Call Number (LC) Title Results
MUSICPOP 1923 She's got another daddy.
Rose of sunny Italy.
Russian nightingale.
Seven or eleven.
Someday : you'll cry over somebody else.
Red hot : shimmy blues.
Rocky Mountain moon.
Song of the hollow tree.
Star eyes.
Bringing home the bacon.
Captain Stratton's fancy.
House of David blues.
I find 'em, fool 'em, fondle and forget 'em.
I'm somebody nobody loves.
Pal of my dreams.
Little boy.
Little mother my own.
Many years.
Mistreatin' daddy.
No shade so rare.
Nobody knows but my pillow and me.
Oh gee, oh gosh, oh golly, I'm in love.
Papa better watch your step.
Twelve o'clock at night.
Who's sorry now.
Our faith in thee.
You're in Kentucky sure as you're born.
Waitin' for the evenin' mail.
Where Monona's water play.
Will you always love me?
You can take me away from Dixie.
Shortnin' bread.
Cover me with kisses.
Great adventure.
Barney Google.
Atlanta blues.
Bella donna.
First Easter morn.
All wrong.
Home in Pasadena.
I'll take you home again, pal o' mine.
Lonesome two.
Love song.
If I had you.
Lady of the lake.
Lovey came back.
Maggie! : yes! ma'am!
Mamma loves papa : papa loves mama.
Memory's garden.
Good night.
Sweet southern mammy o' mine.
That brand new gal o' mine.
That red head gal.
Wet yo' thumb.
Orange grove in California.
Sleep /
Cut yourself a piece of cake : and make yourself at home /
The west, a nest, and you /
Toll-gate house.
I cried for you : now it's your turn to cry for me : fox trot song /
Crying for you : waltz ballad with fox-trot chorus /
Annabelle /
I love life /
I love you /
I cried for you.
Just a girl that men forget.
Serenade /
Sittin' thinkin'
Arcady /
Oh! Susanna : song and fox trot combined /
Don't waste your tears over me.
Little rover.
London bridge is falling down on the isle of childhood dreams.
On a chinese honeymoon.
You've got to see mamma every night.
Apple blossoms.
Song of thanksgiving.
Indiana moon.
It ain't gonna rain no mo'
Yes! we have no bananas.
I've been wanting you.
Good bye little rosebud.
Sigma Chi Dream Girl.
Our Brown-Eyed Sweetheart.
Old French carol.
Thy will be done.
In my garden.
I never had a mammy /
Golden yesterdays.
School day sweethearts.
Sunset, the hills and you /
Suppose I had never met you.
When will the sun shine for me : fox-trot ballad /
Carolina mammy : a real Southern Mammy song /
What could be sweeter.
Wonderful Nile.
Why should I blame it on you.
You've got to see Mamma ev'ry night.
Always looking for a little sunshine.
Animal fair.
At eve I heard a flute.
Blue hoosier blues.
Cat's whiskers.
Children of the moon.
Clock is playing.
Georgia lullaby.
Gesu bambino.
Go, lovely rose.
Gone (but still in my heart)
Gulf coast blues.
How long wilt thou forget me, o Lord.
Away to the black hills.
Beale Street mamma.
Beautiful rose.
Beside a babbling brook.
Cry of the woman.
Dancin' Dan.
Dream boat.
Dream daddy.
Denison's bohemia opening chorus.
Desert maid.
Dirty hands! dirty face.
Down among the sleepy hills.
Dusting the keys.
Every night I cry myself to sleep over you.
Famous falls.
Home (my lovin' Dixie home)
Home town blues.
I don't care whose mamma you were (but you're my sweet mamma now)
I love me.
I love you! = Je t'aime!
I never miss the sunshine.
I'd like to be Santa Claus.
Last night on the back porch.
Morning will come.
Mother my own.
My mother's lullaby.
My sweetie went away : she didn't say where-when-or why.
N that's better.
Name of Jesus.
Open road.
I'm going south.
I'm saving you for a rainy day.
I'm sitting pretty in a pretty little city.
I've got a cross-eyed papa : but he looks straight to me.
I've got a song for sale.
I've made up my mind to forget you : but I can't let you out of my heart.
If love were all.
In a covered wagon with you.
In a tent.
In Holland.
In the land of sweet sixteen.
Kiss me with your eyes.
Londonderry air /
Linger awhile.
Louisville Lou : that vampin' lady.
