Call Number (LC) Title Results
Microfiche 1227a no. 28800, Box 233 I and my Father are one, or, The divinity of Christ proved by his own words, and illustrated by Scott's notes. 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28803, Box 233 The Christian's pattern, or, A treatise of the imitation of Christ 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28804, Box 233 L'Imitation de Jesus-Christ traduction avec une pratique et une prière à la fin de chaque chapitre / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28806, Box 233 Wives as they were, and maids as they are a comedy, in five acts / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28808, Box 233 Acts of assembly of the Indiana Territory, passed at the first session of the Fourth General Assembly of said Territory begun and held at the borough of Vincennes, on Monday the first day of February, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and thirteen / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28809, Box 233 General orders 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28811, Box 233 Infancy 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28813, Box 233 An oration delivered before the Washington Benevolent Society, at their anniversary meeting, July 5, 1813 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28816, Box 233 Inspection return of Captain [blank] company in the [blank] regiment of [blank] 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28817, Box 233 An interesting account of the voyages and travels of Captains Lewis and Clarke, in the years 1804-5 & 6 giving a faithful description of the River Missouri and its source ... to which is added a complete dictionary of the Indian tongue / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28818, Box 233 Interesting anecdotes of children designed through the medium of example, to inculcate principles of virtue and piety / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28819, Box 233 Interesting documents, connected with the late decision of His Honor Judge Bay, upon a writ of habeas corpus, in the case James Lamb, vs. Col. Youngblood, &c. &c. members of a court martial together with the general orders of His Excellency the governor, &c. &c. &c. 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28823, Box 233 Isabel and Louisa, or, Some account of two little girls who lived in Boston 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28824, Box 233 Isaiah Thomas, Junior's Town & country almanack, or, Complete farmer's calendar, for the year of our Lord 1814 ... 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28825, Box 233 Letter of the Rev. Mr. Jackson to Gregory Nazianzen in vindication of himself against the aspersions cast upon him, by the vestry of St. Peter's Church. 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28827, Box 233 An inaugural dissertation on the supposed power of the uterus 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28828, Box 233 The students of Salamanca a comedy in five acts / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28829, Box 233 A token for children 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28830, Box 233 Prospectus of an American edition of Griesbach's Greek Testament 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 28831, Box 233 To the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives in Congress assembled 1