Call Number (LC) Title Results
MUSICPOP 1927-K Zulu wail /
Tell me, oh blue, blue sky! /
La lo la /
Worryin' /
I want a yes yes baby /
Do you love me?
Four walls.
Nay! nay! neighbor.
You don't like it - not much.
Just a memory.
World anthem disarm!
Four or five times.
The winding trail /
Manzanillo Bay : Cuban waltz song /
The fireplace is rosy : (but I'm feeling blue) /
Chippewa girl /
Wont you ride in my airship built for two : song /
Regrets : Waltz /
Paradise isle /
Beautiful sunset /
Pretty little thing /
Rocked in the cradle of the deep : song /
The winding trail.
So blue.
Twilight rose /
Song of Hawaii /
Wond'ring : waltz song with uke arrangement /
Mother, Dixie and you! /
Somebody lied about me /
She's just what the doctor ordered.
Waitin' for the Springtime.
Cruise of the Camaraderie.
Dancing tambourine.
In the shadow of the roses.
Dawn of tomorrow.
God's greatest gift.
Songs we love.
Blue River.
If I should lose you.
Night in June.
Rosa Lee.
Sailin' on.
Fragrant night.
Sweetheart memories /
Those days are gone forever : (I wish they'd come back again) /
MUSICPOP 1927-SM Give me a tender heart /
Lady moon : song /
Romance /
The phantom ships /
Tell me, oh blue, blue sky! /
After : a song of contrasts for high or medium voice and piano /
Antiques /
Absent /
Stout hearted men /
Love and arithmetic : an encor song /
Oubangi : three equatorial songs /
Sanctuary /
Ol' man river : [from] "Show boat" /
The doll dance : what a peculiar tune /
MUSICPOP 1928 Remember me to Mary : if she still remembers me.
Rhythm king.
Roses of yesterday.
'Round evening.
Song of Louisiana.
Sunny skies.
At Tankerton Inn.
My darling.
Plodding along.
Lonely little bluebird.
Jeannine I dream of lilac time.
March of the musketeers.
My window of dreams.
There'll never be another you.
When you're smiling.
That's my weakness now.
Too busy!
Half way to heaven.
Happy days and lonely nights.
Basin street blues.
Into the dawn with you.
Lonesome road.
I got a woman, crazy for me.
In the marshes.
Love is the wind.
Monali : Mona Lee.
Down where the sun goes down.
Sweetheart land.
Ten little miles from town.
There's a rainbow 'round my shoulder.
What is a song?
Don't be like that.
Coquette /
Shortnin' bread.
In my bouquet of memories.
Angela mia = My angel /
Angela mia = (My angel) /
How long wilt thou forget me, o Lord.
Will you always call me sweetheart.
After my laughter came tears /
C-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-i-n-o-p-l-e /
By the waters of Babylon.
You took advantage of me.
Button up your overcoat /
Honey : fox trot song /
Crazy rhythm /
Chiquita /
I'd rather be blue over you : (than be happy with somebody else) /
Henry's made a lady out of Lizzie /
By the Bend of the River.
If I had you /
I get the blues when it rains.
I love to hear you singing.
Sidewalks of New York.
How about me? /
Don't be like that /
Doin' the new low down /
Doin' the raccoon : song /
You tell me your dream : (I'll tell you mine) /
I can't give you anything but love /
Avalon town /
Bum song.
Dream train /
I never dreamt.
High up on a hill-top : fox-trot song /
I get the blues when it rains : song with ukulele arrangement /
I still love you /
Just like a melody out of the sky /
You're a real sweetheart /
Oh Gee! Oh Joy!
Your eyes.
Victory march.
Out of the dawn.
Sally of my dreams.
Someday somewhere (we'll meet again)
Song I love.
Was it a dream?
Where the shy little violets grow.
Winter sunset.
You wanted someone to play with, I wanted someone to love.
You'll be sorry some day.
Abdul Abulbul Amir.
Are you making a fool of me?
Auf wiedersehn.
Bird songs at eventide.
Blue grass.