Love ain't blind no more.
Mean blues.
Little star /
Jubilee blues.
March of the mannikins.
Love's calling.
Mamma goes where papa goes, or papa don't go out tonight.
Ring out, ye bells.
Rock a bye my baby blues.
Calling : for you.
Hi-lee hi-lo.
Hymn to Colorado.
Wooden shoes.
Lonesome and blue.
Long lost mamma : daddy misses you.
Mexicali rose.
Minnie the mermaid.
No! no! Nora!
Old fashioned love.
Once in a lifetime.
Somebody's wrong.
Somewhere in the world.
Suppose nobody cared.
Sing along!
Love tales.
Mindin' my business.
Sunshine of mine.
Swingin' down the lane.
Wonderful one.
Smile will go a long long way.
Trail of love.
Walk, Jennie, walk.
Waltz of love.
When lights are low /
Twinkling star.
Who's sorry now?
Sugar blues.
Since when : have you been low-downing me.
Three riders.
Take o take those lips away.
That big blond mamma.
Take a look at Molly.
Ten thousand years from now.
Sun-kist rose.
Snakes hips.
That old gang of mine.
That's why I'm longing for you.
When clouds have vanished and skies are blue.
Wonderful child.
When it's night-time in Italy it's Wednesday over here.
Malaguenas /
Nearer and dearer.
River Shannon Moon.
My own.
When love comes stealing.
Little butterfly.
Along the old lake trail.
Only girl.
Once in a blue moon.
My Granada girl.
What do you do Sunday, Mary?
Sure as you're born.
Take, oh take those lips away.
Where the Ganges flows.
Whoa, Tillie, take your time.
Somewhere in the world /
Someone loves you after all.
So this is Venice!
Shanghai lullaby.
Shake your feet.
Say it with a Ukulele.
Raggedy Ann.
Before you go.
Farewell blues.
Do you, don't you, will you, won't you.
Cover me up with the sunshine of Virginia.
If I can't get the sweetie I want.
It's a man, ev'ry time, it's a man.
In love with love.
If you do - what you do.
I never had a mammy.
Saw mill river road.
When will the sun shine for me.
Ave Maria /
That's my baby.
Dizzy fingers /
Sittin' in a corner.
Who'll buy my violets?
South Sea eyes /
MUSICPOP 1923-CP Wonderful Colorado : song /
Dear old Denver /
MUSICPOP 1923-D Cannon ball : characteristic two-step /
Chansonette /
Down hearted blues /
Covered wagon days /
Cut yourself a piece of cake : and make yourself at home /
The Cowboy's lament /
Westward ho! : march song /
Frankie and Johnny : (you'll miss me in the days to come) /
I'm goin' south : fox trot song /
Ain't you ashamed! /
Bugle call rag /
Climbing up the scale /
I cried for you : now it's your turn to cry for me : fox trot song /
Everything is K.O. in K-Y : song /
Blue Hoosier blues : a real homesick blues song /
April blossoms : duet /
Horsey! Keep your tail up : keep the sun out of my eyes /
Dirty hands! dirty face! /
I love life /
I love you /
The gold-digger : dig a little deeper /
Arcady /
Annabelle /
Carolina mammy : a real Southern Mammy song /
No, No, Nora! /
MUSICPOP 1923-H Ragtime cowboy Joe /
The new Russian rag : interpolating the world famous Prelude in C# minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff /
That Tacoma home o' mine /
MUSICPOP 1923-K Plaintee plaintee love /
Rocky Mountain moon.
Pal of my dreams.
Waitin' for the evenin' mail.
Cover me up with the sunshine of Virginia : fox-trot /
Sunshine, roses and you : waltz ballad /
You can't make a fool out of me : song /
The value of a smile : waltz ballad /
You'll never be a sister to me : waltz song /
When the sun goes down past the golden gate : from the Dipsea trail /
All night long.
Pesticatin' mamma.
Tell me a story.
Down by the river.
When you love.
My sweetheart of paradise.
Your love for mine.
Drifting along together.
Sleep /
Hello Paddy.
Enough for you and me.
Arab Ann : an oriental ballad fox-trot /
Juanita I love you : coloratura waltz-song : Spanish style for soprano /
At the depot of life.
Easy melody.
