Call Number (LC) Title Results
MUSICPOP 1931-CP You say you're leaving : (so be on your way) /
Call of the first American /
In Colorado we met /
MUSICPOP 1931-D Hikin' down the highway /
Adios muchachos = (Goodbye boys) /
Actions speak louder than words /
Cuban love song /
Bye-bye Mister Dry : you're all wet /
Call me darling, call me sweetheart, call me dear = Sag mir Darling : waltz /
By the sycamore tree /
Come to me /
Chimes of spring : (spring, beautiful spring) /
The basement blues : low-downer than any low-down blues /
Fiesta : (Fee-es-ta) : a story in song of a happy festival /
Broadway reverie /
I'm just a dancing sweetheart /
Hiding in the shadows of the moon /
How's your uncle /
I love Louisa /
Good night sweetheart /
All of me /
MUSICPOP 1931-K San Joaquin /
'Neath the stars /
A pillow wet wit [i.e. with] tears /
Put yourself in my place /
Springtime every day for me = Frühling ist nun eingekehrt /
Pals of the little red school /
Zigzag blues /
One night of love /
Pretty little Spanish tune /
Esa es : she passed me like a dream /
If you'll be mine.
In harmony with you.
My sugar daddy.
Out of nowhere.
Put your little arms around me.
Shadows of yesterday.
Wallowa love.
Was it wrong?
You are mine.
Just one more chance.
Wonder Valley.
Mother, queen of May.
Poor Pierrot.
Colorado skies.
Gipsy eyes.
Act of love.
Dream star.
Everybody loves Carmelita /
I'm done havin' no fun : 'cause you don't want me /
I love you dearest /
Star of love = Estrella de amor : tango /
Wond'ring /
Keep the dollar rolling : the song of the spender /
Valse Mignonne : for piano /
Let me hum a hymn to her tonight /
Why dance?
While hearts are singing : Live for to-day : featured by Maurice Chevalier in The smiling lieutenant /
You are a dream, sweetheart /
What Aloha means /
Ship ahoy /
Walkathon song.
Walking alone in the crowd.
Were you sincere?
When my dark Diana sings to me.
Why shouldn't I.
Step today.
Broken dreams.
Dreams I'd never sell for gold.
Save the last dance for me.
Only a photo of you.
Carolina's calling me.
Love's summer.
Tavern song.
Querida, mi vida.
Spring gladness.
Just a hole in the wall.
Oh sweetie.
On the banks of the Pend d'oreille.
Tent of night /
You're still deep, deep in my heart /
When the rest of the crowd goes home I always go home alone /
Tell me you love me and give me your love /
MUSICPOP 1931-SM That's why darkies were born /
Shoes /
Lord, I want to be : Negro spiritual /
Requiem, op. 15, no. 2 /
MUSICPOP 1932 Round my heart.
Cabin in the cotton.
Candles in the sky.
Cuckoo clock.
I'll never be the same.
Just a little home for the old folks.
Just a lonely hobo.
My darling.
Little street where old friends meet.
Love is the sweetest thing.
Love me to-night.
Marines' hymn.
Moonlight and pretzels.
My blue Danube.
My lady walks in loveliness.
One hour with you.
Sweethearts forever.
Tell me tonight.
Underneath the arches.
Willow weep for me.
Negro speaks of rivers.
My rocky mountain sweetheart.
You'll always be the same sweetheart.
You're telling me.
You're an old smoothie.
You're a symphony of love.
Voice in the old village choir.
Harlem holiday.
Bless this house.
Gee! but I hate to say "good-night"
Dark eyes.
It's winter again.
Hold back the day.
Hold thou my hand.
I don't stand a ghost of a chance.
Look who's here.
Me minus you.
I wouldn't trade the silver in my mother's hair for all the gold in the world /
A shine on your shoes /
Waltzing in a dream /
I guess I'll have to change my plan /
Little girl dressed in blue.
Tiger rag /
You're getting to be a habit with me.
While the world sleeps on /
Moon song that wasn't meant for me.
All American girl : collegiate fox trot song /
Singin' in the rain.
Somebody loves you.