Building a nest for Mary.
Cause I feel low-down.
Close your eyes in sleep.
Get out and get under the moon.
Give me one hour.
Good little bad little you.
Gypsy weather.
Hour of parting.
How could anything so good be bad.
Back in your own backyard.
Because I know you're mine.
Because my baby don't mean maybe now.
Bells over Jordan.
Come buy my pianos.
Dusky stevedore.
Early in the morning.
I kiss your hand, madame.
I must go down to the sea.
I must have that man!
I want daddy to cuddle me.
Last night I dreamed you kissed me.
Just a night for meditation.
Let's kiss and make up.
Life upon the wicked stage.
Makin' whoopee.
My blackbirds are bluebirds.
My blue ridge mountain home.
My mother's eyes.
My old fashioned sweetheart.
Our days.
Prayer of the Norwegian child.
I'm sorry Sally.
I'm thirsty for kisses-hungry for love : lonely, with only, just me.
If you don't love me.
In a bamboo garden.
Jeannine, I dream of lilac time.
Where is the song of songs for me?
Love tale of Alsace Lorraine.
Oh! you have no idea.
Old adobe.
Only a dream.
Pickin' cotton.
Send for me.
King for a day.
Just across the street from heaven.
The breeze and I.
Bye and bye, sweetheart.
De glory road.
I ain't got nobody.
Smiling skies.
Little lady of the moon.
Old fashioned yesterdays.
Old man sunshine.
One hour.
One kiss.
Song of life.
Song of the Afghan exile.
Sonny boy.
Sun is at my window.
Sweet Lorraine.
Sweet Sue - just you.
She's just too sweet for words.
Laugh! clown! laugh!
Lonesome in the moonlight.
Lover come back to me!
My inspiration is you.
The Utah trail.
That's how I feel about you.
That's my mammy!
Wanting you.
Who wouldn't be blue.
Who wouldn't be jealous of you.
She's funny that way.
Think of me thinking of you.
Three mummers.
Sweetheart of all my dreams /
Sunshine came with you.
Venetian vision.
Weaver of dreams.
I faw down an' go boom /
I don't care.
Washboard blues.
If you want the rainbow.
Memories of France.
I tore up your picture when you said good-bye.
Night was made of loveliness and prayer.
Caressing you.
Bonheur est dans le pre.
I wanna be loved by you.
Let's do it.
What d'ya say?
I don't think I'll fall in love today.
Blue shadows.
I'm writing you.
When you're away.
It must be love.
O lovely night!
Precious little thing called love.
Me and the man in the moon.
Softly, as in a morning sunrise.
Sweethearts on parade.
To be forgotten.
You're the cream in my coffee.
In a hundred thousand years.
When summer is gone.
Peace I leave with you.
Say so!
I'm bringing a red-red rose.
MUSICPOP 1928-CP Dear little pal of mine : song /
If it weren't for you, dear /
MUSICPOP 1928-D Coquette /
Angela mia = (My angel) /
Chiquita : valse repertoire /
After my laughter came tears /
C-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-i-n-o-p-l-e /
Along came sweetness : song /
Appassionatamente : valzer-intermezzo /
Button up your overcoat /
Buy buy for baby : (or baby will bye bye you) /
Cradle of love : fox trot song /
Crazy rhythm /
Chiquita /
Better times with Al /
Imagination : song with ukulele arrangement /
Follow thru /
Futuristic rhythm /
I'd rather be blue over you : (than be happy with somebody else) /
I ain't got nobody : (and nobody cares for me) : song /
Henry's made a lady out of Lizzie /
Hallelujah, I'm a bum /
Hay, straw /
Feeling I'm falling /
Diga diga doo /
Dixie /
Don't hold everything : let everything go /
Got a rainbow /
Haole hula /
If I had you /
All by yourself in the moonlight /
How about me? /
Don't be like that /
Doin' the new low down /
Doin' the raccoon : song /
I'll get by : as long as I have you /
I can't give you anything but love /
I can't do without you /
Sweetheart of all my dreams /
I faw down an' go boom /
MUSICPOP 1928-K Tu sais = (You know) : on melody Tango Parana /
Secrets /
Mi amado /
Good old fashioned way.