Mother dear : song /
Oh! how she lied to me /
Broken hearted /
On San Francisco bay /
Carry on : victory song : solo & chorus /
Blue goose blues /
Song of the mesa /
Strolling down lovers lane : waltz ballad /
She, the queen of fairy night : song and fox trot /
School day sweethearts.
Sunset, the hills and you /
Suppose I had never met you.
When lights are low = On s'était dit : waltz ballad /
Mexicali rose.
My little rose : fox-trot or one-step /
Ten thousand years from now.
Lord lead me on.
My prayer.
Seventh heaven.
Terence O'Reily.
Waiting for you in Palos Verdes.
Whisp'ring Nile.
Would you cry?
Bring back that old fashioned waltz.
Dear dream.
I can't forget.
In sunny Cal.
I'm mad at you.
I don't believe you.
Love lies.
Midnight rose.
Other lips.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Owl and the moon.
In the harbor of home sweet home.
Good night.
Along the trail of love.
With you, just you.
Dreams of India.
Everybody picks on me.
Have you ever been lonesome?
King Tut.
My Bohemia.
My girl.
Oh for a home all our own.
Poverty lane.
Say it again.
To the green hills of Virginia.
When I said goodbye to you /
When will the sun shine for me.
Dizzy fingers /
Cielito Lindo = Beautiful heaven (or heavenly lover) /
Who'll buy my violets?
MUSICPOP 1923-SM Go tell it on the mountains : Christmas song of the plantation /
The little sister's story /
Mixed recipes : a domestic science tragedy /
A barnyard fable : a humorous reading /
Fate chose the time : op. 83, no. 1 /
Grandma : an encore song /
Maid o' mine : song /
Sleep /
Two loves /
South Sea eyes /
MUSICPOP 1924 Pretty as a picture.
Red nose Pete.
Sleepy hollow tune.
Smile away your tears.
At the end of a winding lane.
Blue-eyed Sally.
By my fireside.
Come love with me.
Come on over.
Hoot owl.
How do you do.
I don't care what you used to be (I know what you are to-day)
I must have company.
I wonder who's dancing with you tonight.
I'd love you all over again.
Indian dawn.
In the evening.
June brought the roses.
Land of my sunset dreams.
May magic.
Moon dream shore.
Why did I kiss that girl?
Where is the dawn.
Never again.
Totem tom-tom.
When my sugar walks down the street.
Why did I kiss that girl.
Follow the swallow.
Goodnight, moonlight.
From one till two.
Get yourself a broom and sweep your troubles away.
Grass is always greener.
Go your way and I'll go mine.
Goin' home blues.
Hong Kong dream girl.
Just we two.
How I love that girl.
Hunter's loud halloo.
I can't get the one I want.
Hula Lou.
Hide me away : in the hills of old Virginia.
Lost world.
Me and the boyfriend.
Dream girl.
Take me.
I don't know why : fox trot /
Twilight moon.
In the shade of a sheltering tree.
Dear little boy of mine.
All alone /
(Life and love seem sweeter) After the storm /
Italian street song.
Copenhagen /
Charley my boy /
California here I come /
Spread a little sunshine.
Cock a doodle do I'm from Missouri.
Love came calling.
Somebody loves me.
Colorado /
Come, love, with me /
Nobody's sweetheart /
(Life and love seem sweeter) After the storm = Après l'orage /
Hinky dinky parlay voo /
How come you do me like you do /
When the one you love loves you : waltz song /
My love pal : song /
I'll see you in my dreams : fox trot song /
Indian love call.
Go 'long mule.
Dreary weather /
Somebody loves me /
Beautiful isle of somewhere.
Adoration waltz.
The house by the side of the road /
Because they all love you.
Can you bring back the heart I gave you? /
Doodle doo doo.
Dreamer of dreams.
Big Bad Bill : (is Sweet William now) /
A caution /
Ha, ha, Hawaiian Blues.
Golden days /
How dy do, Mis' Springtime /
Sea rapture : (an impression) /
Daddy swiped our last clean sheet and joined the Ku Klux Klan.
Singing girl of Shan.
That's my girl.
Ukulele Lou.
Wes' wind blows from de wes'
I miss you most at gloaming.
Jealous /
You're just a flower from an old bouquet /
The rose of Sigma Chi : Beta Phi memory song.
Too many green apples.
The Mother of Sigma Chi.
Sea rapture.
Second minuet.
Oh you can't fool an old hoss fly.
No place to go.
Oh, lady be good!
On the way to Monterey.
Oriental love dreams.