Merry widow waltz /
Spirit flower /
The sidewalks of New York /
In the good old summer time /
Who's sorry now?
As you desire me.
Street of dreams.
Poppies carry on.
American lullaby.
Out where the sun goes to rest.
My silent love.
In a shanty in old shanty town : with banjo, ukulele, guitar & mandola accompaniment /
Just an echo in the valley /
Keep the dollar rolling.
Spring is in my heart again.
With summer coming on.
Night and day.
You're the one (you beautiful son-of-a-gun)
Down at the old swimming hole.
Speak to me with your eyes.
I may never pass your way again.
Pink elephants.
Shuffle off to Buffalo.
Suva moon.
Three on a match.
Back in the old Sunday school : ballad /
Twas only a summer night's dream.
What a perfect combination.
Under the old apple tree.
Underneath the Harlem moon.
You've got me in the palm of your hand.
Alone with my sorrows.
April in Paris /
Auf wiedersehen my dear.
Book of verses.
Forty-five minutes from Broadway.
Forty-second street.
From a.m. to p.m.
Gipsy life.
Humoresque /
How deep is the ocean.
Because of thy great bounty.
Big bass viol.
Dream sweetheart.
Hummin' to myself.
I only want a buddy-not a sweetheart.
I'll do my best to make you happy.
Lazy day /
My little bunch.
My little nest of heavenly blue : frasquita serenade /
My mom.
Night shall be filled with music.
Night when love was born.
Rock-a-bye moon.
I've told ev'ry little star.
May's a winsome lass.
Memories that make me cry.
Say it isn't so.
Is I in love? I is.
Lullaby of the leaves.
May I have this waltz with you madame.
My Marie.
Butterflies in the rain.
He restoreth my soul.
God's world.
Hello! gorgeous.
Here it is Monday and I've still got a dollar.
Great big bunch of you.
Without a song.
Listen to the German band.
Mississippi valley blues.
Song is you.
Speak to me of love.
Spring comes dancing.
State of Maine song.
The rogue song : beyond the dawn /
We just couldn't say goodbye /
Whistle and blow your blues away /
There is a ladye.
Wait'll I get you in my dreams.
Strike me pink.
Sun's in my heart.
Till to-morrow.
Try a little tenderness.
That silver haired daddy of mine /
That silver haired daddy of mine.
When we carved our hearts on the old oak tree.
Beautiful blue Danube.
Lady I love.
On the road to Mandalay.
Blue mist.
Her name is Mary.
It's within your power.
Crazy people.
You'll get by With the twinkle in your eye.
My river home.
You don't love me.
Boy and a girl were dancing.
Slumber song.
Hot time in the old town.
We just couldn't say goodbye.
I'll take you home again Kathleen /
Hill billy wedding in June.
Sweet and lovely.
Pagan love song.
Down south.
Cuddle up a little closer.
Rolling down to Rio.
I'm sure of everything but you.
Snuggled on your shoulder.
Just because you're you.
The Jolly Roger.
Deep River.
In your moonlit bower.
MUSICPOP 1932-CP Washington's glory / 1
MUSICPOP 1932-D I'll miss you in the evening /
A shine on your shoes /
I guess I'll have to change my plan /
Cabin in the cotton /
All American girl : collegiate fox trot song /
Contented : ballad /
Here lies love /
Ev'ryone says "I love you" /
Here's hoping /
Alone together /
How deep is the ocean : (how high is the sky) /
Home on the range : cowboy song /
The illegitimate daughter /
How deep is the ocean : how high is the sky /
April in Paris /
MUSICPOP 1932-K 'Neath the silv'ry moon /
On a saphire [i.e. sapphire] sea : just you - just me /
Dreaming of my old Kentucky home /
By myself /
My song /
My old Irish mother /
Ay-ay-ay!! /
Sweet dreams, sweetheart.
Play to me gypsy!
With a dime in my pocket.
When daylight dies.
Rose of Mary.
'A Frangesa : the French girl /
Golden hills /
Some day the sun will shine again.
