Call Number (LC) Title Results
KKE2064.51975 .A6 2001i The Constitution of Greece as revised by the parliamentary resolution of April 6th 2001 of the VIIth Revisionary Parliament. 1
KKE2064.51975 .A6 2008i The Constitution of Greece as revised by the parliamentary resolution of May 27th 2008 of the VIIIth Revisionary Parliament. 1
KKE2064.51975 .A6 2019i [Constitution of Greece, 1975]
The Constitution of Greece revised by the resolution of November 25, 2019 of the IXth Revisionary Parliament.
KKE2064.51975 .Z8 2001i [Amendment of 6 April 2001] 1
KKE2064.51975 .Z8 2008i [Amendment of 27 May 2008] 1
KKE2064.51975 .Z8 2019i [Amendment of 28 November 2019] 1
KKE2064.61941 .G74 1952i Law constituting a Hellenic Regency Council Cape Town, August 20, 1941. 1
KKE2070 .G75 2018eb Democratic transition and the rise of populist majoritarianism : constitutional reform in Greece and Turkey / 1
KKE2070 .G754 2018 Democratic Transition and the Rise of Populist Majoritarianism / 1
KKE2472 .M66 2001 The repression of Evangelism in Greece : European litigation vis-à-vis a closed religious establishment / 1
KKE2488 .A95 2022 The far-right in Greece and the law / 1
KKE2864 .I58 2018 Internal audit manual for the Greek public administration 1
KKE2937 .S77 Structure and operation of local and regional democracy. 1
KKE3220 .O33 2014 OECD competition assessment reviews : 1
KKE4660 .T75 1977i Extradition under Greek law the Rolf Pohle case / 1
KKE4980.26 -- C644 1973eb Ancient Athenian Maritime Courts. 1
KKF41.B36 P7513 2004 The war crimes trial of Hungarian prime minister László Bárdossy / 1
KKF41.M56 M56 1949i The trial of József Mindszenty 1
KKF41.N34 S43 1994 The secret trial of Imre Nagy / 1
KKF46|b.R3 1949 László Rajk and his accomplices before the People's Court. 1