Pretty soon.
Prisoner's song.
Sally lou.
Take me back to your heart.
Tea for two.
There's yes! yes! in your eye.
When you and I were seventeen.
Treasure Island dreams.
Turn your thoughts to me.
Wondrous night of love.
Where the lazy daisies grow.
Where the skies are blue.
You and i.
You left me out in the rain.
You must come over tonight.
Adoring you.
Angelus : Creole legend #1.
At the end of the road.
Blessing : Thanksgiving song.
Carolina blues.
Charley, my boy.
Forget me not.
Gathering daffodils.
He's the hottest man in town.
Good-bye old pal good-bye.
Holy child.
Back in Hackensack New Jersey.
Back where the daffodils grow.
Be the best of whatever you are.
Dialogue between Tom Filuter and his man.
Don't think I'm angry.
Ev'rything you do.
Honest and truly.
I had someone else before I had you.
I want to be happy.
Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom.
Little black buddie.
My beloved is mine.
My old pal.
Pal that I loved stole the gal that I loved.
I'll take her back if she wants to come back.
I'm scared to death to hold my breath under the water.
In a little rendezvous.
In shadowland.
Insufficient sweetie.
It had to be you.
June night.
Kentucky days.
Lots o'mama.
Lullaby : berceuse.
O Katharina!
Old Virginia moon.
Oh how I miss you to-night.
Oh Mable!
Oh! for a pal like you.
Only a rose on the street.
Only a weaver of dreams.
Only you!
Play gypsies, dance gypsies.
Lucky Kentucky.
Memory lane.
Melody rose.
Promise me everything never get anything blues.
Put away a little ray of golden sunshine for a rainy day.
Red hot mamma.
Build thee more stately mansions.
By the Mississippi.
Dearie : I still love you.
Deep in my heart dear.
Hasta manana.
Too tired.
What'll I do?
Kites and kimonos.
Let me be the first to kiss you good morning : and the last to kiss you good night.
Mobile blues.
Nobody's sweetheart.
Oh baby : don't say no - say maybe.
Someday I'll learn to forget you : when you just start loving me.
Someday sweetheart.
Song of the Volga boatmen : Russian boatmen's chant.
Song of the Volga boatmen.
Sweet little you.
The Man I love.
My best girl.
When Dixie stars are playing peek-a-boo.
Tokio blues.
Where's my sweetie hiding?
Whose Izzy is he.
Stop doggin' me around.
Summer music.
She's everybody's sweetheart.
Time, you old gipsy man.
Those panama mammas are ruining me.
Since ma is playing mah jong.
Sun-kist cottage.
Wait a little while.
You were meant for me.
Old familiar faces.
My papa doesn't two-time no time.
Dumber they come - the better I like 'em.
Don't blame it all on me.
There's yes yes in your eyes.
Waltz in the Moonlight.
He maketh all things new.
To Eostra.
Song of India.
Dancing away the years.
After a while.
I love to tell the story.
My sweetheart.
At the end of the sunset trail.
Howdy do, mis' springtime How dy do, Mis' Springtime.
Old pal.
I've got the ol' Virginny Pickaninny blues /
West of the Great Divide : song /
In the garden of tomorrow.
When the shadows fall.
I wonder what's become of Sally /
Mother of mine.
MUSICPOP 1924-CP Colorado ; Colorado columbine /
An hour with you /
MUSICPOP 1924-D Alice in Wonderland /
The half of it dearie blues /
All alone /
Doo wacka doo /
Copenhagen /
Boll weevil blues /
Aloha -- means I love you /
The call of the South /
Charley my boy /
Burning kisses : an enchanting fox trot song /
California here I come /
Christofo Columbo : thought the world was round-o /
China rose /
Colorado /
Georgie porgie : fox trot song /
I can't stop babying you : song /
Don't say aloha when I kiss you good-bye /
Don't send me back to Petrograd /
Everybody loves my baby : but my baby don't love nobody but me /
Drinking song /
(Life and love seem sweeter) After the storm = Après l'orage /
Any way the wind blows /
Go 'long, mule /
I'm gonna tramp, tramp, tramp /
Hey! hey! let 'er go! /
Hinky dinky parlay voo /
How come you do me like you do /
He's the hottest man in town /
Don't mind the rain : a dancing song /
I'll see you in my dreams : fox trot song /
I love the ladies /
MUSICPOP 1924-K Violet eyes : song /
Winking blinking moon : song /
Caroline say you'll be mine /
Cook me a duck.
