Call Number (LC) Title Results
MUSICPOP 1935-D Bess you is my woman /
A good old fashioned cocktail : (with a good old fashioned gal) /
I dream too much /
About a quarter to nine /
A little bit independent /
Dust off that old pianna /
Cosi cosa /
Cheek to cheek /
Carry me back to the lone prairie /
And then some /
I can't get started /
I can't get to first base with you /
Goodbye my lover goodbye /
I feel like a feather in the breeze /
The farmer takes a wife : novelty fox-trot song /
East of the sun : and west of the moon /
Every little moment /
Don't give up the ship /
Alone /
Alone at a table for two /
Broadway rhythm /
Animal crackers in my soup /
I'm building up to an awful let-down /
A home on the range /
Dinner for one, please James /
I got plenty o' nuttin' /
MUSICPOP 1935-K Waltz ecstasy /
Moon mist /
My canoe.
Down lover's lane.
My memory lane.
In old Chapultepec : cancion /
Hate to talk about myself /
Little brown gal /
A little bit independent /
Nu pleca! : tango /
The last rose of summer : from Martha /
Am un foc la inimioară : cântec în stil popular /
Valse mirage /
Red opu /
Ay ay ay.
Begin the beguine.
The cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai /
So lovely and so sweet.
When I get my old age pension.
Come back to Romany.
California skies.
Let's go for broke.
Magic melody.
Little maid of yesterday.
Three miniature love songs.
Love's serenade.
Melody divine.
My darling.
First night at the beach.
When to her lute Corinna sings.
Shade of a lay.
Thou art like unto a flower.
Penny for your thoughts.
Flowers for madame.
Hawaiian paradise.
If you want the Townsend plan.
My rose of Malibu Beach.
God's garden spot of California.
The trail of the great divide : a song of the range /
When the day has gone /
MUSICPOP 1935-SM I got plenty o' nuttin' / 1
MUSICPOP 1936 Saddle your blues to a wild mustang.
Ridin' down the canyon : when the desert sun goes down.
South sea island magic.
Stompin' at the savoy.
It's de-lovely.
Little brown church.
My sweetheart's the man in the moon.
Oh, say, can you swing?
When did you leave heaven?
To you sweetheart aloha.
Whiffenpoof song.
With plenty of money and you.
Would you.
Great is the lord.
Ferdinand the bull.
Melody from the sky.
Moonrise on the lowlands.
Let my song fill your heart.
Let's dine alone tonight.
Take me out to the ball game.
Way you look tonight.
When the poppies bloom again.
Prosperity is coming.
I'm putting all my eggs in one basket /
Moonlight and shadows.
But where are you? : from the R K O Radio picture production Follow the fleet /
Right somebody to love.
Heart that's free.
Hey, babe, hey! : (I'm nuts about you) /
Does your heart beat for me? /
The hills of old Wyomin' /
I'll sing you a thousand love songs /
Down in jungle town.
How can I leave thee?
I'll bet you tell that to all the girls.
Love song of the waterfall.
You better go now.
Waltzing Matilda.
What's the name of that song?
Goody goody.
Is it true what they say about Dixie? /
You must believe me.
You started me dreaming.
Jingle bells : (I'm in love) /
The miller's daughter Marianne /
Beautiful dreamer.
In Santa Margherita.
Tu lo sai.
Tit willow.
Where are you.
One rose.
Passing by.
Soft were your hands dear Jesus.
Take my heart.
When my dream boat comes home /
Wandering player.
Your eyes have told me so.
At a Georgia camp meeting.
Caro mio ben.
Cool water.
Empty saddles.
Home in the west.
I dream of Jeanie / /
I will give thanks unto thee.
It's a sin to tell a lie.
My cathedral.
Polly wolly doodle.
I'm an old cowhand : from the Rio Grande.
I've got you under my skin.
In the chapel in the moonlight.
London town.
Love, here is my heart /
On the beach at Bali-Bali.
Pennies from heaven.
Rendezvous with a dream.
San Francisco.
A birthday.
Drink to me only with thine eyes.
Let's face the music and dance.
Love you are my music.
Martins and the Coys.
Martins and the coys.