Sleep baby sleep.
Where the sunflowers grow.
Jacky : tango chanté /
Guess who!
Valčik in C major, op. 46 ; /
Face on the barroom floor /
Painting pretty pictures /
You tell me your dream : (I'll tell you mine) /
Longing for you /
Someday somewhere (we'll meet again)
Because I know you're mine.
Where is the song of songs for me?
Wish you were my sweetheart.
Wonderful sweetheart of mine.
Yo te amo means I love you.
Till you come back.
You're wonderful.
Dear old Honolulu town.
Memories of France.
Love tale of Alsace Lorraine.
I'd rather be blue over you.
Thousand times a day.
Baby o'mine.
Cause I'm in love.
In the evening.
My lady of dreams.
Please let me dream in your arms.
Good night.
Sailing along to Hawaii /
MUSICPOP 1928-SM Come back, Malinda /
Poplar lane /
MUSICPOP 1929 Shoo shoo boogie boo.
She's my girl.
Some sweet day.
Puttin' on the ritz.
Reaching for someone.
Rock me to sleep in your arms.
Soul of my soul.
At the peep of dawn.
Birmingham Bertha.
A bundle of old love letters.
Jumping frog of Calaveras.
Little kiss each morning.
Legion girl.
Love me /
Miss you.
My kinda love.
No lullaby need Mary sing.
Old milaca trail.
Sweetheart we need each other.
Sweetheart, we need each other.
Tain't no sin.
They cut down the old pine tree.
Three little chestnuts.
When my dreams come true.
When the organ played at twilight.
Why can't you.
That's the song of songs.
Toymaker's dream.
When teacher stays out late at night.
Wouldn't it be wonderful.
Do something.
Give yourself a pat on the back.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder : for somebody else.
Baby oh where can you be?
Dance of the wooden shoes.
I'm still caring.
Kansas city kitty.
In a little Italian garden.
I want to meander in the meadow.
Lucky little devil.
Moanin' low.
Singin' in the bathtub.
Turn on the heat.
What do I care.
Singin' in the rain.
It must be heaven.
I'm just a vagabond lover : fox-trot song /
If I had a talking picture of you /
Deep in the arms of love /
Kiss me with your eyes /
Look what you've done to me.
Carolina moon /
Chant of the jungle /
Love sings a song in my heart.
I love you, believe me, I love you.
Thine alone.
Without a song.
From sunrise to sunset : from sunset till dawn /
Aren't we all /
Sea gulls.
My co-ed.
I'm marching home to you /
I'll always be in love with you /
I'll see you again : song version /
Collegiate Sam /
Lady of the morning /
Fortunio's song /
Perfect song.
Am I blue? /
Blue hawaii.
Deep night /
Evangeline /
If he cared : featured in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's production "Devil may care" /
If I'm dreaming : don't wake me too soon /
I've got my eye on you.
Sentimental sweetheart.
Learn to find a smile.
My love parade.
Night of happiness.
That's why I'm jealous of you.
Come back to me.
Maybe, who knows?
Kids again.
I'm following you! : from "It's a great life" /
I'm walkin' around in a dream /
With a song in my heart.
Grandmother's valentine.
The Song of the Shirt.
Just you, just me.
Little pal.
Loving you.
Painting the clouds with sunshine.
Should I.
There's danger in your eyes, cherie.
Tip-toe thru the tulips.
When it's springtime in the Rockies : a charming waltz song /
Waiting at the end of the road.
Weary river.
What is this thing called love.
When you're counting the stars alone.
You were meant for me.
You'll find your answer in my eyes.
You're always in my arms.
You've got me pickin' petals off o' daisies.
And still they fall in love.
Blue Danube.
Flutes of spring.
Gay caballero.
Glad rag doll.
Happy days are here again.
Go places and do things.
Ave Maria /
Believe me that's love.
Beside an open fireplace.