Hello Hilo.
Somebody's smile.
They're all the same to me.
Oh! how I love that gal of mine.
Oh what an oil can.
Love's mystery : at the ball /
Banana Joe /
My love pal : song /
Black and white rag /
Lonely : fox trot ballad /
When dreams come true : waltz song /
Nita : a romance of old Spain /
Somebody loves me = Quelqu'un m'aimera /
In old Madrid.
Oh how I miss you to-night.
Memory lane.
Hasta manana.
My old fashioned home.
Far off West.
Some one.
West, west, west in California.
When we are together.
When we're alone.
While you're gone.
You don't understand.
You may be lonesome.
Can't you think of me once in a while.
Celestial city.
Darling mine.
Waltz in the Moonlight.
Dear one.
Dixie love.
Let me linger longer in your arms.
Modesto, where dreams come true.
Hawaiian love nest.
Give me a day with you, dear.
Love is a pirate.
Always mine.
Brown eyes.
I want you.
Fascinating rhythm.
Forget me if you can.
Just like a beautiful story.
Jus' 'cause.
Just a dreamer.
La Lee.
New kind of man.
Oh! Adam!
Rock-a-bye baby days.
I've got the ol' Virginny Pickaninny blues /
Always you're near.
Sweet Peggy : the pride of my heart /
Thoghts [sic] of you : waltz ballad /
Sweetheart days : waltz song /
MUSICPOP 1924-SM The song of songs : song /
O my Lawd, what shall I do? /
I don't know why : fox trot /
The singing girl of Shan /
Fishing /
The white swan : a song for voice & piano /
The garden wind : op. 9, no. 2 /
Enough : song for high or medium voice with piano accompaniment /
MUSICPOP 1925 Song of Mary.
Spanish shawl.
Ring on, sweet chimes.
Saxophone waltz.
Because of you.
Beside still waters.
Christ went up into the hill.
Kinky kids' parade.
Neapolitan nights.
One, two, three, four.
Pal of my memories.
Sweetheart, I love you.
My desire.
When I think of you.
My only one.
Paddlin' Madelin' home.
You've got to mix today.
To me thou art so lovely.
Virginia lullabye.
Volga boat song.
Drinking song.
Don't wake me up.
Carolina sweetheart.
Silver head.
Banjo player.
Homing swallows.
Last waltz with you : was the sweetest waltz of all.
I never knew.
I'm gonna let the bumble bee be.
In the land of Jack and Jill.
Let us waltz as we say goodbye.
I do!
I was never so lonesome before.
In orange blossom time.
Loving just you.
Flamin' Mamie.
Flower of Iowa.
Sweet phyllis.
Thanks be to thee.
Yearning (just for you)
Lilac tree : perspicacity.
I wish't I was in Peoria /
If you knew Susie like I know Susie /
Clap hands, here comes Charley /
Why don't you say so?
Along the road to Singapore /
Away out West in Wyoming : (coyote-trot) /
I wish that I'd been satisfied with Mary.
Collegiate /
Just a cottage small.
Ida I do /
Cheatin' on me /
Always /
Dinah /
I love my baby : my baby loves me /
Just because I love you : a gliding fox trot ballad /
Then I'll be happy.
Ev'ry time I feel de spirit : Negro spiritual /
Daisy bell : (A bicycle built for two) /
Brown eyes, why are you blue? /
Drifting and dreaming : sweet paradise : a Hawaiian love song /
I want you to want me.
Broken heart.
Song of the flame /
A night of love /
Ilost my pal when I lost my gal.
Sleep song.
Rose for every heart.
Five foot two, eyes of blue.
I ain't got nobody : and nobody cares for me : song : with ukulele arrangement /
I'm in love again.
If I ever cry : you'll never know /
Just a cottage small : (by a waterfall) /
Just a little drink : (a song with a kick) /
Just around the corner /
Stray birds /
Just a little kiss from you.
Dusk comes floating by.
Ev'rything is hotsy totsy now.
Peaceful valley.
I love you so.
Little bluebird of my heart.
My sweetie turned me down.
Save your sorrow.
Some day.
Little boy blue /
What did I do to you.
Yes sir, that's my baby.
Will I marry merry Mary?
All aboard for heaven.
Great is the holy one of Israel /
Gunga din.
Gypsy sweetheart.
