Call Number (LC) Title Results
LA230 .A6 Educational lessons from wartime training / 1
LA230 .B33 1990 Mobility of students in Europe : linguistic and socio-cultural conditions / 1
LA230 .C575 Changing images of America : a study of Indian students' perceptions / 1
LA230 .D3 Promise and performance : a study of ability and achievement in higher education. 1
LA230 .E37 1979/80 Education in the United States : statistical highlights through 1979-80 / 1
LA230 .E5 Education in the United States : statistical highlights through 1977-78 / 1
LA230 .G6 1940a Parental income and college opportunities / 1
LA230 .G73 1993 Participation in religious activities by college-bound high school seniors / 1
LA230 .K38 In defense of youth / 1
LA230 .K56 2023 Constructing student mobility : how universities recruit students and shape pathways between Berkeley and Seoul / 1
LA230 .K6 The Republic of Korea : a guide to the academic placement of students from the Republic of Korea in United States educational institutions, 1958. Placement recommendations by the Council on Evaluation of Foreign Student Credentials, meeting May 15-16, 1957. 1
LA230 .L3 Indian students on an American campus / 1
LA230 .L65 Needed expansion of facilities for higher education, 1958-70 : how much will it cost? / 1
LA230 .M5 Migration of college and university students in the United States / 1
LA230 .N38 College facts chart. 1
LA230 .O54 2018 Global mobility and higher learning / 1
LA230 .O7 Conspectus of American education : a book of essays and readings / 1
LA230 .P48 2014eb Teachers versus the public : what Americans think about their schools and how to fix them / 1
LA230 .R87 Latin American students in United States colleges and universities / 1
LA230 .S74 1989 Student goals for college and courses : a missing link in assessing and improving academic achievement / 1