Midnight blue.
Star fell out of Heaven.
Stars in my eyes.
Little old lady.
This endris night.
Sing, baby, sing.
Talking through my heart.
We saw the sea.
Glory of love.
Black is the color of my true love's hair.
Hearth song.
Kuu Ipo.
Goodnight my love.
Hula breeze.
School days.
Is she not passing fair? /
I hear you calling me.
My man's gone now /
My pony boy /
Goodnight, Irene.
MUSICPOP 1936-D Dream awhile /
The caissons go rolling along : (artillery song) /
But where are you? : from the R K O Radio picture production Follow the fleet /
Cross patch /
I'd rather lead a band /
Hey, babe, hey! : (I'm nuts about you) /
Does your heart beat for me? /
Easy to love /
The hills of old Wyomin' /
Did your mother come from Ireland /
Did I remember : featured in the M-G-M production Suzy /
I'll sing you a thousand love songs /
MUSICPOP 1936-K I'm not happy with you : but I can't live without you /
Way down in lover's lane /
Please light up soon silv'ry moon : waltz ballad.
My heart is failing /
Our cottage /
Smile : song /
Sleepy town moon : Wesley Webster /
Tell me I'm forgiven : song /
The magic of love /
Spanish coquette : tango /
Three songs /
Cockney clown.
Kuu Ipo.
You left me with a blue heart.
As the moon shines tonight.
Dream awhile /
The sweetheart waltz /
Friendly moon /
The sack waltz /
Love's glad song.
Yours truly is truly yours.
Does your heart beat for me? /
Moonlight in Hilo /
Carmela : a serenade /
Noches Blancas = Nuits blanches : vals /
I can't say goodbye again /
Why can't I have you now /
A waltz was born in Vienna /
Living from day to day.
Mother, alone, at home.
Sittin' in the sand a-sunnin'
We saw the sea.
When I'm with you.
You are sweeter than the springtimes spell.
Brief summer.
I am on my way to you.
Indian love.
I don't want to make history.
Let yourself go.
Oooh! look-a there, ain't she pretty?
In God's garden.
White swan on the lake.
You're ev'rything to me.
Roses of Springtime.
Two Gun Harrigan.
Bridge ahoy.
Cafe continental.
I wanna share my love.
Old wishing well.
On a coconut island.
Pretty red hibiscus.
Robins and roses.
Tango of roses = Tango della rosa /
MUSICPOP 1936-SM Gladness : song for voice and piano /
Overtones : song with piano accompaniment /
MUSICPOP 1937 Singing a song of the saddle.
Sail boat in the moonlight.
Spring came.
Blue Hawaii.
I hum a waltz.
Swing high-swing low.
Tears in my heart.
Wine, women and song.
Whispers in the dark.
Too marvelous for words.
True confession.
Vienna dreams.
Donkey serenade.
Blond sailor.
Bei mir bist du schon : means that you're grand.
He was alone.
I heard a forest praying.
Lambeth walk.
There's a goldmine in the sky.
Vieni, vieni.
I know now /
When a maid comes knocking at your heart.
Meet me to-night in Dreamland /
Pop goes the bubble.
Little grey home in the west : song /
Where or when /
I can dream, can't I? /
I double dare you /
From the land of the sky-blue water : op. 45, no. 1 /
For me /
The dipsy doodle /
In the still of the night /
Boo-hoo /
September in the rain.
Little sweetheart of the Ozarks.
Good morning.
I've got a date in heaven.
Satan takes a holiday.
Weaver of dreams.
Colorful Colorado.
Neath the old arc light.
Harbor lights.
Harbor lights /
I'm wishing.
You can't stop me from dreaming /
I've got my heart set on you /
It's sleepy time in Hawaii /
The folks who live on the hill : [from] 'High, wide and handsome' /
Blossoms on Broadway.
Over the land is April.
Remember me?
So rare.
Everything you said came true /
Why should I care.
Fountain song.
Curly top's birthday.
I live the life I love.
I walked today where Jesus walked.
I want the world to know.
Music in my heart.
My girl and I.
My little buckaroo.
Never in a million years.
I've got my love to keep me warm.
In a little hula heaven.