How could Red Riding Hood?
How's your folks and my folks.
Bam bam bamy shore.
Beauty's eyes.
Day of golden promise.
Day when my dreams come true.
Dream pal.
Dreaming lake.
Don't bring Lulu.
Down by the winegar woiks.
Drums of the sea.
Feelin' kind o' blue.
Flapper wife.
Hills of Gruzia.
I left her on the shores of Minnetonka.
I wonder where my baby is.
Ninety-first psalm.
Pal of my cradle days.
I'm knee deep in daisies.
I'm sitting on top of the world : just rolling along, just rolling along.
I'm tired of everything but you.
If you leave me I'll never cry.
If you see that gal of mine.
In the Luxembourg gardens.
In the middle of the night.
Oh maw! oh paw! : isn't she the sweetest thing.
Maybe - sometime.
Meet me at twilight.
O sole mio! : my own bright sun.
On a night like this.
Oh! boy what a girl.
Let it rain, let it pour : I'll be in Virginia in the morning.
Lonesome me.
Melody that made you mine.
My hour.
Prayer, the soul's desire.
Red hot Henry Brown.
Blinky moon bay.
By the light of the stars.
Too many parties and too many pals.
Is nobody's business.
It's lonesome in bluebird land.
Kentucky's way of sayin' good mornin'
The midnight waltz.
Mollie Vaughn.
Only a rose.
Song of the angels.
Song of the vagabonds.
Sorry and blue.
Sweet child.
Sweet Georgia Brown.
She was just a sailor's sweetheart.
Show me the way to go home.
Moonlight and roses.
Ukulele lady.
Whispering hope /
Waitin' for the moon.
We're back together again.
Whispering hope.
White ships.
You can't be a good little fellow and still be a good little girl.
Summer nights.
Since you called me sweetheart.
Tie me to your apron strings again.
Till the end of the world with you.
Thanks for the buggy ride.
Truly I do.
Love will lead the way /
Secret of the stars.
After a while.
Swanee butterfly.
When my fancy's running high.
Pirate song.
Swannee butterfly.
Sweetheart of Acacia.
Close your eyes.
Chanson des pecheurs de lune.
Lost chord.
Merry widow waltz.
I lost my pal when I lost my gal.
I miss my Swiss.
Every time I feel the spirit.
Second hand love.
Montmartre rose.
Who takes care of the caretaker's daughter.
Six Sonnets de Michel-Ange.
Want a little lovin'
Hills of home.
At a Georgia camp meeting.
I love but you.
Sleepy time gal /
That certain party.
Roses of love.
MUSICPOP 1925-CP Back to Colorado /
Western welcome /
Colorado onward! : march song /
Camp fire song /
Whispering pines /
MUSICPOP 1925-D Come back to Erin /
Alabamy bound /
Dancing in the dark /
I knew : barcarolle /
If you see that gal of mine : send her home /
If you knew Susie like I know Susie /
Clap hands, here comes Charley /
If you were the only girl : song or duet /
A cup of coffee, a sandwich and you /
Cigarette : tango /
Collegiate /
Colorado Rose /
As a porcupine pines for its pork : (that's how I pine for you) /
Ida I do /
Here in my arms /
Ev'ry one home is asking for you : song /
The farmer took another load away! Hay! Hay! /
Don't bring Lulu : song /
Got no time : song /
Cheatin' on me /
Always /
Argentine : tango serenade /
Five o'clock tea /
Give us the charleston /
Dinah /
I love my baby : my baby loves me /
MUSICPOP 1925-H King Porter stomp / 1
MUSICPOP 1925-K Fate will bring you back to me /
Daniel O'Brien and young Paddy O'Shea /
Beside a silv'ry stream.
Tillie the toiler.
Golden memories.
Cuckoo /
Love's young dream /
Whispering hope /
Ke kali nei au = Waiting for thee ; duet for baritone and soprano /
Oh! oh! monkey, brother, brother! monkey : song /
Mi viejo amor = An [sic] old love /
Just a little drink : (a song with a kick) /
Darling : waltz ballad /
A night of love /
If I ever cry : you'll never know /
Pal of my cradle days.
Melody that made you mine.
The midnight waltz.
I'm in love with you.
Mothers day.
Swanee butterfly.
You told me to go.
You'll find me waiting for you.
California owns my heart.
Dream of love and you.
I was a fool.
Mighty blue.
