Call Number (LC) Title Results
Microfiche 1227 21121, Box 64 A collection of the newest cotillions, and country dances 1
Microfiche 1227 21122, Box 64 A collection of the newest and most fashionable country dances and cotillions 1
Microfiche 1227 21123, Box 64 A Short account of a remedy for the certain cure of consumptions, spitting of blood, asthmas and common coughs together with a panegyric and some account of its inventor, the celebrated John Anthony Gueldenstaedt, physician to the present Empress of all the Russias, professor of natural history in the Imperial Academy at Petersburg, and lecturer on botany at Moscow, member of several societies in London, Paris and Berlin. : [Three lines of quotations] 1
Microfiche 1227 21124, Box 64 Christliche Morgen- und Abend Gebäter auf alle Tage in der Wochen, / 1
Microfiche 1227 21125, Box 64 An oration, delivered at the request of the inhabitants of Keene, June 30, 1788 to celebrate the ratification of the Federal Constitution by the state of New-Hampshire. / 1
Microfiche 1227 21126, Box 64 Hall's Massachusetts almanack, with an ephemeris, for the year of our Lord 1789 ... Calculated for the meridian of Boston, latitude 42 deg. 25 min. north. ... : Also, the federal Constitution; the resolve of Congress for commencing proceedings under it;--and the substance of an act of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, appointing the manner of choosing electors of the president and vice-president of the United States, and the choice of representatives in Congress. 1
Microfiche 1227 21127, Box 64 The Federalist a collection of essays, written in favour of the new Constitution, as agreed upon by the Federal Convention, September 17, 1787. : In two volumes. Vol. I[-II.] 1
Microfiche 1227 21131, Box 64 Remarks on the proposed plan of a federal government addressed to the citizens of the United States of America, and particularly to the people of Maryland, / 1
Microfiche 1227 21132, Box 64 The principles of the Latin grammar explained in a manner suited to the capacity of beginners; with notes and observations calculated for those who have made proficiency in the classics. / 1
Microfiche 1227 21133, Box 64 The important objects of the evangelical ministry considered and brief hints suggested for the improvement of the Christian preacher, that his labour may not be in vain. In a discourse at the ordination of the Rev. Mr. Amos Chase, to the Gospel ministry, and pastoral office, over the Second Church in Litchfield, June 27th, 1787. / 1
Microfiche 1227 21134, Box 64 By-laws, of the city of Hartford At a meeting of the mayor, aldermen, Common-Council and freemen, of the city of Hartford, legally warned, and held at the State House, within and for said city, on the 10th day of November 1788. 1
Microfiche 1227 21135, Box 64 Catalogus eorum qui in Universitate Harvardiana Cantabrigiae, in republica Massachusettensi, ab anno MDCXLII, ad annum MDCCLXXXVIII, alicujus gradûs laureâ donati sunt. : Theologiae professores et ecclesiarum pastores literis Italicis exarantur. Qui ad imum classium à caeteris, lineâ interpositâ, separantur, alibi instituti suerunt, vel apud nos gradu honorario donati. 1
Microfiche 1227 21136, Box 64 Illustrissimo Johanni Hancock, armigero, gubernatori ... theses hasce ... Habita in comitiis universitatis Cantabrigiæ Massachusettensis, die Julii XVI anno salutis MDCCLXXXVIII. 1
Microfiche 1227 21137, Box 64 Quæstiones sub Reverendo Josepho Willard, S.T.D. Universitatis Harvardianæ ... in comitiis publicis, à laureæ magistralis candidatis, pro modulo discutiendæ, die Julii XVI, anno salutis M,DCC,LXXXVIII. 1
Microfiche 1227 21138, Box 64 The charter, laws, and catalogue of books, of the Union Library Company of Hatborough With a short account of the first establishment thereof prefixed. 1
Microfiche 1227 21139, Box 64 Denkmal der Liebe und Achtung welches seiner Hochwu⁵rden dem Herrn D. Heinrich Melchior Mu⁵hlenberg, verdienstvollesten Senior des Evangelisch-Lutherischen Ministeriums in Nord-America, und treueifrigsten ersten Lehrers an der St. Michaelis- und Zions-Gemeinde in Philadelphia, ist gesetzet worden. : Samt desselben Lebenslaufe. 1
Microfiche 1227 21140, Box 64 A discourse on the nature and subjects of Christian baptism 1
Microfiche 1227 21142, Box 64 A sermon delivered September 3, 1788 At the Dudleian lecture in the chapel of Harvard College, in Cambridge. / 1
Microfiche 1227 21143, Box 64 A sermon preached October 24th, 1787 at the ordination of the Rev. Henry Ware, to the pastoral care of the First Church in Hingham. / 1
Microfiche 1227 21144, Box 64 The History of Master Jackey and Miss Harriot To which is added, a few maxims for the improvement of the mind. : Dedicated to the good children of the United States of America. : [Four lines of verse] 1