In the evening by the moonlight.
Sailboat in the moonlight.
Psalm 104.
Rich man.
Roses in December.
Hangman, hangman.
So many memories.
Twenty-third psalm.
O beauty passing beauty.
Once in a while.
One I love.
My cabin of dreams.
Sweet Leilani.
Whistle while you work : from the Walt Disney feature production "Snow White and the seven dwarfs" /
Thanks for the memory.
Through my open window.
Sweet varsity Sue.
When the organ played O' promise me.
You're a sweetheart.
Just because.
David and Goliath.
Little song of life.
Ebb tide.
In a little dutch kindergarten.
On a little bamboo bridge.
It looks like rain in Cherry Blossom Lane.
They can't take that away from me.
For me.
Let me call you sweetheart.
Some of these days.
Come Josephine in my flying machine.
Casey Jones.
MUSICPOP 1937-CP Colorado : (Alma mater) / 1
MUSICPOP 1937-D I know now /
Chapel in the moonlight = la chapelle au clair de lune : fox-trot : chanté par M. Assia de Busny /
Dancing in a dream /
Down where the trade winds blow /
Caravan /
Getting some fun out of life /
I can dream, can't I? /
I double dare you /
Harlem on the prairie /
Am I in love? /
Home town /
The dipsy doodle /
MUSICPOP 1937-K My heart's holiday /
'Neath Dixie pines /
Sweet wonderful one /
There's heaven in your eyes : romantic waltz ballad /
Tales from the Vienna Woods : waltz /
Everthing you said came true.
Farewell my love.
I still love to kiss you goodnight.
Nice work if you can get it.
On a little bamboo bridge.
Vieni, vieni.
Wake up and live.
I could use a dream.
Mama I wanna make rhythm.
Old fashioned cameo.
Memories of quiet peace.
My heart is weeping.
Loving you /
Wiegenlied = Cradle-song /
I'm wishing : from the Walt Disney feature production Snow White and the seven dwarfs /
The challenge to the P.T.A. /
She is more to be pitied than censured /
Just because /
Lady is a tramp.
Me, myself and I.
My sweet little lotus flower.
Too late for tears.
Why can't you stay that way?
You and I know.
You started something.
You took the words right out of my heart.
You're a sweetheart.
Dream in my heart.
Good night angel.
Our penthouse on Third Avenue.
I see your face before me.
Lifted heart.
Down memory's trail to my dreams.
Echoes of memories.
You passed me by.
March winds.
Oriental lullaby.
When Mother sits.
Whistling in the rain.
You're like the very breath of spring.
Through stained glass windows.
Twilight is falling.
In sunset's afterglow.
On the other side of the street.
Parade of the penguins.
Pretty little face.
Gram's old dinner bell.
Little blue bonnet.
MUSICPOP 1937-SM White Sevilla : song, with piano accompaniment /
Song! : for voice and piano /
From the land of the sky-blue water : op. 45, no. 1 /
MUSICPOP 1938 Says my heart.
Just a kid named Joe.
Il bacio : the kiss.
Old folks.
Now it can be told.
This can't be love.
You must have been a beautiful baby.
Don't be that way.
Funny old hills.
Heart and soul.
God made a rose.
Gypsy told me.
All ashore.
Jeepers creepers.
Time I dare thee to discover.
You go to my head.
Serenade to the stars.
I hadn't anyone till you /
I have eyes /
The chestnut tree : ('neath the spreading chestnut tree) : the British singing dance sensation /
Love is here to stay /
Sicilian lullaby.
Meet the beat of my heart.
Lovelight in the starlight.
The flat foot floogee /
I'll be seeing you /
Billy : I always dream of Bill.
Falling in love with love /
Aloha malahini.
Cathedral in the pines /
Deep in a dream /
Bob White (Whatcha gonna swing tonight)
I'm in love with Vienna /
I'll be yours.
On a hill-top in the Ozarks.
Take my hand, precious lord.
I let a song go out of my heart.
I love you truly.
I've got a pocketful of dreams : from the Paramount picture "Sing you sinners" starring Bing Crosby /
Within my dreams.
Till the sandman comes.
