Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF6272 .F43i Federal Tax Regulations 1
KF6272 .F56x Florida tax review 1
KF6272 .J38i JCT Blue Books 1
KF6272 .J68 The Journal of taxation 1
KF6272 .M356i Major tax planning 1
KF6272 .N37 National tax journal 1
KF6272 .P727 Practical tax strategies 1
KF6272 .P73i The practical tax lawyer 1
KF6272 .P75 Principles of taxation for business and investment planning. 1
KF6272 .S42 Section of Taxation newsletter /
KF6272 .S421 Newsletter / 1
KF6272 .S422 NewsQuarterly / 1
KF6272 .S72 The State and local tax lawyer 1
KF6272 .T39i Tax White Papers and Legal Insights 1
KF6272 .T394 Taxes 1
KF6272 .T40 Tax law review 1
KF6272 .V5 Virginia tax review 1
KF6272.5 .A5 Annual tax handbook. 1
KF6272.5 .C59 US master tax guide. 1
KF6272.5 .C59i U.S. master tax guide 1