Big city blues.
Congratulations /
Dark eyes.
Darn fool woman like me.
Ever lasting mercy.
Fair exchange.
I'd do anything for you.
Let's sail on forever.
Mama don't allow it.
My song of the Nile.
Negra consentida.
Nights at limehouse.
Pagan love song.
I've waited a lifetime for you.
If you were the only girl.
In a kitchenette.
In old Judea.
In the eve it will be light.
Japanese moonlight.
Lady luck.
Lonely troubadour.
Lovable and sweet.
Mean to me.
O, whistle, and I'll come to you, my lad!
Old violin.
Piccolo Pete.
Lonesome little doll.
Marines' hymn.
My heart will tell me so.
Right kind of man.
Rogue song.
Broadway melody.
Deep night.
Denison's seven-eleven minstrel.
Hangin' on the golden gate.
Heigh-ho! everybody, heigh-ho!
Great day.
When I'm looking at you.
Love boat.
Love is a dreamer.
Old Mother Hubbard.
O, whistle, and I'll come to you, my lad /
Old timer.
One I love just can't be bothered with me.
Someday soon.
Song of Siberia.
Star dust.
Sweet Liza.
Sweet seventeen.
Love your spell is everywhere.
Mile high up in the pines.
The wedding of the painted doll /
Under a Texas moon.
Woman in the shoe.
Who do you miss? /
Try dancing.
That wonderful something.
Underneath the Russian moon.
Walking with Susie.
When the real thing comes.
With you.
Thou hidden love of God.
That's you baby.
Wedding bells.
Welcome home.
Lady of the morning.
My sweeter than sweet.
Then I'll know why.
Heap o' livin'
Varsity rhythm.
At the end of a cobblestone road.
On the banks of Honolulu bay.
My river of dreams.
Harlem madness.
Smile you miss.
Sleepy valley.
Dream lover.
You've got that thing.
Don't ever leave me!
My man is on the make.
Ship without a sail.
Why was I born?
Takes you.
Lord is my shepherd /
That little boy of mine.
Song of the islands.
Sunny side up.
I'm telling you.
Down among the sugar-cane.
Little by little.
Sun about to rise.
MUSICPOP 1929-CP I'm going back to Colorado /
Loving Colorado /
When the columbines are blooming /
MUSICPOP 1929-D Blame it on the moon /
Easy rider : (I wonder where my easy rider's gone) /
Absinthe frappé /
I lift up my finger and say "tweet, tweet" : novelty fox-trot song /
I get the blues when it rains /
Ain't misbehavin' : (I'm savin' my love for you) /
If I had a talking picture of you /
Deep in the arms of love /
I kiss your hand, madame /
Carolina moon /
Cross your fingers /
Bottoms up / words and music by Cliff Friend and George White.
Chant of the jungle /
Can't we be friends? /
Hangin' around with you : duet (anne and Timothy) /
Chiudi gli occhi, Rosita : tango /
The galloping A's : (they've made Philly's baseball dreams come true) : song /
Here am I /
Here we are /
Harold teen /
Aren't we all /
Everything I do--I do for you /
Am I a passing fancy : (or am I the one in your dreams?) /
I'll always be in love with you /
I'll see you again : song version /
Am I blue? /
MUSICPOP 1929-K Mother love : song /
An old fashioned sweetheart of mine /
Beautiful isles Hawaii.
Moonlight makes me think of you.
There's danger in your eyes, Cherie!
I want to cry on my lover's shoulders.
If I had a talking picture of you /
Kiss me with your eyes /
Valse claire /
Little senorita : words & music by Anson Weeks.
From sunrise to sunset : from sunset till dawn /
Lady of the morning /
Am I blue? /
When you come to the end of the day /
Gay caballero.
Pagan love song.
Somebody's lonesome (for somebody's love) /
Tune in.
When the sun goes down.
Where the bab-bab-babbling brook.
Where the sweet forget-me-nots remember.
You're mine, all mine.
Dreamland Hawaii, I'll always think of thee.
Melancholy mama.