All American girl : collegiate fox trot song /
Maybe perhaps /
Loving you : meant ev'rything to me /
Lovely melody /
Silver threads among the gold /
Castilian nights = Noches Castellañas : tango /
Fickle-that's all /
I don't know how I can do without you /
Just another melody /
Let's be dreamers : in love /
Look up : the sun's in the sky /
Share your love.
Until the Dawn.
Walking alone.
We just couldn't say good-bye.
What's that feelin'
Your kiss.
Abt Vogler.
Calling me homeward to you.
Dream shadows.
Lucky moon.
Mary's a grand old name.
Boy and a girl were dancing.
Goodnight, my love.
From the heights.
New Zealand lullaby.
I've just been to Reno.
Isn't it romantic?
Hermit thrush.
Tomo y obligo : trinquons et buvons, tango chanté /
MUSICPOP 1932-SM Washington /
I wouldn't trade the silver in my mother's hair for all the gold in the world /
Don't be what you ain't /
Absent /
MUSICPOP 1933 Shanghai Lil.
Sophisticated lady.
Coffee in the morning.
Day you came along.
I've got to sing a torch song.
Inka dinka doo.
It's only a paper moon.
Isn't this a night for love.
Just a year ago to-night.
Piper from over the way.
Sing a little low-down tune.
Love's old sweet song /
May flowers.
My Colorado cabin in the mountains.
By a waterfall /
When it's lamp lightin' time.
Won't you say hello.
You excite me!
Give me a roll on a drum.
Gold digger's song.
Everything I have is yours.
Black moonlight.
Come to me!
Flying down to Rio.
Heat wave.
Alas, that spring should vanish.
Hold me.
Honeymoon hotel.
Jimmy had a nickel.
Keep a light in your window.
I raised my hat.
Hustlin and bustlin for baby.
Man on the flying trapeze.
There's a cabin in the pine.
There's a new day comin'
Throw another log on the fire.
Carioca /
Dinner at eight /
I just couldn't take it baby /
I like mountain music /
Alice in Wonderland : novelty fox-trot song /
Under a blanket of blue.
In the valley of the moon /
Don't blame me /
In the valley of the moon.
It isn't fair /
Old spinning wheel.
In my garden.
Easter parade /
Dinner at eight.
Ah, but is it love?
Daisy bell : (A bicycle built for two) /
Did you ever see a dream walking.
In my garden /
In the park in Paree /
I wake up smiling.
When I hear those church bells ringing.
There's a home in Wyoming.
You're the song of my heart.
Reflections in the water.
Good night little girl of my dreams /
Gypsy fiddles.
It's the talk of the town /
Without that certain thing /
When shall we meet again?
Pettin' in the park.
There's a little bit of you.
You gotta be a football hero.
You're a grand old flag.
You're gonna lose your gal.
All mine-almost.
Annie doesn't live here anymore /
Are you makin' any money?
Black eyed Susan Brown.
Boulevard of broken dreams.
Gather lip rouge while you may.
House on the hill.
Come Christians greet this day.
Doin' the uptown lowdown.
Don't blame me.
I cover the waterfront.
More than you know.
My heart is a silent violin.
My moonlight madonna.
Open the gates of the temple.
I've got to pass your house to get to my house.
I've gotta get up and go to work.
If I forget you.
Isn't it heavenly.
Last round-up.
Londonderry air.
Lou'siana lullaby.
O gathering clouds.
Orchids in the moonlight.
Red river valley.
Let's fall in love.
Love on my heart.
Remember my forgotten man.
Rose of Tralee.
Buckin' the wind.
Have you ever been lonely!
Hill billy wedding in June.
So sweet love seemed.
Not for all the rice in China.
One minute to one.
Stormy weather.
Sweetheart darlin'
Shadow waltz.
My little grass shack in Kealakekua Hawaii /
We'll make hay while the sun shines.
Two tickets to Georgia.
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf.
Why have you stolen my delight.
Take a chance.
Touch of your hand.
Moonlight down in lover's lane.
Why can't this night go on forever?
Japanese maiden.
Start of the big parade.
Laus deo.
When I hear those church bells ringing /
Blue prelude.
Many moons ago.
My design for living.
Sittin' on a log.
Swingy little thingy.
You're mine, you!
What have we got to lose.
