Call Number (LC) Title Results
LB2340.5 .S4 1996 Student Financial Assistance Bulletin Board System, version 2.0 : SFA BBS. 1
LB2340.5 U55 1936 Report on possible financial aids to research in colleges and universities from American foundations / 1
LB2340.94 .Osh38 2011 The truth about maximizing college 529 accounts / 1
LB2340.95.C6 C65 2000 Colorado college savings programs : performance audit, March 2000. 1
LB2341 How colleges use data
The university as a critical institution? /
Seasons of a dean's life : understanding the role and building leadership capacity /
Conducting an institutional diversity audit in higher education : a practitioner's guide to systematic diversity transformation /
Creating a service culture in higher education administration /
Understanding college and university organization : theories for effective policy and practice.
The department chair as transformative diversity leader : building inclusive learning environments in higher education /
Provost : experiences, reflections, and advice from a former "number two" on campus /
Answering the call : African American women in higher education leadership /
A guide for leaders in higher education : concepts, competencies, and tools /
Systemakkreditierung an Hochschulen : Anforderungen, Maßnahmen und Effekte aus der Perspektive von Hochschulakteuren /
Leadership theory and the community college : applying theory to practice /
Re-building university capabilities : public policy and managerial implications to innovation and technology /
The Palgrave international handbook of higher education policy and governance
Dark Sides of Business and Higher Education Management.
Practical wisdom : thinking differently about college and university governance /
Cautionary tales : strategy lessons from struggling colleges /
Morality and expediency : the folklore of academic politics /
Perspectiva de genero y gobierno de las universidades
Learning-centred leadership in higher education sustainable approaches to the challenges and responsibilities /
Developing engaged and entrepreneurial universities theories, concepts and empirical findings /
A faculty guidebook for effective shared governance and service in higher education
Transforming Leadership Pathways for Humanities Professionals in Higher Education
Handlungskoordination in der Lernwelt Hochschule : Rahmenbedingungen kompetenzorientierter Lehre /
New models of higher education : unbundled, customized, DIY /
Was ist eine Universität? : Schlaglichter auf eine ruinierte Institution /
Global Lean for Higher Education : a Themed Anthology of Case Studies, Approaches, and Tools.
International perspectives on leadership in higher education : critical thinking for global challenges /
Planning for computing in higher education
Understanding power and leadership in higher education : tools for institutional change /
Call to Purpose : Mission-Centered Change at Three Liberal Arts Colleges.
Excellence in higher education Guide : a framework for the design, assessment, and continuing improvement of instutions, departments, and programs /
Hidden Roads : New Directions for Teaching and Learning, Number 138.
Governance reconsidered : how boards, presidents, administrators, and faculty can help their colleges thrive /
Understanding College and University Organization : the State of the System.
Understanding College and University Organization : Dynamics of the System.
Leveraging multigenerational workforce strategies in higher education /
Change leadership in higher education : a practical guide to academic transformation /
Leadership transitions in universities : arriving, surviving and thriving at the top /
Direccion universitaria y buenas practicas de gestion
The View from the Helm : Leading the American University during an Era of Change.
Positive academic leadership : how to stop putting out fires and begin making a difference /
Building academic leadership capacity : a guide to best practices /
Rethinking leadership in a complex, multicultural, and global environment : new concepts and models for higher education /
The impact of culture on organizational decision-making : theory and practice in higher education /
Peak performance for deans and chairs : reframing higher education's middle /
Keep calm and call the dean of students : a guide to understanding the many facets of the dean of students' role /
The distributed university for sustainable higher education /
Handbook of operations research and management science in higher education
The completion agenda in community colleges : what it is, why it matters, and where it's going /
Running against the wind : a handbook for presidents and chancellors /
Developing tomorrow's leaders : context, challenges, and capabilities /
Within these gates : academic work, academic leadership, university life, and the presidency /
University ethics : how colleges can build and benefit from a culture of ethics /
A toolkit for department chairs /
Engaging risk : a guide for college leaders /
Momentum : the responsibility paradigm and virtuous cycles of change in colleges and universities /
A machine learning, artificial intelligence approach to institutional effectiveness in higher education /
Academic leadership in higher education : from the top down and the bottom up /
Governance of the third mission at a multi-campus university the case of cooperative study programs /
Crisis response in higher education : how the pandemic challenged university operations and organisation /
Change leadership in higher education a practical guide to academic transformation /
Understanding authority in higher education /
Managing sustainable performance and governance in higher education institutions a dynamic performance management approach /
Ethical Leadership and the Community College : Paradigms, Decision-Making, and Praxis /
Global opportunities and challenges for higher education leaders : briefs on key themes /
Fake degrees and fraudulent credentials in higher education /
The changing governance of higher education and research : multilevel perspectives /
Mergers and alliances in higher education : international practice and emerging opportunities /
COVID-19 challenges to university information technology governance
Beyond the pandemic pedagogy of managerialism : exploring the limits of online teaching and learning /
Design for change in higher education /
Academic Leadership and Governance of Higher Education A Guide for Trustees, Leaders, and Aspiring Leaders of Two- and Four-Year Institutions.
Governing higher education : national perspectives on institutional governance /
The Toxic University : Zombie Leadership, Academic Rock Stars and Neoliberal Ideology /
He atravesado el mar.
The self-organizing university : designing the higher education organization for quality learning and teaching /
Academic governance in the contemporary university : perspectives from anglophone nations /
Higher education leadership strategy in the public affairs triumvirate college and community engagement /
University corporate social responsibility and university governance
Academic Caesar.
Shared governance : a more meaningful approach in higher education /
Crisis Leadership in Higher Education : Theory and Practice.
Institutional Research Initiatives in Higher Education /
HIGHER EDUCATION LEADERSHIP : pathways and insights.
Generation X presidents leading community colleges : new challenges, new leaders /
The COVID-19 impact on higher education stakeholders and institutional services /
The Palgrave international handbook of higher education policy and governance /
University management, the academic profession and neoliberalism /
Iconic Leaders in Higher Education /
Management in education
Development and alumni relations report
LB2341 A18 Faculty participation in academic governance : report of the AAHE Task Force on Faculty Representation and Academic Negotiations, Campus Governance Program. 1
LB2341 .A216 2009eb Academic administration : a quest for better management and leadership in higher education / 1
LB2341 .A217 1990 The Academic chairperson's handbook / 1
LB2341 .A217 2008 The academic chair's handbook / 1
LB2341 .A218 Academic leader 1
LB2341 .A227 1994 Academic leadership in community colleges / 2
LB2341 .A2295 2007 Academic turnarounds : restoring vitality to challenged American colleges and universities / 1
LB2341 .A2295 2010eb Academic turnarounds : restoring vitality to challenged American colleges and universities / 1
LB2341 .A27 2006 Can state universities be managed? : a primer for presidents and management teams / 1
LB2341 .A3 1976 The academic tribes / 2
LB2341 .A3 1988 The academic tribes / 2
LB2341 .A34 Administrative development in higher education / 1
LB2341 .A35 Administrator evaluation : concepts, methods, cases in higher education / 1
LB2341 .A357 1997 The advancement president and the academy : profiles in institutional leadership / 1
LB2341 .A358 2013eb Advancing higher education as a field of study : in quest of doctoral degree guidelines : commemorating 120 years of excellence / 1