Close your eyes.
Hawaiian serenade.
When you were a baby.
Some day.
Voice of Emmett.
Are you sorry?
Alone at last.
I'm willing to do.
My double.
Sleepy bye : lullaby waltz /
Sorry for me : waltz ballad /
Camanche tomahawk /
MUSICPOP 1925-SM The woodpecker /
Hats /
I'm a-rolling : Negro spritual /
Every time I feel the spirit : Negro spritual /
When my fancy's running high /
Breath o' heaven : song /
How can we know? : song, opus 29, no. 4 /
In May : song /
The call of spring is in my blood : a dramatic song with piano accompaniment /
Moon deer Indian love song /
Hills /
Sleep song /
Happy-go-lucky days /
MUSICPOP 1926 Precious.
Speckled eggs.
Robin's request.
Song of Shanghai.
Song of the Volga boatmen.
Storm a-comin'
Sunbeam and the rose.
As long as I have you.
Behind the clouds.
Broken-hearted Sue.
I've got the girl!
It made you happy when you made me cry.
Just a bird's-eye view : of my old Kentucky home.
Oh! if I only had you.
Parting kiss.
Poor papa : he's got nuthin' at all.
Log cabin lullaby.
Love me to-night.
My baby's back.
My little bunch of happiness.
Tell me to-night.
When twilight comes.
My pal Jerry.
Nighty night dear.
Where do you work-a John.
You went away too far.
Following the sun around.
Every little thing.
Gone again gal.
For my sweetheart.
Gimme a little kiss will ya.
Here comes Fatima.
Hi ho the merrio.
Black bottom.
Blue bonnet - you make me feel blue.
Breezin' along with the breeze.
Boblink days are coming soon.
Her beaus are only rainbows.
Beloved, take thy rest.
Honey bunch.
Jesus, the very thought of thee.
Kentucky lullaby.
Lay me down to sleep in Carolina.
I'm looking for a girl named Mary.
Iyone, my own Iyone.
I never knew what the moonlight could do.
Last sundown.
Down the line.
Flag of maroon.
Far-away bells.
That night in Araby.
That's my hap-hap-happiness.
Thought of you.
If I could be with you : (one hour tonight) /
Stop it - I love it.
Don't sing aloha when I go.
Lucky day.
Songs that my mother taught.
Lulu Belle.
I know that you know /
Baby face /
Baby face : song /
Avalon : fox trot song /
Bye bye blackbird : song /
Chérie, I love you : (Chérie, Je t'aime) /
Just for today.
Sweetheart of all my dreams.
Neapolitan nights.
High-high-high up in the hills : watching the clouds roll by /
In a little garden : (you made paradise) /
Serenata /
Ah! Sweet mystery of life (The dream melody) /
My co-ed.
Do you know my garden.
Green-eyed dragon.
Idolizing /
Let all my life be music.
Poor man's garden.
It all depends on you /
Bye bye blackbird.
I'd climb the highest mountain if I knew I'd find you /
After I say I'm sorry.
Irving Berlin's How many times? /
But I do-- you know I do /
Cryin' for the moon.
Deed i do.
Falling in love with you.
I'm just wild about animal crackers /
That haunting waltz.
Blue room.
Promise, love.
Hello bluebird : song with ukulele arrangement /
Hello, aloha! How are you? : Hawaiian fox-trot song : with ukulele accompaniment /
The hills of home : song for voice and piano /
I wish I had my old gal back again : with ukulele arrangement /
In a little Spanish town : 'twas on a night like this : an exquisite waltz song with ukulele accompaniment /
Lane in Spain.
Make the dream of the rose come true.
Say mister, have you met rosie's sister.
It all depends on you.
I am the still rain.
Love has found my heart.
Good night.
Light I love best.
On the Riviera.
Riff song.
Somebody's lonely.
Valencia : (a song of Spain) : with ukulele arrangement /
Thinking of you.
Cover me up with sunshine : and feather my nest with love /
Tonight you belong to me.
While the years go drifting by.
Along Miami shore.
Am I wasting my time on you?
America first, last and always.
At peace with the world.
Circus parade.
Girl friend.
Gang that sang heart of my heart.
The band played on.
Because I love you.
0Billy boy.
Connemara shore.
Could I?
Desert song.
Don't be angry with me.
Drink to me only with thine eyes.
Ev'ry little while.
Far away bells.
I know I'm crazy to be so crazy.