Pretty little thing.
Little smile.
Dream girl of Pi K. A.
Gypsy Charmer.
Glory to San Diego.
From dawn to twilight.
Red river valley.
Smile you miss.
Sing a little love song.
Someone like you.
Strangers now.
Varsity rhythm.
Sleepy valley.
Bright lights.
Because I know you love me.
Little cabin in the Cascade Mountains.
For you a lei.
Hold me tight.
My old piano and me.
One in the world.
Peggy dear.
Song of the balconade : (waltz song) /
Sunshine of life /
MUSICPOP 1929-SM Song of the Bayou /
Ah's done see'd er callicker mule : song : a negro superstition /
Troubled in mind : Negro spiritual /
The shadow /
Dear California /
Stars of the night, sing softly : a song for medium or high voice and piano /
MUSICPOP 1930 Prayer perfect.
Sea fever.
River and me.
Song without a name.
Spring weather.
Sweet and hot.
How are you tonight in Hawaii?
It happened in Monterey.
My baby just cares for me.
My bluebird was caught in the rain.
My sword for the king.
Sweethearts of student days.
Two hearts.
What's the use?
Walkin' my baby back home.
Hail Colorado.
Good evenin'
Danube so blue.
Kashmiri song.
I haven't heard a single word from baby.
I'm in the market for you.
I had to lose you.
I keep remembering (someone I should forget)
Swingin' in a hammock.
Three little words.
Tie a little string around your finger.
Was I to blame for falling in love with you.
Magic is the moonlight.
A cottage for sale /
Maybe it's love.
Would you like to take a walk.
Dreamy Rocky Mountain moon : waltz ballad /
Bye bye blues /
Can this be love? /
I'm yours.
Cheerful little earful /
Just a little closer.
Cryin' for the Carolines /
Some day.
Here comes the sun /
Embraceable you /
Eleven more months and ten more days /
Minnie the mermaid : a love song in fish time /
Congratulations /
Little white lies.
Beyond the blue horizon.
Down the river of golden dreams.
I love you so much /
I'm alone because I love you /
Blue Pacific moonlight /
Bidin' my time.
I'll be blue just thinking.
Dancing with tears in my eyes /
Down the river of golden dreams : waltz ballad /
Drill, ye tarriers drill.
Cabin in the hills /
I shall not pass again this way /
Au revoir, pleasant dreams.
Oh, Donna Clara.
My love for you.
Smoke your troubles away.
Some one to love me.
King's horses.
In the twilight.
Ida! Sweet as apple cider.
White in the moon the long road lies.
Reaching for the moon.
You're the one I care for /
Yours and mine /
Just you.
At the end of the day with you.
Magic highway.
One night alone with you.
Pretty Quadroon.
Sing song girl.
The vagabond king waltz : Waltz Huguette /
The waltz you saved for me : waltz ballad /
When your hair has turned to silver : (I will love you just the same) /
Somewhere in old Wyoming /
Any time's the time to fall in love.
Around the corner.
Blue again.
Cielito lindo /
For you.
Gee, but I'd like to make you happy.
Georgia on my mind.
Get goin' (get ready to love)
Back in the hills of Colorado.
Betty co-ed.
Big bouquet for you.
Coronation day in fairyland.
Home on the range.
I don't mind walkin' in the rain (when I'm walkin' in the rain with you)
I like to do things for you.
I miss a little miss.
I still get a thrill.
Lazy Lou'siana moon.
Livin' in the sunlight, lovin' in the moonlight.
Mother dear do you hear me.
My book of memories.
My future just passed.
My ideal.
Peanut vendor.
Pinin' for dat freedom day.
Ro-ro-rollin' along.
If I had a girl like you.
Kiss me my sweetheart.
Kiss waltz.
Lady play your mandolin.
Man from the south.
Please don't talk about me when I'm gone.
Little things in life.
Love for sale.
Mellow mountain moon.
Ragamuffin Romeo.
Body and soul.
Have a little faith in me.
So sweet.
With my guitar and you.
With the wind and the rain in your hair.
