Call Number (LC) Title Results
Microfiche 1227 45376, Box 160 To the citizens of New-York A person who addresses you under the signature of a Plain citizen, is very angry at the remarks made by me on the leaders of the party to which he belongs. 1
Microfiche 1227 45377, Box 160 To the generous subscribers for the New-York packet 1
Microfiche 1227 45378, Box 160 To the independent electors, of the city and county of Albany At a public and general meeting of the Federalists of the city of Albany, a committee, consisting of fifteen persons, was appointed. 1
Microfiche 1227 45379, Box 160 To the independent electors, of the city and county of Albany At a public meeting of a number of the anti-Federalists ... the following persons were unanimously nominated to represent the city and county in convention and Assembly. 1
Microfiche 1227 45380, Box 160 To the inhabitants of King's County Friends and fellow-citizens! I must beg leave to trespass once more on your patience, by a short reply to the King's County farmer's Address of the 26th instant. 1
Microfiche 1227 45381, Box 160 To the inhabitants of the district of Schenectady Our antient and respectable town, has long been famous for being the most delightful situation in the New World--our air is wholesome, and our lands fertile to a proverb. 1
Microfiche 1227 45382, Box 160 To the people of the district of Edenton 1
Microfiche 1227 45385, Box 160 The Constitution or frame of government, for the United States of America as reported by the convention of delegates from the United States, begun and held at Philadelphia on the first Monday of May, 1787 and continued by adjournments to the seventeenth day of September following[.] 1
Microfiche 1227 45386, Box 160 Die Constitution so wie sie zur Regierung der Vereinigten Staaten von America, von der zu Philadelphia, in dem Jahr 1787, und im zwölften Jahr der americanischen Unabhängigkeit, gehaltenen vereinigten Convention, vorgeschlagen worden. / 1
Microfiche 1227 45392, Box 160 A list of pensioners, for the year 1788 1
Microfiche 1227 45393, Box 160 Poghkeepsie [sic] July 2d, 1788 Just arrived by express, the ratification of the new Constitution by the Convention of the State of Virginia, on Wednesday the 25th June. 1
Microfiche 1227 45394, Box 160 In Council, May 20, 1788 Gentlemen, I beg leave to submit to your particular attention, the acts of the executive hereto subjoined. 1
Microfiche 1227 45395, Box 160 Virginia, to wit: In General Assembly, Friday, the 20th November, 1788 Resolved, that an application be made, in the name and on behalf of the legislature of this commonwealth, to the Congress of the United States, in the words following, to wit: "The good people of this commonwealth in convention assembled, having ratified the Constitution." 1
Microfiche 1227 45396, Box 160 Virginia, to wit: In General Assembly, Friday, the 20th November, 1788 Sir, The freemen of this commonwealth in convention assembled, having, at the same time that they ratified the federal Constitution, expressed a desire that many parts ... be amended, the General Assembly ... have accordingly agreed upon an application, to be presented to the Congress. 1
Microfiche 1227 45397, Box 160 In the House of Delegates, Monday, 7th of January, 1788 On a motion made, ordered that the following abstract and statement of the public revenue, and of the debts of this commonwealth as prepared by Mr. William Ronald one of the committee appointed to amend the laws of revenue, which has been laid before the House, and is approved of by them, be published for the information of the people; and that 2000 copies thereof be forthwith printed at public expence. 1
Microfiche 1227 45398, Box 160 An act concerning the erection of Kentuckey into an independent state. (Passed the 29th of December 1788.) Whereas it is represented to this General Assembly, that it is the desire of the good people in the district of Kentuckey, that the same should be separated, from this commonwealth whereof it is a part. 1
Microfiche 1227 45399, Box 160 An act directing the mode of proceeding under certain executions 1
Microfiche 1227 45402, Box 160 In the House of Delegates, the 25th of December, 1788 Resolved, that the executive be authorized and directed, to take the earliest and most effectual measures for procuring all such vouchers and documents. 1
Microfiche 1227 45403, Box 160 Just imported, in the last ships from London and Bristol, and now selling by Richard Ward, at his store opposite the town-pump, Salem, an assortment of hardware, among which are ... 1
Microfiche 1227 45404, Box 160 A Warning to disobedient youth being a relation concerning a certain Henry Webb, who was three days and nights in a trance. As also an account of what he had seen while in that condition. : Now published as a warning to all hardened and impenitent sinners, whether youth or others, that they may be excited speedily to turn to the Lord by unfeigned repentance, in order to find mercy and acceptance with him. : [Three lines from Job] 1