Call Number (LC) Title Results
Microfiche 1227a no. 15317, Box 122 The mutual duties of husbands and wives a sermon occasioned by the marriage of R.S. Esq. : preached in Argyle-Chapel, Bath, Eng., August 16, 1801 / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15319, Box 122 Memoir of the northern kingdom 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15320, Box Governor Smith's proclamation for a fast reviewed and spiritualized an afternoon's sermon delivered at Plymouth in Vermont, April 13th, 1808 : being a day set apart by authority as a season for humiliation, fasting and prayer / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15322, Box 122 A sermon delivered in Dalton, March 4, 1808, at the funeral of the Hon. William Williams Esq. who died March 1st æt. 74 delivered at the house of the deceased / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15323, Box 122 The married lady's companion, or, Poorman's friend ... 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15324, Box 122 The American tutor's assistant improved, or A compendious system of decimal practical arithmatic comprising the usual methods of calculation, with the addition of federal money and other decimals dispersed through the several rules of that useful science : adapted for the easy and regular instruction of youth in the United States / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15326, Box 122 The New-England farrier, or, A compendium of farriery in four parts wherein most of the diseases to which horses, neat cattle, sheep and swine are incident, are treated of, with medical and surgical observations thereon ... : intended for the use of private gentlemen and farmers / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15327, Box 122 The advantages and disadvantages of a marriage state as entered into with religious or irreligious persons represented under the similitude of a dream. 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15328, Box 122 An oration delivered before the Medical Society of South-Carolina at their anniversary meeting, Dec. 24th, 1807, and published at their request / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15330, Box Johnson & Warner's almanac for the year 1809 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15331, Box 122 Johnson's almanac for the year 1809 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15332, Box 122 Johnson's Pennsylvania and New Jersey Almanac, for the year 1809 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15333, Box 122 A thanksgiving sermon preached January 1, 1808, in St. Thomas's, or the African Episcopal Church, Philadelphia : on account of the abolition of the African slave trade on that day, by the Congress of the United States / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15334, Box 122 Holiness becometh thine house! a discourse delivered at the dedication of the Universalist Meeting House, Pleasant-Street, Portsmouth, Newhampshire, January 28, 1808 / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15336, Box 122 The works of Flavius Josephus ... to which are added, three dissertations concerning Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, James the Just, God's command to Abraham &c. : with an index to the whole ... / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15337, Box 122 Confession of John Joyce, alias, Davis, who was executed on Monday, the 14th of March, 1808 for the murder of Mrs. Sarah Cross : with an address to the public and people of colour, together with the substance of the trial, and the address of Chief Justice Tilghman, on his condemnation. 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15338, Box 122 A Faithful narrative of the murder of Mrs. Sarah Cross with the trial, sentence, & confession of John Joyce & Peter Mitthias who were executed near Philadelphia on Monday, 14 March, 1808. 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15339, Box 122 The elements of English grammar 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15340, Box 122 The young lady's arithmetic a complete mercantile system for the use of young person, more especially, the fair sex / 1
Microfiche 1227a no. 15342, Box 122 Juvenal [i.e. Juvenile] poems, or, The alphabet in verse designed for the entertainment of all good little boys and girls. 1