In a little second hand store.
Farewell to arms.
After sundown /
Smoke gets in your eyes.
MUSICPOP 1933-CP Under a blue colorado sky / 1
MUSICPOP 1933-D By a waterfall /
Carioca /
Dinner at eight /
Adorable /
I just couldn't take it baby /
I like mountain music /
Alice in Wonderland : novelty fox-trot song /
Build a little home /
Cinderella's fella : featured in Marion Davies' cosmopolitan-M-G-M production Going Hollywood /
I loved you Wednesday /
The girl I love is a democrat /
The girl in the little green hat /
I can't remember /
I couldn't tell them what to do /
Hiawatha's lullaby /
Everything I have is yours /
Don't blame me /
Another perfect day has passed away /
I'll be faithful /
I'm gettin' sentimental over you /
How's chances /
Doin' the uptown lowdown /
I'll be hard to handle /
Carioca : fox-trot rumba /
Annie doesn't live here anymore /
After sundown /
MUSICPOP 1933-K Calle schewens vals /
Maoriland : the New Zealand "Home sweet home" /
May the last kiss be the same : waltz ballad /
The memory waltz /
Valse brilliante : (Valse aux fleurs) /
Are you lovable? : fox trot song /
The man on the flying trapeze /
Darling I am growing young.
Down the old ox road.
Home is the cradle of our nation.
On the golden shores of Lake Louise.
This is romance.
Robin redbreast.
Fresh as a daisy /
Sweetheart of my dreams /
Hail to you legion men /
Heart beats.
Mia domino Chiquita : waltz-song /
Dear little girl of mine /
Juliette /
The little white house : is so lonely /
Love in a minor key /
My moonlight madonna.
Maria Elena /
My little grass shack in Kealakekua Hawaii /
Song of technocracy.
You must believe me.
Arise, men of America.
If you don't want to be sweethearts.
Springtime in my heart.
Dear little girl of mine.
He's doing it now.
Words of wisdom.
Secret I have learned today.
Baby what I'm gonna do to you.
Homecoming time.
If love could be forgotten.
In silent nights I call to you.
When the sweet magnolias bloom again /
Louisville lady /
You were made for everyone to love /
Your voice in the air : waltz ballad /
MUSICPOP 1933-SM Little green gate to Heaven / 1
MUSICPOP 1934 Rain.
Save each waltz for me.
College rhythm.
Hot choc'late soldiers.
Knock on the door.
O Jesus, Lord of mercy great.
On the highway to Galilee.
Once in a blue moon.
Little girl dressed in blue.
Sweetie pie.
You're a builder upper.
Your head on my shoulder.
Very thought of you.
Wagon wheels.
You and the night and the music.
Born to be kissed.
I'll follow my secret heart.
Laugh you son of a gun.
I wonder as I wander.
Isn't it a shame?
Hands across the table.
What a diff'rence a day made.
The breeze : that's bringin' my honey back to me /
Thousand good nights.
Haunting me.
I get a kick out of you /
All I do is dream of you /
Let's put two and two together.
If I had a million dollars.
Cocktails for two /
Malahini mele.
On the good ship Lollipop.
Frosted chocolate.
Carita Mia = My Carita /
The continental : you kiss while you're dancing /
Anything goes /
I believe in miracles : fox-trot song /
Here come the British /
Fare thee well Annabelle /
Isle of Capri.
Over somebody else's shoulder.
My little grass shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii.
I'll string along with you /
Beer barrel polka /
Champagne waltz.
Deep purple /
What a diff'rence a day made /
You're the top /
Mother's crazy quilt.
Carry me back to the lone prairie.
Isle of Capri /
Roll along covered wagon.
Wild honey.
Today is.
Go 'way from my window.
Carita Mia.
Moonlight on the prairie.
Santa Claus is comin' to town.
The very thought of you /
Tumbling tumbleweeds.
Two in a dream.
Winter wonderland.
You must have known.
You're in my power.
All for you.
Blue moon.
He's a humdinger.
Be still my heart!
Because of once upon a time.
Cowboy's heaven.
La cucaracha = The Cockroach /
Dancing with my shadow.