I gotta get myself somebody to love.
I know a low white cottage.
I light the blessed candles.
I never knew how wonderful you were (till I lost you wonderful one)
I never see Maggie alone.
I wish you were jealous of me.
I'd rather be the girl in your arms : than the girl in your dreams.
Just a little kiss for memory.
Just a little longer.
Let's talk about my sweetie.
Looking at the world thru rose colored glasses.
Moonlight on the Ganges.
Mother and you.
Muddy water : a Mississippi moan /
Muskrat ramble.
My castle in Spain.
My cutey's due at two-to-two to-day.
My dream of the big parade.
My ship.
My springtime thou art.
My sweetheart waltz.
Never without you.
No foolin'
Pretty Cinderella.
Prisoner's sweetheart.
Honolulu moon.
I'm forever dreaming of you.
If I knew I'd find you.
In my gondola.
It's O.K. Katy with me.
It's too late to be sorry now.
Let me live and love you.
Just for to-day.
O Lord most holy.
Say it again.
Let's forget.
Little pal.
Rio Rita.
Rock me to sleep in an old rocking chair.
Birth of the blues.
Down Virginia way.
Dear heart, what might have been.
Dreams for sale.
Half a moon (is better than no moon)
Hello, aloha, how are you?
Hello! swanee-hello!
Here or there as long as I'm with you.
Jalousie : jealousy.
Lulu Lou.
One that I love best on Earth.
When you waltz with the one you love /
Some day.
Someone is losin' Susan.
South wind.
Stars (are the windows of heaven)
Sweet little mammy.
Sweet thing.
She keeps me in the dark.
She knows her onions.
Little white house.
Mary Lou.
Me too.
Song of the wanderer : (where shall I go?) /
That's why I love you.
Sleepy head.
There's a little white house on a little green hill where the red red roses grow.
Waltz we love.
When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbin along.
What good is "good morning"?
When banana skins are falling.
Where'd you get those eyes.
Who could be more wonderful than you.
Who wouldn't.
Shake that thing.
She's still my baby.
That little world is mine.
Tale of a maid.
Tamiami Trail.
Tuck in Kentucky and smile.
When day is done.
Hi-diddle-diddle : novelty fox-trot song /
Ya gotta know how to love.
Dear old dad.
Honey girl.
Put your arms where they belong.
Stars are the windows of heaven.
I'd love to call you my sweetheart.
Pool of Quietness.
Ma curly-headed babby.
My baby knows how.
Mountain greenery.
I'm in love with you.
Thanks to you.
Pal of my heart.
Kandahar Isle.
Pal you left at home.
My heart will tell me so.
Lonesome and sorry.
Vagabond king waltz.
Hills of Gruzia.
Someone to watch over me.
Talking to the moon.
Dream house /
Hush-a-bye /
Lay my head beneath a rose.
One alone.
Is it you?
Take in the sun, hang out the moon.
Can you imagine that.
Out of the night.
MUSICPOP 1926-CP C-oh! hello! hooray! d-oh! : I'm a mile high feelin' fine /
Happy Colorado : waltz song /
Colorado my home /
Circulatin' Papa /
An Irish lament /
MUSICPOP 1926-D Racing down the black and whites : piano solo /
All alone Monday /
Down on 33rd and 3rd : (Thoity-thoid and thoid) : song /
If I could be with you : (one hour tonight) /
Ah! Suzanne! /
I know that you know /
Down by the gas house : (the werry woist part of the town) /
Cossack love song : don't forget me /
Cross your heart /
Baby face : song /
Avalon : fox trot song /
Bye bye blackbird : song /
Chérie, I love you : (Chérie, Je t'aime) /
Freshie : the new collegiate fox-trot /
C-oh! hello! hooray! d-oh! : I'm a mile high feelin' fine /
Clap yo' hands /
I can't believe that you're in love with me /
I can't get over a girl like you (loving a boy like me) /
He knows his groc'ries : novelty fox-trot song /
Hawaiian blue bird : waltz song /
High-high-high up in the hills : watching the clouds roll by /
Heaven on earth /
Fidgety feet /
Elsie Shultz-en-heim /
The doll dance /
Idolizing /
Golden brown blues /
How could Red Riding Hood? /
The dream of the miner's child : ballad /
I'd climb the highest mountain if I knew I'd find you /
Hi-diddle-diddle : novelty fox-trot song /