Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF3871 .F65i Food & Drug Administration index
Food & Drug Administration
KF3871 .F66i Food & Drug Administration guides & manuals 1
KF3871 .H39 1995 Hazardous to our health? : FDA regulation of health care products / 1
KF3871 .H55 2003 Protecting America's health : the FDA, business, and one hundred years of regulation / 1
KF3871 .U54 1988i FDA inspection operations manual 1
KF3871 .U637 1986 Food and Drug Administration, resources for Division of Scientific Investigations have been reduced : fact sheet for the Chairman, Special Committee on Aging, United States Senate / 1
KF3875 FDA warning letters about food products : how to avoid or respond to citations / 1
KF3875 .A3 1916i Digest of national and state food laws 1
KF3875 .A3 1973i Compilation of selected public health laws 1
KF3875.A3281996 A15 1997i Legislative history of Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 Public Law 104-170, 110 Stat. 1489 (1996) / 1
KF3875.A7 L48 2001 Habeas codfish : reflections on food and the law / 2
KF3875 .B53 1935i Foods and the law a manual for the business man on the laws of the United States with reference to foods and food products / 1
KF3875 .C647 2020 Food systems law : an introduction for non-lawyers / 1
KF3875 .F63 2021 Food law : a practical guide / 1
KF3875 .F67 2009 Food regulation : law, science, policy, and practice / 1
KF3875 .H47 1944i Food regulation and compliance 1
KF3875 .H56 1980 Consumer protection legislation and the U.S. food industry / 1
KF3875 .M45 1936i The sale of food and drink at common law and under the Uniform Sales Act 1
KF3875 .R63 2015eb Food law in the United States / 1
KF3875 .R63 2016 Food law in the United States / 1