Earful of music.
El rancho grande.
Fill thou my life o lord.
I get a kick out of you.
I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills.
My dear.
Nasty man.
New moon is over my shoulder.
Out in the cold again.
I've had my moments.
Ill wind.
June in January.
Lost in a fog.
May I?
Melody in spring.
Old wishing well.
Land uv degradashun.
Just an old banjo.
Lullaby for Liana : ninna nanna a Liana.
Pop! goes your heart.
Prize waltz.
Ridin' around in the rain.
Buy my violets.
Here comes the Navy.
Thief of Bagdad.
With every breath.
With my eyes wide open I'm dreaming.
Let me be born again.
Love is just around the corner.
Little man you've had a busy day.
Merry widow waltz.
No! no! a thousand times no!!
Object of my affection.
Ole faithful.
One night of love.
Star was his candle.
Stars fell on Alabama.
Stay as sweet as you are.
Sweet little Jesus boy.
She reminds me of you.
Three little pigs are pork chops now.
Thank you for a lovely evening.
Lilacs in the rain.
Little dutch mill.
Love in bloom.
Love thy neighbor.
Why don't you practice what you preach.
Sleepy head.
Two cigarettes in the dark.
Who's gonna mourn for me.
Serenade in the night.
When I have sung my songs.
When my ship comes in.
Soft green seas.
How beautiful heaven must be.
All through the night.
I wish I were twins.
Pardon my southern accent.
I've got an invitation to a dance.
Vieni, vieni.
Miss Otis regrets.
My Tane.
Believe it, beloved.
Ev'ry day.
King Kamehameha.
Midnight with the stars and you.
I wanna be loved.
What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
Goin' to Heaven on a mule.
Carry me back to old Virginny.
At dawning /
I only have eyes for you.
I saw stars /
Cradle song.
MUSICPOP 1934-CP Colorado, heart of the west /
Colorado's calling /
MUSICPOP 1934-D Fair and warmer /
Bury me out on the prairie /
I get a kick out of you /
All I do is dream of you /
The daughter of Peggy O'Neil /
La cucaracha : the Mexican cockroach song /
I'd rather write a song /
An old water mill : fox-trot song /
Butterfingers /
Burning of the Morro Castle : waltz /
Cocktails for two /
The continental : you kiss while you're dancing /
Georgia's gorgeous gal /
Anything goes /
I believe in miracles : fox-trot song /
Here come the British /
Fare thee well Annabelle /
Don't let it bother you /
Continental /
Home /
I'll string along with you /
I'll follow my secret heart /
MUSICPOP 1934-K Down the lane of dreams /
Power of love /
Dancing and dreaming.
Lingering memory.
Spring in the hills.
Love song.
Crying while I smile.
Dreaming and yearning.
Haunting me.
I knew you when.
Dear old hills of California.
On the good ship Lollipop.
In the Argentine : serenade (tango rhythm) /
Waiting in the garden : song /
My beautiful melody.
Trust in me.
Afternoon on a hill.
House is haunted.
It's dark on observatory hill.
Our president.
Beside you.
When love is dead.
Through all the years.
She's the pick o' the world.
I wanna be loved.
Ole swimin' hole.
On the wrong side of the fence.
P.S. I love you.
Little bird singing.
Indian night song.
June comes in bridal gown.
When the moon peeps above Hawaii /
Hoffnung = When the roses bloom /
MUSICPOP 1934-SM Anthem of freedom /
Gethsemane : sacred song for voice and organ /
MUSICPOP 1935 She shall have music.
Rhythm of the rain.
Spring song.
Stranger of Galilee.
St. Louis blues.
How can you face me.
I'll sing thee songs of Araby.
Just because she made dem goo-goo eyes.
Night is young.
Please believe me.
Little old log cabin in the lane.
Nearer my God to thee.
Page Miss Glory.
Picture of me without you.
Tell me lovely shepherd.
There's a lovely lake in Loveland.
When the leaves bid the trees goodbye.
Who walks in when I walk out.
Whose honey are you?
That's what you think.
Abbot of Derry.
Broadway rhythm.
Frankie and Johnny.
Got a gal in California.