My elevator operator baby.
Night before Christmas.
They say.
When mother nature sings her lullaby.
You kindled the fire.
You're the only star.
A-tisket a-tasket.
Adam was my grandfather.
Ah, so pure.
And so, goodbye.
Holy boy.
How'dja like to love me.
Baby mine.
Bill Bailey, won't you please come home?
Cocoanut grove.
Daniel in the lion's den.
F.D.R. Jones.
Fair Annette's song.
I promise you.
Music maestro please.
Penny serenade.
Indian love call.
La danza.
On the sentimental side.
Sea demons.
Masquerade is over.
Ride tenderfoot ride.
Deep in a dream.
Harvest moon is shining.
Have you forgotten so soon.
Smoke from a chimney.
Loch Lomond.
Love's own sweet song /
One day when we were young.
Silver on the sage.
Small fry.
There shall be more joy.
Two bouquets.
Who are we to say?
Sunrise serenade.
Sing for your supper.
Velvet shoes.
When children pray.
Alexander's ragtime band /
In the bitter root valley.
Ho jo to ho.
Little lady make-believe.
My walking stick.
While a cigarette was burning.
Night must fall.
You're the only star in my blue heaven.
Dream of Love (Liebestraum)
You are the song in my heart.
Kind'a lonesome.
Shadows on the Moon.
Soul of my heart.
September song.
My reverie.
Love walked in.
I'll be seeing you.
Oceana roll.
They always pick on me.
Hold thou my hand.
Umbrella man.
MUSICPOP 1938-D I hadn't anyone till you /
I have eyes /
I let a song go out of my heart /
Alexander's ragtime band /
The chestnut tree : ('neath the spreading chestnut tree) : the British singing dance sensation /
Change partners /
The flat foot floogee /
Darling je vous aime beaucoup : fox trot ballad /
I'll be seeing you /
MUSICPOP 1938-K It's a lonely trail : (when you're travelin' all alone) /
When it's harvest time in Dakota /
Out of the blue /
My portico of dreams /
President's ball /
I've gotta hunch.
They say.
You left me in the rain.
I found my yellow basket.
Oh beautiful sweet carnation.
Looking thru' windows of love.
Perfect rose.
West of the sunset.
I hadn't anyone till you /
Earth scents.
Valse charmante : piano solo /
Valse charmante : for piano /
It's wonderful.
Dearest, I love you jealously.
Moonlight in Waikiki /
In my dream /
Tu-li-tulip-time /
Penny serenade.
Alexander's ragtime band /
Little lady make-believe.
Mount Hope.
Thirty-nine the time San Francisco the place.
There's a picture in your eyes.
When last we met and parted.
You couldn't be cuter.
Behind the hill.
Can a boy forget his mother's prayer?
Christmas angels.
While a cigarette was burning.
Please be kind.
Flower melodies.
Praise to his holy name.
So many songs.
To a singer.
When your light is centered there, dear Lord.
Where the river flows.
You are the potter.
Rainbow's end.
Save me, Lawd!
Spirit of the birch.
Steeple bells.
Over the rim of the sky.
Aloha, Malihini.
Grass is just as green.
Honey, don't sing the blues.
Night you said goodbye.
Oh take me back to Florida.
Ranger's love song.
Return to dreams.
Riding alone on the trail.
Sage prairie.
Elfen raiment.
From my window.
Glory of your soul.
Kathleen : waltz song /
Ti-pi-tin /
Somebody's mother /
MUSICPOP 1938-SM When children pray /
Music I heard with you /
Velvet shoes /
MUSICPOP 1939 Shurtleff spirit.
Shabby old cabby.
Strange enchantment.
Answer is love.
Indian summer.
My whole day is spoiled.
Wild blue yonder.
Woodpecker song.
Hast thou not known.
Far above the purple hills.
Hebridean song.
Lady's in love with you.
Think on me.
Two blind loves.
White sails.
If I didn't care /
Comin' Thro' the Rye.
Last night.
Chatterbox : as featured by Kay Kyser in That's right, you're wrong /
To you.
South American Way.
Confucius say /
Chopsticks /
If I knew then : (what I know now) /
I'll never smile again /
Garden of roses.