It must be true.
Just a gigolo /
Moon is low.
Old New England moon.
On the sunny side of the street.
One little raindrop.
Something to remember you by.
Somewhere in old Wyoming.
Song of the fool.
St. Joe's infirmary.
Sweet Jennie Lee.
The white dove.
When the little red roses get the blues for you.
White road westward.
You brought a new kind of love to me.
You darlin'
St. James infirmary.
Those gambler's blues.
Time on my hands.
Them there eyes.
When the bloom is on the sage.
Little Spanish Dancer.
Far away.
It's time to say aloha.
Girl trouble.
In my little hope chest.
Check and double check.
Six Chansons Francaises.
Other garden.
I'm so afraid of you.
Sing something simple.
Where have you been?
Love among the millionaires.
It must be love.
Leave it that way.
I shall not pass again this way.
Crow's egg.
Alabama lullaby.
Love me to-night.
Only a rose.
Song of the vagabonds.
Ten cents a dance.
On the road to Mandalay /
Stein song.
Moonlight on the Colorado /
I remember you from somewhere : (somewhere in my dreams) /
World so quietly sleeping.
You're driving me crazy!
MUSICPOP 1930-CP Colorado golden sunshine /
Colorado cabin /
MUSICPOP 1930-D La canzone dell'amore /
I am only human after all /
I got rhythm /
A cottage for sale /
Cielito lindo = beautiful sky : Mexican song /
Could you use me? : [from] Girl crazy /
Alice in wonderland : from "Puttin' on the ritz" /
All the king's horses /
Amapola : tango criollo /
Bye bye blues /
Can this be love? /
Caribbean sea /
Cheerful little earful /
Cryin' for the Carolines /
Body and soul /
Here comes the sun /
Embraceable you /
Don't forget me in your dreams /
Eleven more months and ten more days /
Sam and Delilah /
Home on the range : Texas cowboy song /
I love you so much /
I'm alone because I love you /
MUSICPOP 1930-d But not for me / 1
MUSICPOP 1930-H Maple leaf rag / 1
MUSICPOP 1930-K Somewhere in the west with you /
Tears of love : song with ukulele arrangement /
Sally, I'm lovin' you, Sally /
Love's melody.
Monterey rose.
Our land of heart's desire.
Dear old pal.
Here comes the sun /
Don't forget me in your dreams /
Angelita : little angel of Mexico /
Whisper you love me : and make my dreams come true /
When I look to the west : I think of you /
And we walked, walked, walked /
Sandunga Tehuana : temas originales /
Sing song girl.
Sleepy lagoon.
My book of memories.
Will you be hating me to-morrow (for loving you to-night) /
Lady play your mandolin.
Old New England moon.
The white dove.
Wedding bells are ringing for Sally : (but not for Sally and me) /
Just a little dance Mam'selle.
She's the girl from the Rocky Mountains.
Sleepy town express.
Starlight and you.
Sweetheart of my twilight dreams.
Wedding of the birds.
Were you?
What makes the world go round.
When it's harvest time.
When the raindrops pattered on our old tin hats.
Where the golden poppies grow.
As a pair of butterflies.
Bless'd be Vermont.
Crimson petaled rose.
Beautiful northwest country.
Forever and a day.
I'm just waiting and dreaming.
Over the radio waves.
Hills of Carolina.
Love light and sunshine in your eyes and smile.
Melody of dreams.
Oriental dream.
Bells of Solano.
Be careful with those eyes.
God is spirit.
Under the open skies with you.
One more waltz : featured in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's production "Love in the rough" /
Until we meet again sweetheart /
Parity gun for gun /
When I'm with you /
Whispering dreams : waltz ballad /
MUSICPOP 1930-SM Song of the highway /
Winds /
The open door : song /
Moonlight on the Colorado /
MUSICPOP 1931 Ship o' dreams.
Susan is her name o'
Smilin' Kitty O'Day.
Beautiful love.
By the fireside.
In the shadow of the rockies.
Old Ohio moon.
Old playmate.
Moonlight saving time.