Every now and then.
Accent on youth.
Anchors aweigh.
Dancing on a rooftop.
I wish I was single again.
I wished on the moon.
Letter edged in black.
Life is a song.
Most beautiful girl in the world.
I never slept a wink last night.
I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter.
In the middle of a kiss.
I couldn't tell them what to do.
I dream too much.
Lovely to look at.
Lullaby of Broadway.
Rock me to sleep in my Rocky Mountain home /
I dream too much /
Hawaiian hospitality.
About a quarter to nine /
A little bit independent /
O holy night.
Say the word and it's yours.
Ah! Sweet mystery of life : the dream melody : For it is love alone that rules for aye! /
When the sun sets o'er the prairie /
Cheek to cheek /
Lovely lady.
And then some /
I feel like a feather in the breeze /
East of the sun : and west of the moon /
Alone /
Red sails in the sunset /
Bicycle built for two /
World is mine.
Red opu /
The bowery.
A beautiful lady in blue.
Bess you is my woman.
Farewell to arms.
Drifting in the moonlight.
La golondrina = The swallow /
I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls.
It's all so new to me. /
I'm a pilgrim.
Some one I love.
Wal, I swan!
Cling to me.
Song of India.
I'm in the mood for love.
In a little gypsy tea room /
Karroo cradle song.
Little brown gal.
Mama don't 'low no music playin' here.
Along tobacco road.
Words are in my heart.
Kiss to build a dream on.
Lights Out.
Man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.
Red sails in the sunset.
Roll along prairie moon.
Summer time.
Then you'll remember me.
You are my lucky star.
Why shouldn't I?
You're a heavenly thing.
You're all I need /
You're all I need.
Ain't-cha glad?
Auld lang syne.
Ave Maria.
Chasing shadows.
Climbing up the golden stair.
For me and my gal.
Four thousand years ago.
Home on the range.
Ay ay ay.
Begin the beguine.
Darling, je vous aime beaucoup.
East bound train.
Eeny meeny miney mo.
Fair Rosmarin.
I won't dance.
I'd like to be in Texas for the round up in the spring.
Love is like a cigarette.
Moon over Miami.
My extraordinary gal.
My sunny home in sunny Tennessee.
Robin sang in the elm-wood tree.
I'll take you home again Kathleen.
I'm sitting high on a hill.
I've got a feelin' you're foolin'
If I should lose you.
If you love me, say so.
Isn't this a lovely day : to be caught in the rain?
It's been so long.
Just one of those things.
Lost chord.
Melody in F.
O sole mio.
Oregon trail.
Orpheus' self may heave his head.
I'll never say "never again" again.
Little things you used to do.
Man on the flying trapeze.
May I sleep in your barn tonight.
Red river valley.
Rose in her hair.
By the silv'ry Rio Grande.
Here's to romance.
Top hat white tie and tails.
With all my heart.
What! no mickey mouse?
What's the reason.
Twenty-four hours a day.
Loafin' time.
Love and a dime.
Love me forever.
Lulu's back in town.
Moon country.
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen.
On Treasure Island.
Song of the open road.
Songs my mother taught me.
Sorrow of sorrows.
Still as the night.
Take me back to my boots and saddle.
Little white gardenia.
Lord's prayer.
Love's old sweet song /
Lullaby of broadway.
Who is Sylvia.
Thanks a million.
Tell me that you love me.
Way back home.
When I grow too old to dream.
Pretty Quadroon.
Song of spring.
Little colonel.
Sing an old fashioned song.
Little china figure.
I was lucky.
My romance.
To you, sweetheart, aloha.
I wish I were Aladdin.
I want to learn to speak Hawaiian.
Cockeyed mayor of Kaunakakai.
Ev'rything's been done before.
Beneath a banyan tree.
Hawaiian paradise.
Paris in the spring.
You're a lifesaver.
Silver threads among the gold.
Carry me back to old Virginny.
For I am persuaded.
Dream sweetheart.
On the road to Mandalay /
Where the columbines grow /
For I am persuaded : sacred song for voice with organ accompaniment /
Music goes 'round and around.
I got plenty o' nuttin' /