Faithful forever.
Comes love /
In the mood /
Hong Kong blues /
It is heaven to love you.
Leave me something to remember.
I love you.
Unforgiven minuet.
Home in the clouds.
For my mother.
Plaisir d'amour.
Land we love.
Tales from the Vienna Woods.
We speak of you often.
Heaven can wait /
Adele's laughing song.
It's a wonderful world.
Seventeen /
Rising tide.
Turn on the old music box.
Some wonderful night with you.
My friend.
While strolling in the park one day.
Spring in my heart.
Let me love you tonight.
Hello, Mister Kringle.
Our love.
What's new? /
All the things you are.
And the angels sing.
Army air corps.
At the Balalaika.
Blue orchids.
Cawn bread.
Christmas eve.
God bless America.
Baby me.
Creaking old mill on the creek.
Humming blues.
Little red fox.
Over the rainbow.
I'm sorry for myself.
Imprisoned soul.
In an old Dutch garden : by an old Dutch mill.
In the middle of a dream.
Into the night.
It makes no difference now.
Man and his dream.
Lamp is low.
Man with the mandolin.
God of the open air.
It's a blue world.
Merry roundelay : echo song.
Moon love.
O that I knew where I might find him.
South of the border.
Stairway to the stars.
Susan Simpson.
Silver dollar.
Moonlight serenade.
My prayer.
Starlit hour.
Waltz of my heart.
Wand'ring minstrel I.
We'll meet again.
Why do I dream those dreams.
This night.
Snow song.
There's nothing like an Irish morning very early in the month of May.
Water lilies.
Bless you for being an angel.
Cuckoo in the clock.
At sunset.
Ame de la valse.
Little Sir Echo.
Song of the metronome.
There'll come a time.
Rose of Washington Square.
Deep purple.
You tell me your dream I'll tell you mine.
It had to be you.
In an eighteenth century drawing room.
Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.
Blue rain.
Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair.
Careless /
MUSICPOP 1939-CP Where the Rio Colorado goes rushing to the sea / 1
MUSICPOP 1939-D If I didn't care /
Cry, baby, cry /
Careless /
Comes love /
Chatterbox : as featured by Kay Kyser in That's right, you're wrong /
Concert in the park /
Confucius say /
Chopsticks /
St. Louis blues /
I didn't know what time it was /
Don't go in the lion's cage tonight : mock ballad from "The Blue Moon" /
An apple for the teacher /
I get along without you very well : (except sometimes) /
And the angels sing /
Amelia Earhart's last flight /
Frenesí : canción tropical /
Ding-dong! The witch is dead /
I'll never smile again /
̨Ca fait d'excellents Fran̨cais : chanson réservée aux réservistes /
Girl of my dreams /
MUSICPOP 1939-K The waltz that made you whisper yes /
Nelia's lullaby : and That's him : two songs /
Reflection /
Meet me to-night in lover's lane /
Lassy Lou.
Ylang-ylang flowers.
Rainbow's end.
White sails.
When I am gone.
White Hollyhock.
My midget.
To a picture.
Vagabond's heart.
Spinner's song.
Golden Gate International Exposition : San Francisco, California : welcome song and march /
The song of the world : from Flutes of jade happiness, act I, no.6 /
Come swing with me on the golden gate /
Los Angeles : a civic song /
Cho Lin's song.
I forgive but can't forget you /
Chinita, mia : my little sweetheart /
Brazil : aquarela do Brasil.
Man with the mandolin.
I'm in love.
Swing a lullaby.
Three cheers for thirty-nine.
While I'm alone.
Doom of the olympian.
I'm sending a letter to Santa Claus.
Love light.
Meet me sweetheart near the roses.
My Araby rose.
Now is the time.
Little log schoolhouse.
Maid and the mistletoe.
My country.
O bounteous California.
Treasure Island.
Voice of the chimes.
Singing heart.
Tiptoe town.
Oh a sweet land is Ireland!
Before I say goodnight.
Concert in the park.
Hills of El Dorado.
I just want you.
Jog along.
Man I admire.
Old mission trail.
Same old moon.
Three songs /
Sunset in Seattle.