Now that you're gone.
One more kiss then goodnight.
Try to forget.
When I take my sugar to tea.
When it's sleepy time down south.
Why did it have to be me?
While we danced at the Mardi-Gras.
With love in my heart.
You're just a dream come true.
There's nothing too good for my baby.
Who am I?
Where the blue of the night.
Where the lillies of the valley grow.
Everybody sings a love song in the spring.
Ain't that the way it goes?
Alone in a corner.
I can't get away from you.
Lazy river.
Many happy returns of the day.
Let's get friendly.
I wanna sing about you.
Kiss by kiss.
Mood indigo.
That's why darkies were born.
There ought to be a moonlight savings time.
Hikin' down the highway /
Wonder Valley.
Cuban love song /
How long will it last?
Call me darling, call me sweetheart, call me dear = Sag mir Darling : waltz /
When the clock is striking twelve.
Come to me /
Marta, rambling rose of the wildwood /
Tonight or never.
Green pastures.
Through the years.
All of me /
Yours is my heart alone /
Manzanilla : (serenata)
Let a little pleasure interfere.
Let me hum a hymn to her tonight /
Courage /
Dancing in the dark : [from] "The band wagon" /
Bend down, Sister.
I apologize.
I'm sorry dear /
Fate introduced me to you.
My heart is in the heart of Caroline.
You're my only sweetheart.
Good night sweetheart /
Home /
You're my everything /
Why dance?
When your lover has gone.
Marta, rambling rose of the wildwood.
Smile, darn ya, smile.
Wabash moon /
Twentieth century blues.
When the moon comes over the mountain.
When you were the blossom of Buttercup Lane.
Wrap your troubles in dreams.
Under your window tonight.
You try somebody else.
You're blase.
As time goes by.
Blue Kentucky moon.
Boy! oh! boy! oh! boy! I've got it bad!
Building a home for you.
Guardian angels.
Hop-li rickshaw man.
Barnacle Bill the sailor.
Dance of the little Dutch dolls.
Evening in Caroline.
Got the bench got the park.
I found a million dollar baby (in a five and ten cent store)
I know that my pray'rs have been answered (for you have come back to me)
I thank you, Mr. Moon.
I wouldn't change you for the world.
Little girl.
Love is like that.
Little Joe.
My song.
Nevertheless : I'm in love with you.
Ninety-nine out of a hundred wanna be loved.
Pretty little goldfish.
Honolulu moonlight.
In the merry month of maybe.
London girl.
Little sweetheart of the prairie.
Lord, I want to be.
Love letters in the sand.
Lullaby of the Madonna.
Blue ridge moon.
By my side.
Hello! beautiful!
What's the difference!
Jig time.
It's the girl.
Just friends.
Little old church in the valley.
Now you're in my arms.
Now's the time to fall in love : potatoes are cheaper, tomatoes are cheaper.
Someday I'll find you.
Soul of a flower.
Sweet and lovely.
Love's summer.
While hearts are singing : Live for to-day : featured by Maurice Chevalier in The smiling lieutenant /
Sleepy hollow tune.
There must be a bright tomorrow.
Was that the human thing to do.
When June is come.
Two little, blue little eyes.
Yankee doodle boy.
Whistling in the dark.
You came along.
You can't stop me from lovin' you.
She didn't say "yes"
Tell tales.
When we're alone.
Maybe it's the moon.
One night alone with you.
Save the last dance for me.
That's my desire.
You are mine.
Air from "Comus"
As long as you're here.
What is it?
Put that sun back in the sky.
Vagabond of the sea.
Oh, Donna Clara /
Tinkle song.
With all my heart.
Have you forgotten?
I'm through with love.
I've got five dollars.
I do, do you?
I surrender, dear.
I "wanna" sing about you.
Peanut vendor.
Penthouse serenade.
Give my regards to broadway.
Requiem /
Dream a little dream of me /
Faded summer love.
I don't know why.
I love you, California.
Of thee I sing.
Prisoner of love.
Who cares? : (so long as you care for me) /