion for families, and for particular persons, upon most occasions 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48373, Box 379 Prayers and offices of devotion, for families, and for particular persons, upon most occasions 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48375, Box 379 The American tutor's assistant revised, or, A compendious system of decimal, practical arithmetic comprising the usual methods of calculation, with the addition of Federal money, and other decimals ... : adapted for the easy and regular instruction of youth in the United States / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48376, Box 379 A discourse delivered at St. Johnsbury, December 3, 1818 being the day of the annual Thanksgiving / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48379, Box 379 A mathematical question propounded by the vicegerent of the world : answered by the king of glory : enigmatically represented, and demonstratively opened / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48380, Box 379 The nurse's guide and family assistant containing friendly caution to those who are in health, with ample directions to nurses and others who attend the sick, women in child-bed, &c. / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48383, Box 379 The lives of the most eminent English poets with critical observations on their works / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48386, Box 379 A discourse on the divine Trinity in which is proved that Jesus Christ is the supreme and only God of heaven and earth / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48388, Box 379 The green man a comedy, in three acts : as performed at the Haymarket and New-York theatres / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48391, Box 379 The catholic doctrine of a Trinity proved by above an hundred short and clear arguments, expressed in the terms of the Holy Scripture ... with a few reflections ... upon some of the Arian writers, particularly Dr. S. Clarke / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48392, Box 379 The wonderful and most deplorable history of the latter times of the Jews with the destruction of the city of Jerusalem : which history begins where the Holy Scriptures end / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48394, Box 379 A system of practical arithmetick for the use of schools / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48395, Box 379 Scientific dialogues intended for the instruction and entertainment of young people : in which the first principles of natural and experimental philosophy are fully explained / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48396, Box 379 An address delivered at St. James' Church, New-London, on the 24th of June, 1819, to the members of Union Lodge 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 48397, Box 379 A letter to James Thomas, comptroller 1