Call Number (LC) Title Results
KZ5645.5.A98 S63 2021i UNIDIR on lethal authomous weapons mapping our research to the discussions of the GGE on LAWS / 1
KZ5645.5.A98 V75 2023 Individual criminal responsibility for autonomous weapons systems in international criminal law / 1
KZ5645.5.C58 B74 2012 Cluster Munitions and International Law : Disarmament With a Human Face? 1
KZ5645.5.C58 B74 2012eb Cluster munitions and international law : disarmament with a human face? / 1
KZ5645.5.C58 G46 2022i Gender and diversity in the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) 1
KZ5645.5.L36 A58 2019i The anti-personnel mine ban convention twenty years of saving lives and preventing indiscriminate harm. 1
KZ5645.5.L36 D35 2024i Beyond Oslo taking stock of gender and diversity mainstreaming in the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention / 1
KZ5645.5.L36 G46 2024i Gender and diversity in the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC) 1
KZ5645.5.M56 C37 2023 The Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention : a commentary / 1
KZ5646 La regulacion juridica internacional de los bienes de doble uso
International law and chemical, biological, radio-nuclear (CBRN) events : towards an all-hazards approach /
Preventing the proliferation of WMDs : measuring the success of UN Security Council Resolution 1540 /
KZ5646 .D86 2019i Compliance and enforcement in WMD-related treaties 1
KZ5646 .L54 1970 The scorpion and the tarantula; the struggle to control atomic weapons, 1945-1949 1
KZ5646 .R48 2019i Compliance and enforcement lessons from across WMD-related regimes /
Exploring the future of WMD compliance and enforcement workshop report /
KZ5646 .W86 2021i WMD compliance and enforcement in a changing global context 1
KZ5646 .Z35 2011i New types and systems of WMD consideration by the CD / 1
KZ5649 .A76 1972i Arms control and disarmament agreements, 1959-1972 1
KZ5652 2017 .K73 2021 Banning the Bomb : the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons / 1
KZ5652 2017 .N83 2022 The nuclear ban treaty : a transformational reframing of the global nuclear order / 1
KZ5660 .W56 1974 SALT: the Moscow agreements and beyond. 1
KZ5662 .A12 1979i SALT II treaty background documents / 1