Call Number (LC) Title Results
LA229 .S78 Students in the university and in society / 1
LA229 .S783 Student life. 1
LA229 .S783 2017 Student Politics in America : a Historical Analysis. 1
LA229 .S96 A political analysis of student activism : the Turkish case / 1
LA229 .T38 2022 A filtered life : social media on a college campus / 1
LA229 .T42 Teachers and students : aspects of American higher education /
Teachers and students; aspects of American higher education,
LA229 .T46 2012eb Guide for US-American students to understand and communicate with Germans / 1
LA229 .T466 2019eb Rethinking Student Belonging in Higher Education : From Bourdieu to Borderlands. 1
LA229 .T6 The time has come : to say the things that need to be said about campus violence, the tyranny of a minority, the crusade of the spoiled children, the parental abdication of responsibility, and the lack of courage, integrity, and wisdom on the part of our educational leaders / 1
LA229 .T65 1989 Toward a history of the New Left : essays from within the movement / 2
LA229 .T87 2010 Sitting in and speaking out : student movements in the American South, 1960-1970 / 1
LA229 .T87 2010eb Sitting in and speaking out : student movements in the American South, 1960-1970 / 2
LA229 .U47 The movement : a history of the American New Left, 1959-1972 / 1
LA229 .U55 1970 The report of the President's Commission on Campus Unrest : including special reports: the killings at Jackson State, the Kent State tragedy. 1
LA229 .U57 The University and revolution.
The university and revolution /
LA229 .U7 Student protests 1969, summary. 1
LA229 .V45 1988 New voices : student activism in the '80s and '90s / 1
LA229 .V53 2020 Got solidarity? : challenging straight white college men to advocate for social justice / 2
LA229 .V54 2001 The Vietnam War on campus : other voices, more distant drums / 1
LA229 -- V54 2001eb Vietnam War on Campus : Other Voices, More Distant Drums. 1